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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Jeff casually asked Leah to marry him. Kim spotted them looking at engagement rings and told a stunned Robbie and Bob
- Will kissed Madeline on New Year's Eve as he continued to be at odds with Eva
- Savannah claimed to have given birth to Dave's baby, but she was childless in her hotel suite
- Natasha visited Cassie and informed her that she and Shane got married. Cassie got the last laugh when she claimed that Shane was the father of her baby
- Andy told Trenyce that Donovan had been arrested

Scene One - The Calimo Mansion

"I heard that you were out of the hospital," Natasha announces as she enters the living room of her childhood home and spots Kim sitting on the sofa with a glass of white wine in her hand and her IPad in the other. Natasha looks at her former best friend; the woman that has since gone on to marry her father. Natasha knows that she has struggled with the fact that Kim and her father have a relationship ever since the truth came out about their union. She has tried everything in her power to stop them from being together but nothing worked.

Kim looks up from her computer and takes a small drink of her wine, "Yes, I released last week," Kim quickly tells her, not sure she knows why Natasha is visiting her. The last thing she wants to do is have a fight with Natasha, not after everything that has happened. She has tried to reach out Natasha but every time she did, Natasha threw Kim under a bus. Kim doesn't want a repeat performance; she doesn't think she can handle that again.

"I'm glad to see you back home Kim," Natasha tells her as she puts her large Chanel purse down on an end table. "We were all very scared after you were shot."

Kim nods, "I pulled through, there's nothing left to be scared about."

"Look, I know that we haven't exactly seen eye to eye for awhile now," Natasha starts to tell her as Kim stands up and looks at her friend.

"I don't want to fight with you Natasha. I know you don't support my marriage to Bob, but it's not going to change anything."

"I know that," Natasha tells her as she grabs Kim's hand, surprising her former best friend. "I'm here because I want to say thank you."

Kim's eyes open wider as she looks back in bewilderment. "You want to thank me? For what?"

Natasha feels herself get water in her eyes, "If you hadn't come down to the basement that day at Adam and Helen's, I would probably still be locked up in that cage. You risked you life to save me and Helen. I … I can't thank you enough. If anything, saying those words seems so minimal compared to what you did for me."

Kim turns around and bites her lower lip. She feels bad because she recalls how she thought Natasha's disappearance was all on her own doing. She had no idea that Cassie was actually holding her hostage in the basement.

"I only did what anyone else in my shoes would have done," Kim finally says back to Natasha, not feeling like a hero.

Natasha moves closer to Kim and puts her hand on her shoulder, "Well I really appreciate it Kim. You saved my life."

Kim turns and looks at her friend as a tear runs down her eye, "This sort of feels like old times doesn't it?"

Natasha nods her head back as a tear falls from her eye, "I've missed my best friend."

"Oh Nat," Kim cries as they hug each other. "I missed you too. I'm just glad you're okay now."

"Me too," Natasha replies into her ear. "And I'm glad you're healthy too. Let's call a truce? No more fighting?"

Kim gets a huge smile on her face and nods her head. "I'd like that a lot."

Scene Two - Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Nurses Station

"Will, did you get me that file?" Craig asks the nurse as he approaches the nurses' station. Craig looks at Will, who seems a little overwhelmed with how busy the hospital is today.

Will scrambles around until he finds Craig's file and passes it to him. "Sorry for the delay. It's been crazy in here today. I haven't had time to keep everything as organized as I would have liked."

Craig shrugs his shoulders, "Hey, it's not biggie. I know how it can get in here. You're doing a great job."

"Thanks," Will replies to him. "Have a good appointment."

Craig walks off leaving Will alone at the station. He looks around and realizes that he really does have to get everything in order if he wants to make it to the end of his shift. As he starts to place files in their right places, he can't help but think about his visit to the jail the other day when he saw Donovan. Donovan asked him to try to help him figure out who did kill Ernesto. The thought makes Will feel uneasy. While he works in a hospital, he hates the concept of death, especially a murder.

