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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Bob and Kim became engaged which left Natasha and Robbie livid
- Jeff asked Veronica to marry him on New Year’s Eve
- Donovan and Andy met; Andy offered to take Donovan out to the gay bar to get him associated with the community
- Dean encouraged Reese to think about modelling outside of Robertson Enterprises
- Adam had another memory of the shooting which caused Helen to worry about her plan to make him believe Casey is the shooter
- Robin called Madeline’s bluff about her threats to reveal Paige’s paternity
- Will walked out on Eva after learning about her past secrets

Scene One - The Legal Firm; Natasha’s Office

Natasha sits at her desk and looks over some files for some clients that she will be meeting in a short time. She has been so busy at the legal firm since Preston passed away which left her senior partner. Not that she minds, she has always loved what she does and wouldn’t change it for the world. She finally feels like she’s in a good space personally and professionally. Business at the firm is going well and her relationship with Shane is solid as they are planning their wedding. She is so excited to finally be able to call herself Mrs. Shane Glubbs.

The one part of her life that she isn’t happy with right now is her relationship with her father, Bob, because of his relationship with Kim. Not only are they dating now, but they are engaged to be married. She wishes she understood why Kim would want to date her father, especially since they were engaged before Sofia had been dead for a full year. She realizes that she will never get those answers from Kim however because she does not want to communicate with her at all. She barely recognizes her former best friend at this point in time, failing to understand how she could be in a relationship with her father.

Natasha sighs heavily trying to put the thoughts out of her head and refocus on her work. She looks up to her door when she hers a faint knock. Kim slowly opens the door to the office and steps in, “Hi,” she says with a small smile on her face. Kim isn’t sure that visiting her friend is a good idea, but she has to reach out to Natasha. She hates the distance between them and thinks she has an idea of reconnecting them.

“What are you doing here?” Natasha asks coldly back to Kim, surprised she is at her office.

Kim shrugs and moves closer to her desk, “I miss you Natasha,” Kim reveals to her friend. “I hate this distance between us. We used to be so close.”

“Until you started sleeping with my father,” Natasha spits back to him. “And it hasn’t ended there, now you’re engaged to him. How the hell am I supposed to feel?”

Kim pauses before answering. She never meant for her relationship with Bob to be so hurtful to Natasha, it was the last thing she wanted to do. “I was hoping that with time you would realize that I have grown to love your father and he loves me. We never set out to hurt you or anyone Natasha.”

“I don’t even know what to say to that anymore Kim,” Natasha replies to her. “I’ve heard that from you and my father over and over again. It doesn’t change the fact that you have hurt me. You’ve hurt my entire family.”

“I have an idea that may help us move past all this,” Kim tells her, hoping that Natasha will hear her out. “I was hoping that you’d agree to be my maid of honour at my wedding. We could get close again while planning the wedding and you could see first hand how much your father and I care for each other.”

Natasha looks at Kim for a moment before she bursts into laughter. She finally stops laughing and looks up at Kim, “You can’t be serious about this Kim! Oh my goodness, you are? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but there’s no way in hell that I will stand up for you while you marry my father. I want nothing to do with the wedding! I want nothing to do with your relationship to him!”

Kim feels her eyes start to swell with water as she looks at her best friend and gives her a quick nod. “I see,” Kim quickly says trying to stay calm. “Well, I guess you’ve made yourself very clear.”

Natasha watches as Kim leaves her office still stunned by Kim’s request. She gulps as the door closes, suddenly wondering if she was too hard on her former best friend. Natasha shakes her head knowing that Kim has to realize that she doesn’t agree with her decisions, even though she does feel bad for laughing at her.

Scene Two - Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Center; Adam’s Room

Helen pauses as she prepares to open the door to Adam’s room at the rehabilitation center as she thinks back to New Year’s Eve when Adam had another memory of the night of his shooting which scares her because she has been working hard to convince him that Casey was the one with the gun, not her. She was able to deter him at the engagement party but she knows that he will want answers about the shooting as he was getting frustrated.

“Just remember,” she whispers to herself, also recalling how Casey told her that they have a small window to make Adam forget. It was then that she came up with her current plan. “You’ve come too far now to let Adam ruin this. You can do this, just stay focused.”

She opens the door and enters the room only to see Adam laying in his bed. She looks over at her husband and smiles, “Hey,” she says to him, trying to sound cheery. “I thought you were you at therapy. I was going to surprise you.”

