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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce and Savannah's custody hearing began. When the judge asked Trenyce where Andrew's father was Chris Michaels entered the court room
- A hand ripped the newspaper while reading of Daisy and Vinny's engagement
- Natasha learned she was pregnant but she kept it quiet as Shane noted that he may be interested in taking over as Chief of Staff at the hospital
- Craig asked Donovan out; Donovan said no and revealed to Victoria that he had been hurt in the past
- Victoria was upset to hear that Robbie and Leah shared a close moment
- Frederick Richardson, Felicia's doctor from Switzerland, arrived in town much to Dominick's chagrin

Scene One - The Victors House; Vinny's Home

"I can't believe how great this place looks," Daisy says to Vinny as they walk through the large living room, which has been transformed into the setting for their engagement party. Daisy is holding a glass of champagne in her hand as her other hand is locked into her fiancé's. "You really outdid yourself with this party."

"I think you deserve it my love," he replies to her as he looks into her eyes. "I did this for you and for me. Everyone should know how happy we are together. And everyone should know that I would do absolutely anything for you. Including, throwing you a huge engagement party."

Daisy laughs a little. "Well, if I don't get the chance later, thank you. I really do think this is great to have all of our friends and family here to celebrate with us."

"Speaking of," Vinny begins to change to subject. "I can't believe that Chris is back in town. I wonder how he knew about the custody hearing."

Daisy thinks back to earlier in the day at the court house when the Judge was asking Trenyce about her previous custody hearing with Andrew, when she sued Chris for custody a few years ago. When he questioned her about whom everyone believed was Andrew's father, Chris entered the court room and announced he was. No one had seen Chris since he left town a few years ago with Daisy's former best friend Greta, as they had started an affair.

"It certainly was a surprise," Daisy says slowly to him. Her eyes wonder across the room where she happens to see Trenyce and Chris speaking. "Looks like Trenyce may be getting to the bottom of it right now," Daisy points to Vinny. "Should we go and make sure that they are playing nice?"

"I'll let you be the referee, I want to go and make sure the servers know to keep the champagne flowing," Vinny smirks at her as he leans down and gives her a quick kiss. "See you later?"

"Of course," she smiles back to him before she starts to walk over to Chris and Trenyce. "Hey you two, I'm not interrupting, am I?"

Chris and Trenyce look each other before they look at Daisy. "Of course not," Chris replies to his ex-wife. "I was just filling Trenyce in on what has been going on."

"I'm curious to hear that myself," Daisy tells him.

"I'm here because I want to help with Andrew," Chris reveals to them. "That's the first thing you both need to realize. I'm not here to cause any sort of troubles."

"Well that's a relief to hear," Trenyce nods back to him. "I actually feel horrible that I didn't call you sooner. I mean, when the entire baby switch truth came out I should have called you."

Chris shakes his head. "I get why you didn't. You were probably so overwhelmed with everything it was the last thing on your mind."

"It honestly was," Trenyce agrees with him.

"I'm back and I'm here to stay until this is resolved," Chris reassures them.

"With Greta, I'm assuming?" Daisy interjects. It took her a long time to get over the fact that her former best friend and assistant slept with Chris but she is in a good space now. She has never been happier than she is with Vinny.

Chris pauses and takes a sip of his champagne before he looks at Daisy. "Greta and I have called it off," he announces to them as Trenyce and Daisy make a quick eye contact with each other. "I'm sure neither one of you are surprise but a relationship that starts based on a lie can never work. I'm really focusing on myself and am not looking for another woman right now. I want to help with Andrew; that's my main focus."

Trenyce starts to chuckle a little before she takes a sip of her champagne. "What's so funny?" Chris asks her.

She shrugs before she looks at Daisy. "It's funny because for so long Daisy and I wanted to hear these kinds of words from you but we never did hear them. It's just refreshing to hear you say that you want to focus on something other than a woman. Not to be disrespectful."

"Nah, you're just being honest," Chris replies. "I did a lot of growing up while I was away."

"So there's just one more question," Trenyce says looking at him. "How did you know about the trial?"

Chris quickly looks over at Daisy and then looks back at Trenyce. "It's not really important. What's important is that I'm here now. And I will help you keep Andrew. We can't lose him to Savannah."


Natasha holds her stomach with her hand as she looks at the table that is filled with h'orderves. She knows that she is with child and she has to pretend that she is having a great time at the engagement party. Inside however, she is still worried about what she should do. She hasn't told Shane about the baby yet because he continues to go on and on about the possibility of becoming the Chief of Staff at the hospital when Eva steps down in November. Her fear is that Shane will have no time for her or the unborn baby if he takes the job. She knows firsthand from Eva how demanding the COS position is. On the other hand, she doesn't want to burden Shane with the news of a baby if he really wants to move forward with applying for the job.

"You look a million miles away," Shane announces to her as he comes up to her as he holds a glass of champagne.

"I guess I'm just thinking," she admits to him.

"Thinking? That sounds ominous," he says as he takes a drink of the champagne.

