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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Andrew's paternity test came back proving that Savannah is his mother! Trenyce was devastated. Savannah spotted Madeline and claimed it was all her fault
- Leah moved Felicia into a guest room of her house. Felicia unwillingly upset Paige
- Cory told Dominick he was worried about Robin. Dominick agreed to try to speak to Robin. Robin, meanwhile, thought she heard her baby cry and picked up a blanket thinking it was her child
- Victoria encouraged Robbie to reach out to Leah and Paige after they learned that Felicia was alive

Scene One - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Madeline feels the color from her face drain as Savannah screams at her that it's all her fault. Madeline and Will, who were just walking by the waiting room after Will got off a shift, look around and see Vinny and Daisy holding a teary Trenyce and Savannah standing on the other side of the room. Madeline quickly tries to think about what could have possibly have happened that would make Savannah scream at her. She gulps hoping that it's not what she thinks.

"What are you talking about Savannah?" Will asks her quickly, trying to defend his girlfriend. He doesn't like the fact that Savannah is yelling at her at the top of her lungs and calling her Patricia. Everyone knows that Madeline hasn't been called Patricia West in years. "And why are you calling Madeline by Patricia? She hasn't been called that in a very long time."

"I know," Savannah says, still worked up by the on-goings. "You have no idea what this woman is capable of. She's a horrible monster!"

"You better start explaining yourself," Will replies to her, getting into Savannah's face. "You're not going to start calling my girlfriend these names without an explanation."

"Please, Will," Madeline says grabbing his arm. "Let's just leave. There must be some kind of mistake. Savannah is clearly delusional."

"You're not going anywhere!" Savannah replies to her. "Not until everyone knows your role in this!"

"What happened exactly?" Will asks her, growing impatient.

"We discovered today that Savannah is Andrew's biological mother," Vinny quickly says back to Will, knowing that Trenyce is still too devastated to speak about it.

"What?" Will gasps. "That doesn't make any sense. How is that even possible?"

"There must have been a baby switch when Andrew was born," Vinny continues to explain to him. "Shane Glubbs has Eva looking into what could have happened when Trenyce gave birth."

Will looks back at Savannah. "And you think this is Madeline's fault? Why would she have reason to hurt Trenyce? Why would she have reason to hurt you? This doesn't make any sense at all."

Savannah glares over at Madeline, who is starting to form tears in her eyes. "I was dating Dave, Vinny's brother. At the time, Madeline was working with Dave as Patricia West. She's the only one that Dave could have gotten to perform the baby switch. Madeline switched the babies!"

Trenyce shakes her head no. "Please tell me that's not true Madeline," she gasps as she covers her mouth with her hand. Part of her is hoping that there was some kind of mix up with the test. "Please tell me that you didn't take my child and give him to someone else. Please tell me that this paternity test is wrong!" Trenyce begs Madeline for some kind of answers. When Madeline doesn't reply right away, Trenyce yells, "Say something!"

Madeline wipes her eyes from some tears. Will turns and looks at her and quickly realizes that what Savannah is saying must be true by the look on her face. "I can't believe this," Will says back to her, trying to understand. "It's true, isn't it?"

Madeline looks up at him with desperation in her eyes. "Yes!" she finally says as tears run from her eyes. "I took Trenyce's baby and I gave her Andrew! I did it! I did it!"

Scene Two - The Robertson House; Jeff, Leah & Paige's Home

Jeff comes into the living room and sees Leah looking out the large front window. He pauses for a moment and wonders what's going on with this fiancé; they were supposed to be married by now but because her mother was revealed to be alive, Leah has postponed the wedding indefinitely. Not only is the wedding postponed but so is moving into their own house, which is something he has really wanted to do. Not that he doesn't like the house that they are living in, he just feels Robbie's presence often in the house since it's where he and Leah shared so much of their life together.

"Penny for your thoughts," he says as he comes up behind Leah and puts his hands on her shoulders.

She smiles when she feels his touch. "I'm just wondering what I should do about my mother," she admits to him, as she recalls Dominick telling her that Felicia shouldn't be away from medical care for too long.

"I know this has been a shock for you Leah," Jeff begins to tell her. "But I agree with your father. I think we should look into a long term care center for Felicia. She can't stay here for very long."