Adam puts the book that he is reading down on his lap and looks at his wife, “That’s nice of you,” he replies to her. “But therapy ended about twenty minutes ago.”

“How’d it go?” she asks him as she brings him coffee from the Sugarbowl. “I brought you your favorite, bold with cream no sugar.”

“Thanks,” he says as he takes the coffee and takes a sip of it. “Mmm, that’s good coffee. The stuff here is horrible.”

“I know, that’s why I brought you one.”

“Thanks Helen, I really do appreciate that,” he says looking at his wife knowing that they haven’t exactly been getting along lately because he feels like she is keeping something from him about the night of the shooting. He swears that he is remembering that she shot him, but she insists that Casey was the one with the gun. “Therapy was pretty good today. I actually took a step on my own! I was using the hand rails of course, but still I think it’s a great sign.”

Helen gets a smile on her face, “That’s awesome news Adam! I’m so happy and proud of you. I knew that this day would come. I haven’t seen you so up beat in awhile.”

Adam sighs and looks at her, “There’s still a lot of work to do, but I think I’m on the right track. I just can’t wait until I can walk completely on my own again, you know?”

“I get it, I do,” Helen replies to him. “But this is a good first move forward.”

Adam looks at her and waits before he continues, “You know, we need to talk about something else.”

“We do?” she asks, trying to play dumb with her husband. She knows he wants to talk about the shooting but she doesn’t want to get into it with him. “If it’s about Dawn, I know you like seeing her but she had a play date today and I didn’t want to cancel it. I’m trying to keep her routine as normal as possible.”

“It’s not about Dawn,” Adam quickly replies to her. “I’m actually glad that she’s not here because we have to talk about the shooting. I told you this on New Years Eve at the Calimo mansion. We can’t keep putting this off, something isn’t right about what you’re telling me and I want to get to the bottom of it.”

Helen stops and looks at her husband before she puts her hand on her hip, “Adam, I know you have been having these …” she stops and tries to mock him on purpose, “Memories, if you want to call them that, but you’re mistaken. Casey shot you and I’ve already explained this. Why must we spend our time together going over this time and time again? Do you think I like rehashing the night my husband got shot?”

“Then be honest with me Helen!” Adam yells back finally letting his frustrations out on his wife. “I know what I remember, I don’t know why my memories don’t match up with your story but we have to talk about it.”

“Let’s face it Adam, this all stems down to more important things about you and it,” she spits back at him.

“What does that mean?”

“You and I, we haven’t been on the same page for a long time now. We’ve really been growing apart of months. Ever since we thought Dawn died and you blamed me for her death,” Helen tells him coldly. “That’s when this marriage started going down hill. That’s why you don’t believe me, we never regained that trust.”

“What are you saying?” Adam asks, shocked by Helen’s reply to him.

“What kind of marriage do we have if you don’t believe a word I say?” she asks him as she looks back at him.

Scene Three - The Pampa Grill

“I was thinking of tiger lilies because I absolutely love them and the fragrance is pretty from them,” Veronica tells Jeff, whom is sitting across from her at a table in the restaurant.

He picks up his glass of white wine and takes a drink of it, “Honestly, Veronica, I love all of these ideas for the wedding. I am really okay with whatever you’d like. I just want you to be happy because then I’m happy.”

Veronica smiles over at her fiancé and grabs his hand which is resting on the table, “You’re so good to me. I want this wedding to be about both of us though, not just all me.”

Jeff smiles back to her and squeezes her hand, “I really just want you to have the wedding day of your dreams.”

“Marrying you will be everything I need,” she replies to him.

Jeff freezes in his seat and looks over at Veronica, unable to not think about the past for a moment.


“I can’t believe we are going to do this!” Leah smiles as she looks at Jeff as they stand outside the chapel. “We are going to get married!”

“You know I love you right?” Jeff replies to his girlfriend as he holds her hand.

“Of course I know that,” she says back to him. “I just hope that you’re parents are okay with this.”

“They won’t have a choice once we tell them that we are married and expecting a baby,” he smiles to her and leans in and gives her a big kiss. They part and he smiles, “Is there anything else you need before we go in?”

“Marrying you will be everything I need,” Leah smiles back to him as she kisses him again.


“Jeff?” Veronica calls out to him noticing that he is daydreaming.

He snaps back into reality and looks over at her, “Sorry,” he gives her a fake smile as he picks up his wine glass and finishes his glass of wine. “I guess I was daydreaming.”

“Where did you go?” she asks as she arches her eyebrow.

