Episode 26 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day At A Time
-Vinny told Daisy the story of the night of his stabbing. He agreed to help her escape, after he learned of her power as mayor
-Leah and Shane showed Natasha pictures of her life. Natasha went for a walk, and walked on thin ice
-Victoria and Helen met in her office. Adam interrupted; Victoria remained clueless about their connection
-Jason and Rebecca have their first date

Scene 1
Setting: The Calimo Cabin; The Grounds

Natasha is outside walking. Her mind is racing, thinking of her past life. ’Why can’t I remember?’, ’When will I remember?’ are racing in her mind. Natasha becomes so distracted that she doesn’t realize she walks on to thin ice. Meanwhile, in the cabin Shane and Leah are sitting in the living room. Suddenly they hear a blood curling scream from outside.

"What was that?" a worried Leah asks.

Shane gets up. "It sounded like a scream!"

"Natasha?!" Leah calls out, as they rush to the door.

Scene 2
Setting: Wild Night

Jackson sits down across from Kim in her booth.

"We need to talk," he tells her.

Kim puts her drink down and stares at Jackson. "You are breaking the rules of our agreement. Do you realize this Mr. McQuillan?" Kim says, trying to be strong.

Jackson breaks out in a light laughter. Kim stares back at him. "Sorry," he says. "I just think this agreement isn’t working out Kim. Seriously. I want to, no I need to move back to Twin Peaks."

"Explain yourself Jackson. Cause from my point, there is no way you are coming back to Twin Peaks. Not now, not ever."

Jackson sighs. "Alright, here it goes. For starters, White Cove is too small. Everyone knows everyone and everything that goes on. I need more privacy. Secondly, I’ve been over there for months and I still haven’t found a job. Twin Peaks has much more to offer."

Kim continues to look at Jackson with a stoic look on her face.

"Obviously I’m wasting my time," Jackson says getting up to leave.

"Wait," Kim says, reaching out her hand to his arm. "Let me think about it. I’ll contact you in a day or two and get back to you."

Jackson smiles at Kim. "Thanks" he says walking off.

Kim watches as Jackson leaves the club. She turns back around and finishes her drink. ‘What am I doing?’ she asks herself.

Scene 3
Setting: The Calimo Cabin; the Grounds

Natasha is outside walking. Her mind is racing, thinking of her past life. ’Why can’t I remember?’, ’When will I remember?’ are racing in her mind. Natasha becomes so distracted that she doesn’t realize she walks on to thin ice. Her feet crack the ice almost immediately. Natasha screams, as she falls threw the ice.

Natasha’s entire body goes under the chilly water. Natasha flaps her arms, trying to get to small opening of the ice.

Suddenly a flash hits Natasha.


Cory turns, and kisses Natasha.

He pulls away from her mouth.

"I forgot to do that this morning" he smiles.

"I know you did" Natasha replies. They kiss again. Natasha pulls back.

"I wish I had time for a quickie, but I don’t" she laughs.

"Come on Nat! You’re killing me!" Cory smiles.

"I think you’ll live. Plus, I’ll make it up to you later" Natasha shares.

"OK, you win. What’s up? Besides the obvious!" Cory laughs.

[End of Flash]

Natasha’s coat gets caught on her feet, which cause her to continue to be dragged under the water. Natasha looks up and sees two figures trying to save her. Suddenly she’s hit with another flash.


Sofia sits on the sofa. "What took you so long?" Sofia asks

"You know Mom, everything had to be perfect" Natasha says.

Sofia looks at her daughter, and gets a little teary. "My baby is getting married!" she cries.

Mother and daughter embrace.

[End of Flash]

Natasha’s tired arms finally start moving a little slower. Her frantic eyes roll back into her head. Her eyes lids shut; her arms stop flapping. Her feet stop kicking. Her body begins to move to the bottom of the river.

Meanwhile, on shore....

"Shane, there she is!" Leah says, pointing in the water. "We have to save her!"

