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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Dominick agreed to let Frederick be Felicia's doctor again. At her examination, she covered with her odd episodes. In reality, Felicia continued to take the fake medication that Bob gave her as she plotted to break up Jeff and Leah's union
- Jeff & Leah and Robbie & Victoria headed to Lake Tahoe, each couple not realizing the other was going there as well
- Frederick met Savannah and the two hit it off. Chris, meanwhile, asked Savanah out on a date. She agreed, unaware it was a part of his plan to get Andrew back
- Lukas, Meggan's brother, admitted that he is gay to her and that Frederick doesn't know about his sexuality as he is worried of his father's reaction
- Will was arrested
- Donovan was wondering if he should move on from his past

Scene One - The Robertson House; Jeff & Leah's Home

Dominick parks his car out front of the house and then makes his way up to the front door. He has a key to his daughter's house as he knows that Leah and Jeff went off to get married. He wishes that he had gone to Lake Tahoe with her but he respects her desire to have privacy. After all the weddings that have gone wrong in Twin Peaks over the years, he understands why she would want to get away. He actually had to press her to reveal where she and Jeff were going as she didn't want to say; he finally got her to admit to the location after he told her that he wanted to contact her if there was an emergency with Felicia.

He pauses outside the door and grabs his phone. He has been putting off making a telephone call as well for a few days now and he knows that he can't hold off anymore. "I'll make the call out here, so Felicia doesn't hear me," he whispers to himself as he dials Cory's telephone number.

"Cory," he says as it goes to voicemail. "It's Dominick. I know that you're upset with me and you have every right to be," he says, recalling how he tried to fake Robin's death and whisk her away so Cory could try to move on with his life. "But I wanted you to know, again, how sorry I am and that I don't want to be shut out from yours and Robin's life forever. I hope that you can forgive me. Please call me."

He hangs up the phone and then proceeds to unlock the door to Leah's house. He enters the quiet house and looks around. "Felicia?" he calls out, thinking that his wife should still be at the house. "Felicia?" he calls out again when he doesn't hear a response.

He moves towards the stairs and goes up them. He walks past the master bedroom and to Felicia's bedroom door. He knocks on it a couple of times. "Felicia?" he calls out again, before he turns the door handle and opens the door.

The room is empty. He sighs before he looks at his watch. "This is weird," he says to himself. "We are supposed to have a check-up Frederick in twenty minutes. Where are you Felicia? Where have you disappeared too?"

Scene Two - A black Mercedes

Felicia is wearing large black Chanel sunglasses as she drives her rental car down the highway. The radio is on as she tries to stay focused on the road in front of her. She looks over at the dashboard, which has a built in GPS.

"Not too much further and I'll be in Lake Tahoe," she whispers to herself. "I have to stop you from marrying that man Leah. I'm your mother and I know what's best for you. And with any luck this will also get Bob Calimo off my back with helping him with his plan."

Suddenly she hears her cell phone make a noise. She looks at it and sees a text message from Dominick coming in. "Oh, Dominick," she says as she purses her lips. "You really have to learn to leave me alone. I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself."

"Speaking of which," she continues to talk to herself. "It's time for me to take my pills."

Keeping one hand on the sterling wheel, she uses her other hand to reach into her purse and find her pills. She quickly puts two in her mouth and then grabs her bottle of water. She swallows down the pills and then steps on the gas pedal.

"I need to get to Lake Tahoe," she tells herself as her eyes become glazed over.

Scene Three - The Fresh Ketch; Lake Tahoe

Robbie and Victoria move through the fine restaurant and are seated next to a roaring fire place. On the other side of their table is a large window, with a view of the lake. Victoria has heard Robbie apologize a few times now for the fact that the condo they had plans to stay in is being renovated so they are staying in a hotel now.

"This place is absolutely beautiful," Victoria smiles as she sits across from her boyfriend as the waiter pours some pinor noir into their glasses. "It's breathtaking. Please stop apologizing about your family's condo being renovated and forcing us to stay at the hotel instead of there. I'm fine with it."