Jeff swallows the wine in his mouth, “No where important,” he replies. “Let’s finish these wedding plans.”

Scene Four - River Side Delicatessen

Andy opens the front door and looks around the delicatessen looking for Donovan. He quickly spots him at the corner table and walks over to him. He remembers getting a text message from Donovan asking to meet him for lunch. He doesn’t know Donovan very well, other than when they met briefly at the Sugarbowl; Andy was very attracted to Donovan and offered to introduce him to the gay community in Twin Peaks. The text message that he received from Donovan was not giving much away other than he wanted to meet for lunch.

“Donovan,” Andy says as he approaches the table. “How are you?”

Donovan smiles as he sees And come up to him, “Andy! I’m glad you could make it. Do you want to order anything?”

Andy sits across from him and smiles. As he looks at Donovan, he’s instantly reminded of why he was so attracted to him the first time he saw him. He tries to put that out of his mind knowing that he and Craig recently took their relationship to the next level when they had sex and he doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes that he made when he was dating JC. “Yea, did you get anything?”

“Yea, a soup and sandwich. I think it was the special,” Donovan replies to him. “I guess you’re wondering why I asked you here you.”

Andy grins a little, “Yea, it was pretty out of the blue. After we met at the coffee house, I didn’t think I’d hear from you again.”

Donovan chuckles a little, “Honestly, and I hope I don’t sound totally lame when I tell you this,” Donovan begins to reply. “I don’t have many friends in Twin Peaks and when you approached me at the Sugarbowl, I was interested in having another friend. You know, it’s nice to actually have interaction with another gay guy where it doesn’t have to be … sexual.”

Andy gulps and welcomes the interruption from the waitress, who takes his order. After she leaves he looks back at Donovan, “I’m glad you texted me. My gay friend list isn’t huge either,” Andy confesses to Donovan. “So I agree, it’ll be nice having another friend.”

Donovan smiles, “Cool, I was worried you were thinking that I was asking you out.”

Andy laughs a little, “If it makes you feel better, I have a boyfriend.”

“Ah,” Donovan replies. “I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m glad that you came today. If I am honest, the last thing I need in my life is a man right now.”

Andy arches his eyebrow, “Why is that? Sometimes you don’t realize how much you actually may need one.”

Donovan laughs at his response, “Well, we all have needs, I get that,” he says. “But there’s so much going on with my family right now, I wouldn’t have time to put into a relationship the way one should invest into it, you know?”

Andy sighs, “I get that,” he says back to him. “When you’re ready for that, you will know that you are.”

“Do you mind if I ask about your boyfriend?” Donovan asks him back.

Andy shakes his head, “Not at all,” he says. “We are still a pretty new couple, really. I haven’t had much luck in the romance department.”

Donovan grins, “The gay world can be an interesting place for that.”

“You’re telling me!”

Donovan laughs, “I’m glad that we did this Andy. I really am happy to have someone that I talk to you about guys and family stuff.”

“Of course,” Andy replies to him. “Like I told you, it’s nice to have someone that truly understands what each other are going through. I have Trenyce, but it’s not exactly the same, you know?”

“I do,” Donovan says back to him. “This is the start of something really fantastic.”

Scene Five - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline’s Home

“I’m glad you were able to stop by today,” Reese tells Dean as he enters the house from the front door. The two had been planning to get together for sometime but with recent schedules it had been difficult. “I haven’t seen you much since New Year’s.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Dean replies to his boyfriend as they enter the living room. “I’ve had all of these random shoots that have been going way over schedule.”

“I’m not upset, I understand that you’re job can be unpredictable,” Reese tells him as he leans in and gives him a kiss. “I’ve just missed you, that’s all.”

Dean replies with a passionate kiss, “I’ve missed you too,” he says as their lips part for a moment. “I’ve been thinking too.”

“You have?” Reese grins back.

“Yea, we’ve been dating awhile…” Dean says with a slight twinkle in his eye. “I’m ready to, you know…”

Reese moves his hand down to Dean’s crotch and feels him growing. “I think I’m ready for this too,” he says as he leans in and kisses him back.

“Is your sister home?” Dean asks, with his eyes full of lust.

“No,” Reese replies as he starts to lead Dean upstairs.

“Before we do this,” Dean says stopping him. “I have to ask you something.”

“What could be more important than this?” Reese asks him, wanting to continue up the stairs.

“I have some modelling contacts wanting to meet you,” Dean reveals to his soon to be lover.

“Really?” Reese asks surprised by the news.

