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Previously on One Day at a Time

- Just as Donovan was about to get the death penalty, Robbie and Victoria rushed in and announced that Jonas killed Ernesto! Everyone breathed a sigh of relief until the nurse admitted she injected Donovan with some of the lethal injection!
- Craig and Reese had sex
- Helen slapped Adam after she learned he is the father of Cassie's baby
- Trenyce sent Andrew to visit Chris. She told Savannah she wanted to help her find her missing son
- Liam kidnapped Robin and was holding her hostage at the Calimo Cabin as thunderstorm hit causing the power to go out then Robin went into labour

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Where is he? Where is my son?" Eva asks as she approaches the nurses station of the hospital. She, along with Robbie, Victoria, Natasha and Andy, raced to the hospital after Donovan was given some of the lethal injection at the police department. This all happened moments after Robbie and Victoria announced that Jonas, not Donovan, had killed Ernesto. Everyone is absolutely terrified that it may be too late and that Donovan may still die for something he did not do. Eva knows that she would be absolutely devastated if Donovan died from the lethal injection, especially since his innocence has finally been proven.

The nurse looks at Eva, who is also boss. "He's in ICU," she replies to her, pointing to the direction. "He's awake, so you can go in and visit him."

"So, he will be okay?" Victoria asks as she covers her mouth and gets tears in her eyes, thrilled by the news. She has never been so scared in all of her life, thinking that her brother may have died. She never would have forgiven herself if he had died.

They rush over to the ICU and see Craig coming out of a room. "Craig," Andy announces to his boyfriend, hoping that his boyfriend has some answers. Craig sees Andy and the group approaching him and he suddenly gulps. He quickly recalls how he was at home when he got paged into work; he had been in bed with Reese when he got the call, having just finished hot, intense sex with him. He shakes his head knowing that he can't reveal that to Andy at this time, or ever. "How is Donovan?" Andy asks him, causing Craig to come back to present time.

"He is resting, but he should be okay," Craig reveals to everyone, causing a huge sigh of relief. "Only a small amount of the injection got into his system. I'll keep him here over night, but he should be discharged tomorrow morning."

"Oh my God," Eva says turning and hugging Victoria, relieved by the news. "This nightmare is finally over!"

"Can we see him?" Natasha asks Craig, hoping that they will get to see Donovan still.

"Of course," Craig nods his head back to everyone.

Eva and Victoria exit their embrace and look at each other with smiles on their faces. They quickly rush into the room where Donovan is laying on the bed. Donovan looks up and sees his mother and sister and gets tears in his eyes. Victoria rushes up to him and hugs him. "Oh Donovan," she says as she cries into his shoulders. "I'm so glad that you're okay."

Donovan holds her for a moment. "Me too, I owe it all to you," he says as they exit their embrace. "Can I get a hug Mom?" he asks, looking over at Eva.

Eva starts to tremble a little and moves closer to her son, collapsing in his arms. "After everything we've been through," she whispers into his ear, letting tears out of her eyes.

"I know, but it's over now, it's all over now Mom," he says back to her. He looks up and sees Robbie and Natasha enter the room as well. "Robbie, I can't thank you and Victoria enough. If you haven't gone to Italy…"

Robbie smiles back to him. "I was just helping Victoria. We always knew that you didn't kill Ernesto. I'm just glad we got back in time."

"I've never been so scared before," Donovan reveals to them all. "And I honestly don't know how I would have made it through these last few months without you; without all of you. So, really, thank you all so much. I am ready for this nightmare to be over with," he continues to say as he tries to keep his composure.

"And it is over Donovan," Natasha informs him. "Lois Kam has agreed to drop all the charges against you. Once you leave here tomorrow, you will be a free man."

Donovan puts his head down and gets more tears in his eyes, feeling the emotion of the moment. For the last few months, his entire world was surrounded by being in jail and having the prospect of either spending his entire life in jail or dying for something he didn't do. To hear that it is finally over, he can't help but feel relieved.

"Donovan, are you okay?" Victoria asks her brother, seeing his emotion.

Donovan looks up with red eyes and nods his head. "I'm just so thankful that it's over."

"It's over," Victoria replies to him as she grabs his hand, with a smile. "It's really over."


Outside Donovan's cubical, Craig looks at his notes and sighs heavily. He can't stop thinking about his intense sex with Reese just a few hours earlier in the evening. He was at the club having a drink because he was upset with the way Andy looked after Donovan had been found guilty. He still believed that something had been going on with Donovan and Andy; at the club he saw Reese, one thing lead to another and before Craig knew what happened, he and Reese were having sex at his place.