Robbie nods his head back to the waiter, who leaves the couple alone to enjoy each other's company. He picks up his wine glass and looks over at Victoria. "You are breathtaking," he tells her. "I want to make a toast."

Victoria turns her head causing her diamond earrings to sparkle in the light. "What would you like to toast?"

"You, me … us," Robbie replies with a smile. "To a weekend we will never forget."

"I'll drink to that," she says as she cheers him. They both take a drink of their wine. "Oh, that's nice."

"I asked for it specifically. I believe it's a 2007."

"Oh, so now you're a wine connoisseur?" she winks over at him.

"I just wanted this weekend to be the absolute best for you. You deserve the best Victoria," he tells her.

Victoria feels herself blush before she looks back at her lover. "I have the best because I have you."


"Our reservation is under Claus, Jeff Claus," Jeff tells the waiter, as he holds Leah's hand at the entrance of the restaurant.

"Right this way," the waiter tells the couple as he brings them to their table. Leah arrives and looks out of the window, gasping a little. "Jeff, look at this view!" she gushes before sitting down across from him.

"Is this what you were hoping for?" he asks her, as the waiter pours them a bottle of chardonnay. "This weekend, I want it to be absolutely perfect."

"I can't imagine a more perfect weekend away with you," Leah smiles back to him. "Especially because at the end of it, we will be husband and wife."

"That sounds like something we should toast too," he tells her as they both pick up their wine glasses. "To you being my wife."

"And to you, being my husband."

Their wine glasses click together before they take a drink of their wine, unaware that her ex-husband is just a few tables away from them.

Scene Four - The Pampa Grill

Trenyce sits at the bar of the restaurant sipping on her martini. She turns around and sees Chris sitting at a table, waiting for Savannah to show up. She knows that tonight is the night Chris and Savannah are having their first date; Trenyce feels extremely anxious about the date because she still isn't convinced that Chris' plan to romance Savannah to get Andrew back is a good idea. It is not that she doesn't want Andrew back, but for Chris to use Savannah's heart this way is a very dangerous proposition.

"Is this seat taken?" Lukas asks Trenyce as he comes up to the bar and sits next to her.

"Not at all," Trenyce smiles to him before she looks over her shoulder again to see if Savannah has arrived, which she hasn't. She turns back to Lukas, who is ordering a drink. "I don't believe we've met before. I'm Trenyce Davenport."

"Davenport?" Lukas asks as he takes a drink of his beer. "As in Daisy Davenport?"

"She's my Aunt," Trenyce replies to him. "You know Daisy?"

"I'm staying with her at the Victors mansion," Lukas informs her. "I'm Lukas Richardson."

"Oh right, Meggan's brother," Trenyce tells him, recalling Daisy telling her that Vinny offered Meggan's family to stay at the mansion for a while. "I've had so much going on lately, I haven't had time to get over and see my Aunt recently. How are you enjoying being in Twin Peaks?"

Lukas shrugs a little. "It's alright, I suppose. The town is much smaller than what I'm used to in Europe. But it's a nice change of pace, I suppose."

"Once you get used to it, you'll find it's a pretty charming place," Trenyce tells him. "I am originally from Detroit, so I get now the downsizing thing can be overwhelming at first … or maybe I should say underwhelming," she laughs, as he joins her.

"I think I can drink to that," he says over to her. "Thanks for that."

"For what?" she asks him.

"Making me laugh. It's been a long day, it's nice to have a little fun."

"It has been a long day, hasn't it?" she agrees with him. "How about I get our next round and we can continue to try to have a little bit of fun together."

"That sounds great," he says back to her.


Savannah opens the door to the restaurant and quickly checks her watch. She takes a deep breath, feeling nervous. She hasn't been on a date in a few years and out of nowhere Chris asked her out. She pulls out her compact and makes sure her hair and make-up are perfect before she continues to walk up to the hostess.

