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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Leah & Jeff convinced Dominick to allow Frederick be Felicia's doctor again
- Meggan caught up with Vinny and Daisy. She revealed that Frederick is her father and her brother is also in town. Vinny stunned Daisy by offering all three a place to stay until they got on their feet
- The Judge went to deliberate on Andrew's custody
- Natasha continued to hide her pregnancy from Shane as she worried how he would really feel as he was interested in pursuing the Chief of Staff position at the hospital
- Eva hired Madeline to look into the deaths of elderly patients at the hospital

Scene One - The Robertson House; Jeff, Leah & Paige's Home

"How long do you think they will be up there?" Leah asks Jeff as she paces around the living room knowing that Dominick and Frederick are upstairs visiting Felicia. It's the first time Frederick is going to examine Felicia since she left his care at the hospital in Switzerland. A part of Leah is scared about what Frederick will discover about her mother but another part of her is happy that a doctor who knows Felicia's history is going to be looking at her. If anyone can help Felicia get back on track, it is Frederick.

Jeff shrugs his shoulders. "An hour or so maybe?" he guesses. "I've never had a mental evaluation so I'm not too sure," he winks over at her.

"Very funny," Leah replies to him, looking at him as she slightly rolls her eyes. She appreciates, however, that he is trying to make her smile.

"How do you feel about Meggan being back in Twin Peaks?" he asks her changing the subject to something else, trying to keep her mind of Felicia. He knows that Leah will always have a sore spot with Meggan as she was the one who drunkenly hit Noah with her car that resulted in his death.

Leah sighs and shuts her eyes. "I suppose it was bound to happen one day," she tells him. "As long as that woman stays out of my life, I will be fine. I will never forgive her for killing our son but what has happened has happened."

"I agree with you," he replies to Leah. "And, I think you're right, as long as she stays away from us everything will be fine. But, I can't help but think that she did save your life too."

"I know, I know," Leah quickly says recalling how Meggan donated a kidney to Leah when hers was failing years ago.

"I have an idea," he says as he comes up to her and puts his arms around her waist. "Why don't we talk about something happier while we wait for your father and Frederick to come downstairs."

"Something happier?" she asks him. "Like what?"

"Like our wedding," he says as he kisses her cheek. "We agreed to go to Lake Tahoe, do you have any idea when you'd like to go? Hopefully sooner rather than later."

Leah spins around and looks at her finance. "I know you're in a rush and I don't blame you," she says back to him. "I'm actually feeling pretty good about things right now. I mean, even if Frederick comes downstairs with the worst news about my mom, at least he is here now, right? I think with Frederick here, we can definitely move forward with the wedding."

"That's exactly what I was hoping you'd say," he grins back at her as he kisses her quickly on the lips. "So, when do you think we can get away for a few days to Lake Tahoe?"

Leah moves away from him and grabs her phone. She looks at the calendar with him. She points to some days and then looks at Jeff. "That's Shane and Natasha's wedding day," she says looking at the calendar. "What if we left right after their wedding?"

Jeff sighs and looks at her. "Do we really have to stay for their wedding?"

Leah chuckles. "I'd like too. Shane is a close friend and despite Robbie and I divorcing, I've always gotten along with Natasha. After everything they went through with Cassie, it'd be nice to see them married, for real this time."

"Okay, okay," Jeff smiles. "After Shane and Natasha get married, I will whisk you away and we will be married ourselves."

"I can't wait," Leah grins back to him as she leans in and kisses him.


Upstairs in Felicia's room, Felicia lays on the bed as Frederick looks over her. Dominick stands behind Frederick watching his every move. Dominick agreed for Frederick to look over Felicia again because he had to agree with Leah and Jeff's points that no one knows Felicia's medical history as well as Frederick, but he still is having a hard time trusting Frederick. There is something about the doctor that Dominick can sense is off, probably coming from the fact that Frederick let Felicia out of the hospital with Bob. Until he doesn't have these reservations any longer, he will watch Frederick closely.

Felicia blinks after Frederick is finished examining her eyes. He places a stethoscope on her chest and she breathes in and out quickly for him. He stops and makes some notes on his chart.

"How is it going?" Dominick finally asks Frederick, who puts his chart down and looks back at Dominick.

"Physically, she seems to be fine," Frederick replies to Dominick and Felicia.

"I keep telling everyone that I am fine," Felicia says back to both of them as she sits up in the bed a little. "I don't know why you feel like you have to examine me. I have been taking my medication every day and I feel fine."

"That's just half of the well-being that I'm looking for," Frederick tells Felicia as though she should have heard it from him before. "You know that being on your medication is just half of the work that needs to be done."

Felicia nods back to him. "And I'm living a healthy life Dr. Richardson," Felicia informs him. "Being here with my family has been the best thing that has happened to me. I feel whole again. Of course I get on edge once in a while, but then I take my medication and I feel fine again."

Frederick jots some more notes down on the chart in front of him. "What are you writing down?" Felicia asks him.

"Doctor?" Dominick asks coming up behind Frederick. "What is it? Is Felicia going to be alright?"

