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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Leah and Jeff got married. Afterwards, Felicia showed up at Leah's hotel room while Jeff was out getting some champagne. A deranged and un-medicated Felicia knocked Leah out and took her to an abandoned farm house. Leah came too and realized she was tied to a chair. Jeff, meanwhile, wondered where Leah had disappeared too
- Andy and Reese got engaged
- Savannah agreed to go out with Chris again, unaware he was trying to use her to get Andrew back
- Daisy was livid to learn that Meggan was the one who told Vinny that she called Chris back to town. Meggan also told Vinny when she spotted Daisy and Chris in an embrace

Scene One - An abandoned Farm house; Lake Tahoe

"Please untie me," Leah groans to her mother, as Felicia starts to pace back and forth in front of her in the farm house. "If you want to talk to me, you can do so without me tied to this chair."

Felicia looks at her daughter and shakes her head no. The lack of medication in Felicia's system has slowly taken over and she, at this point, has no lack of reality. The fact that she has kidnapped her own daughter and tied her to the chair is proof of this. And all because Felicia wants, no needs, Leah to believe her theory that Jeff doesn't like her.

"How many times have I warned you that Jeff doesn't like me?" she mumbles out of her mouth, almost out of breath.

Leah looks up at her mother before putting her still throbbing head down a little. "Is that why you showed up here? You didn't want me to marry Jeff? I thought you said you wanted to be at the wedding."

"I wanted to be at the wedding to stop it! Don't you understand Leah? I can't let Jeff come between us. We've lost so much time, I don't want to lose any more time together," Felicia tries to reason with her daughter. "Are you cold? It's freezing in here!"

Leah looks around the farm house and realizes that it's so old that no one has been heating the building for years. To her left, there is a fire place but Leah doesn't think starting the fire would be a good idea. She has to come up with a way for Felicia to let her go.

"Mom?" Leah calls out as Felicia comes out of the other room wearing a sweater. "What if you and I drove back to Twin Peaks and we had some mother-daughter time? We could even go to Europe and visit Paige? Just the two of us? We can talk and spend time together. Would you like that?"

Felicia looks at her daughter before she realizes that her hand is shaking again. "Damn it!" she yells as she grabs her hand to try to stop the shakes from happening. "This is all Bob's fault."

"Bob? As in Bob Calimo?" Leah asks, looking up with intent at her mother. "What does he have to do with this?" she asks, as Felicia looks at her daughter worried about what she just blurted out.

Scene Two - The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Lake Tahoe; Suite 620

"I need to find my wife," Jeff tells Dominick as Dominick investigates the hotel suite. He sees the cut telephone cord, the torn piece of fabric from Leah's wedding dress and the bloody candle stick. Jeff watches Dominick look over the room, just as he did, and can't help but worry that something very bad has happened to Leah. Who would want to hurt her though? That is something that Jeff can't put his finger on. "I wasn't worried until I saw the blood on the candle stick."

"And you said you found it behind the sofa?" Dominick asks him, trying to put the pieces together of what happened as well. Dominick tries to put the knot in his stomach to ease to little avail.

Jeff nods back to him. "I think whoever did this to Leah wanted to hide it."

"They did a bad job of that," Dominick notes to himself, even though Jeff hears him. "You know what I am thinking, don't you?"

Jeff shakes his head and looks at his father in law. "I have no idea what to think. What's your theory?"

Dominick sighs and dreads telling Jeff his theory. "We never did locate Felicia in Lake Tahoe…" he begins to say.

"No," Jeff quickly interrupts him. "I don't think Felicia would kidnap her own daughter. What purpose would that have?"

"That's just it!" Dominick says back to him. "When someone isn't in their right mind, things don't have to make sense. I've requested that the hotel manager review the security footage to see if Felicia has checked into the hotel recently. We have to find out if Felicia is here or not."

Jeff shakes his head in disbelief. "I can't believe this. One minute Leah and I are in so in love, getting married and the next I'm worried sick about her life."

"Hey," Dominick replies to him as he puts his hands on his shoulders. "She will be fine. We will find Leah and Felicia and get to the bottom of this."

