Episode 191 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: October 14, 2012


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Madeline told a stunned Robin the truth about Paige’s paternity. Robin went to her sister where Leah tearfully admitted the truth that Jeff is Paige’s father
- Leah and Jeff almost kissed while working late together
- Robbie placed himself as Victoria’s security guard. She fought an attraction to him
- Reese was caught off guard when he asked Dean out, only to learn that he already has a boyfriend
- Shane worried about Casey’s presence in Helen’s life. Adam, meanwhile, woke up and asked Helen why she shot him. She claimed she wasn’t the one who shot him
- Trenyce and Donovan seemingly had a nice date but later Trenyce saw him hanging out with another beautiful woman

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane’s Office

Helen slowly opens the door to Shane’s office and looks inside, quickly spotting Shane sitting behind his desk typing while he looks over some of his files that are sitting in front of him. Helen smiles at the sight of Shane working hard; she continues to be so very grateful to him for everything he has done to save Adam from the shooting. She couldn’t have asked for a better friend in this recent time of need. Her family has been through so much with Shane in the past year and he continues to show his support, even being worried about the arrival of her brother Casey. She understands that Shane doesn’t want to see her be taken advantage of.

“I’m not interrupting am I?” she asks as she closes the door behind herself.

He looks up from his computer and smiles at Helen, “Not at all Helen. Come in.”

Helen walks towards the desk and takes a seat in one of the two chairs that is on the other side of his desk. “What brings you by?” Shane asks her as she takes her seat.

“The last time we spoke you were very concerned about Casey’s arrival in town,” Helen begins to tell him as his face grows more concerned. He still can’t place it, but he doesn’t like the fact that suddenly, out of no where, Helen’s brother has arrived in town. How can they possibly trust what this guy says when Helen still has no memory of her past? “So I had a DNA test run. I have the results here.”

Helen slowly reveals an envelope from DNYA labs and passes it over to Shane. “You know I could have preformed this here at the hospital for you,” he tells her as he takes the documents out of the envelope.

“I know Shane, but you’ve already done so much for this family. I really didn’t want to burden you with anything more.”

Shane looks at the papers and then looks back at Helen. “So Casey really is your brother,” he says feeling some what more relieved now that he has concrete proof. “I’m sorry that you felt like you had to prove this to me Helen. I was honestly just worried about this stranger showing up when you’re vulnerable. I would hate for you to be deceived at a time like this.”

Helen smiles, “I know Shane. I appreciate that you’re so concerned about me and my families well being.”

Shane smiles back at his friend, “After everything we’ve been through together, you have to know that I’m always in your corner Helen. I only want the best for you, Adam and Dawn. Natasha and I, we are always here for you.”

Helen quickly stands up and walks towards Shane, who stands up when she arrives at him. She gives him a hug and holds him close for a moment. “Thank you, really, for everything Shane.”

“Of course,” he says as they exit their hug. “Look, I need to go see Adam. He’s scheduled to have some more tests to see how he’s recovering. I’ll see you later in his room to give you the update?”

“I’ll be there,” she smiles at him fondly, happy that she has put everything at ease with Casey’s arrival.

Scene Two - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline’s Home

Reese walks into the kitchen still wearing his pj bottoms and a tight white t-shirt and pours himself another cup of coffee. He has the day off from Robertson Enterprises, which is nice because Dominick has been pressing everyone to do another photo shoot for the upcoming Christmas season. He is expecting to be at work the next day, but he feels like he needs the day’s break from the work scene. Or at least from seeing Dean Kratz. He and the photographer had been flirting non-stop during the first photo shoot for the Blooming Rose launch and Reese was sure that Dean was interested in him. However, when Reese finally asked Dean out, he revealed that he already had a boyfriend. Reese shakes his head as he takes a drink of his coffee, wondering why he continues to be attracted to the guys that are taken.

He is about to walk back in the living room when he hears the front door bell ring. He isn’t expecting anyone, so he wonders who it could be. He opens the door and is surprised to see Dean standing on the other side. “Dean, this is a surprise. What’s up?”

