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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Paige’s paternity came out leaving Robbie devastated. He and Victoria made love. Leah, meanwhile, agreed to let Jeff be a part of Paige’s life
- Dominick visited Madeline and told her revealing the truth would be the biggest mistake of her life
- Craig agreed to believe Andy when he said he was just friends with Donovan
- Cassie kidnapped Natasha and forced her to write Shane a letter explaining that she left town because of Bob’s marriage to Kim. Shane showed the letter to Bob, who agreed to help him find Natasha. Cassie, meanwhile, arrived on Shane’s doorstep, and Shane hugged her thinking she was Helen
- Casey learned that Adam made progress in therapy
- Dean slipped something into Reese’s drink after Reese continued to say he didn’t want to do gay porn
- Robin and Cory married in a private ceremony after their lavish wedding was interrupted

Scene One - The Calimo House; Robbie, Leah & Paige’s Home

Leah sits at the breakfast table alone drinking her coffee. The silence reminds her that she is alone in the house at a time when her house is usually the loudest. Paige is often yelling in her chair for more juice or another bowl of cereal and Robbie is usually sitting in his chair reading the paper and drinking his coffee talking of his day’s plans. She’s reminded that he never came home the previous night, not that she is surprised but she was hoping that he’d come home and they would be able to at least talk about what happened the previous day at the wedding. She is still having a hard time believing that Jeff knows that he is Paige’s father; after all this time of keeping the secret, the truth is out and everyone’s life is barely hanging on by a thread.

She stands up and slowly walks over to the coffeepot to pour herself another cup. As she puts the cream and sugar in, she hears the doorbell ring and quickly opens her eyes wider. “Maybe it’s Robbie,” she tells herself as she quickly rushes over to the front door. She opens it and sees her father standing on the other side of the door, “Daddy,” she says hugging him quickly.

Dominick holds his daughter for a moment before they exit their embrace. He looks at her lovingly and comes into the house. “I hope I haven’t come by too early,” he says as they walk into the kitchen again. “I didn’t sleep well last night and wanted to see how you were holding up. I kept thinking about what happened at the wedding.”

Leah sighs, “I didn’t sleep a wink last night either,” she admits to him as she pours him a cup of coffee as well. She passes it to him. “I sent Paige to daycare first thing this morning. I was hoping to see Robbie to discuss everything, but he hasn’t come home yet. I don’t even know where he is.”

Dominick takes a sip of his coffee and sits at the table, “He’s been put through the ringer Leah, he probably just needs some time to adjust. Keep in mind what he’s lost.”

“I know what he’s lost!” she snaps at him as she looks at him putting her hand on her hip. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you. It’s just …”

“I know Leah,” he says standing up and hugging her again. “Everything we’ve worked so long at has fallen apart. Robbie will come around, just give him time.”

Leah feels herself start to cry into her father’s arms, “Everything is such a mess Daddy. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to get rid of this sickening feeling in my stomach.”

He pulls her out of the embrace and looks at her, wiping her tears with his hand. “I know and I’m so sorry I couldn’t have protected you from this. You will get through this, okay? Remember, you did everything you did for your family. Robbie will understand that. He will come around. Just keep your head held high and you will make it through this, okay?”

“I wish I had your strength.”

“You do Leah, you are stronger than you know,” he says looking at her, hoping that she will hear what he says. “And you always know that I am in your corner.”

“I know Daddy, thank you,” she replies, hugging him again.

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane’s Office

Shane sits at his desk trying to focus on the work that lays in front of him, but he is unable too as he cant’ stop thinking about this note that Natasha sent him telling him that she was leaving town because of Bob and Kim’s marriage. He still believes that something is off with the letter; it’s just not like Natasha to up and leave like that without a word. His only saving grace right now is that Bob has offered to help locate his daughter, which is a good thing because he doesn’t have the resources that he does to locate Natasha.

“You look a million miles away,” Cassie says as she stands at the doorway of Shane’s office. She quickly shuts the door as she recalls the previous evening at Shane’s house, when he hugged her telling her that he needs her more than ever right now. She knows that he must have received the letter from Natasha and is devastated. She’d like nothing more to be his crying shoulder in his time of need, or more if need be.

“Helen,” Shane replies, still thinking that the woman in front of him is his friend and not his dead wife. “What brings you by?”

“Do you really have to ask?” she purses her lips together as she walks closer to his desk. “When I was at your house last night, you said that you needed me. So here I am, being here for you. You’ve done so much for me lately, this is the least I could do.”

He smiles to her and stands up to give her a hug, “Thanks, I really appreciate that,” he says as they embrace.

