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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Helen and Shane shared a kiss. Shane quickly told Natasha, who was livid. Helen, meanwhile, continued to drug Adam in hopes of him not remembering the night of the shooting. She was home alone when she started to hear noises in her basement again
- Robin and Cory finished planning their wedding
- Ernesto vowed to keep his family together after Victoria handed him a restraining order
- Leah and Robbie continued to grow distant with each other
- Madeline wondered if it was time she revealed the truth about Paige’s paternity after hearing of Cory and Robin’s wedding and then seeing Jeff kiss Leah
- Bob and Kim got married in Las Vegas

Scene One - Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Center; Adam’s Room

Shane slowly walks up to the door of Adam’s room arriving to see how his friend is doing I his recovery process. He hasn’t been over in awhile, but he knows that Adam and Helen are having problems in the relationship as Helen has started to confide in him more and more often. What’s troubling Shane is that Helen took it to another level and kissed him recently. He doesn’t mind that Helen is confiding in him, but the kissed did cross the line. He’s not sure what Helen is thinking currently, but he was hoping to see where Adam’s mind was regarding his marriage. The last thing Shane wants to do is come between Adam and Helen, plus he’s happily engaged to Natasha. He would never do anything to do anything to jeopardize his relationship with her, as they have worked so hard to get to the place that they are in.

He knocks on Adam’s door and slowly enters the room. Adam immediately looks over from his bed and sees Shane, “Shane, hi!” Adam smiles to his friend, happy to see a friendly face stop by to visit him. One of the things he misses most being in the rehab center is seeing all of his friends whenever he wants too. His every day life has changed drastically since being shot last summer.

“How are you feeling?” Shane asks his friend as he moves over to a chair next to Adam’s bedside.

“Pretty good,” Adam replies with enthusiasm. “I get stronger every day and I have started to take a couple of steps on my own in therapy.”

“That’s great news!” Shane says back to his friend. “I knew that you would be able to get back on feet, literally.”

“There’s still a lot of work to do, but for the first time in a long time I do feel like I will walk again too.”

Shane nods his head, “Helen must be thrilled.”

Adam pauses before he answers as he doesn’t really know where Helen stands these days. She has told him that she feels like they are growing further apart, but the last time they saw each other she did defend her husband to Casey, which hasn’t happened in a very long time. Every time he sees his wife, he doesn’t know what to expect from her.

“You seem to get quiet when I mentioned your wife’s name,” Shane observes to his friend, hoping that this will turn into the discussion about his marriage.

“Yea,” Adam quickly says back to him. “I just don’t know where Helen stands really these days Shane. I think everything we’ve been going through in the last few years has really started to take it’s toll on her.”

“What do you mean?”

Adam shrugs a little, “She’s been … off for some time now,” he says slowly trying to figure out exactly what is going on with her. “She just doesn’t seem like her old self and I can only chalk it up to that she’s mentally drained because of everything that has happened.”

“I agree with you, there is something different about Helen,” Shane tells him, not wanting to tell Adam about the kiss that he shared with Helen, but he does agree that there’s something different within her personality.

“All I can do is be there for her, but it’s hard being in this place and not with her all the time, you know?” Adam continues to share his thoughts. “I feel like the gap between us continues to grow each day. There’s nothing I can really do, because I’m stuck in this damn hospital bed!”

“Can I give you some advice?” Shane asks him while Adam nods his head in reply. “If you love Helen, don’t give up on her. She just needs to know that you still love her and you still want to make your marriage work. I really believe that she will come back around again if she knows that.”

Adam nods, “Thanks Shane, I appreciate that.”

“Anytime,” Shane replies to him. “Look, I need to get going. Cory and Robin are getting married again today, so I need to get over to the church.”

“Thanks for stopping by today, give Cory and Robin my best. The next time I see Helen, I will follow your advice Shane.”

Shane pauses and turns around for a moment, “Great Adam,” he smiles to his friend. “We’ll be in touch to see if we can get to the bottom of this and help Helen.”

Scene Two - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

Helen walks over to her basement door as she continues to hear what sounds like some old pipes banging in her basement. She opens the door and looks down into the dark, damp basement. After everything that has happened lately, the last thing she needs is for something to be going on in the basement.

“I have to end this once and for all,” she whispers to herself as she slowly starts to walk down the stairs. She hasn’t been down in the basement in awhile, but she knows what she has to do. At the base of the stairs, there is another door. She unlocks it with a key that she pulls from her pocket, opening the door. She enters and closes the door, locking it again from the other side.

