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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Leah and Jeff continued to grow closer as he got to know Paige
- Donovan was arrested for killing Ernesto
- Trenyce hoped that she would be able to put everything that happened with Casey behind her
- Shane and Natasha were married on New Year's Eve in a simple ceremony. Cassie, meanwhile, vowed revenge on everyone that crossed her

Scene One - Roboto; Bob's Office

"I must admit, I was surprised to see this meeting on my calendar," Bob tells Leah and Jeff as they sit across from him at his desk. "A meeting right after the New Year with two of my top executives seems a little out of the order, especially since we do not have anything pressingly urgent right now. We've been quiet over the holiday season."

Leah looks back at her former father in law and nods. She glances quickly over at Jeff, who nods to her giving her the okay for what they are about to do. While it is not easy, they have been thinking about this for some time now. "The reason we called the meeting is because we have something to discuss with you. We have been thinking about this for some time now," Leah replies to him, hoping that Bob takes the news okay.

Bob pauses and looks at the two of them and arches his eyebrow. He can tell that something is about to go down and he is pretty sure he knows what it is.

"While we have enjoyed our time here at Roboto," Jeff begins to tell him. "We both feel like it's time we move on."

"You're quitting?" Bob asks them, as he takes a deep breath and realizes that his worst fears are coming true.

"Effectively immediately," Leah replies to him. "I've loved working here Bob but after everything that has happened, I just think it's for the best."

"You mean, your affair with Jeff while you were married to my son?" Bob snaps back at her. The affair that they had which produced Paige has really turned into a nightmare for Bob as Veronica quit Roboto and now his top two executives are quitting as well.

"What happened has happened," Jeff replies on Leah's behalf, knowing that she doesn't like to get into it with anyone, lease of all her ex-husband's father. "We've made our decision. In the file folder in front of you, you'll find our letters of resignation. If there'll be nothing else, we'll be on our way."

Leah and Jeff stand up and walk over to the office door. Jeff exits, but Leah stays back for a moment. "Bob," she tells him, causing him to look over at her. "For what it's worth, I am sorry. I really have enjoyed my time with this company."

Bob watches her as she leaves the office and closes the door behind her. He throws his glasses on to the table and runs his hand over his mouth as he sighs. "Now what?" he asks himself, knowing that if he wants to keep the competitive edge over Robertson Enterprises he will need to get more staff at his company. In his mind, this goes back to Dominick; this is his doing and Bob will make him pay.

Scene Two - Robertson Enterprises, Dominick's Office

Dominick stands at the window of his office looking out that skyline in Twin Peaks. He has been focused on the latest perfume release that Robertson Enterprises is coming out with very soon. While he has completed most of the work, he is still searching for a new name for the new line. For awhile, he was thinking of the possibility of re-launching the Blooming Rose, but now he knows that he should have something brand new and fresh for his new line. Plus, the company has grown since the Blooming Rose. The photographs with Savannah have turned out amazingly well and he can't wait to get this product out for everyone to see and use. It deserves a name of it's own.

"I'm not interrupting am I?" a voice calls from his doorway.

Dominick turns around and smiles at the sight of Eva. "Eva, how are you? You're not interrupting at all. How have you been?"

Eva walks up to him and gives him a quick hug. "It's been far too long since I've seen you. Happy New Year to you."

"And you as well," he replies to her. "Let's have a seat, shall we?" he offers her a seat on the large sofas in his office. "I'm assuming this is more than just a social call?"

Eva nods back to him as she gets comfortable on the sofa. "I'm sure that you've heard about my family problems over the past year."

"I would have thought that everything would have cooled down after your husband turned up dead," Dominick informs her, having heard about Ernesto's death. "He was the one that was stalking you and Victoria, wasn't he?"

Eva nods her head, "He was and we have proof of that. Problem is, my son has been arrested for Ernesto's murder."

Dominick open his eye's wider, "Did he kill his father?"

"Of course not," Eva quickly replies to him. "We all hated that man more than anything else in the world, but Donovan certainly did not kill him. I know that my son is innocent."

Dominick nods back to her. "Okay, so how are you going to prove that Donovan didn't kill him? Surely the police must have some kind of evidence if they arrested him."

"That's why I'm here," Eva reveals to him. "I know that you're a powerful man Dominick. I mean, years ago you found me in Europe and you brought me to Twin Peaks when you were still going after Sofia. I was hoping that you could help me find the evidence to prove Donovan's innocence."

Dominick sighs and stands up, "I don't know Eva. I'm not one to get involved with police investigations. They do their job for a reason."

"I know Dominick," Eva says back to him as she stands up and faces him. "But I can't do this on my own. If you won't do this for me, do this for Donovan and for Robertson Enterprises. You know he's been a great asset to this company."

Dominick can't argue with her reasoning. "Okay Eva. I will see what I can do. I will get some people on it to see if they can out what really happened the night Ernesto died."

Eva hugs her friend, "Thank you so much. I mean it, thank you Dominick."

