Episode 27 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day at A Time
-Natasha fell through the ice on the river. Shane and Leah rescued her, and Natasha’s memory returned due to the ordeal
-Vinny helped Daisy escape. Chris and Danielle made love again. Afterwards, Daisy arrived at home and stunned Danielle
-Helen and Adam met in White Cove. He told her that they could have no relationship. She kissed him, which Jackson spotted
-Jackson told Kim he needed to move back to Twin Peaks. Kim agreed to think about it
-Robbie arrested Victoria for Vinyl's murder

Scene 1
Setting: Chris and Daisy’s House; The Bedroom

Danielle is brushing her hair in the mirror. Suddenly she sees Daisy’s image. She slowly turns around. "Daisy!" she gasps.

"The jigs up Danielle," Daisy smiles.

A dumbfounded Danielle stares at her sister. "But....how?" Danielle manages to say.

"Wouldn’t you love to know? Guess you aren’t as smart as you thought, huh sister?"

Danielle turns back around and puts the brush on the dresser. She spots some small scissors, and she grabs them.

Danielle stands up, as Daisy is walking over to the bed, noticing the blankets are a mess.

"Where’s my husband?" Daisy snaps.

Danielle slow approaches Daisy, and raises her arm with the scissors. "At work" she says softly.

Daisy looks up and sees Danielle’s shadow on the wall. She quickly ducks, as Danielle stabs the scissors into the bed.

"Bitch!" Daisy yells, attacking her sister. The two women wrestle on the bed. Daisy grabs a hold of the scissors and throws them across the room.

Daisy manages to crawl on top of Danielle and pins her down.

"Listen to me, Danielle!" Daisy says, as Danielle tries to get out of the lockdown. "Stop and listen!" Daisy demands, adding more force to Danielle.

"Fine! Talk!"

"I’m not going to drag Chris into this tonight. When he gets home he will be tired. But first thing tomorrow morning your little scheme will blow up in your face. It’s over. It’s finally over." Daisy says.

Daisy gets off her sister, and begins to walk to the door. "Oh, and one more thing. Try to leave this house, and you will be arrested. Have a good night" Daisy smiles, as she leaves.

Danielle sits up on the bed. She hears the front door shut. "This is far from over sister." Danielle smiles.

**The Next Morning**

Scene 2
Setting: The Calimo Cabin

Leah enters the kitchen, still wearing her robe. A shirtless Shane is cooking some breakfast.

"Smells good" Leah says, sitting at the small table.

"Hey, good morning!" Shane says, turning around and smiling at her. "It’s almost done."

Leah pours herself a cup of coffee. "Natasha’s still sleeping?"

"Yea. But I’m not surprised. She had a huge day yesterday. Falling in the ice, her past coming back to her. It must have taken a lot out of her."

Leah sips on her coffee. "We have another problem Shane," Leah says slowly.

Shane finishes putting the pancakes on a plate. "What’s wrong?"

"Robbie." Leah says. "I was suppose to be back from my trip yesterday. I’m sure he’ll be calling. I don’t know if I can lie and keep this a secret."

Before Shane can speak, Natasha enters the kitchen. "Good morning you too." she smiles.

Leah gets up. "Morning Natasha," Leah says, hugging her. "How did you sleep?"

"Wonderfully. I feel like a new woman." Natasha beams.

Suddenly Leah’s cell phone begins to ring. Leah rushes into the living room and looks at it. "It’s Robbie." she says softly.

Scene 3
Setting: City Hall; The Court House

Adam waits outside the courthouse, waiting for the police to bring Victoria in for her bail hearing. He looks around, two large portraits of older gentlemen judges hang on the walls. Four large windows are near the top of the 18 feet walls.

Suddenly three police officers walk in, with Victoria in the center. Victoria has her hair pulled back into a tight bun, and she’s wearing the gray business suit that Adam brought for her.

Adam stands up. "Victoria!" he says, walking over to her and hugging her. Victoria’s handcuffed hands leave her unable to return the embrace.

"Thank you for bringing me these clothes" she says softly.

Suddenly one of the police officers interrupts. "We have to get going. Come on Miss. Franky."

"I’ve got to go." Victoria replies to Adam.

"I’ll see you in the courtroom." Adam assures her, as they being to walk away.

