Episode 189 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: September 23, 2012


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robbie placed himself as Victoria’s personal guard after she received a mysterious voicemail that said “Daddy’s Back!”
- Jeff & Leah grew closer while they were working late
- Adam finally woke up while Helen and her brother, Casey were in the room
- Trenyce and Donovan had a nice date out
- Madeline told Robin she knows her secret

Scene One - The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin’s Home

Madeline turns to Robin and smiles. For weeks, she has been trying to think of a way to remove Robin from Cory’s life so they could have a real chance at being together and she finally thinks that she has found it. “I know you’re secret,” Madeline grins to her rival, hoping that she will be able to still have a real chance at a relationship with Cory. Nothing would make her happier than being with the man she has grown to love. She will do whatever it takes to remove Robin from the picture.

Robin arches her eyebrow. “What the hell are you talking about?” Robin, meanwhile, has grown completely fed up with Madeline’s constant interfering in her relationship with Cory. She understands why Cory ended up in bed with Madeline a few months ago when their relationship was on the rocks, but now that they have decided to rebuild their marriage, she can’t understand why Madeline doesn’t leave them alone; and it’s getting on Robin’s last nerve.

“I know! I know everything! I know what you and your father are doing to protect your sister!” Madeline yells at Robin, remembering that she discovered that Jeff, not Robbie, is Paige’s biological father. “Now, I’m willing to keep this family secret, but it’ll cost you.”

Robin continues to look baffled at Madeline as she has no idea what she is talking about. She shrugs her shoulder and walks closer to her, “I have no idea what secret you’re talking about Madeline. Now, you had better leave before I do something I will regret.”

Madeline laughs and looks back at Robin, not being intimidated by her lover’s wife. She stops laughing when she realizes that Robin’s expression isn’t changing. Madeline had never thought that maybe Robin doesn’t know about Leah’s secret. Maybe only Leah and Dominick know the truth, Madeline realizes as she gets a grin on her face. “My goodness, you really don’t have any idea what I’m talking about do you?”

Robin shakes her head, “I’m not going to play these games with you. Stop trying to get Cory back! He told you it was over. It’s time you accept that and move on. Stop trying to bring my family into this quest you have to get Cory back. It will not happen. We are stronger than ever before.”

Madeline pauses and looks around the penthouse. She has spent many nights in the beautiful home when she and Cory were together. She still longs for those times again. Her quest to get Cory back isn’t silly, it’s real and genuine. If she doesn’t fight for the man she loves, who will? Plus, she knows that deep down Cory still has feelings for her. She can feel it. She turns back and looks at Robin. “I’ll tell you what I know, then you can decide if it’s worth while keeping the secret,” Madeline announces as she prepares to reveal all to Robin, determined to give herself a real shot at being with Cory.

Scene Two - Roboto; Leah’s Office

Leah and Jeff sit on the sofa in her office still working vigorously on the upcoming Roboto website re-launch. They had, earlier in the evening, paused and talked about their personal lives but they quickly got back into the swing of things as it is getting later in the evening and both would like to go home. Leah looks over at Jeff and smiles at the sight of him as he types quickly into his laptop. She hadn’t realized how much she had missed him while he was away living in Boston for the better part of the last year. She understands why he left town after she gave birth to Paige, but she is glad that he is back. She had missed his company and she still feels like he is the only one that truly understands the feelings that she experiences surrounding Noah and his death. While their son has been dead for a few years now, the pain is still real when she stops and thinks about it. She shakes her head not wanting to get drawn into the memory of Noah; not tonight.

“What do you think of this font?” Jeff asks as he turns the computer to face Leah. He then notices that she’s looking off into space and looks a million miles away from the website project. “Earth to Leah!”

Leah turns to him and smiles, “Sorry, I guess I was just thinking.”

“I could tell. You looked a million miles away. What were you thinking about?” he asks as he puts the computer down on the table in front of him. “I know it wasn’t work related. I could just tell.”

She moves some of her hair behind her ear, “It wasn’t,” she replies softly wondering if she should reveal where her mind was.

“You can talk to me,” he tells her as he moves closer and puts his hand on her leg. She looks up at him when she feels his touch.

She gives him half a smile as she feels her eyes swell with some water. “I don’t know why, but I was thinking about Noah. I haven’t been to his gravesite in some time. I should probably go and take him some fresh flowers.”

