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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Andy asked Reese to try to get information out of Johnny at Roboto. Reese tried but Johnny kept mum about his affair with Kim. Reese, later, went to his doctor appointment and was told he has cancer
- Vinny surprised Daisy with a romantic evening
- Eva requested that Madeline investigate some odd deaths at the hospital. Madeline agreed
- Will continued to hide syringes at the hospital
- Shane told Natasha that the waiting period for Cassie to contest his annulment was over. She was thrilled when he proposed to her; she accepted
- Trenyce was horrified at the state of Savannah's apartment when she visited
- Jeff saw Felicia close to losing her cool after she got a call from Bob. Worried about Paige, Leah and Jeff sent her to Europe until Felicia calmed down

Scene One - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline's Home

"Are you sure you're okay?" Andy asks Reese as they sit in the living room of Reese's large mansion. They just finished dinner together and Andy was hoping to enjoy a nightcap with his boyfriend, but he has noticed that Reese is oddly quiet and still a touch pale. "You haven't said much this evening."

Reese sighs and looks over at Andy. He can't stop thinking about his doctor appointment earlier in the day. He was told he has cancer. A rare form of leukemia to be exact. Reese doesn't know exactly how to process this information; he has always considered himself a healthy young man. How did this happen to him? How he can tell his loved ones that he may not live to see another year? How can he tell them at all?

"Yea, I'm fine," he lies to Andy when he finally speaks. "It's just been a long day, I suppose."

"Are you sure that's all it is?" Andy asks him coming and sitting next to him on the sofa. "I know that you haven't been feeling well lately. Are you still battling the flu bug?"

"No," Reese quickly replies standing up and walking over to the fireplace. "I feel fine. Just tired from the long day. I promise you, I'm okay," Reese says to him as Andy nods. "I saw Johnny today."

Andy's eyes open wider as Reese changes the subject. Andy has been hoping that Reese would be able to get some information from Johnny about Kim's affair. He isn't sure what information he was looking for, more confirmation that Johnny isn't going to hurt Kim in any way.

"Don't keep me waiting," Andy grins. "What did he have to say?"

Reese arches his eyebrow. "Not much, actually," Reese reports. "He said he saw Kim a few times when he was working as the pool boy at the Calimo mansion, but that's it."

Andy nods his head back to him. "I guess that's good, right?" Andy replies with a question, knowing Reese won't really be able to answer it. "If he isn't shouting about it from the roof tops, then we know he probably won't say anything."

Reese nods back to him. "I still think Kim should tell Bob the truth. Life is too short to play these games," Reese says back to him. "When I think about all the time we wasted being mad and not being together…" he begins to say as he gets a tear in his eye. "I wish we could go back and just be together."

"Hey," Andy asks coming up to his boyfriend and putting his hands on his shoulders. "Where is this coming from? We are together now, right? Nothing else matters."

Reese lets a single tear fall from his eye. "I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize, but I need to know Reese, what's wrong? I know something is up? Please, talk to me."

Reese lets another tear fall from his eye before he looks into his lover's eye. "Okay, I'll tell you what's wrong, but brace yourself because you're not going to like it. Not one little bit."

Scene Two - The Victors House; Vinny's Home

"Are you having a good time?" Vinny asks Daisy as they sit in the ballroom of his large mansion, still celebrating the romantic evening he put together for the two of them. The orchestra is still playing and the champagne is flowing.

Daisy smiles over to her lover. "How could I not be having a wonderful time? You have gone above and beyond on this night Vinny."

"I wanted to show you how much I adore you," he replies to her. "I know when I went to see Brett recently you had some insecurities," he begins to tell her, recalling how when he got back from the prison Daisy believed that Vinny had been with another woman.

"I'm so sorry about Vinny. I know you would never hurt me in that sense," she says still feeling a touch embarrassed.

