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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce decided to sue Savannah for custody; Savannah was served the papers. After learning of Trenyce's plans, Daisy made a mysterious telephone call
- Cory visited Robin and realized that she was seemingly getting worse with her touch of reality
- Shane and Natasha got engaged after his annulment from Cassie was finalized
- Adam and Helen learned that Madeline got a lead into Helen's past
- Craig asked Donovan out; Donovan said no as he remembered a man from his past
- Kim continued to keep her pregnancy a secret from Bob

Scene One - The Sugarbowl

Dominick enters the coffeehouse needing an extra boost of caffeine for his day. He has been feeling more stressed than usual ever since Frederick Richardson showed up in Twin Peaks. Frederick was Felicia's doctor while she was in the mental facility in Switzerland. Dominick usually wouldn't have an issue with Frederick showing up to ensure that Felicia is doing okay since being released; however, he can't forgive the fact that Frederick released Felicia into Bob Calimo's care. Dominick knows that Bob only wanted Felicia to bring back to Twin Peaks to continue their on-going feud; Bob wanted to hurt him and his family. Dominick sighs knowing that in some ways Bob has succeeded in doing just that. Now, however, he can't trust Frederick.

"I have to protect my family," he whispers to himself. "And if that means stopping Frederick Richardson, then so be it."

Dominick turns around from the coffee bar and sees Cory enter the coffeehouse. He immediately knows that he wants to talk to his son-in-law about Robin, which is another issue weighing heavily on Dominick's shoulders. He knows that Robin hasn't really been showing any signs of improving her mental health since she moved in with him. He can see the pain written all over Cory's face, which upsets Dominick greatly.

"Cory, do you have a moment?" Dominick asks as he approaches him.

Cory quickly nods his head back to Dominick. "I've been meaning to call you. I went to see Robin the other day. I don't think she's getting better Dominick. I think, if anything, she's getting worse."

Dominick nods his head as he takes a sip of his coffee. "I was worried about that. I was going to tell you that I'm starting to notice some slips from Robin as well. Saying things like the baby is upstairs sleeping…"

"Exactly what she said to me the other day," Cory replies to him. "We have to do something Dominick. I can't stand to see my wife this way."

Dominick looks at Cory and feels for him. In so many ways, Dominick can relate to Cory right now because he was feeling the exact same way all those years ago when Felicia first started to show signs for her schizophrenia; Dominick felt completely hopeless and didn't know what to do. The fact that he had children to consider only added to his heartache. The way Cory is looking right now is all too familiar for Dominick.

"I know," he finally replies to Cory. "I don't like seeing her in this state either."

"Have you suggested that she seek therapy yet?" Cory asks him, hoping that Robin would listen to Dominick instead of him.

"I did mention it," he reveals to Cory. "She didn't seem so keen on the idea, but I will keep pressing it."

"Thank you," Cory says back to him. "Rebecca is back in town as well. Maybe she could help Robin come to terms with this."

Dominick nods his head. "Yes, maybe. I promise you Cory, you won't suffer with this much longer. I will ensure everything resolves itself."

"Keep me posted on her Dominick. I worry about Robin all the time."

"I will and in the meantime, try to take care of yourself," Dominick orders Cory, wondering how he can solve this situation.

Scene Two - The Twin Peaks Court House

Trenyce walks up the steps of the court house and takes a deep breath before she enters the building. Everything seems to be happening far too quickly for her. It seems like it was just yesterday that she was going to Savannah's apartment to help her with Andrew when she saw the chaotic state of the home. Now, because she has filed for custody of Andrew, she's at court as the proceedings are going to being today.

As she enters the building, she scans the lobby for Natasha, as they agreed to meet at the court house before court began. While she doesn't see her lawyer, she does see Savannah standing in front of one of the large paintings on the wall. Trenyce decides to walk the other way, but Savannah obviously sees her.

"Trenyce," Savannah calls as she rushes up to her. "I can't believe you're doing this."

Trenyce turns around and looks at the woman that took Andrew from her. "I don't think we should discuss this," Trenyce replies to Savannah.

"Do you have any idea how shocked I was to served custody papers? I barely had any time to get a lawyer," she spits back at Trenyce. "I thought you were helping me with Andrew, but all along you were using this as a way to get back at me. This wasn't my fault! Andrew isn't your son! You don't have a right to him!"