“He’d like that, we could go together,” Jeff tells her moving closer to her again. “I think about him a lot too Leah. It’s one of those things that will never go away.”

“I know,” she replies quickly as she lets a tear fall from her eye. “It’s funny because I can go months without thinking of it, and then suddenly it hits me all over again and I feel like I just lost him.”

Jeff doesn’t know how to respond to her because he knows what she is feeling all to well. He puts his hand on her face and caresses her cheek. He leans in and is about to kiss her when the door to her office opens and Veronica walks in.

“Am I interrupting anything?” Veronica asks as she is seemingly oblivious to what was about to happen on the sofa.

Jeff quickly stands up and walks over to Veronica, “Of course not, what’s going on with you?” he asks as he arrives at her and gives her a quick kiss.

Leah stands up and wipes her eyes and smiles over at Veronica, still reeling that she and Jeff were so close to kissing. “Jeff and I were making some good headway on the new website.”

“I know Jeff has a great ideas for the website. He was telling me about them,” Veronica announces to her. “I’m still trying to tweak the perfume. I hope to be done soon.”

“Bob was telling me that you gave him a preview of what you have created and he loves it already,” Leah tells them back. “Look Jeff, it’s late. Why don’t you guys get out of here. We can finish this tomorrow.”

Jeff arches his eyebrow and looks at Leah wondering if he should leave her alone after she was feeling so emotional. “Are you sure?”

Leah nods and smiles at him, “Yea, go get out of here. You two have a good night.”

“Thanks Leah. We’ll see you tomorrow,” Jeff replies as he puts his arm around Veronica and they walk out of the office together.

As the office door shuts, Leah moves back to the sofa and sits down. She wonders what would have happened had Veronica not shown up in her office. “Would he have kissed me?” she asks herself suddenly wondering what she is doing. She shakes her head, “I can’t go down this path again. I love Robbie and our family. Nothing can change that. Nothing.”

Scene Three - The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Victoria’s Condo

“Should you call Leah?” Victoria asks Robbie as she makes up the sofa as a bed for him. She is still shaken after receiving a voicemail where an altered voice said “Daddy’s Back!”. It is the first time her father has made such close contact with her and she is scared to her very core. After all the years of abuse she endured from her father growing up, she never wants to see him again. She shakes her head as she continues to put some sheets and blanket on the sofa for Robbie, who quickly insisted that he become her personal security guard after hearing the voicemail.

“I left her a voicemail,” he announces coming out of the washroom wearing jeans and a tight white tang top. Victoria’s eyes immediately notice his defined pecs in the tight shirt and can’t help but feel attracted to him. “She was working late anyways, so it’s okay. After tonight, we’ll decide what’s the best option.”

Victoria nods and smiles at him. “I’ll put the kettle on for some tea,” she tells him as she walks into kitchen, as she tries to get her mind off the voicemail.

“I’ll do that. It’s been a long day, why don’t you go get ready for bed,” he her coming up behind her. She feels his body heat and again feels an attraction to him. She leaves the kitchen, scolding herself as she knows that he is a married man and that she shouldn’t be attracted to him. Plus, he is there to protect her, not have some crazy fling! He’s married, she keeps telling herself.

She soon emerges from her bedroom in a short black robe. Robbie brings her a cup of tea and notices her long, smooth legs. “Thanks for the tea,” she smiles at him. “Sorry that you have to sleep on the sofa. Donovan is the process of moving out because he found his own place,” she informs him. “His room is a bit of a mess.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he tells her back. “I’d rather be in the living room. I can intercept anything or anyone this way much easier.”

As she stands up, her robe becomes untied and he can’t help but see her in some black lace under garments. He loves his wife, but he can’t help but admire the beautiful woman in front of him. She looks at him and feels his eyes on her. She quickly ties the robe back up and looks out the window. He stands up and looks at her, “Have I thanked you for everything you’ve done?”

“No thanks necessary,” he tells her, gulping as he tries to focus. “I just want to ensure that you’re safe.”

“I feel safe knowing you’re here,” she tells him.

“Good. Look it’s been along day, why don’t you get some sleep. I’ll be on the sofa if you need anything.”

“Okay,” she replies as he watches him move towards the sofa. She watches as he peels off the tang top. He turns around and smiles at her as she stares at his naked torso. “Night,” she whispers as she quickly walks into the bedroom. She shuts the door and feels her heart racing. She shakes her head trying to get the image of the half naked man out of her mind, all the while wishing he was coming into her room behind her.

