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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Savannah demanded that Madeline explain how Andrew and Trenyce's biological child were switched. Madeline tearfully recounted how Dave was blackmailing her; Dave wanted revenge on Savannah, Vinny and Daisy so he switched the babies. Madeline then revealed to a horrified Trenyce that her real child was sold on the black market
- Reese came down with a flu bug
- Craig admitted to Andy that he cheated on him. Andy stormed out and rushed to Donovan, who comforted his friend
- Bob brought an alive Felicia back to town hoping to get the upper hand in his feud with Dominick
- Robbie visited with Leah and Paige. He and his ex-wife shared a close moment
- Natasha told Helen that she would help her try to locate Cassie after the police called off the search for her

Scene One - The Davenport House; Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew's Home

Trenyce looks around her bedroom as she searches for another one of Andrew's sweaters. She barely slept a wink the previous night. Her mind continues to think about being at the hospital when the paternity test results came; it proved that Savannah is biologically Andrew's mother because Dave switched the baby's at birth which they uncovered because Madeline helped Dave with the switch. The worst part of the horrific story is that Trenyce's baby was sold on the black market, meaning she has no idea who her baby is or where the child could be. For all she knows, she doesn't even have son. She could have a little girl out there somewhere.

She shakes her head trying to put the images and sounds of the previous night out of her head. She can't think about any of that. She doesn't want to think about any of it. She wants to forget all of that ever happened; only she knows inside that it won't go away.

Which is why she's rushing to pack up a bag of things: She has to leave Twin Peaks this morning. She has no time to waste. She checked as soon as she emerged from bed that Daisy was already gone to an early meeting at City Hall, which she was. Once she realized that she was alone, Trenyce went into overdrive. She already has Andrew's bag packed for the most part. It's just loose odds and ends that she has left to gather.

"I don't know where we'll go," she says as she looks at Andrew, who is playing with some toy trucks on the floor. "But we'll change our names and no one will ever find us. No one will take you away from me," she whispers. "You're my son. You belong with me. I promise I will protect you Andrew. I will protect you."

Scene Two - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline's Home

"I'm so sorry that I left the hospital early," Reese tells Savannah, as he lays in his bed as he is still unwell with this flu bug that he has caught. He had been at the hospital with Savannah when the paternity test results were being revealed only to leave because he was ill. He isn't sure why he has caught this nasty bug but he hopes that it goes away quickly. "I hope you don't mind that I'm still in bed. I'm still not feeling very well."

Savannah sits next to him and smiles back to her friend. "I want you to be better. I almost hope I don't catch whatever it is you have."

Reese shakes his head. "I don't think you will. Madeline has been taking care of me and she's hasn't been sick yet."

Reese immediately notices how Savannah tenses up at the sound of Madeline's name. He knows that they aren't close for whatever reason but he isn't sure what is going on. "How did it go at the hospital after I left?"

Savannah sighs and recalls how horrible the scene was. It was revealed that she is Andrew's mother and then Madeline recounted how she stole Trenyce's biological baby and put it on the black market. She still can't believe everything that happened at the hospital; everyone's lives have forever changed now.

"Well," she begins to tell him. "I am Andrew's mother. He is my little boy."

"Oh my God," Reese gasps as he grabs Savannah's hand. "I can't believe it. How are you feeling? You must be so relieved to finally know what happened to your son."

Savannah nods as she feels her eyes swell with water. "I can't believe it, I know where he is. I can't believe that I know he's safe and happy."

"Why aren't you with him right now?" Reese questions his friend.

Savannah shrugs. "I wanted to give Trenyce and her family some time to say goodbye to Andrew. I know it can't be easy to give him up at this point. I will get him when I have all my ducks in a row."

"Meaning what?"

"I will get a court order just to make sure Trenyce doesn't try anything crazy," Savannah replies to him. "I know that she is devastated. I just don't want her to try to say she has the right to keep Andrew."

"That's probably a good idea," Reese says back to her knowing that Trenyce can act out if she has too. "What happened to Trenyce's baby? I mean, I was still in town when she gave birth. She was definitely pregnant."

Savannah looks away from her friend. How can she possibly be the one to tell him what his sister did? He has no idea the things that Madeline did while she was under Dave's influence. The last thing Savannah wants to do is hurt her friend.

