Episode 29 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously on One Day At A Time
-Jackson saw Helen and Adam making love. He clued in Victoria, who was devastated. After Adam left Helen’s, Victoria showed up
-Vinny talked with Victoria. He revealed he knows that she stabbed him. Later Vinny talked with Rebecca. She agreed to keep their connection a secret. Vinny also seen Patricia, who turns out is the woman who nursed Vinny back to health
-Chris learned the truth about Danielle
-Kim and Jackson remembered the past while trapped in the elevator
-Leah derailed Cory and Robin’s plans to visit the Calimo cabin. Natasha called home, but froze when Robin picked up.

Scene 1
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory and Robin’s Home

Robin and Cory lay in bed. Cory’s kissing Robin’s neck. "Oh Cory..." Robin sighs. Suddenly they are interrupted by the telephone. Robin reaches over and picks it up. "Hello?" Natasha freezes on the other end, wondering what to do. Suddenly Shane enters the room.

"Natasha?" he calls out, as she hangs up the phone. "Who are you calling?"

Back at the Penthouse...

"Hello?" Robin calls. Robin listens as she hears a man’s voice call out ‘Natasha’. She quickly hangs up the phone.

"Who was on the phone?" Cory asks, pulling her back down into the bed.

Robin lays in bed, almost dumbfounded by what she heard. "No, it can’t be." Robin says to herself.

Cory sits up. "Robin? What’s wrong?"

Robin looks at Cory, and gets a tear in her eye. She hugs him. "Promise me you’ll never leave me Cory. Promise me."

"I love you Robin. Nothing can break us apart." Cory says, still hugging her.

Scene 2
Setting: The Victors Home; Meggan and Vinny’s House

Vinny arrives at home. He drops his coat on the brass coat rack, and proceeds upstairs. He arrives at the bedroom door, and opens it slowly. He sees Meggan sitting in her robe on the bed. She gets up. "Hi." she smiles.

"Hi," he says back, taking off his jacket, and unbuttoning a few of his buttons.

She comes up behind him and rubs his chest. "I’ve missed you so much."

He turns around and kisses her. The passionate embrace continues, as Vinny moves Meggan to the bed. He lays on top of her, still kissing her. His lips leave hers, but they travel down to her neck. His hands begin to untie her robe.

"Oh Vinny, I’ve missed you so much," Meggan sighs.

Scene 3
Setting: Helen’s House in White Cove

Slowly, Victoria walks up to the house, and rings the door bell. Soon Helen emerges at the door. "Victoria! What a surprise." Helen says. Victoria pushes her way inside Helen’s house. "Shut the door. We have to talk," Victoria snaps.

Helen closes the door, and enters the living room. Victoria is standing in front of the large window, looking at a painting on the wall.

"You seem upset Victoria. What’s going on?" Helen asks, secretly worrying if Victoria saw Adam leave.

Victoria remains silent. She continues to look around the room.

"It’s just not like you to be in White Cove this time of the night," Helen continues, as she watches Victoria.

Victoria turns around. "Normally I’m not in White Cove. But I received a phone call, a very interesting call," Victoria says slowly.

They are interrupted by Helen’s phone ringing. "Excuse me," she says, leaving the room.

As soon as Helen is out of the room, Victoria looks around. She studies the large room. Above the living room entrance is a large shelf, with books and a vase. In the corner, there is an antique chair. Victoria walks over and sits in the chair, and she waits. Looking up at the shelf again, Victoria notices that one of the screws seems to be loose.

Suddenly Helen returns to the living room. At first, she doesn’t see Victoria in the corner. "Victoria? Where did you go?" Helen asks.

"Behind you," Victoria whispers, sneaking up on Helen.

Helen jumps, not expecting Victoria to be standing behind her. "Victoria, this is getting tiresome. Please get to the point."

Victoria looks even more disgusted. "You’re tired? Did your workout earlier tire you out?"

"What are you talking about? You are talking in riddles."

Victoria slaps Helen across the face. "Stop lying to me! I know everything! I saw Adam leave. You seduced my fiancée!"

Helen glares at Victoria. "How dare you! You have no idea what my relationship with Adam is. Obviously it’s better then yours though," Helen snaps back.

Victoria grabs Helen "I’m warning you. You do not want to mess with me."

"I’m so afraid," Helen teases. "What are you going to do? Kill me?"

"Don’t say I didn’t warn you," Victoria taunts.

Victoria grabs Helen and bashes her up against the wall next to the opening. "Stay away from Adam!" Victoria yells.

Suddenly the shelf comes looses. Victoria quickly moves back, but Helen is in shock. The shelf hits Helen in the head, and she falls to the ground. The vase crashes over Helen’s head, and the books crumble her body. Victoria sees a pool of blood around Helen’s head, and smiles.

"I warned you," she says, slowly. She walks over to Helen and steps over her. She walks to the back door and leaves.

Scene 4
Setting: Rebecca’s Condo

Rebecca has some boxes spread around her living room, as she is trying to decorate her home. She is interrupted by her cell phone ringing.

"Hello," she smiles, picking up her phone. "Jason! I was just thinking about you....Yes! I want you to come see my new condo. I hope you like it, and I could use the help decorating," she says laughing. "Great, I’ll see you soon." Rebecca hangs up the phone.

Rebecca looks around. "I should move my car out front so he knows which one is mine," she says to herself.

Rebecca opens her door, and walks into her yard. She watches ahead for the large crates in the ground. She doesn’t see the one in front of her, and falls into the hole!

