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Previously on One Day at a Time
- In Lake Tahoe, Robbie and Victoria went out for a romantic dinner. He planned on proposing to her but the mood broke when they spotted Leah and Jeff at the same restaurant
- Dominick and Frederick worried when Felicia was seemingly missing. Dominick guessed that Felicia was headed to Lake Tahoe. Felicia, meanwhile, continued to pop her replacement medication and headed to break up Jeff and Leah's wedding
- Bob continued to pretend to be happy about Kim's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Kim and Johnny shared a close moment in which he kissed her unaware that they were being watched
- Reese learned that he was in remission from his cancer
- Meggan and Daisy came to blows at Vinny's house
- Lukas admitted to Meggan that he is gay and he is scared of Frederick's reaction

Scene One - The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Lake Tahoe; Suite 578

"Are you sure you had no idea that Jeff and Leah were going to be here?" Victoria asks in a huff as she pours herself a glass of the wine that is at the bar in their hotel room. She takes a drink as she waits for Robbie's response. She can't believe that Robbie's ex-wife is in Lake Tahoe at the same time she and Robbie are, especially because she knows that Robbie and Leah have been sharing close moments in recent times. Robbie explained those moments but Victoria still feels rather unsettled by the arrival of Leah and Jeff in Lake Tahoe.

"I'm promise you, I had no idea that Leah and Jeff were going to be here," Robbie tells her as he takes off his suit jacket and throws it on the bed. "I wouldn't have brought you here had I known that they were coming here."

"What are they even doing here?" Victoria asks, more so to herself, as she takes another drink of her wine.

Robbie comes up beside her and pours himself a glass of wine. "They're getting married."

Victoria turns to him and arches her eyebrow. "How do you know that?"

He sighs and looks back at her knowing that she won't be pleased that he recently had a conversation with Leah. "We ran into each other at the coffeehouse right before Natasha's wedding," he reveals to Victoria. "She told me that she and Jeff were going away to get married after the wedding."

"I see," Victoria replies to him as she takes another sip of her wine. "And she didn't tell you where?"

Robbie shakes his head no. "She said no one was going to know because she wanted the wedding to be just her and Jeff," he continues to tell her. "I happened to also mention that you and I were going to get away but I didn't mention Lake Tahoe either."

Victoria sighs and puts her wine glass down. She turns around from Robbie and shuts her eyes for a moment.

"You do believe me, don't you?" he asks her as moves up behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders.

She spins around and looks into his eyes. "Of course I believe you," she finally tells him. "It's just a weird coincidence that we are all in Lake Tahoe at the same time."

"It doesn't have to be weird," he tells her as he pulls closer. "Let's just pretend that they aren't here. I still want to have a romantic getaway with the woman I love."

Victoria smiles and looks into his eyes. "I want that too," she whispers back to him.

"Good," he says. "Then let's forget that Leah and Jeff are here and let's focus on us."

"And how would you like to focus on us?" she asks him, pursing her lips together.

He leans in and kisses her passionately. They part for a moment. "I think I have a few ideas," he says back to her before he kisses her again.

Scene Two - The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Lake Tahoe; Suite 620

"I hope you don't want to change our wedding plans now because Robbie and Victoria are here," Leah calls out to Jeff, who is in the washroom taking his suit off from their dinner. "I know it's not exactly ideal that my ex-husband is here but I don't want it to prevent us from getting married. We are still alone without any distractions here."

Jeff comes out of the washroom shirtless. "I can't say that I'm pleased that Robbie is here but I still want to marry you," he tells Leah, who smiles back to him. "I don't think you purposely called him to Lake Tahoe, besides he is with Victoria."

Leah nods back to him. "He told me that they were going on a romantic getaway. I guess we all just had the same idea of the location," she tells him.

"It is beautiful here," he replies to her. "I can see why they'd want to come here. I mean the only thing this place is better for than a romantic getaway is a wedding."

Leah laughs and moves up to him to kiss him. "I can't wait for tomorrow so I can marry you," she tells him as their lips part.

Before he can reply, they hear a knock on their door. Jeff arches his eyebrow and looks at his fiancé. "Who could that be?"

