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Previously on One Day at a Time
- In Lake Tahoe, Victoria was miffed that Leah and Jeff showed up. Robbie, who was planning to propose, tried to smooth things over with her
- Dominick arrived in Lake Tahoe and revealed to Leah and Jeff that he believed Felicia was coming to Lake Tahoe to be a part of the wedding. Felicia, meanwhile, was starting to lose it from not taking her medication. She then showed up at the hotel in Lake Tahoe
- Rebecca showed Cory some institutions that he could send Robin to
- Reese told Andy and Madeline about his remission
- Chris and Savannah went out on a date. Later, he had lunch with Daisy. Meggan spotted the ex's sharing a hug

Scene One - The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe; Suite 620

"Are you absolutely sure that you still want to go ahead with this?" Dominick asks Leah, as she finishes getting ready for her wedding to Jeff. He revealed to her the night before that he believes Felicia is en route to Lake Tahoe so she can be a part of Leah's wedding. While they haven't heard or seen from Felicia, Dominick still believes she is making her way to the revenue. After being locked up for so many years Felicia wouldn't want to miss her daughter's wedding, Dominick firmly believes.

Leah looks at herself in the mirror as she is wearing a knee-length white dress with beads on it. "I am," she tells him as she puts her diamond earrings on. "Jeff and I talked about it last night," she reveals to him. "We planned this wedding thinking it would just be the two of us. I don't want to postpone because we have a hunch that Felicia is on her way. We could be wrong about that," she says as she turns back to face her father. "Jeff and I have waited long enough to get married."

Dominick smiles at the sight of his daughter. "Do you know how beautiful you look right now?"

"Oh Daddy," Leah gushes back to him.

He stands up and moves closer to her. "I know that we have had some rough patches this past year because of my role in faking your mother's death," he says to her. "But I do love you Leah. I love you more than anything else in the world."

Leah feels her eyes swell with water. "I know you do," she replies to him. "I was upset with you because of the lies you told but I understand now why you did what you did. I'm also not impressed with what you tried to do with Robin. I don't agree with it but I know now that you felt like it was best."

Dominick hugs her. "Thank you for saying that to me."

"And Daddy," Leah says as she hugs him. "I love you too."

Dominick smiles back at her. "I know Robin would be very happy and proud of you today," he tells her as Leah nods her head back to him.

"I think so too. And I heard from Tyler," Leah says, as Dominick's eyes open wider in surprise. He hasn't heard from his son in a very long time. "He sent me his well wishes. He's still overseas having a good time, apparently."

"I'd wish he come home, but we can talk about that another time," Dominick replies as he pulls her into another hug.

They exit their embrace and he looks at her again. "Now, you need to go get yourself married," he smiles at her as she grins back at him.

Scene Two - The Pampa Grill

"Reese!" Trenyce smiles as she and Donovan move closer to his table at the restaurant. "It's so good to see you out and about," she tells him, knowing that he hasn't been going out as often since he was diagnosed with cancer. Part of her feels bad that she hasn't been around more for her friend while he has been going through his health scare but she also knows that he has been asking for a lot of space and privacy.

"Thank you," he smiles to her as he hugs Trenyce and then gives Donovan a quick hug. "I'm so glad you guys could make it."

"You got our attention in the text messages asking us to meet you here," Donovan replies to him. "We are curious as to what is happening that we had to leave work, not that we are complaining to get out of the office."

Reese is about to say something when a waiter comes up to the table holding a bottle of champagne. "Mr. Wilkins, this is the bottle you were asking about," he shows Reese the label.

"Perfect and you have four glasses?" Reese asks, turning to face the waiter.

"Yes sir," the waiter says as he puts the glasses down.

"Champagne?" Trenyce asks arching her eyebrow. "What on earth are we celebrating?"

"And who is the fourth glass for?" Donovan asks another question.

Reese laughs a little as the waiter pops the cork and pours four glasses of the bubbly. "I am officially in remission," Reese announces to his friends. "I should be healthy very soon and start to put this entire mess behind me!"

