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Previously on One Day at a Time
- The custody hearing for Paige started as Robbie took the stand. Leah's lawyer ripped into him, leaving him feeling like he blew his chances
- Reese visited Natasha and got some legal advice about his online video that Dean posted
- Shane blasted Cassie for making Natasha believe he fathered her baby. Cassie got the last laugh when she revealed that they're still legally married
- Natasha and Kim embraced after Kim was released from the hospital after saving Natasha from Cassie's clutches
- Victoria realized that Jonas maybe the one to save Donovan from his jail time
- Savannah claimed to have had Dave's baby

Scene One - Twin Peaks Law Courts

Leah stands up and looks down at Jeff, who is sitting next to her in the court room. She has just been called to the stand to testify in her quest to keep custody of Paige. She still hates the fact that it has even got to this point with Robbie, but she refuses to let him take her daughter away from her. She knows that Robbie is upset with her for lying about Paige's paternity and she wishes things hadn't turned out the way they have, but right now that she can focus on is ensuring that she keeps Paige. Nothing else matters, she has to keep her child.

"You'll be fine," Jeff whispers to her as she prepares to walk up to the stand.

She smiles back to him as she leaves the table and walks up to the stand. She gets sworn in and then has a seat and looks over at Rachel Fenwick, her lawyer, who stands up and prepares to ask Leah her first question.

"Ms. Robertson, can you tell the court how long you were married to Mr. Calimo?" she asks her. Rachel knows that this has been covered but she also knows that she has to build Leah's credibility as Natasha will shred her for the lies that she told about Paige's paternity.

"Robbie and I were married for eight years," she says trying to force herself to smile as she speaks.

"And in that time together, you were happy?"

"Oh yes," Leah replies quickly, rewcalling her years with the man she loved for so long. "Robbie and I loved each other very much. I still care," she pauses as she feels herself getting a little choked up. "I still care very much for him. I never wanted our relationship to get to this point."

"Can you then describe to the court how you could have an affair on your husband, whom you claimed to have loved?" Rachel asks her, knowing that she is asking a tough question of Leah.

Leah pauses and looks over at Robbie, who looks back at her. She hates that so much of their private life is now on display for everyone to hear. "I never meant for it to get to that point," Leah quickly says back to Rachel. She looks up to Judge Franklin Ross. "Jeff and I were married when I was very young. We had a child together. Noah, he died a few years ago. We just … bonded during our mourning process. The affair, it really did just happen. It only happened once. I … I never wanted to ruin my marriage to Robbie. I loved him with everything I had in me," she says as she covers her mouth as tears start to flow from her eyes. "I never meant to hurt anyone."

Robbie looks at Natasha and feels his heart break inside. He hates that he has to relive some of the most painful moments of his life in a court room like this. He wishes that none of this was happening. Natasha nods her and leans closer to him. "Stay strong," she whispers into his ear, knowing that he can't break now.

"After your affair with Jeff, you ended things with him?" Rachel asks Leah.

Leah nods her head after wiping her eyes dry. "I told him I felt like it was a mistake. I always wanted my marriage to Robbie to work out."

"Then you discovered you were pregnant?"

"I did. I always assumed my baby was Robbie's. It never came into my mind that Jeff was the father. My father thought that Jeff may have been the father, since I had confided in him about the affair. He suggested that I do a paternity test."

"So how did you find out the truth? When you did you learn that Jeff was the father of Paige?" Rachel continues to ask her.

Leah sighs. "Robbie was shot while he was working on a case. He's a police officer," she reveals to Judge Ross, as she makes eye contact again. "He was in dire straits and that's when my father, Dominick, told me that he had tampered with the paternity tests to make everyone think that Robbie was the father but in fact Jeff was."

"Why would your father do that to you?"

Leah feels her eyes swell with water. "He wanted to protect me and my family. His family is the most important thing to him," she tells everyone as she looks to Dominick, who is sitting in the public seating area. "He told me the truth after Robbie was shot because we thought he was going to die. Daddy didn't want my baby to grow up without a father. He thought he was doing the right thing. He wanted to give Paige a family."

"Let's jump ahead now, Ms. Robertson. The truth came out and Mr. Calimo asked you for a divorce?" Rachel asks her next.

"As soon as he learned the truth, he asked me for a divorce. He didn't even try to make our marriage work."

"And at the time, did he even mention that he wanted full custody of Paige?"

Leah shakes her head no. "We even had a talk about it. I asked him not to take Paige from me and we could work something out. He seemed to agree."

