Episode 183 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: August 16, 2012


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- The Blooming Rose fashion show was about to begin
- At the Blooming Rose launch, Helen felt overwhelmed by the number of people around her and Dawn as she was worried something terrible could happen. She bolted leaving Adam wondering if his wife will ever recover
- Dominick learned of Bob’s affair with Kim and he cryptically told Bob that he know his secret
- Will realized that he needed to learn all of Eva’s past before he could help her move forward

Scene One – Adam’s Ford F-150

Adam watches the road as he is driving back from being downtown at the Robertson Enterprises building to his home. He and Helen were supposed to have a family outing with Dawn to watch the fashion show and the Blooming Rose launch today but he recalls how Helen felt uneasy about being in such a public space with their daughter. After all they have been through, he thought it would have been a great way for them to reconnect as a family. He recognizes that his wife is still suffering from some kind of post-traumatic stress from Dawn being kidnapped by both Cassie and Mallory in the last year, but he wishes that he could say or do something, anything, that will make Helen realize that Dawn is finally safe and that his wife should be seeking some kind of therapy to help her get over these feelings.

He turns a corner and wonders if something else could be going on with his wife. He knows that she went through a hard time after she learned about his near affair with Mallory, but he was under the assumption that they were back on good terms after he gave her a ring and they are planning to renew their wedding vows. Maybe, he thinks to himself, he should offer to go to a couples therapy with her to make the transition into therapy easier. Once they got into therapy together, he could talk to the therapist and they could recommend one on one sessions with Helen. Adam smiles at the thought thinking that he may be on to something. Still, he some what dreads the idea of mentioning it to Helen as she has become so volatile lately whenever something comes up that she isn’t comfortable with. He can only think of earlier at the Fashion Show as the most recent example.

“If only I could get inside your head Helen and find out exactly what is troubling you,” he whispers to himself, still trying to focus on the road. “Then maybe I could help you. Truly help you.” As he continues his drive home, he wonders how he can assist his wife with her troubles and what other, if any, options he may have.

Scene Two - Robertson Enterprises; The Public Pavilion

Dominick, Donovan and Trenyce all stand in the board room that is above the public pavilion in which there are large glass windows allowing the three Robertson Enterprises employees to monitor at the fashion show below them. Donovan is wearing a headset, so he can communicate with the fashion show director and they can action any last minute requests. Dominick watches with anticipation as the fashion show is about to begin. He knows that all of his hard work is going to pay off with the show and the launch of the Blooming Rose should be a success. Despite some tough obstacles, his team has come through with flying colours. Still, he does feel a bit apprehensive about how the show will be perceived, as one can never predict how the audience will respond. After all the work they have done, the only thing that is left is for the public to enjoy the perfume and the fashion line that Trenyce has created.

He slowly pulls his blackberry out of his pants pocket and launches the Robertson Enterprises website and smiles as the site loads up quickly. He knows that earlier in the day the website had crashed, probably because Bob somehow managed to crash the site, but he got it back up and running before the launch began. He wanted to make sure that there was no other problems with Robertson Enterprises before the show began and he has succeeded.

“Donovan, remember to tell me when it’s Robin’s final walk down the runway so I can head downstairs to make my speech,” he says looking at his right hand man, who nods back at him. Dominick has planned to make an official announcement after the fashion show ends.

Donovan holds the ear piece closer to his ear and then looks at Dominick, “They’re about to start,” he says softly as the lights in the pavilion draw down.

Soon, some purple and orange laser lights are flashing around and a Lady Gaga song starts playing on the sound system. “Ladies and gentlemen,” a man’s voice is heard on the intercom. “Welcome to the Blooming Rose…” The audience cheers as Reese appears on the runway wearing some his first outfit that Trenyce designed. Behind the catwalk there are four large screens, which are showing the new Blooming Rose perfume bottles. He walks quickly down the runway, stops at the end and looks at the back of the crowd where Dean is standing. Dean gives him a quick thumbs up before Reese turns back around and exits the runway. Robin quickly emerges wearing her first design. From the boardroom, Dominick watches the show and smiles as he believes that audience is loving the fashion show that the designs, feeling proud of the designs and the show as a whole.

Donovan holds his ear piece in after Reese begins his third and final trip down the runway. “This is Reese’s last trip Dominick. You may want to head downstairs,” he tells his boss in a whisper, so he doesn’t interrupt the director on the other end of his headset.

