Episode 184
Foul Temptation
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: August 17, 2012

Episode Theme song: "We Looked Like Giants" Death Cab For Cutie

Previously on One Day at a Time
- At the Blooming Rose launch, Helen felt overwhelmed by the crowd so she left with Dawn. Soon, Adam went home to ensure if she was okay. Helen heard Adam entering the house and thought he was a burglar; she grabbed her gun and shot when he entered!
- After the fashion show was a success, Dominick wanted to get revenge on Bob for trying to ruin the Robertson Enterprises website. In front of everyone, including Natasha and Robbie, Dominick revealed that Bob and Kim were lovers
- Madeline learned that Jeff was Paige’s father, not Robbie. Leah, meanwhile, spotted Jeff kissing Veronica Lane, the new chemist at Roboto
- Chris and Greta had sex

Scene One - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

Helen freezes when she hears something at the door as she has been worried since she got Dawn back from Cassie that something else bad would happen to her daughter. Any little noise freaks her out at home. She knows that she shouldn’t be worried, but she can’t help it. She knows that going to the fashion show earlier in the day was a bad idea because she never felt safe being in such a crowded area as the pavilion at Robertson Enterprises. She hates that she put Dawn, and herself, in that kind of danger. After all, she was so close with Cassie and look what happened there; she stole Dawn from her and Adam for the first 18 months of Dawn’s life. Following that, Mallory Cunningham kidnapped Dawn in hopes of trying to make Adam leave Helen for her. Helen hears the noise again at the door and knows that she has to do anything and everything to protect her daughter. Too much has happened for her to let anyone else take her away from her family again.

Helen rushes into the kitchen and grabs the box on top of the fridge. She opens it and inside she sees the gun she bought after she got Dawn back from the Mallory kidnapping. She holds it and then races back into the living room. She hides behind one of the chairs where she can see the opening into the entrance to the living space why as she suspects there is a burglar at the door.

“No one will hurt me or my little girl,” she whispers as she points the gun at the doorway.


Adam fumbles his keys outside as he tries to unlock the door. He bends down to get them after he drops them and he sighs recalling what transpired earlier in the day. He tried to organize a nice day out with Helen and Dawn at the fashion show; he knows that his wife has been staying at home far too often ever since they got Dawn back from Mallory and the entire kidnapping ordeal. He thought going to something fun would be good for Helen to get out of the house and back into society.

Of course, his plan failed when she felt overwhelmed at the venue because of the amount of people that were there. He recalls how Robbie told him that a lot of people suffer from post-traumatic stress and that he and Helen should consider some form of therapy. He knows that Helen probably wouldn’t go for that, so he is going to suggest a couples therapy to get her start on the idea. He just hopes that she goes for it because he knows that it would be best thing for her, and their family. He has to get Helen out of this rut and back to living.

He picks up his keys and slowly moves back up to the door. He finally is able to get the key into the hole and he unlocks the door. He slowly walks in and looks forward into the house. He immediately sees the basement door open, which he thinks is odd because he knows that Helen never goes downstairs. He recalls, however, Helen telling him of the weird noises she has heard coming from there lately. He has chalked it up to her being paranoid that something else will happen to Dawn. He turns to close the door and decides to quickly walk over to shut the basement door too.

As he turns around, he begins to walk. Helen, meanwhile, hears the door open and then close quickly. She shuts her eyes as she hears some footsteps and then fires the gun twice!

Adam feels two bullets enter his chest. He puts his hands to his chest and sees blood. He doesn’t see anything else other than blackness before he falls to the ground.

Helen opens her eyes and looks over and sees a man’s body lying on the ground as a pool of blood forms around him. She shakes and she drops the gun quickly, not able to comprehend what she has done. She rushes over to the body and rolls it over and screams when she sees Adam’s face.

“Oh my god!” she cries as she looks at her husband’s lifeless face. “Adam! Can you hear me? Adam!” she cries as she stands back up, still shaking and crying. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” she keeps repeating as she rushes to find her phone. She picks it up and dials 9-1-1. “Hello! There’s been a terrible, terrible accident!”