Just as she approaches, Frederick turns the corner and sees Savannah. "Savannah," he says with a smile as he comes up to her. "What a lovely surprise."

"Frederick," she replies to him. "How have you been?"

"Pretty good, I'm just on my way to see a patient," he tells her. "Don't you look lovely this evening?"

"Thank you," she smiles. "I have a date. It's silly but I am nervous about it."

Frederick arches his eyebrow and quickly wonders if Lukas took his advice and asked the young woman out. He is tempted to ask her but he decides against it as he doesn't want to come across intrusive. "Well, I hope he treats you well this evening. Look, we'll still have to do coffee soon and bring that precious son of yours, I'd love to meet Andrew."

"I'd like that as well," Savannah replies to her new found friend. "Take care."

She watches as Frederick leaves the restaurant and suddenly feels happy inside. She hasn't had much of a family since she left New York; maybe Frederick could become that to her, she thinks to herself.

"Right this way Miss, your dinner guest is already waiting for you," the hostess informs Savannah, who turns and looks at her. Savannah takes a deep breath and moves into the restaurant.


Donovan sets his menu down and looks across the restaurant. He is dining alone this evening as all of his friends seemingly had other plans and Victoria is away with Robbie. He thinks about his sister for a moment; away on a romantic trip with the man that she loves and who loves her. He longs for that again, he suddenly realizes about himself.

He picks up his glass of wine and takes a sip of it. "Maybe it is time I let my past go," he tells himself, thinking about the man that hurt him years ago in Europe. "It's been a long time. I'm not getting any younger, I shouldn't waste my life pining over something that happened so long ago."

He then spots Craig sitting at a table near the window. Craig is also sitting alone, looking at his telephone. Donovan knows that the two of them have been flirting a little bit more lately but Donovan has always put the brakes on because of his past. He finds himself standing up and walking over to Craig's table.

"Eating alone this evening?" Donovan asks as he stands at Craig's table.

Craig puts his phone down and looks up at Donovan. "I am, actually," Craig replies to him. "I'd ask you to join me, but I really have to eat and run. I'm on the night shift tonight at the hospital."

"That's fine," Donovan nods back to him. "I just wanted to come and say hello to you. I saw you from across the restaurant and thought it would be nice."

"That's very thoughtful of you," Craig tells him.

"Enjoy your dinner," Donovan tells him before he turns around and is about to walk back to his table. He turns back around before he moves though. "I've been thinking about something," Donovan tells Craig, who arches his eyebrow. "If your offer to go out sometime, you know to a movie or dinner, if it's still on the table, I'd like to take you up on it."

Craig smiles and looks down for a moment. "You have no idea how I've waited for you to say that," Craig admits to him. "But I'm afraid you're too late. I've just started seeing someone new."

Donovan feels his heart sink into his stomach. He gulps. "Of course, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything."

"No, it's fine," Craig says to him. "I think this is a good step for you Donovan."

"Well, sorry to have bothered you. Enjoy your dinner," Donovan says quickly before walking back to his table. He picks up his wine glass and finishes the glass.

"I'm going to need another glass," he says to the waiter, as he feels worse about things than ever before.


"So, how was the honeymoon?" Adam asks Natasha as they sit at a table together having dinner together. Adam is still alone as Helen is still in Baltimore and Natasha is alone as Shane is working at the hospital. They decided to have dinner together to catch up with each other.

"It was great," Natasha replies to him. "Like any vacation, it felt far too short, but it was nice having some one on one time with my husband."

"You'll like saying that word for the first little while," he smiles back to her. "I don't think I've had the chance to congratulate you on the baby yet either."

"Thank you," she says to her friend with a touch of apprehension in her voice.

Adam arches his eyebrow. "Something doesn't sound right in your voice. What's going on?"

Natasha sighs before she takes a drink of her club soda. "Nothing," she tries to lie. "Okay, it's Shane and the hospital. He is really eager to apply for the Chief of Staff position when it becomes available."