"I'm not sure," she replies to him. "I'll get it while you make yourself more presentable," she tells him as she runs her finger over his toned torso.

She moves to the door and opens it quickly gasping when she sees Dominick on the other side of the door. "Daddy?" she says shocked. "What on earth on you doing here?"

"It's your mother," he says as he walks into the hotel room. "I'm afraid I have bad news."

Scene Three - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline's Home

"Reese?" Andy calls out from the living room as he sits next to Madeline. Andy and Madeline both got cryptic messages from Reese to meet him at the house and he indicated that it was urgent. He looks over at Madeline, who shrugs her shoulders. "Maddie and I are waiting for you."

"Do you have any idea what this is about?" Madeline asks Andy, who sits back down next to her.

Andy shakes his head. "I have no idea," he admits to her. "I know he had a doctor's appointment the other day. Maybe he got more news?"

Madeline sighs. "I hope not. I don't think I can take any more bad news."

"Who says the news has to be bad?" Reese asks as he enters the living room. He is still wearing a toque since he has lost most of his hair. "Thanks for coming over so quickly guys."

Andy stands up and hugs his boyfriend. "You have us worried. What's going on?"

"Sorry, I shouldn't have worried you," Reese replies to them. "I had a doctor's appointment the other day and I wanted you two to hear the latest from me."

Madeline feels her eyes swell with water. She's so scared that she's going to lose her twin brother. "What is the latest?" she finally manages to say.

"I hope you guys are ready for this…" Reese begins to tell them. "But I'm in remission!"

"Wait, what?" Madeline asks, as Andy covers his mouth in shock.

"Yea, they said that the chemo therapy has been working and that I should be perfectly healthy soon."

"I can't believe this," Andy admits as he sheds a tear and moves up to hug Reese. "I'm so relieved. I'm so happy."

"I'm happy too," Reese replies. "I will still have cancer. It will never go away because it's in my blood stream but the doctors are confident that it will be managed."

"This is the best news I've had all year," Madeline admits to him as she moves up and hugs him.

"I have so much to live for," Reese tells them as he grabs their hands. "And I have you two to thank for standing by my side.

"We wouldn't be anywhere else," Madeline says to her brother.

"We love you. I love you," Andy tells him as he tries to stop crying. Reese hugs him again before they share a kiss.

"I love you too Andy. More than you can possibly know."

Scene Four - The Victors House; Vinny & Daisy's Home

"I told you that I can't tell Frederick," Lukas tells Meggan, as he makes himself a sandwich in the kitchen that is in the Richardson's wing of the Victors house, in which they are staying. Lukas, of course, is referring to the fact that he is gay and he doesn't believe his father would be accepting of his sexuality.

Meggan sighs as she takes a bite of her salad. "I don't know Lukas," she admits to him. "I think Dad may surprise you. He has really loosened up lately."

"Loosened up? Really Megpie? Did you not hear him say that he tried to set me up with Savannah, a woman I've never met?" Lukas chuckles. "He's so clueless it's not even funny."

Meggan nods her head. "Well, I can't argue you that," she replies to her brother. "I just don't want you to live a lie. You deserve to be happy and live a honest life."

Lukas smiles back to her. "Don't worry, I'm living my life the way I want to live."

"What's going on in here?" Frederick asks his children as he enters the dining room. "I'm not interrupting, am I?"

"Of course not Dad," Meggan replies as she looks over at Lukas, giving him a look so he knows that they need to change the subject. "I'm surprised you're not with Felicia."

Frederick sighs as he pours himself some orange juice as he recalls that Felicia is missing and Dominick believes that she is headed to Lake Tahoe to be with Leah when she gets married. "Felicia has left town unexpectedly."

"Should a woman in her condition be travelling?" Lukas asks his father.

"Of course she should be," Frederick tells him, sounding confident. "She's not completely incompetent."

"You seem to really get defensive about Felicia," Lukas observes to his father. "Relax Dad, she's just a patient."

"A patient that I have had in my care for a great number of years," Frederick defends himself. "When you oversee the care of someone for that long you grow to care for them a great deal."

Meggan and Lukas look at each other and grin. "And what do you two think is so funny?" he asks his children.

