Episode 190
The Web Your Spinning
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: October 02, 2012

Episode Theme song: "Spiderwebs" No Doubt

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Madeline revealed to a shocked Robin that Jeff is Paige’s biological father
- Cory ran into Liam, who told Cory he thought Robin was hot in bed. Cory punched him
- Natasha agreed to give Eva a chance to have a real mother/daughter relationship
- Robbie placed himself as Victoria’s personal security guard and she fought an attraction to him
- When Chris went to break up with Greta, they ended up in bed. Vinny, meanwhile, asked Daisy if anything was going on between Chris and Greta. She said no

Scene One - The Sugarbowl

The coffeehouse is rather busy as Twin Peaks is getting it’s first snow fall of the year. There are some grumblings that it’s too early in the fall for snow, but because the city is located so close the mountains, an early October snow fall is not out of the question and often occurs.

Will sits at the window seat holding a large cup of coffee that is warming him up nicely. He was on a morning jog when he stopped at the coffeehouse and decided not to finish the exercise. He was finding it far too icy and slick to run in the snow. He is one of the grumblers about the weather as he loves to run outside but in the weather he is unable. He has a gym membership, of course, but he would rather be out in the fresh air. He turns his head when the door to the coffeehouse opens and he spots Madeline brush in from the cold snowy weather. “Madeline,” he calls out to her as she turns her attention to him. “Come join me?”

She nods and rushes to get her coffee. As she walks over to sit with him, her mind is focused on the previous night when she announced to Robin that Jeff is Paige’s biological father. She was hoping that Robin had known about the secret because she was going to tell her that she would keep it a secret if she left Cory so Madeline could have a real chance with him. Unfortunately, Robin had no idea so Madeline doesn’t know what she is going to do now. Robin told her that she would get back to her soon with some kind of update. Madeline only assumes that she is going to go back to Leah and Dominick and discover the truth herself.

“Will, what’s up?” she asks as she arrives at the window seat. “Were you running this morning?” she asks noticing his running gear on.

“I tried,” he smiles at her. “I gave up in this weather and decided to get a coffee instead.”

Madeline laughs a little, “I think that’s a good call,” she says as she drinks some of her coffee. “How are things with you and Eva? Have you uncovered anymore information about her past that may help with the investigation? I am always willing to help but I need something more to go on.”

Will sighs and looks at her. He knows that Eva has been less than willing to share anymore information with him regarding her past and it has become more of an issue between them. He doesn’t understand why she seemingly doesn’t care about protecting herself from this potential stalker that she has. It went to entire new level when he found the bouquet of dead roses on her door step. Eva, for whatever reason, refuses to give him more insight into her past relationship with her abusive ex-husband.

“She has said nothing,” he replies coldly, feeling like he’s at the end of his rope with the situation. “I don’t know what else to do.”

“I’m sorry,” she quickly responds to him. “I know how frustrating it can be to be helpless in a situation. You have to know though that eventually she will come around, right?”

Will shrugs, “I have no idea. She doesn’t seem to care that some psycho is stalking her. I don’t know what else I can say or do to make her understand Maddie. If she doesn’t care, why should I?”

“It’s your nature Will. Keep being there for her because you know eventually she will need someone to lean on.”

“Yea, I will. Thanks Maddie. What’s going on with you? Last time we talked, you were still hung up on Cory. Word is, he and Robin have got back together. If it’s true, where does that leave you?”

Madeline sighs and takes a drink of her coffee. “They did get back together, yea,” she says with a heavy heart. “I still think that he cares for me Will, you know? I just don’t know how to remove Robin from the equation.”

Will laughs a little, “You don’t exactly remove a guy’s wife from the equation.”

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do,” she admits to him, not even knowing if revealing the truth to Robin will help her case.

“Can I be honest with you?”

“Of course,” she replies to him.

“I think you have to move on Maddie. You’re a beautiful, smart woman. You can find someone that doesn’t have that baggage,” he tells her as their eyes lock. “I mean it.”