Adam listens to her explain. "And you're worried that the job will take over his life?"

Natasha looks at him as he realizes that he is right. "Oh Natasha, you know Shane wouldn't do that to you and your baby, don't you? He loves you so much. It was very clear at the wedding."

"I know he loves me Adam," she tells him. "That's not the point. I just don't want to be a single mother to the my baby when I'm happily married," she continues to tell him. "I'm just hoping that he will do what he says and still be there. Plus, we don't know that he will get the position when it opens up."

"That's true," Adam says back to her. "Just remember to keep communicating with Shane. He won't know how you're feeling if you aren't telling him."

Natasha smiles over to him. "I will do that," she tells him. "Now, where is Helen? I can't believe that Madeline actually found her parents. Have you heard from her at all?"

Adam nods a little back to her. "She's in Baltimore, that's where Reg and Barbara live," Adam explains to Natasha. "I've heard from her but the conversations have been pretty brief. She should be home soon and then I will get the full story."

"How are you coping with all of this?"

Adam sighs. "I just hope she doesn't get hurt, you know? I hope Reg and Barbara are everything that Helen has hoped and dreamed that they would be."

"That's a pretty big ask," Natasha replies to him. "No parents are perfect."

"That's my fear," he admits to her. "That Helen's expectations will not be reality."


"There you are," Chris grins to Savannah as she approaches his table. He stands up and helps her into her chair. "I ordered some wine, I hope that's okay?"

Savannah nods back to him. "That sounds great, thank you," she tells him as she looks across the table at the man who has asked her out. She feels butterflies in her stomach as the wine is poured into her glass.

"Let's have a quick toast," he tells her as he looks deep into her eyes. "To the start of something beautiful."

Savannah blushes a little. "Cheers," she replies to him as they slowly take a sip of their wine and Chris continues to look into her eyes, hoping that his charm will start to win her over.

Scene Five - The Victors House; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"I need a drink today," Daisy tells herself as she walks to the bar in the living room and opens a bottle of red wine and pours herself her glass of the red liquid.

"Been a long day?" Meggan asks as she enters the living room and watching Daisy take a drink of the wine.

Daisy slightly rolls her eyes before she turns around and fakes a smile to Meggan. "For those of us who work, yes it has been a very long day," Daisy quips back to her. "I'd offer you a drink but I know that you can't drink."

"And I'm proud of my soberity," Meggan replies to her. "I'm not going to deny that."

"Sorry, that was a low blow," Daisy admits to her. "It's just been a very long day."

"You must have made a lot of important telephone calls today, being the mayor and all," Meggan says with a sly grin, knowing that Daisy was the one who called Chris back into town and she was the one who told Vinny the truth.

Daisy finishes swallowing the mouthful of wine in her mouth before she puts her glass down and glares at Meggan. "It was you, wasn't it?"

Meggan arches her eyebrow. "I'm afraid, I don't know what you mean?"

"You were the one who told Vinny that I called Chris and told him about Andrew's custody hearing. How the hell did you even know about the hearing? You weren't in town yet," Daisy demands to know.

Meggan laughs a little. "The drama of your family was making headlines Daisy. Don't act surprised. Vinny had a right to know."

"You're unbelievable, you know that?" Daisy says coming up to Meggan. "You had best stay out of my business…"

"Or what Daisy? What are you going to do to me?" Meggan taunts her.

Before Daisy can respond, Vinny comes into the living room. "What's going on in here?"

Daisy takes a deep breath to calm herself down. "I was just going to collect my wine and go upstairs. It seems some of your guests left their wing and I don't want to be around them any longer."

Meggan watches Daisy leave the room and she turns to Vinny and tries to smile to him. She shrugs. "I guess I should stay in my wing next time," she half-heartedly replies.

Scene Six - Twin Peaks Police Station; The Holding Cells

Eva walks up to the cell where Will is sitting on the cot. She looks at the young man that was once her lover and almost fiancé. Looking at him now, however, she barely recognizes him. She can't believe that he was the one killing the elderly patients at the hospital because he felt like he was helping them move to a better place in their lives.