Scene 5
Setting: The Calimo Cabin

"Natasha, who are you calling?" Shane asks her again, as he enters the living room.

Natasha turns and smiles. "No one," she lies.

Natasha walks to the sofa and sits down. Shane sits next to her. "Shane," she says, turning to him. "I can’t do this anymore. I have to go home and see Cory. I can’t live without him. And every moment I’m away, he’s getting closer to Robin. I have to go back. I have to."

Shane looks at her. "You know Natasha, I agree. It is time to go home. First thing to tomorrow morning we will go home."

Natasha gets a huge smile on her face. "Really?" she asks.

"Yea. It’s time for you to get your life back," he replies.

Natasha hugs Shane. "Thank you Shane. Thank you so much."

Shane embraces Natasha, and smiles. "Your welcome."

They exit from their embrace. Natasha looks at the clock. "I’m going for a nice warm bath, and then I’m going to bed. I want to get a good nights sleep."

"Alright. See you in the morning. You know where I am if you need anything." Shane replies, watching Natasha leave the room.

Shane continues to watch Natasha. Her blonde hair, her curved body, her smile...

"Stop it Shane! She’s in love with Cory. You have no chance with her." he scolds himself.

Scene 6
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory and Robin’s Home

Robin sits on the sofa in the living room. She is wearing her robe, and drinking some water.

"It just can’t be. It’s impossible. You heard wrong," she tells herself. She keeps returning to the phone call earlier, in which she heard the man call out "Natasha". "She’s dead. She can’t be alive. She can’t be."

Robin gets up and paces. "But what if....No! Stop it Robin. Everything is perfect for you. Finally." she continues to talk to herself. Suddenly she gets an idea. "But it would be more perfect if Cory and I had a baby," she smiles.

Suddenly Cory emerges at the top of the stairs. "Why are you still up?" he calls.

Robin turns and smiles at her husband. "I couldn’t sleep. I just came for some water. But I’m feeling better now," she smiles.

Scene 7
Setting: The Towers; Floor Twelve; Adam’s Apartment

Adam lays in his bed, trying to fall asleep. His mind races with thoughts of Helen and Victoria. His thoughts are interrupted by knocking on the door. He gets out of bed, and walks to the door only wearing his boxers. He opens the door and sees Victoria.

"Hi," she says.

"Victoria, what are you doing here?" he asks.

Victoria moves closer and kisses him passionately. "I’ve missed you so much," she says. They enter the apartment, still kissing. Victoria kicks the door shut. "I need you, Adam," Victoria whispers.

Adam leads her to the bedroom.

Scene 8
Setting: Rebecca’s Condo

Jason pulls his truck into a parking lot. He gets out, and looks around. "This must be the place," he says to himself. "I hope Rebecca likes my idea of moving to Twin Peaks."

He walks up to pathway to Rebecca’s door. He quickly realizes that the door is open. He knocks, and opens the door. "Hello," he calls. "Rebecca?"

Jason shuts the door when he hears a moan coming from the yard. "Rebecca?" he asks turning around. Jason sees the pits and wonders if Rebecca fell in. He rushes back to his truck and grabs a flashlight.

Meanwhile in the pit, Rebecca stirs and finally awakes. She slowly gets up. "What happened?" she asks herself, looking around. She quickly realizes that she’s one of the pits. Suddenly she hears a noise from above. "Hello!" she calls.

Soon a beam of light is flashing down the pit. Jason uses the flashlight until he finds Rebecca in the pit. "Rebecca! Are you alright?" he calls.

"Thank God you’re here Jason!...Yea, I’m fine. You have to get me out of here!"

Jason looks around, "Hold tight Rebecca. I’m going to get some help. But I’ll leave you the flashlight," says. Rebecca moves off into the side as the flashlight hits the ground.

"Hurry back," she calls.

Scene 9
Setting: The Victor’s Home; Vinny and Meggan’s home

Meggan and Vinny lay in bed in the afterglow of making love.

"That was unbelievable," Meggan says, removing her head from his chest to kiss him.

"I missed you too," Vinny says.

Meggan sits up. "Where were you? What happened?" she asks.

"It’s a long story, and I promise I’ll tell you," he replies.

Meggan looks at Vinny. "Please, please tell me you won’t keep this from me. I need...and think I have a right to know Vinny."

Vinny looks at his wife and smiles. "I’ll tell you in the morning. Let’s get some sleep."

Scene 10
Setting: The Towers; Floor Twelve; Adam’s Apartment

Adam and Victoria lay in bed. Adam can’t believe that he allowed himself to be drawn into Victoria again, while Victoria is pleased that her evening has gone as planned.

"You know, I’ve been thinking," Victoria says.

"About what?"

"Your proposal. I’ve been giving second thoughts....and if it’s still on the table, I want to accept. I want to marry you and become your wife."

Adam is speechless.

Scene 11
Setting: The Towers; The Penthouse; Cory and Robin’s Home

Robin and Cory lay in bed together.

"I have an idea Cory," Robin whispers. "Let’s take the trip to the Calimo cabin tomorrow."

"But Leah said..."

"I know what Leah said, but it’s still a nice get away. I think we need it," Robin pleas.

Cory looks at his wife. "Alright baby, we’ll go" he says.

Next On One Day At A Time
-Robin and Cory head to the cabin; Shane and Natasha head home...will they run into each other?
-Rebecca gets a weird bite in the well
-Helen awakes in the hospital
-Kim and Jackson have a close encounter until Robbie intervenes
-Leah is stunned when a man from her past arrives in Twin Peaks!

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