Scene Two - The Victors House; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"Thank you so much for allowing us to move in," Meggan smiles to Vinny as some movers unload some more boxes from a truck to the mansion.

Vinny looks at his ex-wife and nods back to her. "It's the least I could do, honestly," he tells her. "The fact that this house is so huge and no one has ever lived in the entire thing is sort of a waste. You and your family can have the north wing."

"Speaking of," Meggan interrupts him. "My father is with Felicia today so he won't be here until later, but he does want to thank you as well. This is so generous of you."

"I'm looking forward to getting to know your father and your brother," Vinny admits to her. "When we were married they were always in Europe, so I never got to meet them. Actually, I haven't seen your brother at all, is he here?"

Before Meggan can reply, a red Lamborghini pulls up to the drive way. A young man with blonde hair steps out and smiles when he sees Meggan in the doorway. "Megpie!" he says as he walks slowly up to the house and hugs her.

"Lukas!" Meggan hugs him back. "It's so good to see you. I see you already have a car!"

Lukas chuckles. "I couldn't not have some wheels," he winks at her as they exit their embrace. "You must be Vinny Victors."

"In the flesh," Vinny says back to Lukas as they shake hands.

"This is quite the place you have here. You sure you don't mind us staying with you for awhile?" Lukas asks as he comes into the house.

"Of course not," Vinny replies to him. "I was just telling Meggan that this house is so big, it will be nice to have people fill it again."

"We all appreciate it Vinny," Lukas tells him. "Do you mind if I go and check out the house?"

"By all means," Vinny allows him as Lukas walks off. "He seems like a nice guy," Vinny says to Meggan.

Meggan nods back to him. "He's one of a kind," she purses her lips. "I haven't seen Daisy yet today."

Vinny arches her eyebrow. "She's actually in court. I should be with her but the moving day is today."

"Court? For what?" Meggan asks him.

Vinny shakes his head. "You don't want to know, it's a long story."

Meggan chuckles. "That's fine, I guess I'll have you all to myself then," she purrs as she looks lovingly over into Vinny's eyes.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Court House

"All rise," the plaintiff orders everyone in the court room. "The honourable Judge Franklin Ross residing."

Savannah stands up next to her lawyer, Josh Levitt while across the way Natasha and Trenyce stand side by side. The judge has finally made his decision in Andrew's custody case. Trenyce feels her heart beating a million miles a second. She quickly turns around and sees Daisy and Chris standing behind her. Daisy gives her a quick nod before Trenyce turns back around to face the judge.

"This case is not a simple case to review," Franklin Ross begins to tell everyone. "It's very clear that everyone involved loves Andrew very much; he's a very lucky boy to have everyone in his corner. The fact that there was this baby switch makes all of the adults be in a very precarious situation. I'm truly sorry that this happened to all of you. That being said, this baby switch did happen and Savannah Pherson's child was stolen from her at no fault of her own. It seems like it is very natural for Andrew to be confused in the transition period … but I believe that's what this has to be: a transition period."

Savannah looks over at Josh, who nods and smiles back to her. Savannah doesn't want to her hopes up but she suspects that she may get to keep her son after all.

"Ms. Davenport," Franklin continues as he looks at Trenyce. "I am truly sorry for your loss, no one should have to go through believing a child is hers only to lose him. But Savannah is Andrew's biological mother and my ruling is for Savannah to retain custody of him."

Trenyce puts her hands down on the table in front of her. "But your honour…" she begins to say.

"No, not another word," the Judge replies to her. "Or I will have no choice but to hold you in contempt."

Natasha grabs Trenyce's hand and squeezes as a tear strolls down her face. "That is my final ruling on this matter."

Savannah hugs Josh as Trenyce turns around and grabs Daisy. "I'm so sorry Trenyce," Daisy whispers into her ear.

Trenyce doesn't speak back to her Aunt, she just holds her closely as she feels like her heart has been ripped out of her chest. Meanwhile, Savannah, has Josh as tears flow from her eyes. "I get my son," she whispers.

Scene Four - The Glubbs House; Shane & Natasha's Home

Shane steps out of the shower and moves towards the mirror of the washroom. He picks up his watch and realizes that he still has a couple of hours before he has to be at the hospital for the day. It's a late start for him but it means that he will be working late. He doesn't mind, however, especially since he is still determined to apply and get the Chief of Staff position when Eva steps down in November. He will do whatever he has to do to ensure he looks good at the hospital.

"I know I'm ready," he whispers to himself as he starts to blow dry his hair. As he continues to get ready for the day, he also realizes that Natasha has been very supportive of his potential new job. He has to admit at first he was concerned that she may think that he wasn't ready or they that they could be in their newly wed stage still for him to take the job, but she has been nothing but supportive.

"She has been rather quiet lately though," he reminds himself, suddenly wondering if Natasha isn't telling him something about the position. She has been quiet and a little moody.

He bends down from the sink and opens a draw looking for some hair spray. As he looks for it, something in the back of the drawer catches his eye. It's near the very back of the drawer; he reaches in and pulls it out.