"Don't be sorry," he tells her. "I just want you to know that I would never betray you. I will never hurt you like that Daisy because I love you so very much. You've become everything to me, absolutely everything."

Daisy reaches over and grabs his hand. "You're amazing," she winks at him. "Now, how about we get up and have a dance together? After all, they are still playing music for us."

"I'd love that," he replies to her. "Usually the man asks the woman to dance."

"We aren't even close to be conventional!" she laughs, as he pulls her on to the dance floor and gives her a deep kiss.

Scene Three - The Calimo Mansion

Shane parks his car out front of the large mansion and looks over at Natasha. They had been at the Calimo cabin when Shane proposed to her. She, of course, accepted and the couple became engaged. Natasha got so excited that she wanted to share the news with her family as soon as possible.

"You're not upset that I suggested we leave the cabin and come here, are you?" she asks him as she wraps her scarf around her neck, bracing herself for the chilly air outside.

Shane shakes his head. "Not at all," he smiles. "I know how much you love your family. I hope that they are happy for us."

"Of course they will be," she smiles back to him, both still on cloud nine about their engagement.


Inside the mansion, Bob pours himself another bourbon as he looks over at Robbie, Victoria and Kim as they sit by the fire talking. Bob feels himself smile at the sight of his family all together and all getting along. It is moments like this that he lives for.

"So, do we have any idea why Natasha wanted a quick family dinner?" Victoria asks everyone as Bob comes back over to the sofa and sits with them.

Kim shakes her head. "I don't know. I haven't seen her for a few days, maybe she just wanted everyone to get together?"

"I suppose that's a possibility," Bob replies. "In any event, I think it's wonderful that we are all together. Darling," Bob says turning his attention to Kim. "Would you like a drink?"

Kim gulps. She knows very well that she can't drink now that she's pregnant but she also knows that she can't let anyone know that she's pregnant yet; she's not ready to let the secret out of the bag.

"I'll get it Bob," she says as she stands up and walks over to the bar. "Robbie, Victoria, can I get you anything?"

"Rosario has already poured us some red wine, but thank you Kim," Robbie replies to her as Kim pours some water into her glass.

"Okay, I'll continue to enjoy this vodka," she smiles as she takes a drink, lying to them all about her choice of beverage.

Before anyone else can say anything, Shane and Natasha walk into the living room. "Oh, everyone is here already!" Natasha smiles to her family. "Thank you all for coming on such short notice."

"You have us curious as to why you wanted to see us all," Bob announces to his daughter as they hug everyone.

"Well, I suppose we have some news to share with everyone," Robbie says looking at Natasha. "I hope I'm not stealing your thunder here Nat, but with everyone here, I thought I could share some news as well."

Natasha looks at him in surprise. "Okay, well by all means, don't keep us in suspense. What's going on?"

"Victoria and I, we have moved in together," Robbie reveals to everyone.

"That's great news," Kim says coming up and hugging Robbie. "Congratulations you two."

"Yes, wonderful news indeed," Bob chimes in. "Victoria is a beautiful woman, you better do right by her son."

"Oh he does," Victoria smiles back over to Bob.

"It's our turn to share some more good news," Shane says coming up behind Natasha and putting his hands on her shoulders.

Natasha doesn't say anything, she instead puts out her hand revealing the large diamond ring on her left finger.

"Wow, what a ring!" Victoria says first, her eyes fixed on the diamond.

"Engaged? My beautiful daughter is getting married?" Bob says as he puts his glass down and goes over to hug Natasha. "I couldn't be more proud of you Natasha."

"Thank you Daddy," Natasha replies as she gets a tear in her eye.

Kim moves away from the crowd and puts her hand on her stomach. Will Bob be this accepting of her being pregnant? She takes another drink of her water and wonders if she will ever be ready to tell her husband that she's pregnant. What's more worrisome for her is whether he will believe it is his child or not. The truth has to be that Bob is the father. There's just no other possibility.