"I'm only looking out for Andrew's wellbeing," Trenyce replies, trying to keep calm. "I know that you're her mother but he still thinks of me as his mom."

"You're unbelievable, you know that."

"I don't want to fight with you Savannah," Trenyce pleads with Savannah. "I'm just doing what I think is best for Andrew."

"What's best? You're kidding right?" Savannah lashes out as Trenyce, who stays silent. "Well guess what Trenyce?" Savannah leans in and whispers to her new rival. "A fight is exactly what you got."


"Are you ready for this?" Vinny asks Daisy as they stand outside the court house. "You know it will probably get ugly in there."

Daisy sighs and looks at her new fiancé. She knows why Trenyce has decided to sue for custody but she can't help but wonder what will happen if Trenyce doesn't win this case. She also thinks back to the telephone call that she made after Trenyce told her what she was planning. "I honestly don't know if I am ready. I just hope Trenyce is ready," she tells Vinny. "If this doesn't go the way she wants to, she will be losing Andrew all over again. I don't know if Trenyce is ready for that."

"We'll have to make sure that we are there for her," Vinny tells Daisy as he pulls her into a hug. "And as soon as this is over, I want us to start planning our wedding. I already have my assistant planning a surprise for you."

Daisy exits the embrace with a smile on her face. "A surprise for me? I think the night you proposed to me was a big enough surprise."

"Oh, this one will blow that one out of the water," Vinny chuckles.

"You can't keep me in the dark, please tell me. I need some good news before I go into the court room," Daisy pleads with him.

Vinny looks back at her with a twinkle in his eye. "Okay, okay," he grins. "I'm planning a surprise party."

"You're what?" Daisy asks shocked by what he has revealed to her. "We don't have time for this!"

"Of course we do," he tells her. "It's actually tomorrow night. Everything is already in motion."

"I can't believe you," she tells him as she leans in and kisses him. "But I'm not complaining."

Scene Three - The Glubbs House; Shane & Natasha's Home

Natasha looks at her watch and then quickly glances at the washroom door. She realizes that she's running late to get to court but she had to take care of something urgent this morning. She waits a moment later before she checks her watch again. She takes a deep breath and realizes that it's time. She moves quickly into the washroom and closes the door behind her. She moves to the counter by the sink and looks down. She picks up the pregnancy test and brings it closer to her face. She then looks at the box next and reads the code. She sets the pregnancy test back down and looks at herself in the mirror.

"So, I don't know if I told you," Shane says as he comes into the bedroom, not realizing Natasha is in the washroom. "But the rumour is that Eva isn't going to extend her contract as Chief of Staff in November," he continues to tell her as she opens the door slowly. "And I was thinking of applying for the job. I mean, I've been one of the main physicians at TPGH for so many years, it would be a natural progression."

Natasha looks at him as if she didn't hear what he said. "Are you okay?" he asks her as she looks a million miles away."

She quickly nods her head back to him. "Yea, sorry," she finally says back to him. "I'm running late. I have to be at court. Trenyce's custody hearing begins today."

"Did you hear anything I said?" he asks her.

"Of course," she quickly says back to him. "I don't think Eva has mentioned anything to me about not extending her contract. I can find out, if you'd like?"

"That'd be great," he says as he arches his eyebrow. "Natasha, what's going on? You don't seem yourself."

Natasha looks at him and sighs. He looks so happy about the potential of being the chief of staff. Inside, Natasha wonders if this is the best time to announce that they are going to have a baby. After all, she doesn't want the child to influence his decision as to whether or not he applies. She realizes that him taking on the job would leave less time for her and their child.

She feels her eyes swell with water as she nods back to him. "I'm fine," she smiles to him, faking the smile. "I guess hearing you speak about the COS makes me very proud of you."

"Really?" Shane grins back at her as he comes up and hugs her. "I wasn't sure how you'd feel about it. I'm glad you're okay with it."

Natasha rolls her eyes quickly knowing that she hates the idea because of what it means for the baby. She just wonders what she should do next. She is pregnant but would that interfere with Shane's promotion? She shakes her head not knowing the answer. "I'm running late Shane," she says as she kisses his forehead. "I'll see you later."

