Episode 205 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: February 17, 2013


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Vinny was surprised to learn that Chris had left town
- Helen and Casey continued to work on some mysterious plan while he grew closer to Trenyce
- Jeff and Veronica planned their wedding and he was left with memories from his first wedding with Leah
- Helen confessed to Shane that she and Adam are far apart in their marriage
- Bob and Kim planned their wedding
- Andy and Donovan chatted and got to know each other
- Cory admitted to Madeline that he still loves Robin

Scene One - City Hall; Daisy’s Office

Vinny slowly walks up towards the door to Daisy’s office and looks at his watch realizing that he’s running late for a meeting with her. He wonders how Daisy is really holding up with the fact that Chris has left town as he knows that they had been growing closer last fall until she learned of his affair with Greta. Since he left town, she has been pouring herself into work and hasn’t really said much to him about how she is feeling about the situation. He knows that while she is trying to be strong about it, she must be somewhat upset because once again she was letting her guard down around him and he betrayed her with another woman. Greta was a long string of women that Chris betrayed her with, so Vinny knows that she must be upset about it in some capacity.

He reaches the door knob and looks over at his other hand which has a bouquet of flowers in them. He smiles knowing that he wanted to do something special for Daisy today since it is Valentine’s Day. He isn’t expecting that she’ll be very festive, but he thought the least he could do is make her feel appreciated on this day. He opens the door and peers inside the office and sees Daisy sitting at her desk. “Am I late?” he asks still at the doorway.

“No,” Daisy replies not looking up. “I actually think you’re right on time.”

“Before we get to the meeting,” Vinny says as he walks up to the desk, with his left hand behind his back. “I wanted to give you something.”

The words cause Daisy to finally looking up from her desk and she gives him a sly smile. “What on earth could you possibly have to give me?”

“These,” Vinny replies to her as he reveals the large bouquet of flowers.

Daisy gasps and stands up to accept the flowers. “They’re beautiful,” she smiles as she smells the flowers. “But why would you bring me flowers?”

“It’s Valentine’s Day Daisy,” he explains to her. “I know that we are just friends, but I thought you should get something to show that people do appreciate you Daisy. You do so much for other people, I thought it was the least I could do.”

Daisy turns her back to Vinny as she finds a vase on her desk to put the flowers in and she feels her eyes swell with water. She isn’t used to people doing random nice acts for her especially after everything Chris put her through. She turns back around to Vinny and smiles to him as a tear escapes from her eye, “Well thank you, it was very sweet of you. I really do appreciate it.”

Vinny smiles back to her and looks into her eyes, “You’re welcome.”

Daisy looks back at him, “Should we get down to work?”

Vinny snaps out of gazing at her and nods his head, “Yea, that’s the point of us being here, right?” he sighs as he wishes he could continue to show Daisy how much he cares for her.

Scene Two - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

Helen looks at Dawn, whom is sleeping in her bed before she slowly walks out of her daughter’s room and closes the door. Since Dawn has been fussy most of the morning, Helen enjoys the fact that her daughter has gone done for a nap. Hopefully, she thinks to herself, it will last a little while so she can collect her thoughts. She knows that she and Adam have been growing further and further apart, and part of her hates it but another part of her has no idea how to fix or correct it. She knows that she has to, somehow, make sure he realizes that the story she is telling him about the night he was shot is true; she can’t risk the real story coming out.

As she walks down the hallway, she stops as the door to the basement opens and Casey emerges. They stop and look at each other for a moment before he closes the door and walks into the living room. She follows him and he turns to look at her, “We have a problem,” she finally speaks to him as he arches his eye brow. “Adam is still not believing everything I told him about the night of the shooting.”

“I know,” Casey reveals to her, recalling his conversation with Adam at the rehabilitation center recently.

“You know? What do you mean by that?” Helen asks her brother.

“Adam asked me for the truth the other day,” Casey informs his sister. “I told him that whatever you said would be the truth and I said I’m sorry for shooting him. Helen, this can’t go on though. I feel like the walls are closing in on us.”

Helen looks at him before she walks closer, “Don’t you say that! Our plan will work Casey, it has too! No one can even find out what is really going on here, do you understand me?”

He gulps as he looks at her and nods his head, “I get it. I do. I think you need to press more with your husband. He is still having memories.”

“Not for long,” she whispers under her breath, recalling how she started to drug Adam’s water at the hospital.

“Look, I can’t stay and talk about this. You need to talk to Adam again, before he remembers the entire night, okay?” Casey tells her as he walks past her. “I’ll be home later. I have plans right now.”