Leah turns to him and folds her arms across her chest. "Why not? We could easily get a full time nurse that could look after her from our house. I just got my mother back, the last thing I want to do is lose her again. She seems to be doing fine on her medication."

"You won't lose her," Jeff replies to her. "You would be giving her the support that she needs. If she's here, what will happen to our life together? We've already postponed the wedding. We've already postponed moving out of this house. I don't want our life to be on hold forever."

Leah sighs and moves past him. "I didn't think having my mother come back in our life was putting our life on hold."

"It doesn't have to be," Jeff continues to tell her. "Let's get married. Let's keep searching for our dream home."

Leah turns to him and shakes her head. "I can't think about those things right now. I promise you, once my mother is settled, whether it's here at home or in a care facility, we will get married. Please understand that my mother has to be my main concern right now."

Jeff sighs and throws his hands up. "I'm beginning to feel like I don't even matter to you anymore!"

"That's not true," she quickly says back to him. "Please don't make this more than what it is."

Jeff sighs. "Where's Paige?"

"She's upstairs changing. Robbie is coming by in a little while to visit," she says as she bites her lip.

"Ah, great," he snaps back at her. "Another decision that you've made without my input. I'm going to the office. Clearly I'm needed there more than here."

Leah watches as he walks to the door. "Jeff," she calls out hoping to stop him. She doesn't want him to leave on bad terms. "Let's talk about this."

But all she hears is the front door slam shut, sending in some of the cold wintery air inside the house and causing her to shiver.

Scene Three - Dominick's Townhouse

"I'm sorry about how our last conversation ended," Eva tells Dominick as she walks into the living room of his townhouse and she throws her large jacket on the sofa. "I was just taken aback to learn your wife is really alive and well."

Dominick puts his hands to the fireplace to warm them as he recalls the argument he and Eva had when she learned that Felicia was alive and well and that Dominick had been the one keeping her away all of these years. He knows that a lot of people were very upset with his decision but he still believes that he did the right thing in keeping Felicia away all of these years. He hates what the truth has done to Leah; she more than anyone has been impacted by this revelation.

"I am sorry as well," he replies to her as he turns around to face her. "I know we both said some things that we probably wish we did not. I really did not mean to bring up Ernesto and your children with him."

Eva smiles at his apology. She did feel like it was a low blow, but in some ways she knows that he is right. She did keep a secret for a long time and it almost cost her Donovan's life. "In some ways, I think you were right and that's why I got so upset. We've all done things that we are not proud of," Eva tells him. "What are you going to do now that the truth is out?"

Dominick shrugs with a slight laugh. "What I have always done Eva and that's protect my family. I don't care what it takes or what I have to do, I will protect my family."

Eva arches her eyebrow at his remarks. "Do you think Felicia poses some kind of threat to you or your family? Do you think she's unstable in some way?"

Dominick looks away and closes his eyes. For so long he has hoped that Felicia would turn some kind of corner in Switzerland. However, every time he would visit her, he wouldn't get any good updates from the doctors and nurses. Often it was that she hadn't changed or she was getting worse. This is part of the reason that he continued to keep her away from her family; he didn't want anyone to go through the pain of seeing her get worse and worse.

"I don't know," he finally says back to Eva. "I just know that she's not well. I don't know how long she can go without medical treatment."

"Does Leah know this?" Eva asks, concerned that Felicia is staying in Leah's house with Paige being around her.

Dominick nods back to her. "She does. I've tried to communicate more with her, but right now she doesn't want anything to do with me. I understand that, I just hope she realizes that Felicia can't be off her medication for too long. She needs to be monitored."

Eva nods her head back to him. "You will make Leah realize this Dominick," she tells him as she comes up to him and puts her hands into his. "You will always do what's best for your family. And I will be by your side while you do that. I am not going anywhere."

Dominick smiles and leans in and kisses her. "Thank you Eva."

Scene Four - The Robertson House; Jeff, Leah & Paige's Home

"I can't believe how big she has gotten," Robbie tells Leah as they sit in the living room. Robbie has been over for a short time now but because it has gotten so late, Paige went to sleep. Robbie was thrilled that he was able to read her a bedtime story and tuck her in. It has been the little things like putting Paige to sleep that Robbie has missed the most since he learned that he is not her biological father. Has missed so many moments with the child he thought was his own since she was born that he has learned to cherish the times he gets to spend with her now. "Thank you so much for letting me come over to see her."