She turns around looks into the basement. There are boxes every where in the old unfinished cement room. The stairs are in the center of the basement, creating a complete square around the stairs. Behind the stairs is the furthest place from where Helen is right now. Suddenly, she can hear a voice in the basement. She walks quickly around to the other side of stairs and sees a large steel cage with a woman inside.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Helen asks the woman in the cage.

The cage has steel bars that go from the floor right to the top of the basement ceiling. There is a small fridge inside and a toilet with a shower as well. On a chair, a blonde woman sits, her long hair covering her face.

“I asked you a question,” Helen says in a stern voice as she walks closer to the cage.

The woman slowly pushes her hair off her face and stands up. A woman that looks exactly like Helen stands up, “You can’t keep me in here anymore! You have to let me out of here,” she stays starting to cry, as she puts her hands on the steel bars. “It’s been months Cassie, please let me out!”

“I told you not to call me that anymore!” Helen spits at the woman in the cage, her anger showing. “My name is Helen!”

“No, I am Helen,” the woman in the cage cries. “You took over my life Cassie, but you know what? You won’t get away with it. Adam will remember what happened the night of the shooting. He will remember that he saw you coming up the stairs. That was the night you kidnapped me and put me in this cage. He has no idea what he walked in on, but he will. He has to remember. He has no idea that Casey is really the guy that saved you from the river after you drove your car in to the river when you arrested at Sofia’s funeral. You two aren’t even related! This is crazy! This is a wicked plan! You have to let me out! Please, let me out.”

Cassie laughs at Helen, “I’m not letting you out you fool! I’m so close to having everything I’ve wanted. I’m back to being a mother to my child! I’m so close to getting back together with Shane.”

Helen’s eyes open wide when she hears Cassie talking about Dawn and Shane, “What have you done? Even if you’re posing as me, no one will ever believe that I would leave my husband for Shane!”

“Oh Helen,” Cassie smiles at her. “I’ve had the best plastic surgery in the world to make myself look and sound like you. Everyone believes that I am you and everyone now believes that Adam and I are growing so far apart. And Shane, he’s become my rock. I couldn’t have done anything without Shane. It’s only a matter of time.”

Helen feels her eyes swell with water, “You’re sick Cassie! You won’t get away with this.”

“Oh,” Cassie replies to her with a wicked grin on her face, “I already have!”

Scene Three - St. Joseph’s Church

Victoria approaches the front doors of the church, but she finds herself leaning towards a quick walk through the garden before she enters. She quickly checks her watch and realizes that she’s still a little bit early for the wedding of Cory and Robin this afternoon. She starts to walk over into the garden, trying to get her mind off the drama that is surrounding her family right now, recalling how she handed her father a restraining order a few days earlier, but he didn’t seem to want to take it seriously. She doesn’t understand how Ernesto could possibly claim that he wants his family to stay together after everything he has done to her, Eva and Donovan. It was the most ludicrous thing she’s ever heard of.

As she reaches the garden, she sees Robbie standing over by the apple trees looking around. She smiles at the sight of him and wonders why he’s outside instead as he is the best man today. As she walks up to him, she can’t help but notice how good he looks in his tuxedo, “Robbie, fancy meeting you out here.”

Robbie turns and grins when he sees Victoria, “Hey Vic, I just wanted to get some air. It can get so hot in the church.”

“Tell me about it,” she replies to him quickly, as she scolds herself for being attracted to him. “You look very handsome in your tuxedo.”

“Thank you,” he quickly replies to her, noting how lovely she looks in her short cream coloured dress. “You look beautiful.”

Victoria blushes a little, “Thanks,” she says sheepishly. “Where’s Leah?”

“She’s inside already putting finish touches together for Robin,” he informs her. “How have you been? Have you heard anything from Ernesto?”

Victoria shakes her head, “No, and I’m not expecting to. While I don’t think he understands how serious the restraining order is, I don’t think he would contact me. I think he will wait to let the dust settle,” she tells him. “I never did get the chance to thank you though.”

“Thank me?” Robbie asks, arching his eyebrow.

“Yea, not just for going with me to see my Dad, but for everything. I couldn’t have gotten through this without you,” she says pursing her lips together.

“Anytime Victoria,” he replies to her. “I’m always here for you.”

“I know that now,” she says back to him.

“I should head inside and help out with some of the final touches,” he quickly replies to her, suddenly recalling that he does have duties of the best man that he should tend too. “I’ll see you inside later?”

Victoria nods, “Yes. I think I’m going to walk around here for a bit longer.”

“Okay, enjoy the wedding,” he replies as he walks off.

Victoria looks over her shoulder at the man walking away from her and feels her heart skip a beat. She shakes her head knowing that she will never be with him because he is married to Leah and that she has to get the idea out of her head once and for all.