"Oh my goodness!" Trenyce gasps at the news. "Reese, this is the most wonderful news I've had in a very long time."

"You and Andy must be extremely happy," Donovan tells him.

Reese can't stop himself from smiling. "Andy and I are very relieved. I just wanted you guys to hear this news from me and not third hand. I really want to thank you for your support during this time even though I was shutting you out a lot of the time."

"There's no need to explain," Trenyce tells him. "We are just thrilled for you."

"You never mentioned though, who is the fourth glass for?" Donovan asks Reese, who looks over Donovan's shoulder and sees Savannah come into the restaurant.

"My other good friend," Reese replies as Savannah slowly approaches the table. Trenyce looks over at rolls her eyes knowing that she has to be nice because Savannah is one of Reese's good friends and she doesn't want Reese's good news to be dampened by her and Savannah's fighting.

Scene Three - The Sugarbowl

"Did you get your decafe?" Andy asks Kim, as he sits with his very pregnant sister in the booth of the coffeehouse.

Kim sighs and stirs her cup with her stir stick. "Yea, it really isn't the same though," she says with annoyance. "I can't wait to pop this baby out so I can have caffeine again!"

Andy laughs at his sister. "You're hilarious," he tells her. "Speaking of, how are things going on that front? I know I haven't been able to really be there for you lately."

"Hey, that's fine," Kim tells him. "I know that Reese has needed you. And things are going fine. Bob is thrilled that we are going to be parents."

Andy arches his eyebrow. He has always suspected that Kim's affair with Johnny is what lead to her pregnancy. He, of course, has no proof of this and Kim has insisted that Bob is in fact the father of her child. He has no reason not to believe her, other than his suspicious thoughts.

"You look like you don't believe me," she says to Andy, noticing the look on his face.

"It's not that," Andy insists to Kim. "It's just …"

"Don't say it Andy," she warns him, knowing he's about to bring up Johnny's name. She doesn't want to hear his name; not now, not ever again. The fact that they have shared some close moments lately, including a couple of kisses, is making things extremely difficult. The last thing she needs is for Bob to find out the truth about her affair and then question whether or not he is the father of the baby. "We have to move on from what happened last summer. It's over and done with."

"I hope your sake it is," Andy tells her. "Because I would hate to see what Bob would do if he learned the truth."

"Anyways, I'm sure you didn't ask me here to discuss my baby," Kim smiles back to him. "So, what's up?"

Andy smiles back to her. "I do have good news. Actually, it's amazing news."

Kim puts her coffee mug back down after taking a sip. "What's going on?"

"Reese is in remission. The doctor's think he'll make a full recovery!" Andy beams to his sister.

"Oh my …" Kim starts to say. "Andy, that's amazing news. Congratulations," she tells him as she stands up and gives him a hug. "What are you doing here? You should be with him."

"I wanted you to hear this from me," he tells her.

She nods back to him. "And I did hear it from you," she laughs. "Now, go be with your man and celebrate! Tell Reese I'm thrilled for him, for both of you!"

"I will Kim," Andy says as he kisses her cheek. "Talk soon!"

Scene Four - Lake Tahoe; A Marina, on the Dock

The sun is shining down on the lake allowing the water to sparkle in the rays of light. On the dock of a pier there is a minister and his wife. He is standing on the end of the dock; Leah and Jeff are facing him, behind him is Lake Tahoe itself.

"Are you two ready for this?" he asks the couple, who look at each other and smile. "It's not often I get a couple that do not want any of their friends or family present for a wedding ceremony."

"We are sure," Jeff tells him. "We have waited so long for this day, we just want it to be the two of us."

"Very well then," the minister replies. "Let's begin."

"We are gathered here today to witness this man and this woman come together to join in a union. A union built of trust, understanding, commitment and most of all love. Coming together into marriage is not an easy decision and not one the courts look down on as being a light decision. I trust you both have ensured this is the best decision for you?"

"I have," Leah tells him before she looks over at Jeff.

"I have as well," Jeff follows her lead.

