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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Will and Eva remained at odds after Ernesto revealed that he and Eva were still legally married. Eva was questioned by the police after Ernesto turned up dead
- Leah and Jeff made love after Robbie left her and told her he wanted a divorce. Veronica, meanwhile, dumped Jeff and went back to Boston
- Bob vowed to help Shane find Natasha
- Adam learned that Casey is a con. He confronted Cassie, thinking she was Helen, unaware that Shane overheard
- Savannah claimed to have had Dave’s baby boy
- Trenyce and Casey went to the Calimo Cabin for some quiet time. She once again grilled him about his past. When he refused to talk to her, she decided to look at his phone

Scene One - The Wilkins Estate; Reese &Madeline’s Home

“Does it still seem weird to you that Mom and Dad aren’t here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us?” Reese asks Madeline as he puts the turkey back in the oven so it can finish cooking. He recalls all of the holidays that they spent together as a family when Preston and Olivia were still alive and he can’t help but feel emotional as he misses both of them most on days like today.

Madeline puts her glass of wine down and looks at her brother. “Of course it’s not weird. I still miss them every day too. I really hate that I was away for so many years in New York and not here with you and our parents.” She recalls the years she was in New York after she ran away after learning her parents had been robbing banks.

Reese walks up to her and hugs her tightly. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You learned one of our parent’s more horrible secrets Maddie and you were so young. It’s okay that you ran away, you didn’t know how else to cope.”

Madeline exits the embrace and wipes her misty eyes. “I know. It’s just hard on days like today because I would give anything for them to be here with us. Even just to have one more day with them.”

“Me too,” he quickly replies to her. “Look at us,” he says getting a smile on his face. “We should have back to the living room before our guests think we have disappeared on them.”

“Reese,” Madeline calls stopping him from leaving the room. “I love you. I’m so glad that we still have each other.”

Reese hugs her again. “I love you too Maddie. We’ll always have each other. Always.”


In the living room, Eva and Will sit on the sofa side by side. They each have a glass of wine in their hands and they are trying to make small talk while the Wilkins twins check on dinner. Will can still feel the tension between him and his former lover as he hasn’t exactly been receptive to her since he found out that she is still married to Ernesto. After everything they went through once Eva’s past was revealed, Will was finally able to move past it and realize that he does still love Eva only to find out that she had more secrets. It has been a very hard pill to swallow for him because she had vowed that she didn’t have any more secrets.

“You went pretty quiet,” she observes to him as she gives him a quick glance.

Will shrugs a little nervously. “I guess I have a lot on my mind.”

Eva nods. “Ernesto is dead Will. We can move on from this nightmare now. We have too.”

Will freezes not wanting to talk about Ernesto or his death. “I don’t think we should talk about that today,” he quickly says back to her. “Victoria isn’t in jail, so we have nothing to worry about today.” In the back of his mind, he keeps recalling how he drove to the river a few days earlier and threw a syringe into the water. That’s the last thing he wants to be thinking about.

Eva nods his head again. “Fair enough. I hope this doesn’t sound awful, but I am glad that he’s dead so he can’t ruin our lives anymore.”

“The damage has already been done,” Will quickly replies to her, still hurt by everything that has gone down in recent months.

“Will,” she sighs heavily. “Today is a day about giving thanks. I understand that you’re hurt and upset by everything that has happened but I do want you to know that I am very thankful to have you in my life.”

Will is about to respond when his cell phone starts to ring. He grabs it and answers it. “Hello … Yes this is Will Coutts … What? Why would you want to see me about that? … Yes, fine. I’ll be there tomorrow.”

“What was that all about?” Eva asks him as he hangs up his phone and sets it back on the table.

“That was Lois Kam,” Will says back to her, informing her of the call.

“The DA? What did she want?”

“She wants to see me regarding Ernesto’s death,” Will gulps to her, realizing that he may have some explaining to do after all.

Scene Two - The Twin Peaks Executive Hotel; Suite 807

Savannah looks out the large window in her suite that over looks some of the downtown skyline. She is once again reminded of how small Twin Peaks is compared to New York city, where she is from. She turns around and looks at her smallish suite, which also makes her realize that she’s not in NYC anymore. Her hotel suite is larger than her two bedroom apartment that she had in Manhattan. She walks over to her bar and pours herself a rum beverage and slowly sips on it.

She turns and looks around the empty suite and suddenly misses her friends in New York. On a day like today, Thanksgiving, she and her friends would have gone out to a fabulous restaurant and celebrated the holiday together. She has no doubt that eventually she will make friends here in Twin Peaks, but it has not happened as of yet. Partly because she has been so focused on her work at Robertson Enterprises and the new line.

