Episode 196
Voice is Straining
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: November 29, 2012

Episode Theme song: "3 am" Matchbox Twenty

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Craig asked Andy out on a date and Andy impulsively said yes
- Casey and Trenyce met and she was instantly drawn to him
- Robin confessed to Dominick that she knows Leah's secret
- Victoria admitted to Donovan that she has a crush on Robbie, who became her personal security guard
- Adam was moved to the rehabilitation center. Helen told Robbie that Casey was the one that shot her husband
- On Thanksgiving, Daisy spotted Chris and Greta kissing

Scene One - The Sugarbowl

Trenyce enters the coffeehouse after a long day at the office where she has been working hard on the next fashion line that Dominick wants her to produce for the spring of 2013. She is still so excited that she has a job doing what she loves to do. She's trying to make her next line very different from her first line that she did with the Blooming Rose tie in. Her next line, she wants to stand on it's on and not have a perfume connection, at least not at first.

She grabs her tea and prepares to leave when she sees Casey enter the coffeehouse. She smiles at the thought of first meeting him the other day when she accidentally spilled her hot coffee all over the young man. Instantly, she was attracted and drawn to him. He seemed genuinely appreciative of her apologizing and buying him a coffee to make it to him as well.

"Hey stranger," she smiles as she walks up to him. "See, I can say hi to people and not spill my beverage."

He laughs a little, "That's a very good thing," he says back to her, noticing a twinkle in her eye. "Isn't it a bit late for coffee though?"

"Probably. That's why I'm drinking herbal tea. What are you doing here?" she asks him.

"I'm heading back to the rehabilitation center," he admits to her. "My brother in law was admitted there recently. I'm just picking up a coffee for my sister. I think it'll be a long night as he was having his first therapy session tonight."

"Wow, they schedule that stuff this late at night?" Trenyce asks thinking that it does seem like it's a bit late for physical therapy.

"Apparently," Casey muses. "I think they are so busy there that they schedule things up until midnight, and we have a couple more hours to go before then."

"True enough," she replies to him as she notes her watch. "Look, it was nice seeing you again, but I have to get home. I want to see my little boy before I go to sleep."

Casey nods to her, "Hey, Trenyce?" he asks as she turns around.

"Yes Casey?"

"Would you like to, uh, go out with me sometime? I'm pretty new to the city and don't know many people. It could be fun?" he asks her, hoping that she'll say to the date with him.

Trenyce smiles knowing that she's attracted to the young man and would love to go out with him. She quickly reminds herself of her last date where Donovan ended up being gay, but she can tell that Casey is not gay. He genuinely is asking her out for a date. "I'd love that Casey. Here, take down my number and we'll make plans soon, okay?"

Scene Two - Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Center; Adam's Room

Helen looks out the window of Adam' room at the rehabilitation center and sighs heavily wondering when her life will take a turn for the better. She feels like she has been put through the ringer lately with everything that has happened with Dawn this past year and then with Adam's shooting. She knows that everyone around her is probably sceptical of Casey's arrival in town as well, but she doesn't care. She has the proof that she needs to believe that he is telling her the truth that they are related, including have an DNA test run at the DNYA labs.

"I just want everything to be normal again," she says to herself as she looks out the window at the stars in the sky. She turns around when she hears the door opening and sees Shane pushing Adam in a wheel chair. She still thinks that it's odd that it's so late at night and they had scheduled a therapy session with Adam, but Shane reassured her that it's normal. Almost all of the doctors work at the rehabilitation center when they are not scheduled at Twin Peaks General Hospital, so they have to work with the schedules that are available to them. Helen didn't really like it, but she understood.

"How'd it go?" she asks as Shane helps Adam back into his bed.

"Better than I expected," Shane replies to her as she looks at Adam, who looks dejected.

"I couldn't walk, if that's what you're asking," he says trying not to sound too discouraged.

"I didn't think that would be the news I received," Helen smiles at him, trying to be positive for him. "Try not to get discouraged Adam," she continues to tell him. "It was your first session after all."

"Helen's right Adam," Shane tells him. "After everything you have been through, you did an amazing job in your first session. Each and every day you are here, you are getting stronger. That means, each session you'll be able to push yourself further and further."