Shane walks back from the ice. "Stay here. Don’t go on the ice. Too much weight, and you’ll fall in as well." Shane cautions.

"We have to move quickly!" Leah says, getting frantic.

Shane takes off his coat, and rolls up his sleeves.

"What are you doing Shane? You can’t go in after her!"

"I have no choice! Stay here!" Shane says running quickly on the ice and driving into the river in the same spot Natasha fell through.

Leah waits on the shore. "Come on Shane...come on" she says softly to herself. Suddenly Shane emerges, with Natasha in his arms.

"Oh my God! Shane! Is she alright?" Leah screams!

"I don’t know. We have to get her inside. Here’s what we are going to do!" Shane says.

Scene 4
Setting: A Small Pub in White Cove

Helen sits in the corner, slowly drinking a coke and rye. On the small table she has some papers spread out, and she is writing some notes. Suddenly she comes across Adam’s telephone number.

"Hmm...should I give Mr. Black a call? Or maybe he’s too busy with the good doctor" she smiles. "No harm in trying," she says, going through her bag trying to find her cell phone. She finally reaches it and dials Adam’s number.

"Hi, Adam? This is Helen. Helen Mills....Ah, you do remember me [laughs]. Listen, I’m at the Pub in White Cove. I’d love for you to join me...Great!....Oh, you have to talk to me?...you’d rather wait? Sure. Can’t wait. Bye."

Helen hangs up her phone and puts it in her bag. "I wonder what he has to tell me" she thinks to herself.

Scene 5
Setting: An Undisclosed Location

Daisy paces around the small room. "Vinny’s been gone awhile. I should be able to leave her soon." she says to herself.

Suddenly she hears a noise. "Vinny? Vinny, is that you?"

Suddenly Vinny emerges. "I’m back! Ready to get out of this prison?" he smiles.

"Ready as I ever will be" Daisy replies, almost jumping out of her skin in excitement.

"Follow me," Vinny orders her.

Daisy does as she’s told.

Scene 6
Setting: Chris and Daisy’s House; The Bedroom

A naked Chris and Danielle lay in bed, in the afterglow of making love. A sweaty Danielle looks over.

"That was amazing...as usual." she smiles.

"You weren’t so bad yourself" Chris smiles back. He leans forward, and kisses her again.

They are interrupted by the phone ringing. Chris sighs. "What terrible timing" he says, reaching over for the phone. "Hello....Ah, man. Do you know what time it is?....Yea, yea. I’ll be right there." Chris hangs up the phone.

"Bad news?" Danielle asks.

Chris gets out of bed, and slips on his boxers. "I gotta go to the office. Some report needs to be done tonight."

Danielle gets out of bed and wraps her naked body in a rob. She walks up to Chris and hubs her hands on his chest. "Well, I’m glad we had our fun early tonight" she smiles, kissing him again.

"Oh baby, you are making it hard to leave." Chris says, pulling away.

"I’m sorry." Danielle says. "I don’t want you to go."

"The sooner I go, the sooner I’ll be home" Chris smiles, as he puts on his pants.

"True. Hurry though." Danielle says.

"I will" Chris replies, leaving the bedroom, fully dressed.

Scene 7
Setting: The Calimo Cabin

Leah opens the door to the Calimo cabin. A soaking wet Shane carries an unconscious Natasha into the living room and lays her of the sofa.

"I’m going to change. I need you to undress Natasha and put her in dry clothes. I’ll make a fire when I get back." Shane tells Leah, as he is leaving the room.

"Shane--will she be alright?" Leah asks.

"I’ll do a full examination when I return."

Shane turns and leaves the living room. Leah kneels down beside Natasha, and grabs her hand. "Please don’t die Natasha. Not after we found you. Please come back to us" Leah says, getting a tear in her eye.

Scene 8
Setting: Twin Peaks Hotel; Room 76

Victoria lays on the queen sized bed in her hotel room. Victoria is staying at the hotel, because her divorce from Shane was finalized. The room is rather large. It consists of three rooms. The front room, which has a small sofa, TV, mini bar, and small kitchen. The bedroom and the bath. Victoria has some hospital files on the bed. On the end table the crystal lamp is on, and a small glass half full with vodka.