"Wait," Jeff says looking at Dominick. "Robbie is here in Lake Tahoe. We should call him. He's the best detective we know. He could help us."

Before Dominick can reply, his cell phone rings. "You call Robbie, I'll get my telephone and call the manager."

Both men tend to their calls. They both hang up at the same time and look over at each other. "Robbie is on his way to the suite now," Jeff informs Dominick. "I just caught him before he and Victoria were about to check out. What did you uncover?"

"It's exactly what I thought it was," Dominick reveals to Jeff. "The manager confirms that Felicia checked in late last night. She's here in Lake Tahoe."

"My God," Jeff whispers as he looks back at Dominick. "That means she has Leah. And if she's not on her medication, God only knows what she will do to her. We have to find her Dominick, we have to find Leah and we have to find her now."

Scene Three - The Wilkins Estate; Reese & Madeline's Home

The large living room of the Wilkins estate has been transformed into the scene of a party. There are a few silver balloons and a large table filled with snacks. Of course, in the corner, there is an open bar for the guests to enjoy while they are at the party.

"Do you like it?" Reese asks Andy, as they stand side by side in the corner, each holding a glass of champagne.

"I can't believe you were able to throw an engagement party together so quickly," Andy smiles to his new fiance.

Reese chuckles a little back to his lover. "I kept in contact with this woman my mother used to use for all of her parties. She did a great job, hey?"

"I'd say," Andy says as he grabs Reese's butt with a grin. "But then, any party that is celebrating us getting engaged would be a great party."

Reese smiles and leans in and gives Andy a kiss. When they part, Reese feels himself get a little light headed for a moment. Andy observes Reese's brief look of discomfort. "Are you okay?"

Reese nods. "I think I've had one too many champagnes and not enough food. I'm going to go get some snacks."

"Okay, I'll go mingle. We'll meet later to thank everyone for coming?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," Reese winks to his fiance.


Daisy takes a drink of her champagne before she continues to look at her Blackberry going through her email inbox. A part of being the mayor of Twin Peaks is that it is a 24/7 job. Even while she is at an engagement party, she still has to ensure that the city is running smoothly.

"Do you ever stop working?" A voice asks her as they approach Daisy.

Daisy shuts her screen off and puts her phone back into her clutch purse as she looks at Meggan, who is drinking some sparkling water. Daisy smirks a little. "I guess it's better than having no job. Which is, of course, why you haven't found your own house yet, because how does one buy a house if they aren't working?"

Meggan can't help but grin at Daisy's snappy remarks to her. "Fair enough. But I'm hoping that will change very soon," she replies, thinking of how she asked Madeline for a job at MW Investigations. She is fully aware that she has to get back on her feet and part of that is getting a full time job.

"I won't hold my breath," Daisy replies to her taking another glass of champagne.

"What exactly is your problem with me?" Meggan asks her, frustrated with Daisy's attitude problem with her.

Daisy puts her hand on her hip. "You really have to ask me that? Okay, how's this? You take advantage of Vinny's offer to stay in his house. You tell him that I was the one who brought Chris back to town when it wasn't any of your business. And to top it all off, you have the nerve to tell my fiancé that I was hugging Chris when he came over for lunch. My problem with you Meggan is that you keep putting your head where it doesn't belong … my relationship," Daisy scolds her.

Meggan laughs a little. "You know what's funny Daisy?" Meggan replies to her coldly. "If there was nothing going on between you and Chris, your fiance should know that you're hugging him and were the one who brought him back to town."

"I'm going to say this once and only once," Daisy says back to Meggan, moving closer to her rival. "Stay out of my relationship with Vinny or you will answer to me. And you don't want to cross me Meggan."

Before Meggan can reply, Daisy brushes past her and moves towards the bar for another glass of champagne. Meggan huffs to herself. "She has a lot of nerve."


"This is some party, huh?" Chris asks Savannah, as they stand together by the large fire place which has a roaring fire blazing in it. While the two didn't show up together, when Chris saw Savannah, he knew that he had to take the opportunity to draw her in closer to him. He is still working on his plan to make Savannah fall in love with him so he can eventually try to get Andrew away from her. He knows that Trenyce doesn't think the plan will work but he is determined to at least try.