Adam sighs and looks down at the blanket covering his legs. He knows what they are telling him is true, but he hates that he isn't getting better quicker. He wants to regain his leg strength and he wants it to happen now. He doesn't want to wait months, maybe years, before he can walk again. "I know. I'm just … I want to get out of here. I want to start living my life again!"

Helen walks over to her husband and grabs his hand, "How about tomorrow I bring Dawn by for a visit. She'd love to see you. Seeing her might boost your spirits."

"I think that's a great idea," Shane chimes in to them.

"I'd like that Helen, thanks," Adam says, smiling as he looks at his wife.

"I have some good news for you two as well. It may help with your spirits Adam," Shane offers to his friends.

"Oh, now we are curious," Helen replies to him wondering what kind of new Shane has.

"Natasha and I, we got engaged!"

Adam gets a huge smile on his face, "Wow, man! That's fantastic news and a long time in the making, I might add! Congratulations."

"Thanks Adam, that means a lot. You and Helen have been with Nat and I for as long as I can remember. I really do appreciate that."

Shane and Adam look at Helen, who stands up from Adam's bedside and crosses her arms and walks to the window. She looks outside and doesn't respond to the news that Shane just shared them.

"Helen? Are you okay?" Adam asks her, causing her to turn around. He notices that her cheeks look a little flushed.

"I'm fine," she quickly replies. "I guess I'm more exhausted than I thought I was. That's … great news Shane," she replies, practically rolling her eyes in the process. "Would you mind Adam if I went home? I'm just tired. I'll be back tomorrow with Dawn."

"Yea," Adam says feeling totally perplexed by Helen's mood. "I'm looking forward to seeing Dawn tomorrow. I love you."

"Love you too," Helen quickly says as she walks out of the room.

Shane looks back at Adam with a confused look on his face as well, thinking that Helen's mood is odd. "I'm sure that's nothing," Shane tells him.

"Yea," Adam replies to him. "Like she said, she's just tired."

Scene Three - City Hall; Daisy's Office

Daisy sits at her desk working late, which can happen often when you're the mayor of a city. She has files in front of her, but she is not focused on work. Part of the reason that she is still at the office is because she hasn't been able to focus all day at work. Her mind is racing thinking about Thanksgiving Day, when she walked into her bedroom and saw Chris and Greta kissing. She can't believe what a fool she has been thinking all this time that Chris had changed and she was considering having another chance with him. The kiss brings back so many memories of learning of his affairs with Danielle and Trenyce back when she was married to him. She feels tears swell in her eyes knowing that once again she let her guard down to Chris only for him to hurt her and with a woman that she considered to be close to her. She doesn't know how or why, but she feels pathetic. How many times do I have to go down this path before I will learn my lesson? She asks herself as she wipes the tears from her eyes.

She stands up and walks towards the window of her office and looks out at the twinkling lights in the city. She recalls how Vinny tried to warn her that something may have been going on between her best friend and ex-husband. She didn't believe him but she did even ask Greta if anything was going on between her and Chris. Greta sat in front of her lied straight to her face. Daisy shakes head, "I have been played for the very last time," she whispers to herself as she turns around and slowly walks back to her desk.

She turns her head back to her door when she hears it open. She sees Greta walk into her office, "Hey boss lady, I'm gonna take off," Greta tells her still standing in the door way. "It's been a long day and we have another one ahead of us tomorrow."

Daisy nods her head at Greta. "Can I talk to you for a moment before you leave?"

"Sure," Greta replies walking over to her desk. "As long as it ain't about work," she chuckles to herself. "I am tired."

"It's not," Daisy replies coldly to her friend causing Greta's alarm bells to start ringing. "I know. I know everything."

Greta arches her eyebrow, "What are you talking about?"

Daisy stands up and leans over her desk glaring at Greta, "I saw you and Chris on Thanksgiving day! Kissing in my bedroom," Daisy says walking around from her desk, not able to look at Greta any longer. Once her best friend, Daisy can't stomach the sight of her any longer.

Greta stands up and gulps, "Daisy, I can explain."

"Save your words Greta," Daisy replies to her, her back still to her friend. "I don't want to her a word you have to say."

Greta comes up behind her boss and puts her hand on her shoulder. "I never meant to hurt you. Neither one of us did."

Daisy turns around and slaps Greta hard across the face. "How dare you say that to me! How dare you come into my office and lie to my face day after day! How dare you!" she screams at her friend, letting out some pent up frustrations on Greta.

