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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Victoria was walking on the pier when she was drugged and knocked out. When she came to, she saw another body on the pier. It was Ernesto, who was dead!
- Robin and Cory rejoiced when they discovered she was pregnant
- Jeff went to Leah and told her that Veronica left town. They ended up having sex
- Cassie continued to try to seduce Shane, however he told “Helen” he still loved Natasha. Adam, meanwhile, learned from Madeline that Casey isn’t who he says he is
- A captive Natasha and Helen planned to use Casey to help them escape

Scene One - Twin Peaks Police Department; Robbie’s Office

“I swear I have no idea what happened,” Victoria pleads with Robbie, who is sitting at his desk looking over some papers on his desk as she sits across from him in the chair. “It’s all such a blur, the same feeling I had when my father had me attacked at Robin and Cory’s wedding. I couldn’t have killed my father Robbie. You believe me right?”

Victoria waits for Robbie to answer her. She can’t believe that she was attacked, again, on the pier and when she awoke all of her clothing was ripped and she saw Ernesto dead. She called the police and now here she is in her lover’s office being questioned for her father’s death.

“Robbie, please say something to me!” Victoria yells at him, needing him to say something to her. She needs confirmation that he believes her.

Robbie finally looks up at her and sighs, “This really doesn’t look good Victoria, I have to be honest with you. You’re alone on the pier in October, which isn’t exactly a good walking time of the year to be out there. You are knocked out and your father wakes up dead. Who knows what happened when you were knocked out. Were you just drugged? Were you still conscious? What did you do to your father if you were awake?”

Victoria gets tears in her eyes, “I couldn’t have killed him Robbie. I just couldn’t have killed him.”

Robbie locks his eyes with hers and can see that she really believes what she is saying. “I believe you Victoria, but sometimes it doesn’t matter what I think about these things. The DA, Lois Kam, she’s tough. She will want a conviction for this death.”

“What about sending me for some kind of medical tests,” Victoria tells him. “Whatever he used to drug me should still be in my system. If it was chloroform like last time, it’ll still be in my body.”

“And there’s no way you could have killed him then,” Robbie replies to her. “I like that. We can make that happen.”

Victoria puts her head down, almost ashamed of what else she has to ask Robbie to do for her. “There’s another exam I’d like to have,” she says almost in a whisper, the thoughts in her head are haunting her.

Robbie arches his eyebrow, “What’s that?”

She looks up at him as a tear falls from her eyes, “All my clothing was ripped when I woke up on the pier Robbie,” she informs him as she bites her lower lip. “Given my father’s history with me when I was a child …”

“You don’t think he …” Robbie gasps, realizing that Victoria suspects that Ernesto may have tried to rape her again. “We can get an exam scheduled Victoria, definitely.”

Victoria is unable to speak as the tears are flowing freely from her eyes. She just nods back to him and puts her head back down, not sure of how she will cope if her worst fear comes true; if her father did sexually assault her again.

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Eva’s Office

Eva sits at her desk at the hospital as she tries to review some employee files. As the Chief of Staff, a large part of her role is to ensure her staff are always following proper procedures and protocol. She wishes she had more hours in her days as lately she has been far too preoccupied with Ernesto and his attacks on both her and Victoria. She just wishes that there was some way that she could prove her husband was behind the attacks. That word is the other problem in her life right now: Ernesto revealed to Will, who had just proposed to her, that she is still married to Ernesto. Eva can understand why Will is upset with her, but she has to find away to make him understand that she thought that her marriage would have been annulled and void since she was presumed dead for so many years. Plus, the last thing she wants is to still be married to him.

“You look deep in thought,” Donovan observes to his mother as he stands at her doorway.

Eva looks up and gets a slight grin on her face, “I have a lot on my mind, I suppose. How are you? I’m surprised to see you here.”

“Are you?” Donovan asks her as he closes the door to her office. “I know that we haven’t exactly been close since you came back from the dead, but you are still my Mom. I care, despite all of the hurt that has been felt.”

Eva stands up and walks over to her son and touches his face with her hand. “I love you so much Donovan. I’m so sorry for all the hurt that I have caused you.”

“I know you are Mom,” he whispers back to her as he hugs her. She gets tears in her eyes as she feels her son’s arms around her. “We are on the same page in this, you know? We will to find a way to get rid of Dad. I won’t let him hurt you or Victoria anymore.”

Eva exit’s the embrace with her son and nods her head at him, “We have to come up with something. Some kind of way to make sure he learns his lesson.”

