Episode 195
Intentions Aren't Pure
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: November 18, 2012

Episode Theme song: "Help Me!" N.E.R.D.

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Victoria admitted to Donovan that she has a crush on Robbie. The siblings were followed by a mysterious figure
- Will and Eva were followed as well on Halloween
- Dean and Reese had a nice first date together
- Bob and Kim both reached out to Natasha hoping to smooth things over with her. Natasha told Bob she doesn't know how to get over the betrayal of their relationship. Meanwhile, Shane and Natasha got engaged
- Vinny realized he was starting to have feelings for Daisy. Greta lied to Daisy and told her nothing was going on between her and Chris

Scene One - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 307; Donovan's Apartment

"Yes, I'm sure that I'm fine," Victoria speaks into her cell phone to Robbie on the other end. Ever since he assigned himself to being her personal security guard, he has been checking I with her on a regular basis. Considering today is Thanksgiving, Victoria is not with him as he is with his family and she is with Donovan. She doesn't mind not having Robbie around if she's with her brother because she knows that Donovan would protect her at all costs. "Enjoy your time with your family Robbie. We'll connect later," she tells him, almost trying to convince him that it's okay that he stays with his family. "Okay, Happy Thanksgiving to you too."

She hangs up the phone and looks over at Donovan, who has a sly grin on his face. "What's that look for?" she asks him, although she suspects that he is just going to tease her again about her small crush on Robbie.

"Nothing, it just sounds like he really wanted to come and see you," Donovan notes based on hearing half the conversation.

"Robbie takes his job very seriously," Victoria replies to him. "But when I'm with my brother, I know that I am fine."

Donovan nods his head, "Thanks. I'm sorry that we aren't going to have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner," he notes the take out containers on the kitchen counter. "I'm not much of a cook and there's just the two of us."

Victoria chuckles, "That's fine. I love the Pampa Grill. I didn't realize that they did take out, but now that I know …"

Donovan laughs a little at his sister as he passes her a glass of red wine. "I want to make a toast," he tells her. "To being thankful for having such an amazing sister. I'm so glad we have reconnected this year."

Victoria blushes a little at her brother's touching toast. "I agree Donovan," she smiles back to him. "To us and reconnecting."

They cheers and both have a drink of the red wine. "Are you ready to eat?" she asks him noting that the food smells good.

"I'm always ready to eat!" he grins at her as he starts to get some plates from the cupboard.

Across the street from the Cascade Apartments building, there is another apartment building. It's a three story, wooden walk up building that has fallen aside due to poor management. Most people wish the city would knock it down and start all over, but it does support some low-income families. On the third floor, directly across from Donovan's apartment, there is a figure standing in the window. The figure is dressed in all black and they have a pair of binoculars, watching Victoria and Donovan's every single move. As the wine glasses toast each other, the free fist of the figure clinches tightly. The spying continues until the siblings finish enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner together.

Scene Two - The Wilkins Estate; Will & Madeline's Home

"This is a beautiful home you have," Eva comments to Reese and Madeline as she sits in the living room of the large estate. She has only ever since a house this lavish when she has been inside the Calimo mansion, which hasn't been very often. Eva sits next to Will on the sofa, as the Wilkins have invited a few people over for a Thanksgiving dinner.

"Thank you," Madeline smiles as she picks up her glass of chardonnay and takes a sip of it. "We still miss our parents each and every day, but we are grateful for what they have provided us."

Reese grabs her hand when she mentions Olivia and Preston's names. It's days like today that they especially find hard to be without their parents, despite them having been gone for over a year now. He looks at his sister and fights some tears in his eyes. "Sorry, I don't know why I'm getting so emotional," he tells everyone.

"Hey, it's okay," Dean tells him as he sits next to Reese. "I can't imagine what it was like losing your parents. It's natural to get upset when you talk about them."

"I need another glass of wine," Reese replies as he stands up with his glass and goes to the bottle to pour another one. "Can I get anyone else another glass of wine?"

"I'd love one," Will replies to Reese as he passes him his glass. "Thanks again for inviting Eva and I. We really do appreciate it."

"It was our pleasure," Reese replies to him as he passes him his glass back. "We have this huge house and our family always cherished the holidays. Maddie and I were talking and it seemed only right that we host with some of our friends."

"Speaking of friends, do you think I could see you two in the other room?" Madeline asks looking at Will and Eva as she stands up.

"Oh," Eva says a little surprised by Maddie's request. "Of course."

The three of them leave the room and walk over to Preston's old study. Madeline shuts the door after Will and Eva are inside the room. "What's going on?" Will asks Madeline, just as confused as Eva is as to why Madeline wanted to see them privately.

Madeline arches her eyebrow, "I wanted to see what was going on with the stalking case. I didn't think it was appropriate for me to say anything in front of Reese and Dean."