He shakes his head as he recalls last winter when he drove out to the river and threw that syringe into the icy water. He doesn't want to think about that, not now, not ever.

"Will?" a voice calls causing him to stop his train of thought and look up.

He sees Eva standing at the nurses' station with a slight grin on her face. "I haven't seen you since before the New Year. Happy New Year," she tells him, hoping that they will be able to have a civil conversation for a change. She understands that he's upset with her for all the lies that she told but she is hoping that they will be able to move past all of that now. A new year, a new leaf, she thinks to herself.

"Same to you Eva," he quickly replies to her. "I really hope this year is better than the last one, that's for sure."

"Me too," she tells him. "Although I really do need to get my son out of jail before that will happen."

"If Donovan is innocent, which I believe he is, the police will get to the truth. I have faith in the system."

Eva nods her head, "I have faith in you. I want to still have faith in us. Can you tell me that I'm not foolish for having faith is us Will? I miss you."

Will pauses and looks up at his former lover. He was ready to marry her a few short months ago, but after the truth about her still being married to Ernesto came out, he really felt like it was the final straw in their relationship. There was just one too many secrets. Now he is the one with the secret, as he kissed Madeline on New Year's Eve.

"You're not saying anything," she quickly says to him, curious as to what is in his mind.

"I don't know what you want me to say," he says back to her. "I didn't think you would want to have this conversation at work."

"We are both here, we may as well deal with it now," she says.

Will nods to her, "I think it would be better that we don't see each other anymore Eva. I can't handle any more of the secrets."

Eva feels her eyes swell with water. "There are no more secrets Will," she whispers, trying to keep her composure.

"But the damage has been done," Will replies to her. "This isn't the best place to have this conversation. I can see that you're upset."

Eva shakes her head, "That's fine. You said your peace. I'll let you get back to work."

Will watches as Eva quickly walks away from the nurses station. A part of him is sad to see her go because they have shared so much together, but he knows that he doing what's best for him and that's all he can do.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Police Station; The Holding Cells

Trenyce is shown the way to Donovan's holding cell by a young female police officer. Trenyce looks around the area and can't believe that Donovan has to stay in these conditions. There's not much to the cells; she thinks it's completely unfair that he has been arrested for Ernesto's murder as she knows that there's no way he could possibly be guilty.

"Trenyce!" Donovan says with a smile on his face when he sees his friend approach his cell. "I can't believe you're here."

Trenyce tilts her head, "I came as soon as I heard what happened. How are you?"

Donovan rolls his eyes, as he rather tired of having everyone that visits him ask him the same question. "As well as to be expected. There's nothing like a first degree murder charge to change your life drastically."

Trenyce smirks at him, "Can I do anything to help? I know you didn't do this. There must be something we can do to get you out of here."

Donovan shakes his head, "I don't know. I hired my sister as my lawyer. Natasha said that the judge denied bail because it's a murder trial. I guess we just have to play the waiting game."

"You know that anything you need Donovan, I am here for you. So is Andy. We will do anything we can to help you with this."

Donovan moves closer and grabs her hands, "Thanks Trenyce. I really appreicate that. I need all the friends I can get right now. I'm scared. I am really, really scared."

"We will help you beat this. We all know you're innocent. We will find a way to prove that," Trenyce tells him. "We just have to believe." Donovan nods back to her, trying to stay positive, even though he feels like he's losing hope more and more each day.

Scene Four - City Hall; Daisy's Office

"Thanks again for your help with Trenyce's homecoming party," Daisy tells Vinny as they sit on the sofa in her office. "She really had a good time."

Vinny looks at his lover and nods, "Well, you know, after everything she had been through, she deserved a good home coming party. I know a lot of people care for her and they were all worried about her after what happened at the cabin."

"She really is grateful to you and Andy for saving her," Daisy tells him as she looks him in the eye. "And, so I am."

"I know you guys are," he quickly says back to her. "It's like Andy was saying, it was just all instinct. As soon as we saw her fall into the pond, we knew we had to save her."