"You look a million miles away," Reese announces as he stands in front of Craig. Reese looks at his new found lover and wonders if Craig is having second thoughts about what just happened between them a few hours earlier. Reese hates that he once again could ruin a relationship.

"What are you doing here?" Craig asks him, coming closer to him. Craig quickly turns back to ensure that Andy is still visiting Donovan. "Andy is in there with Donovan right now. He probably shouldn't see us together."

Reese nods his head back quickly realizing how Craig wants to play this. "Right, you're right. I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking," Reese quickly says back to Craig. "Look, for what it's worth Craig, I don't want to break up what you and Andy have. What happened between us was a mistake."

Craig smiles back. "I know. And thank you for that. I don't want to lose Andy," he says before he looks at his watch, realizing that he has another appointment. "I have to get going Reese."

Reese puts his head down suddenly feeling ashamed of what he did earlier in the evening. He really hates that he is now the third wheel in a relationship. He thought he had learned from his mistakes.

"Reese?" Andy asks as he comes out of Donovan's room. "What are you doing here?"

Reese looks up and sees his ex-boyfriend approaching him. He tries to think of something to say, but he can't say anything.

"Did you hear about Donovan?" Andy asks as he comes up and surprises Reese by hugging him. "Isn't it great news?"

Reese gulps as he hugs Andy back. "Yea, great news." Reese looks over and sees Craig watching him and Andy embrace over the good news about Donovan. He gulps knowing that Craig is worried he will slip up with Andy, but Reese can't ruin this relationship; he won't.


"Do you think we should interrupt?" Cory asks Dominick as they walk side by side in the hospital. Cory has just finished telling Dominick about how Robin disappeared at the Robertson Enterprises meet and greet earlier in the evening; Dominick immediately wanted to go to Robbie to see if the police could do anything to help track down Robin. They both know that Robin would not just up and leave at a time like this, especially since she is expected to give birth any time now. The longer that they go without hearing from Robin, the more worried both men become. Neither one wants to think of the fact that Robin had been getting odd fan mail the last couple of months because that would increase the chances of both of them thinking that the sender of the fan mail could have Robin, which could mean that she is in grave danger.

"I don't think Eva will mind at all," Dominick replies to his son in law. "She just got her son back, she will want the same for me and getting my daughter back."

"I just hope it's not too late," Cory says quickly back to Dominick, trying to remain positive.

"Robin hasn't been missing that long," Dominick reminds Cory. "That has to work in our favor. We will find her, I know that we will find her and she will be just fine."

"I hope you're right Dominick," Cory replies to him. "I just can't escape this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach."

They arrive at the ICU terminal where Donovan is resting. Cory and Dominick see Robbie emerging from Donovan's room and they look at each other before they look over at Robbie again.

"Robbie, we need to see you," Cory calls out to him, which immediately gets Robbie's attention.

He walks over to the two men standing side by side and arches his eyebrow. "What's going on guys? Are you here to see Donovan?"

"I'm afraid not," Dominick replies to him. "We are here on another matter that is quite urgent."

"You have my attention," Robbie tells them both.

"It's Robin," Cory says back to Robbie. "She's missing and we need your help to find her."

Scene Two - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

Adam looks out the back window of the house and he can see the lilacs blooming on the tree in the back yard. He smiles a little to himself at the sight of them; he loves this time of year when everything is coming into full bloom. It's almost like a sort of rebirth. He turns his train of thoughts to his marriage and he hopes that he and Helen can also have a rebirth of sorts. He puts his hand to his face, the spot that Helen slapped him after he confessed that he is the father of Cassie's baby. He can understand her hurt and frustration with the situation but he wishes that she could forgive him so they can move on together and hopefully do what's best for the child. He can only imagine what will happen if Cassie is left to raise the child on her own. He has to be the one to raise the child.

He freezes when he hears the front door open. He quickly walks into the living room just as Helen appears from the front entrance. "Hey," he says softly to her. "Dawn is still at her play group."

Helen nods her head slowly to her husband. She hasn't been home since she slapped him and walked out on him. She just needed some time to clear her head and get over the news that Adam has fathered Cassie's child. "Good, because we should talk."

Adam nods his head wondering if Helen is going to be alright with what he told her. "I'll let you do the talking," he tells her. "You made yourself pretty clear how you felt before you left."

"I'm sorry I slapped you," she quickly says back to him, with tears in her eyes as she looks at him. "I never want to be physical with you Adam."

Adam shakes his head. "You don't have to apologize. I know that this is probably tearing you up inside."

"That's no excuse for violence," she tells him. "I hope you can forgive me."

"I already have," he smiles to her.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about this baby," she reveals to him. "That poor child that will have Cassie as a mother; we have to do everything we can to make sure that he or she isn't raised by that woman."