Inside the church, Leah finishes putting some flowers at the ends of each pew. She looks back up the aisle of from the alter and wonders if there’s anything else she should do to make it look perfect. She smiles and nods to herself thinking that it looks pretty good. Suddenly, Paige arrives at the other end of the aisle wearing her dress.

“Mommy!” Paige squeals in delight as she rushes down the aisle into Leah’s arms.

Leah hugs her daughter, “You look so pretty! Are you ready to see Aunty Robin get married today?”

Paige laughs and says yes to her mother.

“She does look beautiful,” Jeff says as he approaches the two of them, as he comes out from one of the side rooms that the church offers.

Leah stands up and sees her ex-husband standing in front of her, her mind immediately going back to the other day at Noah’s grave when they shared a kiss together on the anniversary of his death. “Jeff, hi,” she smiles to him, wondering where his mind is after the kiss they shared. “Paige, do you remember Jeff? Can you say hi?”

Paige waves to Jeff, who leans down to her. “Don’t you look pretty baby girl!”

“Thank you,” Paige replies to Jeff. “Mommy looks pretty too!”

Jeff smiles and stands up and looks at Leah, “Yes, Mommy looks pretty too,” he replies to Paige, his eyes locked on his ex-wife.

Unbeknownst to them, Madeline has entered the church and is watching the three of them interact. She looks at them and smiles, “I think I know the perfect wedding day present for Robin today,” she whispers to herself as she quickly walks out of the church, unseen by Jeff, Leah or Paige.


“Leah!” Robin squeals in delight as she enters the church from a side door. “I’m so sorry that I’m running late,” she says as she comes up to Leah and Jeff, who are still standing at the alter. Robin looks out and gasps at the few decorations that Leah has put out in the church. “It looks so beautiful in here.”

Leah smiles over to her sister, “Today will be a wonderful day Robin. Nothing will stop you and Cory from having the wedding of your dreams.”

Robin feels her eyes swell with some water, “I’ve waited for this day for so long, it’s almost hard to believe that it’s here, you know?”

Leah nods her head, “I know. Do you want to go get into your dress? The wedding will be starting soon.”

“Yes! Let’s go,” Robin gushes back to her. “You wanna come with us Paige?”

Paige nods her head and grabs Robin’s hand as they walk off to get ready for the wedding.

Meanwhile, in the foyer of the church, Cory enters and looks around. He sighs and feels his heart warm as in a few short hours he will be marrying Robin, again. He really feels like nothing will stop him from being with her forever this time. After all they’ve been through, this is a fitting end. A day that they have both waited for, for such a long time.

“What are you thinking right now?” Robbie asks his friend as he comes up from behind Cory.

Cory turns and sees his best man, “That I can’t wait to marry Robin and start our life together again,” he smiles back to him. “After all the craziness that we’ve been through the last couple of years, it feels good to be back on solid ground, you know?”

Robbie nods, “I get it. Today will be a day that you guys can start completely fresh again.”

“I can’t wait Robbie,” Cory smiles back to him. “Should we go get ready?”

Scene Four - The Pampa Grill

“Isn’t it early for champagne?” Craig asks the table that consists of Andy, Bob and Kim as he quickly checks his watch to check the hour.

“No darling,” Kim replies as the waiter fills her glass with the bubbly liquid. “We are here to celebrate my marriage to Bob, plus we are heading to the church right after for Cory and Robin’s wedding. Wedding’s are always little more fun when you’re slightly tipsy,” she winks over at him.

Craig laughs at Kim’s response and picks up glass with everyone else. “Let me make a toast,” Andy says to everyone. “To my sister and her new husband, may the two of you be happy for many, many years and always remember the love you feel for each other today.”

“That was beautiful Andy, thank you,” Kim replies to her brother, grateful that someone is expressing happiness over her new marriage to Bob.

“Cheers,” Craig says as the four glasses toast each other.

Bob takes a mouthful of the champagne, “We are sorry that you weren’t at the wedding Andy,” he says to him. “Kim just had this idea to elope and I thought it was more than appropriate.”

Andy finishes swallowing before he looks back over at Bob, “I understand completely Bob. I am just happy that you make my sister so happy. I haven’t seen her this way in a very long time,” he replies as Kim puts her hand on Bob’s shoulder.

“Well the feeling is very mutual,” he replies as he looks over at his new wife. “Kim has made me a very happy man.”

Kim smiles and gives Bob a quick kiss on the lips, “Are you ready to face everyone today at the church?”

“I don’t think Robbie or Natasha will make a scene today at the church,” Bob replies to her. “This day is for Robin and Cory.”

