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Previously on One Day at a Time
Savannah believed Andrew was her son after seeing him for the first time. Trenyce relayed to Daisy and Vinny, who told her that it was an impossible claim
Natasha agreed to represent Adam and Helen in their quest to get custody of Cassie’s unborn child
Craig and Reese agreed to try to “forget” that they had sex
Kim continued to fight her attraction to Jonathan, the pool boy at the Calimo mansion
Cory saved Robin from Liam, who fell to his death. Robin told Cory that their baby was still born

Scene One – The Legal Firm; Natasha’s Office

Sun rays blast through the window of Natasha’s office creating a warmer than usual feeling at the Law firm. Natasha sits at her desk typing into her computer quickly. She stops for a moment to take off her cardigan because the sun is making it so hot in her office. The one thing that her office needs is an air conditioner because in the middle of the summer, the offices bake from the heat.

“Sorry that this is taking me a bit longer than usual,” she smiles as she looks over and sees Adam and Helen in her office as well. “The computers don’t like the heat very much.”

Adam chuckles a little. “It could be worse. I’d rather have the heat than a storm like we just had. That rain was intense.”

Natasha nods back to him as she continues to type into her computer. “I don’t mind the rain but that storm seemed to last forever.”

She looks back over at her two friends and smiles. “There,” she says as she pushes the enter key on her keyboard. “I just filed the motion for you guys.”

“Really?” Helen asks surprised that it was that quick. “I thought it would take a little longer.”

Natasha shakes her head no back to her. “They have made all the filing processes electronic now,” she informs them.

“What happens next?” Helen asks her another question, wondering the entire process.

“We wait,” Natasha replies to her. “The courts will get the file and then they will serve Cassie with custody papers. We can only hope that she signs off otherwise we’ll go to court.”

Adam looks over at Helen and grabs his wife’s hand. “We can do this Helen. We have to make sure that child isn’t raised by that woman.”

“I know,” Helen sighs back to him. “I’m just hoping that Cassie signs the papers. The last thing I want is a long drawn out custody battle.”

“If I am honest with you,” Natasha tells her. “I would start bracing yourself for that. I really don’t think Cassie will want to give up the child. It’s her only card right now. She will use whatever she can to try to win.”

Adam nods in agreement with Natasha. “I think so too. Its okay Helen, we can do this. We will win this battle.”

Natasha is about to say something when her Iphone starts to vibrate. “Excuse me,” she says picking up the telephone. She reads an incoming text and covers her mouth in shock. “My God,” she whispers.

“What is it?” Helen asks as Natasha looks up at the two of them again.

“It’s a text from Shane,” she reveals to them. “Robin’s been admitted to the hospital. Her baby was stillborn.”

“That’s horrible,” Helen quickly says back as she squeezes Adam’s hand, her mind thinking to Dawn for a moment.

“I should go to the hospital and see how Cory is doing,” Natasha announces to them. “We’ll be in touch about the custody case, okay?”

“Absolutely,” Adam says as he stands up. “Give Cory and Robin our best.”

Scene Two – The State Penitentiary

“Do you really think Brett will be honest with us?” Daisy asks Vinny as they sit in the waiting room at the prision. They have travelled to see Vinny’s brother to try to uncover more about the Savannah mystery. The latest twist is that Savannah has claimed, after seeing Andrew, that he is her son. Daisy knows that it sounds impossible because she was at the hospital with Trenyce when she gave birth to Andrew; still the thought is extremely unsettling to her and to Trenyce, for obvious reasons.

Vinny looks back at his lover and shrugs his shoulders. “I have no idea. He has always claimed he wanted to help us and be a better person, so who knows?” He really has no idea what to expect when they go in a see Brett. On one hand, Vinny could see Brett wanting to help them with their questions, however he could also see his brother not helping them at all especially since Vinny wasn’t exactly nice the last time he came and visited Brett.

They hear the guard call them forward as the visit time has finally arrived. “I guess we’re about to find out,” Daisy replies to him as they stand up and follow the guard to the visiting area.

