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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robbie learned that Jeff and Leah were going to be married soon
- Dominick discovered that Bob was in Switzerland and wondered if his rival had uncovered Dominick's secret
- Kim and Johnny, the pool boy, had sex
- Natasha found Helen unconscious in Cassie's hospital room. Helen revealed that Cassie knocked her out, disappeared but was in labour when she left
- Robin struggled with her daughter's death

Scene One - The Tower's, Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

"You haven't said much," Victoria says to Robbie as she rolls over exposing her naked backside to her lover. She quickly glances at the clock and realizes that her love making session with Robbie lasted over an hour this time. She smirks at herself knowing that she has gotten use to his ways in the bedroom and she enjoys them.

"Sorry," he replies to her, still trying to catch his breath. "I guess I'm just trying to get my heart rate back to normal. You were amazing, as usual Vic," he smiles as he looks over at her.

She smiles and leans back over to him and kisses him on the lips. "I can say the same for you Mr. Calimo. I feel very happy to be with you."

"I'm happy too," he replies to her, looking up at the ceiling. "I never thought I would be this happy again."

"Are you talking about being happy after your divorce with Leah?" she asks him, wondering how he is really coping with the news that Leah will be marrying Jeff in a couple of weeks. He has said that he is alright with it, but Victoria knows that some part of Robbie must be hurt and upset. He and Leah were married for a decade, after all.

Robbie rolls to his side and looks at his lover. "I am," he admits to her. "You know, when the truth came out that Jeff was Paige's biological father, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach repeatedly. Just when I got use to the idea, I lost the custody case and …"

"Robbie," she begins to say, interrupting him.

"Please, let me finish," he cuts her off this time as she nods her head back to him. "I was hurt and confused by Leah's lies. The only thing that helped me get through that time was you. It is you," he continues to tell her. "So you have to know how much you mean to me. I don't know how I would have survived this past year and a little bit without you by my side."

Victoria smiles back to him and grabs his hand. "I love you Robbie. I hope you know that I would never hurt you the way she did."

"I know you wouldn't," he replies to her.

"I have to ask you again, however," she says slightly biting her tongue. "The other day when you found out Leah and Jeff are going to be married, you said you were okay but I could see the pain in your eyes. Talk to me Robbie, tell me how you're really feeling."

Robbie sighs and lays back on his head. He runs his hand over his face before he speaks again. "I would be lying if I said I wasn't hurt by hearing the news," he starts to tell her. "But I have to be okay with it. I can't control Leah nor do I want too. I'm happy with you," he says as he looks back at her. "If they want to be together, then let them be happy together. I'm happy in my life with you. I promise you, I'm fine with their marriage."

Victoria nods back at him. He leans in and kisses her passionately. "Now, let's talk about something us," he grins at her.

"Like what?"

He shrugs his shoulders and leans in and kisses her again. "Maybe talking isn't what we should be doing," he winks at her as he lips start to move down to her neck.

Scene Two - Roboto

Kim walks down the hallway of Roboto, the sound of her stiletto's hit tiled floor as she does. She is on her way to see Bob as she has something important to discuss with her husband. Plus, she wanted to get out of the house today. Ever since she and Johnny had sex, she hasn't wanted to stay at home during the day in case the young man is around. Not that she doesn't want to see him; the sex they had was hot and she needed it badly. She doesn't, however, want it to be a regular thing. She can't have an on-going affair with the pool boy. She won't let that happen.

"Mrs. Calimo?" A voice calls out as Kim continues to walk down the hallway. She stops immediately and turns around and sees Johnny standing at a doorway.

She arches her eyebrow. "Johnny? What on earth are you doing here?" she asks him as she walks up to him. She can smell his cologne and it drives her crazy inside.

"I thought you knew," he dashes his smile that he knows makes her melt. "Mr. Calimo promoted me, I'm working as an intern now."

"And this is your office?" she asks as she walks past him into his office. She turns around and sees him closing the door behind her. Suddenly she gulps; she didn't want to be alone with Johnny and now she is.

"It is, what do you think?" he asks her as he looks around, but his eyes immediately go back to her.

"It's nice. I'm glad Bob is giving you a chance to show your talents."

"Speaking of talents," he says as he comes up to her and puts his hands on her waist. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about …"

"Johnny," Kim quickly replies removing his hands from her waist. "We can't do that again. What happened that day …"

"Was amazing," he whispers to her as he leans in and kisses her. "I want you again. I want to taste you and feel you."

Kim let's herself kiss him back. She finds her hand moving behind his head and drawing him in closer to her. "Oh Johnny," she moans as he his lips find her neck.

"Please don't make me stop," he says as he looks into her eyes.