“Yes, the only catch is that they’re in LA.”

“Then let’s book a trip to LA!” Reese replies to him, excited that he may get another chance to model.

“You mean it? You want to do it?” Dean asks thrilled.

“Absolutely, but there’s something else I want to do first,” Reese grins back to him as he kisses him before leading him up the stairs to his bedroom.

Scene Six - Wild Night; Cory’s Office

Madeline slowly walks up the stairs of the nightclub that lead to the offices where Cory works out of. She knew that she had to come see him after what happened on New Year’s Eve; she and Robin wore the same mask to the engagement party and a drunken Cory kissed Robin thinking she was Madeline. Later, Madeline continues to recall, she confronted Robin who called Madeline’s bluff about possibly exposing the secret of Paige’s paternity. Madeline was floored that Robin did that but she understands because she would probably do the same thing if she was in Robin’s shoes. Madeline hopes that she has not lost her chances with Cory completely but she needs to know for as to what is going on with his head space. A large part of her is thrilled that Cory was going to kiss her on New Year’s Eve, but once again Robin got in the way of that. Madeline knows that she has to get rid of Robin because it would pave the way for her and Cory to be happy.

She reaches the top of the stairs and looks over at the office door. She pauses briefly before going to the door and knocking then entering the office. She smiles when Cory looks up from some paper work on his desk, “Madeline! This is a surprise,” he says standing up and walking over to her to give her a quick hug. “I haven’t seen you since the engagement party, how are you?”

Madeline continues to smile, she can’t help it when she’s around Cory, “I’m good,” she tells him back. “How have you been?”

“Can’t complain,” he quickly says back to her. “I had fun with you at the party, thanks for hanging out with me.”

“I had fun too,” she replies to him. “Of course, I can’t believe that Robin and I wore the same mask. What are the odds of that happening?”

Cory grins a little, “Yea, I dunno about that. It was a surprise for sure. I’m still confused as to why she kissed me,” he reveals to her. “I thought it was you.”

She purses her lips and moves closer to him, “I know you did.”

He notices how close she has become to him and moves back a little ways. The last thing he wants to do is give her the wrong impression about their relationship. He has gone down that road before and he doesn’t want to do it again; he doesn’t want to hurt Madeline any more than he already has.

She notices that he moves away and puts her hand on her hips, “What’s wrong? Is it something I said?”

Cory shakes his head and looks at her, “No, I just don’t want to lead you on or anything Madeline. I really enjoy our friendship and what we’ve built.”

The words friendship hit Madeline hard and she feels water swell in her eyes. “Can I ask you a question?” she says as he nods yes. “Do you still love Robin?”

Cory sighs knowing that the answer may upset Madeline but he doesn’t want to hurt her, “I do,” he says quickly. “That’s part of the reason I hired you to see if you could uncover the real reasoning behind her filing for divorce.”

“Then why were you going to kiss me on New Year’s Eve? You thought Robin was me …” Madeline asks him, almost regretting asking as the words come out of her mouth.

“I’m sorry Madeline,” he quickly tells her. “I know it’s not an excuse, but I was drunk and …”

“Right,” Madeline says quickly trying to hide her disappointment. “I don’t have any updates on your case, but I should soon, okay?”

Cory watches as Madeline prepares to leave knowing that his words upset her. “Thanks Madeline,” he says trying to be nice to make her feel better. “You know where to find me.”

She doesn’t respond as she walks out of the office. Once the door is closed, she leans up against it and takes a deep breath. “I know you can love me Cory. I just have to remove Robin. But how?” she asks herself.

Scene Seven - River Side Delicatessen

“Andy, I’m so glad you could meet me,” Kim says to her brother as she sits down at his table and looks at him. After her conversation with Natasha earlier in the day, she needed to see a friendly face. She has never been more humiliated than she was at the legal firm when Natasha started to laugh at her when she asked her to be her maid of honour.

Andy looks at his sister and can see that she is clearly upset about something, “It’s okay Kim. I was actually here having lunch with a friend. Are you okay? You look upset about something.”

Kim tries to fight back the tears in her eyes, “It’s just …” she begins to say to him. “You know, I try to reach out to people that aren’t close to me right now and it always seems to back fire. I’ve been the bigger person in the situation but it doesn’t seem to get me any where.”

Andy arches his eyebrow not exactly sure what Kim is talking about, “Does this have anything to do with your engagement to Bob?”