"I can't think about what would have happened if you hadn't been there."

"Then don't," Vinny says as he squeezes her hand. "I haven't seen or heard from Savannah Pherson lately either, which I don't know if that's a good or bad thing."

Daisy stands up and moves to pour herself a glass of water. As she drinks it, she recalls seeing Savannah at the Sugarbowl the night Andy and Vinny went to save Trenyce. Savannah didn't want to talk about her child and his whereabouts, which lead Daisy to suspect that perhaps she was lying about having Dave's baby.

"Did I say something wrong?" Vinny asks, noting that Daisy suddenly got quiet.

Daisy shakes her head, "Sorry, I was just thinking. I didn't get the chance to tell you that I saw Savannah. With everything that happened with Trenyce and then the holidays, it just slipped my mind until now."

"You saw Savannah?" Vinny asks surprised. "When did you see her?"

"The night you and Andy went to the Calimo cabin. I couldn't just sit at home and do nothing, so I went to the coffeehouse to get a coffee. She was there."

"Did you guys speak?"

Daisy nods her head, "I asked her about her baby and where he was," Daisy tells him as she recalls their conversation. "She didn't say anything. She didn't have a baby with her, and she hasn't had a baby with her any time that I've seen her. I'm beginning to think that …"

"She's lying?" Vinny asks as he finishes her sentence. "Why would she do that though?"

Daisy arches her eyebrow and looks at him, "You're Vinny Victors. You have a lot of money. Maybe she's looking to get her hands on some of your cash."

Vinny nods, "Maybe. I don't know, she seemed so … real when we were speaking at the Pampa Grill."

"One thing is for sure Vinny," Daisy tells him. "And that is that we have to get to the bottom of this. One way or another, we have to get to the truth."

"But how?" Vinny asks her as they lock eyes as he agrees with her. They do have to uncover if Savannah had Dave's child.

Scene Five - The Calimo Mansion

"Was that Natasha's car I saw here?" Bob asks his wife as he enters the living room holding his laptop in his hand.

Kim turns from looking outside and smiles at husband, "It was. She thanked me for saving her life. It was the first time in a long time that I felt like I was with my best friend. I really think that we may be on the road to getting our relationship back."

Bob smiles back to her, "That's wonderful news. I knew that Natasha would come around. It may have taken her awhile, but I knew this day would come. You must be thrilled."

"I am," she tells him as she walks up to him. She rubs her hands on his chest and leans into give him a kiss. "Maybe we could … celebrate," she smiles as she kisses him again.

"That sounds wonderful," he replies to her. "But I'm afraid I'm not able to right now Kimberly. Dominick's expecting to launch his new line at Robertson soon and I have to follow up on what is going on. His launch will certainly impact Roboto and I have to make sure that I know everything that happens."

"But," she pouts back to him. "I just got home from the hosptial. I would love to be with my husband again."

"And we will darling," he says back to her as he sits on the sofa and turns on his computer. "Just not right now."

Kim turns around and sighs feeling left out from her husband. She knows that he takes his work very seriously and Roboto is like one of his children, but he's never put work before her until now. She pours herself another glass of wine and takes a long sip wondering when he will make time for her again.

Scene Six - The Calimo Mansion, The Guest House; Natasha's Home

"Natasha?" Shane calls out as he opens the front door to the guest house. He came out to see his wife as she hasn't come back to his place and he thought that they were going to be living together now that they are married. "Are you here?"

Natasha arrives at the stairs and looks down. "Shane, what on earth are you doing out here?"

"I could ask you the same thing," he says back to her as she walks down the stairs. "You haven't been at my place, so I got a little worried."

"I'm sorry," she tells him as she reaches the bottom of the stairs. "With everything that has been going on, I haven't had time properly move my things from here to your place. I was just getting some more stuff together to bring it over."

"Really?" Shane asks her, not sure he believes her for some reason.

"Really," Natasha replies to him. "I've been busy working on Donovan's case."

"Okay," Shane says back to her. "Are you okay? You seem … different."