"This has to be the last time," she replies to him. "The very last time."

He moves her over to the desk and sits her up on it as he kisses her again and starts to unbutton her blouse as she moans in delight, wanting the young man again.

Scene Three - Dominick's Townhouse

Dominick sits at his desk in his living room and looks at the computer screen in front of him. In his hand is his telephone. He can hear the on hold music playing into his ear and he is growing more impatient by the second. He spins around in his chair when he hears the front door of his townhouse open.

"Dominick?" Eva asks as she enters the living room and sees Dominick on the telephone. "Oh sorry," she quickly replies not wanting to disturb him.

"I'm on hold," he rolls his eyes back to her. "Yes, I'm still here," he returns his focus to the telephone call. "That's right, I want three cases of the champagne and I need it delivered no later than next week … I don't care what the extra cost is, just make it happen please … yes, that's fine. Thank you very much."

He puts the telephone down and stands up. He turns around and looks at Eva, who is arching her eyebrow. "What is going on? Why are you ordering so much champagne?"

"Leah and Jeff are getting married," he reveals to her with a smile on his face.

"That's wonderful news!" Eva replies to him as she hugs him. "Finally some good news for us to celebrate. It seems like we have nothing but dark clouds over us for some time now."

"I couldn't agree more. I just hope this wedding goes off without a hitch."

"Why wouldn't it?" Eva asks him, taken aback by his words.

Dominick shrugs his shoulders. "Weddings in this town seem to have a way of not happening the way people think they will."

Eva chuckles a little. "Isn't that the truth?"

"What brings you by today?" he asks her, as he returns to his desk. He quickly covers a folder on his desk, realizing that no one can see what is in that folder.

"I actually wanted to discuss something with you," Eva begins to tell him. "I was hoping you could tell me the truth."

"The truth about what?" Dominick asks as he turns around to her. "I'm always honest with you."

"Then you'll tell me exactly what you were doing in Switzerland," she says back to him. "I know that you've said you were on business, but I'd like to know everything. I don't want our relationship to end up the way my relationship with Will ended - based in secrets and lies. I'm trying to learn my lesson, even in my old age."

Dominick laughs a little. "You're not old Eva. You're beautiful and vibrant. I wish there was more for me to tell you," he says as he walks closer to her. "But there is nothing more to tell. I promise you," he says as he pulls her into a hug. He hates that he is lying to her right now, but he knows that no one can ever know what he was doing in Switzerland. "I should be on my way. I need to help Leah with some final touches for the wedding."

Eva nods back to him. "Okay," she smiles. "Thank you for being honest with me. I trust you when you say it was just business."

Dominick fakes a smile to her and hopes that she never learns the truth. That no one will ever learn the truth. He will make sure of that.

Scene Four - The Park

Reese puts his Ipod headphones into his ears and he looks at the path in front of him. He wanted to clear his head from everything that is going on with him right now so he decided to come to the park and go for a run. He hasn't ran in a while but he would love the escape of the guilt he is going through for sleeping with Craig.

He starts to jog forward and feels his heart beat quickly pick up in pace. He turns a corner and freezes instantly. He sees Craig jogging towards him. He can't help but notice Craig's arms in his tank top and how good the doctor looks. Reese quickly scolds himself for thinking about how attractive the doctor is.

"Reese," Craig says as he tries to catch his breath. "I didn't think I'd see you out here today."

"It's a beautiful day," Reese replies to him as he takes his ear phones out. "Looks like we had the same idea."

"I guess so. I needed to blow off some steam," Craig reveals to him. "Things have been stressful lately."

Reese nods back to him. "For me too. I really hate this lying thing that we are doing."

"It's for the best."

"Is it?" Reese asks him back, growing tired of the drama. "If you and Andy were really happy, would you have cheated? I don't want to break you guys up, but maybe you should really look at your relationship with him."

Craig nods back to him. "I don't want to lose Andy."

"Do you think I'm hot?" Reese asks him back, surprising Craig. "Right now, when you look at me, do you think I'm attractive?"

"That's not fair."

"If you want me again, then you should think about your relationship with Andy," Reese says back to Craig.

"People will always find other people attractive Reese," Craig tries to justify his actions to him.

"I agree but not everyone will jump on those attractions the way we did. The way you did. I'm just saying, we should both look at what happened and do what we can to prevent it. Or make it happen again if that's what we want."

"Is that what you want?" Craig asks arching his eyebrow.

Reese shrugs. "You tell me. I should get on with my run."

Craig watches as Reese jogs off and wonders if Reese is right. "Maybe I should look at the situation a little closer," Craig mumbles to himself.