“Can I come in?” Dean asks sheepishly. If he is honest, he feels rather embarrassed by his last encounter with Reese, where he admitted he has a boyfriend but then he also kissed Reese. He had wanted to kiss the model for weeks and he couldn’t help himself when presented with the opportunity.

“I suppose you can,” Reese replies allowing Dean into his house. “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

“No, I won’t keep you long,” Dean tells him back as they enter the living room. “I just wanted to come by and apologize for the other day in the park.”

Reese nods and gives him half a smile. “Well that’s nice, thanks Dean. I suppose I accept your apology. Does your boyfriend know you are here?”

Dean looks at Reese, “About that,” he begins to tell him. “After I kissed you in the park, it made me realize that something was clearly missing in my relationship. You know, if you’re with someone, you should be totally into that person. If you’re lusting after someone else, it’s probably not going to work.”

Reese laughs a little, “You’re lusting after me?”

Dean feels his cheeks blush, “Maybe a little. The point is, I dumped my boyfriend. It wasn’t fair to him. Or to me.”

“Wow, that’s very admirable of you,” Reese replies to him, surprised that Dean actually ended up his relationship before he could really cheat. After the fiasco with Andy last year, Reese was under the impression that all men would just cheat and try to get away with it. “It’s kind of refreshing to know that you’re not the type of guy that wants his cake and to eat it as well.”

Dean laughs and then comes up to Reese, “Thanks. I guess I was hoping that this means we could go on that date now?”

Reese blushes and swallows hard. He isn’t sure if it’s a good idea to go out with Dean since he did just have a boyfriend. The last thing he wants to do is be a rebound guy or get involved with someone that can so easily want to cheat. But when he looks at the guy in front of him, he can’t help but like him and be very attracted to him. He finally smiles back at Dean, “I’d actually like that a lot,” he says as Dean gets a smile on his face as well.

“Perfect!” Dean smiles back to him. “I’m already looking forward to it.”

Scene Three - Robertson Enterprises; Donovan’s Office

Donovan sits at his desk reviewing the early sales of the Blooming Rose. He is certainly impressed with how things have gone thus far for the first perfume and fashion line from Robertson Enterprises. He can’t wait to see what kind of sales the scent brings in over the Christmas season, especially with the new ad campaign they are currently working on.

He sets the file down on his desk and looks over and sees a picture of him and Victoria. He wonders how she is coping after getting that voicemail from the altered voice that said “Daddy’s back!”. He can tell that she is scared out of her mind but he does feel better knows that Robbie has placed himself as her personal security guard. He only hopes that Victoria doesn’t start to get feelings for the cop as he is happily married with a child. The last thing Victoria needs is to get caught up in that kind of mess, but he could tell by the way she was looking at Robbie that she was attracted to him.

He stops his train of thought when he hears his office door open. He turns and sees Trenyce walk into his office holding some files. He smiles at the sight of his friend, recalling how they had a nice dinner a few weeks earlier. “Trenyce, hi,” he says sitting in his desk. “Did you review the latest sales figures?”

Trenyce looks at Donovan and wonders what is going through his mind. She was under the impression that they had a nice first date at the Pampa Grill a few weeks before, but the last time she saw him at the Sugarbowl he was smiling and chatting it up with an attractive blonde woman. She knew that it was too good to be true; an attractive man like Donovan would never be attracted to a woman like her.

“I did, they look fantastic,” she tells him as she comes up and drops a file folder on his desk. “I have added a couple of new possible designs in for the Christmas re-launch. I thought by having a few new pieces it would bring the customers that already have purchased Blooming Rose merchandise back again.”

Something in Trenyce’s tone doesn’t sit well with Donovan; he can tell that something is troubling her. “I think that’s a good idea, I’ll run these by Dominick and let you know what he says, okay?”

“Sure,” Trenyce replies quickly starting to gather her things to leave.

“Hey, what’s the rush? Sit down, let’s talk for a minute?” he asks her, wanting to get to the bottom of her abruptness.

