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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Reese was horrified when Dean revealed that he up loaded Reese’s solo porn video that Dean taped when Reese was drugged
- Craig asked Andy to move in with him; Andy said yes
- Vinny and Daisy had a nice first date, even though she was flooded with memories of Chris
- Trenyce saw Casey coming up stairs from the basement at the Black house and thought he acted odd when she questioned him about it
- Cassie drugged Adam again and told him she wanted a divorce
- Shane continued to think that something was off with Natasha’s farewell letter

Scene One - Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

Dean looks over some prints he has compiled for Dominick, in his hopes of rebuilding the Robertson brand and possibly another Blooming Rose re-launch. Personally, if it was up to him, he probably wouldn’t do another Blooming Rose re-launch, he would come out something completely new that is fresh and edgy. Dean knows that it’s not his place to advise Dominick of this, however, because he is just the photographer of the company. Still, the prospects of having something to work with excite him.

He picks up one picture and smiles really liking it. The light in the back ground really makes the photo pop. “We could actually use that technique for a really cool look,” he says to himself as he jots note down on his note pad to tell Dominick later when they meet to discuss the options.

Dean doesn’t hear the door to his studio open as Reese slowly walks in and watches the man he has called his boyfriend for close to a year now. He sighs to himself wondering if he should still be calling him that anymore as Dean has really betrayed the trust that they had together. Reese is horrified that his solo gay video is still on this website for hundreds, if not thousands, of people to view consistently. That is something that Dean did, despite all of Reese’s constant objections.

Reese finally clears his throat causing Dean to turn around, “Reese, hey,” Dean smiles to him, not expecting to see boyfriend in the studio. He walks over to him and tries to hug him, but Reese gives him the cold shoulder.

“I want my video pulled off the website,” Reese quickly says to him without giving Dean a proper greeting. “I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and I hate that so many people can see me naked online right now.” It makes him feel dirty and disgusting.

Dean arches his eyebrow, “I know you were apprehensive about it, but I thought after I showed you the number of hits on the website the other day you were having a change of heart.” Dean knows that this maybe more wishful thinking than anything else.

“You were wrong,” Reese quickly says back to him. “If I am honest with you Dean, I don’t even remember making the video. I didn’t think I had that much to drink, but I must have. I really thought we went upstairs and went to bed. I was completely shocked when you told me you filmed me.”

Dean looks away from Reese for a moment knowing that he shouldn’t tell his boyfriend the truth about what happened. There’s no way Reese would be forgiving to him if he knew that he drugged him in order to make a video, especially now that Reese is requesting he pull the video off the web.

“Yea, I guess because we were drinking doubles?” Dean offers as a suggestion, trying to come up with a logical explanation as to Reese’s lack of memory. “I can take the video down, but I think you should see something first.”

Reese nods, “Fine, what do you want to show me?”

Dean turns on his computer and starts typing into the computer. Soon the website where Reese’s video is featured appears on the screen. “Come see this,” Dean tells as Reese walks over to the computer screen. With a few more clicks of the mouse, Dean is on a different page of the website.

“In the last 24 hours, this is now many people have watched your video,” Dean shows Reese, who is taken a back by how many times his video was viewed.

“That many people watched it?” Reese asks, not sure if he should he proud or horrified by the number in front of him.

“Yea,” Dean says with pride. “And if you look here,” he says pointing to the screen. “That means that you’re the third most popular video in the solo category on the website!”

“I … I don’t know what to say.”

“I have one more thing to show you,” Dean says with a slight grin on his face. He logs into his account on the website and goes into his account details. “Do you see that dollar amount?” he asks Reese, who nods his head. “That’s how much money we are going to make so far this month by the views on your video.”

“What?” Reese asks shocked. “That’s a lot of money! Much more than my paycheques at Robertson were, even.”

“That’s why I kept telling you that this industry may be a good way for you to break in,” Dean replies to him. “Look, I know all of this information can be overwhelming so I want you to take some time and think about it. If you’re still unsure about the video, I can take it down and we can walk away from this entire ordeal.”

Reese looks at Dean and nods back to him but his eyes continue to look back at the computer screen at the dollar amount on the screen. He never imagined that a stupid solo video would bring in that much money. He doesn’t know how to feel about it either.

