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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Savannah was with Reese when the paternity test results came in. Trenyce found out while with Daisy and Vinny
- Craig finally told Andy that he cheated on him
- Will urged Madeline to be honest about her past
- Robbie told Adam and Shane that the police were calling off the search for Cassie
- Robin had another memory of losing the baby. She went into the nursery and believed a blanket was her child

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

The silence in the waiting room is deafening for everyone that is sitting in the hospital. Trenyce looks up as she was looking at the carpet on the floor and sees Reese sitting next to Savannah as they await the paternity test results on Andrew. She tries to keep her heart beat down but it's beating in over drive. There's no way Andrew isn't her son, she keeps trying to tell herself. The reassurance is doing little for her worry however because she knows that if Dave was involved anything is possible. Maybe this was his last sick stunt that he pulled to hurt Daisy and Vinny.

She feels Daisy's hand grab her leg. Trenyce looks at her Aunt and tries to fake a smile. "Everything will be fine, you'll see," Daisy whispers to her, trying to make Trenyce feel better. "Regardless of what happens, Vinny and I are here for you, okay?"

Trenyce nods back to her not able to speak at the moment. She looks back over at Savannah, who happens to look up and see Trenyce. Savannah tries to fake a smile back to Trenyce, but Trenyce looks away, too hurt to look back at the woman that she had been calling her friend.

Savannah looks at Reese as tears fill her eyes. She can feel that hatred coming from Trenyce and she doesn't like it. She wishes this wasn't happening, but she has to find her child. She has to know if Andrew is her baby. This was the only way; she has never meant to cause to all of this hurt.

"This will all be over very soon," Reese tells her as he grabs her hand and squeezes it. "Just stay strong, okay?"

Savannah smiles back to him. "Thank you," she manages to say to him. "Are you okay?" she asks him. "You look pale."

Reese sighs and looks at her knowing that this is horrible timing. "I don't feel so great, if I am honest."

"I can tell," she replies to him. "Why don't you go home and get some rest?"

"I couldn't leave you at a time like this," he whispers back to her.

"No, I mean it, I insist that you go home and get some rest," she tells him. "I'll call you as soon as we know anything."

"Okay, good luck Savannah," Reese smiles to her, as he stands up and quickly exits the waiting room.

As Reese is leaving, Shane comes into the waiting room holding a clip board. He looks around the room and can see the wait and worry on everyone's faces.

"Do you have the test results?" Vinny asks, sensing that Trenyce and Savannah are too tongue tied to ask the question.

Shane nods his head back to him. "Before I say anything," he begins to tell everyone. "I have addressed these results with Eva McCloud who is the chief of staff and she will look into what happened."

Trenyce looks at Shane, confused by what Shane is saying. "What do you mean?"

"The test results indicate that Savannah is Andrew's biological mother," Shane reveals as Savannah covers her mouth and tears begin to flow from her eyes. "I asked Eva to look into how this baby switch could have happened."

"No!" Trenyce cries as she stands up. "No! This can't be happening," Trenyce continues to weep, unable to understand what is happening. "There must have been some mistake. Redo the tests! I am his mother! I gave birth to that baby boy! Oh God, I'm going to be sick!"

Daisy stands up and puts her hands on Trenyce's shoulders. "No! Daisy!" Trenyce turns and cries to her Aunt. "Don't try to comfort me! There has to be some mistake. Savannah is not the mother of my son! She's not!"

Scene Two - The Tower's, Floor Five; Andy & Craig's Home

"I…" Craig starts to say as he sighs and feels his heart break. He can't handle the lies anymore. He can't keep holding everything back. "I cheated on you," he blurts out to a stunned Andy. Craig couldn't keep lying to Andy about his boyfriend about his affair with Reese a few weeks ago. He knows that he has been asking Reese to keep quiet but he can't go on with the lies. He knows that Andy deserves more than that.

"What did you say?" Andy asks him, his mood quickly changing as he was hoping that he and Craig would have sex themselves. He doesn't think he heard Craig properly. "You cheated on me?"

Craig looks at him and feels embarrassed. "It happened right after Donovan's trial. I was feeling insecure about your friendship with him. I got drunk…"

"So that's your excuse? You got drunk and picked up a guy?" Andy asks him, still shocked by what his boyfriend telling him. "The condom I found in the room …" Andy realizes as he starts putting some of the pieces together of things that have been odd lately. He suddenly feels like the world's biggest fool.