They part and she looks at him, “So what’s gotten into you? You seemed emotional last night.”

He sighs and arches his eyebrow, “Natasha’s left town.”

“What? She left you? Why?” Cassie asks pretending to be shocked, making sure she adds in that she believes Natasha left him.

Shane shrugs, “I don’t know that she’s left me,” he begins to say to her. “I got a letter from her that says she needed time away because Bob married Kim.”

Cassie shakes her head and grabs Shane’s hand, “Are you okay?”

Shane chuckles, “I don’t know what to think. It’s so unlike Natasha, you know? If she really was that upset over her father’s marriage, she would have spoken to me. She wouldn’t have run and then sent me a letter. Something, and I don’t know what, seems off.”

“You think there’s more to the story?” she asks concerned that her plan may not work after all.

“I don’t know what to think Helen,” Shane reveals to her. “Bob has agreed to help me try to locate her. I just feel like something isn’t adding up.”

“Do you want my honest opinion?”

“Of course.”

“Natasha was under a lot of stress lately,” Cassie toys with him. “The last time I saw her, she was really not herself. She was freaking out over small wedding plans and …”

“What are you saying?” Shane cuts her off, not liking where she is going.

“Maybe she did run off to clear her head. Maybe the wedding and Bob’s marriage … maybe it just did become too much for her. Not to mention, she was really busy at the Legal Firm. I don’t mean to upset you, I just think maybe this was Natasha’s way of saying she had reached her limit.”

Shane nods and looks at her, “I know what you mean. I guess time will tell, right? What’s new with you? How’s Adam.”

“He’s good,” she quickly replies to him, not really wanting to talk about Helen’s marriage to Adam. “I’ve come to a decision.”

Shane arches his eyebrow and looks at her, “What kind of decision Helen? It sounds serious.”

“It is,” she replies coming closer to him. “I’ve decided to leave Adam. I’m going to end my marriage.”

Shane’s eyes open wider, “Really? What brought this on?”

Cassie shrugs a little, “It’s been a long time in the coming, you know? I think it’s just time to move on with my life.” She places her hand on his muscular bicep and moves closer to him.

“I do support your decision if you’re sure it’s what you want,” he says to her, not realizing how close she is getting to him.

“I do know what I want,” she replies as she leans in and gives him a kiss on the lips. It’s soft and quick because Shane quickly pulls back.

“Helen,” he whispers as he looks at her. “We can’t do that.”

She shakes her head and smiles, “I know, I’m sorry. I guess I just got caught up in the moment.”

“It’s okay,” he smiles back to her. “We are friends, nothing more.”

Cassie fakes a smile and nods knowing that she still has more work to do before Shane will be more open to having a relationship with Helen. But it will be so worth it when he’s ready to take that next step. And he will be, she smiles to herself.

Scene Three - The Calimo Mansion

“That was an interesting visit to Shane’s last night,” Kim tells her husband as they sit at the dining room table and she puts apiece of her muffin into her mouth. She recalls how Shane showed them the letter that Natasha sent him where she claims that her marriage to Bob is the reason Natasha has left town for awhile. While Bob and Shane suspect that something else is going on with Natasha, Kim thinks that it’s her former best friends way to get back at her and Bob for getting married. She knows all too well that Natasha was never supportive of her relationship with her father and this is her way of acting out and trying to get attention.

“It was indeed,” Bob replies to her as he takes a drink of his cappuccino. “I’m going to meet with some of my people today to see if they locate her.”

“So you are agreeing with Shane; you think there’s more to Natasha’s disappearance than the letter is letting on?” Kim asks, trying to figure out where her husband stands.

“It certainly seems that way, don’t you think?” Bob replies to her. “The letter that Shane got does not seem like something Natasha would do. You should know that having been her best friend for so long.”

Kim gives him half a nod back, “I suppose that’s true,” she tells him. “I just remember all the times she through some kind of hissy fit because you and I were dating and then got married. She laughed in my face when I asked her to be my maid of honour for crying out loud! She would have stopped our wedding if she had the chance Bob,” Kim informs him. “I think this could be her way of acting out that she couldn’t stop us from getting married.”

Bob looks at his wife and nods, “I would agree with you if she had actually spoke to Shane about this. The piece that’s troubling is that she just wrote him a note. That’s the part that makes me think something else is going on.”

“How else would she get her point across though Bob?” Kim continues to challenge him. “The impact is lost if Shane calls us and told us that Natasha left because of us. This way she has sent it in writing so there’s no disputing that we are to cause for her leaving. I dunno, maybe Shane’s involved in it too.”

