Episode 19 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day At A Time
-Rebecca took a vacation to White Cove... She recalled that her and Robin were sisters
-Leah was called to a convention in White Cove
-Vinny’s will was read. He left Meggan $1.5 million; he left Victoria $3.5 million
-Cory told Robin he wanted to be friends
-Natasha gave Jason a birthday cake, and claimed to remember her past!

Scene 1
Setting: Jason’s Home in White Cove

"Happy Birthday!" Natasha says. "Thank you! But....how did you know?" "There’s a message from your Mom. You should have told me!" Suddenly Natasha has a flash of seeing Cory. She falls back. "What’s wrong?" Jason asks. "I....I...remember" Natasha gasps.

Jason rushes over to Natasha’s side.

"What do you remember?"

"A man. I remember a man."

"Can you give anymore information?"

"I was kissing him. We were lovers!? Or maybe we were married?!" Natasha looks at Jason. "Oh, Jason! I remembering!"

Natasha embraces Jason.

Scene 2
Setting: The White Cove Inn; Room 112

Rebecca puts on a pair of her gray sweat pants, and a tang top. Still reeling from remembering her past, she lays on the bed. She grabs a pillow and begins to cry.

"My mother didn’t want me. She gave me to the convent. But she wanted my sister. Why? Why not me?" she cries.

Meanwhile, across the hall in the room 113, Leah arrives for her convention.

Scene 3
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory is walking up to the door, after getting home from Wild Night. He goes to unlock the door, but finds it open.

"That’s odd," he says to himself.

Cory enters the penthouse, and is stunned. The living room is lit in candles, with a table with a rose in the center. Cory shuts the door, and when he turns, he sees Robin.

"Robin! What have you done?" he asks, smiling.

"Happy Valentine’s Day" she smiles, walking up to him, and giving him a passionate kiss on the lips.

Cory releases the kiss, and looks at Robin. "Don’t you remember what I told you earlier at the Lab?"

"I know, we can only be friends. But I don’t by it. I am falling in love with you, and I know you are with me."


"Sshh.." she interrupts. "Just come and sit down, and enjoy the dinner I cooked."

Cory moves to the table, and sits down. "You cooked?"

"Well, take out" she smiles.

Scene 4
Setting: The White Cove Inn; The Hallway

Rebecca opens her door, and looks around. She heads out, and walks slowly. Leah opens her door, and spots Rebecca.

‘That woman, looks so familiar to me’ Leah thinks to herself.

Suddenly it dawns on Leah.


As they pass the bridge, they also approach the DeWitt mansion, which many still believe is empty. Leah looks out the window at the mansion. "Such a beautiful house. It’s a shame no one lives there" she says. Suddenly Leah looks again. She thinks she sees something in the window! "Robbie slow down. What’s that? In the window of the mansion? It looks like a woman!" Leah says.

"Don’t be silly Leah. The house has been empty for years. You’re seeing things."

Leah looks again. The woman is gone. "You’re right."

[End of Flash]

‘My God! It’s the woman from the mansion!’ Leah realizes!

Leah races after Rebecca.

Scene 5
Setting: White Cove Condo’s; Jackson’s New House

Jackson brings the last box in from the moving truck. He sits it down in the large, spacious living room of his new condo. As he is shutting the door, he spots a man dialing a number on a cell phone. A smile flashes across his face, as he realizes it’s the PI that Kim hired to follow Jackson.

He looks around, and is pleased with his new home. But it needs some color, he thinks to himself.

Scene 6
Setting: The White Cove Inn; The Hallway

Leah turns a corner, and spots Rebecca. Rebecca arrives in the lobby. She grabs some magazines and heads back upstairs. Leah realizes she’s returning, and races back to her room. She watches from her room as Rebecca returns to her room. Once Rebecca shuts the door, Leah emerges from her room.

Leah slowly walks across the hall, and knocks on the door. Rebecca opens the door and faces Leah. Leah is stunned to see the resemblance to Robin.

"May I help you?" Rebecca asks.

"I’m not sure. Can I come in?" Leah asks.

"Normally I don’t talk to women I don’t know, but what the hell" Rebecca says, letting Leah enter the room.

"You look like some one I know" Leah confesses.

"Yeah, who’s that?"

"My sister, Robin"

"Robin? Robin Navy?" Rebecca asks.

"You know her?"

"No, it’s just the second time someone has commented on our looks"

"It’s uncanny."

Rebecca remains silent.

"But you know something else, don’t you?" Leah asks, noticing Rebecca’s odd behavior. "What do you know about Robin?"

Scene 7
Setting: Chris and Daisy’s Home

Chris is in the kitchen, looking some pasta for dinner. He steps out of the kitchen and into the living room. He looks at the TV. The local news is on. He looks at the sofa. Daisy is laying down, and has fallen asleep.

