Episode 226 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: November 03, 2013


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dominick hired Savannah Pherson as a new model at Robertson Enterprises. While Savannah was out and about, she spotted Vinny and thought he was Dave, Vinny’s deceased triplet brother
- Reese was blown away with the amount of money rolling in from his gay solo video online
- Jeff and Leah took Paige trick or treating but she asked for her “real Daddy”, meaning Robbie
- After Ernesto turned up dead, Victoria was arrested for his murder. She vowed to prove her innocence
- Adam learned that Casey Mills isn’t who he claims to be. Meanwhile, Shane continued to turn down Cassie’s advances
- Casey and Trenyce decided to go to the Calimo cabin for a romantic getaway

Scene One - The Studio; Robertson Enterprises

Dominick stands at the back of the studio and watches as a photo shoot takes place in front of him. He is amazed at how well the members of his team work in their appropriate fields. He sees Dean snapping shot after shot after shot of Savannah behind a black drop with fireworks exploding on it. He can hear Dean call out various instructions to Savannah so he can capture another pose of her with his camera.

Dominick is pleased with what he sees unfolding. He knows that he has to continue to work hard at Robertson Enterprises or he will let Bob and Roboto gain the upper hand. Thus far, their business rivalry has gone back and forth depending on who has released the latest cosmetics line. Keeping that in mind, Dominick wants to ensure that this new ad is like nothing Roboto, or anyone, has ever seen before. He is determined to prove to the public that his company the better one between the two and from what he sees so far, this will go along way in proving that. It could have been easy to peg Robertson and The Blooming Rose as a one scent wonder.

“I think that’s a wrap,” Dean yells from behind his camera as he snaps the final shot. He looks over at Savannah and grins, “You’re awesome! These pictures are turning out great.”

Savannah smiles and moves a piece of her hair behind her ear. She takes a bottle of water from one of the assistant’s that comes up to her, “Thank you. That was a lot of fun. I love the concept of being all in black and the only colour is in the fireworks behind us. I can’t wait to see the prints.”

“Neither can I,” Dominick announces as he emerges from the back of the room. “I tend to agree with Dean though, it was looking pretty good. The two of you have a good chemistry.”

“It’s a team effort,” Savannah smiles back to them. She doesn’t want to say it out loud, but she has become used to people liking the photos that she’s in. She’s always been a very successful model. “Should we schedule a meeting so we can all review them together. I’m not like some models that don’t like to have input on the final shots. If you’re using my face, I’d like to ensure it’s the right picture.”

Dominick nods to her, “Fair enough. I’ll send you both meeting invites. How long before the prints come in Dean?”

“Probably early next week,” Dean replies to them.

“Perfect, we’ll meet next week then,” Dominick tells them as he moves towards the door of the studio. He stops at the door and looks back, “And team,” he says. “Good work today.”

Scene Two - The Sugarbowl

“Are you sure you’re okay with how things ended with you and Cory?” Reese asks his sister as they sit across from each other in the back corner booth of the coffeehouse. “I know you really did care for him.”

Madeline sighs and takes a sip of her hot caffeinated drink before she replies to her brother. She did care for Cory a great deal and she’s not exactly proud of everything that she did in hopes of making him care for her back, but she isn’t hung up on him any longer. Despite everything she did to try to make a relationship with him work, he still went back to Robin each and every time. She hopes that she has learned her lesson and that she doesn’t continue to pursue men that clearly have no interest in her or that are married.

“I know I made a lot of mistakes Reese,” she speaks. “I’m not proud of how I handled things.”

Reese nods his head, “That’s not what I asked you. I asked you if you’re okay. I’ve been there before Madeline, on the bad end of a break up.”

Madeline gives him half a smile, “I’m doing alright. The longer it went on, the more obvious it became that Cory and Robin have a deep connection. Much deeper than I could come between.”

“As long as you’re sure you’re okay,” he quickly says back to her.

“I’m fine,” she tells him as she looks into her purse as she hears a text message come through. She reads the message and then looks at Reese. “Do you mind if I just send a note off to one of my clients. I just got word about a case that’s pretty important.”

“Absolutely,” Reese replies to her as he picks up his coffee.

As she types into her phone she continues the conversation, “So, what’s going on with you? Did you and Dean make up with that entire porn scandal he was suggesting you do.”

Reese laughs a little as Madeline puts her phone down, “I wouldn’t call it a scandal exactly.”

“I just know you were saying you knew it wasn’t for you,” Madeline replies to him.

Reese nods his head, “I don’t really want to get into it. I’m just … I’m thinking of things that I never believed I would have before.”

Madeline arches her eyebrow, “What does that mean? You’re not thinking of going ahead with one, are you?”

