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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce and Casey went to the Calimo cabin for a romantic get away. There, she read his phone and learned his connection to Cassie. He told her he would have to kill her now. Meanwhile, Vinny and Andy learned of Trenyce’s whereabouts and raced to the cabin to see if she was okay after she failed to call on Thanksgiving. Trenyce ran away from Casey and ran on to a pond. The ice cracked and both of them fell into the icy waters. Vinny and Andy saved Trenyce, but Casey drown after a piece of ice hit his head
- In Twin Peaks, Cassie seduced Adam in hopes of keeping him quiet after learned Casey isn’t who he claimed to be. Shane showed up and announced he knew the truth too. Cassie grabbed her gun and knocked them out. Kim, meanwhile, showed up at the Black house determined to learn the truth about Natasha’s disappearance. She went downstairs and found Helen and Natasha trapped in the cage. Cassie arrived with the gun and the women struggled. The gun went off twice, each shot by one of the bullets
- Reese admitted to Madeline that he was considering doing something that he normally wouldn’t after he saw how much money he would make on the porn website where his solo video was posted
- Victoria was released on bail for killing Ernesto

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Natasha looks up at Craig and nods her head as he tells her everything that she has to do for the next few days. The list consists of staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest as she suffered those effects being locked up in the cage in the Black basement for the last few months. She recalls how after Cassie and Kim were both shot in a struggle in the basement, she and Helen screamed for help until one of the neighbours came over and called 9-1-1. She, Helen, Cassie, Kim, Shane, and Adam were all rushed to the hospital when the emergency crew arrived. She’s now learning that she is fine, but she wants nothing more than to go and see Shane and her family. She has been away from them long enough.

“Thank you for everything Craig,” she tells him. “I know I should be paying more attention but I really just want to see my family. Can you take me to them please? I promise I will take it easy the next few days.”

“Of course,” Craig nods his head back at her. He invites her to move from the hospital bed into the wheel chair that it’s in the room. “It may seem extreme, but after everything you’ve been through, I’d like you get as much rest as possible.”

Natasha nods back at him. “It’s fine. As long as you push me,” she smiles up to him.

She sits in the chair and he pushes her out of the room. Soon, they are arriving at the waiting room. Bob and Shane immediately stand up when they see Natasha come into the waiting room. Natasha gets tears in her eyes at the sight of them.

“Doctor, how is she?” Bob asks concerned, his eyes never leaving Natasha’s face.

“She’ll be fine as long as she gets rest and a lot of water,” Craig tells them. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go check on Cassie and Kim’s status for you guys and give you the update.”

“Thank you Craig,” Shane tells him as he shakes his hand before he leaves the room.

Natasha stands up and hugs Shane immediately. “I missed you so much,” she says as she holds him as tears fall from her eyes. “I was so scared that I would never see you again.”

“I never stopped thinking something had happened to you,” Shane tells her back in her ear. “I’m just so sorry that I didn’t figure this out sooner.”

“It’s not your fault,” she says as they exit their embrace. “Cassie had us all fooled, you know?”

“Can I get a hug too?” Bob asks as he comes up to his daughter.

Natasha feels her eyes swell with water. Despite all the family problems that she and Bob were going through before her kidnapping, she loves her father more than anything else in the world. “Of course,” she says as Bob comes up to her and hugs her. “Oh Daddy, I was so scared.”

“Sshh,” Bob says back to her as he fights his own tears. “It’s over now. You’re safe and I promise that nothing bad will ever happen again.”

Natasha exit’s the hug and looks at him. “How’s Kim? Have we heard any news at all?”

“Nothing,” Bob replies to her, his face pale from worry that he may lose another wife. “She went into emergency surgery.”

“She was so brave Dad,” Natasha tells him as she recalls how Kim started to fight with Cassie, despite her having a gun. “She saved me and Helen. She’s a hero. She’s our hero.”

Bob looks down nodding his head as he starts to cry a little. He has wanted nothing more than to have his children accept his marriage to Kim.

Everyone turns their head as the waiting room door opens and Adam and Helen enter the room. Natasha looks at her friend, “Helen,” she smiles over to her as she walks over to her.

“It’s over,” Helen cries into Natasha’s arms. “It’s finally over.”

Natasha exit’s the hug and looks at them both. “You guys are both okay?”