Natasha shakes her head, "Do I? I don't know what you're talking about."

Shane arches his eyebrow knowing that something is up with Natasha. He can read her like a book so he knows when something is bothering her.

"Talk to me Nat, I know something is up with you," he tells her, as he locks eyes with her. "What's wrong."

Natasha looks back at him before she turns around and covers her mouth with her hand fighting back the tears in her eyes. She can't her visit to Cassie out of her mind when Cassie revealed that she's pregnant with Shane's baby. She knows that she was locked up in the cage for months, but she never believed that Shane would sleep with Cassie, thinking that she was Helen. She's left wondering if she even knows who Shane is.

"I know the truth," she whispers as she tries not to choke on her words. "I know the truth about Cassie's baby."

Shane arches his eye brow, "Did you go see Cassie?"

Natasha nods her head, "She told me that she's pregnant."

"Yea, I heard that too. Doctors were talking about it at the hospital."

Natasha turns around and faces him, "She told me that you're the father of the baby Shane. How could you do that to me?"

Shane's eyes open wider, "She told you what?" he asks shocked by Cassie's latest stunt. "You don't really think that I'm the father of her baby, do you?"

Natasha shrugs her shoulders, "What else am I supposed to think? She has wanted you for so long. Why would she lie about this?"

"Because she's trying to create problems between us!" Shane finds himself yelling at her. "I can't believe that you believe a single word that comes out of her mouth. After all the lies she has told, you believe her? You think that I cheated on you!"

"So you're not the father of the baby?" she asks as she wipes her eyes from her tears. "Thank God."

"No, I'm not the father of the baby Natasha," Shane spits back at her. "But it's really nice to know that my wife has so much belief in me."

"Shane," Natasha calls out to him as he starts to walk to the front door.

"Save it Nat, I don't want to hear it right now. I'll see you at home with your stuff," he says as he slams the front door, leaving Natasha alone in the house.

She looks up and has another tear fall from her eye as she realizes that Cassie's plan to come between her and Shane is obviously still working.

Scene Seven - The Sugarbowl

"Is Kim positive about what she saw?" Victoria asks Robbie as they sit across from each other in the back booth of the coffeehouse, as Robbie just told her about Jeff and Leah's pending engagement. She is just as surprised as Robbie was when he first heard the news.

Robbie nods his head, "She was at Diamond Boulevard when they were there," he reveals to her recalling Kim's conversation with him. "Apparently they were looking at engagement rings." He realizes that he has moved on with Victoria, but he's in no place to get married again. He's shocked that Leah is with Jeff; it hurts more than he is willing to say out loud.

"Just because they were looking at rings, doesn't mean that they bought one," Victoria quickly tells him. "Maybe they were just looking."

"Does it really matter?" Robbie quickly snaps back at her. "Our divorce is barely finalized and she's already moving on to another marriage. What kind of environment is she creating for Paige? I won't let her be raised in that kind of home."

Victoria's eyebrows become arched, "What does that mean? You're nothing thinking of doing anything drastic, are you Robbie?"

Robbie locks eyes with her as he takes a drink of his coffee, "Can you please tell me that you support me on this," he says quietly back to her. "I need you in my corner Vic. I need you on my side."

Victoria grabs his hand, "Of course I'm on your side Robbie. I will always be there for you."

"Thank you," he smiles back to her. "I'm just doing what I think is right. What I think is best."

Victoria nods back to him with a slight smile, wondering what exactly Robbie is up too.


Leah enters the coffeehouse and quickly gets into the lineup to place her order. She opens her purse and looks for her wallet when a man approaches her.

"Leah Calimo?" he asks her, causing her to look up from her purse.

"Yes?" she asks him.

"You've been served," the man states as he passes her an envelope.

Leah watches him walk away before she looks down at the envelope. She quickly opens it and pulls out the documents from inside. "My God," she whispers in shock. "Robbie's suing me for full custody of Paige."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Shane and Cassie have a blow out
- Reese gets legal advice
- Dominick supports his children

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