Episode 251 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: July 20, 2014


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Previously on One Day at a Time
At the Calimo Cabin, Robin gave birth to a baby girl that was still born. Meanwhile, Robbie, Cory and Dominick learned where Robin was
Reese admitted to Madeline that he made a mistake referring to his affair with Craig
Leah and Jeff got engaged
Trenyce was horrified when Savannah thought Andrew was her son that Dave stole. Trenyce told her to forget the idea
Bob went to Switzerland after he found out that is where Dominick went while he was missing

Scene One – The Calimo Cabin

The police cruiser slowly drives into the driveway of the Calimo cabin. The rain has stopped and the sky is slowly turning back to its normal color. The color in Cory’s face hasn’t returned to normal, however as he is terrified of what he will find at the cabin within regards to Robin. He recalls how Dominick was able to track down the car that left the Robertson Enterprises fan meet and greet and trace it to the cabin; this has to be where Robin is. This also has to be where her “biggest fan” kidnapper is. He hopes the sick son of a bitch hasn’t hurt his wife because he knows he will kill the guy then.

“Are you ready?” Robbie asks Cory as he stops the car out front of the cabin. Cory nods his head back to Robbie. “Just remember to follow my lead okay? We don’t want anything bad to happen here today. We just want to find Robin.” Robbie has seen situations like this end badly before.

“She has to be okay Robbie,” Cory whispers to himself, unaware Robbie has heard his plea. “I can’t lose my wife or my baby.”

“You won’t, just remember that.”

They step out of the car and slowly walk to the front door trying to prepare themselves for the worst.


The master bedroom smells of sweat, blood and death. The power has returned and the room is becoming light as the sun creeps through the window. Robin lays on the bed weeping for her baby; her beautiful baby girl that was stillborn. She still can’t believe that after carrying a child for nine long months, she came out dead. She wishes she understood how God could be so cruel to her. Only, in her mind, it is not God’s fault; it’s Liam’s. Had he not kidnapped her and dragged her to the cabin, she believes her daughter would be alive right now; But she’s dead. She will never get to hold her child. She will never get the chance to see the child grow into a young woman. She will never to experience any of the things a new mother should get to experience. Robin has so many thoughts of what could have been.

She rolls over in the bed and sees Liam opening the bay window. The fresh air breezes in quickly and quickly starts to tackle the overwhelming smell in the room. He turns around and sees Robin looking at him. He has given her some space since she gave birth a few hours earlier. He can’t imagine what she must be going through right now; having the child be stillborn at birth. Part of him is happy that this has happened, however, as it will make his plan to run away with Robin much easier how that she is without a child.

“Have you had enough time to rest?” he finally speaks to her, hoping that she has regained some of her strength. “I can get you some food if you want anything to eat.”

“I want nothing from you,” she replies in a whisper, disgusted by him. “Just leave me alone.”

“You need to eat something Robin,” he informs her. “We have a big day planned.”

She opens her eyes wider wondering what he means. What kind of day could they possibly have planned after everything that has happened. “What do you mean?” she asks him, still laying in the bed. “I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to be with anyone.”

“We are leaving the cabin today,” he announces to her as he walks over to the closet and pulls out a suitcase. He reveals to her that he has a gun in his hand. “We are running away together. Today is the start of the rest of our lives together. You and I, Robin, we’ll be untouchable.”

“You’re crazy Liam!” she cries as she finally sits up in the bed. “I just lost my daughter! Do you really think that I want to run away with you? I want nothing to do with you! You’re the reason my baby is dead!”

Liam feels his blood boil. How dare Robin accuse him of killing the baby. It certainly was not his fault that the child was stillborn. He pulls out his gun and points it at her. “Maybe I didn’t make myself clear Robin. We are leaving here today, together. If you don’t want too, you can always end up like your daughter.”


“I hear voices upstairs,” Cory tells Robbie as they enter the cabin and look around for clues that Robin has been at the cabin. Cory walks over to the stair case that leads up to the second level and waits for a moment. “Yea, there are definitely people upstairs. I think we should head up there now.”

Robbie looks at Cory and nods his head. “I’ll go first, I have the gun, remember?” Robbie winks over to him. “Remember to follow my lead. We don’t want anyone to get hurt.”


“Let me go!” Robin screams as Liam drags her off the bed in hopes of getting her ready to leave the cabin. “I would rather die than go away with you!”

“You don’t really mean that, do you Robin?” Liam pauses and asks her as he points the gun into her face.