“Good work guys, this was a huge success,” Dominick smiles at his employees before he turns and exits the boardroom. As he makes his way to the main level, Bob suddenly appears before him, who is looking at his phone looking at how well the launch did.

Dominick smiles at his rival, knowing that the show has been a huge success. He wants to rub it in Bob’s face because he knows that Bob was doing everything in his power to make sure the day didn’t go off as planned. “What a great show it was Bob.”

Bob rolls his eyes subtly as his rival. The last thing that he wants to do is admit that Dominick did something well at Robertson Enterprises, even though he knows that the fashion show was a brilliant idea. Bob still hates the idea that Dominick did all of this to honour Sofia; he can handle the competition with the two companies, but the fact that Dominick is doing this for his wife is what really drives him crazy. It’s what made him try to sabotage the website earlier in the day with Jeff. “I’m afraid I missed the fashion show,” Bob lies to his rival. “I heard you had website problems,” he grins, not realizing that the site is back up and running, or that he is giving himself away as the culprit.

Dominick glares at his rival, “I knew it was you! I knew you were behind that. You just shot yourself in the foot my friend.”

Bob has no idea what Dominick is referring to and he doesn’t have the opportunity to ask him as Dominick brushes past him and prepares to walk up on the stage. He grabs a microphone and looks out at the crowd. “How about another hand for our models everyone!” he says as the audience cheers and claps. “I can’t tell you how excited I am that the Blooming Rose is officially here. Everyone at Robertson Enterprises has been working very hard on this and we hope that you will enjoy it! Please enjoy the rest of the day and enjoy the Blooming Rose!”


Reese emerges from the dressing room and looks around at the crowd. He is on a high after having such a successful fashion show and debut as a model. He wants to seek out Dean so they can celebrate together as he knows that they have been flirting a lot lately but also because Dean helped him with his nerves before and during the show. He also wants to see Madeline as he wants to share his excitement with his twin sister. A part of him wishes his parents were here to see him on this day, but he knows that they are looking down on him from heaven. He walks out and sees Andy and JC standing side by side. Reese immediately feels his blood boil as he recalls right before the fashion show when Dean showed him the cover of the Sun where Reese is being called a “home wrecker”. The only logical explanation in Reese’s mind is that Andy and or JC leaked the story as some kind of revenge for his role in his affair with Andy last year. He knows that the fashion show is probably not the time nor place to confront them, but before he can help himself he’s approaching the two men.

“Reese, you looked awesome up there, congratulations,” Andy says as he sees Reese approaching him and JC, still in awe of the fashion show.

JC nods in agreement, “And Trenyce’s designs were really, really good.”

Reese doesn’t even acknowledge the duos compliments. All he can think about is how the article in the Sun trashed his name. He will not settle for that, it’s not okay with him. “What the hell do you think you two are trying to prove?” he asks in a stern voice, fed up with all the drama that follows Andy around.

JC looks back at Andy, who looks at Reese. “What are you talking about? I’m here covering the story for the Sun and JC is here to support Trenyce. We are just trying to be nice,” Andy tells his ex-boyfriend, caught off by Reese’s negative tones.

“Oh, you’re trying to be nice huh? Which one of you jerks leaked the story to the Sun about our affair Andy? And of course, I’m made out to the bad guy in the story, when I wasn’t the one with a boyfriend!” Reese continues to lay into them. “I bet it was you JC, wasn’t it? You’ve always been so insecure in your relationship with Andy. You probably wanted to take a good dig at me.”

“Hey! That’s enough,” Andy replies to Reese, coming between him and JC. “JC had nothing to do with the article. Neither one of us had anything to do with it.”

Reese laughs at Andy, “Right Andy, like I believe you. You know what?” he says back, realizing that he doesn’t want to deal with Andy or JC anymore. “You two deserve each other.”

Before Andy can reply, Reese has walked off leaving the two alone. Andy looks back at JC. “I’m sorry you had to hear that.”

“It’s fine,” JC replies to him, happy that Andy has come to his defence. “Thank you for sticking up for me.”

Andy hugs JC, “I love you and I believed you when you told me you didn’t leak the article.”

“Thanks,” JC gulps as he continues to hug his boyfriend as some guilt creeps into his mind, wondering what would happen if Andy, or anyone, knew the truth about the article.


“I am so proud of you,” Victoria tells Donovan as she gives him a hug as they stand near the sample table, knowing how hard her brother has been working on the Blooming Rose launch. She still can’t get over how great it was.