And because she has seen the man that got her pregnant a few years ago. Or at least she thought she did. She is still having a difficult time adjusting to the news that Dave had two triplet brothers. She had often heard him speak of his brother Brett, she had no idea that they looked the exact same. The fact that Vinny is here, in Twin Peaks, almost seems surreal to her.

“I guess that explains why he was so mysterious all the time,” she whispers to herself as she takes another drink of her alcoholic beverage, recalling how Dave never spoke of his family life.

She stops and sighs suddenly holding her stomach, thinking about her baby boy. “I wonder where he is. What happened to him? What did you do to him Dave?” she asks herself as she gets some tears in her eyes.

It’s not often that she thinks about her child, but being alone on Thanksgiving she doesn’t see anything else that she can think of. She holds her stomach for a moment longer. “Damn you Dave. Damn you straight to hell.”

Scene Three - The Calimo House; Leah &Paige’s Home

“Paige are you almost ready?” Leah calls up the stairs to her daughter, who is collecting a small bag with some toys as they prepare to head over to Dominick’s townhouse for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Leah hears a faint “yes” come from upstairs so she continues getting herself ready. She looks into the living room and sees Jeff pacing a little. “Are you okay?” she asks him as she enters the room, not used to seeing him look apprehensive.

Jeff looks up and gives her half a smile. “I guess I’m okay,” he quickly says back to her. Inside, he’s actually very nervous. He’s never been over to a family event with Leah before. Not since they were married and 16 years old. It seems like so much has happened since then.

“Are you nervous?” she asks him, quickly reading his facial expressions. “There’s no need, you know?”

Jeff nods his head. “It’s just that … your father can be a little bit intimidating.”

Leah laughs a little as she hears the front door bell ring. “That’s weird, who could that be today?”

She walks over to the door and opens it. “Delivery for Leah Calimo,” the man says as Leah takes the package and walks back into the living room.

“What is it?” Jeff asks her as Leah sits on the sofa and opens the envelope.

She pulls out some documents and sighs heavily. “My divorce to Robbie, it’s finalized. I’m no longer married to him.”

Jeff moves over and sits next to her on the sofa, “Are you okay?”

Leah nods her head. “Why wouldn’t I be? I knew this was only a matter of time. Robbie made it perfectly clear he didn’t want to be married to me anymore. Not that I can really blame him after everything that happened.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that you spent years with him Leah. It’s okay to be somewhat upset that your marriage is over,” he tells her as he looks into her eyes. He loves her, but he wants her to grieve her marriage if she needs to.

Leah nods back to him. “I’m just thankful that you and I have been growing closer again Jeff. I really am sorry for all the lies I told and keeping you from Paige for so long.”

“We are making it right now, that’s all that matters, right?”

“I keep thinking to myself, maybe there’s a reason that we’ve been drawn together for so many years. Maybe this was always meant to be,” she whispers to him as she grabs his hand and locks it. “I was with Robbie for so long but maybe I should have been here.”

He smiles back at her and leans into give her a kiss on the lips. “Maybe you’re right. It sure feels good being with you.”

Scene Four - The Calimo Mansion

Bob pours himself another brandy as the flames in the fire place roar creating a warm feeling on his body and in the living room. He looks to the large window to the side of the fire place and he sees the large snow flakes falling quickly from the sky. He sighs as he then looks at his watch before he takes another sip of his beverage. He shakes his head realizing that both of his children are late for Thanksgiving dinner. He keeps telling himself that they are both going through a lot right now, Robbie with his pending divorce from Leah and Natasha hasn’t been seen or heard from in weeks. Still, he believed that they would both show up for the holiday as they always have.

“If Sofia was still alive, they would be here today,” he whispers to himself as he takes another drink of his brandy as he realizes that his family has changed and he’s not sure he likes the difference.

“Who are you talking to my love?” Kim asks as she comes into the living room wearing a large fur shall.

Bob shakes his head at his wife. “No one. I was just commenting to myself about the time and how my children are late for dinner.”

“What a pity,” Kim quickly snaps back at him, knowing that he is far too easy on Robbie and Natasha. IF they were her children, Kim would demand more respect. “Rosario has made a feast.”

“She always does,” he replies to her. “I’m just concerned that neither Robbie nor Natasha are here. Natasha is little bit more forgiving as she has been missing for some time. I really believed that they would both be here today though.”

Kim nods back to him and walks up to her husband. “What would you like to do? Do you want to call Robbie? I can call my PI again to see if there’s any updates on Natasha if you’d like.”

Bob shakes his head. “That’s not necessary. He has a family too. He should be with them on a day like today.”

Kim nods her head in agreement. “You’re right, this is crazy. Families should be together today. It’s Thanksgiving for crying out loud. I can’t believe that both Robbie and Natasha are pulling this today of all days.”