Robin looks her kidnapper in the eyes and glares. “I do. I would rather be with my daughter than be anywhere with you.”

“You ungrateful bitch!” he yells back at her, as the door to the bedroom swings open. Robbie and Cory burst in and Robbie immediately draws his gun at Liam.

“Freeze!” Robbie yells at Liam, causing Liam to quickly grab Robin and he puts her into a choke hold. “Let her go!”

Liam laughs a little. “Never, get out of my way or I will shoot her!”

“Cory, please help me,” Robin sobs as Liam continues to hold her at gun point.

“We aren’t going anywhere Liam,” Robbie replies to the deranged kidnapper. “No one has to get hurt in this process. Just put the gun down and I will put my gun down.”

“Liar! I know how things like this play out,” Liam replies as he slowly starts to move backwards. “Put the gun down or I will shoot Robin! I swear to God I will shoot her.”

Robin looks up at Liam and realizes that they are close to the large open bay window behind them that he opened earlier. She looks back at Robbie before she realizes she knows what she has to do. She clutches her fist and rams her elbow into Liam’s stomach.

“Ah, you stupid bitch,” he says as he releases her from her hold as he falls over in pain. She turns around to face Liam and pushes him causing him to stumble back. Liam falls out of the window of the cabin! Robin rushes towards the window and watches his body crash into the cement walkway outside. Liam’s body lay still on the ground as blood starts to form in the corner of his mouth. Cory rushes up to his wife, horrified by what he has just witnessed.

“Robin! Are you okay?” he asks her as she finally turns and sees her husband. She collapses into his arms and starts to weep uncontrollably. “It’s over Robin. It’s finally over.”

Scene Two – The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline’s Home

“You still haven’t told me everything that is going on with you,” Madeline tells her brother as they enter the house after they had dinner together earlier. “You promised me you would tell me what’s going on.”

Reese laughs a little as he pours himself a drink from the bar. He recalls how he was telling his sister about his mistake; which was code for his affair with Craig. He feels awful for what he has done because once again he is now a third wheel in a relationship. He really wished he had learned his lesson from when he and Andy had an affair while Andy was dating JC. He only hopes that he will be able to do the right thing going forward and not hurt anyone, although he suspects the damage has already been done.

Madeline looks at her brother and wonders what the delay is. She only hopes that it’s nothing too serious with her brother. “Can I make you a drink?” Reese asks her as he turns around from the bar.

She shakes her head no. “I’m actually feeling a little nauseous, but you go ahead.”

“Okay,” he says as he takes a sip. “What I am about to tell you has to stay between us. I mean no one, absolutely no one can find out about this.”

Madeline arches her eyebrow. “Okay, that’s fine. Just talk to me.”

Reese looks back at his sister. “I slept with Craig the night of the celebration at Wild Night.”

Madeline gets a smile on her face. “You did? He’s hot, that’s great news! Why are you so upset about this?”

Reese shakes his head at her. “He’s dating someone.”

“Oh,” Madeline quickly replies to him. “I didn’t realize he was seeing someone. Who is he dating?”

“Andy,” Reese says as he puts his head down.

“You’re kidding me?!” Madeline gasps in shock. “Oh Reese, I can see why you’re so upset over this. Everyone has made mistakes though. You can’t beat yourself up over this.”

“Too late, I already am,” he replies to her as he takes another drink of his beverage. “I feel so far from perfect right now.”

Madeline nods her head back. “No one is perfect Reese. Look at me, I’ve made so many mistakes in my life,” she tells him, thinking about her years as Patricia West. She is still having a hard time keeping everything under wraps with that time of her life. She knows that with Savannah in town right now, some of her past secrets would easily be exposed.

“It sounds like you are talking about something in particular,” Reese says back to her, wondering what Madeline is talking about.

Madeline shakes her head and gives him a fake smile. “No, I just mean in general. Look, I hate to cut our talk short, but I’m really not feeling so great. I’m going to go lay down.”

“Okay,” Reese nods back to her. “Feel better, let me know if you need anything.”

“I will, thanks Reese,” she tells him before she turns around and starts to walk into her bedroom.

Scene Three – Dominick’s Townhouse

Dominick sits at his desk looking at the phone wanting it to ring. He decided not to go with Robbie and Cory to the Calimo cabin to see if Robin is there because Robbie believed that three men would be too many. Dominick didn’t like the decision at first, but he agreed because he saw where Robbie was coming from. He didn’t want to be the one that could be potentially hurting the chances of finding Robin and bringing her back safely.