Craig nods back to him. "It was the one we used. I felt like an asshole for missing it and not cleaning it up."

"You are an asshole," Andy yells back at him. "All these months, you've been asking me if I could cheat on you with Donovan and I never did. I never wanted too. I thought we had something special."

"We do have something special," Craig says as he comes up to his boyfriend, trying to ease the situation.

"Don't touch me!" Andy yells at him, rebuffing his boyfriend's touch. "I want to know who the other guy was."

"Andy," Craig replies back to him. "That's not important."

"Who was it?" Andy asks him, looking deep into his eyes.

Craig pauses and sighs looking at his Andy. He knows that Andy won't back down. "It was Reese."

Andy feels his eyes swell with water. "You disgust me," Andy says quietly as he moves past Craig.

"Andy," Craig calls out to his boyfriend but he hears the front door slam shut. "Can I please explain?" he sighs as he knows that his relationship is now hanging on by a very weak thread.

Scene Three - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 307; Donovan's Apartment

"Do you want another glass of wine?" Donovan asks Victoria, who is sitting on the sofa in her brother's living room. The siblings are catching up as they haven't seen each other a lot lately.

"I'd love one," Victoria replies to him. "If you have one with me."

"Of course," Donovan smiles back to her. "I have to admit that I think it's pretty big of you to tell Robbie to reach out to Leah and Paige right now."

Victoria takes a sip of freshly filled glass of wine and recalls how she did tell Robbie to reach out to Leah and Paige after they learned that Felicia is alive and well. Victoria knows that Robbie still misses Paige being in his life and that he was married to Leah for many years; it's only natural that he should reach out to them right now when they have gone through such a life altering event.

"I didn't think I had a choice," she replies to him as he sits next to her. "Robbie and Leah were together for so many years, he will always care for her."

Donovan nods back to her. "Of course he will, it doesn't mean that everyone in your position would agree to him going to her right now."

Victoria looks at him. "Do you think I made a mistake?"

"Not at all," Donovan replies to her. "I think it will show Robbie that you're very secure with him and your relationship. I think it says a lot about the status of your guys' relationship."

Victoria smiles feeling relieved. She was worried about her decision for a moment. "Thanks Donovan. I appreciate that. What's going on with you?"

Donovan shrugs and takes a drink of wine. "Not much, really. I've been working a lot and just trying to get back in the swing of things."

"You know," Victoria tells him. "You did tell me once that you have a crush. What's going on with that?"

Donovan chuckles a little. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing is going on with that," he winks back over to her, knowing that Andy is seeing Craig.

"Really? How come? Does the guy still have a boyfriend?"
Donovan feels his cheeks blush. "He does. I'm trying to get over the entire thing still," Donovan admits to her. "I will find someone when the time is right."

Victoria smiles at him. "I hope so. You deserve to be as happy as I am," she tells her brother as they lock hands. "We should toast to you being happy."

Donovan grins back at her. "I will toast to that!"

Scene Four - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline's Home

Reese walks into the kitchen wearing a hoodie and sweatpants, as he is home from the hospital and still feeling weak. He opens the fridge and pulls out the orange juice. He pours himself a glass and drinks it quickly. His face is pale and he feels very tired.

He finishes drinking his orange juice and sets the glass back down on the counter. He looks around and wonders if he is getting a flu bug. He hasn't been feeling very well the last couple of days.

"Maybe I should call in sick tomorrow," he says to himself. "I need to get over this bug."

Reese slowly walks out of the kitchen and makes his way back to his room. As he does so, he recalls how he and Andy recently agreed to bury the hatchet and move forward as friends. He feels relieved by this because he had been having a hard time keeping the secret of his affair with Craig. While he knows that he is still lying to Andy, he hopes that he will be able to build on their friendship together. He has missed his ex-boyfriend in his life. After so long of trying to make Andy pay for his actions while they were together, Reese is ready to let all of that go and move forward with this life.

"Maybe that's why I'm not feeling well," he says to himself as he opens the door to his room. "I've been putting too much stress on myself with this entire Craig situation."

He crawls into bed and pulls the blankets over his body. "Now that Andy and I are okay, I hope this will all go away."

As he crawls into bed, he also wonders how Savannah is holding up at the hospital. He hates that he left early, but with how is feeling he thinks he made the right decision in leaving.

