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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Donovan's trial began as Natasha and Lois gave their opening statements
- Craig reconnected with Reese at the coffee house
- Bob learned Dominick has disappeared
- Robin and Savannah agreed to do a fan "meet and greet" as models of Robertson Enterprises
- Victoria and Robbie got romantic while in Florence, Italy. Jonas, meanwhile discovered the two at Victoria's childhood home
- Cassie's child had a paternity test performed on it to see who the father was
- Savannah had Dave's baby and claimed that he stole the child from her

Scene One - Twin Peaks Law Courts

Natasha turns around and looks at Eva, whose name was just called to go and testify for Donovan at his trial. Eva looks back at her daughter and gives her a subtle nod; she knows that she has to try to help her son as much as she can as he is facing murder charges in Ernesto's death. After hearing how tough Lois Kam was in the opening statements, Eva feel's beads of sweat appear on her forehand as she walks up to the stand and is sworn in.

"Ms. McCloud," Natasha says, still sitting next to Donovan. "Can you please tell everyone your relation to Mr. Moretti?"

Eva looks at Donovan. "Donovan is my son."

"So you were married to Ernesto?" Natasha asks, standing up and walking closer to Eva.

Eva nods back at Natasha. "I was married to him for years, yes."

"You don't seem like you're mourning the loss of your husband. Why is that?"

Eva pauses for a moment. "Ernesto was a monster," she says slowly, hoping she doesn't have to recall the years of abuse she went through on the stand. "The first year or so of our marriage, everything was fine. That's when the abuse started. By the time my children were old enough to walk and talk, the abuse was daily. I came up with a plan to leave with them, but only I could get away. I faked my death so I could save myself. I hate that I left my children, but I honestly thought Ernesto would have killed me if I stayed. Leaving my children," she gasps as she tries to control herself. "Was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life."

Natasha walks up closer. "Do you need a moment?" she asks Eva, who takes a drink of her water and then shakes her head no. "When your husband came back to Twin Peaks, what was he doing?"

"He was stalking my daughter and I. He was tormenting us. After we realized he was back, he physically attacked Victoria, twice and me once. He hadn't changed one bit. He was the same monster he always was."

"Do you think your son killed Ernesto?" Natasha asks her, turning back to look at Donovan.

"Absolutely not," Eva replies to her quickly. "Donovan is a lot of things, but he's not a killer. There's no way he would have done this. He didn't kill Ernesto."


Lois Kam stands up and looks at Eva. "Did you know, Ms. McCloud, that Donovan told his father that he is gay?"

Eva looks at Donovan and then back at Lois. "I did know. Donovan confided in me shortly after he told Ernesto the truth."

"And did he tell you how Ernesto reacted?"

Eva nods to her. "Donovan said that Ernesto called him horrible names."

Lois smiles a little. "How was Donovan reacting to these attacks on you and your daughter. His father was attacking his mother and sister."

"He was scared and worried for us. He also wanted to stop Ernesto. He didn't want anyone to get hurt."

"When you say he wanted to stop Ernesto? Would he have killed him to stop him?" Lois asks her, putting her hands on her hips.

"Objection!" Natasha yells, standing up as Eva looks terrified on the stand.

"I withdraw the question. No more questions," Lois replies to everyone. Eva looks around and feels water swell in her eyes, as she isn't sure if she helped Donovan or hurt him.

Scene Two - The Tower's, Floor Five; Craig & Andy's Condo

"Have you seen my tie?" Andy asks Craig as he comes out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist. Andy is running late to be at the law courts to support Donovan during his trial, so he is hoping to quickly get dressed and get over to the trial.

"I think we sent it to dry cleaning," Craig replies to his boyfriend. "Do you have to rush away so quickly? It's not often we both have time off to spend with each other."

Andy sighs and moves closer to Craig, who is sitting on the sofa in the living room. "You know that Donovan's trial has started. I would like to be there for him as his friend. I can't imagine what he's going through right now."

Craig nods his head a little. "Yea, I'm sure it's difficult."

"Why do you have to be like this every time Donovan's name comes up?" Andy questions his boyfriend, knowing that tone in Craig's voice.

"Be like what?" Craig asks him back, not sure he appreciates Andy's accusations.

"I don't know. It's like you're still worried that I'm going to cheat on you with him. The man is fighting for his freedom for crying out loud!" Andy tells his boyfriend. He doesn't know how much more of his jealousy he can handle from Craig.