"So when did he decide to file for custody?"

"Not until after Jeff and I got engaged recently. That's when Robbie's attitude changed," Leah reveals as Judge Ross starts to make notes on his pad of paper.

"Your witness," Rachel informs Natasha as she walks back to her chair and sits next to Jeff.

Natasha looks at Robbie before she stands up and walks towards Leah. "You claimed that your father told you the truth about Paige's paternity while Mr. Calimo was laying in the hospital fighting for his life."

"That's right," Leah quickly replies to her.

"And you didn't think it was something you should tell your husband when he started to get better? If you look at your ex-husband today, he is in perfect health. You didn't think he had the right to know the truth?" Natasha asks her.

Leah shrugs her shoulders. "I wanted my marriage to work. When the truth came out and Robbie left me, my worst fears came true."

"So you lied. You lied to your husband, you lied to your daughter, and you lied to the father of your child, your current fiancé?"

Leah puts her head down as more tears start to flow from her eyes. "I was trying to protect my family. I thought I was doing what was right for everyone."

"Do you know the difference between right and wrong Ms. Robertson?" Natasha quickly asks her again.

"Objection!" Rachel yells as she stands up.

"Of course I do Natasha!" Leah yells back at her. "I did what I thought was right! I know it was wrong now and I'm so sorry for the hurt I caused everyone. I never meant to hurt anyone!" Leah sobs on the stand.

"We are all just left to wonder Ms. Robertson: what exactly will do you the next time you are trying to do the right thing. And now many more people will you hurt?" Natasha asks her as she glares at her. "No further questions."

"We'll be in recess until I've made up my mind," Judge Ross announces to everyone as he looks at his notes. "Ms. Robertson, you may step down."

Scene Two - Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

Reese walks up to the doors of the studio and pauses before he decides to enter. He looks down in his hands and sees an envelope that he plans on giving Dean. He has been wrestling with what he can do with the fact that Dean drugged him and then taped him in a solo gay porn video and posted it online for anyone and everyone to see. He recalls as he recently went to see Natasha for some legal advice and after hearing what she had to say, he came to a conclusion as to what action to take. He sighs knowing that he has to stay strong despite feeling a little apprehensive about what is about to happen.

He opens the door and looks around until he sees Dean sitting at his computer. He clears his throat causing Dean to turn around and see his one-time lover. "Reese," Dean says after seeing him in the studio. "This is a surprise. I really wasn't expecting to see you."

"I bet you weren't" Reese quickly says back to him. "I don't want to take up much of your time."

"It's not a problem," Dean replies to him, hoping that they can work something out. "We haven't spoken in a while and we probably need to clear up some things up."

Reese arches his eyebrow. "What exactly do you think we have to clear up?"

Dean fakes a smile, not enjoying the tone that Reese has in his voice. "We've just left so much up in the air. The prospect of another video and what not."

"There will be no other video Dean," Reese informs him. "In fact, the video that you have posted will be taken down immediately."

Dean shakes his head in confusion. "I don't understand. You saw the numbers. We are making so much money off of it."

"This is for you," Reese passes Dean the envelope in his hand.

"What's this?"

"I'm suing you," Reese reveals as a stunned Dean looks up at him.

"You're what?"

"You heard me. You drugged me and filmed me in a state where I wasn't in the right frame of mind. You have no right to do that. In fact, it's illegal," Reese tells him as a slight grin comes across his face.

"I thought…" Dean starts to reply to Reese.

"Save it Dean. I'm tired of hearing your excuses. You have 24 hours to reply, or I'll see you in court," Reese replies to him as he turns around and rushes out of the studio. Once he's outside, he takes a deep breath and tries to collect himself. What he just did was hard, but he knows that he had to do it. It was the only thing he could do.

Scene Three - Riverside Delicatessen

Shane brings two sandwiches over on a tray to his table with Adam, who is still using a cane to help him walk. The two friends thought it would be ideal to catch up over lunch and see how each other are doing. They continue to feel bonded over the recent ordeal with Cassie. They are both happy that the nightmare is over but with Cassie in the hospital, the threat continues to linger.

"Thanks for bringing me my lunch," Adam tells Shane as he sets the tray down on the table. "I'm still regaining my strength."

"That's cool," Shane replies to him. "You have come so far, any thing that I can do to help is what I'm here for."

"I appreciate that," Adam tells him as he takes a bite of his sandwich. "You know, this kind of thing is exactly what I missed when I was in the hospital for so long."