Scene Five - Dominick's Townhouse

"I hope you're not here to attack me over Felicia being alive," Dominick tells Cory as the two men enter the living room of Dominick's house. Dominick has had it with everyone blasting him for faking his wife's death and keeping her hidden away for so many years. In his mind, Dominick was doing what was right for him and his family; he never wanted anyone to go through seeing Felicia's mental health slowly get worse and worse. Even now that she is back in Twin Peaks, he is worried about her mental state and how long she should be out of the hospital.

"That's not why I am here at all," Cory announces to his father in law. "I trust that you believed what you were doing was the right thing."

Dominick turns and faces Cory. "You're the only one that has said that to me thus far," Dominick says with a slight chuckle but appreciating the kind words.

"I can understand why Leah is upset," Cory replies to him. "She thought her mother was dead for many years." Cory stops as he can see Dominick getting upset just at the mention of Leah and Felicia. "I'm actually here because of Robin, though."

"My God," Dominick quickly says back to him. "In all of this craziness that has happened, I've completely forgot that she's still struggling. Tell me that she's getting better Cory."

Cory shakes his head. "I don't know Dominick," Cory admits to him. "She refuses to go see a therapist even though I have told her that I would go with her. I just don't want her to get worse and us stand around not doing anything."

"I've gone down this path once before in my life time," Dominick reveals to him. "Felicia started out doing little things out of the sorts. Before I knew it, she was out of control. It was too late to save her."

"With all due respect Dominick, I don't think Robin can be compared to Felicia."

"I know," Dominick snaps at him. "I'm just saying, I know what's its like to feel helpless. We need to do something to help Robin."

"I'm just not sure how to convince her that she needs to speak to a professional. She gets so defensive so quickly about the topic."

Dominick sighs and runs his hands over his mouth. "Maybe Leah and I should try talking to her. Maybe a third party person would be able to convince her to see someone."

"Could you?" Cory pleads with him. "I would really appreciate that. I just want her to get help before it's too late."

Dominick nods his head back at him and recalls thinking the same thing with Felicia years earlier. "That's the feeling that I know so well Cory," Dominick tells him. "I will see what I can do."

"Thank you Dominick."

Scene Six - The Sugarbowl

"This is nice that we could meet this evening," Helen smiles to Natasha as they sit across from each other in the back booth of the coffee house. "It's not often we get this girl time."

Natasha nods back to her friend as she takes a drink of her hot chocolate. "I agree. Shane's at work tonight, so I was lonely. If I'm honest, I don't like being home alone right now."

Helen arches her eyebrow as she recalls Adam telling her that the police have decided to call off the search for Cassie. Helen since then has told Adam that they should try to locate Cassie themselves, if for no other reason than to try to find Adam's child. It is key that they find that child because neither Adam nor Helen want that baby to be raised by Cassie.

"I assume Shane has told you about Cassie," Helen says quietly to her friend.

Natasha nods back to her friend. "I'm outraged that after everything that woman has put us through the police are just calling off the search. How can they do that? Cassie is a criminal!"

"I couldn't agree more," Helen replies to her. "I was livid when Adam told me. On some level, I understand but how will justice ever be done?"

"What if she comes back?" Natasha quickly asks her. "Cassie still has your face Helen. It was bad enough I thought Cassie was posing as you right after the disappearances. I still feel awful about that."

Helen reaches over and grabs her friend's hand. "I was in that cage with you. I know that you were just trying to protect everyone from Cassie. I would have done the same if Cassie had your face. We have to stand together on this," Helen tells her. "But we have to learn not to live in fear."

Natasha shakes her head. "I don't know how. That woman hates me. She would do anything to get Shane back. I just don't know that I will rest easy unless she's found."

"I wasn't going to say anything," Helen begins to tell Natasha of her and Adam's plan. "But seeing how upset you are over this, I don't think I have a choice."

Natasha shakes her head in confusion. "I don't understand. What's going on?"

"After Adam told me about the search being called off," Helen begins to tell her. "We decided to try to find Cassie ourselves. We are going to hire an investigator to try to locate her."

"My God," Natasha gasps. "I didn't even think of that."

"We have a lot riding on finding her," Helen tells her. "We have to think of the child. Adam's baby is out there. The last thing we want to do is have Cassie Nova raise that baby."