Savannah takes a drink of the champagne and smiles back to him. "I've only been here a few times," she reveals to him. "Reese has had me over but every time I am here, I am blown away by the house and the estate."

"You wouldn't have known Preston and Olivia," Chris replies to her. "They were Reese and Madeline's parents. They had a sorted past but they did do very well for themselves."

"It must be nice," Savannah says, thinking about her own upbringing. "To grow up with everything you could possibly want. It is very different than what I grew up with."

"Ah, well that is something we would have in common then," Chris nods back to her. "All of this stuff, it's so fancy. So…"

"Stuffy?" she giggles to him.

"You could say that," Chris laughs with her. "At least Reese and Madeline turned out okay. They aren't like some of those spoiled kids that you can see."

"That's my fear with Andrew," Savannah admits to him. "I don't want to spoil him but I do want him to have everything he could possibly want."

Chris looks into her eyes. "I'm sure Andrew will get the life he deserves," he whispers back to her. "Have I told you how beautiful you look?"

Savannah blushes and looks down. "I mean it Savannah," Chris tells her as he uses his finger to draw her face back up. Their eyes lock. "I've really been enjoying getting to know you and spending time with you."

"I have enjoyed that too," Savannah replies to him.

He leans in and their lips touch. She pulls away and looks back him as he starts to smile. He leans in and kisses her again, this time it lasts longer and is more passionate.


Trenyce stands from the other side of the room holding a glass of champagne and watches Chris and Savannah. She finds herself lifting her glass and emptying it into her mouth when she sees Chris kiss Savannah.

"Are you really watching Chris and Savannah kiss?" Lukas asks Trenyce, as he approaches her with another glass of champagne.

Trenyce looks at her friend and rolls her eyes. "Of course not," she lies to him. "Why would I care if they are kissing?"

Lukas shrugs his shoulders. "You tell me, you're the one that was staring at them."

"I was not staring at them," she quickly says back to him. "I just happened to see them kiss. I was looking for my friend Donovan. Actually, I'd like you to meet him. I haven't seen him yet this evening."

Lukas arches his eyebrow. "Donovan, huh? Well, I'm all for meeting new people," Lukas says with half a grin on his face, hoping to make more friends when he is still so new in this town.


"Hey, there you are," Madeline says to Meggan as she approaches her at the party. "I've been meaning to give you a call."

Meggan smiles at the sight of the woman. "You have? I hope this is about the job offer at MW?"

Madeline nods back to her. "I did some research and it looks like you were on the TPPD for a number of years and you left because you were charged with murdering Vinny?"

Meggan rolls her eyes. "And as you can see, he didn't die," she laughs a little. "But yes, that is when I was suspended. After that, as you probably know, I suffered with an alcohol addiction. That really consumed my life and I didn't work much."

"And now that you're back in town you want this job?" Madeline asks her, almost giving her a quick interview at the party.

"I do," Meggan replies to her.

"Why not go back to the police department?"

"Honestly?" Meggan says back to her. "I don't like the structure. I like the idea of being a PI where I don't always have to follow the rules. And let me tell you, while some think the uniform is hot … it's not!"

Madeline laughs with Meggan. "You know what?" Madeline says to her. "I had been thinking about getting another main PI in the firm just to help with the work load."

"And…" Meggan says, sounding hopeful.

"Welcome aboard," Madeline smiles back to Meggan, who shrieks with happiness. "You can start the day after tomorrow."

"Thank you so much Madeline," Meggan beams. "I promise you won't regret this."


"I couldn't help but notice you and Savannah getting cozy," Vinny announces to Chris as he approaches him at the bar. On one hand, Vinny is rather pleased to see that Chris is getting friendly with another woman but on the other hand he wonders how much Chris has truly changed from his playboy ways. He has seen this song and dance from Chris many times, where he has many women under his spell.

Chris turns and looks at Vinny. "Are you watching me, Victors?"

"If you don't want people to know your business, I suggest you don't kiss a woman in a crowded room," Vinny replies to him with a wink. "I suppose this is good news."

"Why would you say that?"