"I think there's more to it than just that," Craig tells him as he stands up and looks at Andy. "I feel like we are growing apart."

Andy shakes his head, completely blindsided by Craig's admission. "What? We aren't growing apart."

"When was the last time we had dinner together? When was the last time we made love? I don't even remember," Craig replies as he puts his head down.

Andy moves closer to his lover and grabs his hand. "Both of our schedules have been busy Craig. That doesn't mean that I don't still love you or want you."

"I love you too," Craig replies to him. "I miss you, I guess is what I'm trying to tell you."

"I'm right here," Andy says back to him as he leans in and kisses him. Craig runs his hand over Andy's bare, chiselled torso.

"You feel so good Andy," Craig smiles as their lips part for a moment. "You're already late for court, can't you be a little later?"

Andy winks back at him, clearly aroused as well. "Yea, I think I can be," he whispers as he leans in and kisses Craig again.

Scene Three - Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

"So you still haven't heard anything from my father?" Leah speaks into the phone as she sits at Dominick's desk. She is desperately trying to locate Dominick, who seemingly disappeared after Paige's custody hearing. She doesn't know what else she can possibly do to find him, other than going to the police but she doesn't think they will classify him as a missing person. "Okay, but if you do hear something, you'll let me know? … Thank you."

Jeff stands up from the sofa and looks at Leah as she hangs up the phone. "I take it that no one has heard from your father?"

"No, and I'm really started to get worried. Where the hell could have gone?" Leah asks him, her mind wandering to bad places.

"He will come home. I'm not going to let myself have any horrible thoughts, and neither are you. Dominick will come back to us, we just have to believe."

Leah sighs. "I hope you're right. I really do."

Before he can say something else, the telephone rings. Leah looks up at him with hope in her eyes. "Leah Robertson," she says answering the call. "What? You're kidding! Thanks for the information."

She hangs up the phone and looks up at Jeff. "Can you turn the TV on?" she asks him, as he walks over to the TV and turns it on. "Apparently Bob is giving some kind of press conference."

The TV screen shows Bob at Roboto with cameras around him. He looks at his notes on the podium before looking at the cameras again. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so much for coming here today. As CEO of Roboto, I wanted to express our deepest concern for Dominick Robertson, who is currently missing. While we are competitors, I never wish harm to Mr. Robertson. Everyone here at Roboto, including myself, hope that Mr. Robertson returns home safely soon."

"Turn this off," Leah asks Jeff quickly, who does as he is asked. "I can't believe Bob just did that."

Jeff turns back around to face her. "You know he did that to announce Dominick's disappearance. Now, everyone knows your father is gone.".

Leah rolls her eyes. "And we'll have to save face for the company's sake."


Meanwhile, in studio of Robertson Enterprises, Robin sits on the sofa with her growing belly showing a little as she reviews some notes. She is gearing up for the upcoming meet and greet that she and Savannah have agreed to do, despite Dominick's disappearance. While Robin is worried about her father and where he could be, she knows that he would want the launch of Petals to continue to be successful and that means her and Savannah doing the fan meet and greet.

Cory looks over at his wife as he agreed to come with her to review the guidelines of the meet and greet. While he hasn't expressed it to Robin yet, he is actually very worried about her appearance at the event. She is pregnant and will be even further along by the time the meet and greet rolls around, but he is also thinking about the odd fan mail that she has been receiving lately. Something about the dark themes to the notes, always signed her biggest fan, are troubling to him.

"How does it look?" he finally asks her she turns the last page in the contract. He secretly hopes that something, anything, will catch her and make her not want to proceed with the event.

Robin sets the papers down on her belly and looks up at her husband. "Everything seems in order."

"You sound excited by this event," Cory observes back to his wife, hearing a tone he hasn't heard in some time.

"You know what? I am excited," Robin replies to him. "I've been so focused on this baby that I have forgotten about my career and my life outside of the baby. It'll be nice, even for a moment to go back to that world."

Cory nods his head. "Are you sure you don't want to wait until after the baby is born? I would hate for you to over do it."

Robin laughs a little. "I'll be on a stage answering fan's questions and signing autographs. It's not exactly doing anything strenuous."

"Fair enough. I just want to make sure that you, both of you, are safe and okay," Cory tells her as he sits next to her and grabs her hand. "I don't know what I would do if something happened to you."