“Doctors gave us a clean bill of health for the most part,” Adam replies to her. “I’m just happy to have my wife, my real wife back.”

“It seems so unreal to be out of that cage,” Helen says back to everyone. “I just can’t believe that Cassie had surgery to look like me. It’s like something out of a soap opera or something.”

“Have we heard of how she is? Or how Kim is?” Adam asks the group as he squeezes Helen’s hand, telling her that she is still the most important person in the room to him.

“We are expecting Craig back with an update any time now,” Shane replies to them, hoping that the doctor comes back soon.

Just as Natasha is about to say something, Craig enters the waiting room. Everyone turns their attention to him, “So, how are they? How are Cassie and Kim?” Natasha asks Craig, as everyone awaits to hear the news of the two women.

Scene Two - Riverside Delicatessen

“You haven’t really said much to me about the video,” Dean tells Reese as they sit across from each other at the deli having a late lunch together. Dean hopes that he will be able to finally convince his boyfriend that doing another video is the way to go, especially since they are making so much money off Reese’s solo video. Despite Reese’s early hesitations, Dean really thinks that showing Reese the dollar amounts may be the way to change his mind.

Reese takes a bite of his sandwich and finishes swallowing before he replies, “I honestly still don’t know what to do Dean.” Reese admits to him, still having mixed feelings on the entire thing. On one hand, he does enjoy seeing all of the money coming in. However, he has never had to worry about money because when his parents died they left him with a lot of money. In all reality, he probably wouldn’t have to work another day in his life if didn’t want too. On the other hand, however, he still feels grossed out by the thought that so many people could be viewing him naked right now on the website.

“That’s fair,” Dean replies to him. “I guess I just thought that you were maybe considering doing another video after you saw how much money we were making. We could make so much more if you did an actual scene with another guy. It would be so hot Reese.”

Reese blushes. “I saw the money Dean. That’s really not the point.”

“Then what is?”

Reese sighs and looks over at him, “Well, for starters, I don’t even remember making this first video. That makes me uneasy. I know that night you filmed me, we had a few drinks but that usually doesn’t cause me to black out completely. I mean, if I remembered it maybe I could see myself going forward. But it’s like … I don’t know. It’s just weird that I can’t remember.”

Dean gulps and looks to his plate of lunch, knowing that he can’t tell Reese that he drugged him and that’s why he can’t remember the video shooting. If Dean did tell him the truth, he knows that Reese would be livid and wouldn’t even consider doing another video.

“I guess maybe you did have too much to drink,” Dean says softly, hoping to make Reese believe the story. “I don’t know. I don’t even remember how much we drank that night.”

Reese arches his eyebrow, “Neither do I, but it’s not like me. Usually I’m able to handle my alcohol quite well. Something isn’t sitting right with me.”

“So that means no other video?” Dean asks him. “That’s too bad. I know that we’ve already built up a fan base.”

Reese sighs, “I don’t know what it means Dean. Until I know why I can’t remember, I have to say that there’s no other video in store for me.”

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Police Station

“We have to find something on this case,” Lois Kam tells Officer Ryan Garrison, who is at her desk. Garrison has been a police officer for a number of years now and has been assigned to the Ernesto murder case as Lois wanted Robbie removed from the case considering he is so close to a number of the prime suspects. “After the medical reports came back that proved that Victoria Franky was drugged with chloroform, we have to be able to have another suspect.”

“Eva McCloud was Ernesto’s wife that faked her death to get away from him. She must have wanted him dead, especially after the attack she suffered on the pier. Then there’s Will Coutts, Eva’s younger lover who must have been devastated when Ernesto revealed that he and Eva were still married. Of course, there’s also Donovan, Ernesto’s son that could have been protective of his mother and sister,” Garrison tells Lois back as she nods her head, knowing that all of these are good possibilities.

“I think we’ll need to review the notes that Robbie made when he spoke to Eva,” Lois tells him. “I’ve already contacted Will so he will come in tomorrow so we can speak to him about the death. As for Donovan, I hadn’t even suspected him. You may be on to something with that Garrison.”

They are interrupted by another office bringing Lois a file folder. She quickly opens and sees some new photos from the scene of the crime. “Look at that,” she says at the one photo of a shoe print in some dust on the pier. “That’s an awfully big shoe print. Will Coutts isn’t that tall.”

