Episode 197
Fade into the Sun
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: December 08, 2012

Episode Theme song: "Fly Away" Lenny Kravitz

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dean showed Reese a number of new modelling contacts with hopes that Reese would consider modelling outside of Robertson Enterprises
- At Thanksgiving, the Calimo's celebrated Natasha and Shane's engagement. Kim arrived leaving Natasha and Robbie giving her the cold shoulder
- Andy and Craig had a nice first date where Craig admitted he and Reese never had sex
- Adam continued to be frustrated about his lack of progress. Helen, meanwhile, acted oddly when learning of Shane's engagement. She later told Robbie that Casey was the one who shot Adam
- Robin confessed to Dominick that Madeline knows the truth about Paige's paternity

Scene One - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline's Home

"So what's on your agenda for the day?" Reese asks his twin sister as he brings over a plate of eggs, toast and bacon to the kitchen table and sets it down in front of her. Since he doesn't have a modelling gig right now he is able to have more relaxing mornings, which tend to include bigger breakfasts.

Madeline takes a drink of her orange juice before responding, "This looks amazing," she smiles at him as she takes a bit of her eggs. "I have to head into the office after this. I have a pretty busy day with some new cases that have come in. I'm eager to get started on them."

Reese sits across from her and starts to eat his breakfast too. "That's great. I can't tell how proud I am of you for making your business such a big success Maddie!"
"I owe a lot of to Mom and Dad," she admits as she recalls Olivia and Preston giving her the office space, decorating it and supplying her with business cards a few Christmas' ago. "Without them, I don't know that I would have been able to start it up myself."

Reese looks over at his sister, "We owe them a lot. It's hard to believe that this will be the second Christmas without them. Time has been flying."
"It really has been," Madeline agrees with her brother. "What about you? What's on your plate for today?"

Reese sighs and looks over at her, pausing before he responds. He honestly doesn't know what he's going to do today. With the Blooming Rose launch completed, including the Christmas re-launch, he hasn't had much to do lately. He isn't sure if Dominick and Robertson Enterprises will use him again for the next ad-campaign that they are planning because most corporations uses different models for each campaign. He really enjoyed the modelling gig though and would love to do more of it, which makes him think that using some of Dean's contacts may be a very good idea.

"I'm not sure," he confesses to her. "Now that I'm not modelling I have much more time to kill. I was thinking of branching out from Robertson with the modelling gigs though. Dean showed me a lot of his contacts that he's worked with in the past. He thinks I could easily get another gig some where else."

Madeline gets a smile on her face, "I think that's a great idea! You looked so amazing in the Blooming Rose ads, anyone would probably love to have you in their next ad!"
"So you think it's a good idea then?" he asks his sister, wanting her confirmation.

"Of course I do! Just remember us little people when you get to be all big and famous," she winks over at him.

Scene Two - The Legal Firm; Natasha's Office

Natasha sits at her desk and opens a new file folder as she is expecting new client coming in very shortly. The woman didn't much on the telephone, other then that she was looking at the possibility of getting a divorce and she wanted Natasha's opinion on where things stand. Natasha loves getting new clients, but she hates when it can be a divorce case. After having gone through a divorce with Cory, she is so happy that it was a civil divorce and not complicated. She can't imagine being so close to someone only to have it end up being such a messy ending.
She looks up when she hears her office door open and she sees her brother standing there. "You look tired and it's only 9 am," she laughs as he comes into her office and closes the door.
Robbie laughs a little with her, "I've been spending the night at Victoria Franky's condo," he admits to her, recalling how he held Victoria the previous night after she had a nightmare. "It's a police matter, but every morning I go home and try to get some real sleep before heading back to the office."

"Is she okay?" Natasha asks concerned about her brother and Victoria.

Robbie nods, "I think she will be. It's more just to be on the safe side of things. Anyways, I wanted to stop in on my way home and see how you were doing. Thanksgiving seemed to take it's toll on you."

Natasha sighs and thinks back to the holiday a few weeks ago now where the entire family had been celebrating her engagement to Shane when Kim arrived and everyone suddenly got very tense because of Kim and Bob's new found relationship. Despite trying to be the bigger person, Natasha can't stop feeling hurt and betrayed by both her father and her best friend for their romance.

