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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Reese told Dean that he wanted all of the profits from the online video, all the copies of the video and for Dean to leave town in exchange to drop the law suit
- Dominick returned from his mysterious trip. He and Eva made love
- Bob vowed to get the upper hand on Robertson Enterprises
- Craig and Reese reconnected
- Donovan feared that he would be found guilty for killing Ernesto. Meanwhile, in Italy, Victoria and Robbie found a video proving Jonas killed Ernesto. Jonas arrived, with a gun, to confront them

Scene One - Roboto; Reese's Office

Reese sits at his desk typing into his keyboard. He has been working on a new project for Roboto that he hopes will make Bob very pleased. He never thought that he would get a chance to work at a company like Roboto, so he wants to ensure that he can do everything he can to make sure he is successful and that Bob doesn't regret hiring him.

"This should blow the socks off Bob," he whispers to himself as he continues to type into the keyboard. "Robertson has never done anything like this," he says with a grin.

He is so focused on his report that he doesn't hear the door to his office open. Dean slowly walks into the office, watching his former lover with intent. Dean recalls how Reese was going to sue him as a result of Dean posting Reese's solo gay video on a porn site. Dean knows that there's no way he would be able to afford to pay for a legal battle, so he asked Reese how they could settle outside of court. Dean has thought about Reese's offer and knows what he has to do next even though he thinks some of Reese's requests are outrageous.

"Are you busy?" he finally makes his presence known to Reese, who turns around and sees Dean standing at his doorway.

"As long as you make it fast Dean, I'm very busy today," Reese replies coldly to him. Reese is rather surprised to see Dean; he didn't think he would see him so quickly after he gave him his ultimatum.

Dean laughs a little as he shuts the door to Reese's office. "Wow, I can't believe this is what we've come too."

"What does that mean?" Reese asks him, finally looking up from his computer to face his ex-lover.

"I mean, you can barely acknowledge the fact that I exist. We were once so close that we shared a bed. Now, you can barely look at me."

"Times changes, people change. I was not expecting you to betray me the way that you did," Reese quickly tells him. "I don't want to re-hash all of this with you Dean. Have you thought about what I said last time we saw each other?"

"I haven't thought about much else," Dean admits to him. "I'm willing to do everything, except."

"Except?" Reese asks him, not liking that Dean is trying to make a concession to his expectations.

"I'm hoping that you didn't really mean it when you said you never want to see me again," Dean says back to him. "After everything we've meant to each other, I'd like to be friends."

Reese laughs at him. "Oh, are you serious? Dean, for that to happen, I would need a long time. I need to get over the hurt that you have put me through. I can't be friends with someone I don't trust."

"Fair enough," Dean replies to him, disappointed with his answer. "Just remember that life is short Reese. You don't want to burn all the bridges you make. You never know when you'll need to cross it again."

Reese rolls his eyes. "Do you have the money? And the video?"

Dean drops an envelope on his desk. "I removed the video from the website this morning. You can check yourself if you want. I also quit my position at Robertson. I'm on the next flight to LA," Dean reveals to Reese, knowing he had to do everything Reese asked of him.

Reese looks back at his former lover and he sees the man that he truly did care for at one point in his life. How they got to this point is almost like a mystery to him, but he knows that Dean is doing the best thing for both of them. "Thank you," Reese tells him. "For what it's worth Dean," Reese stops him from leaving before saying a final thing. "I did care for you. I'm sorry for how things turned out."

Dean looks at him and smiles. "I'll see you around. If you're ever in LA, look me up."

Reese watches as his former lover leaves his office and closes the door behind him. Reese slowly sits in his chair and takes a deep breath. That part of his life is over - for good. "Now, I need to focus on this report," he tells himself, as he suddenly feels excited about getting the upper hand on his porn video. "I should go out and celebrate later!"


Bob sits at his desk wondering what he is going to do to get back at Dominick and regain the upper hand in the business war that they have going on. He sighs as he wonders where Dominick really went on this mysterious trip of his. He stands up from his desk and walks over to the window of his office. He looks out at the skyline as he ponders.

"Something in my stomach tells me that if I find out where you went," he says to himself. "I will find the next way to really hurt you Dominick. But how will I find out where you went? How do I find out where you for those few weeks?"

