Episode 212 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: May 12, 2013


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robin and Cory arrived at the church on their wedding day
- Victoria and Robbie shared a close moment in the garden at the church. Later, she was knocked out by a mysterious figure, who pulled out a knife on her lifeless body
- Robbie and Leah got caught up in the happiness of the wedding day and agreed to put their marriage back together. Madeline, meanwhile, had witnessed a close moment between Paige, Leah and Jeff. Then she made a phone call to arrange a delivery
- Cassie was revealed to be alive and posing as Helen! Turns out, she got plastic surgery and the night of Adam’s shooting she kidnapped Helen and has been holding her hostage in the Black house basement. Natasha turned up at Adam and “Helen’s” house to confront her about kissing Shane
- Reese was livid with Dean for suggesting that he pose nude and do gay porn

Scene One - St. Joseph’s Church; The Garden

The sun is shining brightly down in Twin Peaks and many of Robin and Cory’s closest friends and family members are gathering for the wedding that will be happening shortly. The day couldn’t have turned into a more beautiful setting for a wedding.

Vinny steps into the garden of the church and takes a deep breath, happy to be getting some fresh spring air in his lungs, admiring the beautiful day that has turned up for the wedding. He looks at his watch quickly and realizes that he’s pretty early for the day’s events. He turns around to see if he can see Daisy arriving yet, but since he doesn’t see her car in the parking lot he decides to take a walk in the garden. As he walks through the garden, he can’t help but remember his wedding day a few years ago. It wasn’t anything as grand as the wedding that will be taking place later today; in fact it was the opposite as it was a drunken wedding in Las Vegas to Victoria. He can’t help but get a slight grin on his face as he recalls the events of that night. While his marriage to Victoria didn’t last, he has always had found memories of being with her, even if their marriage was mostly in name only.

He looks up suddenly as a crow squawks above him. His eyes quickly land on the bench that is at the base of the rose bushes. He squints looking closer as he thinks he sees a body laying on the ground in front of the bench. At second glance he realizes that it is a body and he rushes over to the bench and the lifeless body. He kneels down at the body when he arrives and sees that it’s Victoria, who is still unconscious.

“My God!” he says looking at Victoria, who has a small cut on her neck which is still bleeding. “Victoria! Can you hear me? Victoria!”

Victoria’s head starts to move slowly and soon her eyes open a little bit, squinting as the sun shines brightly into her eyes.

“Victoria! Oh thank God,” Vinny says as he feels like heart beat slowly start to return to normal, scared that Victoria had been seriously hurt and wondering what happened to her.

“Whaaaat happened?” she stutters her words but then finally come out of her mouth as she sits up on her own, trying to regain her strength and memory of the events.

“Take it easy, I don’t know what happened. I found you passed out here. You’re St. Joseph’s for Cory and Robin’s wedding. Do you remember coming here? Do you remember coming in the garden?” Vinny asks her, trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

Victoria looks around and puts her hand to her neck. She pulls back and sees a little blood on her hand gasping. “Is the cut bad?” she asks before she looks at Vinny again nodding her head, “I do remember. I was knocked out.”

“But why? Who would do this to you?” Vinny asks puzzled. “And no, the cut doesn’t look bad. It’s bleeding, but it looks like a small flesh wound. We should still get a doctor to look at you.”

Victoria looks at him with some fear in her eyes, “I think my father did this to me,” she tells him as his eyes open wider.

Scene Two - St. Joseph’s Church

“She does look beautiful today,” Robbie smiles to Leah as they wait outside the rooms where Robin and Cory are getting ready for the day as he looks at Paige in her princess-styled dress. “I can’t believe how big she is getting.”

Leah looks up at her husband and grabs his hand, “I know, I can’t believe we will have to enrol her in school next year. I don’t know where the time has gone.”

“Did you mean what you said earlier?” Robbie asks her as he suddenly gets a little bit more serious with his wife. After months of seemingly being at odds, the two have come back together on the wedding day.