"You have my word that I will do anything I can to help you guys find Cassie," Natasha says back to her. "I can go to my father and see if he can help with this."

"You would do that?" Helen asks her, knowing that if Natasha got Bob Calimo involved the chances of finding Cassie are greater.

"Of course," Natasha smiles back to her. "I want Cassie found too. And my father will gladly assist since Cassie is the one that killed Sofia."

Helen nods her head back to her. "Together, we will find Cassie. We will bring her to justice."

"And we will get Adam's baby back. We can do this. I know we can."

Scene Seven - A Doctor's Office

A woman lays in a hospital bed with bandages wrapped around her face. Next to her bed, there is a baby stroller. The tiny baby boy is sleeping soundly in the stroller. The woman in the hospital bed smiles down at the sight of the sleeping baby.

"Sleep well my beauty," she whispers. "Mommy will be out of commission for awhile. I need you to be a good girl while Mommy is recovering."

Before the woman can say anything further to the sleeping child, a doctor enters the room. "How are you feeling Ms. Nova?" he asks her as he comes up to her.

Cassie smiles through the bandages. "Surprisingly well," she says as he sits next to her. "I hope my son wasn't too much work while I was in the operation."

"The nurses didn't seem to complain," he says back to her. "I have to tell you, this is all very odd. It's not often I get a woman that asks me to remove her entire face."

Cassie laughs a little before she calms herself down. "I'm not your average woman," she replies to him. "Can you pass me my purse?"

The doctor hands her a large Burberry bag. Cassie opens it and pulls out an envelope. She opens the envelope and pulls out a picture. She passes it to the doctor.

"This is the face I want you to give me," she says with twinkle in her eye.

The doctor looks at the picture then back at Cassie. "Are you serious? This could take a long time to per fect."

Cassie smiles back to him. "I'm positive. I'm not in a rush. My baby and I will stay here as long as it takes. Just make me look like that."

Scene Eight - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 307; Donovan's Apartment

Donovan puts his tooth brush back in its holder and he rushes out of the washroom as he hears a knock on his apartment door. He has gotten ready for bed and is only wearing his pj bottoms at this time. After Victoria left, he decided to call it a day as he has an early start at Robertson Enterprises.

"I'm coming," he says again as the knocking on the door continues. "What did you forget Vic?" he asks as he opens the door, only to be surprised to see Andy standing there. "Andy, what on earth? Are you okay? You look upset."

"I know it's late," Andy replies as he comes into the apartment. "I just didn't know where else to go."

"That's fine," Donovan says as he closes the door and walks back into the living room. "Can I get you anything?"

Andy turns around and feels the water swell in his eyes. He moves closer to Donovan and hugs him as some tears fall from his eyes.

"Andy, you're scaring me," Donovan says as he holds his weeping friend. "What happened?"

"It's Craig," Andy finally says clearing his throat and looking into Donovan's eyes. "He ... he cheated on me."

Donovan's eyes open wider in surprise. "I am so sorry."

Andy rolls his eyes. "It gets worse. It was with Reese."

Scene Nine - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I'm sorry this happened Trenyce," Savannah stands up and looks at the woman who is crying in Daisy's arms. "I never meant for this to happen. I just wanted to get to the truth."

"Shut up!" Trenyce yells at her. "You don't care who you've hurt with this damned test that you needed to have. Andrew is my son! I'm the only mother he's ever known!"

"Trenyce," Daisy scolds her. "Savannah has the right to know the truth about her child. Somehow there must have been a mistake. We can find your baby. He must be out there."

"I don't want my baby!" Trenyce cries. "I want Andrew! He's my son. He's the only baby I want!"

Savannah looks over and sees Will and Madeline about to leave the hospital as Will is just getting off work. "You!" Savannah yells at Madeline, who freezes from outside the waiting room. Madeline and Will slowly move into the waiting room and sees everyone's horrified looking faces.

"What's going on in here?" Will asks everyone as they enter the waiting room, unaware of what they have walked in on.

"This is your entire fault Patricia!" Savannah screams at Madeline, knowing that Madeline must be involved somehow. "You're the reason this all happened."

Trenyce and Will look over at Madeline, whose face goes pale as the eyes hit her as everyone waits for her to respond to Savannah's claim.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Robbie visits Leah and Paige
- Eva asks Dominick about Felicia
- Madeline has some explaining to do

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