Episode 188
Code of Silence
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: September 12, 2012

Episode Theme song: "One Word" Kelly Osbourne

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Kim worried that she had lost Natasha forever as a friend because of her relationship with Bob
- Bob rehired Jeff at Roboto and he was working with Leah. Leah, meanwhile, learned that Jeff and Veronica, the new chemist at Roboto, were dating
- Robbie placed a police officer on Victoria as security as she feared her father had located her
- Helen was stunned when her brother showed up on her door step
- Madeline was determined to find a way to remove Robin from Cory’s life

Scene One - The Calimo Mansion; The Living Room

“What do you have planned for the evening?” Bob asks Kim as he enters the living room and sees Kim looking out the large window at the some of the grounds that the living room looks out on to. As she slowly turns around to face him, he can see that she has a worried look on her face. Obviously, she’s still upset about Natasha’s reaction to their relationship. He understands why his children are so upset, but he knows that with time they will come around. The problem, in Bob’s mind, is that they were not given the chance to explain that he and Kim have grown fond of each other. Instead, Dominick ripped that away from them and he shocked everyone with the truth. He just hopes that he is right; that Natasha and Robbie will come around in time after they’ve got used to the idea that he and Kim are together now.

Kim sighs and looks at her new lover. The sight of him makes her feel a little bit better about the situation. While she hates that she has hurt Natasha in the way that she has, she can’t imagine not being with Bob. “I should probably head into the Sun. I’ve taken my fair share of days off lately. There’s no work at this hour anyways, but I could catch up on emails and what not.”

Bob senses something in her that makes her not want to go into work. “Why do I get the feeling that you’d rather not go into the office this evening?” he asks her as he comes up to her.

“Because I’d rather not,” she quickly admits to him. “People in my profession write stories for a living. We aren’t a gossip rag, otherwise I’m sure someone would have come to me and asked for an exclusive on our relationship already,” she continues to tell him. “I hate the way people look at me now. Like I’m some kind of cheap piece of trash.”

“Then don’t go into the office,” he quickly tells her back. “You know that you can stay here for as long as you want. This will all blow over quickly. Just like Robbie and Natasha, give them time and they will come around Kim. The thrill is that Dominick suddenly dropped this ball about us and people are talking.”

Kim nods realizing that he is right. “I’d love to stay here and be the lady of the house,” she winks at him. “But I have bills to pay. I should head into the office.”

“Whatever bills you have Kimberly, I am more than happy to cover your costs until things calm down,” he offers her.

Kim turns around and faces him, stunned by his generosity. “Bob, you don’t have too…”

“Not another word,” he tells her. “You’re with me now, so this is how I take care of the woman in my life. You stay here until you feel comfortable. Then we can talk about you going back to work. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to head into the office. I have a meeting to attend too that simply can’t wait for morning. Don’t wait up, I may be late.”

Kim watches as Bob leaves the living room and she smiles to herself. Being Bob’s woman certainly has it’s perks, she realizes to herself as she starts to walk over to the phone to call her boss and let her know that she’ll be away indefinitely.

Scene Two - Roboto; Leah’s Office

“Should you call Robbie to tell him you’re going to be home late?” Jeff asks Leah as he sits on the sofa in her office as he holds his laptop on his lap. He and Leah have been working hard on getting the new Roboto website up to snub as they know that Bob is pressing them to compete with the Blooming Rose launch and Robertson Enterprises. Since it’s well into the evening and they still have a lot to do, Jeff thought that it may be best for Leah to call her husband so he knows that she is working late.

Leah looks over from her desk at Jeff and nods his head, “I did while you were in the washroom. He’s working late too on some case. I guess we’re both workaholics, huh,” she laughs a little at him, as they are both working late.

“What about Paige? Is she okay?” he asks, causing Leah to freeze. She still doesn’t like when he mentions Paige’s name. The fact that she is unable to tell him the truth about being her father still haunts her, but she knows hat she is doing the best thing for her family. She will do anything to protect what she and Robbie have created.

“I called the nanny, she is fine,” Leah quickly replies back to him hoping that they can change the subject. “Should you call Veronica?” She realizes as soon as she says the name Veronica that she just gave herself away about knowing that he and Veronica have been seeing each other. Not that she minds really.

He looks over at her, some what surprised that she has learned about his romance with the chemist. He realizes that she must have seen them together at the fashion show the other day. “Nah, she knows where I am. I’m sure she’s downstairs working on the new perfume anyways.”

Leah nods back at him not sure what to say next to him. “You two seem like a nice couple.”

Jeff stands up and walks over to her desk and he sits on the corner of the desk. She watches as he undoes his tie and unbuttons his shirt a little. “She’s a great girl. We have fun together. That’s all you can ask for in a relationship, right?”

Leah can’t help but look at her attractive ex-husband and smiles a little, “For sure. As long as you’re happy.”

“I am,” he tells her as he looks at her and suddenly he sees the beautiful woman he fell in love with so long ago. “And you are with Robbie.”

She smiles and looks down as she moves a string of her hair behind her ear. “Looks like we both ended up where we were supposed to.”