Leah smiles, “You mean about renewing our wedding vows? Of course I did Robbie. I want nothing more to be with you and Paige and become a family again. Maybe, we could even try to have a brother or sister for Paige,” she says with a twinkle in her eye as she comes up to her husband and gives him a quick kiss on his lips. “I want us back on track.”

Robbie smiles as they part lips for a moment, “I really like the sound of that idea,” he winks at her. “In fact, we should probably start planning that brother or sister as soon as the wedding is over.”

Leah laughs a little, “You think so huh?”

Robbie pulls her in closer, “I do. It’s been far too long since I’ve had my wife.”

Leah doesn’t respond with words, instead she allows her mouth to find her husband’s and they share a steamy kiss, thrilled that her marriage is back on the right track.


Jeff sits next to Veronica in a pew of the church and takes a breath. As he inhales, he can’t help but smell his fiancé and realize that she smells good. Similar, but not exactly the same, to what Leah smells like, he quickly finds himself thinking. He thinks back to a few days earlier at the gravesite of Noah where he and Leah shared a tender kiss. He shakes his head as he knows that he can’t think about his ex-wife, not in that sense anymore. They have been testing those waters for so many years now, and it always ends up with the same result: Leah goes back to Robbie. He doesn’t understand why they have a pull to each other after all these years.

“I just realized something,” Veronica says softly to him, not even realizing that Jeff is thinking about his ex-wife. “The next time we are at a wedding, it will be our own.”

Jeff looks up to her and smiles, “I know, I can’t wait. It’ll be amazing to make you my wife.”

Veronica smiles back to him, “I hope Robin and Cory are as happy as we are Jeff. It’s not every day that two people find each other the way we have. It really is something special.”

Jeff grabs her hand, “It is special, and that’s why I want to marry you.”

Suddenly, he feels his phone vibrate in his pants and looks at Veronica believing that he had turned his phone off for the wedding. He grabs it out and looks at her before answering the unknown number, “Hello? … Yes, this is Jeff Claus … You do? Really? This is odd, I’m not expecting anything at all … Yes, I’ll be right there.”

Veronica arches her eyebrow as Jeff hangs up the phone, “What was that all about?”

Jeff puts his phone back in his pocket, “There’s a delivery for me,” he announces to her. “The messenger is waiting outside for me.”

“You had something delivered here? The wedding is about to start any moment …”

“I know,” Jeff replies back to her, feeling as confused as she is. “I didn’t order anything. I have no idea what is going on. I’ll be right back, okay?”

Veronica watches as he stands up and rushes out of the church. She sighs wondering what is going on and what kind of delivery could possibly be coming to the church especially moments before the ceremony is about to begin.


Madeline sits in the back pew and watches as Jeff stands up and prepares to walk out of the church. She feels her heart race hoping that she has done the right thing. She remembers seeing Jeff and Leah kiss in the graveyard a few days earlier and then spending time as a family with Paige earlier at the church.

“I’m doing the right thing,” she whispers to herself. “They all deserve to know the truth.”

And, she thinks to herself, if it means ruining Robin’s wedding, then it’s an added bonus.


“Are you sure you’re okay?” Robbie asks Victoria, as Shane dresses her small cut on her neck as they sit in one of the side rooms of the church.

Victoria smiles and nods at him, “I am, I promise. I just wish I knew exactly what happened.”

“This cut isn’t that bad,” Shane tells them as he finishes putting a small band aid on her neck. “But I would say it wasn’t just from falling. It’s too precise. It looks like a blade of some kind.”

“What are you saying Shane?” Robbie asks with his concern growing over Victoria’s safety, wishing that he had been there to protect Victoria.

Shane looks up, “I think it was done on purpose.”

Victoria looks at Shane and then up to Robbie, knowing what Robbie is already thinking. “I know Robbie, I thought of my father too. Why would he do this though? It doesn’t make sense. We have the restraining order!”