"I don't know if I can tell you," she whispers to him knowing that the truth will hurt Reese.

Reese arches his eyebrow. "I don't understand. Why can't you tell me Savannah? What's going on?"

Savannah takes a deep breath and makes eye contact with him again. "The reason Trenyce doesn't have her child is because of Madeline. Your sister is responsible for all of this going down."


Madeline crawls out of bed and looks out the window. The winter sun is beaming brightly outside but she can see the frost in the air. The sun is doing little to warm the cold air outside. Maybe that's why she has a chill in her bones. Or maybe she's getting the flu bug that Reese has.

The more she thinks about it, the more she realizes that she's coming up with excuses as to why she is cold. The truth is, she has a chill in her bones because of what happened the previous evening at the hospital. She tearfully recounted how because Dave was blackmailing her, she switched Savannah and Trenyce's babies. What happened to Trenyce's child, she has no idea because Dave sold it on the black market. She hates that the truth came out because no everyone is going to think she is an evil person; she was just doing what she felt like she had to do because of Dave was blackmailing her. It's like her worst fears have come true and she has no way of changing it.

She turns around when she hears her bedroom door open. She gasps a little when she sees Will enter her bedroom. The look on his face is not one of happiness or joy. She can only imagine what he is thinking about her since he was at the hospital when the truth came out; he knows everything that went down all those years ago.

"I'm surprised to see you today," she finally says to him as he closes the door to the bedroom. "I didn't think you'd want to see me today."

Will sighs and looks at his girlfriend. He was surprised himself to find himself driving to her house. But he wanted answers. "I had to see you. I had to try to understand everything that happened yesterday."

"I don't really want to get into that again."

"I don't think you have a choice," he snaps back at her. "You can't drop a bombshell that you helped switch two baby's when they were born and expect to not have to answer more questions Madeline. It doesn't work that way."

"As long as you understand that I was being blackmailed by Dave. Everything I did was because I didn't feel like I had a choice," Madeline explains to him, hoping to get through to him about how much of a corner she was backed into.

"But you called his bluff, didn't you?"

Madeline nods her head. "And he ended up revealing the truth to my parents. He told them about my past in New York."

"So the baby switch was for nothing then?" Will says as his voice gets louder. "You didn't care about your secret coming out afterwards, so why not during the baby switch?"

Madeline turns to him and looks at him. "The more he demanded of me, the more I got tired of it. Everyone has their breaking point."

"What about after the truth came out? You never thought of telling Trenyce the truth? Did you see how devastated she was last night?" Will continues to grill her, trying to understand everything that she did.

Madeline shakes her head. "Of course I did, but everytime I saw Trenyce and Andrew together they just looked so happy. I couldn't take that away from her especially because I never thought that Savannah would ever come to town. For all I knew, the secret would go on forever."

"That's disgusting," Will yells at her, unable to comprehend her lies. "You have ruined so many people's lives!"

"I didn't mean too! I really didn't mean too!" Madeline cries back to him. "Please try to understand what I was going through.."

"I will never understand this Madeline! Never!" Will yells back at her as he storms out of her bedroom. Madeline shakes as the door slams shut. She wipes her eyes but more tears start to flow again.

"How will anything ever be okay again?" she asks herself as she covers her mouth.

Scene Four - The Pier

Bob walks slowly on the pier as he looks at his Blackberry. Before he went into the office today, he knew that he has a secret meeting on the pier. He decided to make it at the pier because he knows that at this time of the year, hardly anyone will be around. The last thing he needs is for something to see him.

He looks out at the frozen river and wonders if his plan will work. He has worked very hard at plotting this; he just hopes that everything works out the way he wants it too. If it does, he thinks he will be in the driver seat with his feud with Dominick.

"Does the river remind you of yourself? Cold and frozen?" Dominick asks Bob as he walks up behind his rival.

"What the hell are you doing here? Stalking me isn't exactly in your nature," Bob replies as he turns around and looks at Dominick before returning his attention to his phone. He can't allow Dominick to see the person he's meeting on the pier; it would ruin everything.

"Not that it's any of your business, but I was walking to work today. What are you doing out here?" Dominick asks him, knowing that it is odd to see Bob on the pier this time of year.