Scene Two - The Tower’s, Floor Five; Craig’s Condo

The front door is wide open as Andy moves boxes into the condo slowly as it is his moving in day. He’s excited to start his new chapter in his relationship with Craig as they have been going steady for some time now. He knows that they have had a few hiccups, most recently with Craig’s insecurity with Andy’s friendship with Donovan but Andy hopes that he has put that to rest with Craig now because nothing has happened with Donovan, and nothing will happen with him. Andy is okay with being his friend only, even though Andy can’t deny that he is attracted to Donovan. There are tons of men that Andy could be attracted to however, the key is that he is dating Craig and no one else.

As he puts some books on an empty shelf in the built in book shelf’s in the living, he recalls telling Donovan to come over to Craig’s condo today as Donovan claimed he needed to see him because something was going on with him. Andy wonders what’s going on now as he knows that Donovan and his entire family has been going through a rough time as of late with Ernesto coming back to town.

“Knock, knock,” Donovan says as he arrives at the door and looks around at all of the boxes in the condo. “You sure do pack a lot of stuff.”

Andy turns and smiles at his friend, “It’s a big job moving in with your boyfriend,” he winks over at him. “I’m glad you’re here though. I could use the break.”

Donovan laughs a little, “You mean you’re not going to put me to work? That’s nice of you!”

“I won’t stop you if you want to tackle a box or two,” Andy laughs back to him. “I’m going to get a glass of water, would you like one?”

“No thanks, I’m good,” Donovan replies as he looks around the condo. “This is a nice place Craig has. I mean you and Craig have.”

Andy finishes drinking his cup of water, “Yea, I’m excited to be moving into this stage with Craig. It seems natural. A little scary, but in a good way.”

“Did it seem that way with JC?” Donovan asks him hoping that he’s not crossing a line asking his friend of his ex.

Andy pauses before answering, “No, this feels more natural. With JC everything happened so quickly. It was really like we were dating one day and living together the next day. With Craig, we’ve taken the time to get to know each other. We understand each other much better, you know?”

Donovan nods back, “Well I am happy for you guys.”

“Thanks Donovan,” Andy smiles to his friend. “You’re text seemed urgent that we speak. What’s going on?”

Donovan sighs and moves his hands into his pocket, “I guess I just needed someone to talk too.”

“That’s what friends are for,” Andy replies to him. “What’s up?”

“You know that Victoria was attacked the day of Robin and Cory’s wedding,” Donovan begins to tell him as Andy nods his head. “Well, Eva was attacked the other day. The attacker did the exact same thing to her that he did to Victoria; knocked her out and then left a small cut on her neck.”

“What the hell is going on?” Andy asks shocked by Donovan’s story. “Is Eva okay?”

Donovan nods, “She’s putting up a tough front, but I think she’s more shaken than she’s letting on. I suppose the one good thing that has come from this is that her and Will seem to have grown closer as a result of this.”

“Who do you think is behind these attacks?” Andy asks him.

Donovan pauses and looks at Andy, “We all suspect it was my Dad. There’s no proof, but who else would do something like this?”

“Oh Donovan,” Andy says as he comes up and hugs his friend.

“It just sucks knowing that my Dad is still the same sick monster that he always was,” he says into Andy’s ear as they hug. “When he first came into town and he claimed to be changed, I was hoping he was telling the truth. It’s clear he hasn’t.”

Andy rubs his back as they hug, “This isn’t your fault or anything Donovan. At least you know that there’s no changing him,” Andy replies to him. “All you can do is try to avoid him at all costs.

The elevator door opens and Craig steps off walking towards his condo. He sees the door open, which makes sense because he knows that Andy is moving in. He reaches the door and is about to call out to Andy’s name when he sees Andy and Donovan holding each other in the kitchen. Craig watches them for a moment before he turns around and leaves unseen, clearly rattled to see the two of them in each other’s arms.

Scene Three - Thee Victors House; Vinny’s Home

“You know, in all the time I’ve known you, I don’t think I’ve actually had an official tour of your house,” Daisy smiles to Vinny as they walk up on the second level of his large house.

Vinny looks down and sees how their hands are locked together as he is showing her around the house, “Probably not. I mean, the house is far too big for just me. I don’t know why I haven’t downsized before.”

Daisy nods, “It is pretty extreme for one person. I think we’ve seen four guest bedrooms already.”

Vinny laughs, “And it’s not like I have a huge family!” He pauses for a moment, “More so since Meggan left town too.”

Daisy stops when she sees a picture on one of the walls. It’s a portrait of Vinny, Dave and Brett as little boys at the old estate that the Victors boys grew up at. “I don’t think I’ve seen this before either,” she says as she studies the picture. “You all had such hope and promise.”