“But Donovan is,” Garrison tells her as he arches his eyebrow. “I say we get Donovan into the station sooner rather later and question him. In the meantime, I’ll get another search of Ernesto’s clothing to see if we can find any other traces of DNA on him.”

Lois nods and smiles, “I like it. I won’t settle for anything less than a conviction on this case Garrison. And, we need to find those shoes!”

Scene Four - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Trenyce lays in the hospital room in extra blankets as the doctors want her to regain more heat. She was in the icy waters at the Calimo cabin for some time and they were worried that she may have hypothermia. She knows that she will be okay physically, but emotionally she is a mess. She can’t believe that she fell so hard for Casey and he turned out to be a complete monster. She let him into her life, every aspect of her life; her bed and into Andrew’s life. She’s just thankful that he never snapped in front of her son. She doesn’t know what she would have done if he had hurt her baby boy.

She turns her head when she hears her door open and she sees Daisy come into her room. Daisy looks at her niece and feels her emotions get the best of her. She starts to weep at the sight of Trenyce. She covers her mouth as she walks up to the hospital bed. Trenyce opens her arms for a hug from her Aunt. “I’m okay Daisy,” she whispers into her Aunt’s ears as they hug.

“I know,” Daisy tells her as she tries to pull herself together. “I was just so worried. I knew that something was wrong when you didn’t call on Thanksgiving. I’m just so glad that Vinny and Andy went up to the cabin when they did.”

Trenyce nods back at her. “I will be forever grateful to them,” she says softly. “I owe them my life.”

Daisy wipes Trenyce’s face with her hand as she is crying a little. “I’m just happy it all worked out.”

Trenyce looks at her Aunt and feels herself start to cry again. She moves her hands to her eyes and starts to weep into her hands. “What’s wrong Trenyce?” Daisy asks her, hoping that her niece is okay. “Talk to me.”

“It’s everything,” Trenyce says back to Daisy, as she opens her face. “I feel like such a fool for trusting Casey. For letting him into my life. What if he had hurt Andrew? What if …”

“Stop that,” Daisy tells her, cutting her off. “He didn’t hurt Andrew. There are a million what if’s Trenyce,” she continues to tell her. “We can’t dwell on those. We can only take what happened and learn from it. And Lord knows, we have all made mistakes. You had no idea. None of us did.”

Trenyce looks up to her. “I just feel so stupid. And, you know what else? It just turned on a dime, you know? We were having a great time and then in front of me he changed and turned into this wicked person. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.”

“He fooled everyone. So did Cassie,” Daisy tells her. “You can’t beat yourself up over this.”

“The hardest part,” Trenyce tells her as she starts to get more tears in her eyes. “Is the last time I saw Casey, he was drowning in the pond. A piece of ice came up and hit …” she pauses as she moves her hand over her mouth, relieving the moment in front of her. “His head. He went under almost immediately.”

“Trenyce!” Daisy tells her as she gets tears in her eyes too. “We have to remember what he did. All the pain that he caused. You couldn’t have saved him. You couldn’t have prevented any of this! He died a man that was desperate to keep his lies the truth.”

“I know,” Trenyce says looking back at her with her damp eyes. “It just hurts.”

Daisy moves in and hugs her again. “Oh baby. We’ll get through this. Together, I promise you we will get through this.”


Adam steps out of the waiting room for a moment hoping to get Helen some water. He looks around and sees Madeline at the nurses station. He rushes over to her, actually happy to see her at the hospital.

“Madeline,” he calls out, causing the young woman to turn and look at him. “What are you doing here? Is everything okay?”

Madeline nods back at him. “Just a check up. What are you doing here?”

Adam shakes his head. “If I told you, you probably wouldn’t believe me.”

Madeline arches her eyebrow and she quickly opens her mouth in shock as Adam tells her the story of why he is at the hospital.

“My God,” she tells him, having heard the entire stored story. “That’s an unbelievable story.”

“I know,” he nods his head back. “Look I want to get back to Helen, but I really wanted to thank you.”

“Thank me?” Madeline asks, still trying to adjust to all of the news she just heard.. “For what?”

Adam looks back at her and smiles. “If it wasn’t for you digging into Casey’s past, none of this would have come to light. I owe you one. We all do.”

Madeline smiles as he starts to walk back to the waiting room where everyone else. Madeline, for the first time in a long time, feels like she’s done something for the good instead of for the bad. After everything that happened with Robin and Cory, this is exactly what she needed to make herself feel like she is doing something right.