Reese laughs again, “No!” he lies to her not wanting her to know what’s on his mind. “I’m not sure what it means! I’ll tell you when I figure it out myself,” he says to her, knowing that he has been unable to stop thinking about how much money he saw coming in on the video that Dean posted online of him.


“Here’s your hot chocolate,” Jeff tells Paige as he sets the mug down at the table for her.

“Look at all the whipped cream!” Leah tells her daughter as Paige’s eyes open wide with excitement.

“Careful though, it’s hot!” Jeff warns her as she starts to lick the whipped cream from the top of glass.

“It’s so yummy!” Paige smiles as she gets whipped cream all over her face.

Leah looks at Jeff and laughs as she sees Paige making a little bit of a mess on her face. “She has your laugh, you know,” Jeff tells Leah as he uses a napkin to wipe Paige’s face.

Leah blushes a little, “She has some of your qualities too.”

Jeff nods back to her, “I’m starting to notice them more and more each day.”

Suddenly Paige looks up as the front door to the coffeehouse opens and Robbie steps inside. The little girl’s eyes light up, “Daddy!” she yells as Robbie’s eyes immediately move to the table with the family.

Robbie slowly walks over to the table and moves his hands out of his pocket as Paige gets out of the booth and hugs him. “Hey, Paige!” Robbie smiles as he hugs the girl he long thought was his child.

He looks up and sees Leah and Jeff sitting across from each other. “Hi,” he says softly. “I didn’t know you guys would be here.”

Leah shakes her head, “Of course not. We didn’t think you would. Actually, it’s good you are. We have to start making Paige understand the truth.”

Robbie nods his head, “Right. The truth.” The words still hit him and make him feel like he’s learning the truth for the first time again. He can feel his heart break inside, especially looking at Paige in front of him. He hates that he not with her each and every single day.

Leah can tell by his tone that Robbie is still struggling with the fact that he’s not Paige’s father, not that she can blame him. “We are just trying to make this as least confusing as possible.”

Robbie nods back, “I get that. It’s probably hard for her to understand anything when the adults involved don’t understand themselves,” he quickly says to her. “Paige, darling, you and I will have to go for lunch together very soon, okay?”

Paige nods, “I miss you Daddy! Come home soon.”

“I miss you too Pumpkin,” he replies to her as he hugs and fights tears in his eyes. “More than you’ll ever know.”


Adam pulls out his phone as he enters the coffeehouse. As he turns back to hold the door for another customer he can see the snow start to fall heavier outside. He sighs, knowing that a winter storm is coming. It’s not uncommon for this time of year in Twin Peaks as they are so close to the mountain range, but he missed most of the summer in the hospital. A part of him isn’t ready for winter yet.

He looks at his phone and sees a text message from Madeline that reads, “Absolutely no records of a Casey Mills born around the time our Casey should have been. Seems to be he’s using a fake name…”.

Adam closes his messages and sighs. He has believed for some time now that Casey isn’t who he has claimed to be and now that he has some kind of proof, he knows that he has to confront Helen. He has to get to the bottom of the mystery of the man that shot him; the man that changed Adam’s initial version of the night of his shooting.

“Game on Casey,” Adam whispers to himself as he turns and leaves the coffee house, wanting to locate Helen as quickly as possible.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Police Department; The Holding Cells

Victoria sits on the small cot in the small holding cell and looks around her. There’s not much to her cell, nor would she expect there to be. She hates that she’s been arrested for Ernesto’s murder because she knows that there’s no way that she could possibly be the one that killed her father. She is certain that she was drugged and knocked out the entire time she was on the pier. She can’t wait for the medical exams to prove this, although she is scared by the one exam that she will be undergoing.

When she woke up on the pier, all of her clothes were ripped and torn. With her father’s history of sexual abuse, she’s absolutely terrified by the prospects of what actually happened to her after he knocked her out. She feels her eyes swell with water just thinking about.

She looks up when she hears a door open and two people start walking towards her cell. She smiles when she sees Donovan appear at her cell. He turns to the office that escorted him, “Can I have a few minutes alone with my sister, please?” he asks the officer, who nods quickly back to him.

Victoria stands up and walks to the bars that separate her from Donovan. They lock hands immediately, “How are you doing?” he asks her quietly, even though he can read it off her face.

Victoria shrugs her shoulders, “As well as to be expected. I’m scared by what the medical exams will prove.”

“You didn’t do this Vic,” Donovan reassures her. “We all know that. We will prove that too you know.”

Victoria nods her head as tears fill her eyes again, “I’m not worried about that,” she admits to him, her mind still on the pending medical exams.

“Then what is it?” he asks her, not sure where she is going.

She turns around and folds her arms across her chest, “All my clothes were ripped Donovan. When I woke up, I… I don’t know what Ernesto did to me.”