"My company?" Shane jokes with him.

"That too. But seriously," Adam continues to tell him. "Eating fresh food like this and enjoying friend's company. It got pretty damn boring in that place."

"But look at you now," Shane comments. "You're healthy and you're back together with your beautiful wife and daughter."

Adam nods back to him. "I still find it hard to believe how elaborate Casey and Cassie's scheme was."

"We were all fooled. I just hate that it took Trenyce and Kim almost dying to us to learn the truth. But it all worked out in the end."

"I went to see you Cassie you know," Adam reveals to Shane, who looks up from his sandwich to make eye contact with his friend. "She is so cruel."

"She's desperate right now," Shane replies to him. "She's trapped. She knows that she will be going to jail soon."

"Why haven't they transported her yet?

Shane pauses and wonders if he should reveal the truth to Adam about Cassie being pregnant. He quickly shuts his eyes and recalls the night the truth came out when he showed up at the Black house and he discovered Adam and Cassie clearly having just finished having sex.

"She's …" he starts to say back to Adam.

"Pregnant?" Adam asks, finishing Shane's train of thought, knowing that Cassie revealed to it him before Christmas last year. He has tried to forget that she even mentioned it to him, but he hasn't been able to stop thinking about it. He hates that he had sex with her, but he really did think that she was Helen at the time.

Shane arches his eyebrow. "You know?"

"She told me when I saw her before Christmas."

"She told Natasha I was the father. Nat believed her," Shane reveals to his friend, still upset that Natasha believed Cassie over him. He isn't sure what to think of Natasha jumping to that conclusion.

"What? That's crazy. How could you be the father?"

Shane sighs. "Cassie and I grew closer while you were in the hospital, Adam. She kept telling me how troubled her marriage to you was and I believed her. And then, of course, I thought Natasha had left me."

"You guys slept together?" Adam asks, shocked.

Shane shakes his head. "No. I couldn't do that to Natasha or you. But you know Cassie, she's always trying to cause trouble. The question is, who is the father?"

Adam gulps as he takes another bite of his sandwich. "You know what I'm thinking, don't you?"

Shane nods back to him, recalling the day he saw Adam and Cassie fresh from the bedroom. "We have to find out for sure. And you have to tell your wife."


Reese enters the delicatessen, having come over after learning Robertson Enterprises. After serving Dean with his papers, he wanted to enjoy some company of a friend. He looks over at a table and sees Savannah Pherson sitting at a table, clearly waiting for him. Reese recalls how the two met recently and have become friendly since then. He enjoys the fact that he can have a new friend that is separate from every other aspect of his life; Dean, Andy and Madeline. He needs something new and fresh. Savannah is that escape for him.

"Savannah," he smiles as he walks up to the table where she is sitting. "How are you?"

"I'm good, Reese," she smiles back to him. "It's good to see you. How have you been?"

Reese shrugs, not wanting to get into the drama with Dean that is going on currently. "I've been good. I've finally solved a riddle that has been going on in my life lately, so that feels great."

"Do I get any more details other than that?" she arches her eyebrow.

"Maybe another time, once it's completely solved. It's just … complicated," Reese replies to you. "I saw the Petals launch. You looked amazing in the pictures."

Savannah blushes, knowing that the new ads do look really good but she still enjoys the compliments. "You know the best part of this entire experience? I had so much input in what was happening. Dominick has been really great that way."

Reese nods. "He's a good boss. Did you sign a contract to have more than one ad with him?"

"Yea, I didn't want just a one-time thing. He's going to work the next few scents around me, which is cool. It looks like I'll be in Twin Peaks for a while," she reveals to him, still happy to be out of New York.

"Good, I'm enjoying this friendship," he winks back to her. "Have you met anyone else in the city that you like?"

She pauses and wonders if she has met anyone that she "likes", per se. "There's something that I haven't told you about me yet," she says cryptically to him. "When I was living in New York, I was in a relationship."

Reese feels odd wondering what this big reveal could be. "Okay. Do you miss your boyfriend?"

Savannah shakes her head no. "He's dead. I didn't know that until I came to here, to Twin Peaks. Turns out, he had a brother. Triplet brothers actually."

Reese's eyes open wider in surprise. "Are you talking about Vinny Victors?"

"Do you know him?"

Reese nods back. "It's a small town," he laughs a little.

"I was dating his brother, Dave. We had a child together."