Madeline gives him half a smile, “I know. Thanks Will,” she says to him, even though she knows that she really wants Cory still, badly.

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

“Thanks for having brunch with me today,” Natasha says as she sits across from Eva at the restaurant as Eva takes a drink of her coffee.

“Of course,” she replies to her daughter. “It nice to get the invite from you. I wasn’t expecting it.”

Natasha sighs and feels her heart a little heavy. While she did agree to give her relationship with Eva a chance, part of her always thinks of Sofia when she is with Eva. Maybe it is because Eva is her biological mother but Sofia is the woman she always believed was her mother. Even after the truth about paternity was revealed, she thought of Sofia as he mother. “I told you that I wanted to give us a chance to have a real relationship Eva. I meant what I said.”

“I know,” Eva smiles over at her daughter. “I’m still just enjoying this for every thing that it is. So tell me, how are you feeling? I’ve heard about Bob’s new romance with Kim. This certainly must not be easy time for you or your brother.”

Natasha sighs again and pauses before she answers. She is still bothered by the fact that her father and best friend have hooked up, but as Robbie and Shane have advised her she is trying to be the bigger person involved because she, like them, believes that this relationship will run it’s course. She still doesn’t know how she’ll ever be friends with Kim again after this, but in the mean time she’s trying to focus on the positives. She only hopes the relationship ends sooner rather than later.

“It has been a trying time, there’s no question, but you know, there’s nothing we can really do,” Natasha replies, trying not to crack in front of Eva. She’s not at the point in the relationship where she wants Eva to see her vulnerable side yet. “Robbie and I believe that this … fling will run it’s course. If anything, we are just upset that our father has moved on from our mother so quickly.”

The words hit Eva hard, even though it was not Natasha’s intention. Natasha is still referring to Sofia as her mother. Eva fakes as smile to her daughter and tries to be okay with the words that she just heard. Inside, Eva scolds herself for being upset, as Sofia did raise Natasha her entire life.

“I’m sorry,” Natasha quickly replies to her Eva, seeing the look on her face knowing that she was insensitive. “I shouldn’t have said that.”

Eva shakes her head, “No, do not apologize. I am your biological mother, but Sofia was your mother in every sense of the word. I understand why would still think of her as your mother.”

“Thank you for understanding,” Natasha quickly says to her. “I do want us to get closer, but I want you to know that I appreciate you being so understanding of this. It’s not easy but I think it will as time goes on.”

“I agree,” Eva smiles over to her daughter.

“If I am honest with you, I’m really enjoying your company because it’s so refreshing not to be with someone that has all of these secrets hidden,” Natasha tells her, referring to Bob and Kim. “I have had my share of lies and betrayal to last a life time.”

Eva looks at her daughter and gulps. She picks up her coffee cup and takes another sip of her coffee. Growing closer to Natasha is on the highest of her priority list, which is even more reason for her to keep her past a secret from everyone, including Natasha. There’s no way anyone understand her entire story with her ex-husband. She is determined to make sure no one ever finds out.

She sets her glass down and smiles back at her daughter. “Yes, no secrets over here. I’m an open book.”

Scene Three - The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Victoria’s Condo

“I can’t believe you got this creepy voicemail,” Donovan announces to his sister and Robbie as they all sit at the kitchen table and have some coffee. Donovan is just hearing the voicemail that Victoria received the previous day that is of an altered voice that is saying “Daddy’s back!”. He looks at his sister, who is sitting across from him drink her coffee. He reaches across the table and grabs her free hand and squeezes it. “I’m so sorry Victoria,” he tells her as he starts to feel responsible for what is happening. Victoria had made a new life for herself and away from the family and all of the abuse that she endured. No one was none the wiser until he came back into town and they reconnected. From that point, she had started to be stalked and it’s now obvious that their father has found them.

“Why are you sorry?” she asks him, as she looks over at Robbie and then back at Donovan.

“I feel like this is all my fault,” he reveals to them as guilt creeps into this mind. “All of this started to go down after I came to town and we reconnected. I feel like this is all my fault.”