This means, however, that he can’t stop thinking about his daughter and if she is safe or not. He only hopes that soon the telephone will ring with some kind of update from Cory or Robbie, or maybe even Robin herself.

He feels his heart skip a beat when he the telephone rings. He watches it for a moment before he quickly picks it up. “Dominick Robertson,” he says into the telephone. As the person on the other end of the line begins to speak, Dominick feels his heart sink as the call is not an updated on Robin. Instead, his mind immediately changes focus quickly to his recent trip to Switzerland; a trip that no one can ever know about. “What are you talking about? I am always so careful when I go there. How did Bob Calimo found out where I was? … This is not good news! I’ll deal with Bob Calimo, thank you for the information.”

He slams the phone down hard and runs his hand over his face. He sighs heavily as he knows that he has to do serious damage control now. Bob went to Switzerland, but how did he find this out and where did he go?

“Switzerland is a big country,” Dominick tells himself, trying to justify Bob’s possible reasons for his travel destination. “There’s no way he can know the truth. He can’t know the truth, he would have said something by now,” Dominick continues to try to think his way through this process. He knows that if Bob had discovered his secret, he would have been over here throwing it in his face by now.

He is interrupted by his doorbell ringing. He stands up quickly wondering if maybe Robin is already back in town and coming by to see him. He opens the door and sees Eva standing on the other side, with a smile on her face. “Eva,” he says as she comes into his house. “This is a nice surprise.”

“I hadn’t seen you since Donovan was cleared of his charges,” she tells him as she enters the living room.

“I know, I’m sorry about that,” he replies to her. “There’s been so much going on with Robin’s disappearance and what not.”

Eva nods her head back to him. “Have they found her?”

“The police are looking into a lead right now,” he informs her. “I’m worried for my daughter,” he reveals to Eva. “If anything happens to her, I don’t know what I will do.”

“Sshh,” she tells him as she comes up to him. “Look at what happened with Donovan. Everything turned out just fine. I believe that the same thing will happen with Robin. You just have to believe Dominick.”

“I’m trying.”

“I have an idea of what might make you feel a little bit better about things,” she purrs at him as she comes closer to him and purses her lips. “How about this?”

She leans in and gives him a passionately kiss on the lips. They part ways and he looks into her eyes again before he leans in and kisses her again. He could use the distraction with everything going on and clearly, so could she.

Scene Four – The Calimo House; Leah, Jeff & Paige’s Home

“What do you think of these for flowers?” Leah asks Jeff as she passes him her IPad so he can see the picture of the flowers on the screen. The two of them have taken the day off work so they can start to plan their upcoming wedding. While Leah knows that they haven’t been engaged for too long, she also doesn’t want to wait much longer before she gets married. She would love to be married before the fall when Paige starts school. It will come full circle for her and her family, she believes. After so many mishaps, her family is finally coming together and she couldn’t be happier.

Jeff looks at the picture and then passes the IPad back to Leah. “They are fine,” he says to her. “Honestly Leah, whatever you want I will be happy with. I want you to have the wedding day of your dreams.”

“I don’t want a big wedding,” she quickly replies to him as she takes the IPad from his hand. “I’ve been there with Robbie. I would love if the wedding was just us and some family.”

“I agree,” Jeff agrees with her. “Just family would be nice. We don’t need a big event. It’s been done before.”

He notices that Leah puts her head down a little growing quiet. “What’s wrong? You look so sad suddenly. Was it something I said?”

She looks back up to him and shakes her head no. “It’s not you, it’s …” she begins to say as she feels some water form in her eyes. “It’s just that, I’ve been thinking about my Mom a lot lately and planning this wedding is just another piece to that.”

Jeff moves up from the floor and sits next to his fiancé. “Can I ask what has made you start thinking of her lately?”

Leah wipes a tear from her eye. “It started during the custody case. I’m not sure why, I just felt her presence and really wanted her there. Maybe because I was on the verge of losing my child, it made me channel my mother, I don’t know … she’s just been in my mind.”

“That’s understandable,” Jeff replies to her. “Almost losing your daughter, would of course make you think of losing your Mother. Have you been to see her grave? Maybe you should go visit her. I know when I’m really missing Noah, feeling close to him is always helpful.”

Leah nods her head. “I should go see her. It’s just crazy that this is all coming back to me now.”

“It’s not crazy,” Jeff tells her. “Sometimes we lose people that we will never forget. Your mother is one of those people.”

