Episode 185 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: August 18, 2012


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce became attracted to Donovan. The Blooming Rose launch was a huge success
- Chris & Greta made love. Afterwards, Chris felt guilty and asked Daisy if he believed they had a chance to be together. To respond, Daisy kissed her ex-husband. Vinny, meanwhile, overheard Greta leave Chris a voicemail and wondered what was up with the two of them
- JC leaked a story to the Sun exposing Reese as a home wrecker. He lied to everyone, including Andy, about his role in it
- Cory dumped Madeline after telling her that he had reunited with Robin. Madeline got Cory to admit that he did care for her, leaving Maddie feeling like they would have a chance if Robin wasn’t in the picture
- Thinking Adam was a burglar, Helen shot him when he came home

Scene One - The Sugarbowl

Trenyce walks into the coffeehouse on a high after the huge success of the fashion show and perfume launch at the Robertson Enterprises pavilion earlier in the day. She was so worried about the general public’s reaction to the launch, but especially her designs that Reese and Robin modelled. It was the first time she had ever had the opportunity to create her own fashion designs, yet alone have them featured in a huge fashion show and a perfume tie in with it. She feels so proud of everything that has happened; it wasn’t long ago that she was battling herself and her insecurities with her eating disorder; now she has a fashion line with a major company. Not that she is completely over it; it is still something that she has to work on each and every day. But after the huge launch, she has never felt this good before.

She looks around the coffeehouse and spots Donovan sitting at the bar by the window. He’s drinking a mocha and texting on his phone. She smiles at the sight of the young man that she has worked closely with the last few months at Robertson Enterprises. Once again, she quickly sees how attractive he is; His large biceps showing nicely in a tight black shirt that he’s wearing. She gulps and shakes her head, thinking that he would never be interested in some one like her. Once again, her insecurities that she has peak their ugly head up.

She walks over to him and taps him on the shoulder, “Hey,” she smiles at him, hoping not to intrude. “What are you up too?”

He grins back at her, “I was just trying to come down from the high of the fashion show. I’m just enjoying a mocha and I was texting my sister. What are you up too? Do you want to join me?”

Trenyce feels her heart skip a beat at the thought of spending more time with Donovan, especially since it will be out of the office. “I’d like that a lot,” she smiles as she goes to grab a drink. When she returns, she sits next to him. “So, what’s it like having Victoria as a sister?”

Donovan arches his eyebrow, curious about her question, “It’s good, you know? She’s been through so much. I am glad to be near her again.”

“Yea,” Trenyce nods her head. “You know, she’s friends with one of my best friends Andy. They grew closer after that mess with other identities or whatever it was.”

Donovan looks back down at his phone, “Yea, she’s had some tough moments, but you know, she’s pulling through. I admire her for that, you know? It can be so easy to stay down. Especially when people talk shit about you.”

“I do know, more than you realize.”

“That sounds like a story waiting to be told,” he replies, his eyes locking with hers.

Trenyce sighs and gives him a half a smile, “Maybe another time,” knowing that she doesn’t want to get into the entire Mallory story with him now.

Donovan looks over at Trenyce and suddenly gets an idea. “I have an idea! We worked so hard on the fashion show, why don’t we celebrate?”

“You mean, like you and I? Together?” Trenyce asks, taken aback that he appears to be asking her out on a date.

“Yea Trenyce! Come on, it’ll be fun. We can go to Pampa for dinner or something. I’ve never been there before!” Donovan tells her, excited that he is making friends and having a life outside of work and the drama that is happening with Victoria right now.

Trenyce grins at him, thrilled that he’s asked her out on a date. “Sure! I’d like that a lot.”

Scene Two - City Hall; Daisy’s Office

Daisy feels like she’s on cloud nine. Not only was Trenyce’s designs at the Blooming Rose launch a huge success, but when she and Chris spent time together earlier in the day, he asked her if they could have a future together and they shared a kiss. Daisy knows that Chris has hurt her in the past, but she cant’ deny that she has always had a pull to her ex-husband. Maybe it’s all the time that they spent together, or maybe that he really is supposed to be the one great love of her life, but there is something there that she can’t deny. After she told him off for assuming that as soon as his relationship with Victoria was over that they would reunite, she thought that he would never learn his lesson. Things have seemingly changed with him and she couldn’t be more happy. Maybe, after all this time, she and Chris can get it right and finally be happy together. The thought is both exciting and scary for Daisy, because she has been so guarded when it comes to men. But it feels right to her, so very right.