Bob slightly grins at him before returning to his phone. "I am meeting a client here before we go back to Roboto. I've been meaning to ask, how is Felicia? I trust she's settling in nicely back into Twin Peaks."

Hearing Bob mention Felicia's name makes Dominick's blood boil. He knows that Bob is the reason that his secret was revealed; he still believes that he did the right thing in faking Felicia's death. He still believes that she is unstable and he doesn't know what she will do; the longer she's out of the hospital the worse it could be.

"Don't you dare mention her name," Dominick warns him as he comes closer to Bob. "You have no idea the damage you've done by bringing her back to town."

Bob laughs for a moment before he glares back at Dominick. "I know exactly how you're feeling. The same way you spent all those years chasing my wife! I know exactly what's it like to have someone destroy your family!"

"I'm going to issue you this warning to you now Bob so listen very carefully," Dominick replies to him. "You will pay for this. I don't know when or how, but I will make sure you pay for this."

Scene Five - The Towers, Floor Five; Craig & Andy's Home

Andy slowly opens the door to the condo that he shares with Craig. As he looks around, he is flooded with memories that he's had with his boyfriend. He walks over to the fireplace mantel and picks up a picture of him and Craig. He runs his finger over the glass before he returns it. While they have had many good times, he can't forget the last conversation that he and Craig had in the apartment. Craig admitted that he cheated on Andy with Reese. He feels his heartbeat quicken at the thought of it. Once again, Andy finds himself in a relationship that has drama and someone has cheated. The last time, he cheated on JC with Reese. The connection is Reese; Andy wonders why he and his first boyfriend can't really stay away from each other. They're always ending up in some love triangle.

"I don't know what it is," Andy whispers to himself. "But Reese and I keep re-entering each other's circles. Whether we are together or hurting each other."

Before he can continue his train of thoughts, the front door opens again and Craig enters the apartment. Craig throws his jacket on the sofa and then freezes when he sees Andy standing in the living room. "Hey," Craig says slowly to his boyfriend. "I wasn't expecting to see you here today."

Andy shrugs his shoulders. "I couldn't stay away forever. I do live here."

"Yea, of course," Craig replies with a slight grin. "Does this mean you want to talk again? I know there's nothing that I can say or do to make this okay but maybe we could try?"

"Try what exactly Craig?" Andy asks him. "You slept with my ex-boyfriend. I don't know if there's anything left to try."

"It was a mistake," Craig says back to him. "I know that now. I know that you and Donovan are just friends. I realize that. I am so sorry that I've hurt you."

"You have hurt me," Andy replies with a nod of his head. "Everything has changed now."

"We can work through this. We have something good here."

"No, we had something good Craig," Andy corrects him. "And that something good all went away when you slept with Reese."

"What are you saying?" Craig asks him as he gets tears in his eyes. "I don't want to lose you Andy."

Andy looks at him and can see the tears in Craig's eyes. "You already have Craig. I came here to get my things. I'm moving out. We don't have a future together. Not now. I can't trust you anymore."

Craig nods his head as he fights tears in his eyes. "I hope you know that I'm sorry," he whispers as he walks closer to Andy.

"I do," Andy replies to him. "You'll be okay Craig. You'll find the person you're meant to be with."

"I know I don't have any right to ask something of," Craig begins to say to Andy. "But I can have one more hug?"

Andy looks at Craig and moves up to him and puts his arms around him. Craig lets some tears fall out of his eyes. "I love you Andy."

"A part of me will always care for you too Craig," Andy whispers back into his ear, knowing that it is the last time they will ever be this close.

Scene Six - The Towers, Floor Eight; Victoria's Condo

"What time do you have to be at the station today?" Victoria asks Robbie as she cleans up some of the plates from breakfast. Robbie has moved into the living room and he is looking out the window as he is in deep in thought of the night before when he visited Leah and Paige. Victoria pauses and watches him for a moment. She wonders how his visit with Leah and Paige went the previous evening; he hasn't said anything about it but she is curious to know. She wonders if that's why he's been rather quiet this morning. "Robbie?" she calls out, as he still hasn't responded to her hoping to get him to open up to her.