Trenyce stops and looks at him then decides to stay back and talk to him. He stands up and walks her over to the sofa in his office. “You just seem like something’s bugging you. Are you okay?”

“No, I guess I’m not,” she quickly says back to him trying to stay strong. “I thought we had a great time the other night at the Pampa Grill.”

“We did, I told you that,” Donovan replies to her confused by her attitude. “I don’t have many friends in Twin Peaks yet, so getting out with you was a lot of fun. Are you saying you didn’t have a good time?”

“No,” Trenyce replies back to him shaking her head. “It’s just the other day at the coffeehouse I saw you with a tall, attractive blonde. I guess I just felt like you were playing the field or something.” She pauses and puts her head down as she has never really been so forthcoming with her feelings to a man before.

“Playing the field? What are you talking about?” Donovan asks, not sure what she is getting at, then suddenly he recalls being at the Sugarbowl. “Oh the tall blonde? You know that’s Ashley, down in marketing right?” he tells her who the blonde woman was.

Suddenly Trenyce feels her face turn bright red, “No, I had no idea. I’ve never met her before.”

“We were just reviewing some ideas for the Christmas campaign,” Donovan informs her. “But Trenyce, you should know that I was only taking out to dinner as a friend. I’m sorry you misunderstood what my intentions were, but I’m not really looking for a relationship of any kind.”

Trenyce nods her head and feels her eyes swell with water. “Of course you’re not.”

“Why do you say it like that?”

Trenyce finally makes eye contact with him. “I was just a fool for thinking that a gorgeous guy like yourself would be interested in a girl like me. I don’t know when I will ever learn.”

Donovan grabs her heads, “You’re a smart, beautiful woman Trenyce. I … it really is me, not you, even though that sounds like something every guy says.”

“It kinda does,” she gives him half a smile.

“If I confide something in you, will you promise me it won’t leave this room?”

“Of course,” Trenyce replies, curious as to what he has to tell her.

“I haven’t told many people this about myself, not even my sister,” he begins to tell her. “But the reason I’m just interested in you as a friend is because I’m gay.”

There’s a moment of silence between the two. Donovan can’t believe he finally said the words out loud to someone and Trenyce feels like it’s déjà vu, as she thought Andy was interested in her at one point until he revealed that he was gay.

“You’re not saying anything,” he finally tells her, feeling concerned by her reaction to the news.

She smiles at him and squeezes his hand, “You shouldn’t be afraid to tell people Donovan. Two of my best friends are gay and they are living great lives being open about it all. I’m glad you told me though and I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions. I will still be your friend,” she tells him as she breathes a sigh of relief. “I just thought the dinner was a date.”

“Thanks Trenyce,” he tells her. “It’s not easy coming out when you have so many family issues that Victoria and I have had. I really appreciate you being on my side.”

Scene Four - The Calimo House; Robbie, Leah & Paige’s Home

“Sorry I wasn’t awake when you got home last night,” Leah tells her husband as she pours Robbie a cup of coffee to start his day. She knows that she was working late but he was out even later than she was. Her mind can’t stop thinking about how close she was to kissing Jeff last night at the office as they worked late together, but they were interrupted by Veronica.

“That’s okay,” he tells her as he adds come cream and sugar to his coffee. “I didn’t get home this morning. I’ve had to place myself on personal security duty. I left a voicemail, I take it you didn’t get it?”

Leah looks back at Robbie as she places the coffeepot back into the coffeemaker, “No, I didn’t. I was so tired after working I just came home and went right to bed. What’s going on?”

Robbie sighs and explains the story to her about Victoria and her father. “The only thing I could do was place myself on her personal guard. I really came home to shower, change and see you. Then I should head back over to her place.”

“I see,” Leah replies to him curious about his new case. “How long will you be with her?”

“I don’t know. Until I can get a hold of this stalker. I hope to God it’s not her father and just some creep that’s playing a sick game with her.”