"Because if you're pursuing Savannah it means that nothing is going on with you and Daisy," Vinny says back to him with a grin. "I know that you had lunch with my fiancé the other day and you hugged her."

"Oh, let me guess," Chris quips back to him. "This is where you tell me to stay away from Daisy, right? Well, go ahead Vinny. But let me tell you something, if Daisy ever asks something of me, I will be there for her. You know why? I care for her, I always will. If you can't handle that, I suggest you break things off with her now."

Vinny chuckles a little. "Stay away from her or you will answer to me," Vinny warns him. "And trust me when I say, you don't want to have to answer to me."


"Can we have everyone's attention," Andy announces at the front of the room as he taps his glass with a silver spoon. The crowd quiets down and turns to face Reese and Andy. "We really want to thank you all for coming and celebrating this news of ours."

Reese looks over at Andy and grabs onto his arm as he feels light headed again. He tries to fake through it, even though he wonders what is going on. He ate some food, so he should be better now.

"This day couldn't have been made possible with you all of you in some capacity or another," Andy continues to say. "I guess I'm the luckiest man in the world, because this man agreed to be with me forever."

Andy raises his glass as the guests follow suit. "To my fiancé," Andy says, who suddenly gasps in horror as Reese tumbles to the ground next to him. "Reese?" Andy asks, quickly dropping to his knees. "Someone call 9-1-1!" he yells as he puts a finger on Reese's neck to find a pulse. "Reese! Talk to me Reese! Reese!"

Scene Four - The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Lake Tahoe; Suite 620

"That's when I called you," Jeff finishes explaining the entire story to Robbie, who is jotting notes down on a pad of paper. Robbie can't believe that his ex-wife has now been seemingly kidnapped by her mother. "Please tell me what we can do?"

"Well, there's a lot of things that we can do but it may take a little bit of time," Robbie reveals to Jeff and Dominick. "First thing, I have the hotel manager looking at video surveillance to see if Felicia left the hotel today. If she left with Leah, we can see how they left. Secondly, I've been in contact with the car rental agency to get information on what car Felicia rented."

"What good will that do?" Dominick asks Robbie, confused by why Robbie wants that information.

"All car rental agencies have an internal GPS system built into them," Robbie explains. "A few years ago, there were a high number of rental cars that were stolen so they got GPS put into them. The agencies know where all of their cars are at all times. Once we know which car Felicia rented," Robbie continues to explain.

"We'll be able to track down Felicia and Leah," Jeff finishes his sentence for him.

"Exactly," Robbie replies. "Look Jeff, I know it's easier said than done, but try to relax, okay? I will find Leah. I will make sure she's brought back to us safely."

Jeff nods his head back to Robbie, trying to stay calm about the situation. Inside, however, he is screaming at the top of lungs. How can I stay calm when my new wife is missing? He's asking himself.

"I just hope we find out sooner rather than later," he finally says back to Robbie and Dominick.

Scene Five - An Abandoned Farm House; Lake Tahoe

"Mom, what did you mean that this is all Bob Calimo's fault?" Leah asks her mother again, confused by what Bob could possibly have to do with any of this.

"Forget it!" Felicia tells her. "We have to figure out a way for you to understand me again. How can we do that? And why is it so cold in here?"

Leah looks at her mother, who continues to become more and more unhinged with every minute that passes. Leah has never seen her in this state before and wonders what happened to Felicia to cause her to go off the deep end. "Have you given any thought to us going to Europe together to visit Paige? You know she would love that."

"Maybe I could start a fire," Felicia ignores Leah's comments to her as she looks at the fireplace close to Leah.

Before Leah can reply, Felicia quickly leaves the living room space as she appears to be in search of something.

Leah leans her head back. "What am I going to do? Think Leah," she whispers to herself as she leans forward again. And that's when it hits her; the smell is weak but it is growing stronger. "Oh my God," she whispers to herself. "That's gas! And if she lights a fire…" Leah continues as she feels the color drain from her face, horrified that her mother is basically setting a death trap for her.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Robbie races to save Leah from Felicia
- Cory gets an eyeful
- Andy and Reese learn what caused his fainting

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