Natasha laughs a little. "I'm just thinking that the next time so many of our friends and family are gathered together it will be for our wedding, that's all."

Shane nods back to her. "That's very true and a very good thing. Are you sure there's nothing else troubling you?"

"I'm sure," she quickly replies to him.

"Oh, you know what? I see Eva," Shane says looking across the room. "Do you mind if I go say hello? I'd like to pick her brain more about the COS job. I'm still really excited about the prospects of applying for that job. It's been a long time career goal of mine."

Natasha sighs and feels her heart break inside knowing that the longer she keeps her pregnancy a secret from him the harder it will be to tell him. "Of course you can," she fakes a smile to him. "I'll be over to say hello in a minute."


"This is a great party," Victoria tells Robbie as they stand by the fireplace in the large living room. "It's nice to see a couple so happy and in love."

Robbie nods back to her and then arches his eyebrow. "Are you saying you and I aren't happy and in love?"

Victoria smiles back to him but recalls how Donovan recently told her that he saw Robbie and Leah sharing a close moment at the Sugarbowl. Victoria knows that she has always had an insecurity regarding Robbie and his ex-wife; after all, they did spend many years together as a happily married couple.

"You're not saying anything," Robbie notes to her that she is clearly thinking about something. "We are happy, aren't we Victoria?"

"You tell me," she finally replies to him as she takes a sip of her champagne.

"I'm very happy," he quickly says back to her. "Where is this coming from?"

Victoria sighs and looks at her lover. "Donovan saw you. And he told me everything."

Robbie shakes his head not knowing what she is getting at. "I'm not sure I understand. What did Donovan see me do?"

"He was at the coffeehouse the day you and Leah were there. He said you guys were in the back booth in a deep conversation and you were holding her hand. I don't want to be played for a fool Robbie," she reveals to him.

"Vic," Robbie says as he runs his hand over his face. "What Donovan saw wasn't what you think it was. Leah was telling me that Paige was sent to Europe. I was upset because I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her. You know that I've been close to Paige still. Leah and I… we did share a close moment, but we are just friends. I promise you, you're the only woman in my life."

Victoria smirks and rolls her eyes a little. "You and Leah will always have a bond Robbie. So, I will never be the only woman in your life."

"Leah and I will always have a bond, yes. But we are just friends Victoria. You're the only woman that I want to be with," he continues to tell her as he leans in and gives her a kiss on the lips. "And I have an idea on how I can prove that to you."

Victoria looks into Robbie's eyes and feels herself melting a little. "You do?"

Robbie nods back to her. "Why don't we have a weekend getaway soon? You know, my father has a condo at Lake Tahoe that he never uses. We could go there and just escape Twin Peaks and all the craziness around us. What do you say? Let me prove to you that you're the only woman I want to be with."

"Well, when you put it like that, how can I possibly say no?" she asks him with a smile on her face.

He leans in and kisses her passionately. "That's the point, you're not supposed too."


"Daddy, you have to listen to what we are saying," Leah tells Dominick as he stands with his daughter and Jeff. Dominick has revealed to them that Frederick Richardson is in town and he wants to continue to be Felicia's doctor. Dominick, of course, is against his idea as Frederick is the one that agreed to let Felicia out of the hospital in Switzerland and placed her into Bob's care. Dominick knows that Bob only did this because he wanted to continue his feud with Dominick; the last thing Dominick wants now is for Frederick to cause any more harm to Felicia.

Leah looks at her father and knows that she has to get through to him. "Frederick being in town is actually perfect," she continues to tell him. "We have been worried that Felicia is slowly slipping away from us and getting more and more out of control. He knows her history and she can and will relate to him. I know you're upset about Frederick's actions but this could be the best thing that has happened since Felicia has been home."

Dominick sighs and looks at Jeff, who is nodding in agreement with his fiancé. "I suppose you agree with Leah?" he asks Jeff.

"I do," Jeff reveals to Dominick. "Frederick may be the only person that can get through to Felicia."

Dominick sighs and nods back to them. "Okay, okay," he finally says putting his hands up. "You guys win. I will allow Frederick to oversee Felicia's medical needs, but I will warn him that he has to prove that he is trust worthy again. I won't allow him to hurt Felicia or this family, not again."

"That's fair," Leah tells him as she moves in and hugs him. "Thank you Daddy. This is a good thing, I really believe that."


Donovan grabs another glass of champagne from a waiter and takes a quick drink. He looks around the living room hoping to find a friend to start to chat with. He doesn't see Andy or Reese, whom he was really hoping to see as he wanted to wish Reese well and see how his cancer treatments are going. He only hopes that they are going well.

"Penny for your thoughts," Craig says to him as he comes up next to Donovan.

Donovan looks over and shrugs. "I was just looking for some friends to go talk too."

"There's a lot of people here," Craig replies to him quickly. "Would you consider me a friend? Do you want to talk to me?"

Donovan takes another drink of his champagne. "I don't mind chatting with you Craig," Donovan tells him after he swallows his champagne. "But as long as you're okay with just being friends. I'm still not interested in anything more."

