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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cory stunned Madeline by asking her to investigate the real reason Robin filed for divorce
- Robin was horrified to learn Leah's secret: Jeff, not Robbie, is Paige's biological father
- Donovan started to suspect that Victoria was developing feelings for Robbie
- Kim attempted to reach out to Natasha to mend their friendship, but Natasha ignored her. Later, Shane proposed to Natasha and she happily accepted
- Helen and Casey talked about some mysterious plan to keep Adam in the dark about the shooting. Helen revealed that they have to make everyone believe Casey shot Adam. Adam, meanwhile, moved to the Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Center and got questioned by Robbie

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Cafeteria

Madeline enters the cafeteria and looks around hoping to see Will. She went to the nurses station and the female nurse on duty indicate that Will was on his break and probably in the cafeteria. Madeline needs to speak to a friend about what's going on with her and Cory, not that she will tell Will the entire story because she can't actually tell someone the truth about Paige's paternity. She still can't believe, however, that Cory isn't rushing back to her now that Robin has filed for divorce from him. Instead, he has hired her to investigate the real reason Robin is leaving him as he suspects that Liam Fitzpatrick has something to do with Robin's decision. Madeline has no idea how she is going to handle this as she is the real reason that Robin has left her husband. She finally spots Will sitting at a table playing on his phone and she quickly walks up to him.

"Maddie," he says looking up from his phone as he hears her high heels click on the floor, which is a sound he's not used to hearing in the hospital since most people have flats on. "What brings you over to my neck of the woods?"

Madeline sits across from her friend and looks at him, "I hope you don't mind that I just stopped by on your break. I really need a friend though."

"Of course not. I only have another 10 minutes though," he tells her as he looks at his watch quickly realizing he can't be late for work.

"I don't know what to do about Cory," she sighs to him causing him to arch his eyebrow. He has told her a few times now that he believes she should move on from Cory since he is a married man. "Turns out Robin has filed for divorce, which is a good thing for me, or so I thought."

"So you thought? I don't understand?" Will asks confused about the story she's telling him. "Why would Robin file for divorce? They just got back together. Something doesn't add up here."

"Right," Madeline continues, suddenly feeling slightly dejected that someone else is thinking something odd is up with Robin's behaviour. "Cory came to see me the other day and he hired me to investigate the reasoning behind the divorce. He thinks that Robin doesn't really want to divorce him."

"Did you take the case?"

"Of course I did!" she smiles at him. "The last time Cory and I worked on case together, we ended up quasi dating. Maybe that would happen again?" she asks with a hopeful voice.

"Maybe?" Will suggests back to her, still thinking the married couple will find their way back to each other. "But what if you uncover something shady about the divorce?"

"That's the thing," Madeline explains to him. "Cory seems to think that Liam Fitzpatrick has something to do with it. I don't know what he'll do if I don't find anything. Maybe everything is on the up and up, you know?" she says biting her lip, knowing that she can't actually tell Cory what she knows about Liam. He is the doctor that performed Leah's paternity test on Paige.

"If you took the case Madeline, then you owe it to Cory to be honest with whatever you find out. If there's nothing there to find, then Cory can make his mind up about what and who he wants in his life. I just don't want you to get hurt," Will tells her as he grabs her hand. "I still think that you getting involved with a married man is a bad idea."

"Soon to be divorced man," Madeline winks at him. "Thanks for listening to me Will. I feel better already."

Will laughs a little, "Good. I'm not sure I helped much. Just be careful."

"I will be. Don't worry," Madeline reassures him as she starts to formulate a plan in her mind.

Scene Two - Dominick's Townhouse

Dominick reviews some files from Robertson Enterprises and the Blooming Rose launch as he sits at his corner desk in his living room. The numbers are looking good, and with the new ad-campaign that was recently launched as part of the Christmas re-release, he is very excited that sales will continue to be this phenomenal. He smirks when he looks at a page that shows the competitors and how they're doing. He can see that he is well ahead of everyone, including Roboto. The fact that the Blooming Rose is doing so well makes him feel very vindicated that he and Sofia's love was real and can live on through his company. Of course, being able to stick it to Bob only adds to the satisfaction. He knows, however, that Bob and the Roboto team are working on a new launch that will happen early in the new year, but he has faith that he will be able to ensure Robertson stays very competitive with anything Roboto throws out there. He is determined to keep Bob down while he has him there.