"Wonderful," the minister smiles before he continues. "By agreeing that this decision is what you both want we can move to the vows. The two of you have written your own vows, so Jeff you can take it away."

Jeff nods back to the minister before he grabs Leah's hands and looks into her eyes. "My darling Leah," he says with a grin on his face. "After everything we have been through, I can't believe we have made it back to this point. We have survived everything two people can possible go through and yet, here we are, stronger and more in love than ever. The key is that we did this together. I couldn't have gotten through this life without by my side. And today, by you becoming my wife, I get to spend the rest of my life knowing that no matter what life throws at us, you'll be right next to me. And knowing that, I know that I can get through anything because your love is all I need to make my life complete. I promise to love, honour and protect you until my last breath."

Leah wipes a tear from her face before she puts her hand back into Jeff's. "I remember this day, not so long ago, when we woke up together and we had a typical morning. You know? We went downstairs and had breakfast together and chatted about what we had planned for the day. It struck me after how normal it was. And that's what I've been missing in my life the last couple of years, normalcy. With you, I feel like everything fits into place. You complete my life in a way no one else has been able too. You make me believe that anything is possible and love can concur all. I love you Jeff more than anything in this world and I am so honoured be your wife. I promise to love, honour and protect you until my last breath."

"That was beautiful," the minister says to them. "Have you brought the rings?"

"Right here," Jeff says pulling them out of his pocket.

"Jeff, take Leah's hand," the minister instructs Jeff, who does as he is told. "Repeat after me as you place the ring on Leah's finger. I Jeff take Leah to be my wedded wife. To have, hold and honour as long as I shall live."

"I Jeff take Leah to be my wedded wife. To have, hold and honour as long as I shall live," he says as he chokes on his words.

"And Leah, repeat after me as your place the ring on Jeff's finger. I Leah, take Jeff to be my wedded husband. To have, hold and honour as long as I shall live."

Leah lets more tears fall from her eyes as she puts the ring on Jeff's finger. "I Leah, take Jeff to be my wedded husband. To have, hold and honour as long as I shall live."

"By the power invested in me, and this witness, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride!"

Jeff leans in and looks at Leah, who smiles through her tears back to him. "I love you," he whispers as his lips touch hers.

Scene Five - The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Lake Tahoe; Suite 578

"That was an eventful morning," Victoria smiles to Robbie as she dries herself off from one of the fluffy, white hotel towels as she just got out of the shower after having a morning of passionate love making with her boyfriend.

Robbie, who is laying on the bed, looks up to her and grins. "A really, really great event that has lead us into the afternoon," he winks to her. "Are you having a good time?"

"I really am," she replies to him as she sits on the edge of the bed. "I know I was a little worried when I saw …"

"Don't say their names please," Robbie interrupts her. "We've done a really good job of ignoring the fact that they are here. Let's not ruin it by mentioning their names," he tells her, knowing that she is talking about the fact that Jeff and Leah are in the same venue as they are.

"That's fair," she laughs back to him. "So, what do you want to do for the rest of the day?"

Before he can reply, there is a knock on the door of the hotel room. "Stay here," he tells her, as he pulls up some grey sweat pants and rushes to the door. "I'll get it."

"Room service," a young bell boy says as he pushes a cart into the room. The cart has a dozen red roses, a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries on it.

"Thank you, perfect timing," Robbie smiles to the boy as he passes him a twenty dollar bill.

"Anything else sir?"

"No, thank you," Robbie tells him as he walks up him and shuts the door.

"What's all this?" Victoria asks, coming out of the bedroom wearing a robe looking at the cart.

"What I have planned for our day," he winks over to her. "Champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, roses … everything I know you love."

"I can't believe you did all this for me," she replies to him.

"I would do anything for you Victoria," he tells her as he comes up to her and kisses her passionately. "You mean so much to me."

She kisses him passionately back. They part before she looks at the champagne. "I'm really wanting some of the champers now!" she giggles.

"Done," he tells her as he moves to the cart and pops the cork. He pours two glasses and then brings her one. He sits her down on the large sofa. "Let's have a toast. To you and me … and the rest of our lives."

