Episode 227 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: November 10, 2013


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Casey and Trenyce went to the Calimo cabin for a romantic get away. Once there, a heavy snow storm started to fall. Trenyce saw Casey on his phone and wondered if she could finally get him to reveal his family tension between him and Helen.
- Helen and Natasha plotted a way to escape the cage that they are locked in
- Cassie continued to pursue Shane despite professing his love for Natasha. Adam, meanwhile, learned that Casey isn’t who he claims to be and went to confront “Helen”
- Cory and Robin celebrated her pregnancy
- Victoria was arrested for Ernesto’s death. Eva was questioned by Robbie as Will threw a syringe into the River
- Robbie and Paige shared a tender moment when he interrupted a family moment with Leah and Jeff
- Daisy and Vinny were together when Savannah accused him of being Dave

Scene One - Pampa Grill

Cassie sighs heavily as Adam scoots into the seat where Shane was just sitting. She’s annoyed that Adam has interrupted her dinner out with Shane to tell her something important. In her mind, nothing can be so urgent that it couldn’t wait until she was free. Her time with Shane is limited and she wants to enjoy it while she can. At least, Shane was nice enough to at least excuse himself so Adam could tell “Helen” whatever it was that needed to be said in private. This way, she can try to get rid of him quickly and move on to her dinner with Shane again.

“What the hell is so important that it couldn’t wait,” she snaps at him annoyed.

“It’s about Casey,” Adam reveals to her as he sits across from her. “You have some explaining to do.” He looks at her for a moment hoping that something on her face will give it away that there is more to the story than meets the eye. He has been having Casey investigated by Madeline as he feels like something doesn’t make sense with his mysterious brother in law. Like the fact that he just happened to show up in town the day of his shooting last summer. Adam went on his hunch and now has confirmation that Casey isn’t who he claims to be. He needs answers now.

“What do you mean I have some explaining to do?” she quickly goes back at him, growing tired of this never ending circle. “I don’t know how many times we have to go over this Adam.”

“Look,” he says back to her as he leans forward into the table so other people don’t hear them. “I know you think my memory isn’t what it should be because I don’t remember the shooting anymore. But this is different.”

“How exactly is this different?” Cassie asks him, suddenly growing a little uneasy. She grabs her purse to see if she has any of the memory lapsing pills in her purse to give to Adam. She can’t let her secrets come out now. Not after everything that she has done to ensure they are protected. If Adam does know something, she has to stop it now.

“What are you looking for?” Adam asks her as she rifles through her purse.

“Nothing important,” she smiles back to him as she looks up, having not found any pills. She knows that she has more at her house, however.

Beside their table is a green wall that is covered in plant, giving them privacy from the walk way to the restrooms. Shane stops on the other side of the green wall, as he can hear Adam and Helen still talking. He doesn’t want to interrupt the soon-to-be ex’s as he could feel some sort of tension between them.

“We have to talk about Casey,” Adam replies. “I know that he’s not who he claims to be.”

Cassie freezes and looks up at him, “What did you just say?”

“You heard me Helen. I think we should go back to the house and talk about this. I’m not going to back down about this,” Adam tells her, determined to get to the truth.

Cassie nods her head quickly knowing that she has to get home so she can feed Adam more pills and come up with something to tell him about Casey. “Okay, if it’s that important to you, we can go.”

“Thanks,” Adam tells her as he stands up and starts to walk away. Cassie follows him, leaving Shane wondering what exactly is going on with Helen and Casey. If Casey isn’t who he claims to be, who is he?” Shane wonders to himself, having overheard their conversation. “And why would Helen lie about him?”


“Excuse me” Daisy says calmly to Savannah, who is at her table with Vinny. “I think you have the wrong table.”

“No, I know exactly who this man is. Why don’t you tell your new friend how you left me alone in New York?” Savannah snaps back looking Vinny square in eyes. She would know his face from any where. She won’t let him get away with ignoring her, not after everything they have been through.

Vinny shakes his head, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I know you.”

“It’s me Dave! It’s Savannah! Don’t tell me you don’t remember me, because I will come around there and ring your pretty little neck and make you remember who I am,” Savannah yells back at him, not going to go away quietly. She has waited a long time for this moment and has so many questions; she wants answers from the man in front of her.

“Did you say Dave?” Daisy asks surprised, not having heard that name in a very long time as Savannah nods her head. “Look, Savannah, if you knew Dave then I’m sorry. He was a evil man, he did a lot of bad things to a lot of people. If anything, this is another one of Dave’s victim’s.”