“As soon as this wedding is over, we are going to pay your father a visit and question him about his whereabouts today. He won’t get away with this Victoria, I promise you,” Robbie tells her as she nods in reply. “We will get to the bottom of this. If it was your father, I will find out.”


“I didn’t think you wanted me to come to the wedding with you still, it was a nice surprise to see you today,” Dean tells Reese as they get out of Dean’s SUV and start to walk towards the church.

Reese barely looks over at his boyfriend, still giving him the cold shoulder since their trip to LA where Dean suggested that Reese pose nude for some modelling gigs but also think about staring in a gay porn movie. “I didn’t want Cory and Robin’s wedding day to be ruined by whatever is going between us. Robin worked with both of us with the Blooming Rose, we should both be here today.”

Dean sighs feeling the chill coming from Reese. “Speaking of, what is going on with us? I haven’t really seen you since LA.”

Reese stops walking and looks at his boyfriend, “I wonder why Dean! I still can’t believe what you tried to pull out there. It’s just made me second guess everything,” Reese admits to him, not holding back with his frustrations about his recent behaviours.

“Second guessing the fact that you said no to nude modelling and maybe a video?” Dean asks him, still hoping that Reese will reconsider his suggestions. Dean is still convinced that Reese would be a huge star in the gay adult industry. He just needs Reese to open his mind to the possibility.

“You don’t get it, do you?” Reese snaps back at him. “I told you that I will not pose nude and I most definitely won’t do a gay video for you. What else do I have to say or doto make you realize that?”

Dean shakes his head, “You were right about one thing,” he replies. “We should both be second guessing things. You’re not the only put off by this you know,” Dean spits back to him, growing tired of his attitude. “Your attitude is lame. Big time.”

Reese watches as Dean walks off towards the church without him. He rolls his eyes hating that Dean is now trying to play the victim in the situation when he is the one that was completely caught off guard with his ideas. All he knows is that he has to make Dean realize that he will never feel comfortable being nude in front of any camera, in any situation.


“My goodness, I hope Victoria is alright?” Daisy asks Vinny as they sit beside each other in a pew in the church and Vinny recounts how he found Victoria in the garden earlier in the day.

“She is now,” Vinny replies to her, relieved that everything turned out alright. “I was so happy when she came too Daisy. I was so worried about her. If anything had happened to her …”

“You still care about her,” Daisy says back to him, knowing that she probably doesn’t have anything to worry about with Vinny’s feelings for Victoria, but they were married for awhile and if she has learned anything in recent months it is that men don’t always think with their heads. They can sometimes have feelings for women they claim to be over.

“Of course I do,” he says to her as they lock eyes. “I was married to her Daisy, I will always care for Victoria in some ways. Plus, she’s been a good friend since I escaped my brother’s clutches, you know?”

Daisy nods and looks forward, feeling like a complete fool. Just a few weeks ago, Vinny was asking her out on a date and she said no because she needed time to get over what Chris did to her and now the man that asked her out is claiming he still cares about his ex-wife. It’s all too familiar for her. She fakes a smile on her face, though, as she doesn’t want Vinny to see her upset.

“You think I still have romantic feelings for Victoria, don’t you?” Vinny asks her as he moves closer. When Daisy doesn’t respond, he turns her head to face him with his hand. “Daisy, I’m not like that. The woman that I currently have romantic feelings for is you. I want to be with you. I will always care for Victoria, but it’s different now. I’m not hung up on her the way I was when we were married.”

Daisy smiles at him and nods, “Okay.”

“You don’t believe me, do you?” he quickly says back her.

“I believe you Vinny,” Daisy surprises him by her admission. She grabs his hand and squeezes it, “You keep telling me that you’re not Chris so I have to give you that chance to prove it, right?”

Vinny smiles back at her, “You really are wonderful, you know that?”

