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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Kim discovered she is pregnant but she kept it a secret from Bob as she worried if Johnny was the father of the child
- At Vinny & Daisy's engagement party, Meggan Richardson returned home and toasted the happy couple
- Natasha learned she was expecting Shane's baby but worried he wouldn't be happy as he started to talk about becoming Chief of Staff at the hospital
- Madeline investigated Helen's past
- Cory continued to worry that Robin was slipping further and further away from reality

Scene One - The Victors House; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"Your timing to return home was amazing," Daisy fakes a grin over to Meggan as they sit together in the living room of Vinny's large home as she recalls how Meggan interrupted her engagement party to Vinny the previous night. Daisy isn't sure why Meggan is home now but she has a strong hunch that Meggan found out about her engagement and has come home to try to stop the wedding from happening. She knows that Meggan has always loved Vinny and she wouldn't put it past her to try to come between Daisy and Vinny. She believes Meggan wants her ex-husband back. After spending all morning in court, Daisy and Vinny are now going to try to get to the bottom of Meggan's return.

Meggan takes a sip of her tea before she looks over at Vinny and then Daisy. "I have to admit, I did see the engagement announcement in the newspaper," Meggan reveals to them. "I couldn't let the moment pass to wish you two well."

"Well thank you for that," Vinny replies to her quickly, oblivious to Daisy's feelings. "How was rehab in Europe?"

Meggan sighs and thinks back to when she left Twin Peaks a few years earlier. She was drinking again because Dave had poured alcohol down her throat while he was holding her and Vinny hostage. Once they were free, Meggan couldn't get off the bottle and she then hit Victoria with her car. Victoria learned the truth and gave her an ultimatum: go to rehab or go to jail. Meggan, of course, decided to go to rehab because she knew she had a problem since Victoria wasn't the first person Meggan had injured while drunk; of course, she's thinking about Noah, whom she hit with her car years earlier and the young boy died.

"Meggan?" Vinny finally asks his ex-wife again, noticing that she is daydreaming.

She shakes her head and looks back at him. "Sorry," she quickly replies getting a tear in her eye. "The program is only 26 weeks," she tells them. "So, I was out pretty fast. I didn't see the point in coming back to Twin Peaks though because of all the people I had hurt when I was here."

"You're sober though?" Daisy asks her.

Meggan nods her head back to her. "I haven't had a drink since before I left Twin Peaks. It's been almost two full years," she says to them with a sense of pride. "I knew that I had to make a change because of Noah and Victoria. The last thing I could do was hurt another person," Meggan reveals to them. "I am still haunted by that."

"So what have you been doing all this time?" Vinny asks her with curiosity.

"I went to my father's house in Switzerland," she reveals to them. "He's actually recently come to Twin Peaks because one of his patients is here."

Daisy arches her eyebrow. "Your father is in Twin Peaks? Who is he?"

"Frederick Richardson," she reveals as Daisy nods her head back to him. "He's a doctor and like I said, one of his patients is in town so he came here. My younger brother, Lukas, is also in town."

"Vinny invited Frederick to the party last night," Daisy announces to them. "I didn't get a chance to meet him though."

Vinny nods back to her before looking at Meggan. "Well, it seems like your life is in a good space right now. Being with your family and all."

"I'd like to think so," Meggan replies to them. "I did miss Twin Peaks though and everyone here," she says as she looks lovingly at Vinny, which Daisy sees causing her to sigh heavily.

Scene Two - The Glubbs House; Shane & Natasha's Home

"Thank you for meeting me today," Shane tells Eva as he welcomes into his home that he shares with Eva's daughter. "I really wanted to sit down and have a discussion with you away from the hospital."

Eva sits down on the sofa and looks up at Shane. "It sounds serious," Eva tells him as she fixes her skirt. "I hope it's nothing too major."

Shane smiles as he sits across from her. "I suppose it depends on your definition of serious," he replies to her. "I'm here to discuss the Chief of Staff position at the hospital."

"Ah," Eva replies to him as she looks down. She hasn't made it official that she is leaving the position in November but she knows how hospital gossip works. "You know, I haven't made any official announcements yet."

"I realize that," Shane says back to her. "I wanted to talk to you about the prospects of me taking over though, should you decide to leave the position."