Her thoughts are totally on the files she is reading. They are quickly interrupted when she hears a knock on the door. She tosses her reading glasses on the bed and gets up. She puts on her robe and begins to walk to the door. ‘Hopefully it’s Adam’ she thinks to herself, as a smile comes across her face.

She reaches the door and opens it. To her disappointment, she finds Robbie standing there.

"Robbie. What do you want?" Victoria snaps, trying to find her disappointment but obviously failing.

"It’s nice to see you as well, Victoria. Thank you for not leaving town, as I instructed the last time we met."

"I have my life here Robbie, of course I’m not leaving town. Anyway what did you want?"

"I hate to do this, but I have no choice."

"Do what Robbie?" Victoria asks, getting impatient.

"Victoria Franky, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and will be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand these rights?" Robbie says.

"You’re arresting me? For what?"

"The murder of Vinny Victors. I’ll give you 3 minutes to change your clothes. Then, I’m cuffing you." Robbie says.

Tears stream down Victoria’s face, as she slowly enters her bedroom.

Scene 9
Setting: A Small Pub in White Cove

Helen sits in the corner, waiting for Adam. She has cleared the table of her work, and is nursing her coke and rye.

She doesn’t wait long, as Adam enters the pub. He quickly spots Helen and walks over to her.

"Is this spot taken?" he smiles.

Helen gets up and kisses him passionately. Just as they were kissing, Jackson enters the pub. He spots the kiss, and quickly leaves.

"Helen...We need to talk" Adam says, pulling the woman off him. They sit down.

"Have a drink." Helen says.

"I don’t need a drink. What happened between us...shouldn’t have. I’m in a relationship."

"You are dumping me?" Helen says softly.

"No! We were never together for you to be dumped. I hope you understand." Adam says, standing up. "See you around." Adam says as he leaves.

Helen watches him go. A tear scrolls down her cheek.

Scene 10
Setting: Chris and Daisy’s House

Daisy walks up the walkway of her house. She looks around, trying to gather everything. ‘I’m so glad Vinny helped me escape. And he’s letting me do this on my own.’ she says to herself.

Daisy arrives at the door, and turns the knob. The door is unlocked, and Daisy enters the house. She shuts the door quietly, and walks into living room. She hears someone in the bedroom. She slowly makes her way into the bedroom. She opens the door and sees Danielle.

Danielle is brushing her hair in the mirror. Suddenly she sees Daisy’s image. She turns around. "Daisy!?" Danielle gasps.

"The jigs up Danielle" Daisy smiles.

Scene 11
Setting: The Calimo Cabin

Shane finishes the fire, which is now roaring. Natasha lays unconscious on the sofa, in dry clothes.

Leah enters with some tea. "Drink some tea" Leah says to Shane, handing him a glass.

"Thanks" Shane replies. "Natasha. I need to check her out."

Leah moves aside to allow Shane to sit by Natasha. Shane puts his hand on her forehead. "She’s not cold anymore. I think the fire’s helping." he says softly. "She should regain consciousness soon."

Leah takes a drink of her tea. Suddenly Natasha stirs.

"Shane?...Natasha’s moving!" Leah says excited.

Shane watches Natasha. Her eyes begin to flutter. Soon, her eyes open.

"Natasha? Can you hear us?" Leah asks.

Natasha slowly turns her head and smiles.

"Shane? What’s going on?"

Shane looks at Natasha. He flashes a light in her eyes. "She’s back!" he smiles.

Natasha looks at them, and begins to speak. "I....I....remember. I remember....everything." Natasha says slowly.

Next On One Day At A Time
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-Rebecca’s past comes back to haunt herrr
-Cory and Robin plan on taking trip to the Calimo Cabin!
-Victoria’s bail hearing has plenty of fireworks

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