“Dave was my brother,” Vinny reveals to Savannah, who looks like she starts to tremble. “My triplet brother, in fact.”

Savannah gasps, “There was three of you?”

Vinny nods his head, “It’s a long story but yes, there was three of us. Dave died a few years back though. You must not have seen him in some time.”

Savannah shakes her head and gets tears in her eyes, “Look, I’m really sorry that I snapped like that, it’s just …” she pauses as she tries to collect herself. “Dave really hurt me when we were in New York together. What he did was unthinkable.”

Daisy looks at Savannah and extends her arm for her to sit down, “Do you want a glass of wine to calm down or something?”

Savannah smiles, “Thanks but I’ll be fine.”

“Do you mind if I ask you what happened between you and my brother?” Vinny asks her, curious about the woman sitting at his table. “I’m Vinny Victors, by the way,” he says as he shakes her hand.

“Savannah Pherson,” she replies to him.

“And I’m Daisy Davenport,” Daisy smiles to her. “So, go on, what happened with you and Dave.”

Savannah sighs and closes her eyes for a moment, “Well it was a few years ago now, but the short of it was we had a relationship in New York about 4 years ago. Dave was in and out of New York. He could never stay very long.”

Daisy nods and looks back at Vinny, they both know that Dave couldn’t have stayed in New York very long because he was busy impersonating Vinny.

“I ended up pregnant,” Savannah suddenly announces to them. “But that’s when he left me. I only saw him once again after that.”

“You had my brother’s baby?” Vinny asks, shocked by Savannah’s admission.

Savannah nods her head, “I did. I had his baby boy.”

Scene Three - The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Victoria’s Condo

Victoria opens the door to her condo and walks in with Robbie following behind her. She smiles at the sight of her own home, thrilled that she was released on bail after she was arrested for killing Ernesto.

“Thanks for bringing me home,” she tells Robbie, who closes the door behind him. “I really want to have a quick shower if that’s okay. After spending all that time in jail, I just feel dirty.”

Robbie nods at her, “That’s understandable. I know Lois Kam is being hard on your Vic, but she’s just doing her job. Getting you bail was easy and once your medical exams come in, hopefully the charges will be dropped completely.”

Victoria sighs, “I hope so too. I don’t think I could handle going back to jail.”

They are interrupted by the telephone ringing. Victoria walks over to her phone and picks it up, “Hello….Yes, this is she … Oh, I see …. Yes, I understand. You will be passing this information over to the DA? … Great, thank you.”

Robbie arches his eyebrow, “What was that all about?”

“My medical tests came back,” she says in a whisper as she hangs up the phone.

“And?” Robbie asks her.

“My father didn’t rape me,” she says choking on tears as he comes up to her and hugs her. “He didn’t touch me. Maybe someone intercepted him first. But he didn’t.”

“Thank God,” Robbie replies to her as he holds her. “The nightmare is over Victoria, you don’t have to think about it anymore.”

She looks up at him and wipes her eyes, “The other tests prove that I was drugged with chloroform, meaning I was knocked right out. There’s no way I couldn’t have killed Ernesto.”

“You know what this means?” Robbie says with a small grin on his face. “We should go and celebrate. With this test results, your charges will be dropped against you, I’m positive.”

“What did you have in mind?” Victoria replies to him with a twinkle in her eye.

“I could join you in the shower,” he winks back to her. “And then maybe the Pampa Grill?”

She smiles and pulls him closer.“That sounds amazing.”

Scene Four - The Pampa Grill

“So this is the first picture of my next grandchild, huh?” Dominick smiles as he holds the black and white sonogram that Cory and Robin have presented him at their table. “I can tell you already, the child will be the luckiest child in the world having you two has parents.”

“Oh Daddy,” Robin smiles over to him as she grabs his hand. “We just feel so blessed right now, you know? It seems like everything has gone our way in the last little while.”

Cory nods, “Despite so many people trying to work against us, everything really has gone our way.”

“That’s how it should be,” Dominick tells them both. “You two have gone through so much together to get to this point, it’s only fitting that you have some happiness.”

“We tend to agree,” Cory tells him back, knowing that after all he and Robin have been through, it’s nice to have some good news for a change.

“I hate to bring this up,” Dominick replies to them. “But have you contacted your Mother? I know you didn’t want to tell her about the wedding, but she will be a grandmother.”