"Well, what exactly do you want to talk about it?"

At the top of the stairs, Natasha freezes as she can hear the conversation between her mother and her fiancé. She puts her hand on her stomach, still wondering how Shane will handle the news of her having a baby if he is about to take on a much more in demand position at the hospital. She shakes her head knowing that he will not have time for a baby, not right now.

"Do you think I would be a good fit? I wouldn't want to apply for the position if you don't think I would even get the position," Shane tells her as she nods her head.

"I actually think that you'd be great in the position," Eva tells him. "You're a very dedicated doctor Shane," Eva continues to say to him. "You would be a perfect candidate for the COS position."

"I appreciate you saying that," Shane smiles to her. "Does that mean that you're leaving the position?"

Upstairs, Natasha gets a tear in her eye as she moves away from the top of the stair case. "This is going to happen," she whispers to herself, her mind racing about how this is probably not a good time for Shane to learn he's having a child. "I have to decide what to do."

Scene Three - Dominick's Townhouse

"Are you ready for this?" Cory asks Rebecca as they stand outside the front door of Dominick's townhouse, as he knows that this will be the first time Rebecca will be seeing Robin since she has been back in town. While Cory has tried to brace Rebecca for the state that Robin is in, there really are no words to brace someone to who is about to see Robin. It breaks Cory's heart to see how far away from reality Robin has become and he knows that something has to give with his wife.

Rebecca sighs and grabs Cory's hand. "I guess I am," she says softly. "I haven't even seen my sister yet and I'm already feeling like I am getting misty."

Cory moves in and hugs her. "Just know that you're presence will be helping her. We need to do something to help her."

"I will do anything I can to help her."

"I know," he says as they exit their embrace. "And she knows that too. Let's go inside."

They move inside the townhouse and take off their jackets. "Dominick told me he isn't here," Cory informs her as they move into the living room. "He is at work so it'll be just us here with Robin."

Rebecca nods her head back. "Okay, I'd like you to come upstairs with me. I'd like to see Robin with you there."

"Sure," Cory replies to her. "Let's go upstairs."

They walk up the stairs and stand outside of Robin's door. Cory arches his eyebrow as he hears a noise coming from inside the bedroom. "What is that?" Rebecca asks him as he shrugs his shoulders.

He is about to open the door when the door opens; Will steps out of the bedroom.

"Will?" Cory asks shocked that he is coming out of Robin's bedroom. "What on earth are you doing here?"

Scene Four - MW Investigations

"Adam isn't with you?" Madeline asks Helen as she lets Helen into her office for the update on her case. Madeline sits behind her desk and Helen sits in the chair across from her.

Helen shakes her head. "He had to work," she reveals to Madeline. "But that's okay, I can relay all the information you tell me to him."

Madeline nods her head back to her. "That's fair," Madeline says back to her. "Last time we spoke, I told you that I was finally given the telephone records from the telephone company."

"Right," Helen says, trying not to sound over anxious.

"I looked at some of the numbers that you were calling on a regular basis," Madeline continues to tell her.

"What did you find?" Helen asks desperate for answers. She knows that she has been waiting for this moment for some time.

Madeline gets a slight grin on her face. She picks up a piece of paper and passes it to Helen. On the piece of paper is an address.

"What is this?" Helen asks her, looking at the piece of paper before looking back at Madeline.

"That is the address of your parents," Madeline reveals with a smile on her face.

"What?" Helen asks shocked before she gets tears in her eyes. She never thought this moment would happen to her.

"One of the numbers on the telephone records was there repeatedly," Madeline begins to inform her. "I looked into the number and it gave me the name and address of your parents. One of my guys spoke to your mother, she confirmed that they hadn't heard from you since before your accident years ago."

Helen lets a tear fall from her eye from the story that Madeline has just relayed to her. "I can't believe this," Helen finally says still reeling from the news.

Madeline reaches over and grabs Helen's hand. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?" she asks her client, as Helen looks up and nods.

"I'm just overwhelmed," Helen replies to her. "I had been trying not to get my hopes up too high, you know, in case this didn't pan out."

Madeline smiles back to Helen. "Well, you have the address so you can do this on your terms. No one else has to be in control of when or if you contact your parents."