Leah smiles and looks at her ex-husband. "You know that I would never keep you from Paige Robbie," she says to him. "She loves you still very much."

"And I love her," Robbie replies to her. "I always will. I know I haven't been around too much but I think it's been a good adjustment period, you know? I'm sure Paige needed the space from me to adjust to …"

"You don't have to say it," Leah cuts him off knowing that the topic of Jeff being her father is still very painful for everyone. "I am glad that you're ready to be in her life now."

"I am," he says to Leah. "And I really wanted to see you too, if I am honest."

Leah arches her eyebrow as she stands up and walks over to her bar. "Can I make you a drink?"

"Sure," Robbie says to her. "I have to ask you, how are you feeling? I was floored to learn that Felicia is alive and well."

Leah replies with a drink and hands it to Robbie. She sits next to him again. "There are no words to describe how I felt when I learned the truth," she admits to him. "I felt like I was kicked in the stomach, you know? I couldn't believe that my Dad knew all of these years and that he kept her from me."

"Has he given any explanation at all as to why he did what he did?" Robbie asks her, knowing that Dominick must have had a good reason to keep Leah's mother away from her for so long.

Leah takes a sip of her drink and looks at her ex-husband. "My mother is mentally ill," she says slowly. "She has schizophrenia and will never get better."

Robbie nods his head back to her. "I'm sorry to hear that but I don't understand why Dominick hid this from you? A lot of people are diagnosed with many illnesses."

"I know," Leah says with half a smile on her face. "His claim is that he didn't want me to see my mother go through this illness and never have a chance of getting better. He wanted to protect all of his from her pain and suffering."

"Have you heard from Tyler?" Robbie asks her, referring to Leah's long lost brother.

Leah's open wider. "Goodness no," she replies to him. "No one has heard from Tyler in so many years. He has never kept in touch. I don't think he knows that our mother is alive either."

"I'm glad that the truth came out. You can have a relationship with your mother now. I know how much that has always meant to you. I know how many times you longed to have your mother around you," Robbie tells her.

Leah feels her eyes swell with water. She and Robbie were together for so many years; he saw her long for Felicia many times, more times than Jeff has been able too. As she sits with Robbie she quickly finds herself comparing how supportive Robbie is being to how non-supportive Jeff has been. "You know me so well," she replies to him.

"We were together a long time," he says back to her. "I saw you grieve your mother each and every year that we were together Leah. I can only imagine what it's like having her back in your life now."

"It's amazing and scary at the same time," she admits to him. "Knowing that she will never get better; knowing that I have to watch her every move around Paige … it's not exactly what I had envisioned when I dreamed that my mother was alive."

"But at least she is alive," he tells her. "You get the chance to fulfil your dream, even if it's not exactly what you thought your dream was."

Leah grabs his hand and squeezes it. "How do you always know the right things to say to me to make me feel better?"

He smiles back at her as she uses her other hand to write her eyes from a tear. "I'll always be here for you Leah, you know that, right? I know our marriage ended but I will always care about what happens to you."

Leah nods back to him. "I know Robbie. I know."

Scene Five - The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin's Home

"Thanks again for coming by and agreeing to talk to Robin this evening," Cory says to Dominick as he welcomes his father in law into his house. Cory recalls how he went to see Dominick the other day and professed his concern of Robin's state of being since the baby was born still born. Cory has asked Robin to see a therapist but she has strongly said that she doesn't want to go. This is why Dominick has arrived, he hopes that he will be able to get his daughter to see Cory's way and see someone to help her deal with the grief she is going through of losing a child.

"I could see how worried you were when we last spoke," Dominick tells Cory as he comes into the living room. "I will do anything I can to make sure Robin is healthy."

"I appreciate it that Dominick," Cory says back to her. "I haven't seen anything yet that leads me to believe that Robin isn't well. It's just sometimes when I do go to speak to her, she just looks completely lost. I want her to be okay. I know that she's devastated by the loss of our daughter but…"

"You don't have to explain anything to me," Dominick nods his head to Cory. "I have been in this situation before with Felicia." Dominick continues to explain to Cory, who gets upset with Dominick comparing Robin to Felicia. "I know you don't like me comparing Felicia and Robin, I just know that I've been in this type of situation before."

"That's fair," Cory replies to him. "I just don't want to jump to any conclusions that Robin is mentally unwell. We don't know what's going on in her head."