Leah moves closer to him and hugs him. “Thank you for being so supportive. I couldn’t get through this without you.”

“You don’t have to thank me Leah,” he whispers into her ear as he holds her. “I will always be here for you because I love you.”

The exit their embrace and Leah looks at him with a half a smile. “Promise me you’ll go to her grave tomorrow. Go see your mother.”

Leah nods her head. “I will, I promise.”

Scene Five - The Victors House; Vinny’s Home

With the rain storm earlier in the day creating a chill in the air, the fireplace in the living room of the Victors home roaring. Vinny pours two glasses of pinor noir and passes one to Daisy, who is sitting on the long sofa in the living room. The two are trying to enjoy a quiet night together as they have been feeling overwhelmed with everything that has been going on lately. Mostly, this Savannah situation where she has claimed to have had Dave's child and that Dave stole the child at birth. Vinny believes this story to be true but he has no idea how to figure out where his nephew could possibly be. Of course, he wants to find the child; he wants to find the missing person in his family.

"This wine is good," Daisy says to him as she takes her first sip of the red liquid.

"I hope it is," Vinny replies to her. "I spent a fortune on the bottle."

"You know," Daisy starts to inform him. "You don't have to always buy the really expensive wine's. There are plenty of good bottles in the $20.00 range."

Vinny chuckles a little. "Is that so? Well, I will keep that in mind. Just know that I like to spoil you."

"Well that's nice to hear," Daisy smiles back to him as she leans over and gives him a kiss on the lips. "I like to spoil you too."

Vinny grins back at her as their lips part for a brief moment. "Like you did earlier?"

"If you are referring to the time in the bedroom, then yes. I'm glad you consider all that spoiling you," she continues to smile at him. "I would call that, taking care of my man."

"And you do that so very well," he replies to her as he kisses her again. He is about to say something else to her when he hears the doorbell ring. "Whoever that is has horrible timing."

"Tell me about it," Daisy says to him as she watches Vinny stand up and walk towards the front door. "Try to get rid of them quickly."

Vinny opens the door and sees Trenyce standing on the other side of the door. "Trenyce, I wasn't expecting you this evening."

"I know, and I'm sorry to interrupt but I really need to see you and my Aunt. She is here, isn't she?" Trenyce asks she enters the house.

"I'm right here," Daisy announces as she comes up to the doorway. "What's going on Trenyce? It sounds serious."

"It is," she reveals to them as she enters the living room. "Oh my goodness, I am interrupting. I am so sorry," she tells them as she spots the wine glasses and the opened bottle.

"It's fine," Vinny informs her. "Just tell us what is going on."

"It's about Savannah," Trenyce reveals to them as she feels herself start to shake a little. "I can't believe what she has done now."

"What exactly has Savannah done Trenyce?" Daisy questions her, curious by Trenyce’s reaction.

"I picked Andrew up from the airport from visiting Chris," Trenyce begins to tell them. "We stopped for some food because he was hungry. Savannah was there and she wanted to meet Andrew, because she hasn't met him yet."

"Okay," Vinny says in-between Trenyce taking a breath.

"When she saw Andrew, she claimed he was her son. She thinks Andrew is her missing child," Trenyce reveals to them as she gets water in her eyes. "If she thinks Andrew is her son, she's crazy. She's crazy!"

Daisy shakes her head in disbelief. "Why would she think Andrew is her son? That doesn't make any sense.”

"No, it doesn't!" Trenyce shrieks back at her, still perplexed by Savannah’s claim. "She thinks any black four year old is her son because her son is missing. She's crazy!"

"You need to calm down," Vinny tells Trenyce as he touches her shoulder, clearly seeing how upset she is.

"No! I can't calm down. I can't calm down until she realizes that Andrew is my son! She can't go around saying this crazy shit! She just can't!"

"Trenyce," Daisy says coming up to her niece and hugging her. "Everything will be fine. We all know that Andrew is your son. No one believes Savannah's claim. We will get to the bottom of this."

"Thank you," Trenyce whispers back to her Aunt as she lets a tear fall from her eye. "I can't lose my son. I can't lose Andrew."

"You won't lose him," Vinny replies to her. "I'll make sure of that."