Scene Two - Robertson Enterprises; The Public Pavilion

As Dominick stands on the stage at the fashion show, he notices Bob and Kim standing together and a million different ideas pop into his head. He recalls how Bob, without so many words, admitted to being the one that tried to crash the Robertson Enterprises website earlier in the day and the only thing Dominick can think of now is revenge. He has the trump card knowing that Bob and Kim have become lovers. His eyes scan over and he spots Robbie, Leah, Shane and Natasha all standing in together having a conversation, probably about the fact that Dominick just announced that he’s dedicating the Blooming Rose launch to Sofia.

Before he can think of anything else, he’s back to the microphone making another announcement, with a sly grin on his face. “Sofia’s husband is also here today,” Dominick says as he arm extends to Bob’s direction. Bob freezes in the audience, wondering what Dominick is doing. “Bob is here, even though he is my competitor in the industry. Oh, and look, his new lover is standing beside him too! Bob, thank you for coming. And to your new lover!”

The audience’s mouth falls open as they all turn and look at Bob and Kim standing together. Natasha looks over and can’t believe that Kim and Bob are standing beside each other and Dominick just announced that they’re lovers. She turns back to Robbie and shakes her head no as she gets tears in her eyes.

“This has to be some kind of mistake?” Natasha tells Robbie as they quickly hug, not sure they understand or believe what Dominick just announced.

“I can’t believe my father would do this, I’m so sorry,” Leah whispers to them, as she looks over as her father trying to understand what his motive was for revealing such a huge bombshell, wondering herself if it could be true.

“Let’s go talk to Dad,” Robbie tells Natasha as he grabs her hand, needing to get some answers. “There has to be some kind of logical explanation to all of this.

“I hope you’re right,” Natasha tells him as her mind goes back to a few weeks earlier when she had caught Bob and Kim at the Calimo mansion only in their swimsuits. She wonders if this new romance had started, even then. She shakes her head knowing, hoping, that Bob and Kim will confirm what she suspects: Dominick is lying to get some kind of sick revenge on her father.


Bob feels Kim’s hand on his shoulder as his head is down. He is stunned that Dominick knows of his affair with Kim and that he just revealed it. What must his children think? He asks himself knowing that they will be upset that he has moved on with someone much younger than him. He looks up at Kim, who has tears in her eyes as she can’t believe that everyone knows of her affair. “I’m so sorry Bob, I had no idea that was going to happen,” she says covering her mouth. “Natasha and Robbie are going to hate me, especially Natasha.”

“Stop talking like that,” Bob replies to her, hoping that his children will be adult about the entire situtation. “They are grown children. They can understand when two people are drawn together. We have done nothing wrong. Dominick was just trying to create a scene here. The fact that he would even mention my wife’s name makes me sick to my stomach.”

That’s when it hits Kim; Bob still refers to Sofia as his wife. Has she been a fool all this time thinking that Bob would really be over his wife and be ready to have a true relationship with her? She shakes her head at the thought as she spots Natasha and Robbie approaching her and Bob. “We have some company,” she tells Bob as he turns to see his children arrive.

“Could you please explain what the hell is going on here?” Natasha demands to know as she and Robbie reach her father and best friend.

“Natasha, let’s stay calm about this. I’m sure Dad has a logical explanation for why Dominick just announced that he and Kim have become lovers. Right Dad?” Robbie asks, trying to remain more calm than Natasha during this moment, hoping that they will confirm their theories.

Bob sighs and looks at them both then back at Kim. “I’m sorry you two had to find out this way,” he says softly, shocking his children in the process. He sees no reason to them about his affair, as they were going to find out sooner or later anyways. “Kimberly and I had hoped to tell you on our own terms.”

“So you mean this is true? You’re sleeping with my Dad?” Natasha asks shocked as she looks at Kim, desperate for answers. Kim nods her head yes but is unable to say anything as she feels awful for hurting her best friend in this way. “That’s it? That’s all you have to say?”

“Dad, I don’t understand this,” Robbie chimes in, reeling by the admission as well. He’s trying to stay calmer than Natasha. “Mother hasn’t even been gone a full year yet.”

“Your mother would not want me to be alone nor unhappy. Kimberly has been such a wonderful support system during the most difficult time of my entire life,” Bob replies, defending himself and Kim to his children.

“This is unbelievable!” Natasha yells at them. “Kim, look at me! I want you to say something! I want you to explain yourself.”

Kim looks at Natasha and gulps, knowing that she has to tell her best friend something. What she is going to say, however, is another story completely.