“And Natasha’s reaction, yes,” Kim quickly replies to him. “I asked her to be my maid of honour and …”

“She said no?” Andy guesses based on their recent history with each other.

“Not only did she say no,” Kim reveals to her brother. “But she laughed in my face when I asked her the question. Can you believe her? I’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life.”

Andy grabs his sister’s hand and squeezes it a little, “Don’t let her get to you Kim. You’re been the bigger person and you’ve reached out to her. You can’t control other people’s behaviour, but you can control yours. And you’ve been the classy one in the situation.”

“Thanks,” Kim says with half a smile, “I guess I just feel like no one is happy for me. This should be one of the happiest times in my life and it seems like no one is in my corner.”

“I’m happy for you,” he replies to his sister. “Don’t let the others get to you. Just focus on yourself and the people that do love you and are happy for you.”

Kim wipes a tear from her cheek, “Thanks Andy. That’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.”

Scene Eight - The Legal Firm

Natasha sits at her desk trying to refocus after her meeting with Kim earlier in the day. She still can’t believe that Kim asked her to be her maid of honour after everything Kim has pulled lately. The last thing that Natasha wants to do is stand up for her at the wedding to her father, and she can’t believe that Kim would realize that.

She freezes when she hears another knock on her door. Without looking up, she says “Kim, I told you no already.”

“It’s not Kim,” a man’s voice says as Natasha looks up and sees Will enter the office.

“Will,” Natasha replies to him, surprised to see him at her office. “I wasn’t expecting you, what’s going on?”

Will sighs and moves closer to Natasha. He has been struggling with Eva’s lies since they came out on New Year’s Eve and he doesn’t suspect that Eva has told Natasha the truth yet, but he does believe that she deserves to know what’s going on, especially since Natasha and Eva have been growing closer lately.

“I’m guessing you haven’t heard the news yet,” he tells her as he sits across from her.

“News? What news?” Natasha asks completely unaware of what he is talking about.

“Eva and Victoria Franky were being stalked for most of the last six months,” Will reveals to a shocked Natasha.

“Eva never mentioned anything about this to me.”

“She didn’t want anyone to know because she didn’t want anyone to start digging into her past,” Will reveals. “As it turns out, the stalker was the same man for both Eva and Victoria.”

“My God,” Natasha says as she covers her mouth. “Who was it?”

“Victoria’s father, the man that sexually abused her,” Will reveals to a horrified Natasha. “It gets better though,” Will continues to share the news. “On New Year’s Eve, he revealed himself to Victoria and her brother. Eva was there too.”

“I’m not sure I understand,” Natasha tells him confused by where he is going.

“Ernesto, Victoria’s father, revealed that Eva is Victoria and Donovan’s mother and his ex-wife,” Will announces to her. “Eva faked her death because Ernesto was abusing her as well.”

Natasha looks at him stunned, “What?”

“You have two siblings,” Will informs her. “Victoria and Donovan, they’re your sister and brother.”

Scene Nine - Scene Two - Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Center; Adam’s Room

“I can’t believe you’re asking me about our marriage Helen,” Adam replies to his wife. “You know that I love you. Have we been through a lot, yes, but no marriage is perfect.”

“A husband should believe his wife when she tells him something,” Helen replies trying to stay calm. “I told you about the night of the shooting and you continue to question me on it. I don’t know why your mind is playing tricks on you Adam, but I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”

Before Adam can respond, a nurse enters the room and looks over at Adam. “Hi Mr. Black, I’m just here to bring you fresh water,” she smiles not realizing what she is interrupting.

Helen happens to grab one of the water glasses and turns around so her back is away from Adam and the nurse. She puts her hand into her pocket and pulls out a white pill. She places it into the water glass and swirls it around in the glass until she sees the pill has dissolved.

“Do you need anything else?” the nurse asks Adam, who shakes his head no. “Okay, I’ll be back later.”

Helen turns back around when she hears the door close and looks at Adam, “Here you should finish this water. I don’t want you to get dehydrated, especially since you had therapy earlier today.”

Adam looks at his wife, “Thanks,” he says as he takes the paper cup and drinks the entire glass of water quickly. He looks at her and smiles, “I believe you Helen, I’m sorry that I have been pressing. It just seems odd that my memories are coming back different.”

“It’s okay Adam,” Helen smiles to him as she runs her hand through he back of his hair. “Just remember that I love you and I would never misguide you, okay?”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Robbie and Leah seem distant with each other
- Shane becomes an outlet for Helen
- Madeline and Jeff talk and he has a revelation for her

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