Scene Six - The State Penitentiary

Savannah hears a buzzer go off as she sits in the waiting room of the prison. She has travelled to the prison to see a man that she doesn't even know if she has met before. She doesn't know if every time she was with Dave if it was really Dave or if sometimes it was Brett. Now that she knows that Dave and Brett were posing as Vinny for years, she has no idea what to think. What she does know is that she saw her child; her long lost little boy that Dave stole from her. She is positive that Andrew is her son; the picture that Dave gave her of their child is too similar to what Andrew looks like. As soon as she saw him in the restaurant earlier, she knew that he was her child. Now, she just has to prove it. Which is why she came to the prison; she needs to know if Brett knows anything that could help prove her case.

"Ms. Pherson," a woman from behind the receptionist desk says. "They're ready for you."

Savannah stands up and nods her head. She walks to another door, which is opened by a security guard. She enters a room and sees Brett waiting at a conference table. She walks to his table and as she sits down at her chair. As she looks through the plexiglass, she can't believe how much he looks just like Vinny does. And Dave did. She knew that Vinny told her that they were triplets, but actually seeing another person that looks identical to someone else she knows is surprising to her.

She finally picks up the telephone receiver. "Brett," she says to him. "My name is Savannah."

"I know who you are," Brett replies to her with a slight grin on his face. "I'm actually surprised it took you this long to come and see me."

Savannah arches her eyebrow. "Why is that?"

"You're looking for your son," Brett informs her. "I thought I would be one of the first places you'd come."

Savannah shrugs her shoulder. "I don't know you. I didn't think you'd have any information. Do you have any information?"

"If you're asking me if I know what Dave did with your child, then no I don't," Brett says back to her quickly. "But something must have happened that finally brings you here."

Savannah looks down for a moment and then back up at him. "I think I found my son but I don't know if it is him."

"I don't know how I can help."

"Me either. I was hoping you would have more information about what Dave did with my son."

"Like I said earlier," Brett tells her. "I have no idea. But if you want my advice, I can give that to you."

Savannah nods her head at Brett. "Do whatever you can to prove that this kid is yours if you think he is. You deserve to have your child. I'm so sorry that Dave has started this mess. Try to fix it as quickly as you, if that's possible."

Savannah fakes a smile and hangs up the receiver. She looks at Brett for a moment longer before she stands up and starts to walk to the exit. How can she prove that Andrew is her son? That's the question she has to answer so she can be reunited with her son.

Scene Seven – The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline’s Home

Madeline steps out of her on suite washroom and closes the door. She’s now dressed in her large, white, fluffy robe as she hasn’t been feeling well. She sighs as she bites her lower lip as she wonders if the illness she is feeling is something more; something like a child. She knows that her and Will have been having a lot of sex and none of it is protected. She doesn’t know what she would do if she was with a child because she doesn’t believe that she is ready to me a mother and she doesn’t believe that Will is ready to be a father.

She recalls how she just used a home pregnancy test and is waiting to get the results. She just hopes that the results come back negative. She hears a knock on her door and sees it open. To her surprise, she sees Will emerge at the doorway.

“I hope I’m not interrupting,” he says softly to his girlfriend. “Reese let me in and he told me you aren’t feeling well.”

Madeline shrugs her shoulders. “I’m sure it’s nothing. What brings you by?”

Will shuts the door behind him and moves closer to her. “I missed you. I didn’t hear from you most of the day and was wondering what was going on with you.”

“That’s sweet of you,” she replies to him quickly. She quickly wonders if she should reveal that she is wondering if she is pregnant. The last thing she wants to do is scare him into thinking that they could be parents together.

“What’s wrong?” he asks her, catching up on her weird mood that she is displaying.

“Nothing, why?” she quickly says back to him. “Why does something have to be wrong?”

“I don’t know, you just seem … different,” he observes to her. Before she can respond, she hears a little buzzer go off. Their eyes lock. “What’s that?”

“Excuse me for a moment,” she says as she walks past him and enters her washroom. Within a few moments she comes up holding the pregnancy test in her hand.

“That’s not what I think it is, is it?” he asks her, pointing to the stick in her hand.

Madeline arches her eyebrow. “It is, but it’s negative. I’m not pregnant,” she says feeling relieved. “When I wasn’t feeling well, I realized that I was late. I took a test. I’m relieved.”

“Me too,” he quickly says back to her as he runs his hand through his hair. “Next time you think this may have happened, you should talk to me. If this did happen, I wouldn’t want you to be alone.”

Madeline smiles and hugs her boyfriend. “Thank you. I’m not ready to be a mother and I was scared.”

“I know. I’m relieved too Madeline, I really am.”

Scene Eight - The Tower’s, Floor Five; Craig & Andy’s Condo

“I feel like I haven’t been at home in weeks,” Andy tells his boyfriend as they sit on the sofa and Andy is drinking a glass of wine while Craig sips on a beer. “With everything that has been going on, it has been crazy.”

