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Previously on One Day at a Time
- With Madeline's help, Eva uncovered Dominick's plan for Robin: he was blackmailing Will, who had been killing elderly patients at the hospital, into helping him drug Robin into a coma. He was planning on faking her death so Cory could try to move on with his life as Robin's mental state continued to get worse. Cory was shocked and banned Dominick from their lives. Will, meanwhile, was arrested
- Helen showed up on her parents doorstep
- Reese continued to go through chemo therapy
- Robbie and Victoria planned a romantic getaway to Lake Tahoe
- Shane and Natasha were married

Scene One - The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin's Home

"Get some sleep, I'll be downstairs if you need anything," Cory tells Robin, who lays down on the bed in the master bedroom. Cory watches her for a moment before he shuts the door closed. He takes a deep breath, still trying to adjust to everything that has happened in the last couple of days. He has his wife back under his roof because Eva helped him uncover Dominick's unforgiveable plan to fake Robin's death and send her away to a mental institution, just like he did with Felicia years ago. Robin never had any infection the way Will and Dominick had told him. She is in perfect health, other than her fragile mental state.

He slowly moves towards the stairs and walks down into the living room, where he spots Rebecca coming out of the kitchen with two cups of coffee. "I thought you could use this," she says to him as she passes him a cup. "I put some cream in for you. No sugar."

"You remembered how I take my coffee?" he asks her, pleasantly surprised by her.

She arches her eyebrow. "I've been observing since I've been staying here," she admits to him. "How is Robin?"

"As well as to be expected," he tells her. "I don't think she understands everything that has happened. When she is awake, she is so distant still."

"Does she even realize that she's no longer at Dominick's?" Rebecca asks him. "I still can't believe that he was going to fake her death and make us all think she was dead. Who does that?"

Cory rolls his eyes. "I am still livid with him. If he thinks he will get close to Robin again, he has another thing coming."

"So what are you going to do Cory? Robin can't stay here in this state. She needs to get help."

Cory nods his head and takes a drink of his coffee. "I know, I know," he replies to her. "I guess I should start looking for a therapist for her?"

Rebecca looks down for a moment hoping that she isn't about to over step her boundary. "There is one thing that I think Dominick was right about," she reveals to him, which catches Cory's attention. "I think Robin needs to be in a mental facility. She needs to be monitored around the clock."

"I was hoping that it wouldn't come to that, but I think you're right. I think Robin needs to go away to get better. It pains me to admit that, but it may be the only way."

Rebecca reaches over and grabs his hand. "I'm in this with you Cory," she tells him as she squeezes his hand. "You don't have to do this alone."

Scene Two - Dominick's Townhouse

"If you're here to berate me, you can turn around and leave because I don't want to hear it," Dominick informs Eva as she walks into the living room of his townhouse. The last thing Dominick wants to hear, from anyone, is how he was out of line for trying to arrange Robin's death. He still believes that he was only trying to do the best thing for his daughter and her family. He went through the same type of situation with Felicia and he knows the pain that Cory is going through right now.

Eva watches as Dominick pours himself a drink. "Isn't it a little early to be drinking?" she asks him as she puts her hands on her hips. "And I think you owe me some kind of an explanation as to what was going on, don't you?"

Dominick finishes sipping his brandy before turning to his lover. "I was doing what I believed to be best for Robin and Cory. I know that you, or anyone else, may not realize that but I don't give a damn what you think."

"I understand that you think you were doing the right thing Dominick but did you learn nothing from your experience with Felicia?" she asks him. "Leah was absolutely devastated when she learned that you faked Felicia's death all those years ago. How could you think that it would be any different with Cory?"

"Cory is a young man," Dominick whispers to her as he takes another drink of brandy. "He should be living his life not worried about if or when Robin will come back to him."

"Robin is his life," she tells him.

"I'm done discussing this with you Eva," he warns her. "I know what I did was wrong, let's just leave it at that please."

"I have one more thing to say to you," she says to him, coming closer to her.

He looks at her for a moment before he takes his last swig of brandy into his mouth. "I think it is very commendable how much you love your family and want to protect them. I don't agree with how you go about it, but it is one of your better attributes."