"Nothing will happen to me. It's only an event that will last a couple hours. I'll be fine, I promise," Robin tells him as she leans in and gives him a kiss on the lips.

The door to the studio opens and a young female walks into the room. "There you are. A package came into the mail room for you," she smiles to Robin as she passes her the package.

"Thanks," Robin replies as the woman exit's the studio. Robin opens the envelope and pulls out another hand made card. "This looks pretty," she says as she opens the card. "Roses are red. Violets are blue. Soon, I will be with you. Signed, your biggest fan."

Robin closes the card and looks over at card with a sigh. "It's weird how this person never says who they really are," she says as recalls the previous notes she received from the fan. "Maybe he or she will be at the fan event?"

Cory nods nervously, wondering if this person can be trusted. "Yea, maybe."

Scene Four - Twin Peaks Law Courts

Will slowly walks up to the stand and is sworn in as he has been called as the next witness in the trial. Will sits down and looks at Natasha, who stands up. He gulps a little as he has never been in court before, let alone testifying in a murder case. He hopes that he can be as honest as he can be. He doesn't want anything to go wrong.

"Mr. Coutts, can you tell the Judge how you know Donovan Moretti, the accused?" Natasha asks Will as his first question.

Will nods his head, happy that the first question is an easy one. "I was in a relationship with Donovan's mother, Eva McCloud."

"So, in the time that you were dating Eva McCloud, would you say you got to know Donovan pretty well?"

Will shrugs his shoulder. "As well as one could. I think there was always some awkwardness that his mother was seeing a man Donovan's age. But yes, I think I know him pretty well."

"Do you think he was capable of committing murder?" Natasha asks him, coming closer to him.

Will pauses. "I don't think so no. Donovan never struck me as the type that would kill someone else."

Natasha nods back to Will and smiles. "Thank you Mr. Coutts, no further questions."

Lois waits until Natasha has had a seat before she stands up. "Mr. Coutts," she begins to say. "What kind of person to do you think would kill someone?"

Will looks back at her for a moment. "I would think someone that is crazy."

"Let me rephrase for you," Lois says walking towards him. "Do you think someone who was feeling pressured by a known rapist and stalker would kill someone because they felt like they had no other choice?"

Will looks over at Natasha and Eva before he makes eye contact with Donovan. Will then looks up at Lois, not sure of what to say.

"I'll take the lack of response as a yes," Lois says as she turns her back to Will.

"Objection!" Natasha yells as she stands up, causing the Judge to slam his mallet down.

"I'll withdraw the question," Lois smiles back up to Judge Ross. "No further questions."

Scene Five - Florence, Italy

"That was amazing," Victoria purrs to Robbie as they lack naked in the large bed with just a white sheet covering their bodies. "No matter how many times we do that, it never seems to get less thrilling."

Robbie chuckles a little as he looks up at the ceiling, still trying to get his heart rate back down. "I guess that means I'm doing my job well."

Victoria runs her finger along his abs. "Oh, yes, you're doing a very good job Mr. Calimo."

Robbie looks at her and pulls her in for a kiss. "You are exactly what I needed. This trip is exactly what I needed," he tells her as he recalls all of the drama surrounding Paige that was happening in Twin Peaks before he decided to leave for Italy. He lost custody of the girl he thought was his daughter and immediately told Victoria he would go to Europe with her.

"I'm glad you're finding the escape that you needed Robbie," she tells him as they look into each other's eyes. "I want you to know that if you ever need to talk about what happened with Leah and Jeff and the court case, I'm here for you. You've done so much for me, I feel like I owe you that much."

"Hey," Robbie replies to her. "We don't owe each other anything, okay? We are both here because we want to be here. That's what a relationship is all about."

Victoria smiles instantly. "Is that what this is? A relationship?"

Robbie smiles back at her. "It kinda feels that way, doesn't it?"

"Yea, it does," she smiles as she leans and gives him another kiss. It lasts a moment longer before she hears her phone make a noise indicating she has a new text message. "I should see what that is," she says as she rolls out of the bed and grabs her phone, which is sitting on a end table in the room.

Robbie watches her as the smile quickly fades from her face. "What's wrong?" he asks her as he sits up in bed.

She turns to him. "Donovan's trial has started. We have to find something that will prove his innocence and we have to find it fast. We are running out of time."