Donovan gulps, “You don’t think …”

“I don’t know what to think,” she turns back to him as a tear escapes her eye. “But I will tell you this, I’m glad that monster is dead. He can’t torment us anymore.”

Donovan reaches for her hand again and she locks hands with his, “I know. We’ll get through this Victoria. We have always survived whatever Ernesto through at us. And we will this time too. I promise you.”


Robbie enters the police station and looks around. He sees Eva sitting in a chair over by the receptionist desk so he walks over to her. “Eva,” he says as he approaches her. “Sorry to keep you waiting,” he tells her as he holds up his coffee. “I needed a caffeine fix.”

She stands up and moves some hair behind her ear, “That’s no worries. I was surprised that you wanted to see me specifically.”

They walk towards Robbie’s office and she enters so he can close the door behind them. “It’s pretty stand procedure of us to question anyone that may have had a motive in a murder investigation.”

Eva arches her eyebrow as she sits in the chair across from Robbie’s desk. “So, Ernesto’s death is being called a murder?”

Robbie nods his head, “It certainly looks that way,” he tells her back. “And when we were looking over suspects, you were one of the people that came into our minds. I’m not accusing you of anything, I want you to know that first and foremost. I just want to ask you some questions.”

“Marbella didn’t do this Robbie,” Eva replies to him, ignoring the fact that he said he wants to ask her some questions. “You of all people need to know that.”

“What I think doesn’t matter when I’m working Eva,” he informs her. “Off the record, I know that. I still have to follow through with any and all leads that I may get on the case. Can you tell me where you were yesterday afternoon?”

Eva nods back to him, “I was at the hospital. Numerous members of my staff can vouch for that. And unlike my dead husband, I don’t have a bunch of goons going around doing my dirty work.”

“Can you give me some of the names of the members of your staff that I could call to verify that you were working all afternoon,” Robbie asks her, needing to follow procedure.

“Absolutely,” Eva tells him. “Look Robbie, I know you have to try to find out who did this. But I’m telling you, it wasn’t Marbella. While you’re wasting your time questioning me, while the real killer is out there. We have to find out who did this so Marbella can go free.”

Scene Four - River Valley Road

Will parks his Hummer on the side of the road and turns his hazard lights on. He sighs heavily as he reaches over to the bag that sits on his passenger seat and pulls out a zip lock bag. In the bag, he holds a syringe.

He sighs heavily as he looks around. He doesn’t see any traffic on the road, which doesn’t surprise him because the road tends to be one of the worst during a winter storm. He steps out of the Hummer and walks down the road, to the river’s edge. The current is pretty slow as about of the water has already turned into ice.

He throws the plastic bag into the water and watches it drift quickly into the river. As soon as he is not able to see it, he walks back to his hummer. He gets in and quickly drives away.

Scene Five - The Calimo Cabin

“I think we got here right in time,” Trenyce tells Casey as she grabs her bag from the trunk of the car and they start to walk to the cabin. “The snow is coming down pretty heavily.”

Casey looks up and sees the large snow flakes, “You’re right,” he replies to her. “It would have been horrible to drive in this snow.”

Trenyce pauses when she gets to the door and she waits for him to come with the key. She looks around and is amazed by how beautiful the setting is at the cabin. It’s her first time at the cabin and she can’t think of a more serene setting. She will be isolated with the man she has grown to love for a few days without any interruption. The fact that there’s the season’s first snow fall when she’s at a mountain cabin with her lover adds to the romantic feeling.

“It’s so beautiful here,” she tells him as he approaches the door with his bag. “I’m really happy that I’m here with you Casey.”

Casey smiles at her and leans in and gives her a kiss, “I’m happy that you’re here with me too Trenyce. And yes, this place is beautiful but you are much more beautiful to me.”

“Let’s go inside and start a fire! I’m freezing!” she says as he unlocks the door.

They enter the cabin and look around. “The staff obviously came and cleaned up for us,” he says to her. “Why don’t you take the bags upstairs, and I’ll get a fire going.”

“Sounds like a plan, I’ll be right back.”

He moves over the fireplace and starts to put some wood in when he feels his phone vibrate in his pants pocket. He grabs it and sees it’s from Cassie. It reads, “Where are you? We have a problem.”

Casey rolls his eyes and starts to type a response. Trenyce appears on the stairs and notices that Casey’s on his phone, “What’s up? Is something wrong?” she asks him as she comes down the stairs. She was under the impression it was just them for the weekend; no phones.

Casey quickly puts his phone back in his pocket and looks over his shoulder at her, “Not at all, I’m just going to finish getting this fire going.”

Trenyce sighs a little knowing that she has to get Casey to open up about the troubles he is having with his sister. Every time she has questioned him about it before, he has gotten very defensive. Now that they are alone together, she hopes that she can discover what is really going on with him and Helen. In fact, she’s determined to learn the truth.