"Whoa," Greta says back to her friend quickly. "Obviously, you need time to cool down. I'm gonna give that to you. I won't come into the office tomorrow, you need some down time, I get that Daisy."

"Don't bother coming back to the office at all," Daisy calmly tells her. "You're fired. I never want to see you again Greta. Now get out, before I call security and have you removed."

"Excuse me? You're going to have me removed? I've worked for you for years Daisy! You can't do this!" Greta yells back at her, trying to save her job.

"I'm the mayor of the city. I can do whatever I want. Now GET OUT!" Daisy tells her at before turning her back on her old friend.

Greta sighs and then walks out of the office and slams the door shut. Daisy shuts her eyes for a moment and lets some tears escape her eyes. "When will I learn my lesson? When?" she asks herself as she falls on the sofa crying into her hands.

Scene Four - The Pampa Grill

"This was a nice idea," Andy smiles over to Craig as they are enjoying their first date together. "I haven't been out in a long time."

Craig smiles back over at his date and picks up his wine glass, "Let's have a toast then, to getting out and finding new chapters."

"I'll drink to that," Andy replies as their wine glasses clink and they drink some of their wine. "So do you get a lot of time off? I can imagine the hours of a doctor are pretty irregular."

Craig puts his wine glass down and takes a piece of pita bread and spinach dip into his mouth as he nods his head. "It can be if I'm on call, but when I'm not, I have a regular schedule. It's not just Monday through Friday like some people," he explains to Andy. "And I'm only on call once a month for a week. So it's not so bad."

"That's sweet. I can't imagine a more rewarding career," Andy tells him. "I thought about being a doctor once. But I'm not a big fan of blood."

Craig chuckles, "That's what everyone who's not a doctor says. Seriously, you end up getting used to it. It's the stuff you're not used to that can be a little tricky to deal with."

"What aren't you used to?"

"Stuff like pregnancy's and if a pregnant woman is injury. I'm not an OBGYN, so that stuff is foreign to me," Craig reveals to Andy.

"In more ways than one," Andy winks over at him , referring that Craig is gay.

Craig laughs, "I'll toast to that too."

They both take another drink of their wine and Andy looks over at Craig and can't help but notice how attractive the young doctor is. He was attracted to JC, but Craig is more of a mature adult. "I'm having a really good time Craig," Andy admits to his date.

"Good, me too," Craig tells him back. "I have to be honest, I've found you very attractive for some time."

Andy blushes and puts his head down, "Thanks. You're pretty cute yourself."

"I don't want to rush things cause I know you just got out of a relationship, but I'm ready to take that next step whenever you are," Craig winks over at his date.

Andy can't help but laugh, "Good to know. I'm sure you and Reese had a good time too." As soon as the words come out of his mouth, Andy regrets saying them to Craig. He didn't want to mention their mutual ex on the first date as it could lead to awkward discussions.

Craig looks at Andy, "Well, to be honest with you Andy, Reese and I, we never went down that road."

"Really?" Andy admits surprised. "I am rather surprised to hear that."

"I knew from the get go that he still had some kind of issues with you and I wasn't willing to get involved with that. I'm not one that likes to get into drama, you know what I mean?"

Andy nods his head, "I get it."

"I believed you when you told me that you and Reese were over and a thing of the past. I hope that still stands true."

"It's very true. We don't even speak now," Andy admits, feeling somewhat sad by what's happened to his past relationship. "But it's for the best. He does his thing and I'm doing mine."

"Good, I'm happy to hear that," Craig says as he reaches over and squeezes Andy's hand. "Let's order our meal. I'm starving."


Leah enters the restaurant with Paige next to her. She brought Paige out for dinner since Robbie is working over nights again as he has to stay with Victoria again. Leah doesn't mind that he works over nights, but she wishes he could at least be with her and Paige for dinner, even though it's a late dinner. She was working late at Roboto as well and just wanted to have some one on one time with Paige. She had been at the babysitters, so Paige will just get ice cream while Leah gets a full dinner.

As she waits for the hostess to serve her, the front door opens and Jeff enters. Leah smiles at the sight of her ex-husband. "Fancy meeting you here," she grins as he comes up to her. "I thought when I left you at the office you were going to head home and see Veronica."