Scene Four - The Robertson House; Jeff, Leah & Paige's Home

"I just got off the phone with Paige's school," Jeff says to Leah as he comes into the bedroom. Leah is already laying in the large king size bed reading her book after a long day. She looks at her fiancé with a grin on her face. "She seems to be adjusting well."

"I know," Leah continues to grin at him. "I called before I left the office. They probably think we are overreacting to calling so often."

Jeff shrugs and grins back at her. "I'm sure they must be used to overprotective parents," he chuckles. "In all seriousness, I am happy that Paige is settling in at the school in Paris."

"Me too," Leah admits to him as she puts the book down on her lap. "I hate that she had to go to Europe to be safe from my mother."

Outside the master bedroom, Felicia stops dead in her tracks as she overhears Leah mention her. She was on her way to her bedroom to go to sleep, and she just happened to hear the couple talking. She starts to walk away but she stops herself. She knows that she shouldn't listen to the conversation, but she can't help herself.

"I hope you know why I was worried," Jeff replies to her as he starts to disrobe from his clothing. "It's just when I walked into Felicia's room the other day, she was not herself. I have never seen her in that state before."

Leah nods her head. "I know and my father even said that she is still very fragile. We did what's best for our daughter. I don't blame you at all Jeff, I hope you know that."

"Thank you for saying that," he says to her as he crawls into the bed next to her. "I just know that you're in a touch situation. We are talking about your daughter, me and your mother."

"Nothing will ever come between you and I and our family Jeff. Not even my mother."

"Do you mean that?" he asks her.

"Of course I mean that," Leah replies to him. "Look, I love my mother dearly. And I'm so very happy that she is alive but you, Paige and I … that's my family. We come first."

Jeff grins at her. "Then let's get married. Let's not wait. Let's just do it."

Leah smiles back at him. "Please Leah, I want you to be my wife more than anything else in the world."

"I want that too," she whispers back to him.

"Then it's settled," he says. "We'll get married as soon as we can."

Outside the room, Felicia finally starts moving her feet. She quickly enters her bedroom and shuts the door. She leans up against the closed door and glares. "It won't happen. You will not marry my daughter. Bob is right, I have to step up my plan. I can't let that man marry my daughter. It won't happen."

Scene Five - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Eva slowly walks up to the nurses' station holding some file folders that she needs filed. She is working the night shift, which she doesn't mind terribly. She finds that it is usually slower in the night time and she is able to connect with some of the nurses that she usually would not be able too.

As she approaches the nurses' station, she can't help but think back to earlier in the day when she visited Madeline and asked her to look into the high number of elderly patients that have been dying in the hospital the last couple of months. She hopes that there is nothing too serious going on within the hospital, but she has to know the truth. It is her reputation on the line, after all.

"Oh Will," Eva says seeing the young man behind the desk at the station. "I didn't realize you were working the night shift today."

Will looks up at Eva with a nervous grin. "I switched a shift with Janice. She had something to do and I don't mind working the night shift."

Eva nods back to him not thinking there is anything odd about his response. "I see, well, can I give you these files please. I don't need them anymore."

"Absolutely," Will says quickly taking them and setting them down. "I will file them after I do my rounds."

"Are you okay? You seem like you're nervous," Eva says to him.

"I'm fine," Will quickly replies. "We are just very busy."

"Well get a coffee, you're on duty, I don't need any mistakes from my staff when they're on duty."

"Later, when I have time," Will says back to her. "Excuse me, I have to go do my rounds."

Eva watches Will walk away quickly. She turns around and arches her eyebrow. "I wonder what that was all about."

Scene Six - The Calimo Mansion

"Excuse me for a moment," Natasha tells her family, as they are all still celebrating the news of Shane and Natasha's engagement and Robbie and Victoria's moving in together, as her cell phone rings from her purse. Natasha grabs her phone and leaves the living room to take her call.

"Hello?" she says into her the phone.

