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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Shane got a court order to annul his marriage to Cassie; she had 30 days to respond or their marriage would be terminated. Natasha feared that Cassie would return to town
- Adam & Helen, scared that Cassie would return, sent Dawn to a boarding school in Europe to keep their daughter safe. Helen, meanwhile, was frustrated when Madeline hadn't turned anything up in the search into her past
- Savannah continued to call Trenyce for help with Andrew, who was still adjusting to his new life
- Eva learned that elderly patients in the hospital were dying
- Robin moved out of the Penthouse and into Dominick's. When Cory returned home, he saw Rebecca, Robin's half sister!

Scene One - MW Investigations

"The last time we were here, you said that you were trying to get more information from Helen's past based on the address she had in White Rock. Have you uncovered anything new?" Adam asks Madeline as he sits next to Helen in the PI's office. The couple went to Madeline's hoping for some kind of update on the investigation into Helen's past. She would like nothing more to find out that Madeline has uncovered her part of her past or her family. This is especially important to Helen now that Dawn is away from them.

Madeline opens her file folder on her desk and looks back at the couple. "I was able to get your mail records," Madeline reveals to them, as Helen gets a smile on her face. "I have received some bills but nothing too concrete, unfortunately. I'm still waiting on the telephone company to see if they can dig up old phone bills."

"Wouldn't this information be online?" Helen asks her, knowing that she probably went to paper-less statements as soon as they were available.

Madeline nods her head back to her. "I'm working very closely with the telephone company to see if they can pull the records for me Helen. These things take time, especially because I had to spend a few days dealing with the manager at the telephone company getting them to understand why I was looking into this and why I required the records. It's not every day a PI goes to them for records. And they have confidentiality issues."

"But they understood, right? They know that I lost my memory and I'm….desperately looking for my family?" Helen asks again, growing more impatient. She had no idea that this would take so long to uncover.

"Yes, they know all of that. Once I was able to verify your identity, they agreed to help me get the records. It's just a matter of them presenting that information to me."

"How much longer do you think this will take?" Adam asks Madeline as Helen puts her hands over her face, trying to stay strong with the investigation.

Madeline sighs and shrugs her shoulders. "Soon, I hope. Look guys, I'm working as quickly as possible. I know it seems like it's dragging its feet here, but we are making really good progress. I want you guys to realize how far we have actually come."

Adam rubs Helen's back. "You hear that babe? We are getting closer to the truth. It won't be long now until we know something."

"I hope so," Helen finally speaks looking at him, then over to Madeline. "I guess the waiting is just tearing me up inside."

"Don't worry," Madeline reassures her. "Soon, we'll have some information about your past. I'm sure of it."

Scene Two - The Calimo Cabin

"It was a great idea that we take a couple of days and get away up," Natasha tells Shane as she comes into the open living room of the cabin holding two cups of hot chocolate. The fireplace in the living room is roaring and a light snow fall is happening outside.

"I know how much you love your family's cabin," he tells her as she sits next to him on the sofa and passes him a cup of the hot chocolate. "Especially this time of the year, when there is still snow on the ground."

"I just find it peaceful," she replies to him. "And considering we have been waiting on these 30 days to expire, it is nice being here and not have to worry about it in Twin Peaks. I've been thinking, if Cassie does come back, it's good that we are here. She will have no idea where we are."

Shane gets a smirk on his face. Natasha finishes taking a drink of her hot chocolate and looks at Shane. "Are you laughing at me?" she asks with a grin on her face.

"Not at all," he replies to her. "It's cute that you care so much about this."

"Of course I care! After everything that woman has put us through, I can't wait for these 30 days to be over."

Shane puts his hot chocolate down on the coffee table in front of him. "Have you looked at a calendar lately?"

Natasha shakes her head no. "I haven't, but why do you ask?"

Shane turns and looks Natasha in the eyes. "Because the 30 days…they're over. I'm officially a free man!"

Natasha gets a huge smile on her face. "Are you sure? I mean, are you really sure?"

Shane nods back to her. "I got the final paper work yesterday before we left for the cabin. Part of the reason I asked you up here was to celebrate with you. We are free Natasha. We are finally free of Cassie Nova!"