Scene Three - The Michaels House; Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew's Home

"I see it's still cold out," Trenyce smiles to Daisy as they slowly walk up to the front door of the house. It's Trenyce's first time outside since she was admitted to the hospital, however she is on her way home as she was released earlier in the day. She is thrilled to be out of the hospital and she hopes that she will now be able to focus on putting everything that happened with Casey behind her. She wants nothing more than to put that part of her life behind her and focus on her future. She can't believe that she was such a fool; she only hopes that she can move forward now and not think about that time anymore.

"It's still winter T," Daisy chuckles back to her, noting the weather. "You weren't in the hospital for that long."

Trenyce reaches the door and Daisy. "Thank you for everything Daisy."

"You're welcome," Daisy smiles back to her. "I love you, you know that right?"

"I do know that. I love you too."

Daisy opens the door for Trenyce and she walks into the house. "Surprise!" friends and family of Trenyce yell out as she enters the house, surprising her with a welcome home party.

Trenyce gasps as the sight of people in the living room. There is a large banner that reads, "Welcome Home Trenyce". She turns back to Daisy with tears in her eyes, "Did you set this up."

"Maybe. With a little help from Vinny," Daisy smiles to her, happy to see how excited Trenyce is. "We just wanted you to see all your friends right away so you know that we all care for you."

"I don't know what to say," Trenyce tells her flabbergasted.

"Give me your jacket and go say hi to people," Daisy winks at her.


"Trenyce sure looked surprised," Reese tells Madeline as the stand over in the corner of the living room.

"She really did," Madeline replies to him. "I'm sure she's feeling overwhelmed right now. We can go say hi to her afterwards."

"Totally. How was your New Years?"

Madeline freezes and recalls how on New Years Eva she and Will ended up in a passionate kiss. She is scared of what it means as the last thing she wants to do is end up with another guy that is taken, even though she knows he and Eva are on the rocks right now. So was Cory and Robin when she hooked up with Cory. Plus, she knows that she and Will have a sorted history from when she first was reunited with Olivia and Preston.

"It was alright," Madeline fakes a smile over to her brother, not wanting to get into the Will story with her brother. "It was pretty low key actually."

"Yea, mine too," Reese reveals to her, as he remembers Dean finally admitting to him that he drugged Reese which is why he doesn't remember making the solo gay porn video that is on the internet right now.

"I haven't seen Dean around the house lately," Madeline tells him, wondering if something is going on. "Does that mean that you two broke up officially?"

Reese shrugs his shoulders, "I don't know. Everything is so complicated."

Madeline puts her arm around her brother's shoulder, "Isn't it always?" she winks at him causing him to laugh a little.


"You looked like you were going to faint," Andy smiles to Trenyce as they hug hello. "I wish I had my camera."

"I wasn't expecting this at all," Trenyce tells him as they exit their embrace. "It is nice to see everyone, though."

"We were all scared for you," Craig tells her back as he comes up and joins his boyfriend and his best friend.

"I know," Trenyce tells them back. "I really want to take this time to thank the both of you. I don't know how you figured out that I was at the cabin with Casey, if you hadn't been there Andy, I would have…"

"Don't say it," Andy interrupts her. "All that matters is that Vinny and I were there. As soon as I say you in the pond, I knew what I had to do. Vinny feels the same way. "

"I couldn't ask for a better best friend," Trenyce tells him as she gets water in her eyes.

They hug again, "I can say the same for you T. I can say the same for you."

Scene Four - Twin Peaks Police Station, The Holding Cells

Will enters the hallway to the holding cells and looks around as he's never been here before. Even when he was visiting Ryan in jail, he was at another facility, so this is all new to him. He walks slowly down the hall until he sees the jail holding cells. The police officer that is beside him points to the far one in the corner. "That's where your friend is," the officer tells Will.

Will nods his head and slowly walks over to the cell. He soon sees Donovan sitting on his cot, "Donovan," Will announces himself causing Donovan to look up and see his friend.

"Will," Donovan says with half a smile. "I wasn't expecting you. What brings you by?"

Will shrugs, "Look, I know things are weird between your mom and I right now, but that doesn't mean that I don't care for you and Victoria. You two are really cool, and I just wanted to come by and make sure that you were doing alright. This can't be easy."

Donovan stands up and moves closer to Will, "I appreciate that Will. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. It's … all I do is think in here."

Will moves closer and lowers his voice, "Do you want to tell me what you're thinking about?"

Donovan arches his eyebrow, "How I'm going to get out of this. What did you think I was getting at? You don't think I actually killed Ernesto, do you?"

Will studies the look on Donovan's face, "Of course not. But if you had, I wouldn't exactly think it was a bad thing. That son of a bitch got exactly what he deserved."

Donovan suddenly becomes a little uncomfortable as he can't believe that Will just said that Ernesto deserved to die. "I don't think that's exactly what we should be talking about right now Will," Donovan tells him. "My father died and yes he did a lot of despicable things, but I didn't kill him."

"Okay," Will nods his head back. "How can I help you with this?"

Donovan looks back at him, "You can help find the person who did kill him."