Jeff sighs and moves his hand closer to hers. She shutters a little at his touch as she hasn’t felt it in so long. “Don’t ever think that I don’t think about what we had and could have had Leah, because I do. But I know that we can never go back in time. I know that we can never be what we once were.”

Leah looks up at him and feels her eyes swell with water, “I know.” She takes a deep breath. “Jeff, it’s nice that we can be civil now.”

“It is. I never would have come back if I thought it would be an issue,” he admits to her.

“I appreciate that,” she tells him as she wipes her eye. “So does Robbie.”

Jeff smiles at her and squeezes her hand quickly. “Let’s get back to work. It’s not getting any earlier,” he tells her as he draws his eyes to the laptop and then points to the screen. “Which background do you like the best?”

Scene Three - The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Victoria’s Condo

Victoria comes out of the shower wrapped in a towel and moves into the living room. She was hoping to get out of the house for awhile for the evening because she has been cooped up for some time because she has been so worried about leaving the house with her suspecting her father is back in town and stalking her. As she walks down the hallway, she still has a hard time believing that after all these years her father has found her, especially because she worked so hard to give herself a new identity.

As she enters the living room, she jumps back at the sight of man sitting on her sofa. The man looks at her and gives her half a grin as he enjoys seeing an attractive woman damp and only wearing a towel. It takes a moment for Victoria to catch her breath and realize that it’s just officer Garrison, the police officer that Robbie placed with her for added security. She smiles back at him and wonders what the cop is thinking. A young man that’s just started out on the force and he has to watch her, even though she has no idea if she’s really in any danger. She believes that he must think that she is some spoiled woman having a special cop placed with her.

“Sorry,” she tells him, apologizing for her appearance. “I forgot that you were here.”

“Not a problem Dr. Franky,” he tells her acting nonchalant, but clearly liking what he sees. “I got a call from Detective Calimo while you were in the shower. He’s stopping by soon.”

“Robbie’s coming here? Why?” she asks concerned, wondering if he has uncovered something more about her case.

“He wants to ask you how I’m doing,” he grins back at her. “He does it anytime a guard is placed on special duty like this.”

“Oh, okay,” she quickly replies realizing that she can’t be seen in just a towel. “Well I’m going to get changed them. Please, let him in when he arrives.”

He watches as she exit’s the living room. Just as she leaves, he hears her cell phone start to ring. He’s about to call out to her, when he hears her hair dryer start. “She won’t hear me,” he thinks to himself as he lets the phone call go to voicemail. He stands up quickly when he hears a knock on the front door. He walks over to the door and sees Robbie on the other side.

“Detective Calimo,” the officer says as he shakes Robbie’s hand and his boss enters the condo.

“Officer Garrison,” Robbie replies as he walks into the house. “How are things going? Where’s Dr. Franky?”

“She just got out of the shower, she’s changing,” he quickly replies, standing up straight hoping to impress his boss. “She asked me to let you in. I informed you were on your way over.”

Before Robbie can respond, Victoria emerges from the bedroom. “Robbie, thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure what brings you by though?” she asks as she comes up to the two police officers.

“I wanted to ensure everything was going well with you and Officer Garrison,” Robbie tells her. “It is protocol.” He’s always checking in on special placed officers to ensure the safety of the potential victim is always coming first.

“He’s doing a great job. I hardly even know he’s here,” she smiles over at the young officer.

“Oh, that reminds me, your telephone rang while you were in the other room,” Garrison tells Victoria, whose eyes quickly jump over to her phone. She sees that she has a voicemail and she quickly walks over to it and dials in to get her voicemail. She quickly covers her mouth as tears form into her eyes.

“Victoria? What is it?” Robbie asks her as he turns and sees her reaction to the voicemail. Her hand shaking, she passes Robbie the phone as the message replays into his ear. “Daddy’s back!” a voice says into the voicemail. “My God,” Robbie says as he looks at Victoria. “Is this the first time he’s made this kind of contact?”

Victoria nods her head, shaken to the very core. If it’s not her father that has found her, someone is playing a very sick game with her and she’s scared to her very core. “I…I don’t want to be alone,” she says aloud as a tear streams down her cheek, realizing that her plans to leave the house have just changed. “Not after my childhood with him. He can’t find me. He can’t!”

“I know,” Robbie replies as he pulls her into a hug. “I’m officially going to place myself as your guard Victoria. I will protect you from this.”

Robbie exit’s the hug and looks over at Garrison. “You’ve done a fine job Garrison, but I will be taking over from here.”

He turns back and looks at Victoria, “Thank you,” she says to him as she grabs his hand and squeezes it tightly, knowing that she will feel a little safer with Robbie as her guard.

Scene Four - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Adam’s Room

Shane opens Adam’s eyes and shines a light pen into it. He shuts the eye and then writes in the chart that he has going for Adam. He finishes checking Adam’s vitals and then turns around and sees Helen sitting in the chair, waiting for some kind of response from him. She has been eagerly been waiting for some kind of update on her husband.

“How is he?” Helen finally asks him as Shane finishes writing on the chart.