Scene Four - The Black House; Adam, Helen & Dawn's Home

"This waiting is killing me," Helen tells Adam as she pours herself a drink at the bar in their living room. "When will Madeline get back to us about her lead?"

Adam watches his wife take a sip of her gin. It's not like Helen to have a drink but he can understand why she is on edge. Madeline is looking into her past and she finally got the telephone records that may actually shed light into if Helen has family out there. Add on the fact that Dawn is in Europe because they were worried that Cassie may come back into their lives; he can tell that she has a lot on her plate right now. If he is honest with himself, he is scared that about what Madeline will uncover. They have no idea who or what Helen's family was before her accident all those years ago. He just hopes they aren't opening a can of worms that they cannot close.

"I'm sure she will call as soon as she knows something," Adam tells her as he sits on the sofa. "It's not like you to have a drink, are you that stressed?"

"Can you blame me?" she asks as she takes a drink of her beverage before looking at her husband. "My entire life is in Madeline's hands. I don't know what she will tell me."

"Helen," Adam begins to reply to her. "You're entire life is not with Madeline. I'm still here as is Dawn. We are your family, regardless of what Madeline finds."

"I know that," she quickly replies to him. "I'm sorry if I made it seem like I wasn't thinking of you and our daughter."

Adam nods back to her. "I know, I'm just trying to remind you that not everything is hanging on what Madeline uncovers. What if…"

Helen quickly turns around to face her husband. "What if what?" she quickly asks him.

Adam shrugs and moves closer to her. "I don't know? I mean, what if Madeline learns that your parents have already passed away? Or you didn't have a great relationship with them? You may not be in a better position than you are right now."

"But at least I will know about my past," Helen snaps back at him. "It's the not knowing that is killing me."

Adam comes up to her and puts his hands on her shoulders. "That's fair. I'm just trying to brace you for something you may not have thought about. We have no idea what Madeline will find, so we should be prepared for … anything."

Helen turns and hugs her husband. "I will try to keep that in mind. Remind me if I forget, okay?"

Scene Five - The Sugarbowl

"Have you had a chance to talk to Robbie yet?" Donovan asks Victoria as they sit together in a booth at the coffee house, as Donovan recalls telling his sister that he saw Robbie together with his ex-wife Leah at the coffeehouse a few days earlier. He hated that he had to tell her about what he saw but he couldn't not tell her; he thinks Victoria had the right to know.

Victoria shakes her head no and takes a sip of her latte. "I haven't had time to see him, if I'm honest. Sometimes between his schedule at the police station and my schedule at the hospital we don't connect for a couple of days."

Donovan nods back to her. "Guess that makes sense."

"I don't really want to talk about my boyfriend and his ex-wife," she replies quickly with a sly grin. "I'd rather talk about you. What's going on with you? How come you don't have a man in your life yet?"

Donovan chuckles a little before he quickly recalls how Craig asked him out recently. Of course, Donovan turned Craig down as he felt it would be too weird since Craig was dating Andy last year and Donovan did have a small crush on Andy. Plus there's that man from Europe, the one that Donovan can't seem to forget.

"Earth to Donovan," Victoria says as she waves her hand in front of his face. "Where did you go just now?"

Donovan looks back at his sister. "You know Vic," he finally replies to her. "It's not like I haven't had offers here in Twin Peaks. It's that…"

"Is there someone special that you're holding on too?" Victoria asks her brother, seeing a different side of Donovan.

Donovan looks down at his coffee. "There was when I was in Europe."

"That's a long time ago now Donovan. You've been in Twin Peaks for a few years now."

Donovan looks back at up at his sister. "Some things are hard to let go of. I loved him with everything I had Victoria. And he… he hurt me."

Victoria reaches over and grabs her brother's hand. "I'm sorry Donovan. But eventually you have to let that go," she tells him. "Not every man will hurt you the way he did."

Donovan nods a little back to her. "I guess the thing is, I still love him. Despite everything that happened, I still love him."

"What happened?" she asks him back.

Donovan looks at his watch. "Look at the time, I should get to the court house. Trenyce's custody case is starting shortly."

Victoria arches her eyebrow. "Fine, but this conversation isn't over."