"Will?" she calls out, causing him to look up at his ex-girlfriend. "I had to come and see you before you were sent away."

Will fakes a smile and puts his head back down. "Well, you saw me, you can go now."

"Don't be like that," she replies to him as she moves closer to the bars that separate them. "We used to be so very close. You have to know that this impacts me too."

Will laughs. "It impacts you? What a joke. I was helping people in your hospital and this is the thanks I get."

"Helping people and killing people are very different things Will."

"I'm done trying to justify my actions," he replies to her. "And do not start about me keeping secrets. Madeline was already here calling me a hypocrite."

Eva moves up to the bars and puts her hands on them. She lets a tear escape her one eye. "I'm not going to call you names. I just wanted to let you know that I care about you still and I will never forget you."

Will looks at her and realizes that he is being an ass. "I won't forget you either Eva. And for what it's worth, I'm sorry."

"I know you are," she whispers back to him. "When do you get transferred to the state?"

"Tomorrow," Will replies to him.

"All the best, okay?" Eva tells him. "Always know that I'm thinking about you."

Will drops his head down. "Thanks Eva."

Scene Seven - The Fresh Ketch; Lake Tahoe

"This was the best bass I've ever had," Victoria tells Robbie as they finish eating their dinner. "Everything about this night has been absolutely wonderful."

Robbie looks over at his girlfriend and smiles thrilled that she is having such a great time. He drops one of his hands beneath the table and feels the ring box in his pants pocket. He is still waiting for the right time to break out the ring and propose marriage to his girlfriend.

"I'm glad that you're having a great time," he replies to her. "I am too."

Suddenly, he looks over Victoria's shoulder and he freezes. "It can't be," he whispers as Victoria looks at him and arches her eyebrow.

"What is it? What's wrong?" she asks him growing concerned.


"How were the scallops?" Jeff asks Leah, as he takes a bite of his calamari.

"Amazingly smooth," Leah replies to her as she smiles. "So tomorrow, what's the agenda? What time should we get married?"

Jeff smiles back at her. "I was thinking we could spend the day together, maybe get a couples massage and then get married around sunset. How does that sound?"

Jeff looks up from his plate of food and sees Leah looking over his shoulder in a trance. "Leah? Did you hear anything I said?"

"You won't believe this," she finally tells him.


"Robbie and Victoria are here."


"You won't believe this," Robbie tells Victoria. "Jeff and Leah are here."

"What?" Victoria asks, as she turns around and spots Robbie's ex-wife sitting with Jeff at the nearby table. "How did this happen?"

Scene Eight - The Robertson House; Jeff & Leah's Home

"Where is Felicia?" Frederick asks Dominick as he comes into the house. "We have that appointment this evening."

"Indeed we do," Dominick replies to the doctor. "However, it seems like Felicia has forgotten. She's not here."

"What do you mean she's not here? Where is she?" Frederick asks him.

"If I knew that, I wouldn't be standing here with you. I'd be with her!" Dominick yells at him. "Look, I'm sorry I raised my voice but something isn't sitting well with me here. I think Felicia could be in trouble. I think we have to find Felicia and we have to find her now."

Frederick arches his eyebrow. "Where are Leah and Jeff? Maybe Felicia is with them?"

"They went to Lake Tahoe to get married," Dominick reveals to Frederick as he arches his eyebrow. "But you know, that makes a lot of sense. If Felicia somehow learned of their plans, she may have wanted to be at the wedding. She's missed so much of Leah's life she wouldn't want to miss her wedding too. I have to get to Lake Tahoe. I have to make sure Felicia is alright."

Frederick watches as Dominick rushes past him and out the door. "If anything happens to Felicia, Dominick you will answer to me," he whispers to himself. "You better stop her from hurting herself or you will live to regret it."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Victoria grills Robbie's motives
- Leah and Jeff prepare to get married
- Frederick has a realization

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