He smiles as he looks back at her. "Is that a compliment?"

"Of course it is," she says as she comes up and kisses him. "I don't want this to come between us," she admits to him. "But I do hope that going forward, you can be honest with me about what is going on. We aren't getting any younger Dominick, we have to stop making the same mistakes over and over again. Let's help each other going forward, okay?"

He kisses her back. "I like the sound of that."

Scene Three - Twin Peaks Police Department; The Holding Cells

Madeline is escorted down the cement hallway to the holding cells of the jail at the police department. She has been here many times in her line of work but she can't remember the last time she was here visiting someone she knew and cared about. She had to come today, not because she wanted answers but because she had to say something to Will. She couldn't let this opportunity get passed up.

"You only have 10 minutes," the guard tells her as she approaches Will's cell.

Madeline nods back to him before moving closer to Will's cell. "Will?" she calls out, noticing that he's laying on a cot facing the wall.

Will rolls over in the bed and looks up at her. She can see the dark circles under his red eyes; it's obviously been a long night with tears for him. "You came to see me?" he asks in a whisper as he sits on the bed.

"I had to come and see you," she admits to him as she moves closer to the bars that separate them. "After everything we've been through, I couldn't stay away."

"I don't know what to say."

"You know what I don't understand Will?" she asks him. "When we were dating, you told me time and time again that you didn't want any more secrets. When my part of Andrew's baby switch came out, you berated me over and over again," she says as tears form in her eyes. "But all that time, you were killing innocent people at the hospital. What kind of hypocrite are you?"

Will stands up and wipes a tear from his eye. "I'm sorry I hurt you," he replies to her. "I really thought I was helping the people that died. They were so unhappy in the hospital. They … they asked me to take their lives. I know it was wrong but I did what I thought was right at the time."

"Killing people is never the answer," she says to him. "I am just upset that you didn't want secrets in your relationship but for years you were living a lie yourself."

Will puts his head down. "And now I am going to suffer the consequences of my actions."

"What did the Judge say?"

"That I'm going to prison for 30 years without parole," he reveals to her as her mouth falls open in shock. "My entire life has been ruined."

She comes closer to the bars and reaches in, touching his hand. "You will be okay Will," she tries to reassure him. "You will get through this."

He shakes his head and moves away from her. "You should go. Go live your life Madeline and just forget about me."

"A part of me will always love you Will," she whispers to him. "Good luck."

He turns around and watches her walk away from the cell that he is in. He takes a deep breath and slowly sinks back to the cot in his cell.

Scene Four - Twin Peaks General Hospital; Eva's Office

"I'm sorry that Dr. Glubbs couldn't see you today," Eva tells Reese as they sit in her office. She raced over from Dominick's townhouse to meet with the young man this morning. "As you know, he just got married and he isn't expected back at work until next week."

Reese nods his head back to Eva as he sits across from her. He had a check-up recently to provide a status update on his cancer to see if the chemo therapy is working or not; he is now getting the results. He has already braced himself for the worse possible news because if the cancer hasn't started to retract, he will have to continue his current path of aggressive chemo therapy.

"That's fine," he finally replies to her. "Thank you for seeing me today. Did you get my test results back?"

"I have them right here," Eva informs him. "Is anyone with you? Your sister or Andy? They are welcome to join our conversation if you'd like."

"I came alone," Reese reveals to her. "Shane has been telling me that I should have more support and Madeline and Andy are great, but there are some things in this battle that I'd like to do alone. Getting these results is one of them. I just want to know what I am up against so then I can brace myself before facing them. I hope that makes sense."

"Of course it does," Eva tells him. "I am glad that you will be informing them because cancer is one of those diseases where you need all the support you can get."

"So, where do I stand? What did the results show?" he asks her, anxious to hear the news of his test results.

Eva gets a smile on her face. "The chemo therapy has worked Reese," she tells him.

Reese shakes his head in disbelief. "What does that mean, exactly?"

"You're in remission," she says as he covers his mouth and puts his head down fighting tears in his eyes. "You should make a full recovery."