“Cassie survived,” Craig reveals to everyone, much to their disappointment. “She’s in stable condition.”

Natasha shakes her head. “This doesn’t seem fair. After everything that woman has done to so many of us, she gets a clean bill of health?”

Craig nods his head. “She does have a police officer outside her door and she is handcuffed to the hospital bed by her ankle,” he reveals to everyone. “There is a long list of charges on her so we want to ensure that she doesn’t escape. Once she’s released, she will go to jail.”

“I suppose that’s a good thing,” Helen says to everyone, hopeful that Cassie’s reign of terror is finally over.

“And Kim?” Bob asks, wanting to know about his wife. “How is my wife Craig? Please tell me she’s okay?”

Craig sighs and looks back at him. “I’m afraid she’s not in as good as shape. The bullet locked into her lungs and we had to remove it. She’s not breathing on her own right now because of the wound to her lung. She is out of surgery, but she’s still in ICU.”

“Can we see her?” Natasha asks.

Craig nods his head. “One at a time, and please remember that she’s in a coma. She isn’t awake, but we are hoping that she will awake very soon. If you guys have any other questions, I’ll be around.”

“Thanks Craig,” Shane says to him as he the doctor leaves the waiting room.

“She’ll be okay Daddy,” Natasha says as she turns to her father and looks at him. “Kim has always been a survivor. She will get through this.”

Bob looks at his daughter and hugs her. “I hope you’re right Natasha. I don’t think I could handle losing someone else so close to me.”


Adam looks into the small window on the hospital door and sees his wife’s face laying in a hospital bed, only it is not his wife in the bed. He opens the door and enters the hospital room.

“I was wondering when I would get my first visitor,” Cassie smiles as she looks over and sees Adam enter her room. “So, it’s my dearest husband. How are you?”

“You know what’s funny about this entire situation?” Adam asks her as he moves closer to her bed. “In a plan where you thought you were in control, everyone will survive and grow to be stronger people because of the hell you’ve put us through. And you know who is suffering? You and Casey.”

Cassie looks at him with a wicked grin on her face. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You’re handcuffed to the bed,” Adam smiles back at her. “Isn’t that enough of a punishment? Knowing that you’re going to jail as soon as you’ve healed from your gun shot wound? And knowing that Casey has died. Or you probably don’t care about that.”

Cassie shrugs her shoulders, “Sometimes people die Adam. It’s not the end of the world. We all go sooner or later.”

“You heartless bitch.”

Cassie starts to laugh. “You know I won’t be going to jail anytime soon, don’t you?”

Adam arches his eyebrow. “Keep telling yourself that Cassie. As soon as your better, you’ll be locked up and they’ll throw away the key.”

Cassie looks at him as she leans up in her bed. “I guess the doctor didn’t tell you Adam. I’m pregnant. I’m not going any where until my baby is born.”

Cassie smirks as she sees the colour drain from Adam’s face as he hears the words replay in his head over and over. “I’m pregnant.” As the words come out of her mouth, he can’t help but envision having sex with her and he realizes that he may be a father again.


Bob opens the door to Kim’s hospital room and pauses before he enters. He sees his wife laying unconscious in the bed with monitors hooked up to her. She has a number of tubes running into her and she doesn’t even look like the same vibrant woman that he married. He finally enters the room and closes the door behind him.

He moves up to her bed and continues to look at her. He gets tears in his eyes as he sees his wife laying perfectly still in the hospital bed.

He moves his hands to touch her, but he’s almost afraid to touch her as he doesn’t want to damage her any more than what she already is. He finally sits on the stool at her bedside.

“You have to wake up Kimberly,” he finally says as a single tear falls from his eye. He quickly wipes it away, as he hates to show any sort of emotion. “I can’t lose you. I can’t lose another wife. After Sofia died, it was you that brought me back. It was you that taught me to love again. You have to wake up so we can continue this journey together. Please, Kimberly, please, wake up.”

Kim doesn’t move or respond to any of Bob’s words. He moves closer to her and lays his head on her chest and grabs her hand with his. “Please my love,” he whispers to her as he half lays with her. “Wake up.”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Victoria and Eva are horrified by an event that occurs on Christmas Day
- The Calimo’s celebrate the holiday in the hospital
- Adam, Helen and Dawn try to have a normal Christmas

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