They both sit down across from some plexi-glass and soon see Brett sitting across from them. Brett gives them a slight grin, surprised to see both of them at the same time. “What do I owe the honours of seeing both of you today?” he says through the small holes in the glass. Usually, they have to communicate via telephone, but because it is concerned a “group” visit, they get a special station with the holes in the glass. “Not that I’m complaining, I get so lonely in this place.”

“We have some questions for you,” Daisy informs him, looking into the man’s eyes that deceived her for so long. “And we hope that you are honest with us.”

Brett nods back to her. “I have always been honest with you Daisy,” he says back to her, before realizing what he has said. “Except for the fact that I wasn’t really Vinny.” He breaks into laughter, then quickly stops realizing they don’t find his joke funny.

“Savannah Pherson,” Vinny begins to tell him. “She has claimed that her son with Dave is really Andrew, Trenyce’s son. That is Daisy’s niece’s son.”

“I know who Trenyce is Vinny,” Brett snaps back at him. “And I heard that is what she is claiming. Savannah came to see me to get the truth as well.”

Daisy looks at Vinny before she looks back at Brett. “And what did you tell her?”

“The same thing that I will tell the two of you,” he reveals to them. “I have no idea what Dave was planning to do with Savannah’s child. I have no idea if Andrew is Savannah’s son.”

“You better be telling me the truth!” Vinny yells back at his brother.

“I’m not lying to you,” Brett says back to them calmly. “I have no idea what Dave’s plan was. But I do know someone that might be able to help you.”

“Who?” Daisy asks him quickly.

“Madeline Wilkins,” Brett announces to them. “She was still pretending to be Patricia West at the time Savannah would have given birth. Maybe she knows something.”

Scene Three – The Tower’s, Floor Five; Craig & Andy’s Condo

“I can’t believe that Savannah is claiming that Andrew is her son,” Andy tells Trenyce as she sits on the sofa and he passes her a cup of coffee. “You know that her claim is ridiculous, right?”

Trenyce takes a sip of her coffee and looks into Andy’s eyes with fear. In her mind, she keeps telling herself that Savannah’s claim can’t be true, but somewhere deep inside the thought still terrifies her. “You should have seen the look in her eyes Andy,” Trenyce recalls to Andy. “She was so sure that Andrew was her son.”

“But it doesn’t make sense Trenyce,” Andy says back to her. “Do you remember a few years ago when you and Andrew were in the car accident?” he asks her as she nods her head yes. “The truth about Chris being Andrew’s father came out. Chris had to donate blood to save his life. That wouldn’t have been able to happen if Savannah was his mother and Dave was his father. Savannah is just confused because she wants so desperately to find her son.”

Trenyce nods her head back to her friend taking in what he is saying. “I know you’re trying to make me feel better Andy, but anyone can donate blood to another person as long as the blood type matches. Maybe Chris had the same blood type as Dave or Savannah? I’m just saying it is possible. But I can’t lose Andrew, I won’t lose my son to Savannah.”

Andy moves over to her and puts his arms around her. “You won’t lose him Trenyce. I promise you, you won’t lose Andrew.”

Scene Four – The Sugarbowl

Craig enters the coffeehouse and quickly gets into the lineup. The heat outside is getting to him and he is looking forward to his iced coffee. It will help him stay cool and provide him his caffeine fix at the same time. As he moves towards the side to wait for his drink, he turns his head and spots Reese walking into the coffee house. Immediately, he recalls how he recently slept with his ex-boyfriend. Craig knows that he and Reese have spoken about their affair already but he knows that this is a good opportunity for him to ensure that Reese knows that they can never say anything about their affair to anyone. The last thing Craig wants is for Andy to uncover the truth about the affair and then leave him. He needs to gain control of the situation.

“Reese,” Craig says as he walks up to his recent lover, who is standing in the lineup. “Nice day outside, hey?”

Reese fakes a smile as he knows that Craig doesn’t want him to reveal their affair. “It seems like it, doesn’t it Craig. I’m assuming you don’t want to discuss the weather with me?”

Craig smiles back at him. “Can we grab a seat for a minute?”
Reese nods his head back to him and they walk over to the corner booth. “I know we briefly spoke at the hospital the other day but I thought we should get our stories straight now.”