Craig laughs a little. "Hey, I think we are making progress."

"On what?" Donovan asks confused.

"I didn't bring up a romantic relationship this time, you did," Craig winks at him. "I think I'm starting to wear you down."

Donovan laughs a little. "You're relentless."

"I know what I want," Craig says looking into his eyes. "I don't stop until I get it. Enjoy your evening."

Donovan watches as he walks away from him and feels his cheeks blush a little. "You too," he says wondering if he is making a mistake not going out with Craig. He hasn't felt this desired in a very long time. He shakes his head knowing that he probably isn't ready to move on just yet. But Craig is starting to become more intriguing to him.


"Are you having a good time?" Daisy asks Vinny as she tracks him down as he grabs another glass of champagne.

"Of course I am," he replies to her. "I have to admit that I'm glad I found you though. I had missed you."

Daisy chuckles a little. "It had only been a few minutes since you saw."

"Minutes too long," he winks at her as he leans in and gives her a kiss on her lips. "Don't go too far from me, I think the official announcement will be coming shortly."

"I don't mind if I stay next to you for the rest of the evening," she smiles back to him.


Frederick walks around the large house holding a glass of champagne. He feels privileged to have scored an invitation to the party since he just arrived in Twin Peaks recently. However, he knew Vinny's parents years ago and when Vinny heard that he was in town, he got the invite to Vinny's engagement party.

As Frederick walks around, he can't help but wonder how Felicia is doing. He knows that she has been out of the mental hospital for some time now and if what Dominick says is true, she may need medical attention quickly. He wonders if, perhaps, Dominick is overreacting to Felicia "slipping away" only because Dominick hasn't deal with Felicia one on one for so many years.

"I just hope Dominick Robertson comes to his senses and allows me to treat you again Felicia," he whispers under his breath. "I'm probably the only one that can get through to you."

He turns a corner and freezes when he sees Vinny and Daisy in a close embrace. He looks closer at Daisy and feels his heart skip a beat. He shakes his head. "No, it couldn't be … could it?" he asks himself as he quickly finishes his glass of champagne and searches for another one not wanting Daisy to spot him.


Upstairs, Andy opens a door to a guest bedroom. He enters turning on the light and then gestures for Reese to follow him into the room. "I knew that we'd be able to find a quiet spot in the house for you to rest for a while," Andy tells his boyfriend, as Reese sits on the bed. "Are you sure coming was a good idea?"

Reese sits down and takes a drink from the bottle of water that he is carrying around with him. "I'm sure," Reese tells Andy, who sits next to him. "Just because I have cancer and am going through chemo, doesn't mean that I want to stop living. Daisy and Vinny have been good to us, I wanted to be here to celebrate their engagement."

Andy grabs his boyfriend's hand. "I know you did, I just don't want you to overdo it. How about we leave as soon as the official announcement is over?"

Reese quickly grins and nods back to him. "That sounds like a plan. I do feel exhausted."

"Can I do anything else for you?" Andy asks him, hoping that he's not being too over bearing.

"Just by being here, you're doing it. I just need you," Reese says back to Andy as he looks into his lovers eyes.

Andy smiles and stands up. Reese slowly stands up and runs his hands through his hair. He slowly moves his hand to his face so he can see what's now in his hands … it's a lump of hair. He looks up at Andy, who notices the hair in Reese's hands.

"I'm…losing…my…hair," Reese says slowly, almost unable to get the words out. He looks up at Andy and feels himself start to cry. "Oh my God…"

Andy hugs his boyfriend and holds him tightly. Andy tries to look for the words to tell Reese, but he can't think of anything. He just holds Reese as he cries in his arms.


"Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please," Vinny announces to everyone as the guests all turn and face him and Daisy as they stand at the front of the room. "I just wanted to thank you all for coming and for celebrating my engagement to this beautiful woman next to me."

Daisy looks up at him and smiles as she raises her glass. "I also want to thank you all for coming. Vinny and I have been through a lot to get to this point and for you all to be here to share in this special time with us makes us feel extremely blessed."

"So if everyone would raise their glass," Vinny tells everyone as the glasses of champagne raise into the air. "To my future bride," he announces.

"And to my future husband," Daisy replies to everyone, holding her glass up and looking into Vinny's eyes.

"Cheers!" the crowd replies as everyone toasts and starts to drink their champagne.

"Don't tell me I missed the toast? Can someone please give me glass of sparkling cider? A recovering alcoholic can't have champagne," a voice calls out as a woman walks into the center of the room.

Vinny looks in shock as he sees Meggan Richardson standing in the center of room as a waiter passes Meggan a glass of sparkling cider. "Cheers, to my ex-husband's engagement," she smirks to Vinny and Daisy, who look at each other then back at Meggan, shocked to see her standing in front of them.

Next on One Day at a Time
- The custody hearing takes place
- Reese takes the stand
- Savannah tearfully tells the Judge she should keep Andrew

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