"Was it that obvious?" she asks her brother, who is now sitting across from her.
"It felt like hell had froze over when Kim walked in the room. You really turned into the ice queen," he winks at her. "It's not a side of you that many get to see because you're usually so warm to everyone."

Natasha gives him half a smile back, "It's the same old story Robbie," she admits to him. "I will never accept their relationship. I'm not going to keep harping on it to them, but I will not be all nice and friendly to them when I am hurting inside."

"I understand Nat," he confesses to her. "Especially with the anniversary of Mom's death coming up quickly. I … I don't think we'll spend the day together as a family as we always thought we would."

"I know," she replies to him. "And to me, that's Kim's doing. I just … I will never forgive her for this!"
Robbie looks at his sister then walks over and gives her a hug. "Let's make a pack, okay?" he tells her as they hug. "Let's focus on the positives in our life and try to ignore this entire mess with Dad and Kim."

"That sounds like a great plan to me!" Natasha smiles to him. "We both have so much to be happy about. Let's put our energy there."

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

Andy slowly walks up to his table after he received a phone call from Kim the previous night asking him to meet her for breakfast. He quickly jumped at the chance to see his sister as they didn't get to spend Thanksgiving together because she was out at the Calimo mansion and he went over to Trenyce's for the holiday. As he approaches the table, he can't help but notice that there's something different about Kim. She's usually dressed in more casual clothing, but today she's wearing a pin skirt and a matching blue business jacket. She has large sapphire earrings which coordinate with her outfit nicely. He comes up to the table, "Hey sis," he says as she stands up to give him a quick hello. He's, again, surprised when she kisses both of his cheeks, something she never used to do.

"How are you?" she asks as he sits down across from her. "I took the liberty of ordering us a mimosa, I hope that's alright."

He smiles a little at her, "Drinking this early? I have to head to work after you know!"

Kim smiles back at him, "Yea, I know. I just thought it would be nice. You can have one if you want too."

He watches as she finishes the drink she has in front of her and the waiter brings her another one. "How many have you had?" he asks her as she thanks the waiter for her new mimosa.
"Oh, this is just my second one," she tells him hoping that the waiter isn't counting. "Anyways, how are things with you? I'm sorry I didn't get to see you on Thanksgiving. We'll have to make sure we see each other on Christmas."

"Yea we will," Andy agrees with her as he takes a small drink of his alcohol in front of him. "It was nice though. Daisy always makes so much food."

"Does she ever," Kim recalls having been to Daisy's place for a big meal in the past. "And Trenyce? She's doing good?"

Andy nods back to her, "She is. You should see Andrew, he's getting so big now!"

"I bet," Kim smiles back to him, suddenly feeling melancholy. While she is extremely happy with her relationship with Bob, she feels very isolated. She knows that her relationship hasn't made her the most popular person in the world, but she wishes that more of her friends would understand that she didn't mean to hurt anyone. Her and Bob just sort of happened.

"What's up? You seem like are a million miles away," Andy observes of his sister suddenly looking into the glass in front of her and getting lost in it.

She looks up with some tears in her eyes, "I feel alone Andy. I've never felt like this before."

Andy reaches over and grabs her freshly manicured hand, "Why do you feel alone?"

She wipes her eye and looks back at him, "No one seems to understand my relationship with Bob, you know? I guess I thought that after the initial shock wore off people would come around."

Andy looks at his sister, "Is it Natasha still? She hasn't come around yet?"

Kim shakes her head no, "She was so cold to me on Thanksgiving. She and Shane got engaged," Kim reveals to Andy. "I went to give her a hug and she walked away from me. I can't tell you how hurt I was that my best friend wouldn't hug me."

"Maybe you need to find other things to occupy your time?" Andy suggests to her. "I haven't seen you at the office in awhile. You should come back?"

Kim shakes her head no, "When I was there, everyone was looking at me like I'm some kind of home wrecker," Kim reveals to him. "I basically quit. Bob told me he would take care of me now."

Andy shakes his head in disbelief, "You can't lose yourself in this relationship Kim. You still have to be your own person, your own woman. You're lonely because you're living in the mansion outside of town and no one is there with you! You still need to have friends and a life. It's great that you and Bob have found happiness, but you need something for you."

Kim nods listening to her brother speak, "You're right. Maybe I should take some charity work. That'll get me involved and maybe circle with some more of Bob's friends and whatnot. Thanks Andy, I appreciate this."

"Any time you need to talk or see me because you're lonely, just call Kim. You know I'm always here for you."