Eva sighs and quickly takes a drink of her wine. She hates talking about this situation especially because nothing has happened in months. She's beginning to think that whom ever it was has decided to leave her alone. "There's nothing more to report. I almost think it was a mistake getting you involved," she quickly says, not meaning to sound rude. "What I mean is that, there haven't been anymore attempts to reach out to me or Will."

Madeline nods her head, "Okay, well I don't mind dropping the case if that's what you want."

"I'm not sure that's a good idea," Will replies to both women. He, much more than Eva, has been concerned about her safety. "We have no idea what the person wanted or where the person is. Maybe they are laying low because they know we have gone to the police and have got you involved Madeline. If we let our guard down now…"

"Will, I know you mean well, but I promise you I am fine. I have you with me in all my spare time. I really don't think we have anything more to worry about. Can we please just drop this?" Eva asks him, almost pleading with him to let this go. The sooner they can drop this case, the closer she is to forever keeping some of her secrets.

Will sighs and looks at Eva as he grabs her hand. "You promise me that if anything else happens, anything at all, you'll come to me and we'll get Madeline back on the case?"

"Fine, yes, I promise!"

"Okay, we'll drop it. For now, but I'm still worried about what this means," Will tells them as Madeline comes up to them and hugs them both.

"Don't worry, I will keep your file on hand. If anything else happens, I can reopen it immediately," she reassures them.

"Thank you," Eva says, relieved that it's over for now even though she can tell that Will is not pleased by the decision.


"I wonder what that's all about," Reese comments to Dean as he comes back and sits next to his new found boyfriend. Not that Reese wants to admit that he's dating Dean yet, but after their first date they've seen each other again a few times. He thinks it's pretty clear that they are together, except for the fact that they haven't hit the bedroom yet. Which Reese is fine with because he doesn't want to rush into anything. He would rather move slowly and ensure that he and Dean are a good match, but so far he believes they are.

"I'm actually glad that they left," Dean winks at Reese. "It means we have some alone time."

Dean leans in and gives his boyfriend a tender kiss on the sofa. "What was that for?" Reese asks as their lips part.

"Do I have to have a reason to kiss my boyfriend?" Dean asks him back with a sly grin on his face.

"Is that what I am now? Your boyfriend?"

"I think it's pretty obvious that you are," Dean grins back at him.

"I'm okay with that," Reese says as he kisses him again.

"I wanted to show you something else," Dean says standing up and walking over to his bag and pulling out a binder full of business cards. He passes it to Reese and he starts flipping through the cards.

"What's all this?" Reese asks as he looks up to Dean.

"Different modelling contacts," Dean informs him. "Remember when you were doing the Blooming Rose photo shoot, I kept telling you that you could make a real career out of modelling? I was serious. I just wanted to show you that I could help you make it happen."

Reese puts the binder down and walks up to Reese and hugs his boyfriend. "Thank you," Reese says with a smile. "That really means a lot to me. And I think it would be great to go over some contacts with you!"

"Perfect!" Dean grins back to Reese.

Scene Three - The Calimo Mansion

Bob walks into the living room of the mansion and looks around smiling at the sight. Before him, he sees Robbie, Leah, Paige, Natasha and Shane all sitting on the sofas and chairs in the living room laughing and having a good time together. He doesn't remember the last time he had his entire family together under one roof, all having a good time. It's been far too long, he realizes. Probably not since Sofia was still alive. He walks into the living room and looks at a photo of his deceased wife on the desk near the entrance way. He picks it up and rubs her check with his finger. He does miss his wife and wishes she could be here on this day to celebrate with everyone. He sets it back down and looks to his family.

"Rosario said that it'll only be a few more minutes before lunch is served," he announces to everyone.

"Good, cause I'm starving," Robbie replies to everyone as he picks up Paige. "Are you getting hungry?"

She smiles and giggles before she runs off into Bob's arms. Bob bends down and picks up his grand daughter. "She's getting so big," he observes to everyone.

"While everyone is here," Natasha begins to say to everyone. "Shane and I have some news that we'd like to share." Everyone quiets down as all eyes focus on Natasha, who feels Shane's hand squeeze her leg as they sit beside each other. "He asked me to marry him, and I said yes!" she announces as she puts out her left hand and shows off her large diamond ring.

"Oh my goodness," Leah says as she observes the ring. "That's a beautiful ring. Congratulations!"

"Yes, congrats," Robbie smiles as he shakes Shane's hand then gives Natasha a hug.

"Thank you guys, we really appreciate it," Shane says back to his future in-laws.

Bob comes up to Natasha and hugs her. As he wraps his arms around her, she feels her eyes get filled with water. "You know I wish you nothing but happiness my sweet girl," Bob whispers into her ear.

"I know Daddy, thank you," she says back to him, still feeling uneasy about her current relationship with her father because of his involvement with Kim.