His train of thought is interrupted when he hears his office phone ring. He walks back to his desk and picks up the receiver. "Bob Calimo," he says into the telephone. "Oh, Reese, yes I was just thinking about you … I see, yes that report sounds wonderful … of course, don't say late to finish it. You need to have a good work life balance. As long as I get it by Monday morning … Yes, okay, see you then."

Bob hangs up the phone and smiles a little. "That report will be the first step in taking Robertson down. The second step is uncovering where you went Dominick. And I will find out where you were, even if it's the last thing I do. I will knock you down, this time for good," he says with a wicked grin on his face wondering how he can learn where his rival went.

Scene Two - Robertson Enterprises; Dominick's Office

"I must admit," Dominick says as he sits at his desk as Leah sits across from him. "You did a great job of running this place while I was away."

Leah smiles at the sound of her father's words to her. She knew that he would have wanted her to take over the company while he was away and that's exactly what she did. It is still nice to hear that he agrees with everything that she did while he was away.

"Thank you Daddy," she smiles, full of pride. "I was doing what I think you would have wanted me to do."

"You did a great job," he repeats to her. "Especially about all of the plans with the meet and greet that Robin and Savannah will be participating in. I think it's wonderful," he tells her, knowing that the meet and greet will add another dimension to his interaction with the fans.

"Robin and Savannah seem pretty excited about the meet and greet as well," she replies to him. "I think the event will be very successful."

"How is Robin holding up with the pregnancy? Do you think it will be too much for her?" he asks her, knowing that his other daughter is with child right now. The last thing he wants to do is make Robin overdue it.

Leah nods her head back to him. "I think she's okay. She would have said something if she felt like she was being spread too thin."

"And you my love, how are you doing?" Dominick asks her, knowing that this is really the first time that he has been able to reconnect with her since he has been back in town.

Leah looks back at her father for a moment and realizes that he may not know everything that has happened. "I'm good Dad. You know that I got custody of Paige, right?" she asks as he nods his head.

"I was still following the case on my phone," he tells her.

"Jeff and I have growing closer too. He wants to buy a new house together and get married. It seems like things are really taking shape," she says back to him, informing him of some of the conversations that have been taking place between her and Jeff.

"That's wonderful darling," he replies to her.

"I have to ask you, where did you go? Where were you Daddy? It's not like you to up and leave without a word to anyone. Especially during the custody case," she tells him as she bites her lower lip, hoping that Dominick will be forth right with her.

Dominick reaches across his desk and grabs her hand. "I am truly sorry that I missed part of the case Leah, but this was business and it couldn't be helped," he tells her back, hoping that she will believe his story. He can't let her know where he was.

"What business? I work here now, remember? I know that nothing urgent was going on that you had to leave town."

Dominick laughs a little and clears the lump in his throat. "It's because I have many things going on outside of Robertson, Leah. Let's not worry about this anymore right now, okay?" he says as he squeezes her hand. He knows that his daughter will continue to press him for him information and that is the very last thing that he needs. No one can ever know where he went; not now, not ever.

Scene Three - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

Helen walks over to the small bar that she and Adam have in their living room and she looks around, almost feeling guilty. She finally finds the rum and pours herself a strong beverage. She brings it to her lips and takes a drink, taking in the strong flavors. She usually doesn't drink, but with everything that has been going on lately, she feels like she needs one to calm her nerves. As she drinks, Adam and Shane are at the hospital learning who the father of Cassie's baby is. While she would never wish that on Shane, a part of her wishes that he will turn out to the father. That way, she doesn't have to worry that Adam is the father. She honestly doesn't know how she will react if he comes home and tells her that he fathered Cassie's baby.

The deeper issue for Helen is that Adam couldn't tell her apart from Cassie, despite them being married for so long. She understands that Cassie had surgery to look like her, but Helen still has a hard time understanding what Adam was thinking. Surely, he could tell her naked body a part from another woman's?

She feels her entire body tense up when the front door opens. She takes another long sip of her rum and turns around putting a small smile on her face as she sees Adam enter the living room. He immediately sees the drink in her hand and arches his eyebrow.

"I take it Dawn isn't home?" he asks her, knowing that she usually doesn't drink in front of their daughter.
Helen shakes her head no. "I thought it was best she wasn't here when you got home. In case we needed to talk or something," Helen tells him as she moves the glass to her mouth again. After she swallows, she looks at her husband again. "Can I make you a drink?"