“Her past is public knowledge after she tried to kill you at Natasha’s wedding a few years ago. It could really be anybody,” Leah suggests to her husband, recalling Victoria’s DID disorder with her husband. “Just be careful okay? And make sure you keep in touch with me.”

“Always baby,” he smiles at her. “I don’t have to be back just yet,” he says as he stands up and comes up to his wife. He kisses her passionately and when he does his mind flashes back to seeing Victoria in her lace bra and panties. He opens his eyes and sees his wife standing before him. “I want you.”

She keeps her eyes closed for a moment and dreams of seeing Jeff unbuttoning some of his shirt buttons the previous night in her office. She knows that she’s still attracted to her ex-husband but she knows that she will do anything she can to make her marriage work. She opens her eyes and smiles at Robbie, “I want you too.”

The couple kiss again before they head upstairs to make love to each other before he leaves for work again, despite each of them having someone else on their minds.

Scene Five - The Sugarbowl

Madeline grabs her coffee and walks over to the bar to place in her cream and sugar into her morning java. As she does so, she wonders if she will hear from Robin today. She told her rival that she knows the truth about Paige’s paternity a few days ago now and Robin advised her that she would be hearing from her soon. Madeline hopes that she scared Robin enough into making the model leave Cory so Madeline and Cory could have a chance at being happy together. Of course, Madeline knows that she would never actually reveal the truth that Jeff is really Paige’s father. She would not want to hurt so many innocent people like Jeff and Paige, but Robin doesn’t need to know that fact.

As she turns to walk out of the coffeehouse, she freezes when Jeff enters. She sighs and hopes he doesn’t spot her. As much as she would love to catch up with her ex-boyfriend now that he is back in town, she doesn’t want to do it now while she is holding on to a secret that could forever change his life. She walks quickly forward hoping to avoid him, but it’s too late.

“Maddie!” he calls out as she was walking by him. “What no hello?”

Madeline stops and looks up at Jeff and smiles at him, “Sorry I didn’t even see you,” she lies to him not wanting to hurt his feelings. “I was just grabbing a coffee and heading to work. I have so much to do today.”

“I understand, we are busy over at Roboto too,” he tells her, happy to see a friendly face. “Do you have a moment? We never did catch up after seeing each other at the fashion show.”

Madeline checks her watch and then sighs, “Yea, I guess I do have a moment Jeff.” The two walk over to the window seat and look at each other. “So, how’s life now that you’re in Twin Peaks again?”

“I can’t complain,” Jeff replies to her. “I’m dating Veronica Lane, we met in Boston and we both happened to get jobs at Roboto at the same time. It feels nice being back in such a familiar town. It makes me feel closer to Noah.”

Madeline nods her head, “I can imagine. It’s nice that you and your girlfriend could move together.”

“Totally. I think it’s a relationship worth saving, so I’m glad the distance isn’t an issue.”

“How is it working with Leah? I can imagine it brought up some old feelings,” she asks him, knowing that a big part of the reason there relationship didn’t work out was because Jeff’s feelings for his ex-wife.

Jeff sighs and tries not to think about the previous night at the office when he and Leah almost kissed while talking about Noah. He has moved on from his ex to the best of his ability, but he knows that there will always be some feelings for her in his heart. They went through the death of a child together and nothing could ever change that. “It’s been okay,” he tells her trying to convince himself of the same thing. “Like I told you the day of the fashion show, I have moved on. I’m happy with where things stand in my life right now Maddie.”

Madeline gulps knowing that she has the potential to really turn his life upside down if she revealed the truth about Paige’s paternity. Not only would Robbie and Leah’s marriage be on the rocks, but it could actually pull Leah and Jeff back together again.

“I’m glad you’re happy Jeff,” she tells him nervously, hoping he doesn’t pick up on her apprehension. “That’s all I ever wanted for you.”

Scene Six - The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory and Robin’s Home

Robin opens the door quickly and looks around the condo that she just moved back into. She sees many of her personal belongings around and suddenly feels overwhelmed. She can’t believe that for close to two years, Dominick and Leah have been hiding such a horrible secret that Jeff is really Paige’s biological father. She remembers how devastated Leah was when Robin confronted her about the truth and how she kept saying that Robbie could never find out. Robin knows that the truth coming out would absolutely destroy her sister’s marriage and her life.