Scene Five - The Sugarbowl

"Reese should be getting the results of his tests any time now," Andy tells Donovan as they sit at the bar of the coffee house drinking their hot beverages. "I'm a nervous wreck."

"Explain to me, again, why you aren't with him at the hospital? I thought you wouldn't be able to stay away at a time like this," Donovan replies to Andy before he takes a drink of his coffee.

"I want to be there," Andy says. "But I have to respect Reese's wishes, you know? If he wants to go to his appointments alone, I can't very well just show up. I respect the fact that he wants to do some of this on his own. He's the one with cancer; I am just here to support him."

"And if the news is bad?" Donovan asks him.

Andy sighs. "I think Reese likes having time to adjust to the news before he shares it with Madeline and I. He is scared, of course, but he likes to put up a brave front."

"How are you doing in all of this?"

Andy looks at his friend for a moment before he feels his lower lip quiver. "I'm scared I'm going to lose the love of my life," Andy whispers to Donovan. "I want more than anything in this world for Reese to be okay. We have so much life left to live."

Donovan pulls Andy into a hug. "You know I'm praying for you, right?" he asks Andy, who nods his head as they exit their embrace. "It seems so unfair that this is happening to Reese."

Andy checks his phone to see if he has any messages from Reese before he looks back at Donovan. "Sorry, I am probably being a horrible friend today," Andy tells him.

"No, you're not. You're worried about Reese, it's completely understandable. You have to keep me posted on his prognosis. And if I can do anything Andy, I mean anything to help, please let me know."

"You're a good friend Donovan," Andy replies to him quickly. "Thank you."

Scene Six - The Tower's, Floor Eight; Victoria & Robbie's Condo

"Have you seen my scarf?" Victoria asks Robbie as she peaks her head out of her closet. On the bed are two suitcases half full of clothing. The couple is packing for their romantic getaway to Lake Tahoe.

Robbie walks into the bedroom holding a bag with some shoes in it. "Which scarf? You have so many of them," he winks at her.

"Very funny," she smiles as she comes up to him and gives him a kiss. "I just want to look beautiful in Lake Tahoe."

"You're always beautiful Victoria," he replies to her.

"You're too sweet," she says to him. "But seriously, where could my scarf be?"

"I think I saw it in the front closet," he tells her as he places his shoes in his bag.

Victoria arches her eyebrow and quickly leaves the bedroom. He waits until he can hear her open the front closet doors before he moves over to his end table. He opens the drawer and pulls out a small box. "Did you find it?" he asks her as he opens the box revealing a large diamond ring inside. He smiles to himself before he closes the box quickly.

"I did!" she says from the hallway. He quickly puts the box in his bag and covers it with some shirts. She reappears in the doorway of the bedroom. "See, I don't know how I would have gone to Lake Tahoe without this scarf."

Robbie laughs a little at her. "Good thing I knew where it was," he tells her. "We should finish packing, I can't wait to get to start our romantic trip together."

"I can't wait either," she smiles back to him.

Scene Seven - The Glubbs House; Shane & Natasha's Home

"I know you're carrying my baby," Shane tells Natasha as he drops some of the suitcases down on the doorstep. "But I really want to carry you over the threshold for the first time."

Natasha smiles back at her husband as the two have just returned from their honeymoon. It's the first time that they are back home and she loves that he wants to carry out a long time tradition. "I don't know that you can lift me," she winks back at him as she reveals more of her growing belly. "Or us."

"Do you know how strong I am?" he asks her as he comes up to her whisks her off her feet.

"Ah," she screams in delight as he carries into to the house.

"Welcome home Mrs. Glubbs," he says looking into her eyes and kissing her.

"Thank you Mr. Glubbs," she replies to him.

"Okay, I have to put you down now," he laughs as he slowly drops her feet to the floor.

"Are you okay? I told you that you didn't have to carry me."

"I'm fine, I'm fine," he tells her as he grabs some of their bags from the entry way and brings them inside. "But if I'm going to apply for the Chief of Staff job, I should probably have my back in working order."