"What the hell do you mean?" Robbie yells at Lois Kam in his office at the police department. "You know I'm the most seasoned detective in this station. Why the hell would you pull me off the Moretti murder case?"

Lois crosses her arms as she listens to Robbie venting about being pulled from the case. "Are you finished yet?" she asks him, thinking that's behaving like a spoiled brat. "You have to look at this from my perspective Robbie."

Robbie shakes his head and gets a slight grin on his face, "I'm trying Lois, but I don't understand why would you want me off this case. I'm the best one here that can help you get a conviction."

"I don't see it that way," she replies to him. "I see that you're involved with the victim's daughter. Your sister Natasha, is the victim's wife's daughter. You're way too involved in this case to keep your head on straight."

"That's not fair," Robbie snaps back at her. "You haven't even given me the chance."

"I've reviewed your notes after you questioned Eva McCloud. You barely went after her," Lois tells him. "I need someone that can leave their person feelings out of this. Officer Garrison can do that."

"Don't make me go over your head on this one Lois," Robbie looks at her in the eyes, determined to stay on the case.

"You can try if you want to Robbie," she tells him. "I already have the commissioner's approval. Look, I don't want to make this personal. I'm just trying to get a conviction on this case."

"You're making a mistake," Robbie replies to her as he storms out of his office. As soon as he's out, he grabs his phone and looks through his contacts. He sees Madeline's name and he looks at it for a moment.

"I will find out who killed Ernesto," he whispers to himself. "With or without the PD's help."

Scene Five - The Calimo House; Leah &Paige's Home

"That went better than expected," Leah tells Jeff as they sit in the living room of the house, fresh from being at Roboto and quitting their jobs.

"Only now we don't have any jobs," Jeff grins over at her. "Thank goodness we have savings."

"And my divorce left me a wealthy woman," Leah informs him. "When you marry a Calimo, you get a piece of that very large pie."

Jeff nods his head, "Still, we should start making some plans for the future, don't you think?"

Leah turns her head and looks at him, "What does that mean? What kind of plans are you thinking of making Jeff?"

Jeff shrugs, "I dunno, I really like this family thing we have going on here. You, me and Paige, it's cool. It's sort of what I always envisioned our life would be like together, only in my mind it was Noah and not Paige."

Leah nods back at him, "I've been liking it too."

"So let's get our own place together," Jeff tells her. "I know you love this house, but it's filled with memories of you and Robbie. We could sell and get our own place. We could live together and start our life together."

"You want a life together? You, me and Paige?" Leah asks him.

"Of course I do!" Jeff smiles back to her. "I even want to marry you."

Leah freezes at the words he just said, "What did you say?"

"You heard me," he says looking back into her eyes. "I want to marry you. Do you want to marry me?"

Leah feels her eyes swell with water as she grabs his hand, "Oh Jeff," she replies. "I'd love nothing more than to be your wife again!"

Scene Six -Twin Peaks General Hospital; Cassie's Room

"Cassie," her security guard says as he opens her door causing Cassie to look over at the door. "You have a visitor."

Cassie gets a small grin on her face as she knew that the citizens of Twin Peaks wouldn't be able to stay away from her forever. After she announced her pregnancy, she knew that they would all come running to see who the father is and what she is planning on doing with the child. Cassie knows that she has to play her cards perfectly right because she only has until the baby is born to finish all of her plans. Once the baby is born, she will go to jail. Unless, she thinks to herself, she can stop that. That is her main goal now.

Natasha enters the hospital room and looks at her enemy laying in the bed. Natasha walks over to the foot of the bed and smiles as she can see the handcuff around Cassie's ankle. "Hello Cassie," she smiles to Cassie thrilled to see Cassie in this state.

"I've been wondering when you would come to visit me," Cassie replies to her. "You can't stay away from me, no matter how hard you may try."

"I had to come, you're right about that," Natasha says coldly back to you. "And you know why? I had to see for myself that you're locked up, the way you locked me up."

Cassie laughs at her, "You're just lucky that I didn't kill you when I had the chance."

Natasha nods, "I have some news for you as well. News that I wanted you to hear from me."

Cassie's eyes open wider as she looks at Natasha wondering what the news could be. "Shane and I got married on New Year's Eve. He surprised me with a wonderful ceremony. We are husband and wife," Natasha reveals to a horrified Cassie.

She turns her head away not wanting Natasha to see her upset. She can't believe that after everything she has done to keep Natasha and Shane apart, they are finally married.

"I see that you're not saying anything," Natasha continues to taunt her enemy. "You see Cassie, good always wins over evil. And you're pure evil. You will never get your hands on my husband again."

Cassie turns back around and faces him, "His hands were all over me when you were in that cage Natasha. Maybe you haven't heard," she reveals as she gets a twinkle in her eye. "But I'm pregnant. And guess who the father is?"

Natasha moves back as she feels the colour drain from her face. "That's right Natasha. I'm carrying Shane's baby," Cassie reveals with a wicked grin on her face.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim sees Leah and Jeff ring shopping
- Victoria comes up with a plan to help Donovan
- Robin and Cory feel the baby kick

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