"What?" he asks turning from the window. "Sorry, I must have been daydreaming."

"I can tell," she winks over at him. She puts the plates down on the counter and moves back into the living room to face him. "Is everything okay? You've been quiet this morning."

Robbie nods back to her, as he thinks about his visit with Leah and Paige the night before. He hadn't felt that close to Leah since they were married; it was nice for them to reconnect again. He is probably the only one that knows what Leah went through the most when Felicia was presumed dead. Now that Felicia is alive, he feels like he should be there for her again.

"I'm fine," he finally says to Victoria, snapping out of her and looking at his lover.

"Did you have a good visit with Leah and Paige?" she finds herself asking him, knowing that he is being quiet. She wasn't insecure about the visit before but she is starting to be since his mood is odd this morning.

"I did," he says back to her. "Paige is growing up so quickly. And Leah ... she's struggling with the fact that her mother is really alive. She's been through a lot but it was a good visit."

"That's good," Victoria smiles back to him. "I'm glad that you took my advice and went to see them."

"Me too," he says as he leans in and gives her a quick kiss on the lips. "I have to get to the station. I'll see you later for dinner?"

Victoria fakes a smile and nods her head as he walks out of the house. She turns around and moves back to the kitchen to finish cleaning up, all the while wondering what really happened between Robbie and Leah the previous evening and if she made a mistake suggesting that he go and visit his ex-wife.

Scene Seven - The Glubbs House; Shane & Natasha's Home

"I put the kettle on for tea," Natasha announces to Shane, Adam and Helen as they all sit in the living room. Natasha has gathered them at the house to discuss some important information with them. She recalls how she recently met with Helen and she revealed that she and Adam are thinking of trying to track down Cassie themselves since the police have called off the search for her. Natasha offered to go to Bob to see if he can assist in any way. She knows that Bob would always be willing to help because Cassie is responsible for Sofia's death; Bob will always want justice for that horrendous act.

"That will be lovely, thank you," Helen smiles to her friend as Natasha sits next to Shane. "Adam and I are curious as to what it is that's going on."

"Even I don't know," Shane replies to everyone, wondering about Natasha's gathering. "Nat has been secretive about this meeting."

Natasha shrugs her shoulders with a grin on her face. "I thought we should all be together for this because we are all impacted by what I have to say," she begins to say as she looks over at Helen. "The other day, Helen and I were having coffee and she indicated to me that she and Adam are going to search for Cassie on their own."

"I told Natasha that we want to find your child," Helen tells Adam, who nods his head back.

"The last thing we want is for Cassie to raise my child," Adam replies to everyone. "We thought it was the best decision since the police called off the search for Cassie."

"That's where I come in," Natasha continues to explain to Shane. "I offered to go to Bob and see if he could pull some strings to help track down Cassie."

"Wow," Shane says. "What did he say?"

Natasha smiles to her lover. "He has an entire team working to find Cassie. They can't make any promises, but they will do their best."

"That's great news Natasha," Adam replies as he stands up and hugs Natasha. "Thank you so much for doing this for us."

"We all want Cassie found," Natasha says back to him as they continue to hug. "We have to stick together until she's brought to justice."

"And we will find you child," Shane tells Adam. "We will make sure you get to raise the baby."

"That's all we want," Helen replies to everyone, hoping that this could be the start of something good: finding Cassie and finally making her pay for all of her crimes.

Scene Eight - The Pier

Bob stands up from a bench that he was sitting on when he hears some footsteps on the pier. He hopes that his meeting is finally going to take place and it's not another run in with Dominick. He still grins at himself with Dominick's empty threats about making him pay for bringing Felicia back to town. There's nothing Dominick can do to hurt him; especially since Sofia is dead. Dominick is just blowing smoke, Bob thinks to himself.

He looks over and sees a woman coming towards him. She has a black scarf over her face even though he doesn't think it's that cold. He knows that the scarf is more of a way to disguise herself. No one can know about this meeting that he is about to have.

"You finally made it," he says as the woman removes the scarf and he stares at Felicia. "I've been waiting."

"I'm sorry," she says slowly. "It's not exactly easy getting out of your daughter's house. Leah has been hovering."

"Just remember that who helped you get out of the hospital in Switzerland," he replies to her in a stern voice.