He sets the file down on his desk when he hears the front door bell ringing. He looks at his watch and wonders if he was expecting a business meeting at his place that day and just happened to forget. He opens the door and immediately gets a smile on his face when he sees Robin standing there. "My love, please come in," he tells his daughter as she comes into the townhouse.

"Thank you, Daddy," she says as she throws her large winter coat on the chair in the living room. "It's cold out there."

"Yes, it's that time of the year, isn't it?" he smiles as he comes up to her and gives her a hug and kisses her on the cheek. "It's been far to long since I've seen you. How have you been?"

Robin sighs and walks over to the bar in the room. "Can I have a drink?"

"Of course," Dominick replies, wondering what's gotten into her. it's not like Robin to declare that she needs a beverage. "It's a bit earlier, though, isn't it?"

Robin turns around after making a vodka tonic and looks at her father. "After the last couple of weeks I've had, I need a drink."

"What's going on? This doesn't sound good at all."

"I know your secret Daddy. I know what you and Leah did to protect her and her marriage," Robin reveals before taking a drink of her alcohol.

Dominick fumes inside instantly knowing that Robin is talking about. What he doesn't understand is how someone else found out about the paternity test. He immediately goes into protective mode, "Does Leah know? Has Robbie learned the truth? Damnit! How did this happen?"

"Daddy, calm down," Robin tells him coming up to him and touching his shoulder. "No one knows the truth. I made sure the secret was safe. I did everything I could to make sure no one else ever finds out. I just can't believe you and Leah have been keeping this secret for so long."

"What else were we going to do?" Dominick asks her. "We can't risk a lot of people knowing. Leah doesn't want Robbie to ever find out the truth about Paige. The fewer people that know, the better. You can understand that, can't you?"

"Of course I can. I was just taken aback, that's all," she says sipping her drink. "Actually, I was shocked."

"How did you find out? I want to know every detail," Dominick tells her, wanting to ensure that his daughter's secret is safe.

Robin sighs, "You better sit down, it's a long story. And one that you won't like."

Scene Three - The Tower's, Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

"So have you seen any cute boys lately?" Victoria asks Donovan as he sits on the sofa in her condo as she finishes getting ready for their shopping day that they have planned together. Victoria is so pleased that Donovan was able to confide in her that he is gay. It makes her realize that she and her brother have really come along way in the short amount of time that he has been in Twin Peaks. Of course, having the threat hovering over them of their father being back in town certainly helps bring them closer together, but she isn't worried about how or why they are closer. She just likes that they are.

Donovan sighs and smiles at his sister, "Nah. I'm not really looking for a relationship or anything though Marbella. You know, I feel like I have a lot going on right now."

Victoria steps out of the bedroom with her hand on her hip. "What exactly do you have going on right now?"

Donovan smiles, "You need to change that belt. It doesn't go with the top," he winks at her. "I am just busy with Robertson Enterprises and building my friends list. I still am finding my way in this city. Everything else will come in good time."

"That's totally fair," Victoria replies stepping out with a changed belt on her outfit. "Better?"

"Much!" Donovan laughs as he stands up. "How about you? Ready to admit that you like your personal cop?" he winks at her, referring to how he believes Victoria has a small crush on Robbie, who has been watching her every move.

Victoria blushes immediately knowing that she has been finding Robbie very attractive, especially when he stays over night at her place, which has been happening more and more often. "Robbie is my security guard," Victoria tells him back, trying to convince herself. "And he's married with a beautiful baby girl."

"That doesn't mean you can't find him attractive," Donovan tells her as he puts his coat on as they get ready to leave the house.

Victoria puts her scarf on and then looks back at her brother. "Fine, okay! Yes, I find Robbie attractive. But nothing will happen. He's married! I don't want to ruin his marriage."

Donovan laughs, "Ah ha! I knew it! Doesn't it feel better now that you've admitted it?"

"Stop teasing me!" Victoria laughs back as she opens the front door of the condo. As they walk towards the elevator, a black figure turns the corner and walks up to Victoria's locked door, listening as Victoria and Donovan enter the elevator and waits for the door to close. The black figure then slowly walks towards the elevator and presses down prepared to watch their every move while they enjoy their day of shopping.