“I don’t think you’re right Kimberly,” Bob replies to his wife. “I am starting to get the feeling that Natasha may be in very serious trouble.”

“Of course you do,” Kim quickly snaps back at him.

“Don’t do that,” Bob replies to her in a stern voice. “Don’t make this become something between us.”

“I just hate that your daughter is already coming into our marriage,” Kim replies to him as she stands up and walks out of the room, leaving Bob wondering if finding his daughter will ruin his marriage.

Scene Four - The Sugarbowl

Donovan grabs his coffee from the barista and walks over to the coffee bar to add his cream and sugar to his brew. He stopped at the coffeehouse on his way to the office needing another coffee to start his day. After everything that has happened lately, he hasn’t been sleeping so well because he has so much on his mind. He is worried about Victoria after she was attacked at the wedding; especially since everyone seems to think that it was Ernesto behind the attack. He doesn’t know what else his father is capable of and he really doesn’t want to find out.

As he turns around, he sees a familiar looking man approach him but he isn’t sure where he knows him from. The man soon gets a slight grin on his face, “You’re Donovan Moretti right?”

Donovan nods back to him, “That’s my name.”

“It’s Craig Benton,” Craig says extending his hand out to shake his hand. “We met briefly once while you were having lunch with Andy. I’m Andy’s boyfriend.”

Donovan smiles back, “Oh right. I thought you looked familiar. How are you doing? It’s nice to actually meet you. I keep telling Andy it would be awesome for the three of us to do something together sometime.”

Craig nods thinking that Andy has never mentioned that to him before. Craig is also thinking about how cute Donovan is as he stands in front of him, “Yea, that would be awesome. You don’t have a boyfriend or anything?” Craig doesn’t mean to pry, the words just sort of came out of his mouth quickly.

Donovan shakes his head quickly, “No, no,” he tells him. “I’m not really looking. I have enough in my life right now that a guy would only complicate things drastically.”

Craig nods his head, not realizing that Andy has entered the coffeehouse now as well. Andy quickly sees his boyfriend and friend talking and wonders what’s going on. He knows that Craig has been jealous of his time with Donovan.

“I hope I’m not going to come across to frank Donovan,” Craig says back to him. “But do you have a thing for Andy?”

Donovan laughs a little and looks back at Craig, realizing that he’s serious. Donovan knows that he admitted to his sister that he does think Andy is cute, but he would never cross that line with a taken guy. “Of course not,” Donovan replies to Craig. “I hope I haven’t come across that way. I respect very much what you and Andy have and I am only Andy’s friend.”

Andy overhears their conversation and gets a small grin on his face. He knows that Craig was fishing for information, but he also knows that he has nothing to hide. He’s happy that he is able to prove to Craig that nothing is going on between him and Donovan, but he’s upset that Craig didn’t just believe him in the first place. He sighs and leaves the coffeehouse unseen wondering if he’s dating a new version of JC, who was jealous as well.

Scene Five - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline’s Home

Dean sits at Reese’s desk in his bedroom while Reese still sleeps in the bed. Dean looks back at his boyfriend and recalls the previous day when he and Reese were talking about his modelling career and Reese confirmed that he didn’t want to pursue any kind of gay porn or nude modelling. Dean pretended to be okay with his decision, but couldn’t let this opportunity pass him up. He slipped Reese a pill in his drink and soon took him upstairs to the bedroom.

Dean turns back around and looks at the camera in his hands. He turns it on and presses the play feature and watches a video of Reese on the bed naked. Soon, Dean sees Reese pleasing himself sexually. He shuts the camera off and looks back at Reese before he smiles at himself, knowing that he has enough of a video to make Reese at least popular online.

“By the time this hit’s the web,” Dean says to himself quietly. “There will be demand for more of Reese than just a solo video. “And by that time, Reese will realize that this will be a good thing for him.”

Scene Six - MW Investigations

“Today is a new day,” Madeline says to herself as she unlocks her office door and enters. She recalls the previous day when Dominick showed up at her office and told her that by revealing the truth of Paige’s paternity to Jeff she had made a grave mistake. She doesn’t know exactly what Dominick meant by that but she doesn’t want to find out either. A man like Dominick can be very dangerous if he is crossed. The good news for her is that she did cover her tracks with everything.

As she sits down at her desk, she hopes that she can push that out of her mind and focus on her work. She doesn’t have time to dwell on what Dominick will or will not do to her as some act of revenge. She knows that they can not prove anything and she will fight back every step of the way.

“You must be proud of yourself,” Robin announces to Madeline as she enters the office and then closes the door behind herself. “You have been a very busy woman.”