“Don’t say that,” Victoria quickly snaps back at him. “I love that we have reconnected. All of those years that I was away from you, I thought about you so often. I missed you. I do not regret the fact that we are back in each other’s life. Dad has always been a sick man. I should have known it was only a matter of time before he found me.”

“And it’s my job to make sure that Victoria is safe,” Robbie chimes in looking at Donovan. “After I heard that voicemail, I put myself on duty as her personal guard. Your father, or whomever is stalking Victoria, won’t get to her with me here.”

Donovan looks over at Victoria, who is looking at Robbie. The way Victoria is looking at Robbie, it makes Donovan realize that she is starting to like the cop. She has this lust in her eyes that he saw briefly when she was with Chris. He realizes that Victoria has to keep her attraction out of this mess or it will get messier.

“Thanks Robbie, we really appreciate that,” Donovan says as he stands up, needing a distraction. “I’m glad you are here because I am moving out today.”

“Are you excited about your apartment?” Victoria asks him as they walk into his bedroom and look at the packed boxes.

“I am,” Donovan tells her as he quickly shuts the bedroom door, after pulling her inside. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Of course,” she replies to him.

“Do you like Robbie?” he quickly asks her, catching her somewhat off guard.

“What do you mean? He’s my protection!”

“I know, I just saw the way you were looking at him though Marbella,” he can’t help but call her by her real name. “You don’t have to answer me, just remember that he’s a married man.”

The words hit Victoria and she knows hat she has been telling herself that all night long. He’s a married man, but the more time she spends with Robbie the more she wants him. She can’t help but be attracted to him. “Trust me,” she replies as she purses her lips. “Nothing will happen.”

Scene Four - Roboto, Chris’ Office

Chris sits at his desk working on some files for the new Roboto launch that the entire team is working on. He knows that Leah and Jeff are busy on the new web-site re-launch and Veronica is busy on the new perfume that Bob wants out quickly. As he types into his computer, his mind is clearly focused on other things, however. More over, his romantic life. He recalls how he wanted to go and end his relationship, if you wanted to call it that, with Greta but they ended up in bed again. He sighs knowing that if he did want to try to make it work with Daisy, he would have to end it with Greta. He has known for years though that an attractive woman is his weakness. The fact that Greta is not only attractive, but practically throwing herself at him makes him very weak. He doesn’t want to hurt Daisy, but he knows hat there’s something in Greta that Daisy doesn’t possess. Both woman are very different and he appreciates them both for their differences.

He sighs as he has no idea what he is going to do now. He and Daisy have a long history but now that he’s been with Greta more than once, he knows that ending things with her will be much more difficult. He turns his head when he hears his office door open. He feels his blood boil when he sees Vinny walk into his office. “What the hell do you want?”

“Nice to see you too,” Vinny announces to Chris as he walks up to his desk. Chris doesn’t turn his focus from his computer, instead he keeps typing quickly wanting to ignore Vinny. “I’ll keep this fast since I know you don’t want to speak to me anymore than I want to be here.”

“If you don’t want to be here, then you shouldn’t be,” Chris quickly snaps back at him.

“I told Daisy that I suspected something was going on between you and Greta,” Vinny announces to Chris’ complete horror. “She had a right to know.”

“You did what?” Chris asks standing up and leaning over his desk. “You son of a bitch!”

Vinny grins knowing that clearly something is going on based on Chris’ reaction. “Like I said, she has a right to know the kind of guy you are. As if she didn’t need more proof. You’re track record speaks for itself.”

Vinny looks at Chris as he looks like he is about to burst a blood vessel on his head. “What’s wrong Chris? You wanna hit me again?”

“Get the fuck out of my office!” Chris yells to Vinny, who starts to laugh at him. “And stay out of my business Victors! I mean it, I will come after you if you don’t!”

“Whatever Chris,” Vinny smirks as he slowly walks out of the office and slams the door shut.

Chris pounds his fist in to his desk “Damn it!”, he yells in frustration, quickly wondering what kind of damage control he has to do with Daisy now.