They toast and she takes a drink of the champagne but she notices something in her glass. "What on earth…?" she asks she tips the glass down and notices something at the bottom of her glass.

"What is that?" he asks her, with a grin on his face.

She grabs a pen and uses it to scoop out the object that is at the bottom of her glass. She gasps when she sees the diamond ring up close. "Oh my God…"

"Victoria," he asks her as he gets down on one knee. "Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"

Victoria covers her mouth in shock as her eyes fill with water. "Oh Robbie," she gasps, still in shock. "Of course I'll marry you! Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times, yes!"

He slips the finger on her finger. "You've made me the happiest man on earth!" he laughs as he kisses her passionately. "I want you so badly …" he manages to say between kisses.

She opens her robe and lets his hands caress her body. "Have me … my fiancé," she moans to him as he continues to kiss her body.

Scene Six - The Tower's, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin's Home

"Have you made any decisions?" Rebecca asks Cory as she moves to the sofa to sit next to her brother in law. She recalls how she provided Cory with a list, including one close to Twin Peaks, of potential institutions that he could send Robin too so she can get help.

Cory looks at her and then takes a gulp of his vodka. It's been a long day of stressful decision making, so he is having a drink to calm his nerves. "I think I'm going to send her away to the one that's just outside Twin Peaks. I think that's what's best."

"I couldn't agree with you more," Rebecca nods back to him. "It is close enough that we can go visit her often and the doctors there have a really good reputation."

Cory finishes the last mouthful in his glass and then sets his glass down. "That's exactly what I was thinking," he tells her. "I can't thank you enough for looking into this for me. With everything that has been happening with Robin and then Dominick trying to fake her death, I didn't do any research at all."

"Hey," she laughs back to him. "You're letting me stay here for free. Consider it rent, if you will."

He laughs back with her. "You know you're welcome to stay as long as you need to, right?"

Rebecca inches closer to him and puts her hand on his. "You've made that very clear, thank you," she purses her lips together.

"Cory?" Robin asks, as she appears at the top of the stairs.

"Hey," Cory replies to his wife, surprised that she isn't resting. "I thought you were going to try to get some more sleep."

"I kept hearing her cry," a distraught Robin tells him, talking of their child. Her face is pale except for the large bags under her eyes. "Nothing I do seems to calm her down."

Cory sighs and walks up to his wife hugging her in the process. "I'll tell you what," he tells her as he looks into her eyes. "You and I are going to go to a place where you can be with our baby girl all the time, okay? A place where you will be able to be okay."

Robin lets a tear fall from her eye. "Really?" she asks him as he nods back to her. "I want that more than anything," she tells him. "I want to be with our little girl."

Cory gulps and hugs her again. "You will be," he tells her as he looks at Rebecca, knowing that this could be his last chance to get his wife back.

Scene Seven - The Riverside Delicatessen

"I don't understand what you had to tell me that we couldn't do at the house," Vinny tells Meggan as they sit at a table with some sandwiches and coffee.

Meggan takes a sip of her coffee and smiles back to her ex-husband. "Is it so wrong that I wanted to take you out for lunch?" she asks him.

He takes a bite of his sandwich and then shrugs. "I do love the sandwiches here," he winks back to her. "But seriously, what's going on? You made it sound important at the house."

Meggan sighs before picking up her pickle and taking a bite of it. She recalls how the other day she saw Chris and Daisy in the living room of the house in a hug. Meggan knows that Vinny needs to know about Daisy's close moment with her ex-husband especially since Daisy was the one who called Chris back to Twin Peaks. After everything Meggan and Vinny have been through together, the last thing she wants is for Vinny to be hurt by Daisy. And if it scores her brownie points with him, that doesn't hurt either.

"You're not saying anything," he tells her, noticing that she is day dreaming.

"Sorry," she replies to him. "I guess I was just looking for the right words."

"Hey, what is it?" Vinny asks her, putting his sandwich down and grabbing her hand. "You know you can tell me anything, right?"