Donovan gets an odd look on his face, “Don’t worry, you let me take care of Ernesto. He’ll wish that he never came to Twin Peaks when I’m finished with him.”

Eva arches her eyebrow, “Donovan, when you speak like that you scare me. What are you talking about?”

Donovan sighs and turns around from her, “The other day at Pampa Grill, when Will proposed to you. Remember how upset I was when I got to the table?”

“I do, you said you didn’t want to talk about it.”

“Dad found out that I am …” he pauses as he hopes that Eva will be as understanding as Victoria was when she revealed the truth to her. “Gay and he didn’t like it very much.”

Eva walks up to her son and grabs his hand, “What did he say to you?”

“Nothing that matters,” Donovan replies to her. “Are you okay with what I just told you?”

Eva smiles, “Of course I am Donovan. I just want you to be happy and if that’s who you are, then that’s who you are. I still love you none the less.”

Donovan smiles back at her. “I almost forgot to wish you a Happy Halloween.”

Eva laughs a little, “Seems like this year the theme of Halloween is running deep in our family as we are dealing with a real life monster.”

They are interrupted by Eva’s office phone ringing, “Excuse me for a moment,” she tells him as she walks back to her desk and picks up her phone. “Eva McCloud … Oh Robbie, hi … What? My God … Yes, Donovan is here with me now, so I can fill him in. We’ll be right over.”

Eva hangs up her phone and looks at Donovan, “What’s wrong?” he asks her, knowing that by her facial expression something has happened.

“Victoria’s at the police department. She was attacked on the pier.”

“Is she okay?” Donovan asks concerned.

Eva nods her head yes, “There’s more. Your father … he’s dead.”


Robin lays on a bed in one of the rooms in the hospital and Cory sits on a chair next to her. They are at the hospital for her first check up with the baby that they are expecting.

“Are you nervous?” he asks her as he grabs her hand and squeezes it a little. He, in some ways, still can’t believe that in nine short months he and Robin will be parents together. They have been through so much together, this seems like the icing on the cake as they have been reunited.

Robin turns to her husband and smiles, “Not really. I’m excited to see this baby. I mean, I know it’s too early to tell if it’s a boy or girl, but seeing the sonogram picture will be so cool, don’t you think?”

Cory nods back at her, “I think it’ll be very cool. It’ll be amazing to see the little person that you and I created together.”

Robin smiles at him, “I hope she is as strong as you.”

“She?” Cory breaks out into laughter. “I thought it was too soon to tell the sex!”

“It is,” Robin giggles back at him. “I guess I have a feeling that it’ll be a girl. Of course, a boy wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.”

“Well then,” Cory smiles as he leans forward and kisses her on the lips. “I hope she’s as beautiful as you.”

Scene Three - The Calimo House; Leah &Paige’s Home

“I really appreciate you calling me to do this with Paige,” Jeff tells Leah as he opens the door and she walks out of the house with Paige, who is dressed as a butterfly for Halloween. “I think taking Paige trick-or-treating together will be a great way for her to get to know me as her Dad.”

Leah gives him half a smile, as she is still a little uneasy about introducing Paige to Jeff as her father. She knows that it has to happen, but she just hopes her little girl isn’t left confused as for the first few years of her life, she has only known Robbie to be her father. As she looks at Jeff, she can’t help but genuinely smile, however, as the two of them have been hitting the sheets again. As soon as Veronica happened to leave town, it was like they were drawn back together. The more Leah thinks about it, the more she realizes that they have always been drawn together. It has just taken something this monumental to happen for the to realize it.

“I think so too,” she finally tells him. “We have to remember that we may get a little confused though Jeff. We have to try to make this as easy as possible.”

“I know,” he replies to him. “And I agree. We don’t want to confuse her at all.”

“Are you ready to go get some candy?” Leah bends down to Paige to put the final touches on her costume.

Paige nods her head and gives her a big smile, “Trick or treat Mommy!”

Leah laughs a little, “Yes baby, we are going trick or treating!”

Paige suddenly stops and looks back up Leah, who is walking behind her now. “Mommy? Where’s Daddy? He always comes with us!”

Leah looks over at Jeff then looks down at Paige, “Hey baby, listen to Mommy okay,” Leah tells her. “This is Jeff, he’s your Daddy.”

Paige looks at Leah then looks up at Jeff, “Where’s my real Daddy?” she asks confused.

Leah looks at Jeff and bites her lip. Jeff leans down and looks at Paige, “I’ll tell you what Paige. We can answer all your questions, but we should probably go trick or treating first, don’t you think? We want to get some good candy!”