Before Helen can question about his plans, she hears the door close behind her. She sighs as she wonders what it will take for Adam to believe her side of the story. She walks over to her purse and pulls some a small pill bottle and rattles them a little. “If he can’t remember the night at all, then I won’t have anything to worry about,” she smiles to herself as she wonders when she can slip Adam the next pill she holds in her hand.

Scene Three - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 109; Jeff & Veronica’s Apartment

“What’s all this?” Jeff asks Veronica as he enters the living room to see his fiancé on the floor at the coffee table with some papers scattered around.

Veronica looks up at him and takes a sip of her tea as she smiles at him, “These are our wedding plans,” she replies to him unable to hide her excitement. “I think we have finalized almost everything.”

“Really? You haven’t really asked me for much help,” Jeff suddenly feels like he wasn’t a very supportive partner in the wedding planning process.

Veronica smiles as she moves up to the sofa to sit next to him, “Well, you said I could do it mostly on my own. I wanted to get things done sooner rather than later. I hope you’re not upset with me.”

“Of course not,” he smiles back to her. “I love you and really all that matters to me is that we exchange vows and become husband and wife.”

“Really?” Veronica asks him back as she gets tears in her eyes. After he told her to take care of all the plans, she was worried he was getting cold feet.

“Really Veronica,” he tells her as he grabs her hand. “You pulled me out of a very dark place in my life. When I met you, I didn’t think I would ever find someone again. You did that for me. You pulled me back to life.”

Veronica lets a tear escape her eye, “Thank you for telling me that Jeff. I guess I felt distance lately and I was worried you were having a change of heart.”

He shakes his head no, “I haven’t changed my mind at all. I didn’t mean to be distant at all Veronica.”

“I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” he whispers as he leans in and kisses on her lips. As he closes his eyes he can’t help but see Leah’s face in front of him. He opens his eyes and pulls away from Veronica, only to see his fiance in front him, not his ex-wife.

“What’s wrong?” she asks him, seeing that something is troubling him on his face.

“Nothing baby,” he says as he leans in and kisses her again. This time the kiss is more passionate and he draws her in deeper. He parts with her for a moment, “Let’s go to the bedroom,” he whispers as she smiles back at him and kisses him again, wanting him just as much as he wants her.

Scene Four - The Glubbs House; Shane’s Home

Natasha uses the key that Shane gave her to open the door to the house that her fiancé lives in and enters the house. She recalls getting a weird text message from Shane asking her to meet him at his place. When she replied, he didn’t bother to respond, which made her grow concerned, so she raced over from the office to see what was going on. She has been so consumed with work, Bob and Kim’s engagement and learning of Eva’s past that she hasn’t seen Shane recently.

“Shane?” she asks as she enters the living room of the house before she stops and almost loses her breath for a moment. She looks around the living room as it is light entirely by candles and there are red roses surrounding the room. In the center of the living room, there is a table for two with two plates and a bottle of champagne chilling next to it. “My goodness, what is all this?” she asks out loud as she it taken away by the romantic setting.

“You didn’t think you’d get away without a Valentine’s Day spoiling, did you?” a voice says from behind her.

Natasha turns and sees Shane standing there with a box of chocolates in his hand. “These are for you,” he says as he passes them to her.

“My goodness Shane, you have really out done yourself,” she smiles as she comes up and hugs him. “Thank you for all of this.”

“I love you Natasha. Today of all day’s is a wonderful time for me to show you how much I love you. I adore you, you know that, right?”

They part from their hug and she looks at him and wipes her tears in her eyes, “I do Shane. And I love you too. So much.”

He leans in and gives her a kiss, “Do you want to have lunch with me?”

“I’d love nothing more than that,” she replies as she takes her coat off and tosses it on the sofa. She sits down across from him as he lifts a silver cover that was keeping her lunch warm. “This looks amazing. When did you have the time to do this?”

Shane grins over at her, “I had the morning off from the hospital. I know my way around the kitchen if I have too, he says to her.

She takes a first bite and smiles, “It’s amazing.”

As he watches her eat and have a drink of the champagne, he can’t help but wonder about Helen. He recalls their conversation the other day about how she confided in him that she felt far away from Adam. He feels horrible that their marriage has come to that because they have always been such a solid couple in his eyes. He has looked up to them for the fact that they have been able to weather so many storms. He can’t imagine what they are going through right now with the fact that Helen’s long lost brother is the one that shot Adam, however.

“Shane? Are you okay? You look a million miles away,” Natasha asks him as she takes another bite of her lunch.

Shane shakes his head and looks back at his lover, “Yea, sorry. I was just thinking about Helen, if I am honest.”