Scene Five - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

"So what you're telling me is that there is absolutely no way to track down Cassie Nova?" Adam asks frustrated into the telephone. He is livid that Cassie has disappeared from the hospital with his child. He doesn't understand how a woman that was in labour was able to leave the hospital undetected. He doesn't care about finding Cassie herself; if he never saw her again it would be too soon for him, but he does want to find his child. "This is unbelievable! What kind of hospital would allow a pregnant woman to leave when she was in labor?"

Helen comes into the living room and listens to her husband continue to rant into the telephone to the hospital personal. She shuts her eyes and tries to recall everything that happened when she was visiting Cassie; only she can't remember anything because Cassie knocked her out. Helen puts her hand to her head and still feels the goose bump. She opens her eyes and shakes her head. "Where would she have gone?"

"That's the million dollar question," Adam replies to her, having hung up the telephone. "The hospital was no help. They have the police department looking into the disappearance because Cassie was placed under arrest."

"She couldn't have gotten very far," Helen tells him, trying to make him feel better about what has happened. "She went into labour. She would have had to have stopped and had the baby. Someone would have had to have helped her. We will find her Adam. We have to keep believing that."

"I don't know what to believe anymore," he spits back to his wife.

"What does that mean?" Helen asks him.

Adam sighs and turns around not wanting to look at his wife. He knows that Helen had been struggling with his sleeping with Cassie, despite him telling her repeatedly that he was under the assumption that Cassie was Helen. He is now left wondering if Helen could have had something to do with the Cassie's disappearance. He hates thinking such things, but Helen did hate the fact that he was going to have a child with Cassie. Could she have let Cassie escape?

"You have to talk to me Adam. You can't shut me out!" Helen presses him for an answer. "What don't you believe?"

Adam turns to his wife and looks at her with emotion in his eyes. "Did you send Cassie away?"

Helen's mouth falls open in shock. "Did I send her away? She knocked me out Adam! I didn't do anything with Cassie. I can't believe you asked me this."

Adam shakes his head. "I'm sorry. I'm just … I'm worried I will never get to see my child."

"And you think I'm the cause of that happening. I understand now," she spits back to him as she moves past him.

"Helen wait," he calls out to her, but all he hears back is the front door of the house slamming shut.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane's Office

Shane finishes taking some notes as he listens to the person on the other end of the telephone receiver that he glued to his ear. Natasha watches her fiancé for a moment and wonders if the police have been able to track down Cassie yet. She is terrified now that Cassie is running around freely again. The last time that happened, Helen and Natasha ended up spending months in a cage as Cassie held them hostage. She hopes more than anything in the world that the police are able to track down Cassie and put her in jail where she belongs.

She looks up and focuses on the present again when she sees Shane put the phone down. "What did the police say?"

Shane sighs before he looks back at Natasha. "They haven't found her yet. No one has seen or heard from Cassie Nova since she disappeared from the hospital."

"How is this possible?" Natasha asks as she stands up. "She was pregnant for crying out loud! According to Helen, Cassie went into labour. She couldn't have gotten very far before she would have had to have stopped Shane."

"I know Natasha. Don't worry, I do believe that the police will find her. She couldn't have disappeared into thin air," he replies to her, hoping to calm her down a little even though he knows that he probably won't be successful. "We have to focus on helping the police in any way that we can. And we have to try to stay calm."

"Calm?" Natasha asks, turning to look at him. "No one can tell me to stay calm. That woman has done the most horrific things to me. What if…what if she comes back and locks me up again, or worse what if she kills me this time?"

Shane stands up and rushes over to Natasha. He pulls her into a hug. "I won't let that happen Nat. I will protect you from Cassie."

Natasha feels her eyes swell with water. "She is a master manipulator Shane. The last time she was here we didn't even know it was her until it was almost too late. I'm scared. I'm really scared," Natasha cries into his shoulder. Suddenly, she gets a wicked idea. "Oh my God…"

"What is it Natasha?" Shane asks as they exit their hug and Natasha moves her hand to cover her mouth.

"I just had a horrible thought," she says with fear in her eyes. "What if Helen isn't really Helen."

"What are you talking about?"

"Cassie has Helen's face! What if Cassie has already given birth to the baby and no one has seen her because Helen is being locked in a cage somewhere and Cassie is posing as her again?" Natasha reveals her fears to Shane.

"You don't really believe that, do you?" he asks, sensing that Natasha is grasping at straws.

"I don't know!" Natasha yells back at him. "All I know, is that Cassie Nova is an evil woman. I wouldn't put anything past her. We need to figure this out Shane. We have to ask Helen to do a DNA test."