“I don’t think we need to worry about our stories,” Reese replies to him. “No one suspects anything happened. I know you want to keep it that way.”

“I do,” Craig agrees with him. “I hope you understand why I want to keep it under the wraps Reese.”

“I’m not looking to break up you and Andy’s happy home,” Reese quickly replies, even though he hates that he could break up the relationship if the truth came out. “I won’t say a word.”

“Thank you,” Craig says back to him. “For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed what happened but …”

“I get it Craig,” Reese cuts him off. “And like I said, I’m not looking to be a home wrecker.”

Craig nods and turns to leave the coffee house. From the window seat at the coffee house, Donovan turns around and wonders what Craig and Reese were speaking about. “It seemed intense,” he whispers to himself, wondering if he should tell Andy about what he has witnessed.

Scene Five – The Calimo Mansion

The sun beats down on Kim’s body as she lay by the pool in the back yard of the Calimo mansion. She’s wearing a small white bikini that barely covers her body. She has large sun glasses on as she pretends to get sun tanned. Her eyes, however, are fixed on Jonathan, the pool boy, who is doing yard work.

She recalls her recent conversation with Bob, who told her what the pool boy’s name was. She has been lusting after him for a few weeks now and didn’t even know his name. She licks her lips a little as she watches him pull off his tang top revealing his chiselled chest. She finds herself squirming a little in her lounger. She knows that she is treading on dangerous territory, being married to Bob and wanting the young man in front of her, but she can’t help it. She has become increasingly frustrated with Bob’s attention to work and not her. She is still human, after all. And the young man in front of her is gaining her attention. The fact that Bob hasn’t made love to her in months doesn’t help any.

She purses her lips together when she notices Jonathan stop working and look over at her. He looks back at with lust in his eyes as well. She feels her cheeks redden as she wonders if he is having similar thoughts about her as she is of him. He slowly starts to walk over to her. Her mind immediately starts to race.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Calimo?” he says as he approaches her lounger.

“Yes, Jonathan?” she gulps hoping to sound like his boss.

He arches his eyebrow a little realizing she knows his name. “It’s Johnny, actually,” he smiles down to her. “And it looks like you’re burning on your legs. You should put more lotion on.”

She raises her sun glasses and notices how red her legs are getting. She nods back to him. “I think I left the lotion in the change room.”

“I’d be willing to help you if you need assistance with that,” he boldly suggests to her, causing them to lock eyes on each other. Both can feel the heat between them; both can feel the lust the other has for each other.

Before Kim realizes what she is doing, she nods her head. They start to walk quickly to the change room. Once the door is shut, she turns around to face him. Immediately, his hands goes over her body. “I’ve noticed you watching me for some time,” he says as his lips find her neck. “I think I know exactly what you want.”

She runs her hands through his hair and bites her lip as she feels his lips on his skin. “I’ve seen you watching me too.”

“How could I not when you parade in these hot bikini’s,” he winks at her as they look into each other’s eyes.

“No one can know about this,” Kim tells him quickly, remembering her husband.

“Trust me, I’m not going to say a word,” he says back leaning in and kissing her passionately.

“I want you so badly,” she whispers in between kisses as she unties her bikini top and she lets it fall to the ground, her moans becoming louder as his hands and lips start to work their magic on her.

Scene Six – Twin Peaks General Hospital; Cassie’s Room

Cassie sits up in her bed looking straight ahead. She is trying to think of her next move and isn’t coming up with any ideas. She knows that now that Adam and Helen know the truth that she is carrying Adam’s child that they will be hell bent on getting the child for themselves. She knew that this would happen as soon as Shane refused to pretend to the child’s father, which she was hoping would happen.

“This baby is my key to freedom,” she whispers to herself. “If they get custody of the child, I will go to jail. And I can’t let that happen. I won’t let that happen. I can never get Shane back if I’m behind bars.”

She stops talking to herself when her door opens and her guard comes in. The middle aged man has been placed as her police security guard to ensure that Cassie doesn’t escape from the hospital, which in Cassie’s mind is crazy because she is handcuffed to the bed post.

“Hi Harold,” she smiles to him as he enters the room.

“Ms. Nova,” he replies to her. “Just making sure everything is fine in here.”