Scene Five - City Hall, Daisy’s Office

Daisy sits at her desk trying to focus on the reports in front of her, but she is unable too. She can’t help but think back to the other day when Vinny suggested to her that something may have been going on between Greta and Chris. He didn’t have any indication other than when he was in her office while she was away on a business trip and when he was leaving he overheard Greta on the telephone leaving Chris a voicemail thanking him for something. Vinny also informed her that he visited Chris and he got very defensive. Daisy sighs and knows how Chris can get when he is hiding something, and defensive is the first word that comes to her mind. She shakes her head and only hopes that Vinny is wrong about his suspicions. After everything she and Chris had been through, she really believed that he had changed and that they could possibly have a future together. Especially since he recently asked her about a future with him and she kissed him for an answer. She has always maintained a soft spot for him in her heart, something she doesn’t understand.

She turns her head she hears her office door open. She feels her heart drop when she sees Greta come into the office with a smile on her face. Greta’s carrying two Sugarbowl coffee’s which she brings to Daisy’s desk. She sets it down and sees Daisy have a concerned look on her face. Greta thinks that it’s probably work related but she won’t let it get her down today as she’s just happy that she and Chris made love again. This is a confirmation that she needed that she and Chris are on their way to being a real couple, something she is very game for; She has wanted him for years.

“Here’s your coffee,” Greta informs her. “I have to go and do a stationary order, is there anything you’d like in particular?”

Daisy looks at her best friend and arches her eyebrow. “Sit down for a moment please,” she tells her assistant.

“What’s going on? You look upset about something,” Greta observes as she sits down across from her boss.

“Someone told me something upsetting and I want to come to you first because you are my best friend and my assistant. I trust you and I believe you when you speak to me,” Daisy informs her, hoping to draw out the best in Greta. Greta gulps wondering what on earth she’s talking about. “Is something going on between you and Chris?”

Greta looks down not wanting to look Daisy in the eyes. How did Daisy find out? She wonders to herself as she shakes her head no and then looks back at her best friend. She knows that when she and Chris come out as a couple, they will tell Daisy together. Until then, she has to make it seem like everything is fine and normal. “No, of course not. I mean, I know interact with him when I’m with you or it’s a family thing.”

“Okay, I thought so,” Daisy says, feeling more relieved about the situation. She has no reason to believe that Greta would lie to her, especially when she confides in Greta about her feelings for her ex-husband. “I just had to be sure.”

“Of course,” Greta replies standing up as she feels horrible inside for lying to Daisy. “I need to get that order in before the deadline.”

“Yea, that’s fine. I’ll see you later,” Daisy replies as Greta leaves the office feeling very small about herself.

Scene Six - MW Investigations

Madeline sits into her office chair and prepares to start working for the day. Her mind, however, is really on the fact that Will just told her that she probably needs to move on from this love that she has for Cory. She knows that he means well but does he really understand her relationship with Cory? She shakes her head no, because she knows that no one really understands what happened with her and Cory. Despite everything, she still firmly believes that they could have a future together if Robin wasn’t in the picture. She quickly grabs her I-Phone to see if Robin has contacted her, and is disappointed when she has not. She sighs wondering what her next move should be. She refuses to give up without a fight.

“Maybe Will is right, maybe I should be moving on,” she tells herself as she starts to type on her keyboard.

“Talking to yourself?” a voice asks her from her doorway.

Madeline looks up and gets a huge smile on her face when she sees Cory standing there. “Cory!” she says as she stands up and rushes over to him and hugs him. She shuts the door after they exit their embrace. “Come in, please. What brings you by?”

Cory shrugs and looks at her. He doesn’t want to admit that he missed her, but he had been thinking about her a lot lately. He still feels awful for playing her for so long and then ending things with her when he and Robin got back together. He never intended to hurt her and wanted to ensure that she was doing alright. Plus, he wanted to see after he ran into Liam the previous day at the gym. It still grinds him that Liam was throwing around how hot Robin was in the bedroom. He knows that he shouldn’t be upset that Robin slept with someone else, after all he and Madeline were having sex, but the fact that Robin was sleeping with such a creep really bothers him.