“Thank you Marbella,” he smiles back at her as they exit their hug. “I mean, Victoria!” She laughs knowing that he will probably never get used to calling her Victoria and not by her real name. She looks around the large crowd and suddenly feels a little bit apprehensive about being in the space. She hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the fact that her father has found her and has been stalking her. At least, she assumes it is her father. She turns back to Donovan and sees the police security guard that Robbie has assigned to her after they went to the police within regard to the stalking. Every time she hears her real name, Marbella, it brings back memories of her father.

“Are you okay? You look a million miles away,” Donovan tells her, noticing that her mind is clearly elsewhere.

“Yea, I’m okay,” Victoria sighs. “I’m just thinking about our Father and how this would be a good opportunity to try to get near me. Just because there’s so many people.”

Donovan looks over his shoulder and spots the police guard too. He turns back to Victoria, “You have your guard here though. Doesn’t that make you feel safer?”

“Yea it does. And knowing that you’re in my corner. I’m so glad that you came to town and we’ve been able to reconnect!” she smiles at him as she grabs his hand pulls him into another hug. “I had missed my brother.”

“I missed you too Victoria. And thanks, for supporting me here today.”

“You know I wouldn’t be anywhere else today,’” she replies to him. “But enough of that talk. We have to celebrate your success!”


“So what did Robbie tell you?” Will asks Eva as they sit in the audience that was watching the fashion show. He knows that she had gone to visit Robbie after she received another threatening note and a bouquet of dead roses at her door step a few weeks earlier. They had concluded that it could been Eva’s abusive ex-husband, but Will is only going on what she is telling him, which must not be the entire story. He also recalls that his last visit with Madeline, whom they have hired to investigate the stalking, where she asked him to try to get the full story from Eva about her past. Eva sighs and looks over at Will.

“Do we really need to talk about that today? We just had so much fun at the fashion show and it’s our day off together. Can’t we just enjoy your time together?”

“I’d love too,” Will replies to her. “But I’m worried about you. I’m worried about this creep that is stalking you.”

Eva sighs and looks over at Victoria and Donovan, who are hugging over at the sample booth. Eva recalls overhearing the siblings talking in Victoria’s office at the hospital about Victoria getting some kind of creepy note as well. As she looks over at Victoria, she still can’t help but notice that she looks familiar to her in some way. She still can’t it, but everything is far too familiar for her. Will notices that she’s not paying attention to him and notices that she’s looking over at Victoria and Donovan.

“Eva?” he asks her, causing her to snap back into present time. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she yells back at him. “I’m fine,” she says again in a calmer voice, not wanting to snap at him. “I just don’t want to think of this … ‘stalker’. I want to enjoy your day off together.”

Will sighs and realizes that getting Eva to open up fully about her past maybe harder than he first anticipated. He knows that he has to try to get her to open up though because, like Madeline indicated, uncovering the truth maybe impossible without the full story.


“I know a certain little guy that wants to see his mother,” Daisy says to Trenyce as she walks up with Andrew’s hand in hers.

Trenyce turns and puts her clip board down on the ground. “Come to Mommy!” she says as Andrew rushes into her arms and gives her a hug. “Did you like the fashion show?” Andrew nods his head and smiles back at Trenyce. “He’s getting so big Daisy, I can’t believe how time has flown by.”

“I know,” Daisy replies to her as Trenyce stands back up, still holding Andrew in her arms. “He wanted to see you the entire show. He really liked when the laser lights were on.”

Trenyce grins at her son, “Those lights were pretty cool, hey baby?”

“I won’t keep you too long Trenyce cause I know you’re at work,” Daisy tells her. “But I wanted you to know how proud I am of you. Your designs were amazing today.”

Trenyce looks over at Daisy and feels her heart warm. For so long she and Daisy were at odds but they have put all of that behind them and they have really formed a good relationship. Hearing that Daisy is proud of her, really means a lot to Trenyce. “Thank you. That means so much to me.”

Daisy wipes her damp eye, “I mean it. When I saw Reese and Robin walk down the runway and I knew that you had created the clothing that they were wearing, I just…” she says as she grabs her niece’s hand. “I only wish that your mother could see what you’ve become. She would be so proud of you too.”

Trenyce hugs Daisy, “Thank you Daisy. I know that my mother would have been proud of me,” she whispers into her ear. “But you are the woman I am trying to be like. You’ve become my role model.”