Paige squeals in delight at the thought of getting candy, “Let’s get candy!”

Leah stands back up and looks at Jeff, “Thank you.”

Jeff nods back, “There’s no right way or wrong way, we just have to keep stressing that I’m her Dad and eventually she will clue in.”

“Ready to go?” she asks him with half a smile. “She’s fast when she’s excited.”

“I’m ready,” he replies to her as he holds out his hand to grab hers. “Let’s go.”

Scene Four - The Calimo Mansion

“You haven’t told me yet Kimberly,” Bob asks his wife as they sit across from each other on the sofa. “What has your PI uncovered about Natasha?”

Kim looks over at her husband and knows that she has to pretend that she cares that her PI is searching for Natasha but in her mind, Natasha purposely ran away to try to create some kind of conflict in her new marriage to Bob. She just hopes that her PI finds Natasha so she can prove it to Bob and everyone else. Natasha has been acting like such a spoiled brat, this disappearing act makes sense to Kim. It’s just another stunt she is trying to pull.

“There’s really nothing new to report Bob,” Kim quickly informs to him as she sips on her gin and tonic. “Natasha’s credit cards still have not been used and she hasn’t turned up in any major hospitals. He’s now looking into car rentals and airline ticket purchases. We will find her Bob, it’s just proving more difficult than expected.”

“I know,” Bob replies quickly to her, trying to hide his worry. “I’m just getting more worried each and every day that passes.”

“There are so many possibilities of where Natasha could have gone Bob,” Kim informs him. “You’re one of the most powerful men in this country. Being the daughter of that man opens a lot of doors. A lot of people may be willing to help Natasha cover her tracks.”

Bob nods his head, “Yes, yes, that’s all very true.”

“And you know Bob, I’ve been thinking. If Natasha had been kidnapped or something like that, we would have heard something from the kidnapper by now. A ransom demand or something,” Kim continues to tell him. “The fact that we haven’t heard anything, in some ways is good news.”

Bob sighs heavily and knows that his wife is just trying to help, but he can’t shake this feeling in the pit of his stomach his daughter is in trouble. He can’t explain it, nor does he want to try to explain it to Kim, but he can’t shake it either.

He stands up quickly when he hears the door bell ring. “I’ll get it Rosario!” he yells, so the housekeeper doesn’t come rushing to the front door. Bob moves over to the door and opens it, “>Shane! This is a surprise.”

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Shane announces as he comes into the mansion.

“Not at all,” Bob replies to him. “This must be important for you to drive out of town to come to the mansion. What’s going on?”

Shane enters the living room and Kim stands up immediately, “Shane, have you heard from Natasha?” she asks him.

Shane shakes his head no and looks back at Bob, “That’s why I’m here. I haven’t’ heard anything and the longer she is missing the more worried I get. Kim, have you heard anything from your PI?”

Kim shrugs her shoulders, “I was just telling Bob that there’s no new news,” she replies to him. “Her credit cards haven’t been used, but we are looking into airlines next.”

Shane nods his head and looks back at Bob, “This just isn’t like her Bob. I’m starting to lose hope on this, but something is telling me that she’s not okay. Something isn’t right here.”

“I’ll increase my men to try to find her Shane,” Bob replies to him quickly. “Something doesn’t sit well with me either. We will find Natasha. I promise you that, if it’s the last thing I do, I will find my daughter.”

Scene Five - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

“Thanks for agreeing to let me see Dawn today,” Adam replies to “Helen” as he sits on the sofa, as he just finished playing with his daughter before she went to a playgroup with some other girls her age. “I had missed her a lot.”

Cassie smiles at Adam as she picks up some of the toys that Dawn scattered in the living room, “Of course Adam,” she tells him, knowing that she has to keep up the performance of being Helen to ensure that she’s not busted. “You know that I would never keep you from your child.”

“I do know that,” he quickly replies to her. “I guess it’s nice to know to that you mean it. You hear of so many couples that are going through a separation that things get messy.”

“Adam,” Cassie replies to him. “We’ve been through so much together. The last thing I want to do is cause you any more pain.”

Adam nods back at her. “Have I told you, I’m so happy to see you walking around on your own.” Cassie tells him, trying to change the subject. “I always knew you would be back on your feet, it’s just nice to see it come now.”

“Yea, thanks,” Adam tells her. “It’s nice to be back on my feet. I had missed my life, you know? Being in that hospital for a year is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.”

“All that hard work has paid off.”