“Keep telling me, I like to hear it,” she winks back at him, hoping that she’s making the right decision and trusting Vinny.


Shane looks at his watch again and realizes that Natasha still hasn’t arrived at the church for the wedding. He pulls out his phone and doesn’t see a new message from her. He sighs heavily, wondering where he is as it’s not like her to be late for anything, yet along a big function like a wedding.

He looks at his phone again before dialling her number. He gets a sinking feeling in his stomach when it goes right to her voicemail, “Nat, it’s me. The wedding is about to start and you’re not here yet … call me? I’m worried about you.”

He puts his phone back in his pocket and looks at the front door of the church as it opens. He sees Bob and Kim walk in holding hands together and looking rather radiant together. He watches them for a moment and wonders if they are the reason Natasha isn’t at the wedding. He shakes his head thinking that Natasha wouldn’t do that to Cory; he’s just grasping at straws because it’s not like Natasha to be late.

“Shane,” Kim quickly says to him as she comes up to him and gives him a quick hug. “How have you been?”

“Pretty good,” he replies to them, not able to hide his worry about Natasha. “I hear congratulations is in order.”

“Thank you,” Kim smiles, thrilled that someone has acknowledged her new marriage to Bob. “We are very happy together.”

“Indeed we are,” Bob replies to them both.

“Well it shows, you two have a glow about you,” Shane observes to them both. “Bob, have you heard from Natasha?”

Bob arches his eyebrow and looks at Kim before looking back at Shane, “I’m afraid not Shane. You know, she hasn’t been very …” he pauses as he searches for the right word to use. “Receptive of my marriage to Kimberly.”

“I know,” Shane replies. “She’s late for the wedding, though and it’s not like her to be late. I’m … worried,” he admits to them.

“Did you try calling her?” Kim asks him, hoping that nothing is going on with Natasha. While they haven’t been seeing eye to eye lately, the last thing she wants is for something bad to have happened to her friend.

“It went right to her voicemail,” Shane says back to them. “Look, I’m sure it’s nothing. I’m sorry to have bothered you two. Enjoy your day, okay?”

Bob is about to say something, but Shane has already walked off and entered the church to find his seat. Bob looks at Kim and extends his arm allowing her to walk into the church to find her seat as well, not thinking that anything serious has happened to his daughter.


Everyone in the church starts to quiet down as the back doors open and Leah emerges at the doors. She slowly begins to walk down the aisle, looking at Robbie the entire time that she’s walking. They keep smiling at each other until she reaches the alter. As she turns around she looks into the audience and sees Jeff sitting next to Veronica. She arches her eyebrow a little as she can see that he’s holding a white envelope in his hand, wondering what it could be. She looks back to the door ways and smiles even bigger when Robin appears in her wedding dress, quickly forgetting about Jeff.

Everyone in the church stands up as Robin begins to walk down the aisle, gasping at the beauty of her dress. She smiles at Cory, who is waiting for her at the alter. A million things races through her mind as she can’t believe that she and Cory are moments away from becoming husband and wife again after everything that they have been through the last couple of years. She reaches the alter and looks at Cory, who hasn’t been able to take his eyes off her since she appeared. In the back pew, Madeline stems and glares over at Jeff.

“What the hell are you waiting for?” she whispers to herself as she sees Robin reach the alter.

“I can’t believe we are doing this,” Robin whispers to Cory as they lock eyes.

“You’re not having second thoughts, are you?” he smiles back to her as she shakes her head no. “You look so beautiful Robin. I want to be your husband. I want to spend forever with you.”

“And I want to be your wife.”

In the back pew of the church, Madeline continues to watch the wedding unfold in front of her. She recalls how she called a delivery person a few hours earlier. She feels her heart racing, wondering if Jeff received the package that she sent him. She only hopes that he understands what the package means.

“Come on,” she whispers. “Open it!”

Veronica looks over at Jeff, who slowly opens the envelope that he mysterious got. He pulls out a letter that reads “She’s your baby girl.”