Daisy smiles at her and squeezes her hand again. “Okay, no more mushy stuff! What are you going to do to celebrate?”

Trenyce shrugs and looks over Daisy’s shoulder and spots Donovan. She knows that they’ve become closer during the Blooming Rose launch and she has started to find herself be attracted to him. She hopes that maybe they could celebrate together. “I’m sure Dominick has something planned, but I will keep you posted.”


Dominick steps up on to the stage again and looks out at the audience wondering if he should make another announcement. As he scans the crowd, he notices that Robbie, Leah, Shane and Natasha are standing together having a good time. He wonders how the Calimo children would feel if they knew that his father was sleeping with Kim so soon after their mother’s death, especially Natasha considering Kim is supposed to be her best friend. He looks over to the other side of the crowd and sees Bob standing in the back looking at his IPhone. He knows that Bob was the one that tried to ruin his day by crashing the Robertson Enterprises website. He shakes his head in disgust. Suddenly, he watches as Kim walks up to Bob.

Bob turns and is surprised to see her, “What are you doing here?” he asks Kim, who smiles at her lover.

“I knew today may be a difficult day for you depending on how the fashion show went. I wanted you to know that I’m here for you if you need anything,” she says as she purses her lips together. The last thing she wanted was for Bob to be alone at the event should the show be a success. She knows that he has been working hard on his new line to rival the Blooming Rose.

“You’re so good to me Kimberly,” Bob replies to her, not wanting anyone to see them together yet. “Should we get out of here?”

“Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please for a moment?” Dominick suddenly speaks into the microphone. The audience turns their attention back to the stage where Dominick is standing. “I’m sorry to interrupt your celebrations of the success of the launch, but I wanted to say one more thing before I close the afternoon,” he says looking out into the audience. “I wanted you all to know that this line by my company, Robertson Enterprises, was really inspired by one woman; A woman that changed so many peoples lives. Anyone that knew her, loved her because she was that kind of woman. Sofia Calimo, this is for you.”

The audience breaks into some awkward clapping. Natasha looks at Robbie and shrugs her shoulders, knowing that Dominick always claimed to love their mother. Still, she thinks it is a bit untactful for him to mention her name today. She hates that he would even mention her name, but won’t say anything out of respect for Leah, Robbie’s wife.

“I still love her to this day,” Dominick continues into the microphone. “And her children are here today. Thank you both for coming. Her husband is also here today,” Dominick says as he arm extends to Bob’s direction. Bob freezes in the audience, wondering what Dominick is doing. “Bob is here, even though he is my competitor in the industry. And look, his new lover is standing beside him too! Bob, thank you for coming. And to your new lover!” The audience’s mouth falls open as they all turn and look at Bob and Kim standing together. Natasha looks over and can’t believe that Kim and Bob are standing beside each other and Dominick just announced that they’re lovers.

Scene Three – The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

Helen watches as Dawn sleeps in her bed in the master bedroom, exhausted from her brief outing to the fashion show. Helen closes the bedroom door and quickly walks down hallway. As she passes the basement door, she thinks she hears another odd noise coming from down there. She has heard the noises more and more frequently, but has never fully investigated what’s happening. She opens the door and looks down into the basement. Like the times before, she doesn’t hear or see anything else while the door is opened. She walks away, leaving the door opened.

As she reaches the living room, she freezes as she hears another noise. She can’t place the noise, but she doesn’t like the sound of it. It sounds like it’s coming from the front door. She rushes into the kitchen and grabs the box on top of the fridge, where she keeps the gun that she bought a few months ago. She takes the gun and goes back into the living room where she thought she heard the noise.


Outside, Adam struggles with his keys for a moment before he finally is able to put the key in the hole correctly. He slowly opens the door to the house and takes a step inside. He looks forward and sees the basement door open, which sets off his mind to think something isn’t right. He looks harder for a moment before he walks forward into the opening of the living room.


Helen hears something at the door and panic sets in. “My God,” she whispers to herself. “Someone is trying to break in!” She waits as the door opens. She hears someone enter the front of the house and then stop. Finally, as the figure moves to the opening, she fires the gun. The bullet moves quickly through the air; It hits Adam’s chest. He immediately puts his hand to his chest and looks at the blood pouring out of him. Soon, he is falling to the ground as Helen starts to scream.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Bob vows revenge on Dominick
- Helen is horrified to realize that she shot Adam
- Vinny over hears Greta and wonders what her connection to Chris is

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