He comes up behind her and places his hands on her shoulders, “I know. I don’t know why I still have this hanging up,” he admits to her as he knows that what his brothers did to him for so many years still hurts him a lot.

“Because, no matter what, they are your family Vinny,” she says to him as she turns to look at him. “I know that your brothers hurt you and that’s something you’ll probably never get over, but pretending that it didn’t happen won’t make you feel better. It’s good that you have this up. It’s a reminder of what you’ve been through. We can never let go of the past, we can only embrace it and move forward with it.”

Vinny looks at her in amazement, “You’re amazing, you know that?”

She smiles at him, “You’re pretty amazing too. You’ve help me realize that too. For so long I was holding on to the past and the hurt, but with your help I’ve been able to put that all behind me and move on with my life.”

“I’m glad that you’re here with me,” he whispers to her.

“I’m glad I’m here with you too,” she replies to him as he leans in and kisses him passionately on the lips. They part for a moment and he looks at her before kissing her again. He pushes her up against the wall as he starts to get more passionate with her.

He finally parts ways and looks at her, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Are you sure?” she smiles back to him.

“Oh yes,” he laughs leaning in and kissing her. “I’m very sure.”

“Make love to me Vinny,” she whispers into his ear, not wanting him to stop either.

Scene Four - The Park

“This was a nice idea,” Trenyce smiles to Casey as they hold hands and watch Andrew play in the playground that is in the large park that overlooks the river valley. “We’ve been spending so much time together it’s nice that you get to see and interact with Andrew too.”

Casey looks at her and takes a drink of his smoothie that he got from the Sugarbowl before they came to the part. “If he’s important to you Trenyce, he’s important to me. I hope I’ve made that clear to you by now.”

“You have,” she says leaning her head into his shoulder. “But I never get tired of hearing it.”

“Mommy! Can I go play on the swings?” Andrew asks running up to them as they are sitting on a bench.

“Of course you can,” Trenyce tells him back. “You make sure you can always see Mommy and Casey though, okay? Don’t run where we can’t see you.”

“Okay Mommy!” the toddler says as he rushes back to the park.

“I can’t believe how big he is,” Casey tells her as he watches Andrew reach the swings in the park.

“My goodness Casey,” Trenyce gushes back to him. “You have no idea how big he seems to me. I swear, it was like yesterday that he was just a little baby. I can’t imagine if anything were to ever happen to him.”

“Nothing ever will,” Casey replies to her. “You’re a good mom. I like that about you.”

Trenyce looks up at him and smiles, “Thank you,” she says as she leans in and gives him a quick kiss. “I’ve come to a conclusion.”

“What’s that?” he asks laughing.

“You’re good for me,” she replies to him.

He leans in and gives her a quick kiss back, “That’s interesting because you’re good for me too.”


“Yea, T, I mean when I’m with you, I don’t have to think about any of that other crazy stuff that is going on.”

“You mean with your family?” Trenyce asks him, knowing that he has often mentioned that there are issues with him and Helen, he never indulges in what they are though.

Casey nods, “Yup. It can get so overwhelming at times.”

“You haven’t really said much about what’s going on with you and Helen, do you want to talk about it?” she asks him. “I only ask because I’ve told you so much about my family drama history. Sometimes it’s good just to get it out.”

Casey sighs and looks back at the park to see Andrew on the swings. He knows that he can’t tell Trenyce a single thing about his relationship with Cassie and how she’s pretending to be Helen. He’s really the one that saved her from the river when she drove her car off the road when she was arrested at Sofia’s funeral; that’s how he got caught up in this scheme of hers. Now he’s in too deep to get out. He knows that his life would be over if anyone ever found out what he’s been up too. He refuses to let that happen, he would kill someone before letting that happen.

“You got quiet,” Trenyce observes to him. “It’s okay Casey, you can trust me.”

“There’s nothing to tell,” he quickly replies to her. “Let’s change the subject, okay?”

Trenyce fakes a smile over to him and nods, “Sure,” she says to him wondering why he doesn’t want to talk about his family drama. She only hopes that it’s nothing too serious and that one day he will open up to her.

Scene Five - Twin Peaks Rehabilitation Center; Adam’s Room

Cory and Robin walk up to Adam’s door hoping to surprise their friend with some wedding pictures from their day. They hate that he wasn’t able to celebrate with them on their day, but they are happy to hear that he is getting better. They thought it was long over due and came to visit him.

“Are you ready?” Cory asks his new wife before he opens the door to Adam’s room. He looks and sees Adam looking out the window from his bed. “Adam!”