Madeline looks up at Robin and sighs heavily, “Get out of my office Robin, I’m working.”

Robin laughs at her, “You ruined my wedding and think that I’m going to just go away? You’re even more delusional than I thought.”

Madeline stands up at her desk and leans over it glaring at Robin, “I’ve done nothing but try to move on. You’re the one that keeps coming to harass me!”

“Move on?” Robin snaps back at her. “Revealing Leah’s secret is moving on?”

“Have you ever thought that someone else knew the truth and revealed it? Maybe someone like Liam? Maybe he wanted revenge for the way you lead him on, seduced him and then dropped him like a fly the moment Cory wanted you back.”

“Right Madeline,” Robin nods her head back at her enemy. “You’re always innocent. It’s a pure fluke that you happened to be blackmailing me for months with this secret and when I called your bluff, the truth comes out at my wedding. You really are pathetic. No one is going to buy that crap.”

“Get out of my office,” Madeline grits her teeth together.

Robin walks up to Madeline’s desk and looks her enemy in the eye. Robin raises her hand and slaps her cheek hard. “That’s for trying to ruin my wedding,” Robin says as Madeline holds her cheek with her hand. Robin slaps her other cheek, “And that’s for ruining my sisters life. I hope you rot in hell for what you’ve done.”

“Try to ruin your wedding?” Madeline asks trying to composure herself.

“Cory and I got married in a private ceremony after everyone left the church yesterday,” Robin proudly tells her. “So your attempt to ruin our relationship failed. It’s pathetic really how all of your plans blow up in your face.”

Madeline watches as Robin starts to laugh as she walks out of her office. Once the door has been closed, Madeline falls into her chair and covers her face with her hands and starts to weep. The one thing she was trying to do in all of this failed; Robin is right, she thinks, I’m a failure.

Scene Seven - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

“Where the hell have you been?” Casey asks Cassie as she walks into the house and into the living room as he sits on the sofa. “I texted you yesterday and I haven’t heard back from you. What’s going on?”

Cassie smiles at him still riding on the high from her kiss with Shane earlier in the morning. While he didn’t allow it to go any further, the fact that she was able to feel his lips on her is a huge step forward. Cassie has longed to see him close to her again.

“Sorry,” she finally replies to him. “I’ve been busy with the plan. There’s a new part to this situation that you need to know about.”

Casey sighs and arches his eyebrow not liking where this is going. “Now what’s going on?”

Cassie turns to him with intent, “Natasha Calimo is downstairs in the cage with Helen. She’ll be here indefinitely.”

“What?” Casey asks shocked.

Cassie nods back to him, “I needed to get rid of her so I can move forward with Shane. There’s no way he was going to have an affair of any kind with Helen as long as that woman was in the picture.”

“Unbelievable, so we’ve kidnapped another woman? This is great Cassie! Just great!” Casey yells growing tired of this game that she is playing. He knows that it’s dangerous and the more people that get hurt, the more chances there are for this plan to be exposed.

“Calm down Casey,” she tells him. “Nothing is wrong. I’ve taken care of everything. You just focus on Adam and you’re role in that. Now,” she continues to say to him. “What was this text about?” she asks as she goes to her purse to pull out her phone.

“It’s about Adam,” Casey quickly informs her. “He took three steps on his own yesterday. He’s getting better Cassie, you know what this means right?”

Cassie nods back to him, still with a sly grin on her face. “We knew this day would come, right? We knew that he would only be in the hospital long enough for us to get everything under control. And we have. We have nothing to worry about,” she tells him. “I will continue to drug him to ensure his memory never comes back and in the meantime, I’m going to file for divorce.”

“You think this work?” he asks, questioning the plan now.

“I know it will work Casey,” she replies to him. “It has to work. I refuse to allow anything else to happen.”

Scene Eight - The Calimo House; Robbie, Leah & Paige’s Home

Leah sits at her make up mirror in the master bedroom and starts to look for her make up that she will wear for the day. After Dominick left, she took a shower to get herself ready for the day in front of her. She only hopes that she’ll be able to see her husband today and start to try to make amends for what has happened. At the very least, she should take Paige to see Jeff so he can see his daughter for the first time. That’s an entirely different ball of wax.

As she starts to apply her lip stick, she sees a shadow behind her. She looks in the mirror and sees Robbie standing behind her.

“Robbie,” she gasps turning around to see her husband.

Robbie looks at his wife for a moment before replying, “Hello Leah.”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Cassie drugs Adam again
- Natasha tells Helen that they need to work together
- Reese is shocked by what Dean has done

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