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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Leah was presumed dead in an explosion in Lake Tahoe. The explosion left Felicia in a coma. Frederick learned that Felicia was taking the wrong medication at the time of the explosion; while Dominick was with Felicia, she started to mumble Bob's name. Jeff, meanwhile, was devastated by his wife's passing. A teenaged Paige returned home and comforted her father. Robbie, elsewhere, blamed himself for the death of his ex-wife
- Natasha and Shane continued to be at odds over his desire to apply for the Chief of Staff position
- Bob learned of Leah's death and was rocked since he played a part in it
- Chris continued to woo Savannah as a part of his plan to try to get Andrew back
- Reese was told he has 5 weeks to live when his cancer returned. He told Andy he wants to live, not have lots of tears in his final days

Scene One - St. Joseph's Church

The sun is hot in the summer as it shines down, even this early in the morning in Twin Peaks. The parking lot at the church is slowly filling up but it is not for a happy occasion, today is the day of Leah's memorial service. Dominick had one of his assistants put it all together as he was not in the space to do it himself, nor was Jeff. They are both still devastated by the turn of events that have occurred. The one silver lining of the day, he thinks to himself as he walks slowly through the garden, is that Paige is back home. He had missed his granddaughter terribly; it's a shame that Leah's death is what brought her back to town.

He stops at the rose bushes and thinks about Sofia for a moment. Every time he sees a rose, he can't help but stop and think about the woman that truly had his heart for much of his life. Dominick has had many other lovers in his life, including Eva presently, but none of them have ever made him feel the way Sofia did.

"Take care of my sweet girl," he says quietly to himself, thinking that Leah is now in heaven with Sofia. "Like you Sofia, Leah has been taken from me far too early. Tell her I love her and not to be scared. If this is Bob's fault, he will pay for it. Mark my words, I will make him pay."

"Dominick?" Eva calls to her lover from the entry of the garden. She knows that he must be going through a hard time today. "Do you want to go inside together?"

Dominick turns around and fakes a smile on his face as he nods and moves back towards her. "I just needed a moment to myself," he tells her as he reaches for her hand.

"I understand," she replies to him. "If there's anything I can do today, please let me know."

"You're already doing it."

Scene Two - The Calimo Mansion

Bob looks out the French doors into the garden on the Calimo mansion grounds and sighs heavily. He can't believe that Leah is dead and that today is her memorial service. He and Kim are going to the service, even though he knows that Dominick will more than likely protest his presence. Still, out of respect for the woman that was married to his son for so many years, he feels like it is the right thing to do by going. Also, he knows that he brought Paige home from Europe so she could be here for her mother's funeral. Despite Paige not really being a Calimo, he will always consider her his grandchild.

What's weighting more on Bob's mind is the fact that he is the one that set this all into motion. He was using Felicia as a way to get back at Dominick; he replaced Felicia's medication with the replacement pills in hopes that Felicia would go off the deep end and do something drastic to make Dominick realize that she is still unstable. He never meant for anyone to get hurt in the process; now his former daughter-in-law his dead. He never wanted things to go this far, not in a million years.

"Bob?" Kim calls out for the third time before Bob finally snaps out of it and turns around to see his wife. "Where were you just now? You were a million miles away."

Bob arches his eyebrow and slowly walks up to his pregnant wife. "It's just hard to believe that Leah is gone," he whispers to her, knowing very well he can't tell her the truth. She would never understand, no one would. "All the times she was here for family events when she was married to Robbie," he continues to tell her. "It just seems like this is nothing more than a bad dream."

Kim nods back to him. "More like a nightmare. Dominick and Jeff must be devastated by this."

"And my beautiful Paige," Bob replies to her, thinking of his grandchild. "I can't imagine that she's going through right now."

"We should get going so we can see people before the service begins," Kim tells him, moving towards the front door.

Bob follows behind her entering the foyer. "Mr. Calimo," Rosario comes up behind Bob, stopping him from leaving. "This package was delivered for you a short while ago."

"Thank you Rosario, please leave it for me on the desk, I will look at it after the service," he tells his trusting housekeeper.

She nods back to him before Bob and Kim leave the house, both dreading the day that they are about to have.

Scene Three - Twin Peaks General Hospital

"You need to keep getting your rest," Craig informs Felicia as he reviews her file, which is in his hand before he looks down at the woman, who awoke from her coma the previous evening when Dominick was visiting her. She is still in the hospital but she is hoping that she will get released very soon.