"Thank you so much Madeline," Helen says as she wipes her eye from a tear. "I don't know how to thank you."

Madeline blushes a little. "Seeing your reaction is all I need. If you need anything else from me, you know how to get a hold of me."

Scene Five - Roboto

Kim steps off the elevator on the top floor of the Roboto office tower. She has decided to surprise Bob today by revealing that she is pregnant. She knows that she has already had an ultrasound so she won't be able to keep her pregnancy a secret from him much longer and she doesn't want to keep this a secret any longer. She wants her husband to be happy in this time of their lives as this is her first time being pregnant; she longs for Bob to put his hand on her stomach while the baby is kicking.

She sighs as she walks towards his office door knowing that she has to forget Johnny and the affair that they had. She hates to admit that Johnny could be the father of her child but she knows that she will never say those words out loud; everyone has to believe that Bob is the father of her child, there is no other option possible.

She reaches the door of Bob's office and takes a deep breath. "He will be happy about this," she whispers to herself, trying to reassure herself that her husband will be thrilled about being a father again. She opens the door and walks in and is shocked by what she sees: Johnny is sitting at Bob's desk looking through some file folders. "Johnny?" she asks walking into the office as her eyebrow arches. "What on earth are you doing?"

Johnny looks up from the desk and feels his face blush in embarrassment. He quickly tries to hide that feeling and puts on a smile. "Kim, it's so good to see you," he says standing up and coming up to her. "It's been far too … long," he says as he looks into her eyes.

She puts her hands on her hips. "You didn't answer me," she stops him from changing the subject. "What are you doing in my husband's office?"

"I was dropping off a report that I was working on for him," Johnny quickly tells her even though he knows that he is covering. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see my husband," she tells him turning around from him. She doesn't like looking into his eyes as she can feel herself getting pulled back into him again. "I have to share some news with him."

"Well, he's not here yet," Johnny replies to him. "I'm surprised because we have a meeting shortly. What kind of news do you have?"

"I think that's a bit personal, don't you?" she quickly says back to him looking at him. She doesn't know what comes over her because before she realizes what she is saying, she speaks. "I'm pregnant and I wanted to tell Bob the good news."

She looks at Johnny as the colour drains from his face. "Pregnant?" he asks in surprise. He knows that he was sleeping with Kim on a regular basis so he wonders what this means.

Kim nods back to him and then fakes a smile. Inside she scolds herself for telling him about the baby. She can tell that the wheels in his head are already turning.

"Does this mean…" he begins to say to her as he comes up to her again. He puts his hand on her shoulder. "Is it mine?"

She quickly pulls away from him. "No," she says back to him. "I was on the pill every time you and I had sex," she says to him in a lie. "This baby is my husband's. And, never again say it could be yours again."

Johnny doesn't say anything else to Kim before she turns around and looks at him. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I really must find my husband so I can share the news. Have a good day," she says as she grabs her purse and quickly leaves the office. Outside the door, Kim leans up against it and sighs. "How could I have been so stupid?" she asks herself in a whisper before she quickly heads towards the elevator.

Scene Six - The Calimo Mansion

Bob walks into his study holding a file folder, reading the documents inside. He sets the folder down on his desk and continues to read the file in front of him. He sighs as he sets finishes reading the paper and then looks up.

The information in the folder is about another possible take-over that he is looking into. He is always looking for smaller organizations to buy out and make them be a part of the Roboto umbrella. The most recent prospect is very intriguing, but he isn't sure that this is the right time to proceed.

"Damn, I forgot my phone in the bedroom," he says to himself as he stands up again and quickly walks down the long hallway to his bedroom that he shares with Kim. He finds his phone but as he is about to turn around and leave the bedroom again, he sees something sticking out of Kim's end table. Something about the paper in the drawer bothers Bob, so he walks over to her side of the large king size bed and opens the drawer, hoping to reposition the paper so it is completely inside. He freezes when he sees what the paper is: it is an ultrasound.

He picks it up and looks at it slowly. He turns it around and on the back it reads "Kimberly Calimo, March 2015".