Scene Three - The Cascade Apartments, Apartment 204; Savannah's Apartment

Trenyce opens the door from stairwell and moves closer to Savannah's apartment door. She recalls getting another text message from Savannah asking that Trenyce stop by after work so she could help in calming Andrew down. Trenyce can't say no to Savannah when it comes to the requests with Andrew; she knows much she has struggled in losing Andrew, she can't imagine what the little boy is going through. Everything that he has always believed to be true has turned out to be wrong.

Trenyce reaches the apartment door and knocks three times. She waits and when Savannah doesn't open the door, she knocks again. "Savannah?" she calls out from the hallway. "It's me, Trenyce. I got here as soon as I could."

Again, there's no reply at the door. "That's weird," Trenyce says to herself as she pulls her phone out of her pocket to ensure that she's not crazy in getting the text from Savannah. She finds the message and realizes that she is right; Savannah did ask her to stop by.

Trenyce moves her hand to the doorknob. She turns it and the door opens. "Hello?" she asks as she enters the unlocked apartment. Trenyce enters the apartment and is taken aback at the sight that she sees. In the living room, there are pizza boxes and dirty dishes scattered throughout the living room. Unwashed clothing drapes from the sofa and the curtains.

"My goodness," Trenyce gasps as she looks around the filthy apartment. She wonders how Savannah could let the apartment get to this point when Andrew is living here now.

"I didn't hear you at the door," Savannah says as she emerges from the kitchen. "I just got Andrew down for a nap."

Trenyce turns around and looks a woman that looks like hell. Savannah's hair is messy and she has large bags under her eyes. "Are you okay?" Trenyce asks her. "You don't look so good."

Savannah shakes her head slowly and moves to the sofa where she collapses in exhaustion. "I don't know anymore," she says slowly. "I didn't think Andrew would be so difficult. He never listens to me. He never does what I ask him to do. Everything is a fight. I'm just …. I'm running on empty."

Trenyce moves closer to Savannah and sits next to her on the sofa. "He's just confused. Just imagine what you went through when you found out the truth Savannah and multiply that by 10 for that little boy. Things will get better, you have to believe that."

Savannah bites her lower lip and fights the tears. "I don't know how you did it."

"You said Andrew just went down?" Trenyce asks her as Savannah nods her head. "Okay, tell you what? You go for a hot shower or bath and then get some rest. Pull yourself together. I'll clean up here, and when Andrew wakes up I'll give him dinner and a bath. At least for tonight you can know everything will be fine."

"You'll do that for me?" Savannah asks her finally letting a tear out of her eye.

Trenyce nods her head back. "This environment isn't helping either of you. I just want what's best for Andrew. Go on, go draw your bath. I'll clean up."

To Trenyce's surprise, Savannah leans forward and hugs her. "Thank you Trenyce."

Scene Four - The Victors House; Vinny's Home

"Welcome to an evening you'll never forget," Vinny says to Daisy as he opens the door to his house and sees Daisy standing on the other side.

Daisy steps into the house wearing an evening gown. "I hope you like this," she smiles as she passes him her long coat.

Vinny pauses and checks out his lover and gives her a nod of approval. "You look absolutely stunning," he tells her. "I'm glad you're here this evening."

"Well, how could I resist an offer to spend a nice evening with you?" she grins at him as he locks hands with her and starts to walk with her. "Where are we going?"

"Somewhere you've never been before," he tells her as they start walking up the stairs and she arches her eyebrow. "In the east wing of the house, there is a large ball room. I thought we would have dinner there, together."

"Your house has a ballroom?" she says as she is unable to stop herself from laughing.

"I know, it's a bit ridiculous," he whispers in her ear. "But inside the ballroom, there is a four man orchestra going to play for us all evening. There's champagne, lobster and candles."

"My goodness Vinny, you've gone all out," Daisy replies to him, gasping at the sight of the room.

"For you, nothing is too much," he tells her as they reach the ballroom doors. He opens the door and swings the doors open. Daisy gasps at the sight of the large room with marble floors. There are candles everywhere. The orchestra is playing and near them is a table set for two. "Are you ready for a night you'll never forget?" he asks her as she steps into the ballroom.