Scene Three - Robertson Enterprises; The Public Pavilion

After Dominick makes his announcement, Madeline grabs her purse and decides to leave the pavilion. She stayed at the show to support Reese in his first ever modelling gig, but she really has nothing else to do at the event. As she begins to walk away, she freezes when she sees Jeff standing near the Blooming Rose sample table. She shakes her head thinking that she is seeing things, but when she opens her eyes again she still sees him. She can’t believe that her ex-boyfriend is back in town after all this time. She recalls right before he left town, she ended their relationship because it had become so obvious that he was still in love with Leah. More over, seeing Jeff immediately makes her realize that she knows the truth about Paige: Jeff, not Robbie, is her biological father. She wonders if that’s part of the reason he has come back into town. She rushes over to the sample table, “Jeff?” she calls out as he looks up at her and sees her.

Jeff smiles as Madeline approaches, “Maddie! My goodness, how have you been?” he asks her as they hug hello, happy to see an old friend.

“I’m well, how are you?” she asks him as they exit their embrace. “I had no idea you were back in town.”

“I haven’t been back for very long,” he informs her. “Bob actually hired me to do some website work at Roboto, so that’s why I have come back.”

Madeline nods her head, realizing that Leah still has revealed the truth to him about Paige, which in some ways makes sense to her. Why would Leah, after all this time, suddenly come clean? “Wow, so how long are you in town for?”

“I’m not sure yet,” he tells her. “Bob hired me on a contract, but my new girlfriend is also working in town.”

Madeline arches her eyebrow, surprised to hear about the new girl. “New girl friend? I’m curious now.”

Jeff laughs and points over to Veronica, who is standing near by. “Veronica Lane, she’s a chemist at Roboto. We started dating in Boston and by luck we both got jobs here.”

Madeline turns from seeing Veronica and looks at Jeff, “Can I ask you a question?” she asks as he nods his head yes. “Are you over Leah? I only ask because I know that was a big reason as to why you left town.”

Jeff pauses for a moment knowing that he did leave town to get over his ex-wife. He had ruined too many other relationships because of his feelings for Leah, including his one with Madeline. “I think so,” he tells her back. “I mean, we’ll always have a connection together because of Noah and what we went through after his death, but I know how that she’s happy in her marriage and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“I’m happy to hear that,” Madeline smiles back at him, hoping that he is over Leah so he doesn’t hurt someone else with his feelings for his ex. “I have to get back to work, but we should get together for dinner soon. It’s so nice to see you again.”

“I agree, we’ll be in touch.”


“Fun day, huh?” Leah asks Veronica, who is still standing outside the boutique. Leah recalls seeing Veronica and Jeff kissing earlier, which caused her to have some memories of herself and Jeff right after Noah died. Leah doesn’t know why it still bothers her seeing Jeff with someone else, but she thought since she was the one that hired Veronica, she could at least get to know her a little bit better. Plus, she knows that she needs to give Robbie some time with his family right now.

Veronica looks at Leah and gives her half a smile, “Yea, it was great. I’m not sure I should be saying that considering I’m working for the competition, but it was a good show.”

Leah laughs a little, “It’s okay, I thought it was great too.”

A slightly awkward silence falls between them as they both look at the samples they have in their hands. Leah finally makes another move, “So, are you settling into Twin Peaks nicely?”

“I think so,” Veronica replies to her. “Having Jeff in town with me is nice.”

Leah arches her eyebrow realizing that maybe Veronica and Jeff had started to date before Jeff moved back to Twin Peaks. “Did you guys know each other in Boston?”

Veronica nods her head. “How did you know he was in Boston?”

“I’m his ex-wife. We…,” she begins to say about to bring up Noah’s death. “We’ve been through a lot together.”

“Ah, I see. Well, yea we were dating in Boston. It’s a nice surprise that we both got work here,” Veronica tells her back. “Oh, I think he’s ready to go. Excuse me Leah,” Veronica tells her as she walks off and approaches Jeff. Leah watches as the two leave together and feels somewhat better about things. Veronica seems like a nice girl, and that’s what Jeff deserves, she tells herself.

Scene Four - The Michaels House; Chris, Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

“I still can’t believe how awesome Trenyce’s designs were,” Daisy muses to Chris as she brings in a pot of tea to the living room. Daisy sits next to her ex-husband as Andrew sits across the room watching a movie on the TV screen. She recalls that Chris didn’t attend the fashion show because he works for Roboto and while Chris supports Trenyce, he didn’t think it would look good for him to be at the show. “I’m sure you’ll see pictures soon enough.”