“I guess I was in the neighbourhood and wanted to say hello,” he tells her.

“Well that’s nice. I’ve actually missed you a lot,” she quickly replies to him before she regrets saying it. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that to you. I know you and Robin have got back together.”

“Nah, it’s okay. It is natural to miss someone when you spend a lot of time with someone. Like we did,” he reveals to her. “I miss your company too.”


“Of course I do Madeline. It was more than just sex for us. We did get along well,” he replies to her. “I’ve been keeping my distance because I don’t think Robin would appreciate me being here.”

“No, she wouldn’t. I miss your company too. I miss the sex though too,” she admits to him as she comes up to him. Before she knows what she is doing, she kisses him passionately. At first Cory pulls back, but his mind goes back to Liam telling him how hot Robin was in the bedroom and he finds himself kissing her back.

He finally pulls back, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

“You didn’t,” she smiles at him, thrilled by the contact with Cory. “I kissed you. You just responded.”

Cory laughs a little, “Yea, I should get going. I don’t want to hurt Robin like this.”

Madeline doesn’t respond as she watches him leave her office. The fact that he admitted to missing her and kissing her back proves to her that he does still care for her. “I have to make sure Robin leaves you,” she whispers to herself as she goes back to her phone send Robin a message, needing to know where they stand.

Scene Seven - The Calimo House; Robbie, Leah & Paige’s Home

“I’m coming!” Leah calls out as she rushes to the front door as the door bell continues ring non-stop. She finally opens the door and sees Robin standing on the other side of the door. “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you hear me call out telling you that I was coming?”

Robin quickly enters the house and enters the living room. “Where’s Robbie?” she asks her sister as Leah comes into the living room behind her. She waited as long she could this morning before she had to get to her sister’s house.

“He’s already at work,” Leah announces to her, worried about Robin’s odd behaviour.

“And Paige?”

“At daycare. I was about to head into the office shortly. What’s wrong Robin? You seem very upset about something,” Leah observes to her sister.

Robin sighs and looks at Leah. She turns away because she feels her eyes swell with water. After Madeline told her last night that Jeff not Robbie is Paige’s biological father, all Robin could do was think about coming to get the truth from her sister. She walks over to the mantel and picks up a picture of Robbie, Leah and Paige. She puts it back on the mantel and turns to her sister.

“Please tell me what’s wrong!” Leah says to her sister as she can see the tears in Robin’s eyes. “You’re acting so strange!”

“Tell me it’s a lie Leah,” Robin replies slowly to her sister. “Please tell me what I’ve learned isn’t true.”

Leah looks at her sister and doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She looks back over at the picture that she was holding. “What are you talking about?”

Robin comes up to her sister and grabs her hands. “I heard something and I need you to tell me the truth Leah.”

“You’re scaring me Robin. Tell me!”

“Is Jeff Paige’s father?” Robin quickly blurts out, still having a hard time saying the words.

Leah drops Robin’s hands and walks towards the mantel. She feels her entire body start to shake in fear that someone out there knows the truth other than her and Dominick. She wonders if Liam has suddenly decided to tell the truth since Robin went back to Cory. She turns around as some tears fall from her eyes.

“My god, it is true!” Robin yells, knowing that she is right based on Leah’s reaction. “How did this happen?”

Leah shakes her had and continues to cry. “I was only with Jeff once! This can’t ruin my marriage Robin! I am in love with Robbie and I want our family to be together. Who told you this? Was it Liam?”

“Liam, why would he tell me something like this?” Robin asks her back.

Leah pauses and then looks at her sister, “He’s the one that ran the test.”

Robin nods her head as another piece of the puzzle was just completed. “That’s why you were acting so weird when Liam and I started dating.”

“I was concerned for my family Robin. I know I’ve made mistakes,” Leah continues as she gets water in her eyes. “But I have to do what’s best for my family.”

“I won’t say anything,” Robin comes up to her and hugs her. “I’ll make sure no one ever finds out. I promise you,” she tells her as she holds her crying sister.

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