Craig picks up his beer and takes a drink of it. His mind is racing with the fact that Andy has been so busy supporting his various friends with their drama’s that Craig has been able to hide the fact that he and Reese had sex a few nights ago. It’s hard for Craig to concentrate because he and Reese had sex in the other room that he and Andy sleep in every night.

“It’s been quiet here without you,” Craig finally replies to his boyfriend. “Now that Donovan has been cleared of all those charges, hopefully everything can return to normal.”

“Wouldn’t that be nice?” Andy says with half a smile on his face. He puts his hand on Craig’s leg and squeezes it a little. “I never got the chance to thank you.”

“Thank me?” Craig asks as he arches his eyebrow. “I have no idea what you would want to thank me for.”

“For being you,” Andy replies to him. “You were a really good partner in the entire ordeal with Donovan. I know that you’ve had issues with my friendship with him, but you allowed me to support him and I really appreciate that Craig. I think we really moved in a positive step forward during these last few months. I love you very much.”

Craig feels the guilt start to creep into his head over having an affair on Andy. All Andy wanted was support so he could be there for his friends and what did Craig do? Craig looks back at Andy and fakes a smile. “I love you too Andy. I really, really do.”

Andy smiles at him as he finishes his glass of wine. “It’s been a long day, I’m going to get ready for bed.”

“Okay, I’ll be in shortly,” Craig replies to him.

Andy enters the master bedroom and turns the light on. He walks over to his side of the bed and finds his pj’s. He takes his top off and that’s when it happens; his eye catches something on the ground just beyond his end table. He leans over and picks up the wrapper.

“A condom wrapper?” he asks himself as he arches his eyebrow. If there’s one thing Andy knows about himself, it is that he is a neat freak. There’s no way he would have let this stay on the floor for this long without cleaning it up. Plus, with everything that has been going on, he and Craig haven’t had sex in a while.

“What’s in your hand?” Craig asks as he comes into the bedroom.

Andy turns around and holds the condom wrapper in his hand. “What is this?”

Craig gulps and freezes in his tracks. He knows that he can’t tell Andy the truth; it would devastate Andy and probably end his relationship. “What is that?” he lies, knowing what a condom wrapper looks like.

“It’s a condom wrapper. I found it on the floor in behind my end table.”

Craig shuts his eyes for a moment as he remembers Reese ripping the condom wrapper open with his teeth as Craig’s legs were firmly pressed on his shoulders. He opens his eyes and looks over at Andy. “It must have been from the last time we made love,” Craig says as he walks over and grabs the wrapper from Andy’s hands. “Must have forgot to pick it up.”

Andy gives him half a smirk. “Yea, I guess that’s what it is.” Andy says he watches Craig go into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Something in Andy’s head is telling him that something else is going on. But what could it be? Craig couldn’t have cheated on him … could have he?

Scene Nine – Twin Peaks General Hospital

“My wife was admitted earlier this evening. Can you please direct me to her room,” Cory says to the nurse at the nurses’ station. “Her name is Robin Calvin. I need to see her.”

The nurse smiles back at Cory and points to a room near by. Cory doesn’t wait for her to respond with words; he starts to walk quickly to Robin’s room. He reaches it and knocks before entering the room. He sees his wife laying on the bed, her eyes damp from tears.

“Hey,” he says as he walks in and closes the door. “How are you feeling? I’m so sorry that this has happened.”

Robin looks up at her husband and feels water rush to her eyes again. “I was so scared,” she whispers to him as tears escape her eyes. “I was so relieved to see you come into that room at the Cabin.”

“I was looking for you as soon as you went missing Robin,” he replies to her. “You have to know that I didn’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

She nods back to him and starts to wipe her eyes from the tears. “Thank God it’s over.”

“Liam can never hurt you again,” Cory says to her. “He’s dead. He won’t be able to hurt you or us anymore.”

Robin looks up at her husband with her damp eyes. “He’s already hurt us in the worst possible way.”

Cory shakes his head in confusion. “What do you mean Robin?”

“I gave birth at the cabin,” she reveals to him as she covers her mouth to try to prevent herself from sobbing. “Liam delivered our baby girl.”

Cory arches his eyebrow. “That doesn’t make sense. Where is our baby Robin? Where is she?”

Robin gasps for some air in between tears. “She’s … dead,” she finally blurts out. “Our daughter was stillborn.”

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