"I feel fine," Felicia tells him, wanting to leave the hospital so she start to put the pieces together of what happened. She has no memory of the accident that occurred; she just knows that she has one hell of a headache and bump on her head. "And you've been giving me my medication, yes?"

Craig nods back to her. "You were off it for a while," he reveals to her, which causes her to look up in surprise. "While you were in your coma, we were able to re-administer the correct medication, however."

Felicia nods back to him, trying to hide any confusion that she has so she can leave the hospital sooner rather later. "Thank you doctor," she tells him, knowing that she can't argue with him because he won't listen to her wanting to leave the hospital. Her mind starts to race as she wonders why she was off her medication. Suddenly it dawns on her, "It was Bob," she whispers in horror. "He was so desperate for me to help him with his plan," she continues to put the pieces together. "I just wish I knew what happened. I wish I could remember what I did."

Before she can continue, a candy stripper walks into the hospital room with a tray of food for Felicia, as well as the latest addition of the Twin Peaks Sun. "Thank you," Felicia smiles to the young girl, who quickly leaves the room.

Felicia picks up her orange juice and looks at the newspaper, her heart breaking as she reads the headline. "Funeral for Leah Robertson today."

"No," Felicia shakes her head as she gets tears in her eyes, trying to understand the headline. "No, it can't be. How is this possible?"

Scene Four - St. Joseph's Church

"Are you sure you don't want to come and lend me some support?" Frederick says into the telephone as he speaks to Meggan. "I know that Leah is the daughter of my patient but I'd like to be here for the family and for Dominick."

"Look, Dad, I know that you'd like me there today but I really think the last thing the family would want is to see me. Leah didn't like me very much after everything that happened with Noah. I would rather just give them their space," she says back to her father.

"That's fair, I just thought I would make sure," Frederick replies to her. "Look, I will chat with you later. I am at the church now and would like to offer my condolences to Jeff and Dominick," he tells his daughter before he hangs up the telephone.

Frederick looks up and sighs heavily knowing that today will not be easy for anyone. It's never easy when someone dies, yet alone someone as young and who is full of life as Leah was. He feels his telephone vibrate for a moment and looks at an incoming text message. He smiles when he reads it before he moves into the church.


"I can't believe that Leah is dead," Natasha tells Shane as they sit beside each other in a pew of the church. Natasha feels her eyes already swelling with water as she has become more emotional since she has been pregnant but she and Leah always got along, for the most part, while she was married to Robbie. "It just seems like this is all a mistake, a horrible mistake."

Shane grabs her hand and squeezes it a little. "Can I help you with anything?"

She smiles and looks over at her husband. "Just being here is doing everything I need," she replies to him. "Look, Shane, I know we have been disagreeing lately on the Chief of Staff position but…"

"I don't want to fight with you anymore either Natasha," he finishes her sentence, as he is feeling exactly the same as she is. "It's just a job, right? What you and I have, is so much more important than a job."

Natasha nods back to him as a tear falls down her cheek. "And this entire situation has made me realize how precious life is," Natasha replies to him. "Oh!" she quickly says back to him as she grabs his hand and puts it on her stomach. "Do you feel that? He's kicking!"

Shane looks back at her in amazement. "See, this is what life is about … I love you Natasha and I can't wait until this little guy gets to come out and join us in the world!"


"Are you sure you're okay?" Eva asks Dominick as they sit in the front pew of the church. She can tell that he has the world on his shoulders; she just wishes that she could help him in some capacity but she knows that today is probably the worst day of Dominick's life; she can't imagine what it's like losing a child.

"I'm fine," he replies sharply. The worst part about his daughter dying is everyone continues to ask him how he is doing. He doesn't want to answer the question anymore. He has always dealt with things on his own terms.

"Grandpa?" Paige asks as she approaches Dominick and Eva. Dominick looks up and sees his granddaughter for the first time since she has been home. He stands up and hugs her quickly.

"I'm so glad that you're home. I never want to you to go away again," he tells her as he holds her, finally letting some emotions show.

"I don't want to go away again either," she replies to him.

"My goodness, let me look at you," he says as they exit their embrace. "You really grew up while you were in Europe. You look so much like your Mother. She would be so proud of you."

Paige gets a tear in her eye. "I still can't believe that she's gone. I…I hate this so much."