Adam turns and sees his friends walk into the hospital room, “Hey guys,” he says getting a smile on his face. “This is a surprise. What brings you guys by?”

Robin looks at him and sits next to him, “We haven’t been here nearly as often as we should have been,” she tells him as she squeezes his hand. “We wanted to come by and show you some pictures from the wedding and see how you were doing.”

Adam grins back at them, “That’s nice of you guys. I could actually use the company. I get so damn lonely in this room sometimes.”

“That’s what we thought,” Cory tells him as he moves to other side of the bed from Robin. “We are sorry that we haven’t been around more often to visit you.”

“No worries, I know you guys are busy in your lives. I appreciate that you’re here now. Tell me about the wedding,” he says, wishing he could have been at the church with them.

“You haven’t heard?” Robin asks him in surprise that no one mentioned to him the drama that surrounded their wedding day.

Adam shakes his head and arches his eyebrow, “Heard what? Don’t tell me something happened to stop you guys from getting married?”

“Not quite,” Cory quickly replies back to him. “But it wasn’t exactly what we had planned either. Anyways, we have lots of time to fill you in on that. We want to hear about you. How’s your progress?”

Adam beams back to them, “It’s funny you asked because last week I walked three entire steps on my own,” he informs them. “And this week, I actually walked from one side of the room to the other! I know that I’m getting better and it’s the best feeling in the entire world.”

“That’s amazing,” Robin tells him. “We are so happy for you!”


“Have you remembered anything more about the night of the shooting?” Cory asks him, knowing that is the other piece to this puzzle that Adam has been struggling with.

Adam looks down knowing that he hasn’t been able to have any more memories of that night, which frustrates him because for so long he was sure that Helen was one the that shot him but now he can’t even remember opening the front door to his house.

“I haven’t,” he tells them. “I can’t really remember anything about that night anymore. It’s weird.”

Robin looks at Cory and realizes that they need to change the subject because Adam looks dejected. “I have an idea,” she replies to him. “Why don’t I get the wedding pictures and we can filly you in on the day?”

“That sounds great,” Adam replies to them, getting a smirk on his face again, happy to see his friends.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane’s Office

Shane sits at his desk trying to focus on some patient files but he is having the most difficult time as he can’t get his mind of Natasha and her whereabouts. He runs his hands through his hair as he keeps seeing the letter that she wrote him in his mind. He still doesn’t believe that she would just up and leave because she was upset about Bob’s marriage to Kim. Even if she did leave on her own will, it has been so long that she would have contacted him again by now.

“Damn it Natasha,” he says to himself. “Where have you gone? Why haven’t you picked up your phone?”

He stands up and walks over to his water pitcher and pours himself a glass of water. He drinks it, trying to calm himself down. He’s no good to his patients when he’s this worked up. He turns around when he hears his office door open.

“Eva,” he says seeing the woman walk into his office. “I heard about your attack, are you okay?”

Eva puts her hand to her bandaged neck for a moment before she smiles to him, “I’m fine Shane, thank you for asking. I’m actually here for something else, though.”

“I’m listening,” Shane replies to her.

“I understand that Natasha has gone …” she pauses as she searches for the right choice of words. “Missing.”

Shane sighs and looks at her, “Well, she sent me a letter telling me that she needed time away to get her head around Bob and Kim’s marriage. I know that she was up set about that, but running away doesn’t seem like her type of thing to do.”

“I agree completely,” Eva replies to him. “I’m worried and I think once I explain myself you will be too.”

Shane arches his eyebrow, “Come and have a seat,” he tells her as he walks over to the sofa in his office.

“You see,” Eva begins as she sits down next to him. “I have reason to believe that my ex-husband attacked me and Victoria.”

“What?” Shane gasps. “That’s horrible.”

Eva nods and gives him a little smile realizing that he doesn’t even know the half of living with Ernesto. “I’m worried that maybe Ernesto has done something to Natasha as some sort of revenge on me. I have no proof, but I wouldn’t put anything past him Shane. I’m scared for my daughter and I want to make sure that Ernesto hasn’t done something to hurt her.”

“Do you really think that he would hurt Natasha to get back at you?” Shane asks her.

Eva shrugs, “I don’t know but I wouldn’t put it past him. All I’m saying is that I would rather be safe than sorry.”

“That’s it,” Shane says as she stands up. “I’m really worried now. We have to find her Eva,” Shane tells her as they lock eyes. “We have to find her.”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Ernesto reveals Eva’s other secret
- Leah makes a bold decision
- Victoria fears she’ll be a rebound with Robbie

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