She turns her head from her desk when she hears her office door open. Greta emerges with a stack of files in her arms and brings them over to her bosses desk. Greta immediately notices that Daisy is in a good mood and just assumes that it’s from the fashion show. “I take it from the smile on your face that Trenyce did well at the fashion show?”

Daisy smiles at her friend and assistant, “My goodness Greta, you should have seen it. The audience seemed to eat up Trenyce’s designs. I’m so proud of her. After the year she’s had, this is exactly what she needed.”

“Sounds like a success,” Greta replies to her, happy that Trenyce is doing well. “After everything that girl has been through, it is nice to see her get her day in the sun.”

“Isn’t it though?” Daisy tells her back. “How were things here at the office while I was away?”

Greta shuts her eyes for a moment and recalls her and Chris having hot, steamy, sex on the desk in front of her. She opens her eyes and turns away quickly, not wanting to look Daisy in the eyes as she is torn about her actions. She loves that she and Chris were finally able to connect in that way as they had been flirting for some time, but she knows that the truth would probably hurt Daisy greatly. She doesn’t want to hurt her best friend, but she wants Chris badly. Still, she will tell Daisy the truth once she knows that she and Chris are officially together as a couple. She left Chris a voicemail earlier today but he hasn’t responded to her yet, so she really has no idea where they stand on things. She turns back around once she’s moved further away from the desk.

“Vinny Victors was here earlier, he said he was working on some file,” Greta quickly tells her boss trying to cover up her sexual adventures. “Otherwise, everything was fine.”

“Yea, I saw Vinny’s file here,” Daisy tells her looking at the folder. “You know, he’s doing a really good job here for us. I’m so glad I got to hire him.”

Greta nods her head, still unaware of how much Vinny heard of her voicemail to Chris earlier. She recalls how taken aback she was when he suddenly emerged at the door of Daisy’s office when she thought she was alone.

“What else is going on with you?” Greta asks her friend, sensing something else is up. “You seem to be a really good mood.”

“It’s probably written all over my face, huh?” Daisy smiles at her friend as she leans forward, wanting to share all the details with her.

“Something is definitely goin’ on, you better spill.”

“Chris and I kissed,” Daisy reveals, much to Greta’s horror. Greta tries to hide her shock and disgust.

“At Christmas time, ya I know Daisy. You told me this a long time ago,” Greta quickly snaps back, knowing that Chris couldn’t have possibly kissed Daisy any time recently cause they just hooked up not too long ago.

“No,” Daisy corrects her, oblivious to what Greta is going through right now. “Earlier today. He asked me if I thought we had a future together.”

“And what exactly did you say?”

“I didn’t give my response with words,” Daisy tells her, still grinning. “I don’t know, Greta. I feel like this time, Chris and I may actually have a future together.”

Greta doesn’t know how to respond. She knows she can’t walk out on her best friend, but she can’t believe what she is hearing. What the hell was Chris thinking? And why hasn’t he called her back? Maybe she has been a fool for so long even thinking that Chris would really get over Daisy for her. She knows that she will get to the bottom of it, one way or another.

Scene Three - The Michaels House; Chris, Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

Chris watches Andrew plays with some toys in the living room as he sits on the sofa and recalls what happened earlier in the day. He can’t believe that he and Daisy shared a kiss when he asked her if they could have a future together. They have had such an up and down history the last few years, he can’t believe that things are progressing in the way that they are. The one dark cloud hanging over his future with his ex-wife is Greta because he knows that he recently slept with her and she will want it to happen again. Heck, she will probably want a relationship with him now. Not that would mind that, he finds Greta drop dead gorgeous and being with her sexually was an amazing experience. He knows that deep down though, if he had to pick between them, he would go back to Daisy in a heart beat. They have a history that Greta, regardless of how hot she is, can not compete with.

“Maybe I should just forget Greta ever happened and try to move forward with Daisy,” he whispers to himself, as he tries to figure out what to do with the two women in his life. He hopes that Greta would understand, but he doesn’t think that she would. “What am I going to do?” If he dumps Greta, would she tell Daisy? He doesn’t want to hurt his ex-wife anymore than he already has.

He is about to go down to the ground to play with Andrew when he hears the doorbell ring. He stands up and walks over to the door, wondering who it could be. He opens the door and spots Vinny on the other side. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I need to talk to you,” Vinny replies as he enters the house, knowing he has to get answers. “I want to know what’s going on between you and Greta Anderson.”

Chris glares at Vinny wondering where he gets the nerve to question him about his relationship with Greta. Furthermore, he wonders how Vinny even knows that something could be going on with him and Greta. “What are you talking about?”