Scene 4
Setting: A Condo

Rebecca looks around in the bare room. The living room she stands in is large, with a bay window. To her right are spiral stairs for the upstairs. To her left is the walkway to the kitchen.

Suddenly, a woman enters the room. "What do you think Rebecca?"

"I like it. I really like it." Rebecca smiles.

"Does that mean you’ll take it?"

"Yea. I’ll take it!" an excited Rebecca beams.

"Great. Call my office later and we can work everything out." the woman says, grabbing her briefcase. "I’ll let you look around by yourself. Lock up on your way out."

Rebecca smiles, as the woman leaves. Rebecca walks to the door. "The yard is so beautiful." she whispers to herself. She walks outside and smells the air. She looks at some of the planted flowers in front of the house. Suddenly something strange happens. She walks back a little and looks at the condo next to hers. A woman is standing in the window watching her. When the woman realizes that Rebecca sees her, she smiles...and then disappears.

"That was creepy" Rebecca says to herself.

Suddenly the door opens that the woman is stand outside.

"I’m Patricia. I guess I’ll be your neighbor." she says, holding out her hand to shake Rebecca’s hand.

"Hi. I’m Rebecca."

"Nice to meet you Rebecca. I hope you love the area."

"Thank you."

"I’m sorry...am I coming off too strong?" Patricia asks. "I’m sorry. I’ll see you again, after you’ve moved in." Patricia walks back into her condo and shuts the door.

"Very creepy indeed" Rebecca says, walking towards her car.

Scene 5
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory and Robin’s Home

Cory finishes his cup of coffee. Wearing his boxers, he places the empty cup in the kitchen sink. He glances over at Robin, who is finishing her bagel.

"Baby, if you wanna make it to Victoria’s bail hearing, we have to hurry." Cory says.

Robin glances at Cory. "I know you don’t like her Cory, but we have always been friends."

"Friends? Really? You guys never talk or do anything." Cory says.

Robin gets up and walks over to her husband. She gives me a quick kiss. "Let’s not fight. I have an idea. Why don’t we shower together...to save time and water."

"You’ve got a deal" he smiles back. "Actually, I’ve been thinking. How about after the hearing we go up to the Calimo cabin for a few days. Sort of the honeymoon we didn’t have."

"Oh Cory! That would be unbelievable." Robin says hugging him.

"How about that shower?" he teases.

Scene 6
Setting: City Hall; The Courtroom Lobby

Kim steps off the elevator, carrying a briefcase and a notepad. She spots Jackson outside the courtroom, sitting on the bench.

Jackson quickly approaches her. "I had no idea you had gone back to work Kim," he tells her.

"It’s my first day back at the Sun."

"Ah, yes. The Twin Peaks Sun. Such a wonderful newspaper. So much better then the White Cove Journal. Speaking of which...have you given me moving back here anymore thought?" Jackson muses.

"Jackson, I’m busy. And you just asked me yesterday. So, no, I haven’t given it anymore thought. Excuse me" Kim says, brushing past Jackson and enters the courtroom.

Scene 7
Setting: The Calimo Cabin

Leah stares at her cell phone.

"Answer it!" Natasha finally says.

Leah looks up at Natasha, and then back at her cell phone. "Hello" she says, finally answering the ringing phone. "Robbie, hi....yea, sorry. I was in the other room....Where am I?....I know, I was suppose to be home last night. I stopped at the cabin for the night....No, nothing’s wrong. I was just tired, and didn’t want to drive....I’m on my way home though....Yea. I love you to. See you soon."

Leah puts her phone down. "I have to go. He’s expecting me home."

Natasha looks over at Leah. "Take me with you!" she says. "I want to go home."

Leah looks over at Shane. "We aren’t so sure." Shane says.

"What? Why not?" Natasha asks.

"There’s something you don’t know Natasha. Something that will change everything." Leah says. "Come sit."

Natasha sits next to Leah on the sofa.

"Would someone tell me what’s going on?" Natasha demands, with a tone of anger.

"It’s Cory. He’s....moved on." Shane says.

"Moved on? How? Please just spit it out already."

"He’s married. To Robin Navy." Leah says.

Natasha’s flabbergasted. "Married?" she whispers.

"Now you understand why we can’t just take you home. We have to have a plan of some sort." Leah says.

Natasha nods her head, but can’t say anything.