"She looks so peaceful" he says aloud.

He returns to the kitchen to check on the food.

Daisy stirs on the couch.

[Flash; Daisy’s Dream]

A young Daisy is in a small room, with another young girl. The room only has one bed, and the girls are in their pajamas.

"I wonder when Mom and Dad are coming back" Daisy says softly.

"Never! They are never coming back!" the other girl says. "They are dead, dummy. Fire can kill people"

Daisy begins to weep.

[Flash; End of Daisy’s Dream]

Chris is at Daisy’s side, as she is crying. He shakes her.

"Wake up Daisy, wake up!" Chris says.

Daisy opens her eyes. "What...what happened?" she asks.

"You must have been dreaming."

"Oh, I guess I dosed off"

"What were you dreaming, Daisy? You were crying in your sleep"

"It was....nothing" Daisy stutters.

Chris moves onto the couch. "Talk to me. What’s happening?"

Daisy hugs her husband, and she begins to tear up.

"My parents were killed in a fire when I was six years old. I’m just remembering them"

"My God Daisy, why didn’t you tell me?"

"I...I don’t know. I always tried to forget."

"You will never forget. It will be with you, always."

Daisy remains silent.

"There’s more." she finally says.

"I’m listening" Chris says, holding Daisy’s hand.

"I have a twin sister, Danielle."

Chris is stunned, but remains silent.

"I haven’t seen or spoken to her since I was 10 years old. And I’m afraid, she’ll comeback and try to ruin my new life. With you; with my career" Daisy says, breaking down.

Chris embraces Daisy once again.

"Don’t worry baby. The election is almost over. Nothing will happen to you. I’ll make sure of that"


A woman dressed in black enters the Twin Peaks Hotel.

"May I help you?" the clerk asks.

"I’d like a room" she says. "For a un-limited stay"

Scene 8
Setting: The White Cove Inn; Room 112

"Please, tell me what you know about Robin." Leah tells Rebecca.

Rebecca begins to get emotional, as tears begin to flow from her eyes.

"I remember, being little. Having my mother give me away to the Nun’s, in a convent....but keeping Robin. Why? Why did she give me up, and not Robin?"

Leah embraces Rebecca. "I’m so sorry."

"And the Nun’s told me my whole life that they found me on their doorstep. Someone left me. My mother paid them to lie." Rebecca says, crying.

"My entire life is a lie. Everything!"

Leah once again embraces Rebecca.

"I’m sorry" Leah says, again.

"Thank you" Rebecca says, trying to regroup.

Scene 9
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory and Robin finish eating. He walks over to the sofa, sits down. She moves next to him.

"Thank you for a wonderful dinner" he says.

"You’re welcome."

She then moves into kiss him. He responds, and the kiss turns passionate. So passionate, that Cory moves on top of Robin, as he moves his lips to her neck.

"Make love to me Cory" she whispers.

Scene 10
Setting: The Towers; Floor Twelve; Adam’s Apartment

Adam and Victoria are laying bed, in the afterglow of having sex.

"I am falling in love with you, Adam" she smiles.

"Me too" he replies, kissing her.

He rolls on top of her, and begins to kiss her all over. Victoria laughs.

"Life is so good!" she yells. "I have a great guy, and I am rich!"

"What do you want to do with the money Vinny left you?" Adam asks.

"Not sure, but it’ll be good."

They kiss again.

Scene 11
Setting: The Victor’s Home; Meggan’s House

Meggan is alone at home. She can’t stop thinking about Vinny’s will, and how her own husband left Victoria more money then her. It wasn’t even the fact that Victoria got more money then her, it’s that Vinny didn’t tell her how close he was to Victoria.

Trying to get her mind off things, Meggan turns on the water for a hot shower. Her naked body enters the hot water.

Meanwhile, downstairs....

The same figure that visited Raymond Slikes enters the house. The mysterious person walks upstairs, and watches Meggan in the shower.

Scene 12
Setting: The White Cove Inn; Room 112

Rebecca and Leah are sitting on the sofa. Rebecca has calmed down.

"Are you sure you’re alright?" Leah asks.

"Yea, I’m fine. It’s just hard to swallow, you know?"

Leah nods her head.

"Listen, Rebecca. We have to tell Robin. She has a right to know."

"I’m not sure. I don’t want her to hate me"

"I know, but she has to know."

Rebecca remains silent.

"How about this?" Leah says. "You stay here. I’ll go back to Twin Peaks and tell Robin. If Robin wants to come see you, she’ll come with me. If not, I’ll come back. You won’t have to face Robin, unless she wants to face you."

Rebecca realizes that it’s a good idea.

"Alright Leah. Go to Robin."

Next On One Day At A Time
-Robin learns the truth about Rebecca
-Natasha realizes she has to leave Jason
-Rebecca and Jason meet
-Robin asks Cory an unbelievable question

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