"Oh my…" he whispers as he holds a pregnancy test. "Natasha is … pregnant? But, why didn't she tell me?" he asks himself, suddenly putting some of the pieces of the puzzle together of her odd behaviour.

Scene Five - Twin Peaks Women's Clinic

Natasha takes a deep breath from inside her car. As soon as the court ruling ended, she excused herself and raced over to the clinic as she has an appointment. She looks in her review mirror and sees the sign of the clinic glowing back to her.

"I have to do this," she whispers to herself. "Shane wants to become Chief of Staff, he won't have time for a baby. It's not the right time, not now."

She puts her hand on her stomach and feels her eyes swell with water. "I'm so sorry my beautiful baby," she says as she grabs her purse. "But I have to do this. I have too."

She opens the door to her car and steps outside. She looks at the building again before she slowly walks towards the entrance.

Scene Six - MW Investigations

"Are my hospital security video recordings on my desk?" Madeline asks her receptionist as she makes a cup of coffee in the lobby of the PI firm. Madeline smiles as the receptionist informs her that the videos are on her desk as Madeline recalls how Eva asked her to look into the reason why so many elderly hospital patients had been dying. Madeline's first stop was to talk to some hospital staff and when that turned up cold, she asked for some security footage. She was granted access after Eva gave her the permission.

"I have no idea what I'm looking for on these videos," she says to herself as she shuts her office door and then takes a sip of her hot coffee. "But once I see it, I will know."

She moves to her desk and sees a box of USB devices. She looks inside more closely and realizes that there's close to 20 USB devices. "This could be a long day," she tells herself as she turns on her computer and puts the first one into her drive.


A few hours later, Madeline yawns. She's gone through 6 of the USB devices and has seen nothing out of the ordinary. She takes the final swig of what now is her cold coffee before she does a double take at her computer screen. "What was that?" she asks herself as she quickly replays the scene that just went in front of her.

She watches and her eyes open in shock and horror. "It can't be, can it? I don't believe this," she says, eyes still fixed on the computer screen.

Scene Seven - The Robertson House; Jeff, Leah & Paige's Home

"Don't keep us in suspense," Leah tells Dominick and Frederick as they stand in the living room with her and Jeff. "How is my mother?"

Frederick arches his eyebrow before he looks over at Leah, Jeff and then Dominick. "I think she's doing pretty well, all things considering. Obviously, there are some signs of her still being very fragile but I think she's doing okay."

Jeff shakes his head in disbelief. "That doesn't make any sense," he replies to him. "When I saw her a few weeks ago, it looked like she was on the very brink of falling apart."

Frederick nods back to him. "That makes sense and I spoke to Felicia about some of these episodes that she's been having."

"Felicia claims that she gets close to the edge when it's near her medication time," Dominick replies to Jeff and Leah.

"Which makes perfect sense," Frederick informs them. "You see, the medication that Felicia is on is a very powerful drug. When it starts to wear off, she will start to feel like she's not herself."

"Which means that it's very important that she is always taking her medication and always on time," Leah replies to them, thinking it all makes sense.

Frederick continues to agree with her. "That's exactly right. I think the other thing I would like to see from Felicia is more involvement with in the community. Maybe she could volunteer somewhere; she needs to get out of the house more."

"She had been going on some walks earlier in the winter," Jeff recalls. "But that seemed to stop."

"Walking is actually wonderful for her because she gets out into the fresh air and she is getting exercise," Frederick tells them. "The more walking that she can do, the better. And I think she is doing okay. I will still want to monitor her closely because this is a huge transition for her."

"Of course," Dominick says back to him. "You know, Frederick, I had my doubts about you but you were really great with her today. Thank you for that."

Frederick smiles and shakes Dominick's hand. "I care very much for Felicia, I would never bring her any harm."

"Thank you so much Frederick," Leah tells him. "When can we expect the next visit?"

"Early next week, if that's alright?" Frederick asks as Leah nods her head. "Perfect, I'll let myself out."

Leah hugs Jeff and then looks back at Dominick. "So, I guess everything is okay then?"

"It appears so," Dominick says with a sight grin.


Upstairs, Felicia breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness I was able to convince Dr. Richardson that I'm fine," she whispers to herself as she brushes her hair. "If he suspected that I was getting upset over Leah and Jeff's wedding he would have removed me from the house. And I can't have that," she continues to talk to herself.

She puts her hair brush down and stands up. She walks over to her dresser and opens the top drawer. She pulls out her pill bottle and opens it quickly. She removes two pills and puts them in her mouth before she swallows them down with some water.

"I have to come up with a way to stop this wedding," she says after she is finished with her pills. "Maybe stopping the wedding and helping Bob carry out his plan can become one and the same. That's the other thing I have to deal with, making sure Bob thinks that I'm helping him with his stupid plan. Think Felicia," she instructs herself. "Think about how to make this happen."

The last thing Felicia realizes, however, as she puts her pill bottle back into her dresser drawer, is that the pills she just swallowed are the replacement pills that Bob ordered for her, meaning she's not taking her medication at all.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Will Shane stop Natasha from making a huge mistake?
- Leah and Jeff come face to face with Meggan
- Bob reveals the truth to Kim

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