Scene Five - The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin's Home

"Do you want a glass of wine?" Cory asks Rebecca, as she sits on the sofa close to the fire in the fireplace. Cory still recalls how he came home the other day from seeing Robin, who is still living at Dominick's and he uncovered Rebecca, Robin's half-sister, at the penthouse.

"I'd love one, thank you," Rebecca replies to Cory as he carries over a glass for her and he sits next to her. "I know we haven't got to see a lot of each other since I surprised you the other day."

"Well, managing a night club does keep me pretty busy," he says back to her as he takes a sip of the wine. "It is good to see though, Rebecca. Are you here because of Robin?"

Rebecca nods back to him. "I couldn't stay away any longer. I'm actually embarrassed that it took me so long to get here. I should have been here as soon as the baby was … stillborn," she says slowly, hoping that she doesn't upset Cory.

Cory looks at her. "Hey, don't beat yourself up. You're here now, that's all that matters."

"I can't imagine what you and Robin have been going through. I am so sorry for your loss."

"Thank you," Cory nods slowly. "I'm fine, you know? I'm just worried about Robin. She's completely gone away because of this. She keeps seeing things and … I'm just very worried about her."

"I can see that," Rebecca tells him. "You have to know that being with Dominick will be good for her. If he sees any type of odd behaviour by her, he will know how to help her."

"I know this," Cory sighs. "It just hurts that I can't help her as her husband."

Rebecca puts her hand on Cory's and squeezes it a little. "Things will work out the way they're supposed to. I believe that."

Cory nods and takes another sip of wine. "So, what's going on with you? How come you're visiting alone? Where is Jason?"

Rebecca pulls her hand off Cory's hand moves some loose hair behind her ear. She takes another drink of her wine before she looks back at him. "Jason and I have decided to … take a break," she tells him.

"What? You guys seemed so solid," Cory replies to her as he is clearly surprised by the news of Rebecca and Jason's break up. "You guys had been out of Twin Peaks for a few years now."

Rebecca wipes some dampness from the corner of her eye. "I think sometimes people just … grow apart," Rebecca says slowly. "I still care for Jason very much and I know that he cares about me. Somewhere along the road though, we fell out of love with each other."

Cory grabs her hand. "I think it's great that you both realized that and decided to take a pause in your relationship. It could have been easy to stay in the relationship out of regularity. And I hope you know, you're welcome to stay here as long as you need too."

Rebecca smiles down at her brother in law. "Thank you Cory. I will take you up that," she grins back at him as they each take another sip of wine.

Scene Six - MW Investigations

Madeline hangs up the telephone after having another phone discussion with the manager at the telephone company as she tries to get the records from Helen's home in White Rock. She knows that Helen and Adam are desperate for answers about Helen's past.

"I will keep digging," Madeline says to herself as she closes Helen's file for the day. "I won't let you down."

"So, do all private investigators talk to themselves at their desk?" Eva asks Madeline as she stands in the doorway of her office.

Madeline looks up and arches her eyebrow. The last person she expected to see standing in her office today is Eva McCloud. "Eva, what are you doing here? I don't think we had an appointment."

Eva walks into Madeline's office and closes the door behind her. "We didn't have an appointment. I didn't realize I would need one. Is it a bad time? Because this really can not wait."

"Please, have a seat," Madeline gestures to her to sit in one of the chairs in front of her desk. "I have a few moments before my next appointment."

"Thank you," Eva says sitting down. "I need your help with something."

"Okay…" Madeline begins to say back to her. "I'm going to need some more information."

"I'm here on official hospital business," Eva replies back to her as she pulls out a folder from her purse. She passes the folder to Madeline, who opens it. "This is a report that I receive each month as the Chief of Staff. It's a report that shows how many deaths the hospital had within the last month and who the patients were."

"Interesting, I didn't realize the hospital produced such documents."

Eva nods her head a little. "We have to ensure that people aren't dying due to incompetency or mismanagement," Eva explains back to the PI. "You see, if you look at the numbers of elderly patients, the number of deaths have been increasing over the last few months. I've looked into the patients that have passed away and they were all long-term patients."