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about,” Adam suddenly changes the topic with her. He recalls his conversation with Madeline a few days earlier when she told him that the name Casey Mills doesn’t exist, which leads him to think that Casey is a con-man. With Casey coming to town right after Adam was shot last year, Adam believes that maybe there’s more to the guy than meets the eye.

Cassie arches her eyebrow, not sure she likes Adam’s sudden change in tone in voice. “What’s that?” she asks him back. “Do you want some water.”

“Sure that’d be nice,” he says as she walks into the kitchen, which can been seen from the living room. “I was wondering about Casey. You claim he’s your brother, right?”

“Yes,” Cassie says back to him as he gets a glass from the cupboard. She puts her hand into her pocket and pulls out one of the memory lapsing pills that she has been giving Adam, in hopes that he will forget the night of the shooting. She puts in into his glass and fills it with water. “I was sceptical when he first showed up in town, but I got a DNA test done and it confirmed what he was saying.”

Adam nods his head as she passes him the drugged water. He takes a big drink of it, “Okay,” he says after he swallows. He realizes that he needs more information on Casey before he confronts Helen with it. The last thing he wants to do is create some kind of fight with her, and worse maybe she tips Casey off that he’s on to him. “I just wanted to make sure that you had your basis covered.”

Cassie fakes a smile wondering what Adam is up too, “You don’t have to worry about anything Adam. I have all of my basis covered. Drink up your water, you have to stay hydrated.”

Adam smiles back up to her as he finishes his glass of water, unaware of the drug in the liquid, still thinking that he has to uncover the truth about Casey.


In the basement of the Black House, Natasha paces around the cage that she is in with Helen, almost like she is looking for something. She sees Helen sitting on one of the small cots and wonders what she is thinking. Natasha slowly feels herself going crazy as she has been locked in up in the cage for months now. She and Helen had come up with a plan to try to get Casey to help them escape, but they haven’t seen Casey come back down into the basement for some time now. She doesn’t know if somehow Cassie knows of their plan and she’s the only one able to come down to them now.

“You’re going to wear a hole in the ground if you keep walking in circles,” Helen finally tells him as she looks up from the cot she’s laying on.

Natasha finally stops moving and looks at Helen as she pulls her hand through her hair, “I don’t know what to do! We have to get out of Helen! I can’t stay and do nothing. I have to think of something to get out of here.”

“I know,” Helen says back to her. “If only Casey would come back down here so we can try to play on him.”

Natasha shakes her head, “That bitch must have bugged this cage! She must know that we want to use Casey to try to escape. Cassie! Do you hear me! You’re a bitch! You won’t get away with this!!”

Helen stands up and moves over to Natasha, “You have to pull it together Natasha! I can’t afford for you to lose it on me, okay?”

Natasha starts to cry as Helen speaks to her, “I just can’t stay in here Helen. I can’t be locked in here like some animal.”

“I know,” Helen replies to her. “Look, I’ve been locked in here longer than you have. I know that you get to this point of snapping, but like you told me. We have to stay positive okay?”

Natasha nods her head through her tears, “You’re right. We have to think of something. If Cassie has bugged this cage though, we have to start to whisper when we talk. We can’t let her know what we are planning.”

Helen nods, “Okay,” she whispers to Natasha. “I have an idea. Let’s do this…”

Scene Six - Twin Peaks Police Department

“Lois,” Robbie says in the main portion of the police department. “You can’t be serious about this.”

“I am very serious detective Calimo,” Lois Kam replies to him as she places a file down on a desk and looks back at Robbie. “Ernesto Moretti was killed by a lethal poisonous injection. Victoria, his daughter, was found at the scene of the crime. Guess what his daughter does for a living? She’s a doctor. She has motive, she has access to the drugs, she’s my prime suspect.”

“You have to believe me when I tell you that you’re way off base with this one,” Robbie tries to plead with her, knowing that Victoria didn’t kill her father. He doesn’t care what evidence there is against her, he knows it in his heart.

Suddenly, Victoria walks into the room having left Robbie’s office. “What’s going on?” she asks, unaware of what is happening but can sense the chaos around her.

Lois looks at Victoria, then back at Robbie. She turns her head and sees two police officers, “Book her boys.”

The two officers walk up to Victoria, “Victoria Franky, you have the right to remain silent …”

“Robbie, please!” Victoria pleads with him as she is handcuffed. “I didn’t do this Robbie! You have to believe me! You have too! I didn’t kill my father!”

Next on One Day at a Time
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- Savannah does her modelling shoot for Dominick
- Robbie interrupts a moment between Leah, Jeff and Paige

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