Scene Four - The Legal Firm; Natasha's Office

Natasha sits at her desk working quickly on some files. Her eyes keep moving down towards her large engagement ring however, which makes her heart skip a beat. She can't believe that after everything she and Shane have been through that they are finally engaged to be married. Not that she is complaining; this has been such a long time in the making. She believes that they would have been married a long time ago had Cassie not announced her pregnancy and then lied and schemed to keep a hold of Shane for so long. She shakes her head not wanting to think about that time in her life. So much has happened since then and she feels like she is in a good place. Almost.

She looks up when she hears her office door opening. She quickly looks back down at her paper work when she sees Bob enter her office. "My darling," he announces himself to her as he closes the door behind him. "I was hoping that you'd be here. Must be my lucky day."

"Must be," Natasha continues to write into her file, not looking up to see her father. Under normal circumstances, she would be delighted to see her father, but ever since his relationship with Kim was announced she can't stomach the sight of him or Kim. She still can't believe that her best friend is shacking up with her father and her father was able to move on from her mother's death so quickly. She will never understand how this relationship came about.

"I see you're very busy," Bob observes to his daughter, hoping that he'll be able to extend an olive branch to her. He hates the fact that they are so at odds with each other. He's never had to endure something like this before with either of his children and he wants to make it right. "I won't keep you too long."

Natasha sighs and looks up at her father, "What's going on? Why did you show up unannounced?"

"Would you have invited me over if I had called first?" Bob asks her with a slight grin, already knowing the answer to his question. He desperately wants to make things right with his daughter.

"Probably not. I'm very busy, as you've already noted," Natasha replies, continuing to be cold.

"Darling, I want to make things right between us. I hate this friction. We've never had this between us before," he tells her as he sits across from her. "Please, tell me what I can do to make this better."

Natasha sighs, "The only thing you can do will never happen Daddy. I don't know if there's a way to fix any of this."

"Just tell me."

Natasha feels her eyes swell with water as she looks into her father's eyes. "I miss the way things were when Sofia was still alive. You and mom together, that's how it should have been, forever. I don't understand how …"

"Nothing I say or do will bring your mother back Natasha," Bob interrupts her. "I miss her too. Each and every day, I think about her."

"Yet you are sleeping with my best friend? Which one is it Dad? Do you miss Mom or are you busy enjoying your new younger girlfriend?" Natasha snaps back at him, finally calling him out on his new romance with Kim.

Bob sighs and reaches over to Natasha's hand. She quickly pulls it away not wanting to feel her father's touch. "Did you want me to be alone forever? Natasha, I'm simply trying to move on with my life. Kim and I, we never meant to hurt anyone. This relationship just happened, honestly. I would never intentionally hurt you. You have to believe me."

Natasha lets a tear fall from her eye, "It's funny Dad," she says as she wipes her eye. "You say you never meant to hurt me, but that's exactly what you did. That's exactly what you're doing. And I don't know how to let that go. I don't know how to forget that you're with my so called best friend. I guess I should stop calling her that now."

"Natasha, please …" Bob begins to plead with her.

"No Dad, you should go. I have to get back to work," Natasha informs him as she returns her focus to her paper work.

"Okay, I'll go. But I'll still expect you at Thanksgiving dinner," Bob tells her before he leaves her office. Natasha looks up and watches her father leave and she feels her heart break inside her chest. She hates the distance between them but she has no idea how to bridge that gap.

Scene Five - The Sugarbowl

Trenyce walks over to the coffee bar with her coffee and starts to put her cream and sugar into her hot liquid. As she stirs her coffee, she looks at her watch and realizes that she's running late for a meeting at Robertson Enterprises. She picks up a to go lid and turns around and starts to walk quickly out of the coffee house. As she opens the door to go, she bumps into someone spilling her coffee all over them!

"Crap! That's hot," the man yells as Trenyce scrambles to get some napkins to wipe up her mess.

"Ohmygosh! I'm so sorry," she quickly as she starts to pat the man down. She looks up and looks into the man's eyes, and she's instantly drawn to him. She can't describe it, but something about the attractive young man gets her weak in the knees. "Can I get you a coffee? I feel so bad about this."