"Nothing Dad," Meggan replies to him. "It's just … it's pretty clear that you probably have feelings for Felicia."

Frederick is about to respond but he isn't able to think of the right thing to say. Inside, he know that Meggan is right but it's been something he has been fighting for some time. He does have feelings for Felicia; it's exactly why he came to Twin Peaks to start caring for her again. It is why he gets so livid when Dominick puffs his chest out where Felicia is concerned.

"Look at the time," Frederick says to them. "I should be getting going."

"Actually, I have to go too," Meggan says to Lukas. "I have an appointment."

"Would you like to walk out together?" Frederick asks Meggan, who nods her head.

"Lukas? Would you like to come with us?" Meggan asks her brother, who shakes his head no. "Okay, see you later."


"Thanks for having lunch with me today," Chris tells Daisy as they sit together in the living room having a post meal drink together.

Daisy smiles at her ex-husband. "I thought it would be good for us to catch up and make sure we are on the same page."

Chris arches his eyebrow. "Same page for what?"

Daisy chuckles. "I want you to know and hear from me that I am in love with Vinny. The only reason I called you back to Twin Peaks is for Andrew."

Chris laughs with her. "I know that Daisy," he tells her. "I appreciate that you told me what was going on with my son. I should have been back sooner."

"I know and I apologize for that," she admits to him. "It's just, everything was happening so quickly. It really did just slip our minds."

"I'm not angry about that," Chris tells her. "I'm just glad that I'm back here now so I can support Trenyce. She needs all of our support."

Daisy smiles as she looks back at her ex-husband thinking about how far he has seemingly come in his life. Before he left for Twin Peaks, Chris was a play boy who only cared about getting his next woman into his bed. Now, he is here and being all supportive.

"You have a funny look on your face," he observes to her.

"I'm just impressed by how you've changed."

"Hey! See, miracles do happen!" he laughs with her as he pulls her into a hug. "I'm glad that we can be close like this again."

"Me too," she whispers back into his ear.

As they hug, Frederick and Meggan walk over to the front door. Meggan arches her eyebrow at the sight of Daisy hugging her ex-husband. Frederick, meanwhile, looks at Daisy and feels his heart skip a beat. He moves a step faster so he doesn't make eye contact with her; he can't look at her and frankly, he doesn't want her to look at him either.

"I'll see you later," Frederick tells Meggan as he opens the door.

Meggan nods back to her father wondering why he's suddenly in such a rush to leave as she stops and pauses to watch Daisy and Chris for a moment longer. Soon, she's not thinking about her father anymore, instead she's thinking what Vinny would say if he knew his fiancé was in the arms of her ex-husband.

Scene Five - Roboto; Bob's Office

Bob taps his pencil on his desk as his mind races with a million different thoughts. His mind is thinking about Felicia and when she will finally carry out his plan to hurt Dominick. He knows that he has been pressing Felicia pretty hard but he also realizes that he has to give her time to go completely over the edge with the replacement medication he has been giving her. The fact that he hasn't heard from her in a while, is unsettling.

"It's only a matter of time," he whispers to himself. "Before she loses it completely. And when that happens, she will do something to ruin her family. When that happens, I will be the winner Dominick. I will crush you."

He stands up and walks over to the window of his office. Of course, the other pressing issue on Bob's mind is that of his wife being pregnant with another man's baby. He shakes his head knowing that this dilemma is more difficult for him to handle because he is having to be nice to Kim while he is uncovering proof of who she is having an affair with. Being nice to the woman that has betrayed him is driving him crazy. He would like nothing more than to throw her out of the mansion and out of his life.

"All in good time," he whispers to himself. "When I find out who the man is Kimberly, you will be thrown out on your sorry ass."


Kim steps off the elevator and looks around. She hopes that she doesn't run into Johnny at the office today because the last thing she needs is to see him. She recalls how the night after Shane and Natasha's wedding, she stopped at the Riverside Delicatessen as she had a late night craving. Johnny showed up and they shared a kiss. She touches her lips for a moment as she thinks about the kiss with the man that was once her lover.