"It can't be," he whispers to himself as he turns the picture around again and stares at the image of the child inside his wife's womb. Bob shuts his eyes and recalls a morning a few months ago when Kim was asking Bob where he was off too; he was in fact heading to the hospital to have a vasectomy.


"Didn't I tell you? I could have sworn that I had told you about this," he replies to her, knowing very well that he hadn't spoken to his wife about his appointment. He doesn't want anyone to know what he is up too. "I am just having a simple procedure done this evening. I won't be long, and I will be home this evening."

Kim shakes her head. "What kind of procedure? I am worried about you Bob!"

Bob turns back around and pulls her into a hug. "You have nothing to worry about. I don't want to upset you, which is why I don't want you to come with me. There is nothing to be concerned about, okay?"


Bob shakes his head and slowly puts the ultrasound back in Kim's drawer. He closes it behind him and looks up.

"So this is how you've been spending your days, Kimberly," he says with a certain disgust in his voice. "The question is, who have you been sleeping with? And for how long?"

Scene Seven - The Victors House; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"So what are your plans now that you're back with your family?" Vinny asks Meggan as they continue to catch up.

Meggan shrugs her shoulders. "I am hoping that we can all get side-by-side rooms at the Twin Peaks Executive Hotel. It would be nice to be near them and have breakfast together. Some part of familiarity would be ideal."

Vinny looks over at Daisy, who still seems a little put off that Meggan is back in town. Before Vinny realizes what he's doing, he's making an offer. "Why don't you three stay here?"

"What?" both Meggan and Daisy say at the same time.

"I know this is coming out of left field," Vinny quickly replies to them. "But we have so much room here. This house has been empty for so long, it'll be nice to have people living here again. Plus, it will give you and your family time to find your own place."

Meggan looks over at Daisy, who is fuming at Vinny's suggestion. "I'll tell you what, I'll run it my Dad and brother and we'll get back to you. But thank you Vinny, so very much for the lovely offer."

"It's my pleasure," Vinny says back to her, thinking he's doing the right thing by inviting her to stay with them.

Scene Eight - The Glubbs House; Shane & Natasha's Home

Natasha opens the door to the bedroom and closes it behind her after she enters. She has tears in her eyes as she knows that Shane is going forward with the Chief of Staff position; she just heard as much with his conversation with Eva. As much as she loves her fiancé, she has this fear that if he gets the COS position, he will not have time for a baby. She puts her hand on her stomach and lets a tear fall from her eye.

"He really wants this job," she whispers to herself and her baby. "And that's fine. It makes sense. He's been working towards this for so long. I can't complicate this for him. I can't do that to him."

Natasha grabs the telephone and dials a number. "Hello, yes this Natasha Calimo. And I need to make an appointment. As soon as possible, please."

Scene Nine - Dominick's Townhouse

"I am surprised that Dominick hadn't contacted the two of you," Will says to Cory and Rebecca as they return to the living room of the townhouse. "He asked me to come over the other day when Robin developed a fever."

"A fever?" Cory asks concerned about his wife. "What is causing her to have a fever?"

"Well, that's why I came over," Will tells him. "Dominick knew that I was a nurse for Robin previously when she temporarily lost her vision a few years ago."

"I remember that," Cory nods his head back to him. "She was living with me at the penthouse. Anyways, what does that have to do with right now?"

"Dominick didn't think that Robin was in good mental state to go to the hospital," Will reveals to Cory and Rebecca. "So he hired me to be her private nurse."

"What's wrong with her?" Rebecca asks, also starting to grow more concerned with Robin's condition.

"She has an internal infection and it's slowly taking over her body," Will reveals to a horrified Cory and Rebecca.

Cory shakes his head in disbelief. "So what are you doing to help her?"

Will looks at him and then puts his head down. "I'm doing everything I possibly can Cory, but the truth is…"

"What? Just tell me!" Cory demands to know from Will.

"The truth is," Will continues to tell him. "If the infection doesn't start to clear up soon, Robin may not make it."

Cory looks in horror as the words from Will's mouth finally set in. "So you're telling me that Robin may die from this infection? That can't happen Will. Robin will not die from this! You have to save her! You have to save my wife!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- The Richardson's move into Vinny's
- Andrew's custody case is resolved
- Shane finds Natasha's pregnancy test!

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