"I do know that, thanks," she smiles feeling better about the situation.

Scene Four - Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Center; Adam's Room

"You're feeling better today?" Adam asks his wife as she brings Dawn closer to him so he can see his wife. He recalls the previous night when Shane announced his engagement to Natasha to him and Helen, and Helen took off quickly claiming that she was tired. It was odd and even Shane commented on her behaviour.

"I am, I just needed some sleep," Helen tells him back, not wanting to discuss it with her husband. "Dawn say hi to Daddy!"

Adam holds the girl on his lap and bounces her up and down in his arms. "I'm so happy to see you princess!" he tells her as he has a huge smile on his face. "Thanks for bringing her over today. I really had missed her."

"No worries," Helen replies to him as she takes Dawn off Adam and places her on the ground to play with some toys that she brought for her. "She missed you too. This is the longest you've gone without seeing her since we got her back."

Adam shakes his head, "I know. I wish I could walk too, but I'm working on it. I'm going to try to stay positive from now on."

"Good, I like to hear that," Helen tells her husband as she grabs her hand. "Have you had any more memories of the shooting? I know you were struggling to remember."

Adam looks at his wife and sighs knowing that he hasn't had any more new memories of the night it happened. He still thinks that he remembered her shooting him, but she claimed she didn't shoot him. "I just had that memory, thinking it was you," he admits to her, as he quiets his voice so Dawn doesn't hear what they're talking about. The last thing he wants is for his child to hear him say that her mother shot her father.

Helen nods her head, "I don't know why you think that," she quickly says back to him. "I didn't, I promise you. Maybe because it was my gun that was used."

"Do you know anything of what happened?" Adam asks his wife, wondering what she knows about the shooting.

Helen pauses and looks at her husband wondering if she should reveal what she knows or not. She told Robbie her version of the story but doesn't know if she should let Adam's memory come back on it's own. She suddenly gets an idea, "Yea, I do know what happened. I can tell you but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. I don't know if the doctors think you should remember on your own."

Adam shakes his head again, "No, please tell me Helen. I want to remember what happened. I want to know what happened to me that night," he pleads with her.

"Okay," she says calmly back to him, not wanting to create stress for him. "But you have to promise me not to get upset."

"I promise."

"Casey shot you," she quickly reveals to a stunned Adam. "I thought you were a burglar and he grabbed my gun and shot you when you came in. It was an accident, but that's what happened."

Adam looks at her shocked and feels himself getting teary eyed. "I can't believe this … I can't believe your brother shot me!"

"Ssshh," she tells him, not wanting Dawn to overhear what he is saying. "It was all a big mistake. I'm just glad that you're okay. Everything will be okay from now on. I promise you Adam," she says as she lays her head on his chest. "We just have to move forward and focus on you getting better, okay?"

Adam holds her close still feeling very uneasy about what she just told him. "Yea, I have to walk again. I have to get my life back."

Scene Five - Roboto; Bob's Office

Bob sits at his desk looking at some files, even though his mind isn't really on the files in front of him. He can't stop thinking about Thanksgiving dinner at his house and how cold Natasha became when Kim arrived at the house. He wishes he would know what to do to get his family back on track and being able to keep Kim in his life. She has made him feel alive again when he never thought he would be able to feel like that again. He stands up and walks over to his large window and looks out on the city.

"What will take to get you back Natasha?" he asks himself as he looks outside. He turns around having exhausted his brain on the thought because he doesn't know what it will take to get Natasha back. He believes that Robbie will come around sooner than Natasha because Kim isn't his best friend, but he wants both children back in his good graces sooner rather than later.
He turns around when he hears his office door open, "Sorry to bother you Mr. Calimo," he secretary says as she opens the door. "I just got the latest sales figures in and thought you'd want to see them as soon as possible."

"Thank you Crystal, I'll take those," he walks up to her and grabs the file. He moves back to his desk and opens the file looking at the numbers quickly. He puts his hands over his face as he reads that the Blooming Rose and Robertson Enterprises is killing the Roboto sales. He can't believe that that smug Dominick is getting away with his pathetic attempt at a perfume. What causes Bob the most grief is that Dominick is using Sofia's name to make a profit. He can't wait for the new year to come so he can launch his new perfume and squash any hopes Dominick may have of taking over the cosmetics world empire. Bob has been in the business far too long to know that many companies come and have huge launch but then fade away. He wants to ensure his new line is bigger and better than anyone has ever seen and making Robertson Enterprises a thing of the past.