Scene 8
Setting: City Hall; The Courtroom

Victoria sits behind a long table. Next to her is her lawyer. Next to her lawyer is the walkway. After the walkway, there is another long table with the district attorney.

In the crowd, Kim sits at the back, her pad of paper ready to go. Jackson sits across from Kim. Rebecca sits in the middle of the room, almost unsure as to why she decided to attend, since she doesn’t know Victoria. Something inside told her that she needed to be here though.

Meggan sits in the row in front of Rebecca. She glares at Victoria. Adam is sitting behind Victoria, often whispering things into her hear. Unbeknown to them, Helen sneaks in the back, and sits in one of the back rows. Jackson quickly notices this.

Finally, Robbie enters and sits next to Meggan.

Everyone is interrupted by the Judges arrival.

"All rise," the bailiff says. "The honorable Judge Willis is presiding."

Judge Willis sits. "You may be seated," she says softly. "What do we have here?"

The district attorney, Alan Williams stands and says "The people vs. Victoria Franky. Bail hearing."

Judge Willis opens the file on her desk. She looks up at Victoria. "Ms. Franky, you have been charged with the murder of Vinny Victors. Do you understand this?"

Victoria stands up. "Yes, I understand."

"And how do you plead?" Willis asks.

"Not guilty" Victoria reveals, as the crowd gasps.

Suddenly Kim’s cell phone begins to ring. She quickly leaves the courtroom. She walks over to the bench. "Hello?....yea, I’m at the courthouse....You want me to leave? Now?....OK. I’ll be there in 5 minutes." Kim hangs up the phone. She pushes the elevator button. Suddenly Jackson comes up from behind her.

"Jackson? What are you doing?" Kim asks.

Suddenly the elevator doors open. Kim enters, as does Jackson.

"I’m leaving. I have no personal business being there. And besides, I’m not suppose to be in Twin Peaks." he smiles.

They are riding down the elevator when suddenly it stops!

"What’s happening?" Kim asks, pushing the buttons.

"I think we’re stuck," Jackson says, looking at Kim.

Back in the courtroom...

Willis looks at Alan Williams. "Make your case for bail."

Suddenly the courtroom doors open. "There’s no need for bail." a voice says. Slowly someone enters the courtroom.

It’s Vinny!

"I wasn’t killed, so Ms. Franky has been falsely arrested!" he says firmly, as the crowd gasps in shock.

Victoria stares in disbelief. Meggan quickly gets up and rushes to her husband. They embrace.

"Order in this court!" Willis yells. "This case is dismissed! Mr. Williams, please do your homework before you come back into my court." Willis demands, as she leaves.

Meggan embraces Vinny again. "How did this happen?" she asks.

"All in due time, my love." Vinny says. "Meet me outside."

Meggan looks at him. "Please. I will tell you everything." he says.

Meggan leaves the courtroom. Robbie quickly follows her. Vinny approaches Rebecca. "Surprised to see me?" he smiles.

"What’s happening?" she demands to know. "You are ruining everything!"

"I’ll call you later. Right now, get out of here. No one can see us together." he demands.

Vinny takes a seat, as the courtroom empties. Only he and Victoria remain.

"Well, well, well. Victoria, wonderful to see you again." he smiles.

Victoria walks over to Vinny. "You’re alive? It’s almost hard to believe." she says, slowly.

"Cut the crap, Victoria. I know everything."

"What are you talking about Vinny?" Victoria asks, trying to be all innocent.

"I remember Victoria. I know that you stabbed me!"

Victoria looks at him. "Would you keep your voice down."

"Ah, now we’re talking," Vinny smiles.

"Why didn’t you let me go to jail?" she asks.

"Cause I have bigger plans for you" he smiles.

Scene 9
Setting: Chris and Daisy’s Home

Daisy and Danielle sit in the living room. Silence fills the room. Suddenly they hear Chris’ car pull up.

"This is it" Daisy smiles at her sister. "Games over."

Chris enters the house. "Baby! I’m home" he laughs.

He enters the living room and see the two twins.

"What the hell..." a stunned Chris says.

"Sit down Chris. We have a long story to tell you." Daisy says.

Next On One Day At A Time
-Vinny has revealing conversations with Victoria and Rebecca
-Rebecca’s life is in danger
-Helen and Adam get physical
-Jackson and Kim rehash their past
-Leah talks to Robin; as Natasha phones home

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