Casey glares at her and finishes patting himself off. "Well, yea, that's the least you could do. Then maybe drive me home so I can change. These clothes need to be washed."

"How did you get here?" Trenyce asks him as they go stand in the line to get a new coffee.

"I walked, it's not that far," Casey tells her, still feeling ticked off about having coffee spilled all over him.

"Okay, that's fine. I can drive you home afterwards," Trenyce offers to him, still feeling horrible. "I'm Trenyce, by the way."

"Casey," he quickly replies to her. "Sorry, I don't mean to sound cold, it's just not every day that I get coffee spilled all over me. I wasn't expecting it."

"Trust me," Trenyce laughs at him. "I don't make it a habit of going around spilling coffee over people every day."

Casey manages to crack a smile and laughs, "That is a good thing for sure. I appreciate that you're buying me a coffee and taking me home after. I accept your apology."

Trenyce looks into his eyes and feels her heart skip a beat. She finds herself nodding, "Sure. It's my pleasure."

Scene Six - Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Center

"Helen, wait," Robbie calls out to her as he walks towards Adam's room at the rehabilitation center, stopping Helen from opening the door to her husband's room. "I need to talk to you. Can we go into the waiting room?"

Helen looks at Robbie and feels apprehensive suddenly as she recalls after Adam was first shot and was in surgery at Twin Peaks General Hospital when Robbie started to question her about Adam's shooting. She told the police officer that she wanted to wait until she knew that Adam was going to be okay before she answered any questions. She guesses that the time is now that she will have to finish answering his questions, even though that is the last thing she wants to do.

"Sure Robbie," she fakes a smile to him as they start to walk into the bright waiting room. "What's on your mind? Something about Adam?"

Robbie sits next to her and looks at her trying to get a read for Helen. He is usually good about reading people, but lately he can't place where Helen's head is. "I never got to ask you the questions about the shooting," he tells her. "I was hoping we could do that now."

Helen looks away, "Must we? I was just going to see Adam. Are you sure this can't wait?"

"Why do I get the feeling that you don't want to answer my questions Helen?" he asks her, finally laying it on the table for her. "We need to know what exactly happened as a man was shot Helen. This can't go on forever."

"Okay, okay," she says looking at him in a calming voice. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was this big of a deal. I will answer you questions for you."

"Good," Robbie replies as he pulls out his note pad. "So tell me about the night of the shooting. What happened?"

"It was the day of the Blooming Rose fashion show," Helen begins to tell Robbie, who starts to make a few notes. "Adam and I went to the show and I was uncomfortable, so I left."

"Why were you uncomfortable?"

Helen sighs, "Honestly, I didn't like being in crowds. We had just got back Dawn from Cassie and Mallory, and I was feeling over protective of my daughter. You can understand that, can't you?" she asks him as he nods his head. "I went home. When I got there, my brother was there waiting for me. I was taken a back by his presence."

"Your brother?" Robbie asks her trying to connect the dots. "You mean, Casey?"

"Yes, Casey," Helen continues. "He showed me all this proof that we are related, but it's still a lot to take in. I told him I didn't really trust him and what not, but he had the proof. Anyways, he found my gun that I had bought."

"Okay," Robbie says as he writes the notes down. "When exactly did you buy a gun?"

Helen pauses again, "Shortly after we got Dawn back from Cassie," she explains recalling her actions. "I was just so scared that someone was going to hurt her again. Little did I know that Mallory would kidnap her."

Robbie nods his head, "This is good, keep going. What happened at home?"

"We started to hear heard this noise. I thought someone was trying to break into the house. Casey told me to hide and when the door opened Casey fired the gun. We were all shocked when it was Adam," Helen says with tears in her eyes as she looks up at Robbie. "He was trying to protect me and Dawn! Don't you understand?"

Robbie's eyes meet Helen's, "So your brother shot your husband? And you're okay with that?"

Helen lets a tear fall from her eyes, "It was an accident! He was trying to protect me! He was trying to protect Dawn," she cries to Robbie. "Please tell me that everything will be okay. He didn't mean to do this! He didn't mean it!"

"Ssshh," Robbie says leaning in and hugging Helen. "It'll be okay. I promise, it'll be okay," as he wonders if anything will ever be okay again.

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