What’s worse, is that Madeline somehow has figured out the truth and has come to Robin and asked her to leave Cory in exchange for her silence. As she looks around the condo, she feels her eyes fill with water. She and Cory just found their way back each other and now … she shakes her head not wanting to think about it.

“Hey baby,” Cory announces to her from the top of the stairs. “I thought I heard the door open. I thought you had an early shoot at Robertson today?”

She watches his every move as he walks down the stairs and comes up to her. He gives her a quick kiss but she pulls away quickly. She turns around as she doesn’t want to face her husband right now.

“Robin?” he asks knowing that something is up with his wife. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

Robin turns back to Cory and looks at him and lets a tear fall from her eyes. “I’m sorry Cory, but I can’t do this anymore.”

Cory shakes his head in confusion wondering what she is talking about. He watches as she goes into her large Prada purse and pulls out an envelope. She hands it to him. “I’ll be by later to get some things.”

Cory opens the envelope quickly and feels his heart sink and the colour drain from his face. “Divorce papers?” he asks shocked by what’s happening. “I don’t understand Robin! We just put everything back together. Why would you want to end the marriage now?”

Robin keeps her back to her husband as she can’t face him. The last thing she wants to do right now is face him because she knows that she doesn’t really want the divorce, but she has to leave Cory to ensure Leah’s secret is kept safe. She can’t let her sister lose everything.

“Would you say something please Robin!” Cory demands, still wondering how she could do a 180 on him.

“It’s over Cory,” she whispers, keeping her back to him. “It’s over.”

She doesn’t say another word. He watches as she leaves the condo and the door closes quietly behind her. He looks back down at the divorce papers and suddenly realizes the only thing that could have possibly have made Robin change her mind: Liam Fitzpatrick.

“Damn you Liam,” Cory says to himself grinding his teeth, recalling how rude Liam was when they ran into each other at the gym the other day. “This isn’t over!”

Scene Seven - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Adam’s Room

Helen and Casey sit in the chairs while Adam sleeps in the hospital room. They are expecting Shane to come in any moment and give them an update on Adam’s prognosis. Helen looks at her brother and smiles, “Shane saw the DNA test earlier today.”

Casey looks over at his sister and nods, “Good, I hope that puts an end to this crazy theory that I’m not your brother.” He never enjoyed being called a con-artist, even though part of him understands why Helen’s friends would be concerned by his sudden arrival.

“I’m sure it will. Shane and I had a good a talk,” she tells him, recalling her visit with him earlier in the day.

“Oh yea?” Casey tells her feeling uneasy. “It might not be a good idea for you to be around him so much. You know, if this …”

He’s cut off my the arrival of Shane opening Adam’s hospital room door. He looks at the siblings and smiles as he enters. He doesn’t have good news for everyone in the room and he hates when he has to deliver bad news, especially when his friends are involved.

“Shane, hi,” Helen quickly says as she stands up, hoping that he didn’t hear any of her conversation with Casey. “Did you get the test results back?”

Shane looks over at Adam, who slowly opens his eyes. He blinks a few times before coming fully too. “Looks like I woke up just in time,” he says quietly from the bed as he looks at everyone in the room.

Helen quickly rushes over to Adam and passes him some water. “How are you feeling?” she asks him as she drinks from a straw, relieved that Adam is awake to hear the test results with them.

He gulps it down, “As well as to be expected,” he replies, still feeling a touch weak. “So, doc, give us the news. What do my test results show?”

Shane looks at everyone, “Well there’s no easy way to say this,” he begins to say slowly. “The second bullet, it was so close to the spinal cord. When we took it out, we knew that there would be risk involved.”

“We know all of this already,” Casey intercepts Shane’s comments. “What does that mean?”

Shane sighs and then looks over at Adam and Helen, “I’m so sorry, but Adam is paralyzed. He may never walk again.”

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