Cassie nods her back to him. “Of course, I am tied to the bed though, so you know, I’m not going anywhere.”

She laughs a little causing him to chuckle back. “I still have to tell my boss that I did my regular checks.”

“I’m sorry that you have to do such silly things like that Harold. I’m sure there are far more important things you could be doing with your time or at your job,” Cassie tells him hoping to make friends with her security guard.

“Every job is an important one,” he says back to her. “How are you doing in here anyway? Everything is okay?”

Cassie shrugs her shoulders. “My ankles are sore and swollen. This baby is making it uncomfortable to always lay here, but I guess that’s what happens when you kidnap people. I wish I hadn’t. I’ve learned my lesson Harold.”

“I know when my wife was pregnant with our son, her ankles were swollen too,” he reveals to her as he comes closer to her.

“I didn’t know you had son. Did you know that I’m having a boy?” Cassie lies to him. She has no idea the sex of her child.

“I had no idea,” he says, seeming to warm to her. “Maybe later I can come back and rub your ankles for you. I don’t want to do it while many people are around.”

Cassie smiles at him. “That would be nice Harold, thank you.”

And just like that, Cassie suddenly knows what she has to do to get out of her hospital room.


The door to Robin’s hospital room opens and Dominick and Leah enter the room. They see Robin laying on the bed looking out the window. The sadness is still written all over her face of losing her child. Dominick feels his heart break at the sight of his daughter, clearly in pain. While he knows that he has to be strong, he also knows that he is suffering the loss of his granddaughter.

Dominick looks over at Leah, who moves closer to Robin. “Robin?” she asks coming up to the bed where her sister is laying. Robin turns her head and looks back at Leah. “I came as soon as I heard. How are you?”

Robin looks past Leah and sees Dominick coming up to the bed as well. She shakes her head as tears fill her eyes. “I…” she begins to say. “I don’t know. I feel numb every where.”

“Oh Robin,” Dominick says back to her as he leans down and gives her a hug. “I wish I could take this pain away from you. I wish I could make this okay. I will tell you that I will do everything in my power to make Liam Fitzpatrick suffer.”

Robin exits the hug and looks at her father and sister. “He’s dead,” she reveals to him as she wipes her eyes from her tears. She refuses to shed a tear for the man that kidnapped her and held her hostage at the cabin. “I pushed him out of the window at the cabin. I think he broke his back and died instantly.”

Leah looks at Dominick and gulps. “And I’m not sorry I did it,” Robin continues to tell them. “That man, that horrible man! He killed my baby! He deserved to die for what he did to me! To my baby!”

“Robin,” Leah says to her as she grabs her hand. “We should try to make sure you stay calm right now, okay? We want you to get some rest so we can take you home and let you leave this place.”

Robin nods her head. “I do feel tired.”

“Try to get some sleep,” Dominick tells his daughter as he and Leah move away from the bed. He looks at Leah before he says anything further. “I know what you’re thinking.”

“Do you?” Leah asks him, her voice filled with concerned. “She lost her child and has killed a man. I don’t know how she’ll ever recover from this Dad.”

“We will be there for her, it’s all we can do,” Dominick says back to Leah as they hug each other. He only hopes that it will be enough and Robin will be able to get through this ordeal.


Natasha steps off the elevator and looks around the hospital floor. She quickly walks over to the nurses’ station and spots Cory sitting on a chair near the station. “Cory,” she calls out as he stands up to greet her. She throws her arms around him. “I just heard the news, I’m so sorry.”

Cory holds his ex-wife, who is still a close friend, and let’s some tears out of his eyes. “Can I do anything?”

Cory shakes his head while they are still hugging. “Just hug me for a moment longer,” he whispers into hear ear. “I need to feel close to someone right now.”

“I’m here for you Cory. I’m not going anywhere,” she replies to him. “Anything you need, you tell me.”

Shane emerges in the hallway, holding a patient’s file. He freezes when he sees his wife in the arms of her ex-husband and her arms are not leaving Cory’s body.

Next on One Day at a Time
Vinny confronts Madeline
Natasha gives Bob advice
Cassie and Helen have a heated confrontation

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