Natasha arches her eye brow not liking the fact that he admitted he was thinking of another woman on Valentine’s Day, “What’s going on with Helen?”

Shane shakes his head as he takes a glass of champagne, “Let’s not focus on that right now, okay? Let’s toast to us and our pending marriage. I love you!”

“I love you too,” she replies as she raises her glass and they toast, although in the back of her mind she doesn’t like that he is thinking about another woman so intently.

Scene Five - The Calimo Mansion; The Library

Bob sits at the desk in the library in his house looking at some reports from the recent Roboto launch of his new perfume. He nods his head in approval as the recent numbers show that Roboto is doing very well against The Blooming Rose and other new perfumes that are out there right now. He clinches his fist knowing that he still needs to do more to truly ruin Dominick and Robertson Enterprises but this is the first step. He looks to his right and sees a picture of himself and Sofia in Italy from years ago on one of the bookshelves. He walks over from his desk to the picture and looks at it for a moment. A large part of his determination on getting revenge was because of Dominick’s quest to claim Sofia as his own and that is something Bob refuses to let happen.

“Everything I have done has been for you my dear Sofia,” he says as he looks at the picture. He knows that today, Valentine’s Day, was always one of Sofia’s favorite days in the entire year. He would always surprise her with many wonderful gifts and try to wow her.

He shuts his eyes for a moment as he remembers a past time with his late wife.


Sofia lays in bed, still sleeping. Bob enters the room wearing his black robe, and he walks over to the bedside, and sits next to Sofia. He moves down and kisses her on the lips.

Sofia smiles. "Good morning, my darling," she says opening her eyes.

"It will be even better, my love," Bob smiles as he hands Sofia a present.

"A present? So early?"

"A Valentine, for my Valentine," Bob smiles.

"Oh, Robert, you really shouldn’t have," she giggles. "OK, you should have."

Bob laughs. "Well, open it!"

Sofia unwraps the gift. She unveils a black jewelry box. She opens the box and sees a diamond necklace. "Oh, Bob. It’s beautiful."

"Not nearly as beautiful as you, my dear," Bob says kissing her.

"I do you love," Sofia says.


Bob opens his eyes as he hears the door to the library open so he quickly puts the picture back down on the shelf and Kim slowly walks into the library. She immediately spots the picture of Sofia and realizes that he must have been daydreaming.

“I thought I’d find you in here,” she purrs as she is only wearing a red lace bra and panty set. “I wanted to show you your Valentine’s Day gift.” She is trying to not let it bother her that he was just thinking of his dead wife.

“Did you?” he smirks back at her as he looks at her body and how amazing she looks in her underwear, quickly returning his mind to the present not the past.

“I did,” she says as she comes up to him and kisses him on the lips. “Why don’t we go and truly celebrate the holiday together.”

“I like your idea of these gifts Kimberly,” he smiles as they part lips.

“That’s why you’re marrying me, isn’t it?” she purrs as she leads him out of the room.

Scene Six - The Calimo Mansion; The Rose Garden

Dominick slowly enters the garden and looks around for any security on the Calimo mansion grounds. He recalls how he parked a few miles away from the mansion so he could enter the grounds undetected. The last thing he wanted to do was get caught on the grounds and be arrested for trespassing. He couldn’t stay away from Sofia on Valentine’s Day though. He still misses her so very much and as he walks towards the memorial that Bob had built after she died, he can feel her presence even more.

He reaches the memorial and puts his hand on the plaque. He sets a bouquet of flowers down at the base of the plaque and kneels to see everything that’s written.

“I know it’s not spring yet,” he whispers to the marble stone in front of him. “But I thought you’d like some early flowers Sofia.”

“I miss you every day,” he continues to tell the stone. “I don’t think I every realized how much I really loved you until you were gone. I guess that’s what’s the way life works, huh? You don’t understand what you have until it’s gone.”

He puts his head down as he fights the tears in his eyes. He finally looks up again, “This silly business competition that Bob and I have is just really a reflection of you. We both wanted you and you made your choice for so many years. I know that you loved me Sofia. I will never stop believing that. I will never stop loving you either,” he tells her as a tear escapes one of his eyes. He quickly wipes it. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

He stands up and looks around. He places his sunglasses back on his head and starts to walk back to his car. He doesn’t want to stay long on the grounds in case someone notices him. He came and say his peace to Sofia, nothing else needs to be said or done.

Scene Seven - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 202; Andy’s Home

“Hey,” Andy says as he opens the door to his apartment and sees Craig standing on the other side. “I’m glad you had the afternoon off so we could see each other.”