Scene Four - The Sugrbowl

Reese and Trenyce sit across from each other at a booth in the back corner catching up over some hot chocolates. Reese was feeling alone having recently asked out Dean as they had been flirting during the Blooming Rose launch, only for Dean to reveal that he has a boyfriend. That, however, did not stop Dean from giving Reese a quickly kiss and revealing that if he was single, he would jump at the chance to be with Reese. Reese hates that once again he was attracted to a taken man. The last thing he wants to do is getting involved with someone like that again; he has learned his lesson after his affair with Andy. That brought him, Andy and JC nothing but heartache and pain. Reese doesn’t want to go down that path again.

“Why are men such pigs?” Reese asks his friend as he takes a sip of his hot chocolate, dwelling his recent poor luck with love.

Trenyce smiles at him, having heard his story. She still can’t believe that Dean has a boyfriend as she witnessed first hand his and Reese’s flirting during the photo shoot. She wished that he had been honest with Reese from the beginning. She, meanwhile, doesn’t think all men are pigs. She can’t help but smile as she recalls her first date with Donovan the other night at the Pampa Grill. She never believed that a good looking man like that would actually be interested in her, but they had a good time together and she only hopes that they go out again. She is still learning that she does deserve good things in her life.

“Not all men are pigs,” she finally tells him back. “You can’t let yourself get too down Reese. Does it suck that Dean is taken? Yea, it does. But at least he told you before you got in too deep. I know it is hard, but try to take a positive away from it.”

Reese rolls his eyes, “I suppose. I just feel like I have a magnet on my forehead that attracts taken men. I’m over it, you know?”

“I know. I get it,” she tells him. “I sometimes think that love comes to you when you’re least expecting it.”

“Well I’m definitely going down that road T,” he announces to her. “I don’t want a man. I just want to be myself and be happy and cool with me.”

“I think that’s great,” Trenyce tells him back. “If you’re happy good with you, you won’t be good to someone else.”

“So what about you? How’d your date go with that hunky Donovan?” he winks over at her, wanting all the details.

Trenyce feels herself smile like a school-girl, “It was really, really,” she pauses as she looks for the right word. “Nice.”

“Nice? That’s it?” Reese laughs.

“We went to dinner and we just clicked. We talked about anything and everything. There was no expectations. I liked it a lot. I like him a lot,” she admits to him, hoping that she’s not setting herself up for a fall.

“That’s awesome! When are you guys seeing each other again?”

Before Trenyce can reply, she feels the colour from her face drain. She looks over at the bar and sees Donovan standing with a tall blonde beautiful woman. They’re laughing and clearly enjoying each other’s company.

“Trenyce?” Reese asks before he looks over his shoulder and spots Donovan himself. He turns around and sees Trenyce fuming in front of him.

“You were right. Men are pigs,” she quickly says to him, feeling like her heart has been ripped out of chest at the sight in front of her.

Scene Five - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Adam’s Room

“I’m so glad that you’re awake,” Helen tells Adam as she sits next to her husband, still thrilled that he has finally come out of his coma. After Adam opened his eyes, she called for the doctor to come in and check on him. While Adam still has a lot of recovery ahead of him, all signs are good that he is awake from his coma. “You had really scared me and everyone.”

Adam looks at his wife and nods to her. He still feels rather weak, but he too is happy to see her face. He wishes he could remember everything that happened, but most of it is still a haze to him. He recalls the doctor telling him not to press too much because everything will come back to him in time. He doesn’t want to wait though, he wants to know exactly what happened. “Who was that man in here with you when I woke?” he asks her slowly, his voice still a little hoarse as he recalls seeing Casey standing next to Helen.

“I didn’t want to tell you until you were better,” she explains as she holds his hand. “But since you asked, he’s my brother Casey. He found me in the newspaper after he heard about your accident. Don’t worry, I got him to prove it to me. We are related”

Adam tries to take everything in, but he doesn’t really care to know if Helen got her brother to prove his identity to her. He believes his wife, he just wants to remember everything that happened the night of the shooting.

“He wants to meet you,” she continues to tell him. “But he understands that you have to be much better before that can happen.”