Shane looks at Helen and smiles, “Good news is that he is seemingly improving each and every day. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam wakes up from his coma very soon.”

Helen smiles and breathes a sigh of relief, “That’s great news. I can’t thank you enough Shane for everything you’ve done.” She stands up from the chair and walks towards him and hugs him quickly catching him off guard. She rubs his back with her hands as the hug. “I mean it Shane. I couldn’t have gotten through this without you. You saved Adam and me.”

“You’re strong Helen. And Adam is getting stronger each and every day. You have a lot to be grateful for,” he tells her as they exit their embrace.

Before she can respond, the door to Adam’s room opens and a man enters. It’s a man that Shane has never seen before, but Helen quickly turns her attention to him.

“Can we help you?” Shane asks him, still unsure of what he’s doing in Adam’s room.

The man looks at Helen then back at Shane, “I’m Helen’s brother. Casey Mills, nice to meet you,” he says as he extends his hand to shake Shane’s hand.

“Brother?” Shane asks surprised as he shakes Casey’s hand. “I had no idea you had siblings Helen.”

Helen smiles and looks at Shane, then uneasily over at her brother. “Well, you know, I lost my memory after my accident a few years ago and I didn’t remember that I had a brother until Casey showed up on my door step a few days ago.”

Shane arches his eyebrow, wondering how Helen knows for sure that this man is really her brother as there are so many con artists out there. “I see. How did you find Helen after all this time?”

“I read about her in the newspapers,” Casey quickly replies back to Shane, not enjoying what seems to be the third degree but was somewhat expecting it. “There’s been stories about her daughter’s kidnapping and then Adam’s shooting. Once I saw her picture, I knew it was here, so I came to see her. No one should be alone during a time like this.”

Shane nods his head and pulls Helen aside for a moment, “Are you sure you can trust this guy? I mean, out of the blue he shows up claiming to be your brother? This seems a little fishy.”

Helen smiles and grabs Shane’s hand, “I appreciate that you care Shane, but I know for sure that he is my brother. He brought proof. Pictures of us together when we were younger, as recent as just before high school. I may not remember, but the proof is there. My face is undeniably mine.”

“Okay, I just don’t want you to be hurt,” Shane tells her, still concerned by the arrival of Casey.

“Thanks, but like I said, I can trust this.”

Helen watches as Shane leaves the room. She turns to Casey and smiles, “That went very well,” she tells him quickly.

“I know, I can’t believe you didn’t say anything about me to him earlier,” Casey says snapping at her.

“How could I? I was so worried about Adam and his health,” she tells him back as she looks at her husband, still laying in the hospital bed. As she walks closer to him, she stops when she sees Adam’s eyes flutter. “My god,” she whispers turning back to Casey. “Adam’s waking up!”

They both look on as Adam’s eyes finally open and he looks around, his eyes finally locking on his wife once they are fully opened.

Scene Five - The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory and Robin’s Home

Robin finishes placing some of her personal belongings back in the penthouse as she has moved back in with Cory. She knows that it was only a matter of time before they moved back in together after they made love and got back together. She knows that she still have a lot of work to do with her husband in terms of getting him to trust her again after she didn’t believe him during the Melissa fiasco, but she knows that with time she and Cory will be stronger than ever. Their love is too strong not over come this misstep.

As she placed a picture down of her and her father on the fireplace mantel, she moves her hand over of her and Cory. She picks up the picture of her and her husband and runs her finger over Cory’s face. As she looks at her husband, she wonders what he has completely said to Madeline that may make her think that they still have a chance at being together. She understands why Madeline would want to be with Cory, any woman would want to be with him, but once Cory and Robin reunited, she believes that Madeline should have backed away from Cory. Instead, the last time she saw the PI, she revealed to Robin that she still cares for Cory and would like him back. Robin knows that it will never happen and she will make sure of it.

“That will never happen Madeline,” she whispers to herself as she places the picture back on the mantel. “Now that Cory and I have reunited, nothing and no one will ever break us up again.”

She walks away from the mantel and walks over to the bar is about to pour herself a drink to calm her nerves as she waits for Cory to return home when she hears the door bell ring. “Who on earth could that be at this hour?” she asks herself as she puts the lid back on the vodka and walks over to the door. She opens it and sees Madeline standing on the other side of the door. Madeline doesn’t wait for Robin to invite her in, she brushes past Robin and enters the house.

“We have to talk,” Madeline announces to Robin as she enters the living room.

“Come on in,” Robin snaps back at her as she slams the door shut, thinking that Madeline has a lot of nerve to barge in unannounced into her home. “What can I do for you?”

Madeline turns to Robin and smiles. For weeks, she has been trying to think of a way to remove Robin from Cory’s life so they could have a real chance at being together and she finally thinks that she has found it. “I know you’re secret,” Madeline grins to her rival.

Robin arches her eyebrow. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I know! I know everything! I know what you and your father are doing to protect your sister!” Madeline yells at Robin. “Now, I’m willing to keep this family secret, but it’ll cost you.”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Madeline reveals Leah’s secret to a shocked Robin
- Leah and Jeff get closer
- Reese and Trenyce have a heart to heart

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