“Yea, I can’t wait. I’m glad it went over so well for her,” Chris replies quietly to her. In the back of his mind, he isn’t thinking about the fashion show or what it means for him and his upcoming work at Roboto. Instead, he’s thinking about the other day when Daisy was away for a business trip and he and Greta ended up having hot sex on Daisy’s desk in her office. He has felt such guilt pains ever since the moment it was over. Not only did he did have sex in her office, but he slept with her best friend and assistant. He knew that he had wanted Greta for some time, but the ironic thing is he went to Daisy’s office to confess his attraction to her. When Daisy wasn’t there, one thing lead to another and he and Greta made love.

“You seem distant, are you okay?” Daisy asks him as she takes a drink of her tea. After all the years she and Chris have been in each other’s lives, she can tell when something is troubling him.

Chris sighs and leans back into the sofa. He looks at her and notices how beautiful she is. Not only physically, but as a person as well, Daisy has a good heart. Chris knows that she will be absolutely devastated when she learns of his affair with Greta. Once again, Chris will have hurt her by sleeping with someone she loves. He has no idea why he continues to do this to Daisy, someone he has so much respect for. Someone he has so much … love for.

“Do you ever think about us?” he finally asks her, as their eyes lock.

Daisy gives him half a smile and moves some hair behind her ear. “What do you mean us?”

“I mean you and I. Like when we were married. When it was good for both of us.”

Daisy shrugs, “That was a long time ago Chris. So much has happened. It is easy to go back and think about another time. I do think about from time to time I suppose. Why do you ask?”

Chris grabs her hand, “I don’t know. I just think it’s amazing that after all this time, after everything that has happened we are still this close. I know you were upset with me for assuming we’d get back together after Victoria and I ended things, but I guess it’s because I always thought of us as the end game, you know?”

Daisy smiles back at him, “Maybe? I don’t think you’ll ever know what life throws at you.”

“Honestly Daisy, do we have a chance? If you look inside your heart, do you think there’s a chance that you and I will get back together?”

Daisy leans back next to him and looks down. If she’s honest with herself, she has often thought about getting back together with him. She doesn’t understand the pull to her ex-husband, but it has been there and probably always will be. She looks at him and smiles.

“You’re not saying anything,” he tells her as they face each other, feeling his heart on the line as he waits for her answer.

She leans in and kisses him softly on the lips. The kiss lasts for a minute or two then she parts from him. She looks at him and smiles at him. “I need some sugar for the tea, I’ll be right back.”

Daisy gets up and walks into the kitchen, leaving Chris reeling from the kiss they just shared. More over, he wonders now how to proceed with his life. Daisy basically just told him that they could have a chance together, but he knows that Greta probably won’t like too much.

Scene Five - City Hall; Daisy’s Office

Vinny sits in Daisy’s office working on some files for her since she couldn’t come into the office today because of Trenyce’s fashion show. He looks at a picture of Daisy, Trenyce, Chris and Andrew that sits on her desk and picks it up. He often wonders how a family that has been through so much can still manage to function as a family unit and support each other. He sets the picture back down knowing that he is envious of the family because he has never experienced anything like that. He feels a chill go down his spine when he thinks of his brothers, Dave and Brett, and all the pain they caused him. Locking him in that room for so long was the worst thing that could have happened to him, but he knows that he is trying to change his life around and make it worth while. He doesn’t want to play the victim and having this new job help. He is so grateful to Daisy.

He stands up having finished the file and wonders if he should try to find a new romantic love interest in his life. With his career going so well, he knows he would like to have a new girl in his life. Someone that doesn’t have a substance problem like Meggan, and someone that can really commit herself to him, unlike Victoria. At the same time, he knows that he doesn’t want to rush into anything. He looks down at the picture again and wonders if Daisy and Chris will end up back together now. He has learned to read Daisy pretty well and he can tell that something about her ex-husband still makes her tick. He just hopes that Chris doesn’t hurt her again.

He walks over to the door and prepares to leave. He opens the door slightly, but quickly closes it again after hearing Greta outside the door on her cell phone. He looks out the crack of the door and sees Greta sitting at her desk.

“Chris, it’s Greta,” she says into the phone, as she’s clearly leaving a voicemail for Chris. “I just wanted to thank you again for the other day and hope that we see each other again soon.”