Scene Seven - Roboto

Kim fixes her skirt and pulls out her compact one final time to make sure her hair and make up are okay. She just finished having another intense love making session with Johnny, something she knows she has to stop, but he makes her feel so much better than Bob has been lately. Ever since she was shot last winter, something in Bob changed. She doesn't know what it is or why it happened, but she knows that she is still a young, vibrant woman that has sexual needs. And Johnny satisfies every one of them. That being said, she knows that she has to stop sleeping with him. If Bob ever found out that she was sleeping with the poolboy, and now his intern at Roboto, Bob would be livid. She is sure that Johnny would get fired and she suspects Bob would leave her.

"That will never happen," she whispers to herself, knowing that she likes being Mrs. Calimo far too much. "I just have to get myself under control."

She finishes composing herself and then she opens the door to Bob's office. She sees him standing at the window looking out at the skyline of the city. "Am I interrupting you darling?" she asks as she enters the office and closes the door behind herself.

Bob doesn't turn around when he hears his wife's voice. "Not at all Kimberly. I don't have much time, however. I have a meeting shortly."

"I figured as much, but I thought you should know that Jeff and Leah are scheduled to be married in a couple of weeks," Kim reveals to her husband, which causes Bob to turn around and face her.

"I believe I read something about that in the Sun the other day," Bob replies to her. "I've already spoken to Robbie about this and he seems to be fine, if that's what your concern was."

Kim shakes her head no. "I was actually invited to the wedding," Kim says to her husband, whose eyes widen. "You know that Jeff and I were close a few years ago. I thought it was a lovely gesture on his part to invite me. I always thought that Jeff and Leah were going to be together."

"Despite the fact that she was married to my son, you thought that?" a shocked Bob questions her.

"I don't want to argue about this with you Bob," Kim calmly says back to him. "I was hoping that you'd give me your blessing that I can go to the wedding."

Bob laughs a little. "I will never bless anything that has to do with Dominick Robertson. That man has caused me and my family more harm than anyone else. I can't wait to ruin him."

Kim arches her eyebrow. "What does that mean? Do you have a plan to get back at Dominick?"

Bob gives a devilish grin back to his wife. "I know a secret that will tear that family apart," Bob reveals. "I give you my blessing to go to the wedding Kimberly. In fact, I may even join you."

"Bob, I don't know if I like the sound of this…"

"Don't worry Kimberly. Everything will work out as it should," Bob winks back over to his wife, who sighs heavily.

Scene Eight - St. Joseph's Church

"That went pretty well, I think," Dominick tells Leah as they sit side by side in a pew of the church, having just finished the wedding rehearsal. "It seems like everything is falling into place for your big day my love."

Leah squeezes her father's hand and nods her head. "You are happy for me, right Daddy?"

Dominick turns and looks at his daughter. "Of course I am. I know how long you and Jeff have waited for this moment. Really, I should have seen this years ago when I first agreed to help you with the paternity test of Paige."

Leah nods her head back to him. "I wish Mom was here to see me get married. I know that she's been gone for a long time, but its moments like this that I really miss her."

Dominick leans over and pulls her into a hug. "Your mother would be very proud. I know this for a fact."

"Thank you Daddy," Leah says back to him as they hug. As they exit their hug, Leah looks back and sees Robin sitting in another pew. "How do you think she is holding up?"

Dominick sees Robin looking off into space. "As well as expected. I thought she did well today with the wedding rehearsal."

"I agree, I think she did too. I was going to ask someone else to stand up for me, but I didn't want to hurt Robin's feelings. After everything she's been through, I was hoping this would help her get back to normal."

"I think she appreciates that," Dominick replies to her as he stands up. He looks over at Robin and sees her crying in the pew. "Robin?" he calls out as he walks over to her. "Is everything okay?"

Robin doesn't look at her father. More tears fall from her eyes. "The next time I was going to be in this church was for my baby's baptism. But that didn't happen."

Dominick looks over at Leah, whose face turns pale. "Robin, do you want to go home?" Leah asks as she kneels down and puts her hand on Robin's leg.

"Don't touch me!" Robin suddenly screams out, her face completely disorientated. "Get away from me and my baby Liam!" she screams out to Dominick and Leah, as she seemingly relives a memory from the night at the Calimo cabin in front of them.

Leah stands back, startled by Robin's reaction. She looks back at her father, who bends over. HE grabs Robin and shakes a little. "Robin! It's me, it's your Father! Tell me you see me!"

Robin cries as she snaps back into reality. "Daddy?" she asks as she hugs him, as tears flow from her eyes. "Oh Daddy! My baby is gone!"

Leah gulps and wonders how Robin is really coping with the loss of her child.

Next on One Day at a Time
-Bob confronts Dominick
- Natasha gets answers
- Reese thinks of his parents

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