Robin sighs and looks to Cory before looking back her father, “Honestly Daddy, I haven’t. After everything she did to try to break Cory and I up, I don’t know that I want her to know. I don’t know that I want my child to get to know a woman that would try to break up two people that so clearly love each other.”

Dominick shakes his head, “That’s fair, I just think Melissa will probably want to hear the news from you as opposed to someone else.”

“I’ll think about it, okay Daddy?” Robin smiles back at him.

They are interrupted by a waiter that comes up to their table, “Sorry to interrupt, this package was delivered a few moments ago, for you Mrs. Calvin.”

Robin arches her eyebrow, “Oh, that’s weird. Thank you, though,” she says as she takes the package from his hands and Cory hands him a 5 dollar bill.

“What is it?” Cory asks her as she opens the package.

She finishes opening the box and sees a piece of rope shaped like a noose with a card. “I love your neck line,” she reads out loud. “Love your biggest fan.”

She looks up at her father and husband and quickly puts the box beside her, “That’s weird,” she says with half a smile, clearly freaked out by the package.

“I wouldn’t worry about it darling,” Dominick replies to her. “Models get weird fan mail all the time.”

“Yea,” Robin replies still feeling uneasy. “I’m sure they do.”


“So what do you make of that?” Daisy asks Vinny, now that they are alone again as Savannah excused herself and left the restaurant with her take out order.

Vinny sighs and takes a sip of his red wine, “Honestly? I don’t know Daisy. It was pretty out of the blue.”

Daisy nods. “I know. I was surprised when Savannah mentioned Dave’s name. It had been so long since we had heard that name. I thought that was all apart of our past.”

Vinny agrees with her. “You’re telling me. After he died and I was saved from his clutches, I never wanted to hear his name again. I guess it was too good to be true.”

“Do you think Savannah is telling the truth? Do you think she had Dave’s baby?” Daisy asks him, almost worried about his answer.

Vinny pauses and looks at her. “I don’t know, but if it is true I have to help Savannah with anything she needs, you know? If my brother left her alone and pregnant, I will feel responsible for that baby. My nephew.”

Daisy nods her head and grabs his hand. “We can take this one step at a time. I suppose the first step is finding out what happened to the baby boy. We can go from there.”

Vinny nods uneasily. “Yea, we can.”


Robbie and Victoria enter the restaurant and move towards the hostess stand. Victoria looks up at Robbie and smiles, happy that she has him in her corner. She doesn’t know what she would do if she had to take this on all on her own.

“I’m so happy you’re with me,” she smiles to him as they wait for their table to be ready.

He looks back at her and smiles. “I’m happy to be with you too Vic. There’s no where I’d rather be.”

As they walk to their table, Robbie feels his heart freeze as he sees Leah and Jeff sitting at a table, clearly on a date together. They are sitting close together, laughing and sharing a bottle of wine. Suddenly, his mind is flooded with nights that he and Leah shared doing something so similar to that.

Victoria stops when she notices that Robbie isn’t moving. She looks forward and sees Leah and Jeff together, allowing her to realize what’s going on with Robbie. “Are you okay? We can go some where else if you want too.”

Robbie shakes his head and fakes a smile on his face, “No, it’s fine. Sorry, I guess I was just caught off guard. I shouldn’t be surprised that their together like this … it’s been written on the wall for so long.”

“I’m sorry that you’re still hurting,” Victoria tells him as she comes up to him. “Are you sure you want to stay?”

“I’m sure. Let’s go celebrate your good news.” He pauses for a moment trying to collect himself. “I’ll be fine,” he tells her again, hoping that he can start to believe the words that he’s speaking.

Scene Five - The Calimo Cabin

“The snow is really coming down out there now,” Casey tells Trenyce as he looks outside at the heavy snow fall.

“The fire feels nice and warm,” Trenyce smiles to him, as she lays on a blanket by the roaring flames. “Do you want another glass of wine?”

“Yea, that’d be nice,” he says as he scoots off the sofa and comes down to the blanket next to her.

She pours him a glass of wine and passes it to him. “Here you go,” she smiles. “Let’s make a toast.”

“Okay, I’m terrible at making those, so I’ll let you do the honours,” he winks over at her as he holds his glass.

“Hmm, how about to the most romantic getaway ever,” she says to him. “I’m having a wonderful time being trapped in the snow with you.”

“I’ll drink to that,” he replies as they cheers together and they both have a drink of the red liquid.