Greta hangs up the phone and smiles at herself, thinking about her and Chris making love. She wonders if this could be the start of something real for the two of them. She knows that it would hurt Daisy, but at some point she has to stop looking out for her friend and look after herself. She is surprised when the door to Daisy’s office door opens and Vinny emerges. “Vinny, what are you doing here?” she asks surprised, as she thought she was alone.

“I was just working on a file. Now I’m done. Tell Daisy I’ll see her tomorrow when she comes in,” he says quickly walking by the assistant. He knows what he overheard on the telephone. He has to get to the bottom of it with Chris, because the last thing Vinny wants is to see Daisy get hurt again.

Scene Six - Robertson Enterprises; The Public Pavilion

Madeline is walking out of the pavilion when she sees Cory coming in. He’s holding some flowers, which are clearly for Robin to congratulate her on the success of the fashion show. Madeline puts her head down in hopes that he doesn’t see her, but she hears him call out her name.

“Madeline,” he says as he approaches her. He recalls the last time that they saw each other, he did tell her that they could have a chance together as a couple, but since then he and Robin have reunited. He hates that he has to tell her that it’s over between them but he can’t continue to lead her on. “I’ve been meaning to call you.”

“Have you?” Madeline asks him back, being a little sharp as she recalls seeing Cory and Robin kissing. She hates that she is about to lose him, but she still thinks that without Robin in the picture, they could be something great together.

“Yea, I have something to tell you. It’s about Robin and I,” Cory tells her softly, ashamed of how he has handed things. “We’ve reunited.”

Madeline feels water fill in her eyes as she hears the words officially from Cory. She hates that this is happening to her.

Cory can see that she’s visibly upset and moves closer to her, “I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.”

Madeline looks up at him as a tear finally escapes her eye, “Did you ever care for me Cory? Or was I just some chick you got to have sex with to get back at your wife?”

Cory gulps knowing that it’s a fair and valid question from Madeline. He was trying to hurt Robin for her lack of belief in him during the Melissa ordeal, but he did care, he does care for Madeline. “Of course I cared about you Madeline. I still care about you. Things with Robin they just … happened. I wasn’t trying to hurt you. Robin, she’s my wife.”

Madeline nods her head to him. “Well thanks for telling me,” she says quickly as she walks past him. “See you around.” As she walks away, she can’t help but feel like Cory’s words confirm what she’s known for some time: he does care about her and if Robin wasn’t in the picture, they could have a future together. Madeline wipes her eyes and wonders how she can get rid of Robin from Cory’s life. She wants Cory and she knows that she can still get him, but how? That’s the question.


“Kim! Please say something to us,” Natasha demands from her friend, as she Robbie, Bob and Kim still stand in the pavilion.

Kim emerges from behind Bob and wipes her eye. “I don’t know what to say. Things just happened.”

“You just happened to sleep with my father? What kind of friend are you?” Natasha asks her back. “My mother isn’t even cold in the ground!”

“Do not bring Sofia into this,” Bob warns his daughter, getting fed up with her tone of voice to Kim.

“How can we not Dad?” Robbie replies to them. “This is just so unlike you. How can you move on to another woman so quickly after Mom died?”

“I can’t believe you would do this to me!” Natasha looks back at Kim. “To our friendship!”

“This has nothing to do with us a friends Natasha, you have to believe me. I never meant to hurt you!” Kim cries back to her friend.

“Stop sleeping with my father,” Natasha replies back to her.

Kim shakes her head no. “I’ve grown very fond of Bob and him of me. I’m not going to stop, because this feels right for both of us.”

Natasha slaps Kim hard across the face. “Natasha!” Bob yells at her, shocked that she struck her friend.

“I will never forgive you for this Kim. And Daddy, I can’t believe you would do this to our Mother!” Natasha yells at them before she turns to Robbie. “Come on, I can’t stand to be near them anymore.”

Robbie takes Natasha and they walk away, leaving Bob and Kim alone in the pavilion, still reeling from the aftermath of their affair being revealed. Bob wants to call out to his children, but he knows that they need time to calm down and collect their feelings. He only hopes that they come around and come to terms with what has happened.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Adam is rushed into emergency surgery
- Vinny grills Chris about his relationship with Greta
- Trenyce is excited when Donovan asks her out to celebrate

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