He looks up and looks around wondering what the note means. Suddenly, he thinks back to a few hours earlier in the day when he first arrived at the church.


“She does look beautiful,” Jeff says as he approaches the two of them.

Leah stands up and sees her ex-husband standing in front of her, her mind immediately going back to the other day at Noah’s grave when they shared a kiss together on the anniversary of his death. “Jeff, hi,” she smiles to him. “Paige, do you remember Jeff? Can you say hi?”

Paige waves to Jeff, who leans down to her. “Don’t you look pretty baby girl!”

“Thank you,” Paige replies to Jeff. “Mommy looks pretty too!”

Jeff smiles and stands up and looks at Leah, “Yes, Mommy looks pretty too,” he replies to Paige, his eyes locked on his ex-wife.


Jeff looks at Leah in horror and then immediately he looks over to the front row to see Paige, who is sitting next to Bob in the front pew. He stands up and starts to tremble as he sees Paige with a different set of eyes for the first time in her life. Veronica grabs Jeff’s hand, not understanding why he’s standing up. She feels him tremble and gets scared about what’s happening.

Father Murphy sees Jeff standing and shaking, “Jeff, is there something wrong? We are about to start the wedding.”

All eyes in the church turn to Jeff, who looks like he’s just seen a ghost, as they all await his response.

Scene Three - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

Natasha turns around and faces her maid of honor, “You can tell me why the hell you’re kissing my fiancé!” Natasha looks at Helen and waits for an answer, still wanting to know how and why she decided to go and kiss Shane when they were last together. Natasha can see Helen seems surprised that she knows about the kiss, but Shane would never keep anything from her, especially not like this. They have been through too much to keep secrets from each other. “I’m waiting Helen, why did you kiss Shane?”

Cassie smiles at Natasha, knowing that she has to pretend to be Helen so she doesn’t blow her cover. She’s furious with Shane for telling Natasha about their kiss. In her mind, she was well on her way to getting back together with Shane and possibly getting her family back together. All she has ever wanted was a family with Shane and Dawn; now she has to deal with Natasha and her petty insecurities. If only, she thinks, she could get rid of Natasha for good.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? I asked you a question!” Natasha says, her voice getting louder.

“Oh Natasha,” Cassie spits back at her, not caring of her tone. “Look at you. You walk into my house riding this white horse thinking that you’ve never done anything wrong in your entire life. Don’t come in here and act like you’re some saint, okay?”

Natasha shakes her head wondering where this attitude from Helen is coming from, “I didn’t kiss another woman’s fiancé Helen! Now, I want to know what exactly you were thinking when you kissed Shane.”

“So you’ve never kissed a taken man?” Cassie asks as she continues to taunt her. “If I remember correctly, the year we had the blackout and you were trapped in the wine cellar of Capers, Shane was still married to Cassie when you kissed him. I think this is turning into a bottle and kettle situation, don’t you?”

Natasha gasps, “What the hell has gotten into you Helen? Why would you even mention Cassie’s name to me? You know, better than anyone, what the woman did to me and Shane and everyone else.”

“Maybe some of us see things differently Natasha,” she continues to play with her. “Maybe some of us see you in a different light than what you think we do.”

Natasha walks up to her and spins her around, “What are you saying? What has gotten in to you Helen?”

A sly grin comes across Cassie’s face as she grabs a vase without Natasha seeing her. “What has gotten over me? Maybe the fact that I’m ready to call you out for being the whore that you really are! I’m so tired of having to be nice to you,” she says with a wicked grin. “Look!” she yells as she points to the other wall.

Natasha turns around and sees nothing; in the meantime Cassie raises the vase and smashes it over Natasha’s head! Cassie watches in delight as Natasha’s lifeless body crumbles to the floor.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Daisy and Vinny share a kiss
- Cassie has plans for Natasha
- Will Jeff stop the wedding?

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