Adam sighs and feels his heart sink into his chest. He nods his head back to her indicating that he would like one. "Cassie's looking pretty good. Her stomach is slowly growing. Craig Benton said that the baby is healthy."

Helen rolls her eyes as she passes Adam his drink. "I guess that's good. Did you guys get the test results back?"

Adam takes a long sip of his drink before he locks eyes with Helen. "We did."

"Please don't keep me waiting Adam. Tell me, who is the father of Cassie's baby?"

Adam takes another sip of his rum beverage before he sets it down on the coffee table. He turns and looks at Helen. "Helen," he begins to say as Helen covers her mouth with her hand.

"My God," she whispers as tears flood into her eyes. "How can this be happening? It's you, isn't? You're the father of her baby."

Adam nods back to her and slowly walks towards her. "Don't! Please don't touch me right now Adam!"

"Helen," he tries to tell her. "Baby, we can get through this. I'm so sorry I did this, but we can get through this."

Helen's hand finds the side of Adam's face. He looks back at her in shock that she hit him and sees tears running down her face. She moves past him and rushes to the front door. Before he has a chance to call out her name to stop her, he hears the front door slam shut. He sighs and moves his hand to his cheek. "I'm so sorry Helen," he whispers to himself, wondering how he can ever make this up to his wife.

Scene Four - Wild Night

"I can't believe you got all of the money," Madeline tells her brother as they sit at a table as the bar starts to slowly fill with more people. She knew that Reese was working on something that would help him get back at Dean, but she didn't know what it was until they got together at the bar this evening.

"I'm just stunned to hear what Dean put you through," Will chimes into to the group as he sets his beer glass down on the table. "I mean, who does that? Who tapes their lover after drugging them and puts it on the internet? That's beyond shady."

Reese chuckles a little. "I'm just so relieved that it's all over," he tells them. "I think we should have a toast; To removing the scum from our lives!"

Madeline laughs as she raises her martini glass and cheers with Reese. "That was very interesting," she smiles as she takes a drink of her martini.

"What is Dean going to do now?" Will asks them, wondering how Dean would fit into community with many people knowing what he put Reese through.

"Part of my condition was that he left town," Reese reveals to them, as they look at each other in surprise. "He said he was catching a flight to LA this afternoon. I'm sure he's gone already."

"And you believed him?" Madeline asks her brother, wondering if they can really trust what Dean tells them.

Reese nods his head. "He said he can't afford the legal battle, so I do think he would do what I told him to do. Anyways, guys, we are here to celebrate … let's have some fun!"

Scene Five - Florence, Italy

Robbie turns his head for a moment and something catches his eye. It's on the floor and under some papers. He stands up and quickly walks out from behind the desk. "What is it?" she asks as he walks to the other side of the room. He digs under the paper and holds up a USB card.

"What is that?" she asks him as he looks at it closer.

He shrugs. "I don't know, but why would there be a USB card in amongst all of this paper? It doesn't make sense," he says as he walks back over to the computer. He turns it on and plugs in the USB card. Victoria moves around to stand behind him as a video appears on the screen. They both recognize it as the pier in Twin Peaks.

"My God," Victoria whispers. "It's a video of the day my father died."

"And look," Robbie says pointing to the screen. "Isn't that your father's right hand man?"

Victoria nods her head back, as she watches the video. "Jonas! My goodness, he killed my father! Jonas did!"

"You called? A voice asks them causing Robbie and Victoria to look up and see Jonas standing in front at the door way, pointing a gun at them. Jonas smiles as the sight of them in Ernesto's home looking for something that could help uncover the truth about his death. "You didn't really think I'd let anyone learn the truth about this, did you?"

Victoria looks at her father's trusted employee for years. "Why did you kill him? Why did you kill my father?"

Jonas moves closer to Victoria, always keeping his gun in sight and smiles at her. "You and your mother didn't deserve what he was doing to you. I hope you realize that I was always against him setting up those attacks on you. I protested heavily. But I, like you and your family, was a victim of Ernesto. The day that I killed him, I came across him on the pier. You were already laying on the ground unconscious. All of your clothing had been ripped…"

"You saved me?" Victoria asks him as she gets tears in her eyes. "You stopped my father from hurting me again, didn't you?"