Vinny rolls his eyes at Chris, growing more and more fed up with him. He doesn’t want to see Daisy get hurt by Chris again and he can tell that she still has feelings for him. When he was at work earlier, he heard Greta leave Chris a voicemail thanking him for the other day and that she hopes they see each other again soon. He has no idea what it meant, but he sure hopes that Chris isn’t toying with Daisy’s heart again. He won’t stand by and let Chris hurt her again. He owes Daisy a lot and he will protect her from the likes of Chris.

“I was at work earlier,” Vinny recalls to Chris. “And I happened to over hear Greta leaving you a voicemail thanking you for the other day. What happened the other day that she would want to thank you?”

Chris puts his hands on hips, “I’m tired of you butting into my personal life Victors. You pulled this shit with Victoria. But guess what? She divorced you, so stay out of my life!” Chris yells at him, hating that his rival is once again butting into his life.

“I’m not going to back away from this Chris. Not when Daisy is involved. I happen to care a lot about her and I won’t let you hurt her again,” Vinny warns him.

“Get out of my house,” Chris replies, opening the door for Vinny to leave. “You may be welcome here when Daisy is here, but not when I’m here.”

“Fine, but I won’t drop this Chris. I will find out what’s happening,” Vinny tells him as he leaves the house.

Chris slams the door shut and covers his face with his hand. “Damn it!” he yells in frustration, hoping that once again he hasn’t blown a chance to be with Daisy because of another woman again. More over, he needs to get Vinny Victors out of his life.

Scene Four - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 202; Andy & JC’s Apartment

Andy looks over at JC as they eat lunch together and smiles happy about their day together thus far. They attended the fashion show together, which they were both covering for the next edition of the Sun; Andy doing the article and JC the photography for it. Andy can’t help but recall after the show how Reese approached them and accused them of being the ones that leaked the article in the Sun about Reese being a home wrecker. Of course, Andy defended both himself and JC to an angry Reese. Andy understands why Reese was so livid, but he wishes that his ex-boyfriend would realize that neither himself or his boyfriend leaked the article. Andy believes JC when he has said that he had nothing to do with it.

“Thanks for making lunch,” JC tells his boyfriend as he takes a bit of the sandwich. “I was hungry after the fashion show.”

“Not a problem,” Andy replies as he wipes his mouth with his napking. “I still can’t believe Reese accusing us of leaking the article. I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

JC stands up and moves his plate into the kitchen area. “Don’t worry about it,” JC tells him back, not really wanting to talk about it, as the truth has started to weigh on his mind. While JC was happy that Andy defended him to Reese, he still has guilt pains that he’s lying to Andy. It was him that leaked the article to the Sun because he wanted to get revenge on Reese for sleeping with his boyfriend. He has never liked Reese because Andy has always been pulled towards him; JC just wanted to stick it to him one final time. He doesn’t regret the article, but he hates lying to Andy.

“I do worry about it. I know that you said you had nothing to do with the article and I believe you JC. I just hope that Reese learns to leave us alone.”

JC turns his back to Andy and takes a deep breath. “I’m sure he will. He said we deserve each other. I hope that means that he’ll just leave us be now.”

Andy stands up and walks into the kitchen, feeling like something is off with his boyfriend. He puts his hands on JC’s shoulders and feels his shutter at his touch. “What’s wrong? I can something is bothering you JC.”

JC doesn’t respond as he tries to fight the tears in his eyes. How did one little idea of trying to get revenge on Reese turn into such a mess? He has no idea, but he wishes that it had never happened. Andy hears JC sob a little.

“JC are you okay?” Andy asks him, realizing that maybe the talk of the article is getting to be too much of his boyfriend. But why would it bother him so much? Andy asks himself as he gets a horrifying thought. “You had nothing to do with the article, JC. Right? So, there’s no need to be upset.”

JC turns around and faces his boyfriend and as a tear falls down from his cheek he shakes his head no.

“You had nothing to do with it? Right? JC? Talk to me!” Andy says, getting more upset as he realizes that JC is keeping something from him.

“I’m so sorry Andy,” JC tells him as he grabs his hand, unable to lie anymore. “I just wanted to show Reese that you and I were solid. I never meant …”

“You never meant for what?” Andy asks shocked by what he’s hearing. “What are you saying to me JC?”

“It was me! I leaked the story! I’m so sorry Andy!”

Andy backs away from his boyfriend, unable to believe what he is hearing. Not only did JC actually leak the story, but he’s been lying to his face about it. Andy leaves the kitchen and JC starts to follow him.

“Andy, wait, please listen to me,” JC calls as Andy slams the front door shut, leaving JC alone with his tears. JC falls into the chair in the living room and sobs, wondering what he has done.