Scene Six - Twin Peaks General Hospital

Kim lays in a hospital bed wearing a hospital gown. She shuts her eyes as she waits for her doctor to come in and perform her first ever ultra sound for her unborn child. She takes a deep breath wondering if she made the right decision coming to TPGH for her ultra sound. She knows that the Calimo's have long supported the hospital; anyone that sees her could report back to Bob that Kim was at the hospital today. Plus, Shane, who is about to become Bob's son in law, is one of the most respected doctors at the hospital.

"It's too late to change my mind now," she whispers as she opens her eyes. She turns her head to the door as it opens. A young woman comes into the hospital room. "Mrs. Calimo?" she asks as Kim nods her head. "My name is Regina Davis, we spoke on the telephone when you made your appointment."

"Thank you for seeing me today," Kim replies to her quickly. "I hope you understand how much I need this to be private. No one can know that I'm here today."

"I understand," Regina replies to her. "You made that clear on the telephone. And, once again, whatever we talk about will stay between us. We have doctor-patient confidentiality."

"Good," Kim says back as she gulps. "It's just, I haven't had a time to tell my husband yet. I'm waiting for the right moment."

"I'm not here to judge you," Regina tells her. "Shall we continue? If you'd like, I can do the ultra sound and you can see your child."

"I'd love that," Kim says as she gets a smile on her face. "I'd love to see my baby."


Dominick enters the main floor of the hospital and quickly looks at the nurses' station. He sees Will behind the counter and quickly moves over to him.

"William, do you have a moment?" Dominick asks Will as he reaches the station.

Will turns around and sees Dominick. He arches his eyebrow wondering what it could be that Dominick wants with him. He wonders if this has to do with Eva; after all Will was dating Eva until the truth about her and Ernesto came out. He left her and now Eva is seeing Dominick.

"I really only have a moment," Will finally replies to Dominick. "I'm busy here today. Is this about Eva?"

Dominick shakes his head. "This has nothing to do with your ex," Dominick reveals to him. "I have a proposition for you," Dominick continues to tell him. "And I won't take no for an answer."

Scene Seven - A hotel room

The hotel room is extremely lavish. Fresh flowers and candles fill the room which has a view of a city skyline. Sitting in the lush red chair is a woman and she is reading the newspaper. She flips the page and sees the international news page. In the bottom corner of the first page there is a small headline that reads: "Multi-Millionaire Vinny Victors Engaged".

Her hand moves to the bottom of the page as she quickly scans the article, which informs her that Vinny and Daisy are going to be married. She stands up and puts the paper down. She moves over to the bar and pours herself a glass of water.

She moves back over to the paper and starts to crumple it.

Scene Eight - The Twin Peaks Court House

"All rise," the court bailiff announces as Judge Franklin Ross comes into the court room. "The honourable Franklin Ross resides."

Franklin looks out at the court room. On one side of the court Natasha stands next to her Trenyce. Behind them Daisy, Vinny and Donovan all stand in support. On the other side of the court room is Savannah with her lawyer, Josh Levitt. Savannah doesn't have any one standing behind her, only because Reese had to decline coming because of his health issues.

"You may be seated," Franklin tells them. "We are here today because Trenyce Davenport is suing Savannah Pherson for custody of Andrew Davenport," Franklin announces to everyone. "Is that my understanding?"

Natasha and Josh both stand up and nod their heads. "That's correct your honour," Natasha replies to him.

"And if my memory serves me correctly," Franklin continues. "This isn't the first time Andrew has been in this court room over a custody battle. Ms. Davenport, did you not sue the father of your son for custody a few years ago?"

Trenyce stands up. "I did your honour. We worked everything out, however. My Aunt Daisy took custody of Andrew. Eventually, we all just shared custody of Andrew. It was working out fine."

"Until it was revealed that there was some sort of switch? It was revealed Ms. Pherson is biologically Andrew's mother?" Franklin asks everyone, trying to put the pieces together.

Savannah stands up. "Exactly," she tells the judge. "I just want the chance to raise my son."

"And where is the man we believed to be Andrew's father? Why isn't he with you, Ms. Davenport?" Franklin asks Trenyce, who gulps.

Before Trenyce can reply, the court door opens. "I'm right here," Chris Michaels announces as he walks into the court room. Trenyce turns around and sees Chris walking towards her chair. She looks back at Daisy, who gives her a slight grin.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Daisy and Vinny's engagement party begins
- Andy is with Reese during an upsetting moment
- A face from the past returns

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