"We'll help you with whatever you need," Eva tells Paige, trying to be as supportive as possible.

"Unbelievable," Dominick says under his breath as he notices Bob and Kim walk into the church. He quickly recalls how Felicia was mumbling Bob's name when she was coming out of her coma. Dominick doesn't know how or why Bob was involved, but he will get to the bottom of it. He can't believe that Bob would show up at the church today. "What the hell is he doing here?"


"The church looks beautiful," Kim observes to Bob as they move to a pew in the middle of the church and take a seat. "Do you want to say hi to anyone?"

Bob looks down and then shakes his head at her. "I think we should pay our respects and then leave. I don't want to cause a scene, not today."

Kim reaches over and grabs her husband's hand. "I think that's very admirable of you Bob. You could easily throw this in Dominick's face. I'm proud of you for not doing that."

Bob hates hearing the words from Kim's mouth because he knows that if she, or anyone, knew the truth, the last thing anyone would be is proud of him. He bites his lower lip as they move to an empty pew.

"This is really hitting you, isn't it?" Kim says to her husband, as she notices that he is being pretty quiet and has water in his eyes.

"When the life of someone so young is taken, I suppose it does hit me," Bob replies to her, in a whisper. "It's just a tragedy."

Kim nods back to him and wonders what is going on with her husband. She knows that he has a heart; she is probably one of the few people that has seen that side of Bob but his reaction to Leah's passing is still surprising. She only hopes that he will confide in her when he is ready.


Father Murphy finishes the opening dialogue of the funeral. He then calls for Robbie to say a few words. Robbie looks at Victoria, who gives him half a smile for support. He squeezes her hand before he stands up and moves to the front of the church and looks out at family and friends that have come to remember Leah. He looks down and sees Paige sitting next to Jeff and Dominick, she smiles back at the man she believed was her father for so many years.

"This is going to be hard for me," he begins to tell everyone as he clears his throat. "I was married to Leah for many years so it's hard to believe that she's really gone," he continues to say. "And while, our marriage ended in divorce, I will never forget the years that we shared together. We had so many happy times together. Those are the times that I'm going to choose to remember her by. The laughter she had when she thought I did something silly; or the smile on her face when she was with her daughter, Paige," Robbie continues as his eyes lock on to Paige's. "Those are the things that made Leah the beautiful woman that she was. I know that we had both moved on in our lives but a part of me never stopped loving her and …" he says as he stops to wipe his eyes from some tears. "I never will stop loving her. I miss you Leah and … God, I'm just so sorry that I didn't get back to you in time to save you. This is all my fault! Had I known got her out of that damn house! Jeff, Paige, Please, please forgive me!"

Bob rushes up to the front of the church and pulls his son into a hug as Robbie weeps. "This is my fault Dad," he keeps saying over and over again, as Bob tries to move Robbie away from the front of the church. Paige comes up to him. "This isn't your fault," she tells him as she pulls him into a hug.

"I needed to hear that from you Paige."

"I will always be in your corner, Dad," she says loud enough for Jeff to hear his daughter call Robbie "Dad".


"They say that losing a child is the hardest thing a parent would ever have to do," Dominick starts his speech about his daughter, trying to keep his cool in front of the gathering of people. He takes a deep breath as he is about to continue. "And they are right," he pauses to put his hand over his face for a moment. "You work your entire life to try to protect your children from the evils of the world and when you fail, you're left wondering what the point of all this was. You're left wondering if she is looking down on me and saying 'you failed me Daddy, you failed me'," he continues as he starts to get more choked up. "And I'm so sorry Leah. I am so very sorry that I let you down and I wasn't there to protect you," he says to his daughter, as he looks to the sky. "I promise you, I will find out what happened. I will not let your death go unpunished," he continues, as he quickly makes eye contact with Bob, who gulps in the audience. "And I promise that I will protect your daughter, my beautiful Paige. She will not suffer the same way you had to. I love you my beautiful Leah and you will always be in my heart."