Before Bob can reply, his phone rings. He looks at Kim before he picks it up. “Hello … Robbie, son, how are you? Please tell me you’re on your way. Rosario has simply out done herself with the food this year … I see, yes, I understand that … Okay, well you make sure you come by soon, alright? … Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving to you too.”

Kim arches her eyebrow as Bob hangs up the phone. “Let me guess, he’s not coming?”

“No he’s not,” Bob says in a low stern voice. “His divorce from Leah was finalized today and he doesn’t feel like being around a lot of people.”

“People or his new step mother?” Kim rolls her eyes.

“Enough with the side remarks Kimberly,” Bob tells her back. “Robbie has been put through the ringer this past year. We can cut him some slack.”

“Fine,” Kim snaps back at him, still frustrated that his children are acting like spoiled brats. “That doesn’t excuse Natasha. You know what? I’m going to over to Shane’s right now and see what else needs to be done to find her.”

“Right now? Rosario is almost finished cooking …” Bob replies to her, not wanting to be completely alone.

“What good is all the food if our family isn’t here celebrating with us?” Kim says as she moves towards the front door.

For the first time in his marriage to Kim, Bob is reminded of Sofia. She, just like Kim is right now, always put their family first.

“Tell you what, I’ll tell Rosario to keep everything warm until you get back,” he smiles to her at the door.

Kim turns and looks at her husband, “Thanks. I love you, I’ll be back! Hopefully, with your daughter.”

Scene Five - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn’s Home

“You were amazing,” Cassie smiles to a naked Adam as he lays next to her in the master bedroom. She runs her finger along his long, chiselled torso as she recalls Adam interrupting her dinner with Shane at the Pampa Grill earlier in the evening because he learned that Casey isn’t who he claims to be. Cassie, of course, knows that she has to ensure that Adam doesn’t say a thing to anyone about this, so when they got back to the house she drugged him again with another memory lapsing pill and then she seduced him so they wouldn’t have to talk about it any longer. To her surprise, he was better in bed than she thought he would be.

Adam tries to get his heart rate back down to normal. After so many months in the hospital rehabbing his legs and then for Helen to give him divorce papers, this is the last thing he expected to happen. While he has always loved his wife, he didn’t want to contest the divorce if that’s what she really wanted. After this, he has no idea what to expect next.

He looks down at her and smiles. “I had missed you,” he says to her in a whisper. “And my God, had it been a long time.”

Cassie giggles a little. “I could tell. In a good way, of course.”

“I have to ask Helen,” he says leaning up and looking at her. “Where did this come from? You told me you wanted a divorce. I got the papers. This seems all out of the blue.”

Cassie smiles back to him. “I suppose. I wanted a divorce because we’ve been on a different page Adam. When I was talking to you earlier, I just got caught up in how passionate and attractive you are. I couldn’t resist. I hope you’re not complaining.”

Adam shakes his head and continues to have a grin on his face. “Not at all,” he says as he leans in and looks at her to give her a kiss on the lips. “I’m just not sure what this means for our future.”

Cassie crawls out of bed and puts her robe on. “I don’t think we should take it that seriously Adam. Whatever happens, will happen, you know? Let’s just take it day by day.”

Adam crawls out of the bed and puts his boxer shorts back on. “Yea, you’re right. So, can we continue our conversation now? I still want to know what you think we should do about Casey? He’s clearly a con man. What if he shot me for other reasons? Reasons we don’t know about.”

“What other reasons?” Cassie snaps back at him, hating that she has to go back and discuss with this him again. “Every time I’ve been alone with him, he acts like my brother. If there was some kind of screw up with the DNA test, he didn’t have anything to do with it. He’s a good guy Adam.”

“Let’s do the test again, this time let’s get Shane involved,” Adam suggests to her, needing the truth. “You know we can trust him, right?”

“I suppose,” Cassie says as she leaves the bedroom. “I want a glass of wine, do you want one?”

“No!” Adam yells at her. “I want to have a real discussion with you about this and not have you avoid it like the plague!”

Cassie turns to him and glares at him. Before she can speak, the door bell rings. “Who the hell could that be?” she asks as she walks to the door.

She opens it and sees Shane standing on the other side of the door. “Shane, what are you doing here?” she asks as he comes into the house and she ties her house coat tighter.

Shane looks at her and then over at Adam, who is only wearing his jeans and arches his eyebrow. He can clearly tell that the two have just had sex. “I couldn’t help but overhear what the two of you were talking about at the Pampa Grill earlier. Casey isn’t who he claims to be?” Shane asks them quickly as Adam looks over at Cassie. “What the hell is going with him then? Who is he Helen? Who is Casey?”

Scene Six - The Michaels House; Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

“Where’s Robbie today?” Donovan asks Victoria as they sit side by side on the sofa at Daisy’s home as they were invited over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Victoria looks over at her brother and grabs his hand. “He found out his divorce was finalized from Leah today. He just wanted some alone time. Have I told you lately that I’m so grateful to have you back in my life.”