Reese's mouth falls open even more now. "Wow, I had no idea. You look great for having a child."

"Thanks," she smirks back to him.

"So, where is your baby? I've never seen you with a child before."

"That's just the thing," Savannah says slowly to him. "Dave, he stole my baby. My baby is gone."

Scene Four - Twin Peaks Law Courts

"You did great up there," Dominick tells Leah as they stand by the water cooler in the hallway as the Judge makes up his mind about who will get custody of Paige. "I'm proud of you."

Leah shrugs her shoulders and looks at her father. "I don't know Daddy. All the lies … they may cost me my daughter."

"You know I won't let that happen, don't you?" Dominick tells her as he pulls her into a hug. "Even, if this judge comes back and claims that Robbie should have custody, I will appeal the decision. You will not lose your daughter. I will make sure of that."

"Thank you Daddy," she fakes a smile as they exit their embrace. Soon, Leah gets tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong?"

Leah shakes her head and she wipes her eyes. "It's nothing really," she replies quickly. "I just miss Mom in times like this, you know? I know she's been dead for years, but I wish she was here right now."

Dominick pulls his daughter into another hug and looks up to the sky. "I know you do baby. Just know, that she's always looking down on you. Always. She's always inside your heart and she always will be."


"Where's your father?" Kim asks Natasha, who is sitting on a bench trying to gather herself.

Natasha looks up and sees her former best friend, and her current step mother standing in front of her. Natasha arches her eyebrow. "I'm not sure. I think he may have stepped out to get some air and make a phone call. How are you? You look well?"

Kim smiles back to her friend. "I'm feeling better each and every day, thanks for asking. You were really good in there today."

Natasha shrugs her shoulders. "I don't know that it will be enough. I just want the best for my brother."

"You know Natasha," Kim replies to her quickly. "The thing I've noticed the most about this family since I married your father is that you guys stick together. No matter what is going on, you guys have each other's back. I really admire that."

"That's what families do Kim," Natasha replies to her. "You're apart of this family now."

Kim pauses and looks back at Natasha. "I know it started rocky when you married my Dad," Natasha continues. "But I meant it when I thanked you for saving my life. I want things to be different now."

"I would like that Natasha. I've missed my best friend more than you," Kim tells her as she sits next to her. "And, if I'm honest, I can tell that you have more on your mind than just the custody hearing."

"I do," Natasha reveals to her.

"Talk to me," Kim says back to her. "What's going on?"

Natasha sighs and looks at Kim, preparing to tell her about the drama that has been going on with Cassie and her pregnancy.


"I know you said I shouldn't be here today, but I couldn't stay away," Victoria tells Robbie as she comes up to him near the doorway. "How is it going?"

Robbie sighs and looks at her his lover. He tries to put a smile on his face. "I don't know. Natasha pulled the questions out of me that the Judge needed to hear and she really gave it to Leah. But Leah's lawyer really racked me over the coals. I have no idea how this will go."

"Is there anything I can do?"

Robbie shakes his head. "Just coming by and seeing me is enough. I really appreciate that Vic," he tells her as he leans in and gives her a quick kiss.

"I'm always here for you Robbie," she begins to tell him. "But there is something you need to know."

Robbie arches his eyebrow. "What's up?"

"I was visiting Donovan earlier and I realized someone that could help us uncover the truth about my father's death."

"Who could that be?"

"Jonas, my father's right hand man," Victoria informs him. "I did some research and it appears the day after my father died, Jonas was on the first plane back to Italy."
Robbie nods his head. "You could be on to something there Vic."

"That's what I think," Victoria replies to him, trying to hide her excitement. "That's why I'm going to Italy."

"What?" Robbie asks her, shocked.

"I'm catching the next flight," Victoria tells him. "I'm actually here, partly to say goodbye. I don't know that I will be here when you find out about Paige."

"This is all so suddenly Victoria."

"I know, I know," she replies to him. "But I'm determined to help Donovan get out of this mess and right now, this is our best lead. You understand, right?"

"Of course. Just promise me that you'll be safe," Robbie tells her as he leans in and hugs her. "And stay in touch."

"I promise. I'll be in touch Robbie. I love you."


The doors to the court room open and the bailiff comes out, causing everyone in the surrounding areas to stop their conversations. "The judge has made his decision," he says as Robbie looks over and makes eye contact with Leah, wondering what the Judge will say regarding Paige.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Bob and Reese have a discussion
- Paige's custody hearing reaches a verdict
- Adam reveals all to Helen

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