"You don't have to remind me," she snaps back at him. "I know what I'm doing."

"You better," Bob continues to be stern. "I went through a lot to get you here. Don't forget the plan."

"Did you bring what I need?" she asks him.

Bob pulls out an envelope and passes it to her. "Inside is more of your medication. Make sure you stay on it and there's some cash for you like you asked for."

"My accounts are still frozen," she tells him, which is why she requested money from him. "I hope to be on my own very soon."

"That's fine, but you have to follow the plan," he replies to her. "Don't forget!"

"I won't! Just remember what this could cost me," she quickly says back to him. "I should get going before someone sees me."

Bob watches as she wraps the scarf around her face and she scurries off. He smiles when he realizes that when he's finished with Dominick, he won't have anything left.

Scene Nine - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 307; Donovan's Apartment

"I'm glad you're here," Donovan tells Andy as they sit on the sofa in Donovan's apartment. After breaking up with Craig, Andy came over to his friend's house to talk. He didn't want to be alone in a time like this and Donovan was more than willing to be his crying shoulder. Donovan, in the back of his mind, almost wonders if how he can act on his crush feelings that he has for Andy. He would never make a play for someone that was taken but now that Andy is free, he wonders if things could progress.

"Thanks for letting me vent," Andy replies to him as he smiles to Donovan on the sofa.

"How did he take it?" Donovan asks him of Craig's reaction to their relationship being over.

"Surprisingly well," Andy tells him. "There was no yelling, it was a more of a teary goodbye. I don't think he was surprised but I could tell that he was upset."

"And how are you? Really Andy, it couldn't have been easy for you either," Donovan says back to him.

Andy shrugs his shoulders. "I'm good, really. I had been thinking about it and I just couldn't stay in that relationship. Ending it was for the best, you know?"

"I do know. I'm proud of you for taking that step," Donovan smiles to him as he grabs Andy's hand. "Now you can move on with your life."

Andy nods and smiles back to him. "That's my plan, to move forward."

Without realizing what he is doing, Donovan leans in and kisses Andy softly on the lips. It only lasts for a moment before Donovan pulls back. "I'm so sorry," he quickly manages to say as he stands up and walks away from the sofa.

Andy stands up and moves towards Donovan. "Hey, it's okay," he says as he looks into Donovan's eyes. "I appreciate the gesture … I'm just not ready to take that step with anyone and I don't want to ruin this friendship that we have."

Donovan nods his head back to him. "Of course, I'm so sorry," he says continuing to feel embarrassed by his actions.

"Don't be," Andy winks back to him as he hugs him. "I appreciate your friendship."

"I'm glad Andy," Donovan replies to him. "Cause the feeling is mutual."

Scene Ten - The Davenport House; Daisy, Trenyce & Andrew's Home

Daisy and Vinny open the front door to the house and immediately sense that something is off with the picture inside the foyer. There are a couple of bags at the front door, and both of them know that Daisy isn't going anywhere.
"What are these?" Vinny asks Daisy as he picks one up, quickly realizing what's going on. "You don't think these are for …"

"Trenyce?" Daisy quickly calls out loud hoping that Trenyce is still in the house. "Trenyce?" Daisy calls out again as she rushes down the hallway to Trenyce's bedroom. Daisy opens the door and sees Trenyce putting Andrew's jacket on. "What are you doing?"

Trenyce looks up at Daisy and then back down to Andrew. "Come on Andrew, let's finish putting your jacket on. We are going on a little trip."

"Trenyce, you can't run away from this," Daisy tells her as she comes up to her niece, knowing that Trenyce is scared but running away would only make it worse. "You have to stay and face this."

Trenyce gets tears in her eyes. "I can't lose my baby Daisy. I can't lose him. You have to let me go. You have to let me leave here with Andrew."

"We'll get through this together Trenyce," Daisy tells her as she pulls a weeping Trenyce into her arms. "I promise you, you'll survive this. But you have to stay here."

"Please let me go," Trenyce sobs into her Aunt's arms, as Vinny comes into the room and sees the two hugging on the floor of the bedroom. "Please Daisy."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim has a confession for Andy
- Dominick and Felicia have a discussion
- Natasha asks Bob for an update on Cassie

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