Natasha pauses for a moment and recalls how close she was to terminating her pregnancy because she felt like Shane may not have time for a baby if he gets the COS position. Thankfully, he stopped her and they made up. The wedding happened so quickly after that they hadn't really discussed if he was still going to move forward with the application of the Chief of Staff. Part of her is still worried that his job will take away from time with her and their new baby.

"Are you still thinking of applying for that job?" she finally replies to him as she moves into the living room of their house.

"Of course I am!" he tells her, almost shocked that she is asking him. "I'd love to run the hospital."

Natasha nods her head back to him. He comes up to her. "You're not still worried, are you?"

Natasha sighs. "I guess I am," she admits to him. "But if you want the job, I want you to have the job."

He smiles and pulls her into a hug. "You're the best Natasha, you know that, right?"

Natasha forces herself to smile, still wondering about this position. "I love you, Shane."

Scene Eight - The Mills House; Reg and Barbara's Home

"I still can't believe it," Barbara Mills tells her husband Reg and Helen as they sit in the living room of their house in Baltimore. "Our daughter has come back to us. After all these years, it's a miracle. God has finally heard our prayers."

Helen smiles as she looks up at her mother, who is getting tears in her eyes. She looks over at her father, who is sitting in his arm chair with a cigarette in his mouth. "Now Barb, stop with all the preaching. It's not Sunday," he says to her, which takes Helen by surprise. "We have our daughter back. Somethin' we never thought would happen. You wanna explain what happened to you again, girl?"

Helen looks at her father and is taken aback by him. He's over weight and coughs often, probably from the amount of cigarettes he goes through in a day. "I was in an accident a few years ago and I lost my memory," she tells them. "It wasn't until recently that I had someone look into my past to see if I had any family out there looking for me."

"And then you showed up on our door step," Barb smiles to her daughter. "It really is like our prayers have been answered. We missed you so very much."

"Ah, stop with all the mushy talk, you're making me sick," Reg barks at Barb. "I need another coffee Barb!" he continues to yell at his wife, who scurries out of the living room to fill her husband's cup. "Tell us, Helen, do you have a family of our own?"

Helen nods and grabs her purse. She gets her telephone and moves to arm chair where Reg is sitting. Barb soon follows, returning with a fresh cup of coffee for Reg. "This is my husband Adam," she says as she shows her parents a picture of her husband.

"He's very handsome," Barb chimes in.

"And this is my daughter Dawn Marie," Helen says, moving to another picture of a young, teenage girl. "She's grown up so fast."

"We have a granddaughter?" Barb gasps as she looks at the picture. "She's beautiful."

"You, Adam and Dawn will have to come back very soon," Reg tells Helen as he exhales some smoke into the air.

"Oh absolutely, you three can stay here and I can cook a lovely family dinner!" Barb says getting excited.

"Just don't make your meatloaf … it's awful," Reg tells his wife, as she rolls her eyes.

Helen smiles and laughs a little, somewhat put off by Reg's choice of words to Barb. "I'm sure whatever you make, it will be lovely. I'm so glad that I found you guys."

"So are we," Barb replies, holding Helen's hand. "So are we."

Scene Nine - The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin's Home

"I did some research already," Rebecca tells Cory as she moves over to the sofa with her Ipad in her hand. "There is a great facility that is pretty close to Twin Peaks."

"I can't believe you," Cory says as she sits next to him.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" she asks him, hoping she hasn't crossed a line.

Cory shakes his head no. "I'm just surprised that you've already been looking into this. With everything having happened so quickly, I haven't had time."

"I know," she purses her lips back to him. "But I thought the longer that we hold off on getting Robin the help she needs the worse off she will be. So I thought it would be a nice thing to do."

"It is a very nice thing of you to have done," Cory replies to her. "I really appreciate this Rebecca."

She shrugs and then turns his attention to the IPad, showing him the facility that she was referring too. As he takes the IPad from her, she looks at him and smiles. She licks her lips a little and then moves in closer to him, looking at the screen with him.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Daisy and Meggan have a heated exchange
- Felicia secretly heads to Lake Tahoe
- In Lake Tahoe, Leah, Jeff, Robbie and Victoria are all surprised to see one another

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