"My Mom was such a wonderful person," Paige starts to tell everyone, as she moves a piece of her hair behind her ear. "I remember growing up, she would spend hours with me playing with my Barbie's in the living room on the floor despite having a mountain of paper work waiting for her at the office. It doesn't seem like it that was that long ago that we would play with the dolls, have lunch together and then have an afternoon nap together. Then I went to Europe for school," Paige continues to tell everyone. "And I missed so much time with her." She shakes her head as she starts to cry a little. "It doesn't seem fair that I missed all this time with the woman whom I love more than anything else in the world. I miss her so much I don't know how I will go on without her. It doesn't seem fair that I was away and now I don't have her anymore. I wish I understood how and why God decided to take my Mom away from me when I feel like I still need her for so many things. I will never get to introduce her to a boyfriend or have her help me get ready for my wedding or even have a baby of my own one day," she continues as she wipes her eyes with her tissue. "The only thing I know, and I pray that she knows as well, is that I love her so very much. I miss you so much Mom," she says as she looks up into the sky and then slowly moves to the edge of the podium. Jeff greets her and they share a hug, trying to comfort his daughter.

"I love you Paige and I'm here for you," he whispers into her ear.


"I've been sitting in the front pew listening to all of these wonderful things that people have been saying about my wife," Jeff begins to tell everyone. "The common thing that everyone has mentioned is how caring and generous Leah was; and they were all right. Never before in my life have I met a woman that would give so much of herself to ensure other people were happy. And that's what she made me: happy. Leah and I, we went through a lot to get to the point where we were happy, in love and married. I wish you could have all been there, that day in Lake Tahoe. The sun was setting and we were on a dock next to the marina. The sun was sparkling against the waves of the water and the sky was so very blue. Of course, the minute I saw Leah appear on the dock, I couldn't tell you another description of the setting because all I could look at was her. She was so very happy when we got married that afternoon. And so was I. She made me the happiest man in the world that day. And then …" he says as he voice trails off. "It all changed so fast. I don't know even how or why this happened," he continues. "All I know is that she was happy and knowing that she was happy when she …. died," he chokes on his words, as it is still hard for him to say that word. "And I hope she knows that I was happy too. I will cherish those times for the rest of my life and I hope she knows that I will. I love you Leah, now and forever."

Jeff is about to step down from the podium when he sees something in the back of the church. He freezes when Felicia steps forward at the back of the church.

"I couldn't stay away," she says as tears stroll down her face, as she holds a copy of the newspaper in her hand. She is still wearing her hospital gown because she didn't have time to change into anything else, she just knew that she had to get to the church.

"Felicia, you shouldn't be here," Jeff announces as everyone turns around to see the woman, who many feel is responsible for Leah's death. "How did you even leave the hospital?"

"My daughter is dead! And you wanted me to what? Stay in the hospital and let the pass me by without getting the chance to say goodbye?" she cries as she moves forward to the front of the church. "You did this Jeff!"

"Felicia," Dominick says as he grabs her quickly. "Do you even remember what happened?"

She shakes her head no. "Come on, let's go sit down. You shouldn't be on your feet, you just got out of a coma for crying out loud," he tries to guide her to a pew.

"No, Dominick! No, I want to say goodbye to Leah," she pleads with him. She flops around in his arms until she breaks free. She turns around and spots Bob in the crowd of people.

"You!" she screams as she points her finger at Bob. "You did this! This is all your fault!"

The crowd gasps at her shocking revelation. Kim, Robbie, Jeff and Dominick all look to Bob, who gulps and tries to gesture that she is out of her mind but she keeps yelling, "This is all your fault!"


While all of the family drama is playing out, in the back pew Reese looks at Andy. He had been feeling faint for some time during the service, but he didn't want to say anything because he didn't want to interrupt Leah's memorial. He knows that Andy was opposed to coming to the service in the first place because they wanted to enjoy the last few days they have together but Reese didn't want his cancer to stop him from celebrating the life of a woman that meant so much to the community.

"Andy," he says looking up at his boyfriend, his head feeling light.

"What is it?" Andy replies in a whisper, not wanting to interrupt anything going on in the church.

"I think we should go," he says back to him. "I'm not feeling so great."

"Are you going to be okay?" Andy asks him, concerned that Reese has over done it by coming to the service.

Reese nods back to him. "I think I will be," he replies to him. "I think I just need to lay down and have some rest."

"Okay, let's go," Andy tells him as they slowly stand up in the back pew. As soon as Reese stands up, he collapses to the ground. "Oh my God!" Andy says bending down and feeling for Reese's pulse. "Someone help me!" Andy calls out, stopping the family drama in the center of the church. "Reese has collapsed! Someone call 9-1-1!"

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