Scene Five - The Sugarbowl

Madeline exit’s the coffeehouse holding large coffee as she heads back to her office for the rest of the afternoon. She has a lot of cases to work on, but mostly she wants to put herself into work so she can forget about how Cory told her that he and Robin have reunited so they won’t be continuing their relationship. Madeline hates that it has come to this because she continues to feel like if Robin wasn’t in the picture, she and Cory would be a great couple together. She could tell each time they made love that their bodies and souls were perfect for each other. She shakes her head wanting to forget it for a little while. If only she could get rid of Robin.

As she crosses the street to head back to her office, she sees Robin walking down Main street. At first she thinks that she should ignore her and just head back to her office, but before she knows it, she’s walking up to her and stopping her. “Robin, hey,” Madeline says to her, trying to be nice, even though the last time they spoke, it wasn’t pretty.

“Madeline,” Robin replies to her, quickly, not sure why her husband’s mistress is talking to her.

“I guess you’re wondering what I’m doing talking to you,” Madeline tells her back. “Especially since Cory told me that two of you reunited.”

“I told you the day at your office Madeline that Cory and I would get back together,” Robin replies to her, not wanting to talk to the woman that seduced her husband. “We have history and our relationship has so many layers. We went through a bad patch, like all couples do. But we are back together and we are stronger than ever.”

“I want him back,” Madeline quickly spits out of her mouth, not even realizing what she is saying. She immediately looks down, knowing that Robin isn’t going to like what she just heard.

“I don’t care what you want. And Cory made it perfectly clear to you that it’s over for the two of you,” Robin quickly replies to her, not able to stand the gull that Madeline has. “Now it you’ll excuse me, I’m running late to meet my husband,” Robin can’t help but pull that dig on Madeline.

Madeline turns and watches as Robin walks away and sighs. She has no idea what Cory sees in that woman, but she refuses to give up. She just has to think of way to remove Robin from the equation. She refuses to give up without a fight.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Waiting Room

Victoria enters the waiting room of the hospital and immediately sees Helen sitting in a chair. She walks over to Helen, who quickly looks up.

Helen, whose eyes are red from all the crying she has been doing, leans forward and looks at Victoria. She recalls how after she called 911, Adam was rushed to the hospital and taken immediately into surgery in hopes of removing the two bullets that were fired at him. Helen has been waiting alone the entire time, hoping that something good will come from the news as she is still reeling that she shot her husband. “How is he?”

Victoria gulps and looks at Adam’s wife, “He’s still in surgery,” she tells her quickly, recalling everything that happened in the OR. “We removed one bullet, but the second one is rather close to his spinal cord, so we have to be more careful. It’s become tricky.”

“What does that mean?” Helen asks her, concerned by the prognosis.

Victoria sighs, “It means the surgery will last longer than we expected. The good news is that he’s alive Helen. He could have died from the wounds. He’s still in danger. Look, I have to get back to the OR, but I wanted to give you the update. I’ll be back as soon as I know more information.”

“Thank you Victoria,” Helen replies as she leans back in her chair. She still can’t believe what has happened. She never meant for anything like this happen. She quickly wipes her eyes dry and looks forward and gets a slight grin on her face. She turns her head and looks over to see Robbie enter the waiting room. She quickly gets tears in her eyes as she stands up and rushes over to him. She hugs him. “I can’t believe this is happening Robbie!”

Robbie looks at her as they exit their embrace. “Helen, I’m actually here to ask you a few questions,” he tells her.

“What do you mean? What kind of questions?” Helen asks him, not sure she understands what’s happening.

“Adam was shot. I’m here as a part of the TPPD to find out what happened,” Robbie informs her. He hates the part of his job where he has to grill friends, but sometimes it’s key.

Helen shakes her head no, “No, not now Robbie. No! Adam is in surgery! He could die! I don’t want to talk about it until I know that he is okay! That’s all that matters is that he’s okay!”

“Okay,” Robbie replies to her, realizing that she’s close to hyperventilating. He also recalls his conversation with Adam at the fashion show earlier in the day when he told Robbie that he thought Helen was suffering from post-traumatic stress from Dawn’s kidnappings earlier in the year. “We can wait Helen. There’s all the time in the world to find out what happened. But I do have to ask you questions eventually.”

Helen looks at him and hugs him again, “Thank you,” she says, getting another sly grin on her face as she hugs him. “I will tell you everything once Adam is okay,” she whispers into his ear.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Helen gets a surprise visitor
- Andy and Kim catch up
- Natasha and Robbie talk about Bob and Kim’s relationship

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