"Shane," Bob announces loudly as he shakes Shane's hand. "I know that you love my daughter, and I'm trusting you not to hurt her."

"I have no intentions of that Mr. Calimo," Shane replies to him, still slightly intimated by Bob.

"Call me Bob from now on," Bob tells him as Shane smiles and nods back to him.

Everyone freezes when they hear the front door slam shut. Soon, Kim enters the living room and smiles at the sight of everyone. "Hi everyone, sorry I'm late. I wanted to go see Andy before he went to his dinner."

She walks up to Bob, who quickly embraces her. As they hug, Natasha and Robbie share an uneasy look with each other. "It's no worries darling," Bob tells her kissing her on the forehead. "We were just celebrating Natasha and Shane's engagement."

Kim's eyes light up at the news of her best friend getting engaged to her love time lover. Kim walks up to Natasha, "Congratulations Nat," she smiles as she moves in for a hug.

Natasha quickly walks away from her, not giving Kim the chance to hug her, "Thanks Kim," she replies coldly as she looks at her empty wine glass and Kim feels water fill her in her eyes. She still doesn't know what she has to do to make Natasha forgive her.

Before anyone can say anything else, Rosario comes into the living room. "Dinner is ready everyone," she smiles as everyone turns and begins to walk to the dinning room. The announcement is perfect timing, Natasha thinks as she realizes that she doesn't have to deal with Kim again. She looks over at Kim as she starts to walk to the dinning room and notices Kim have a pained look on her face. Natasha shakes her head realizing that it's not her problem that Kim's hurt.

Scene Four - The Michaels House; Chris, Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew's Home

"I'll get the door," Trenyce yells to the busy household as Chris, Daisy, Andrew, Greta, and Vinny are all in the either the kitchen or living room to celebrate the day. Trenyce walks over to the door and opens it and smiles when she sees Andy on the other side. She hugs her best friend and welcomes him into the house. "Happy Thanksgiving Andy."

"You too Trenyce," he says as they hug each other. "How are things going?"

"This house is crazy today," she laughs with so many people being over. "But it's nice to be around friends and family. Have you heard from JC?"

Andy nods, "Yea, he sent me a text message earlier today. He's loving it in LA. They never get snow!" Andy laughs knowing that his ex-boyfriend never got used to the snow in Twin Peaks having been from Spain.

"I'm glad he's doing well," Trenyce replies to him.

They arrive at the kitchen and everyone else greets Andy. "This looks amazing," Andy comments on all the food on the table.

"Yea, Daisy's been cookin' up a storm in that kitchen!" Greta laughs as she takes another drink of her beverage. "Those potatoes smell like heaven."

Chris looks over at Greta and gives her a quick wink. He's trying to play it cool today with Greta and Daisy being in the same house, but Greta is all over Chris every chance she can get. They are sitting beside each other and she keeps running her fingers up and down his leg. If there wasn't a house full of people there, he would have had her in bed by now.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Daisy asks Andy as she comes out of the kitchen wearing an apron over her outfit.

Andy gives her a quick hug hello, "I'll have wine if there's any."

"Over here," Vinny calls from the other side of the table. "Red or white?"

"Red please," Andy replies as he sits down and Andrew comes rushing up to him.

"Andy!" Andrew calls as Andy picks up him and sits him on his lap.

"My goodness Andrew, you're getting to be such a big boy!" Andy smiles at the young boy.

"Isn't he though?" Trenyce smiles sitting next to Andy. "I can't believe how big he is."

"You guys need to see the pictures of him on Halloween!" Chris comments as he stands up and walks into the other room. He starts to look around the living room for his camera. "Where's my camera?"

"I'll come help you find it," Greta replies standing up and walking into the other room. She looks around the room and then escapes down the hallway into a bedroom. Chris follows her and she shuts the door once they're inside. She walks over to him and kisses him hard. "I've been waiting to do that for some time."

They break from the kiss and he looks at her, "Stay cool Greta. We can't let Daisy know what's going on between us. Not yet, not today."

"I know," Greta tells him with big puppy dog eyes. "I can't help that I want you badly, though, can I?"

Chris smiles at the attractive woman in front of him. "No," he says leaning in for another kiss.

Daisy, meanwhile, starts to walk down the hallway as she has found Chris' camera in the kitchen. She comes up to the closed bedroom door and arches her eyebrow. "That's interesting, I could have swore I left the bedroom door open," she says quietly to herself as she opens the door. She walks in a little but quickly moves back out as she sees Chris and Greta kissing heavily. She watches for a few more seconds before she shuts the door completely. She shakes her head and tells herself not to cry, but all she can think about is that once again Chris has betrayed her in the worst way possible.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce gets asked out on a date
- Daisy fires Greta!
- Craig makes an admission to Andy

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