Scene Six - The Pampa Grill

“I just wanted to thank you for agreeing to come out with me tonight,” Cassie smiles to Shane as he sits across from her at the restaurant. She picks up her wine glass and takes a sip of the red liquid in her glass. “I know that the last time we saw each other, it got a little heated and I wanted to make sure you know that I didn’t mean to across the line with you and I am your friend first and foremost.”

Shane looks at back at the woman he believes to be as Helen and smiles, “I appreciate that Helen.” He recalls how the last time they saw each other, she kissed him passionately again clearly wanting to take their friendship to the next level but he told her that he is still in love with Natasha. He just hopes that they are able to find her sooner rather than later as he still feels uneasy about her disappearance. “In all fairness, we have both been going through a very difficult time lately and I think that’s why we have been drawn together.”

“The two of us have been through so much together,” Cassie smiles back to him. “And whether we realize it or not, we will always be bonded together because of our connection to Dawn.”

“How is she holding up? It can’t be easy for her with you and Adam going through the divorce proceedings.”

Cassie nods, “We are trying to make it as easy as possible,” she replies to him. “He can see and have her whenever he wants her. I would never keep Adam from his daughter.”

“That’s good to hear Helen. She needs both of her parents.”

“Has there been any news on Natasha at all?”

He shakes his head no, “Nothing. But I went to see Bob and Kim and he’s going to put more of his resources into finding Natasha. The more I think about it, the more I think she should have reached out to me by now, you know?”

Cassie smiles to him pretending to care what he is saying. She reaches over the table and grabs his hand, “If you need anything Shane, and I mean anything, you know I’m here for you.”

“Am I interrupting something?” Adam asks as he approaches the table, having seen Helen and Shane when he walked into the restaurant. He is rather surprised to see the two of them together at the restaurant, holding hands no less.

“Adam?” Cassie asks surprised to see him. “I was just having dinner with Shane. He was telling me about Natasha and I was …”

“She was being supportive,” Shane backs her up on her story. Shane doesn’t want anyone to know of the kisses he and Helen have shared because he believes that they both realize that they have been mistakes. The last thing he wants is to have his friendship ruined because of a misunderstanding.

“I see,” Adam replies. “Helen, this is kind of important. Could I speak to you about something?”

“Right now?” she asks shocked that he wants to interrupt her alone time with Shane. “This can’t wait?”

“No, it can’t,” Adam stands his ground. He has to find out the truth about Casey; nothing else matters.

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Shane tells Cassie, who looks back at him. “I’ll just go use the restroom. I’ll be right back.”

“Thanks Shane,” Cassie smiles to him as he leaves the table. She turns her attention to Adam, “What the hell is so important that it couldn’t wait.”

“It’s about Casey,” Adam reveals to her as he sits across from her. “You have some explaining to do.”


“So you’re babysitting Andrew for a few days?” Vinny asks Daisy as they sit across from each other in the back of the restaurant.

Daisy nods back to him, “Trenyce and Casey went away some where for a few days.”

Vinny arches her eyebrow, “She didn’t tell you where?”

Daisy shakes her head, “No, she didn’t want anyone to know, I guess. I’m not worried. I know she’ll check in and see how Andrew is doing.”

Vinny nods his head apprehensively. “If you’re okay with this, then I’m okay with this.”

Daisy smiles back to him, “Why not? She’s young and in love. It’s fun to run away with your lover sometimes.”

“Is it now? Maybe you and I should run away together then?” he smiles to her as he leans in and gives her a kiss on the lips.

Meanwhile, at the front of the restaurant, Savannah enters and brushes some of the snow off her jacket. She decided to come and pick up some take out after her modelling shoot because she didn’t feel like cooking for herself. Plus, after a long, hard days work, she thought treating herself to a nice dinner would be the way to go.

As she looks around the nice restaurant, she stops and feels her heart skip a beat for a moment. In the back corner, she sees the man again. The same man that she saw at the Sugarbowl earlier in the week. “It has to be Dave,” she whispers to herself as she starts to walk over to the table, having spotted Vinny and Daisy.

“How could you leave me alone like that?” she says as she reaches the table and puts her purse down on the table, causing Vinny and Daisy to look up at her.

“Excuse me” Daisy says calmly to the unknown woman.. “I think you have the wrong table.”

“No, I know exactly who this man is. Why don’t you tell your new friend how you left me alone in New York?” Savannah snaps back looking Vinny square in eyes.

He shakes his head, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I know you.”

“It’s me Dave! It’s Savannah! Don’t tell me you don’t remember me, because I will come around there and ring your pretty little neck.”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Savannah tells her story to a stunned Vinny
- Shane overhears Adam and Cassie talking
- Victoria gets her medical test results back

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