"I bet I know what you're thinking about," Johnny grins as he walks up to her in the hallway.

Kim looks at him and then quickly shakes her head. "I can't been seen with you here. This is my husband's building!"

He pulls her into a board room and shuts the door. He looks over at her with lust in his eyes. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about it either."

"What?" she asks trying to be coy.

"Our kiss," he says looking deep into her eyes. "I know you've been thinking about it."

Kim shakes her head. "I haven't. And I'm here to see my hus…" she begins to say but he stops her from talking by kissing her passionately again.

She moves her hand behind his head and pulls him in deeper. They part for a moment before kissing again. She finally pulls back.

"Johnny," she gasps, trying to catch her breath. "We can't do this. Not again. This is over."

Johnny smiles back to her. "It doesn't feel like it's over."

"It has to be over. I'm pregnant and married to my husband," she pleads with him. "Now, please, don't find me again. Don't stop me if you see me. And please, don't kiss me. This is over."

Before he can reply, she opens the door and quickly walks off to Bob's office. Johnny, meanwhile, fixes his tie in the board room and smiles to himself, knowing that he is still under Kim's skin.

Scene Six - MW Investigations

Madeline sits at her desk with a huge grin on her face. She still can't believe that Reese is in remission from his cancer. Having news like this today, nothing can possibly bring her down.

"I'm not too early, am I?" Meggan asks as she stands in the doorway of Madeline's office.

Madeline looks up and then quickly checks her watch. "No, you're right on time," she replies. "Please come in," Madeline tells Meggan.

Meggan shuts the door behind her and then moves and sits down across from Madeline. "So, Meggan Richardson, what can I do for you?"

Meggan smiles over to the PI. "Well, I'm hoping you can help me. I've heard wonderful things about you and this firm."

"Well that's nice of you to say," Madeline replies to her. "I'm trying to do my best here. It's not always easy as a business owner. But I love what I do."

Meggan nods back to her. "I'm hoping that I can help make it easier."

"I'm not sure I follow."

"I used to be a police officer," Meggan reveals to her. "I left the department a long time ago. I went away from Twin Peaks but now that I'm back, I think I could be a good fit here."

"You're asking me for a job?" Madeline asks her surprised.

"I am," Meggan replies to her. "What do you say? Hire me, let me be a PI with you at your firm."

Scene Seven - The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Lake Tahoe; Suite 620

"What's going on with Felicia?" Jeff asks Dominick as he sits on the sofa in the large suite.

"Should I be worried Daddy?" Leah asks him, growing more concerned about her mother.

Dominick sighs and looks over at his daughter. "I'm not sure," he admits to her. "Frederick and I met at the house so we could have an appointment with Felicia and she didn't show up."

"She wasn't at the house?" Jeff asks surprised. "Usually she doesn't leave."

Dominick nods. "Exactly," he says back to him. "That's when I got worried. It was weird that she wasn't at the house."

"So where is? Where is my mother?" Leah asks Dominick.

"I think she's here," he says to Leah. "I think she came to Lake Tahoe for the wedding."

"What?" Jeff asks standing up in surprise. "That doesn't make sense. How would Felicia have known that we are here?"

"It's a small house Jeff," Leah tells him. "She could have easily overheard us talking."

"Oh my God," Jeff replies as he runs his hands over his face. "So, if Felicia is here, the question is … where is she? And what is going to do?"

"I don't think she's going to do anything," Dominick admits to them. "She probably doesn't want to miss her daughter's wedding. She's missed so much of your life, she probably doesn't want to miss this too."

Leah nods back to him. "Okay, that makes sense. So now, we just have to find her. We have to find Felicia."


At the front desk, Felicia walks up still wearing her large black sunglasses. She moves them slowly to the top of her head and looks at the young woman in front of her.

"May I help you?" the woman asks Felicia.

Felicia starts to shake a little. She grabs her hand to try to stop it from shaking, which is a sign that she's not in control due to the medication switch. She smiles at the front desk clerk. "I called you a little earlier," says trying to make her voice not crack. "I need a room. I need it right now."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Jeff and Leah take the next step
- Robbie has a stunning question for Victoria
- Cory makes a final decision with Robin

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