"I see," Madeline says looking up from the report.

"What I'd like from you is to find out why these patients are suddenly passing away," Eva continues to tell her. "I've reviewed their files and there is nothing out of the ordinary in them, but if it was a couple of patients dying, I wouldn't think anything of it. The fact that the numbers have been rather high makes me think something else is going on."

"Are you asking me to look into your staff members?" Madeline questions her.

"I suppose I am," Eva replies to her. "I just need to make sure there's nothing illegal going on here. What do you say? Will take my case?"

Madeline looks down at the files and then up at Eva. "I'll see what I can do, yes."

Scene Seven - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Will takes a deep breath as he opens the break room door. He walks to the back of the room where there are tables and chairs set up for the staff to sit and have their lunches. He moves quickly to the sink and turns on the water. He splashes some cold water on his face and he tries to calm his shaky nerves.

He grabs a towel and dries his face. He then grabs a bottle of water and takes a big drink of it. As he sets the bottle down on the counter, he can see his hand shaking. He grabs it with his other one to settle himself down. As he does, he feels water coming into his eyes.

"What am I doing?" he asks himself as tears escape his eyes. He pulls out a syringe from his scrubs pocket and then quickly puts it back in. "I have to keep it together. I have too."

Scene Eight - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

"I'm beginning to think that this is pointless," Helen says as she opens the front door to the house and moves inside. "This investigation is taking a lot longer than I expected."

Adam moves into the house behind his wife. "I know Helen. But like Madeline said, she is getting closer to the truth. It is only a matter of time before she gets those phone records, and then she'll be able to find out if you had any family members that you were calling on a regular basis."

Helen nods her head back to him. "I suppose that's true," she says. "I'm just impatient, especially with Dawn in Europe. I feel like I have no family in my life."

"What am I chopped liver?" Adam grins as he comes up to her and puts his arms around her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that," she says as she embraces his hug.

"I know, I'm just trying to get you to see what even if this investigation doesn't turn up with any information at all, what we have together is amazing. We are already blessed."

She leans back from his hug and looks her husband in the eyes. "You always know the right thing to say to me."

Adam shrugs before he leans in and kisses her. "It's because I love you. Together, we'll get through this, okay?"

Helen nods back to him before she leans forward and kisses him again.

Scene Nine - The Calimo Cabin

"I can't believe this," Natasha smiles as she watches as Shane comes back into the living room with a bottle of champagne. "I guess in the midst of all the worry, I didn't realize how quickly the 30 days went by."

"We are free Natasha," he smiles to her. "We can finally move forward."

"Do you know how thrilled I am?"

Shane nods his head and sits next to her again. "Do you know there's another reason I suggested we come up to the cabin today."

"There is?" Natasha asks confused by his statement.

Shane grins at her. "This is where I first fell in love with you," he reveals to her. "When I found you after your accident."

"I had lost my memory. You kept me here hoping it would trigger something," she remembers with him of their past together.

"Exactly," he says to her. "I wanted us to remember everything that we have been through together."

He stops talking and turns his attention to the champagne. He opens the bottle and quickly starts to pour it into two glasses. He passes her a glass and grabs one for himself.

"Despite everything we have been through Natasha, we are here and we are stronger than ever before," he says looking into her eyes. "I never want to be without you."

Natasha gets tears in her eyes as she looks at the man that she loves. "I never want to be without you either."

"Shall we toast to that?" he asks her as she looks at her champagne.

"Wait," she gasps. "There's something in my glass…" she says as she uses a stir stick to grab the object on the bottom of her glass. "Oh Shane," she says as she looks at the large ring that was in the bottom of the glass.

Natasha's eyes meet Shane's, who starts to smile. "Is this what I think it is?" she asks as she lets a tear escape her eye.

"Will you do me the honor and marry me Natasha?" he asks her as he grabs her hand.

Natasha wipes her eye before looking back at Shane. "Of course I will marry you," she says through her tears.

Shane takes the ring and places it on Natasha's finger before he leans in and kisses her passionately.

Next on One Day at a Time
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- Kim keeps mum at a family dinner
- Trenyce has a shocking request for Natasha

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