"What are you saying?" Adam asks her, as he comes up closer to her. "Have you forgiven me for sleeping with Cassie?"

Helen covers her mouth as a tear escapes her eye. "I don't know that I will ever truly be able to let that go Adam," she reveals to him, as he puts his head down. "I still need time to adjust to how you could mistake her naked body for mine. But," she continues as he looks up at her again. "I will help you try to get custody of your child. No baby should be left with Cassie. We have to get the baby away from her. We have too."

Adam moves closer to her and pulls her into a hug. She gasps at his touch; while she has been livid with him, she can't deny that he feels good in her arms. "Thank you," he whispers into her ear. "I was really hoping that you'd say that. I want to make sure my baby isn't raised by Cassie either."

Helen nods her head as they part ways. "Let's call Natasha and see what she recommends that we do, okay?"

Adam smiles back to her, thrilled that Helen is coming around and agreeing to help him in his quest to get his child away from Cassie. He knows that they still have work to do on their marriage, but he views this as a positive step forward.

Scene Three - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline's Home

"Every time we have sex it seems to get better," Madeline smiles to Will as they lay next to each in her bed.

Will grins at his lover as his torso is still sweaty from making love with her. He hasn't felt this good about a relationship, if he can call it that, in a long time. He can't help but recall his time with Eva, which was ruined by all the secrets that she kept from him; from the fact that her children Victoria and Donovan were alive and well to the fact that she was still married in Ernesto. The last thing he wants is another relationship filled with secrets and lies. This thing with Madeline is a breath of fresh hair to him.

"That was pretty hot," he finally replies to her. "I had forgotten how good we were together in the bedroom."

"I never forgot," Madeline says to him. "It was just so hard to get past everything that happened."

"I know," Will tells her, recalling how he slept with Olivia while he was dating Madeline last time. "So much has happened since then. I think we've both come a long way since then."

"We have," Madeline replies to him. "I was just ending that entire time of being Patricia." Madeline freezes at the very words she just spoken. She recalls how she recently saw Savannah Pherson at the Sugarbowl and she called Madeline "Patricia". Madeline hopes that she got through to Savannah about not calling her Patricia anymore; she has put that part of her life behind her and she can't afford to have any of her past secrets come out. The only person that could expose anything from that part of her time life is Savannah.

"You haven't mentioned Patricia West in a long time," Will notes to her as he sits in the up the bed. "Do you want to talk about it? You must have many things that happened to you during that time."

Madeline shakes her head quickly. "No, I probably shouldn't have said anything. I really just want to forget about that time of my life."

Will arches his eyebrow. "Are you sure you don't want to talk about it?"

"Yea, I'm positive," she replies as she lays down next to him and runs her hand along his torso. "Let's just cuddle together."

Scene Four - The Riverside Delicatessen

Trenyce opens the door to the deli and lets Andrew walk inside. She just finished picking her son up from the airport as he is home from visiting Chris in Chicago and she couldn't be happier. She had missed Andrew while he was away, so the fact that he is home, makes her extremely happy.

"Do you want to get a sandwich before we head home?" Trenyce asks her son, who nods his head back to his mother.

"And an apple juice!" Andrew replies to his mother, who starts to walk over to a table.

Trenyce laughs a little as she walks up to the counter. She orders and then moves over to pay. She looks over and sees Savannah waiting for her order. "Savannah," Trenyce smiles to her friend and co-worker, surprised to see her. "How are you?"

Savannah smiles at the sight of her friend. "Trenyce, hey, I'm good, how are you? I didn't want to go home and cook."

"I am great," Trenyce beams, unable to hide her excitement that her son is back. "I just picked Andrew up from the airport, so I am happy that he is home. He was visiting his father in Chicago."

"You must be thrilled," Savannah replies to her, trying to hide her disappointment. What she wouldn't give to have her child back with her right now too. "I would love to meet him, I've only ever seen that Halloween picture of him in your office, the one with his spider man mask on."

Trenyce nods her head back to her. "Yea, come on, he's at our table right now."

They walk over to the table, where Andrew is sitting. "Andrew, baby, this is Mommy's friend Savannah."

Andrew looks up from coloring his picture and looks at Savannah. Savannah immediately covers her mouth and looks over at Trenyce. "Oh my God," Savannah whispers as tears rush to her eyes, feeling overwhelmed at the sight of Andrew.

"What is it?" Trenyce asks Savannah, wondering why she is getting so emotional.

"That's my son," Savannah gasps. "That's my baby!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Robin gives birth
- Reese tells Madeline that he made a horrible mistake
Adam and Helen call Natasha for legal advice

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