Donovan smiles back at her and leans in to give her a hug. “I love you so much Victoria. I’m glad we were able to get past everything together. And now that Ernesto is dead, we have nothing else to worry about.”

“Let’s not talk about that today, okay?” she smiles back to him as they exit their embrace. “Today, let’s just have peace.”

“What’s up with you two?” Andy asks as he comes into the living room and sees the siblings together on the sofa.

Victoria smiles up to her friend. “We were just having a moment and reflecting on what a crazy year this has been. Finding our mother and having our father die is pretty unimaginable.”

Andy nods his head. “I can’t imagine. It’s nice to see you guys as close as you are though.”

“It’s like you and Kim,” Victoria replies to him. “You guys are each other’s rocks.”

“Yea,” Andy replies to them as Andrew comes running into the living room with a truck in his hand.

“Where’s Mommy?” he yells out in confusion as he looks for Trenyce in the living room.

Vinny and Daisy enter the living room as all the eyes go on them. Daisy leans down and looks at Andrew. “Mommy went away for awhile, remember Andrew? I’m sure she’ll be calling soon to with you a Happy Thanksgiving. She would never forget that.”

Vinny moves over to sit next to Victoria. “How are you doing?”

Victoria turns to her ex-husband and smiles. “I’m good Vinny. Despite everything, my father dying was a good thing. That sounds terrible, but he can’t hurt us anymore.”

Vinny leans in closer to her and looks her in the eye. “I get that because I felt the same way when I learned Dave was shot and killed. After everything he did to me, I was happy he was gone.”

“I guess we have another thing in common,” Victoria winks back at him.

“Andy,” Daisy calls out to him as he turns to look at her. “Can I talk to you for a moment?”

Andy stands up and they walk into the kitchen. “What’s up?”

Daisy turns and looks at Andy with concern on her face. “Have you heard from Trenyce? A text or a voice mail?”

Andy shakes his head no. “No, I don’t even know where she and Casey went. I take it you haven’t heard from her either?”

Daisy shakes her head back to him. “And I’m getting worried. It’s not like to not check in with Andrew. Especially on Thanksgiving, you know?”

Andy nods back to her. “I’m sure it’s because she’s having a great time with her boyfriend and it just slipped her mind.”

Daisy arches her eyebrow and fakes a smile, as she has a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. “Yea, I hope you’re right.”

Scene Seven - The Calimo Cabin

Trenyce gulps as she picks up Casey’s phone. She turns around and looks back up the stairs as he just went upstairs to have a hot shower, after they had another disagreement about his family issues that he refuses to speak about. She knows that she has time to check his phone to see if there are any messages to Helen that would give her some indication of what his family drama is. She just wants to be there for her boyfriend instead of having him shut her out about what is going on between him and Helen. She wishes that she understood why he gets so defensive whenever she brings it up.

She slides the phone on and holds her breath. She hates that she is snooping on him but she doesn’t feel like she has another choice. She clicks on the text messages and sees Helen’s name pop up. She slowly pushes the button and waits as the messages reappear in front of her.

She scrolls down and starts reading the messages. Her facial expression soon turns to horror as she realizes that Cassie is really alive and holding both Helen and Natasha hostage.

“My God,” she whispers, as she reads all of the messages exposing all of Casey and Cassie’s plans. “You’re a monster! I’ve been dating a monster!”

She is started when she hears Casey clear his throat on the stair case he starts to walk down the stairs, fresh from the shower.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing with my phone?” he asks in an angry voice, starring at her as she holds his phone in her hands. A million things race through his mind.

“Nothing,” she tries to cover up as tears fill her eyes. “My phone didn’t have reception and I wanted to call Andrew. It’s Thanksgiving after all.”

Casey comes up to her and grabs the phone from her and looks at the screen, his eyes turn to complete disgust as he realizes her betrayal. More over, he realizes that she knows everything that he and Cassie have been working so hard to keep under wraps. His entire world will change if anyone exposes him and Cassie. He refuses to let that happen.

“So, you know?” he whispers to her as he looks back at her.

Trenyce shakes her head no as a tear falls from her eye. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t play stupid with me Trenyce!” he yells at her as he grabs her, furious with her.

She quickly moves back from him. “Don’t touch me Casey! Yes, I know the truth! You’re a monster! Cassie is alive and playing with people’s lives! How could you? How could you do this?” she cries to him.

He laughs back at her. “You know what this means, don’t you Trenyce?”

She wipes her eyes and looks back at him. “It means,” he whispers. “I have to kill you because no one can find out the truth.”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Vinny and Andy work together to figure out where Trenyce is
- Kim arrives at the Black house looking for answers
- Shane confronts Cassie about her lies

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