Scene Six - The Sugarbowl

Shane sits in the back booth of the coffee house drinking his latte alone. He needed some time by himself as he recalls the previous day's events. He, Natasha, Adam and Helen all went to the hospital to see Cassie to have a paternity run on her unborn child. They all need to know who the father is. What's troubling him, more than anything, is that Natasha still wanted Shane to be a part of the paternity test, despite him telling her that he couldn't possibly be the baby's father.

He sighs and takes another drink of his latte. "Oh Natasha," he whispers to himself. "What's happened to us? Why don't you trust me? Why don't you believe me when I tell you that I didn't sleep with Cassie?"

He feels his phone vibrate so he pulls it out of his jacket pocket. He sees a new text message from Natasha that reads, "Any update on the paternity test?"

He puts his phone down on the table not wanting to answer her just yet. He just wishes he knew what he could say or do that would make her realize that he never slept with Cassie while she was posing as Helen. He doesn't know what kind of relationship he has with her if she can't trust him. Furthermore, he hasn't told her that they aren't legally married yet; he doesn't know how she would handle that news bite. He knows he has to wait until the paternity test results have come back before he drops that on her and after Donovan's trial is over.

He sees his phone light up again, this time with an incoming call. "Hello?" he says as he picks up the call.

"Shane, it's your wife," Cassie smiles into the phone from the hospital.

"You shouldn't call yourself that," Shane quickly replies to her. "What an I do for you?"

"I wanted to let you know that the paternity test results came back. You can gather the troops and all come in whenever you're ready," Cassie tells him. "I'm still hoping you're the father."

"You know that won't happen," he replies, with somewhat of a grin on his face. "I'll let everyone know the results are in."


Savannah enters the coffeehouse desperate for a caffeine fix after she went over the fan meet and greet with Robin at Robertson Enterprises. While a part of her knows that she has to continue on with her job and do what's best for the company, the other part of her hates that she has to be around so many people for such a long time. Her fan interaction happens to be her least favorite part of being a model. She just knows that some people forget that she's just a person like they are and they can't separate her from the celebrity that she can be viewed as.

More over, she has hated the idea of being in the public like that since Dave stole her baby. She still wishes that she knew what happened to her child. It is a side of her that none of her fans know about. Something that she tries to keep very secret, although since she's been in Twin Peaks she has been telling more and more people only because they have a connection to Dave. She just hopes that everyone believes her. The story of Dave stealing her baby can be a little overwhelming to her and with him dead, there's no one to back up her claims.

She turns around with her coffee to walk to the coffee bar and freezes in her tracks with who she sees at the bar already. She walks up quickly and sets up cup down. "Hello Patricia, long time no see," Savannah announces as she grabs a couple of sugar packages.

Madeline looks up in horror at the sight of Savannah. She arches her eyebrow. "Savannah Pherson? What the hell are you doing in Twin Peaks?"

"I got a job with Robertson Enterprises, maybe you've seen their new line? I'm the face of Petals," Savannah quickly replies to her.

"Sorry, I hadn't noticed," Madeline snaps back at her, suddenly feeling nervous that a part of her past that she thought was buried was coming back. "By the way, my real name is Madeline Wilkins. I suggest you forget that I was ever Patricia and just call me Madeline."

Savannah arches her eyebrow. "Wow, you certainly have an attitude."

"I just don't like my past coming back to haunt me. Stay away from me Savannah. I don't want my past to become the present," Madeline tells her as she grabs her coffee and walks away. Savannah watches her leave and wonders why Madeline is so uptight with her. Outside, Madeline takes a deep breath. "My God, what is she doing here? This can't be happening. This can't be happening," she says to herself, worried that a part of her life is coming back to haunt her when she wants it to stay buried forever.

Scene Seven - Twin Peaks Law Courts

Judge Ross looks out at Natasha before he speaks. "Ms. Calimo, are you going to call your next witness? I told you that I wanted to keep this trial moving. I don't want any delays."

Natasha nods back to her. "I am ready your honour, I just wasn't sure if you wanted to continue today. Now that I know, I'm ready to call Donovan Moretti to the stand."

Donovan slowly stands up turns around to look at Eva. She nods to him as she gets tears in her eyes. Donovan looks at Natasha, who subtly winks at him.

Donovan walks up to the stand and places his hand on the bible. "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing about the truth, so help you God?"

Donovan gulps. "I do," he says.

"You may be seated," Judge Ross tells Donovan.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Madeline and Will have a heated encounter
- Shane tells Adam & Helen that the results are in
- Trenyce offers her assistance to Savannah

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