"I will squish you Dominick, this isn't over. It's only just beginning," he whispers to himself as he slams the file shut, not wanting to look at the numbers any longer.

Scene Six - River Side Delicatessen

"Thanks for agreeing to meet me for an early lunch," Shane tells his finance as they sit across from each other at the delicatessen that is close to Natasha's office.

"Sure, I had a break as a client cancel," she smiles to him as she takes a drink of her fresh apple juice. "And you know that I love seeing my future husband."

Shane smiles at the sound of her words. After everything that they have been through, he is so happy that they are the stage of their life where they are actually getting married. He sometimes still has to pinch himself to ensure that this is all real. "I've been thinking about that actually," he tells her as he smiles to her.

Natasha arches her eyebrow wondering what he is talking about. "Thinking about the wedding?"

Shane nods, "Well even sooner than that," he reveals to her. "Everyone is so happy that we are engaged, we should have an engagement party so everyone can celebrate!"

Natasha gets a huge smile on her face, "I love this idea! What were you thinking?"

"What about something cool like a masquerade ball? We could use your father's mansion. Despite your problems with him, you know he'll let you use the house for our engagement party," Shane tells her of his idea clearly having put some thought behind it.

"I'm liking it! I really am Shane! This could be so much fun," Natasha tells him excited by his plans. "Did you have a date in mind?"

Shane pauses before he continues knowing the next part may not be as popular with Natasha. "What about a New Years Eve party?"

Natasha wipes the smile off her face quickly as she can't believe what she just heard. She shakes her head no, "We can't do it then Shane. That's the anniversary of my mother's death. No, absolutely not."

Shane sighs and grabs her hand, "Hear me out Nat, I know what that night means to you and your family. I was thinking though, New Years is such a special night, we can't put off New Year's plans for the rest of our lives. Just because Sofia," he pauses wanting to tell her this way in the nicest way possible. "Passed that night, doesn't mean we can't have a good time. And the fact that we'll be celebrating our engagement will really make us feel like your mother is there with us that night. I really think she'd be thrilled for us."

Natasha feels water in her eyes after hearing him explain his idea fully, "She should be so happy. She always wanted us to get back together."

"Then what a better way to honour her then by having a party. We can even have a moment of for her, if you want," he continues to try to sell his idea to her.

Natasha looks at him, "It's like you've thought of everything," she tells him. "Okay, let's plan this for New Years Eve."

"You're sure?"

"I'm sure. You're right, my mother would want to be there with us to celebrate our love," Natasha smiles to him.

Scene Seven - MW Investigations

Madeline sits in her office and prepares to start working for the day when she looks up and sees a man standing in her office door. She gasps as Dominick shuts the door and walks closer to her. "You startled me," Madeline asks wondering what Dominick is doing at her office. She wasn't expecting him as she has a full calendar today. Suddenly she wonders if Robin confessed to her father that Madeline is blackmailing her to leave Cory with the secret of Paige's true paternity. She gives Dominick a slight grin knowing that she can handle anything that he throws at her.
"I needed to see you this morning and it couldn't wait," Dominick tells her in a deep voice. He has been wanting to come see her every since Robin told him that Madeline knows that he and Leah changed the paternity test results when Robbie was shot a couple years ago. He wants her to know her place in the scheme of things.
"How can I help you?" Madeline asks playing it cool.

"By keeping your big mouth shut," Dominick replies to her.

"Excuse me?" Madeline asks shocked.

"Robin told me everything. That you know the truth about my grand daughter's paternity," Dominick continues to speak sternly to the younger woman, hoping to scare her.

"Yes, I do. But I have no intentions of telling anyone. I wanted Robin to know what I know and that was that. Leah's business is not mine," Madeline replies to him. "So you can relax, I'm not going to say anything."

Dominick smirks at her and stands straight in front of her. "You better keep it that way Ms. Wilkins. You don't want to cross me because then you're playing a game that you will lose. Just remember that," he replies before he turns around and walks out of her office, slamming the door shut.

Madeline watches Dominick leave the building from the windows in her office then sits down in her chair and gasps. She takes a deep breath and knows that she has to keep the secret forever. She doesn't want to feel the wrath of Dominick Robertson.

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