“So, I’ve been thinking,” she says as she gets comfortable on the blanket again and he arches his eyebrows. “We are all alone up in the mountains and it’s snowing, we could have a really amazing talk if you wanted too.”

Casey takes another drink of his wine. “Sure, what do you want to talk about?”

Trenyce looks at him and pauses hoping that he won’t get upset when she suggests their topic of conversation. She has been worrying about what his tension is between him and Helen since he always mentions that there’s family drama. “Well, if you wanted too, you could tell me about your family. I know that your relationship with Helen has been a source of a lot of tension for your lately. I’m here to listen if you want.”

Casey feels his blood boil as he has told Trencye numerous times that he doesn’t want to talk about his relationship with Helen. He knows that he can’t tell Trenyce the truth about his relationship with Helen, who is really Cassie, because their entire plan would be exposed and Cassie would be absolutely livid if that happened. Plus, if the truth did come out, he would be facing jail time. He wishes that she would just drop it as he has asked her.

“I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that I don’t want to talk about it,” Casey quickly snaps back at her. “I thought the point of coming up here was to get away from all of the crap that we deal with at home and just be together. I didn’t realize it was going to be us talking about it.”

Trenyce sighs. “That’s not what I meant. I was just hoping that you’d want to share with me about what was going on in your life. It just seems like this always happens when I bring it up.”

“What’s that? What always happens?”

“This attitude, this edge that you get. I really don’t like it, if I’m honest with you Casey,” Trenyce tells him back. “It’s like this other side of you that scares me. You’re never this … angry about anything else.”

“I get angry because I don’t like people in my business, okay?” he yells as he stands up. “I’m going to go for a hot shower. I feel a chill.”

“Fine,” Trenyce replies to him as he walks over the stairs. “I’ll be here when you’re done.”

Trenyce watches him as he walks up the stairs and wonders what he’s hiding. She finishes her glass of wine and moves towards the coffee table which is when her eyes spot it: Casey’s phone. She turns and sees that he’s upstairs. She moves to pick up the phone after she hears the shower water start to run. She turns it on, “I don’t mean to snoop, but I have to know what’s going on. Maybe I can help in some way.”

Scene Six - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

“I’m sorry that I made you leave your dinner with Shane,” Adam tells Cassie as they enter the living room of the house. “But this really couldn’t wait.”

“That’s what you said at the restaurant,” she snaps back at him as she throws her purse on the sofa. “I’m going to have a glass of wine, would you like one?”

“Sure, fine,” Adam quickly replies to her. “I want answers about Casey though. I know he’s not who he claims to be.”

In the kitchen, Cassie slips a memory lapsing pill into Adam’s glass and swirls the wine around it in until it dissolves. She brings it back into the living room, “Here have a drink, you’re clearly on edge,” she teases him. He takes the wine glass and has a sip. “Now, tell me what makes you think that Casey isn’t my brother. I told you that I had a DNA test run after he came to town.”

Adam nods, as he drinks the drugged wine. “I know that’s what you said Helen, and I believe you. I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, but I hired an investigator to uncover more information about Casey, and he’s not who he claims.”

“I see,” Cassie replies as she drinks her wine. “So, you think he … what? I don’t know, altered the DNA tests or something?”

“He could have,” Adam replies to her. “We have to find out what happened though. We have to find out what his agenda is!”

Cassie squints her eyes and wonders how she can handle this situation, “You know Adam, I think you’re right. We have to do something,” she says as she walks closer to him, pursing her lips together.


“Helen!” Natasha asks standing up in the cage and rushing to the steel bars that are keeping them inside. “Do you hear that?”

Helen looks at her room mate and arches her eyebrow. “No,” she replies quickly. “I don’t hear anything. “What do you hear?”

Natasha waves her hand so Helen will come stand next to her. “I swear I can hear voices, which I never could hear before.”

“Really?” Helen asks as she jumps up and moves towards Natasha, curious about these sounds.

“Listen,” Natasha replies in a whisper as they start to listen for more words. Soon, they can both hear voices from the main level of the house.

“My God Natasha! I can hear them,” Helen says getting excited. “And if we can hear them, maybe they can hear us!”

“HELP!” they both start to scream in unison hoping that someone, anyone, will be able to hear their pleads.

Next on One Day at a Time
- There’s another piece of the Savannah mystery revealed
- Cassie gets closer to Adam
- Madeline and Reese remember their parents

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