"I don't want to hurt you," she admits to him. "But I do think that you have to know what is going on."

"You're scaring me Meg, what's up?"

"The other day my Dad and I were leaving the house," she starts to tell him. "And we were walking to the front door and I saw something…"

"What did you see?" Vinny asks, still drawing the truth out from her.

"Chris and Daisy," she says as she slowly looks up at him. "They were hugging in the living room. They seem close, still. I don't know what's going on but…"

Vinny waves his hand. "Thank you for telling me," he tells her as he nods his head, quickly wondering what is really going on between Daisy and her ex-husband. "I needed to know. Thank you."


"I'll get that to go please," Savannah tells the employee who just took her cash for her lunch. She is riding on cloud 9 right now as she just heard the news that Reese is in remission. Suddenly, her life doesn't seem to be so complicated; not when her best friend has seemingly survived a cancer scare like this.

"Fancy meeting you here," Chris says as he comes up behind her.

She turns and faces the man that took her out for dinner a few nights earlier. "I could say the same for you."

"You look happy," he observes of her. "Having a good day?"

"One of the best," she nods back to him. "How about you? How have you been? Sorry I haven't gotten back to you about the other night, I did have a really, really great time."

"You did?" he asks her smoothly. "That's funny, because I too had an amazing time. It was nice."

"I can't argue with you."

"Then let's do it again? What do you say? Let me take you out again Savannah," Chris asks her, knowing that he has to get her to go out with him again as a part of his plan.

"I'd love that," she smiles back to him.

Scene Eight - The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Lake Tahoe; Suite 443

"Eva," Dominick says into the telephone from his room. "It's me, Dominick."

"Dominick?" Eva replies on the other end of the phone from Twin Peaks. "Where are you? I have been trying to track you down. I've been worried about you."

"I know, I'm sorry," he says as he sighs. "I am in Lake Tahoe. It's a long story," he admits to her. "Anyways, everything seems to be fine. I was over reacting, I suppose."

"I'm just glad that you're okay," she admits to him.

"Can I tell you something?"

"Of course you can," she tells him, her voice calm and cool which makes him feel at ease.

"I love you."

Eva smiles and chuckles a little. "I know you do. You've told me that before."

"I know this," he replies to her. "But you're amazing. You stand by me despite me making some stupid mistakes."

"Like trying to fake your daughter's death?" she asks him with a grin.

"Let's not make a list of my mistakes," he chuckles back to her. "Anyways, I just wanted to hear your voice and let you know that everything is fine. And everything will be fine."

"I'm glad you called. And Dominick? I love you too."


Suite 620

"Jeff!" Leah giggles as he holds her and carries her across the threshold of their suite. "Put me down."

He finally does once they're inside the room and he kicks the door shut. "There," he whispers as he kisses her. "I had to carry you over the threshold, its tradition."

"You know what else is tradition?" she asks him as she purrs at him. "Making love to your wife on the wedding night."

"Mmmm," he replies as he kisses her passionately again. "I want that so much but I think we should celebrate first."

"What did you have in mind?" she asks him with a grin on her face.

"Champagne?" he replies as he walks over to the telephone and presses 1 for room service. There's no dial tone on the phone and neither one sees the cut telephone cord. "Weird, it's not working. I'll just pop down to the front desk and get them to send us up some champagne and a new telephone, I guess."

"Don't be long," she tells him. "I don't want to be without you on our wedding night."

"I'll be right back," he says as he walks to the door. "And Leah, I love you."

"I love you too."

The door closes and Leah sighs. "I can't believe I am married," she says to herself as she then hears a knock on the door. "Did you forget your room key?" she asks, thinking Jeff is at the door. She opens the door and gasps. "Mother?" she asks as she sees Felicia standing on the other side of the door.

Felicia feels herself start to shake a little but she forces herself to smile. "Hello darling, I'm not too late for the wedding, am I?"

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- Felicia kidnaps Leah!
- Adam hears about Helen's parents
- Natasha is finally honest with Shane

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