"I did what anyone would have done at the time," Jonas replies to them. "He was planning to poison Eva, so I already had the syringe with me. I just stabbed it into his back. He passed out almost instantly. I … I ran away as quickly as I could. It was then that I realized, my phone had been recording the entire thing."

"Why didn't you delete this?" Robbie asks him, wondering if he can believe the story that Jonas just told them.

"I didn't think anyone would remember that I existed. And I guess a part of me wanted Victoria to know that I saved her. Now that you know, now that you both know, I do have to kill you too. I can't go to jail for this. I won't go to jail for this."

Robbie stands up and slowly moves around from the desk to face Jonas. "Don't take another step officer," Jonas warns him as he points his gun at Robbie.

"Jonas, this doesn't have to go down this way. If you let me help you, I can make sure that you don't do any jail time. You are a hero. You saved Victoria and you saved Eva from being killed herself. This can be spun in a very different direction if you let me help you," Robbie tells him. "I know that you are a good man and that you didn't mean to kill Ernesto."

Jonas flaps the gun at him. "I can't go to jail. I'm old! I don't want to spend the last days of my life behind bars!"

"Let me help you," Robbie replies to him.

"He's telling you the truth Jonas," Victoria says, coming up and standing next to Robbie. "You don't want to kill us. We can help you. I promise you, I won't let anything happen to you. If we don't get back to Twin Peaks and reveal all of this, Donovan may go to jail for the rest of his life because they think he killed Ernesto."

Jonas turns around for a moment and starts to shake a little. Victoria starts to move closer to him and she puts her hand on his shoulder. "I'm not like my father. I won't let you take the wrap for something you didn't do. You can trust me," she tells him as he turns and looks her in the eyes. "Give me the gun, Jonas."

Jonas slowly starts to pass her the gun. Victoria gets it in her hands and immediately passes it to Robbie, as Jonas hugs her. "I promise you'll be okay. It's over now, it's all over."

Scene Six - Twin Peaks Law Courts

"All raise, the honourable Judge Franklin Ross presides," the bailiff announces as everyone stands to await to hear Donovan's verdict.

Donovan looks over at Natasha and gives her half a smile. "No matter what happens, Natasha, I just want to thank you for everything you've done for me," he tells her as they grab hands together for a moment. "I'm just sorry that we won't get a chance to know each other better."

"It's not over Donovan," Natasha replies to him. "Don't give up. Please don't give up on this."

Donovan turns around and looks at the people behind him: Eva, Dominick, Trenyce, Andy and Craig. He smiles at all of them, realizing how blessed he is to have so many wonderful friends and family with him in his time of need. He closes his eyes for a moment and wishes that Victoria was with him, but he knows that she is trying to uncover something in Italy that may help him. If he is found guilty, however, he knows that she will have to come home to be with him, especially if Lois Kam gets the death penalty as she wanted.

"You may be seated," Judge Ross announces to everyone as he sits in his chair. "Sorry to call this in so late, but I didn't want anyone to wait any longer for my decision. Donovan Moretti, please stand up," he instructs Donovan, who does as the Judge says. "In the charges of first degree murder, I find you guilty. I am also honouring Ms. Kam's request and sentencing you to death. Court adjourned!"

Donovan feels his heart shatter inside his chest. Everything slowly moves into slow motion for him. He turns and sees Natasha moving to hug him. He can barely feel her arms wrap around him as he sees Eva reaching out to him.

In the back row, Andy stands up and covers his mouth as tears form in his eyes. Craig, who is standing next to Andy, sees his boyfriend's reaction and silently leaves the court room, upset by Andy's reaction.

Donovan feels Eva's hand lock his. "This isn't over," she tells as tears run down her face. "This isn't over."

Donovan smiles a little and looks at her, and everyone around as tears form in his eyes. He is about to speak when the guard comes up behind him and places his hand cuffs around him. "You have to come back to jail," he tells Donovan, who doesn't say a word. His family and friends watch as he's carted away, everyone wondering who is going through a worse time, themselves or Donovan.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Craig does something he may regret
- The Robertson Enterprises meet and greet occurs
- Donovan is taken to have his death sentence

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