“I hope you’re right,” Andy says to them. “Let’s finish our champagne and head over to the church.”

Scene Five - St. Joseph’s Church

“How is Robin?” Robbie asks Leah, as they stand together outside the rooms where Cory and Robin are getting ready for the wedding. They both left the bride and groom alone for a moment so they could have time with each other and let Cory and Robin finish getting themselves together before the ceremony begins.

Leah smiles, “I haven’t seen her this happy and excited in a long time. It’s nice to see her so happy again.”

“I know, Cory is the same way. He can barely contain himself,” Robbie replies to her. “It’s making me think of our wedding all those years ago.”

Leah looks at her husband and knows that she has been distant from him lately as she has been struggling with Jeff’s pending marriage to Veronica. She knows that she has to let it go so she can focus on her family again. She feels her eyes swell with water as she hasn’t been very fair to her husband. She has to admit, she is also thinking of her wedding day to Robbie, years ago at the Calimo mansion.

“Why are you about to cry?” Robbie asks his wife as he moves closer to her and sees the water in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Robbie,” she whispers back to him. “I don’t feel like I’ve been very fair to you lately. I hate lying and the distance between us.”

Robbie arches his eyebrow at the words of his wife, “I don’t think you’ve been lying to me Leah. Every couple go through ups and downs in their relationship, we just have to put it behind us and move on. We have to look to the future, you know? I love you and hope you still love me.”

Leah wipes her eye as a tear falls out, “Of course I love you,” she says as she leans in and kisses him on the lips, realizing her near slip. “Everything I’ve done is because I love you so much.”

“Today will be good for us,” he says as he kisses her again. “It’s almost like we are renewing our vows too.”

Leah nods and looks at him, “Okay, after today … we will be back to normal. I promise.”


Outside, Madeline sits in her car in the parking lot. She takes a deep breath before she picks up her cell phone and dials a number. She shuts her eyes as the other end rings, she’s almost hoping that no one will pick up on the other end. She is scared because this isn’t like her, but she doesn’t want Robin to get away with stealing Cory from her. Madeline feels like a fool, and now it’s time for Robin to feel the same way. And who knows, she thinks to herself, maybe this will end Cory and Robin’s relationship once and for all.

She freezes when she hears a woman answer the phone, “Hello, yes,” she says slowly, hoping that she’s making the right decision. “I’d like to have something delivered to someone today … Yes, today. At St. Joseph’s church…”


In the garden, Victoria moves towards a bench to sit down, her heading is swimming after her close moment with Robbie earlier in the day. She sits down and wonders if she will ever be able to get over her crush for the police officer knowing that the attraction is wrong.

“I can’t be with him,” she whispers to herself. “He’s married and I can’t break up his marriage. I won’t do that to Leah or to their daughter.”

Behind Victoria, a figured dressed in all black, including a ski mask, slowly approaches her. She doesn’t hear the figure from behind her as they pull out a white cloth and puts it over her mouth. Victoria gasps and tries to scream, but she’s soon passed out from the chloroform that was on the cloth. The black figure looks over Victoria’s lifeless body for a moment before pulling out a knife slowly moving closer to her body.

Scene Six - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

“You can’t leave me in here forever!” Helen screams as Cassie begins to walk away from her and the cage.

Cassie quickly walks back to the door of the basement and unlocks it, “I’ll back soon with some more food for you Helen. In the meantime, you can make all the noise you want. We sound proofed the basement last summer. Any noise that comes up just sounds like these old pipes. No one will find you. No one knows because everyone thinks I’m you!”

“Cassie!” Helen screams, hoping that her pleads will ring into Cassie’s head. She puts her head down as she hears Cassie opening the door.

Cassie opens the door and locks it from the other side. She walks back upstairs and tries to compose herself. She sighs and smiles, “I will have you back Shane. And together, you, Dawn and I will always be a happy family, the way it was always meant to be. No one or nothing will stop us from being together. I won’t rest until that happens.”

Cassie is startled when she hears from the front door bell ring, not expecting anyone. “Who the hell could that be?” she asks herself as she walks towards the front door.

She opens the door and sees Natasha standing on the other side of the door, “Helen, we have to talk,” Natasha says as she pushes her way into the house not happy with her friend.

Cassie rolls her eyes as she shuts the door, “Natasha,” she fakes a smile, knowing that she has to pretend to like Natasha, which is the hardest thing for her to do. “What can I do for you?”

Natasha turns around and faces her maid of honour, “You can tell me why the hell you’re kissing my fiancé!”

Next on One Day at a Time
- “Helen” and Natasha spar
- Jeff receives something shocking
- Robin and Cory’s wedding begins

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