"Natasha," Trenyce says into her cell phone. "I'm so sorry to call you this late but it is urgent."

"Trenyce?" Natasha asks into her telephone. "Don't worry about it, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, thank you," Trenyce replies to her. "I'm calling because I need to hire you. I want you to be my lawyer."

Natasha arches her eyebrow. "You have my attention Trenyce. What sort of legal trouble are you in, exactly?"

"That's just it," Trenyce begins to tell Natasha. "I'm not in trouble exactly. I'm not sure if you've heard about my son Andrew."

"The baby switch that Vinny's brother's set up," Natasha intercepts. "I can't imagine what you've gone through. I'm terribly sorry."

"Thank you," Trenyce says back to her. "Savannah Pherson has had custody of Andrew since Christmas. Andrew isn't adjusting very well to living with Savannah."

"He's still so young, he must be confused."

"That's not the only thing," Trenyce continues. "It seems like Savannah is losing control. I went by the other day and her apartment was a complete disaster zone. She hadn't cleaned in weeks it looked like. Andrew is basically living in garbage."

"Savannah is probably adjusting to having a child," Natasha tries to say to Trenyce.

"I want to sue Savannah for custody," Trenyce says surprising Natasha. "I want my son back."

"Trenyce…" Natasha begins to reply.

"Please don't try to talk me out of this Natasha," Trenyce cuts her off. "I've thought about this and I've made my decision. This is what I have to do to."

"You probably won't win," Natasha informs her. "But if you're serious, I'll take your case for you."

"Thank you Natasha," Trenyce tells her, ignoring the fact that she may not win the custody case. "I need to at least make an effort to get my son back. I can't go on without him."

Scene Seven - The Victors House; Vinny's Home

"This evening has been unforgettable," Daisy says as Vinny leans in and gives her a kiss on the lips. "From the music to the dinner to the ballroom," Daisy says as they start to walk down the hallway to the bedroom. "You really went all out."

"I'm glad you had a good time," Vinny tells her as he squeezes her hand. "This was just a preview of how good things could be for us."

"A preview huh?" Daisy asks surprised.

Vinny nods his head as they reach the bedroom. He opens the door for Daisy. "There's one more surprise for you inside," he says with a sheepish grin.

Daisy arches her eyebrow and walks into the bedroom. There are candles lit throughout the room and rose petals on the bed. "Oh Vinny," she gasps at the sight of the bedroom.

She turns around to hug him but she finds him down on one knee. "What are you…" she begins to ask as she cover her mouth with her hand.

"Marry me?" he asks her as he pulls out a large diamond ring.

"My goodness," she gasps as she looks at the large diamond on the ring.

"You haven't said yes yet," he winks at her as he slips the ring on her finger. He stands up and looks her in the eyes.

"Of course it's a yes Vinny. I will be your wife. I would be so honoured to be your wife!"

Vinny kisses her passionately as they fall on to the bed and start to undress each other.

Scene Eight - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline's Home

"You're scaring me now Reese," Andy tells his boyfriend as he waits to get the answer from Reese about what Reese is keeping from him.

"Before I tell you, you have to promise me not to freak out or anything," Reese says to Andy. "I just found this out myself and I don't have all the information."

"You found out what? Reese, please just tell me! I'm worried sick now," Andy pleads with his boyfriend.

Reese turns around and faces his boyfriend again. "I have been feeling under the weather lately, as you know. The other day, I was at work and I started to cough. I was coughing up blood. That's when I knew I had to make a doctor's appointment," Reese reveals to a horrified Andy.

"Did you go to the doctor?" Andy asks him.

Reese nods back to him. "He told me that I have cancer. I have cancer Andy," Reese says for the first time out loud as Andy looks back at him in shock. "I have leukemia."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Bob gives Felicia more fake medication
- Donovan sees a close moment between Leah and Robbie
- Madeline learns about Reese's condition

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