Craig enters the apartment and looks around. He hasn’t been over to Andy’s place before but he is glad that Andy is comfortable having him over. He has really been enjoying Andy’s company and on Valentine’s Day, he wanted to see his boyfriend. “Yea, me too Andy. It’s good to see you,” Craig replies as he turns to Andy and gives him a quick kiss. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Andy grins back to his lover, “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Craig.” “So what do you want to get up to this afternoon?” Craig asks him as he sits on the sofa.

Andy walks over and starts to pour them each a glass of water. As he pours them, he can’t help but think about the previous day when he ran into Donovan at the deli and they had a good talk. Tall, dark, handsome Donovan; despite being in a relationship with Craig and being very attracted to his boyfriend he can’t help but also be drawn to Donovan, even though they did agree to just be friends. Something about him makes Andy want to know more of him.

“Andy?” Craig replies to his boyfriend. “Where did you go just now?” Andy shakes his head and walks back to the sofa with the water and passes it to Craig.

“Sorry,” he says. “I guess I was just thinking.” “About what? You really did look a million miles away.”

“About this,” Andy replies as he leans in and kisses Craig passionately. “You asked me what I want to do this afternoon…I want you. Let’s celebrate our first Valentine’s Day exploring each other over and over again.”

Craig grins as he kisses Andy again, “I think that’s a fantastic idea.”

Scene Eight - The Park

“Are you cold?” Casey asks Trenyce as they walk hand in hand through the park. After he left Helen’s house earlier in the day, Casey drove to main street to meet Trenyce for a walk in the park. While they are still fairly new in the romance, he wanted to do something special for her on Valentine’s Day, and he thinks that he has come up with that something.

Trenyce looks up at her boyfriend and snuggles into the faux fur that is around her jacket hoodie, “No, it’s not that cool out here, which is surprising for mid February. How about you?”

“I’m perfect,” he says as they approach a small pond in the park. Trenyce looks in surprise as he has two sets of ice skates there for them and a thermos of hot chocolate. “Do you know how to skate?”

Trenyce can’t stop smiling at the sight in front of her. No one has ever surprised her like this before, and on Valentine’s Day of all days. “I do, I can’t believe you did all of this for me.”

“I like you Trenyce, I like spending time with you. I wanted to do something special for you on Valentines Day. I hope that’s okay?”

“Of course it’s okay!” Trenyce smiles ad she leans in and kisses him. “Come on, let’s go skating!”

Scene Nine - The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory’s Home

Cory looks at the penthouse and wonders when he will hear the doorbell ring indicating that Robin has arrived. He has planned a Valentine’s Day surprise for and he hopes that she is receptive of it. He has grown so tired of all of their fighting and on again, off again relationship that has come with in the last few months. He wants to, finally, for once and for all, make it clear that he loves her and he wants to be with her. He hears the doorbell ring and he feels his heart skip a beat and butterflies enter his stomach. He shakes his head as he feels somewhat silly for feeling like a school boy with a crush because his wife is coming over. He opens the door and sees Robin, “Hi, thanks for coming over.”

“I wouldn’t give up the chance to see you Cory, you have to know that,” she smiles as she enters the penthouse and is quickly taken aback by what she sees. At the dinning room table, there are three dozen yellow roses and candles every where. She hears soft jazz music playing to finish the atmosphere. She turns and sees Cory with a sly grin on his face, “What is all this?”

“It is Valentine’s Day Robin,” he replies to her. “I wanted to surprise my wife with a little romance. Are you okay with that?”

Robin giggles and rushes into his arms, “Of course I am. I guess I’m just a little bit surprised.”

“I thought you may be,” Cory replies to her as they exit their hug. “I’ve been thinking though. All of this back and forth stuff, it just needs to end, you know? I love you and I know you love me. Together we can get through anything. I want us to put the past behind us and move on with our lives, together. I want my marriage back and I want my wife back.”

Robin feels her eyes swell with water as she has waited so long to hear those words from Cory’s mouth. She knows that Madeline is still a presence in their lives, however because she knows Leah’s secret and Robin can’t allow her to expose the truth.

“What about Madeline?” Robin asks Cory, even though she doesn’t want too but she has to know where everyone stands.

“Madeline?” Cory replies to her quickly. “I’ve made it perfectly clear to her that she and I are just friends. Nothing more. I want to forget Madeline and Liam were ever apart of our marriage Robin. I want to focus on us.”

Robin wipes her eyes with the tears, “Do you know how long I’ve waited to hear you say those words to me?”

“So what do you say?” he asks her as he looking at her waiting for a response.

“I love you Cory and there’s nothing more that I want,” she says as she kisses him on the lips.

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