"I was thinking about it, but I was really hungry. She's probably getting ready for bed already. I wanted to get a bite to eat first," he tells her before he realizes that Paige is standing beside Leah. "Hi Paige! It's a bit late for you to be up, isn't?" he asks as he his eyes fall back to Leah.

"She's a night owl. She would rather be up all night and sleep all day," Leah chimes in. "Plus, I was hungry too and Paige wanted some ice cream, right baby?"

Paige looks up at Leah, "Ice cream!" she squeals in delight.

"I have an idea, why don't you join us," Leah suggests to Jeff, who is at first hesitant.

"I'm not sure Leah," Jeff tell her back.

"Come on, we both just want a quick bite. Why not eat together?" Leah suggests to him. "I promise, no office talk!"

Jeff chuckles a little. "What do you say Paige? Can I join you and your Mommy for dinner?"

Paige nods her head yes and then he looks back up at Leah, "Okay, I'll join you."

"Perfect," Leah smiles as the hostess comes back and is about to show them to their table.

As they start to walk, Dominick emerges and spots the three of them walking towards their table. He looks at them and can't believe what he is seeing. Leah looks over and sees her father and feels compelled to stop and talk to him. "Jeff, can you take Paige, I just want to say hello to my father."

"Of course," Jeff say as he takes Paige's hand and continues to the table.

"Daddy, hi," Leah says to Dominick coming up to him and hugging him.

As he holds his daughter, Dominick whispers into her ear, "What do you think you're doing? Robin came to see me and told me what's happened! Aren't you concerned at all about what this could do to your family?"

"Daddy! I know what I'm doing. If I act like something is wrong, something will be wrong. I have to play it cool. Trust me okay?" Leah tells him as she exit's the hug. "We'll chat soon, okay? I love you."

Dominick watches as Leah walks away to him and sits down at a table with Jeff and Paige. He feels his blood boil knowing that Leah is playing with fire. If anyone, especially Jeff, found out that he is Paige's biological daughter all hell would break loose. "I have to go see Madeline Wilkins and make sure she knows that her silence is the only option," he whispers to himself.

Scene Five - The Tower's, Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

Robbie lays on the sofa wearing his pj bottoms. He took his top off as he was too hot. He looks at his watch and realizes that Victoria has been asleep for a couple of hours already as she has an early shift at the hospital the next day. He has been spending almost every night on her sofa making sure that she is safe from her stalker. He closes his eyes for a moment and thinks back to seeing her, accidentally, in her lace black bra and panties a few nights ago. He knows that he's happily married, but he's still a living man and he knows that Victoria is a very attractive woman. He stands up from the sofa, not able to sleep yet and walks into the kitchen. He gets himself a glass of water and quickly drinks it all, wanting to forget the images of Victoria in her underwear.

Suddenly, he hears a small scream come from Victoria's room and he rushes to the door. He knocks before he enters, but quickly opens the door. He looks at Victoria, who is sitting up in bed. "I had a nightmare," she claims to him as he comes over to her bedside and turns on the side lap. His eyes are immediately drawn to her white lace bra that she's wearing, showing all of her cleavage nicely to him. "Sorry, I didn't' mean to alarm you."

"No, it's okay," he tells her back as he gulps. "I was awake anyways. Are you okay? What was your nightmare about?" he asks as he passes her a glass of water that was resting on her bedside table.

"My father. I was so scared Robbie, I don't want him to find me," she tells him as she drinks her water. As she passes him back the water glass, her eyes reach his naked but very toned torso.

"Will you be able to get back to sleep?"

"I don't know," she admits to him, still looking at him.

"Why don't I stay next to you for awhile? Once you're sleeping, I'll go back to the sofa," he offers before he knows what he's asking.

Victoria gets a slight smile on her face, "I'd like that a lot," she replies to him as he crawls into the bed with her. She rolls over on her side and he lays on his back. "Could you hold me for a moment?" she asks turning her head over to him. "It'll help me relax so I can try to fall back a sleep.

"Yea," he gulps, "Sure."

He starts to spoon her putting his muscular arm around her. They both lie wide awake, both trying to fight the obvious attraction they have for each other. Before too long, both are fast asleep, holding each other still.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Reese talks to Madeline about his future
- Dominick visits Madeline
- Natasha isn't so keen on Shane's idea of an engagement party

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