“That’s nice,” Adam tells her back, still a little unfocused. “I hope I can get out of here soon.”

“All in good time Adam. We don’t want to rush anything. You’ve been through a lot.”

Suddenly it all comes flooding back to Adam; walking in the front door of the house and seeing the basement door open. As he walked towards the living room, the gun shots rang out and he was shot. He quickly looks over at Helen, who is smiling at him. “Oh my god!” he says as loud as he can, which isn’t very.

“What? What is it Adam?” Helen asks growing concerned about her husband.

“You! You shot me!”

Helen quickly stands up and feels water forming in her eyes. She turns back to Adam and shakes her head. “Why did you shoot me?” he asks her as he watches her every move.

Helen pauses before she replies to him. “You have it all wrong Adam. I didn’t shoot you,” she announces to him as a confused look comes across his face. “You’re confusing your memory.”

“I could have swore that I remembered …” he begins to tell her, as he puts his hand to his forehand trying to remember more.

“Sshh,” she replies to him as she walks up to him. “There’s time for this later. Right now, we need to focus on you getting better,” she says as she hugs him hoping that she has deterred him well enough. No one can learn what really happened, she says to herself as she holds her husband closer to her. “We can go over the details later.”

Scene Six - Twin Peaks Fitness World

Cory finishes lacing up his boxing gloves before he stands up and walks over to the punching bag. He takes a couple of swings into the bag and feels some of the tension quickly release into the bag. He hopes that he has done the right thing by ending his relationship with Madeline and getting back together with Robin. He knows that deep down he loves his wife more than anything in the world and he wants to be with her; still he feels badly for leading Madeline on for so long especially because she has developed feelings for him.

As he continues to punch the bag, he spots out of the corner of his eye another guy walking up to the boxing area. He quickly stops and realizes that it is Liam Fitzpatrick, the man that Robin was seeing while he was dating Madeline. He looks over at Liam, who nods at him.

“I’m just about finished with this bag, if you want it,” Cory tells him as he walks over to bench and grabs some water, having already been working out for awhile.

Liam smiles, “Sure.”

“You box often? I haven’t seen you here before,” Cory asks him trying to be nice to the doctor.

“I usually come in on my lunch breaks,” Liam tells him. “It’s not often all the bags are taken.”

“I don’t mind letting you use it,” Cory replies to him. “I’ve been here awhile now.”

Liam smirks, “I guess I’m used to getting things you’re finished with.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Cory asks, knowing he means Robin which infuriates him.

“Robin!” Liam laughs at him. “Not that I’m surprised you guys got back together. She was always telling me that she wanted to get back together with you.”

Cory stands up and starts to unlace his gloves. The last thing he wants to do is listen to this guy tell him about his relationship with Robin.

“I have to tell you though, she was really hot in bed. You’re a lucky guy,” Liam recalls to Cory as he walks past him.

Cory can’t control himself, he walks over to Liam and punches him in the face. “Watch how you talk about my wife next time,” Cory says as she shakes off his fist before he walks away from Liam, feeling better about putting the creep in his place and wondering how Robin could have possibly gotten involved with him in the first place,

Scene Seven - The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin’s Home

“Just tell me whatever secret you think you know so you can get out of my house!” Robin yells back at Madeline, tired of her games that she is playing.

Madeline gets a wicked grin in her eye. “I can’t believe that you don’t know already. It makes me think that you’re lying to me and I don’t appreciate being lied too.”

“Get out! I don’t have time for this,” Robin replies to her, spitting at her rival.

“Fine, I’ll tell you!” Madeline yells back at her. “I know what Leah and Dominick did about a year and a half ago! I know everything.”

Robin arches her eyebrow. What could have her father and sister done that Madeline would think is big enough to try to blackmail her with. “I don’t understand. What did my father and sister do?”

Madeline laughs, “Your sister slept with her ex-husband and got pregnant,” she reveals to a shocked Robin. “Leah all this time has been lying to Robbie and Jeff and everyone. That beautiful niece of yours isn’t even Robbie’s daughter!”

Robin turns around and covers her mouth as tears fill her eyes. She shakes her head no, unable to believe what Madeline is telling her. Did Leah really cheat on Robbie? Could she really have lied about Paige’s paternity for so long?

“Paige is Jeff’s daughter, not Robbie’s!” Madeline announces to a shocked Robin, who is still shell shocked about the news she just received.

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