"Where is she now?" Dominick asks Cory. "I'd like to see her. The sooner I talk to her, the sooner I can assess her current state."

"She's upstairs. She said she was going for a nap," Cory informs him. "We can go upstairs to the bedroom to see if she's still sleeping."

They move to the stairs and walk up. They walk into the master bedroom and see an empty bed. Dominick looks at Cory and arches his eyebrow. "She couldn't have gone far," Cory tells him. "I was downstairs the entire time she was asleep. She never left."

They leave the bedroom and Dominick sees an empty washroom. They both look at each other knowing that there's only one other bedroom upstairs and it is the room that was turned into the nursery.

"What do you think she's doing in here?" Dominick asks Cory as the reach the closed door to the nursery.

Cory shrugs his shoulders. "I have no idea. I didn't think she would want to be in here after everything that has happened."

Cory opens the door slowly and looks inside. He can see Robin sitting in the rocking chair, slowly rocking back and forth as she is humming to herself. "Robin?" he calls out as he and Dominick enter the nursery. "What are you doing in here?"

Cory and Dominick walk around to face Robin and see her holding a blanket in her arms as she rocks and hums. She looks up at them with a slight grin on her face. "I heard her crying," she whispers as she looks back down to the blanket. "I thought I would come in and rock her back to sleep."

Cory and Dominick look at each other before they look back at Robin. "Robin, sweetie," Dominick says as he leans down to look at her. "This isn't your child. This is just a blanket … look," he says as he unfolds the blanket in front of her.

Robin looks up at Cory and shakes her head. "I knew that," she tries to tell them, as the men look at each other again, even though she's frantic. "Stop looking at me like I am crazy!" she says to them quickly.

"We are just concerned about you," Cory tells his wife, who is even more worried after what he just witnessed.

"There's nothing to worry about," Robin tries to them.

"Darling, why don't we make you an appointment so you can talk to someone," Dominick offers his daughter as a solution, knowing that Robin is slowly slipping away from them.

"I don't need to see anyone! I am fine!" Robin quickly defends herself as she stands up and walks out of the room.

Cory looks and Dominick, who passes him the blanket. "So, what are you thinking now?" Cory asks his father in law, who sighs heavily realizing that Robin could be far from mentally stable.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"What you all have to realize," Madeline starts to explain as she is sitting down in the waiting room having to tell everyone what happened the day Andrew was born a few years earlier. "Is that Dave was blackmailing me. Everything I did, I did because he was forcing me too. I didn't feel like I had a choice at the time."

"So, Dave asked you to switch the babies?" Daisy asks her, just as floored as everyone else is by the story that Madeline is telling them.

Madeline nods her head back to them. "It was right around the time that Savannah had told Dave that she didn't want to see him anymore. I think you guys must have had a fight. Dave wasn't very happy about it, so he wanted some kind of revenge. Plus, he knew that Vinny and Daisy were close. He wanted to hurt them as well."

"How would he have known that Vinny was going to be free?" Trenyce asks, trying to understand everything that is happening. "Vinny was still locked up."

Madeline nods her head. "Even if Vinny had been locked up forever, Dave wanted to hurt everyone. He thought this would be a great plan."

"And you went along with it?" Will asks, horrified by what he's hearing by his girlfriend.

"I didn't think I had a choice," Madeline replies to him.

"You always have a choice," he spits back to her. "Look at all the lives you have helped destroy!"

"If you switched the babies," Trenyce asks as more tears grow in her eyes. "What did you do with my real baby? Where is my child?"

Madeline looks at her and gulps. "You can't hold back now," Will tells her, seeing Madeline clam up again. "Tell Trenyce where her child is."

"I don't know," Madeline shakes her head. "After the babies were switched, I remember Dave holding your baby and he looked at me with this …. Evilness in his eyes that I can't explain," Madeline barely says through her breaths. "He … he sold your baby on the black market Trenyce. I have no idea where your baby is. No one does."

Trenyce's eyes widen in horror as she realizes what Madeline has said to her. "You bitch!" Trenyce finally says, her voice full of anger as she lunges across the room and attacks Madeline. "You will pay for this!"

Will and Vinny pull the women apart, "Enough!" Will yells at them both.

"You will pay for this! You will go to hell for this!" Trenyce lashes out at Madeline, as Vinny holds her back from attacking Madeline again.

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